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Miami Township Fall 2008


Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mary Makley Wolff

Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Ken Tracy

Member of the Board of Trustees

Eric C. Ferry, Fiscal Officer

Township Fiscal Officer

ADMINISTRATION David Duckworth, Administrator

John Korfhagen, Law Director Mike Mantel, Service Director

R. Steven Bailey, Police Chief

Jim Whitworth, Fire/EMS Chief

Larry Fronk, Community Development


Township to sell online to recoup costs Selling surplus township equipment has become as easy as clicking a mouse. Miami Township is now listing items on the web site www. to sell surplus equipment to recoup the township’s investment in the equipment, and thus increasing the likelihood of finding buyers and generating more revenue. Normally the township would auction off its surplus equipment every other year, attracting only a handful of buyers for its unneeded items such as vehicles, office equipment, tractors and other items passed its useful life to the township. The use of the website will hopefully increased the number of people bidding on the items, and will earn more revenue for

the township so it can purchase replacement items. Buyers would pay for and pick up the items in Miami Township. Warren County and Middletown already participate in such online auctions, but Miami Township would be the first in Clermont County to do so. Other communities surveyed reported they are getting 25-30 percent more dollars on the sale of surplus equipment, compared to having an on-site auc-

tion once a year. The only cost to the township would be a 7.5 percent commission on sales, compared with a 10 percent commission it now pays for an on-site auctioneer, resulting in additional cost savings. Ohio law requires that before township trustees dispose of anything, they must declare it government surplus at a public meeting. Then, it can be auctioned.

The Victory Bell The ‘Battle of Miami Township’ between Milford and Loveland football teams is Oct. 24. Please see page 15 for more information.

Krystin Thibodeau, Recreation Director

Tim Pennington, Community Relations

Cindy Huxel, Community Resources

MEETINGS Board of Trustees Business meetings 3rd Tuesdays of each month 7 p.m.; Civic Center, Meijer Dr. Work Sessions 2nd Mondays of each month 11 a.m.; Civic Center, Meijer Dr. Resident Zoning Commission 1st Thursday of each month 7:30 p.m.; Civic Center, Meijer Dr. Resident Zoning Appeals 1st Monday of each month 7:30 p.m.; Civic Center, Meijer Dr.

Miami Township Civic Center 6101 Meijer Dr., Miami Township, OH 45150


Firefighters ‘Go Vertical” for cancer research Miami Township Firefighters Tom Porter and Jim Petry are going vertical ... 1,353 feet to be exact. On Nov. 9, Porter Porter and Petry will ascend 2,109 steps and 1,353 vertical feet to the famous Sears Tower Skydeck observatory, all in support Petry of cancer research. Check inside to see how you can support Firefighters Porter and Petry’s effort.

L ck it r L se it

Miami Township Police program aims to reduce auto break-ins, thefts

The Miami Township Police Department recently launched an intensive public education and crime prevention program, “Lock It or Lose It”, to remind citizens that many property crimes can be prevented by simply locking vehicle doors. According to Officers Annie Morgan and Sherri Howard, a recent study of thefts from vehicles showed nearly 50% of the break-ins involved unlocked doors or car drivers who left valuables in plain view without locking their doors. Many of these crimes



— and the resulting losses to the victims — can be prevented with some simple, common sense actions on the part of all of us. Check inside for a few crime prevention tips to help keep you from becoming the victim of a burglary or theft.

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From Your Board of Trustees ... Ed Humphrey

Mary Makley Wolff

Ken Tracy

Eric Ferry

We’ve all read and heard about idenity theft being a huge issue for everyone who has a social security number or credit card in the United States. With all those worries out there, that is why the Miami Township Service Department decided to add document shredding to its list of features at the ‘Trash Days’ event Sept. 26-27 at the Miami Township Civic Center. Residents can bring their financial and personal records they want destroyed to the Civic Center those days, and the heavy-duty paper shredder will take care of your worries by destroying the documents ... and keeping them out of the hand of criminals. Contact Trustee Ed Humphrey at 248-3725.

Growing up in Greater Cincinnati, I’m sure most of you may have had some contact with Children’s Hospital or some local medical instution and were the recipient of a toy or teddy from the Ruth Lyons Children’s Christmas Fund. We are so glad then to have WLWT-TV and the Ruth Lyons Children’s Christmas Fund call Miami Township their home when they joined with the Clermont County Homebuilders Association to build a home and raffle it off for the benefit of such a worthwhile charity organization. The raffle will begin in October and the home will be ready in the spring while the children in local hospitals will benefit. Contact Trustee Mary Makley Wolff at 248-3725.

Last year we in Miami Township started a tradition which we hope will last for decades to come. The ‘Battle of Miami Township’ is an annual football game between the teams at Milford and Loveland high schools, pitting the Miami Township rivals against each other in a game that encourages sportsmanship, but also bragging rights. My children attend Loveland schools, but it was still great to the see excitement of the Milford players when they won the inaugural ‘Victory Bell’ in last year’s game. Loveland will seek to even the record and win its first ‘Battle of Miami Township’ this year. Contact Trustee Ken Tracy at 248-3725.

Miami Township has entered into an agreement with to auction off our surplus equipment that we no longer need. Going with a website, which is much like selling items on ebay, will allow for the township to get a greater return on our investment in certain equipment and items we purchase for our fire, police and service departments, such as with vehicles and specialized medical equipment. Holding an auction was cumbersome for us to haul these items around until the auction every other year, whereas now we can dispose of the equipment properly, and probably see a better selling price in order to increase our ROI. Contact Fiscal Officer Eric Ferry at 248-3725.

MidSummer at the Meadows

Survey now available

The Miami Township ‘MidSummer at the Meadows’ concluded with a three-day event July 11-13. National musical acts Loverboy (right), Kansas (above) and Josh Gracin (left) entertained residents, while games, food and drinks were available. We would like your input on how you liked the event. Please visit our website at and click the MidSummer survey link to take a quick on-line survey. Thanks!

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Duke Energy begins tree trimming to prevent outages Duke Energy has recently begun work in Miami Township to clear branches and trees that are planted improperly under or near power lines and pose a potential safety hazard. Tree branches that come into contact with power lines are the number-one cause of momentary short circuits (flickering lights) and major outages, especially when combined with thunderstorms, high winds, sleet or snow. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently adopted new mandatory rules that include stiff penalties against

utilities that fail to meet the new standards for reliability of the power grid. Duke Energy is dedicated to ensuring that Miami Township have reliable electric service and that we meet all FERC requirements. Duke Energy manages and maintains transmission rights-of-way by controlling vegetation. Duke has the authority to cut or prune trees and keep the right-of-way clear of obstructions. In certain circumstances, some vegetation

Harvest Festival is Oct. 4

Join us for Miami Township’s 4th annual Harvest Festival and Bonfire at Community Park on Oct. 4 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. There will be activities in the Leming House for the kids to enjoy, and you can keep warm by the bonfire while enjoying live music by “One Iota” an original, contemporary blue grass band featuring traditional and gospel blue grass music. Beverages and snacks will be for sale and the proceeds benefit the Miami Township Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association. The event is free and open to the public.

Ruth Lyons’ Childrens Fund home

Miami Township is the site for a home being built to raffle off for the Ruth Lyons’ Childrens Fund. Channel 5 and the Clermont Home Builders Association broke ground in August in the Reserves of Greycliff development on Ohio 131 Miami Township for a $300,000 home. The two-story home, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a three-car garage, will be completed in spring. Tickets are $100 each and will be available on Oct. 4, Lyons’ birthday and the traditional kick-off for the annual fund that provides a gift for every child admitted to 20 participating area hospitals.

may be left in the right-of-way if it does not pose a hazard to the safe operation of the line. Customers with affected property will receive information by mail or door hanger packets prior to any line clearing, ex-

plaining the work being performed and how debris will be handled. If a system reliability issue is identified, Duke Energy may need to take immediate action if the risk of an outage is determined to be significant. To learn more about Duke’s program, please visit www. or call 1-800-521-2232.

Holiday Parade is November 20

The Miami Township Holiday Parade will be Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. along Business 28 starting at Meijers. Come enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday. High School marching bands, lighted floats, local businesses, Miami Township departments, churches, school groups & civic organizations participate. Call 248-3727 if you are interested in being involved.

Township limited on cell towers Several residents have asked recently what the township can do about cell phone towers being placed in the community. The short answer is very little because of state regulations. The Ohio Revised Code section 519.211 places limits on township zoning power when it comes to telecommunications towers. The state of Ohio considers telecommunication towers a public utility and grants them exemptions from local zoning. Telecommunication towers

are exempt from local zoning in all zoning districts except residential. In Miami Township telecommunication towers are exempt in all districts except the “R-1” and “R-2” Single Family Districts; the “R-3” and “R-4” Multi-Family Districts; the “T” Mobile Home Park District and the “R-PUD” Planned Unit Development District. For more information, here is a link to the Ohio Revised Code regulations relating to telecommunication towers: http://codes.

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Miami Township Police Department

R. Steven Bailey, Police Chief

Police Administration: 513-248-3721

Awareness program targets car break-ins, thefts

From the Chief

The Miami Township Police Department recently launched an intensive public education and crime prevention program, “Lock It or Lose It”, to remind citizens that many property crimes can be prevented by simply locking vehicle doors. According to Officers Annie Morgan and Sherri Howard, a recent study of thefts from vehicles showed nearly 50% of the break-ins involved unlocked doors or car drivers who left valuables in plain view without locking their doors. Many of these crimes — and the resulting losses to the victims — can be prevented with some simple, common sense actions on the part of all of us. Here are a few crime prevention tips to help keep you from becoming the victim of a burglary or theft: • Not every car burglar working a parking lot is easily spot-

Car break-ins are a serious, but very common crime that many unfortunate people become victim to. Nearly 2.5 million car breakins are reported every year, or 281 Chief Bailey break-ins every hour in the United States. Here in our community, the calls we get about car break-ins are too common. That’s why the Miami Township Police Department has begun the “Lock It Or Lose It” campaign. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent your car from being broken into, but there are ways to decrease your risk significantly: • Park in well-lit, hightraffic areas. The best option is a parking structure; the worst option is an alley. • Before leaving your car, make sure there is nothing valuable sitting in plain sight. It is best to just not keep expensive items in your car, but for some things (like a stereo), there is no alternative. • Roll all of the windows up all the way and lock all the doors. This should be obvious. Taking these precautions is certainly no guarantee that your vehicle will be safe, but it leaves you in the least risky situation possible without spending money on your car’s security systems.

L ck it r L se it



ted. Be wary of anyone who seems to be suspicious. • Remember to always secure your car doors when parking your vehicle, even for just a few minutes. It takes just a matter of seconds to enter an unsecured vehicle. • Do not leave valuables, such as GPS, IPODS and laptops, etc. in plain view inside your vehicle. Secure them in a glove box, center console, or even better in the trunk. Thieves will search other vehicles that are easier targets if they do not

see anything of value in your car. • Park in well lighted areas at night. Light is an enemy of theives. • Keep your garage door closed and locked at night. Many burglaries to garages occur with doors left wide open. An open garage door is an invitation to a thief to take anything in sight. • Be suspicious of anyone approaching your vehicle or roaming your neighborhood. • Call the Miami Township Police Department at 911 to report anyone you believe is suspicious in your neighborhood or a parking lot. If you have questions for Officers Morgan and Howard, please call them at 513-248-3721.

School DARE program showing results for students Alcohol, drug and tobacco use among Milford school district students is down according to a recent survey. The Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati survey showed that alcohol use is down more than 4 percent, while drug and tobacco use also dropped. Officer Kevin Petrocelli leads the Miami Township Police Department D.A.R.E. program in our local schools. The purpose of the D.A.R.E. program is to provide an educational approach to helping children resist drugs and alcohol. This year hundreds of children in Miami Township and millions of school children

around the world will benefit from D.A.R.E., the highly acclaimed program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence. “D.A.R.E. is a collaborative effort by police officers, educators, students, parents, and the community to increase youth resistance to experiment with tobacco, drugs, and alcohol,” said Police Chief Steve Bailey. “D.A.R.E. gives special attention to fifth grades to prepare students for entry into junior

high and high school, where they are most likely to encounter pressures to use drugs.” The proPetrocelli gram content for D.A.R.E. is organized into 9 week sessions taught by a law enforcement officer. The D.A.R.E. program offers preventive strategies to enhance those protective factors, especially bonding to the family, school, and community-which appear to foster the development of resiliency in young people who may be at risk for substance abuse or other problem behaviors.

Miami Township PARKS&Recreation ! e n o y r e v E r o f g n i h t e Som To register for an activity fill out a registration form and mail or drop off your form with your check to: Miami Township Recreation, 6101 Meijer Drive, Miami Township, OH 45150-2189. Pre-registration and prepayment is required for all camps & activities. Receipts will be sent to you. Financial assistance scholarships are available to Miami Township residents who meet assistance requirements. Direct your questions to the Recreation Department at 248-3727.

Family Events Indoor Water Fun CoCo Key Water Resort, Tue., Nov. 4; 10:30 am-8:00 pm; CoCo Key Water Resort; Looking for something to do when the kids are out of school on Election Day? Bring the family to CoCo Key Water Resort at the Sheraton North, 11320 Chester Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246. Come and discover a fantastic family-friendly getaway with a 50,000 sq. ft. indoor water resort with thrilling slides. Enjoy the 84° environmentally controlled facility that feels like you are in the tropics. Kids must be supervised by an adult. Pre-registration is required by going on line at https://tickets. User Name: MTElectionDay . A credit card is required and the cost is $12 per person plus a $2 processing fee will be charged per transaction. No refunds or prorating allowed. Life guards on duty and towels are provided. No transportation provided. Ski Trip - Perfect North Slopes Fri., Jan. 16 and/or; Fri, Feb. 13; 9:30 am; age 7+, $45 R; $55 NR; 6 yrs. and under $15. Milford Schools are out on these days. Bring the whole family out for a day of skiing. Price includes an 8-hour lift ticket (purchased at 9:30 am), equipment rental, and 1-hour beginner’s ski lesson. Pick up tickets at the Miami Township table in Perfect North’s Main Lodge near the Chow Corral from 9:30-10:00 a.m. Pre-registration required before Thursday the day prior 2:00 pm. No transportation or supervision provided. Daddy-Daughter Valentine Dance Thur., Jan. 29 or Fri., Jan. 30; 6:30-8:30 pm; MTCC; $15 R couple; $20 NR couple; plus $5 for each additional daughter Come and dance to the music of Ed the DJ, make valentine crafts, enjoy a snack and decorate your own cookie. Please bring your own camera for that cherished Daddy-Daughter photo. Escorts may be father or other significant parental figure. Dressy attire. Pre-registration required.

Mom/Son Western Roundup Fri., Feb. 27; 6:30-8:30 pm; MTCC; $15 R couple; $20 NR couple; plus $5 for each additional son. Step back in time and join us for a fun and exciting evening at the Miami Township Dude Ranch! Come dressed in your best western attire. Snack & beverage will be provided for the hungry cowboys. Bring your camera for that special photo opportunity. Dance to the sounds of the Wild West and enjoy some crafts and games. Register now as space is limited at the corral! Beading Jewelry Making Class Thur., Nov. 6 and/or Mon. Nov. 10; 7-9:00 pm; MTCC; $30 R; $40 NR. Create your own unique jewelry using a wide variety of sterling silver and glass beads. In one evening you will learn basic beading techniques, including how to repair some of your own favorite broken jewelry! Use your new skills in class to fashion two pieces of jewelry (necklace, bracelet or earrings). No experience necessary. Students may also bring their own beads or old costume jewelry to remake into new pieces. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Inline Skating Class Mon., Sept. 8-29; 6:30-7:30 pm; MM; $20 R; $25 NR. Do you want to learn how to start/stop, improve your turns or learn to skate backwards? This class is being lead by Brian Lindsay who has been an avid skater for 30 years. Group lessons are an excellent social and good fun! This class is available to skaters of all levels for women, men, and kids 12+ (accompanied by an adult). Sign up early because the class maximum is only 15. This class is sponsored by Lindsay’s Personal Fitness Training. Students bring your own skates, helmet, wrist, elbow and knee guards. Tree Climb Sat., Oct. 25; start times 10:00 am or 1:00 pm, Cincinnati Nature Center; age 7+; $20 R; $25 NR. Miami Township Recreation is partnering with Cincinnati Nature Center to experience trees from a new perspective….the top! Join Jason Neumann, Cincinnati Nature Center

Legend: R – Miami Township Resident; NR – non-resident MHS – Milford High School, 1 Eagles Way MTCC – Miami Township Civic Center – 6101 Meijer Drive PR – Paxton Ramsey Park, 6265 Price Road

trained facilitator, who will gear you up with climbing equipment for a close-up look at a big canopy tree. Pre-registration required. Please designate on your registration which 1 ½ hour time slot you are interested in. Limited to 10 enrollees each session. Meet in front of the Rowe Visitors Center at 4949 Tealtown Road. This activity will only be rescheduled due to thunder and heavy rains. Knitting & Crocheting Karen Ilhardt is an avid crotchetier for over 26 years and a knitter for over 16 years. Karen teaches Life Skills at Goshen High School. age 12+; 6:30-8:00 pm; MTCC; $30 R; $40 NR (per session) Beginning Knit: Mon., Jan. 12–Mar. 2 (no class 1/19, 2/16); In this class learn three ways to cast on stitches, knit and purl stitches, increases, decreases, and binding off. Students are to bring worsted weight (4 ply) yarn and a pair of straight 8 needles (long or short). Beginning Crochet: Wed., Jan. 14-Feb. 18; Students are to bring 4-ply, worsted weight yarn and ‘H’ crochet hook. You will learn the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, increasing, decreasing, turning, and basic pattern reading skills. Water Color Classes Thur., Oct. 2-Nov 6 and/or Jan. 8-Feb 19(no class 1/29); 7-8:00 pm; age 14+; MTCC; $35 R; $45 NR. Have fun learning the four basic techniques of watercolor as well as exploring other techniques in a textural study. Learn some color theory to apply to a final composition with subject matter that is meaningful to you. This class is taught by Jamie Rubenacker, Art teacher for 13+ years with all ages. She holds a Bachelors in Art Education from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Classroom Teaching with a concentration in Fine Arts from the University of Rio Grande. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

MR – Miami Riverview Park, 587 Branchhill-Loveland Road MMP – Miami Meadows Pavilion, 1546 St. Rt. 131 MML – Miami Meadows Lakeside, 1546 St. Rt. 131 CP – Community Park, 5951 Buckwheat Road LH – Leming House in CP, 5951 Buckwheat Road

Krystin Thibodeau

Miami Township Recreation Director

Recreation Department, 248-3727

Download a registration form at

From The Director It’s a busy time for me as I acclimate myself back into the hectic pace that goes along with having children in sports and other activities. We need to be aware of how important it is to have outlets for stress relief and physical activity. I invite all of you to take a look at some of our great programs and find something Krystin Thibodeau that you can benefit from both emotionally and physically. Under Sports & Wellness we offer a fun way to get active with Line Dancing classes. These evening classes on Monday offer a high energy workout for adults of all ages. Tuesday’s will have you kicking up your heels with Country Western line dancing steps. You can relax and re-energize with Yoga, or get fit with Splash into Exercise, Tennis, Kaizen Martial Arts or Pilates. If you would like to bring out your inner artist we are offering water color and jewelry making classes. Our Adult Education courses resume with a full line up of computer classes to help the beginner as well as sharpen skills for intermediate users. We also have some great family activities such as a trip to Coco Key Water Resort and our ever popular Tree Climb with the Cincinnati Nature Center. Make sure to save some time for yourself!

Senior Events Senior activities will be offered at Miami Township Civic Center. Call Ginny Kaldmo at Clermont Senior Services 248-4345 for more information. Pre-registration through Clermont Senior Services is required

Infants & Toddlers Playgroup Primetime Thur., 9:30-11:30; MTCC; Ages 0-4; $35 R; $45 NR; (per session); Session 1: Sept. 4-Oct. 16; Session 2: Oct. 23-Dec. 18 (no class 11/27); Session 3: Jan. 8-Feb.19; We are so excited about our new year of playgroup. We enjoy many activities each week with our free-play, and we also have snacks, story time and share some of our favorite songs too. Come and join us and see what a great time we have!! Exercise Excitement Fri., Sept. 26-Oct. 24; 1:30-2:30; MTCC; age 3-5; $35 R; $45 NR; Fri., Jan. 9-Feb. 6; 1:30-2:30; MTCC; age 3-5; $35 R; $45 NR; We will have tons of fun in this completely active class!! We will focus on basic motor skills,

Kids Activities Red Cross Babysitting Tue., Oct. 21-Nov. 11; 6:30-8:30 pm ; MTCC; age 11-15; $55 R; $65 NR; Red Cross-trained babysitters are prepared to handle almost anything - and are in high demand! Learn accident prevention, diapering, feeding and emergency first aid. You’ll learn to interact with children through appropriate games, toys and activities as well as how to prepare for your job as a babysitter. Earn trust from parents and increase your demand and income from babysitting! Earn an American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Certificate.

Photo Editing Class Wed., Oct. 1-Oct. 22; 10-11:30 am

Bridge Every Mon. 12:30- 3:00 pm; FREE

AARP Safe Driving Class Thur., Sept. 25 & Fri., Sept. 26; 10-3:00 pm

Line dancing Every Wed. 1-2:00 pm;

Euchre Club Every Wed. 10-noon; Free

Creative Drawing Class Thur., Oct. 23-Jan. 8 (no class 11/27, 12/25); 9:30-11:30 am.

Acrylic Painting Classes Thur., Oct. 23-Jan. 8 (no class 11/27, 12/25,); 1-3:00 pm. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Bring a friend and enter this enchanted land enjoying tea and special food prepared especially for you on Tue., Sept. 16 from 11:30-2:30 pm.

play games, tumbling, music and fun. Children will learn simple skills, and how to communicate and cooperate in a group setting. Sensory Sensations Fri., Sept. 26-Oct. 24; 9:30-10:30; MTCC; age 3+; $35R; $45 NR; Fri., Jan. 9-Feb. 6; 9:30-10:30; MTCC; age 3+; $35R; $45 NR; Let your children come and make a mess and maybe even get to take home something cool. Sensory experiences having lots of fun with an educational twist. Mom’s are welcome to stay and play too. Numbers, Numbers Everywhere Fri., Oct. 31-Dec. 5 (no class 11/28); 9:30-10:30; MTCC; age 3+; $35 R; $45 NR; Fri., Feb. 13-Mar. 13; 9:30-10:30; MTCC; age 3+; $35 R; $45 NR; Creative play of counting,

11/26); 4:15-5:30 pm, grade 4+, MTCC, $65 R; $85 NR; 10 wks; Wed., Jan 21 – May 6 (no class 4/8); 4:15-5:30 pm, MTCC; grade 4+; $90 R; $115 NR; 15 wks. Beginning acting concepts will be introduced through games featuring concentration, cooperation, projection and diction. Students will discover the world of pantomime, they will learn to develop skits, be introduced to improvisation and more! This will also give them more confidence in their classroom presentations.

Red Cross “On Our Own” Class Mon., Nov. 3; 6:30-8:00 pm; MTCC; age 7-12; $20 R; $25 NR; This class will reduce your worry when the kids are home alone. Led by a Certified Red Cross instructor, kids will learn simple rules and procedures to ensure maximum safety when home alone. Includes a Red Cross certificate of completion.

Kid’s Only Fishing Tournament Catch & Release. Sat., Sept. 20; registration is required at MML Pavilion at 9:00; tournament; 10 am–noon.; FREE; Child requires adult supervision. Bait available at a nominal fee. All participants will receive a prize. Weigh-ins can be done anytime during tournament with final weigh-in at the end of the tournament. Only live fish will be weighed. Stringers are prohibited. Only fish baskets or buckets can be used. An Ohio State Fishing License may be required based on your age. Only 1 pole per child will be allowed.

Acting Up/Speaking Out Wed., Sept. 24 – Dec. 3; (no Class

Drawing & Watercolor Mon., Jan. 26-Mar. 9(no class 2/16);

patterns, stories, and activities to help your child learn their numbers. Little Builders Fri., Oct. 31-Dec. 5 (no class 11/28); 1:30-2:30; MTCC; age 3+; $35 R; $45 NR; Fri., Feb. 13-Mar. 13; 1:30-2:30;

5-6 pm; MTCC; age 7+; $45 R; $55 NR; Let go of the winter blues and explore the world of watercolors & drawing with instructor Nancy Haines. This class is designed for the beginner artist and will cover drawing, shading, color pencil and watercolor design with still life subjects. All materials will be provided. Young Rembrandts Pre-School Drawing Classes Mon., Oct. 20-Nov. 24; 5-5:45 pm; MTCC; age 3 ½-6; $60 R; $75 NR; Young students are so eager to learn, and a joy to teach. Young Rembrandts instructors provide a nurturing and strong learning environment that expands Pre-schoolers’ image vocabulary as they draw familiar images such as fish, teddy bears, rainbows and cowboys. We’ll concentrate on the skills of drawing and coloring while students develop fine motor skills, focus, listening, staying on task, patience and spatial organization. All materials provided. Young Rembrandts Cartoon Drawing Classes Mon., Oct. 20-Nov. 24; 6-7:00 pm; MTCC; age 6-13; $60 R; $75 NR;

MTCC; age 3+; $35 R; $45 NR; Let’s build! Lots of building material to choose from so, let your imagination take control. We will build something new, and experiment with new material each week.

Learning to draw can be fun, especially when we create silly characters, funny expressions and drawing sequences that tell a joke! This delightful program combines Young Rembrandts’ innovative, step-by-step drawing method with light-hearted subject matter that engages children, their sense of humor, and their vivid imaginations. Giggles guaranteed. All materials provided. Young Rembrandts Castle Camp Mon., Dec. 1, 8 & 15; 5-6:30 pm; MTCC: age 6-13; $55 R; $70 NR; We will escape into medieval times as Young Rembrandts explores the land of castles, knights and dragons. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this exciting camp filled with adventure. Students will draw a variety of characters and items familiar to this time, including: knights in armor, jesters juggling, jousters, catapults and more. We will even take our castle theme and enter “Cartoonland” as we illustrate humor! Two large scenes will be created: one of a large castle including a moat, and the other of a fiery dragon full of detail and color. Join us this season for many adventures from this long-ago time. All materials provided.

Sports & Wellness Adult Kaizen Martial Arts Wed., 7-8:30 pm & Sat., 10-11:30 am; Oct. 8-Dec. 17 (no class 10/18, 11/29, 12/6); MTCC; $60 R; $75 NR; Kaizen (continuous improvement) Bu Jitsu (martial art) is a Japanese martial art for health and selfdefense. Bu Jitsu involves various forms of self-defense and combat including throwing, takedowns, joint locks and wrestling (grappling) as well as boxing and precise punching and kicking. Though the study of Bu Jitsu can be very rigorous, people may start at any fitness level provided they are willing to work hard and practice in their spare time. This class meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is intended for people 14 years old through adult. Pilates Mat Wed., Sept. 10-Oct. 8 and/or Oct. 15-Nov. 12; 9:15-10:15; MTCC; $50 R; $65 NR; Join Shari Watford, Certified Pilates Instructor, for the ultimate core strengthening workout focusing on the abdominals, obloques, and back. All muscles will gain strength and flexibility through a series of movements on the mat. This class will teach you fundamentals of Pilates breathing, movement, and form. Each exercise will be modified to accommodate all levels from beginner to advanced. Stretching Tue., Jan. 27; 6:30-7:30 pm; MTCC; $5 R; $10 NR; Dr. McMaster of Signal Hill Chiropractic Center in Miami Township will help you improve body awareness and recovery from exercise or fatigue of your daily activities with whole body stretching. This will help restore body symmetry and increase circulation to your muscles. The class will clearly demonstrate how to safely isolate individual body muscles to uncover muscle tightness and weakness that can be affecting the efficiency of your body movement. The body awareness gained from this class will prepare you to get the most out of the upcoming core and walking classes. Core Strengthening Tue., Feb. 10; 6:30-7:30 pm; MTCC; $5 R; $10 NR; The key to efficient movement of your body is core strength. In this class Dr. McMaster will demonstrate several ways to safely isolate all areas of the core for all levels of ability. Dr. McMaster will also touch on walking technique as it relates to how the core muscles can be used with every step

Adult Education Microsoft Word (Beginning) Wed., Oct. 22-Nov. 12 or Jan. 28-Feb. 18; 7-8:30 pm; Pattison Elementary Computer Lab; $75; Microsoft Word for Beginners provides information and hands-on practice about the many functions of Microsoft Word including document formatting, mail merge, clip art, office templates and many more. Some basic experience with a word processor or Microsoft Word is preferred. Intro. to Ebay Mon.., Oct. 20-Nov. 10 or Feb. 25-Mar. 18; 7-8:30 pm; Pattison Elementary Computer Lab; $75; Introduction to EBay course provides instruction on how to search for the items you want, how to

that you take and it will actually improve the efficiency of your movement. The strength and techniques gained from this class will prepare you for the upcoming Prepare for the Pig walking technique class geared for those who want to increase their walking for fitness in the spring and summer. Prepare for the Pig Tue., Feb. 24; 6:30-7:30 pm; MTCC; $5 R; $10 NR; Dr. McMaster of Signal Hill Chiropractic Center will instruct you on walking technique to improve your whole body movement efficiency. The benefits are improved performance, less injuries, greater enjoyment and longevity. Learn how to get the most out of your walking this spring and summer. Line Dancing Every Mon. starting Sept. 8(no class 1/19, 2/16); 7-9:00 pm; Adults; MTCC; $6 per class(drop in); Janet Short & Kathy Wills teach this high-energy class to adults of all ages. Participants will learn the latest line dancing along with some old favorites. Country Western Couples Dancing Tue., Sept. 9-Dec. 16; 7-9:00 pm; MTCC; $5.00 per class drop- in; Learn couples Cha-Cha, Two-Step, Wooden Nickel, Mixers and more. Enjoy the experience of Ray and Carmen Saylor who will be teaching this fun and energetic class. Partners are not needed. Basic Yoga 10-11:30 am; MTCC; $60 R; $75 NR; (per session) $15 (per class drop-in); Tue., Sept. 9 – Oct. 14; Tue., Oct. 28 – Dec. 2; Tue., Jan 6-Feb. 10; Basic Yoga - 5:30-7:00 pm Beyond Basic Yoga - 7-8:30 pm; LH; $60 R; $75 NR; (per session) $15 (per class dropin); Wed., Sept. 10 – Oct 15; Wed., Oct. 29 – Dec. 3; Wed., Jan. 7-Feb. 11 Desktop Yoga® with Julie Lusk Mon., Oct. 6 and/or Mar. 30; 7-8:00 pm; LH; $15 per person; Desktop Yoga revitalizes aching backs, tired eyes, and tight shoulders with effective stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques that can be done right from a chair. Energy is replenished with a “Two-hour nap in ten minutes”. Adult Round Robin Tennis Tue. & Thur. Oct. 7-16; 9-10:15 a.m. or 5:30-6:45; CP Tennis Courts; $35 R; $45 NR; Class will begin with a ½ hour lesson then break into pairs according to strength to play instructional games of singles and doubles. All levels, men and women welcome. post your items for sale and how to buy the items you want. The majority of the class will focus on selling items. The instructor will take you step by step through the process of registering for Ebay, taking pictures, listing an item and shipping to buyers. Every participant will list at least one item for sale. Microsoft Word (Intermediate) Mon., Jan. 26-Feb. 23 (no class 2/16); 7-8:30 pm; Pattison Elementary Computer Lab; $75; Intermediate Word will focus on the more advanced features of Microsoft Word including mail merge, templates, inserting non-text objects, document formatting, and formulas. A basic word course or a strong foundation of word is a prerequisite for this course. The class will be taught using Microsoft Word 2003; however, the skills will

Swing Dancing: East Coast Swing Mon., Feb. 2-Mar. 9 (No class 2/16); 7-8 pm; MTCC; age 12-90; $45 R; $55 NR; Want to learn the most popular of nostalgic dances? It’s exciting fun, plus great exercise as you master these dance steps. Bring a partner and have a “swinging” good time. Please wear smooth-soled shoes (not gym shoes). Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Adult Ballroom Dancing Tue. and Thur. Jan. 6-15; 7-8:15 pm; MTCC; $60 R single, $75 NR single; $100 R couple, $120 NR couple; Have you got a wedding or a big social event coming up? Need a fun activity to share with your spouse or significant other? Join Emily and David Beatrice for a good time learning the fundamentals of Ballroom Dancing. They may cover Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, & Salsa and expand on these beautiful dances. You will learn a great deal in a short time and be ready to wow your friends and relatives!

Teens Kaizen Martial Arts Wed., 7:00-8:30 pm & Sat., 10-11:30 am; Oct. 8-Dec. 17 (no class 10/18, 11/29, 12/6); MTCC; $60 R; $75 NR ; Kaizen (continuous improvement) Bu Jitsu (martial art) is a Japanese martial art for health and self-defense. Bu Jitsu involves various forms of self-defense and combat including throwing, takedowns, joint locks and wrestling (grappling) as well as boxing and precise punching and kicking. Though the study of Bu Jitsu can be very rigorous, people may start at any fitness level provided they are willing to work hard and practice in their spare time. This class meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is intended for people 14 years old through adult. Teens Ballroom Dancing Mon., and Wed., Jan. 5-14; 7-8:15 pm; MTCC;$40 R, $50 NR; Join Emily and David Beatrice, college age siblings, to learn the fundamentals of several of the most popular ballroom/social dances out there, including Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Cha-Cha. Students will not only learn to dance; they will develop great skills of coordination and timing, excellent social and conversational skills, and how to treat one another with respect on the dance floor and off. These abilities will stay with them for the rest of their lives, so that when they need to go to that prom or homecoming dance, they will be poised and ready.

easily transfer to the 2007 version. Intro. to Computers Tue., Oct. 21-Nov. 11; or Thur., Jan. 29-Feb. 19; 7-8:30 pm; Mulberry Elementary Computer Lab; $75; This class is a basic computer class teaching the components of a computer including the operating system, mouse functions, keyboard, software, Internet, and email. Intro. to Powerpoint Thur., Oct. 23-Nov.13; or Tue., Feb. 26 – Mar. 19; 7-8:30 pm; Mulberry Elementary Computer Lab; $75; PowerPoint offers a simple way to create effective presentations. Excel (Intro.) Tue., Jan. 27-Feb. 17; 7-8:30 pm; Mulberry Elementary Computer Lab; $75; Excel Introduc-

Miami Township • Page 11 Kids

Fall Kids Tennis Mon., Wed., & Fri.; Oct.6-Oct. 17; 4:30-5:30 pm (ages 6-9); 5:30-6:30 pm (ages 9-13); CP Tennis Courts; $40 R; $50 NR Tae Kwon Do Korean martial art; Wed., Sept. 10-Nov. 12; Wed., Nov. 19-Feb. 11(no class 11/26, 12/24, 12/31); 4:30-5:30 pm, age 7-10; 5:45-6:45 pm; MTCC; ages 11+; $45 R; $60 NR; For the 5th year, 3rd degree black belt, Lisa Wesselkamper will teach Tae Kwon Do hand & foot techniques. Physical & mental fitness, as well as self-control, & respect, are just a few things that can improve. Tumble Time Wed., Sept. 17-Oct. 15; 1:45-2:30 pm; MTCC; age 3-5; $35 R; $45 NR; Wed., Sept. 17-Oct. 15; 6:15-7:00 pm; MTCC; age 4-6; $35 R; $45 NR; A fun and instructional tumbling class emphasizing correct form and tumbling techniques. Each child will improve their listening skills, develop higher self-esteem, and socialization while learning to tumble. This class is taught by a talented and experienced instructor from Dance Etc. Mom & Me Wed., Sept. 17-Oct. 15; 5:30-6:00 pm; MTCC; $25 R; $35 NR; This parent assisted tumbling class is for ages 2 to 3. Kids will learn basic motor skills, somersaults, walking across the balance beam, parachute play, and more. Kids will learn basic motor skills, learn how to follow instructions, make friends, and have a great time. Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet. This class is taught by a talented and experienced instructor from Dance Etc. Pre-Ballet Wed., Sept. 17-Oct. 15; 1:00-1:45 pm; MTCC; age 3-5; $35 R; $45 NR; This is a fun and positive way to introduce ballet. Learn simple dance steps & vocabulary, basic motor skills, songs and dances. This class is taught by Dance Etc. staff. Tumbling 4:15-5 p.m.; age 7-9; 5:15-6:00 pm; age 5-6; MTCC; $35 R; $42 NR (per session) Wed., Nov. 5-Dec. 10; and/or Wed., Jan 7-Feb 11. This is an excellent way to enhance overall strength, flexibility, proper form and technique. Jan Beach has taught for many years and will incorporate fun and learning through innovative warm-ups, conditioning, and basic tumbling skills.

tory course provides instructions for creating simple worksheets and charts that are used for internal reports and data tracking. Excel is used to organize, calculate, and analyze data. Excel (Advanced) Tue., Feb. 24-Mar. 24; (no class 3/17) 7-8:30 pm; Mulberry Elementary Computer Lab; $75; The Excel Advanced course provides instruction for utilizing the vast array of functions available, manipulating and managing large amounts of data, creating elaborate reports and charts, creating, running and editing macros. Excel includes many features that can be utilized to perform tasks from preparing a simple invoice to creating elaborate 3-D charts and managing an accounting ledger.

Page 12 • Miami Township

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Miami Township Fire & EMS

Jim Whitworth, Fire Chief Fire/EMS Administration: 513-248-3700

Be safe when burning wood in home Fall and winter are when residents begin burning wood in their fireplaces. Please be safe by following a few safety tips: FIRING YOUR STOVE: Some ash left over from the last fire can be desirable, since it acts as a heat reflector in the bottom of the stove. Crumple a small amount of paper and place it in the fire chamber. Over the paper place kindling wood and a few pieces of small fuel wood. Be sure the damper is open, and then light the paper. Once the wood begins to burn well and a good draft has been created, larger pieces of wood may be added. CHIMNEY FIRES: A chimney fire can be a frightening

and dangerous experience. A chimney fire may produce loud crackling, rumbling or roaring noises and a red-hot stove pipe. These fires can spread to the building itself, causing serious loss and endangering the lives of your family. Chimney fires are caused when creosote, a normal by-product of burning wood, collects on the inside of the chimney and is ignited. These steps will help limit creosote buildup: • Burn only dry, seasoned

wood for your fireplace. • Avoid slow burning smoky fires. • Have your chimney inspected and if necessary, cleaned periodically. If you do have a chimney fire, in spite of your precautions, do these things: • Call the fire department and get everyone out of the house. • Close the stove door, draft opening and damper to cut off air to the fire. • Never throw water on a hot stove. A chimney fire may damage parts of the chimney or stovepipe. Be sure to have an inspection made of your entire system before you use it again.

Firefighters ‘Go Vertical” for cancer research Miami Township Firefighters Tom Porter and Jim Petry are going vertical ... 1,353 feet to be exact. On Nov. 9, Porter and Petry will ascend 2,109 steps and 1,353 vertical feet to the famous Sears Porter Petry Tower skydeck observatory in Chicago, the tallest building in North America and all in support of cancer research. The firefighters are raising money for the Damon Runyan Cancer Research Foundation. Residents who want to support Porter and Petry can visit the Miami Township website at and click a link to make a donation for their efforts. Vertical Chicago, in its seventh year, welcomes climbers of all ages and athletic levels. Some climb the Sears Tower for the pure challenge, some are cancer survivors, and many climb in memory of those lost to cancer or who are fighting the disease today. Last year’s sold out event raised more than $340,000 for young cancer scientists whose innovative research is at risk due to funding cuts at the national level. The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation invests exclusively in top young scientists, recruiting the best new minds into cancer research and seeding their bold ideas. The Foundation offers an alternative to programs supported by the NIH and large organizations, which typically favor senior scientists with established track records.

From The Chief A pot holder too close to a lit burner or a space heater left on overnight could be all it takes to start a home fire. In fact, cooking and heating are among the leading causes of home fires in the United States, according to the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Chief Whitworth That’s why we are teaming up with NFPA from October 5-11 to urge residents to “Prevent Home Fires” during Fire Prevention Week. This year’s campaign focuses on preventing all the leading causes of home fires – cooking, heating and electrical equipment, and smoking materials. Additionally, fire safety educators will be teaching local residents how to plan and practice escape from a home in case a fire occurs. According to NFPA, more than 2,500 people died in home fires in the United States in 2006, and 12,500 were injured. Fire departments responded to 396,000 home fires, which accounted for 80% of civilian fire-related deaths and 76% of injuries that year. While the number of home fires is daunting, the good news is that many are easily preventable when residents take simple steps to increase their safety from fire. The Miami Township Fire & EMS encourages you to keep your home and family safe from fire.

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Miami Township Community Development

Larry Fronk, Director Comm Develpment Office: 513-248-3731

Township celebrates Community Planning October is ‘Community Planning Month’ and now is a great opportunity to reflect on past and present planning activity in Miami Township. Over the past five years, Miami Township completed two major planning studies: • The first study focused on the redevelopment of Business 28. • The second study was a Township wide land use study called Imagine Miami-Vision 2025. Both plans are long-term visions of the future of Miami Township over the next twenty years. During a period of rising energy costs, it is not surprising both plans recommended creating walkable communities. Building on that theme, Miami Township has started a sidewalk planning study called ‘Miami Township Connections.’ The intent of this plan is to provide “connections” between our residential neighbor-

Miami Township started a sidewalk planning study called ‘Miami Township Connections.’

hoods and activity centers such as schools, parks, churches and businesses. This planning initiative is underway with the initial focus of making connection to our schools. Planning is only the first part of the equation. Implementation is the second part. Phase I of the Business 28 Boulevard, which was a major recommendation of the SR 28 Redevelopment Plan, will begin construction in 2010-2011. This will widen Business 28 from the Bypass to Cook Road.

The improvements will include landscaped islands, sidewalks and decorative street lighting. In 2009, sidewalks will be constructed along Buckwheat Road from Deblin Drive north to Community Park. Planning has started on the widening of Wolfpen Pleasant Hill Road from SR 131 north to the Bypass. This project will include sidewalk on one side of the road. The Township is also seeking funding for sidewalk along SR 28 from the Bypass east to Branch Hill Guinea Pike. The sidewalk was designed as part of the widening project. This sidewalk will become increasingly important with the start of the new bus route from Goshen Township through Miami Township. Miami Township is a great community in which to live and work. With the plans we have in place it will become even better.

Miami Township Television Channel 8/15 • Time Warner Cable

Trustee Meetings

County Meetings

School Meetings

School Events

‘Around Miami Township’ ...

Join Trustees Mary Makley Wolff, Ed Humphrey, Ken Tracy and Fiscal Officer Eric Ferry each month as they talk with guests from Miami Township and Clermont County.

From The Director Are you interested in a volunteer position that will help shape the future of Miami Township? Each year there is a vacancy on the Miami Township Resident Zoning Commission and the Miami Township Resident Board of Zoning Appeals. These Larry Fronk Resident Boards meet once a month and each resident member serves a 5-year term. These are exciting positions that will give you first hand knowledge of the planning and zoning issues facing Miami Township. There are no specific qualifications for the positions other than being a resident of Miami Township and a desire to serve the community. The Resident Zoning Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month and is responsible for recommendations on overall planning and re-zoning issues in the Township. The Resident Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the first Monday of each month and is responsible for considering and deciding appeals from standards of the Zoning Resolution. Applications may be picked up at the Miami Township Civic Building, 6101 Meijer Drive, or you may send a resume or letter of interest to me at Larry.

Miami Township Service Department

Miami Township • Page 15 Miami Township Mike Mantel, Director • Page 15

Service Department: 513-248-3728

Trash Days are Sept. 26-27 at Civic Center The Miami Toiwnship Service Department will have several trash dumpsters at the Civic Center parking lot located at 6101 Meijer Dr. for residents to drop off damaged or unwanted household goods on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26-27. All persons dropping off items must show proof of Miami Township residency Items than can be disposed of

include furniture, toys, bikes, grills, concrete blocks, building or landscaping lumber and appliances. Items that are not accepted include yard clippings, leaves, tires, wet paint, anti-freeze, or any hazardous materials. We will also offer an on-site paper shredding service. For information, please contact the Service Department at 248-3728.

Trash Days now features an onsite paper shredding service

‘Battle of Miami Township’ is October 24 Miami Township will once again sponsor the “Battle of Miami Township” game between the football teams from Loveland and Milford high schools as the schools compete for gridiron supremacy in Miami Township. This year’s game will be October 24 at Milford High School. The Victory Bell was inaugurated in 2007 as a new sportsmanship trophy to be awarded to the winner of the annual football game between Milford and Loveland high schools. Milford was the victor in the 2007 game, and will retain the Victory Bell for at least one year until this year’s game. The bell was first cast in 1889. It was located on a Miami Township farm on what is now Community Park, where the historic Leming House stands today. The bell was used to signify that lunch or dinner was ready for the many laborers on the farm, thus bringing to an end a long, satisfying hard day of work and entrepreneurship. When Miami Township converted the farm into a fun, spacious park for the residents of our community, the

Milford football coach Pat Fagan rings the Victory Bell last November after officially accepting it from the Miami Township Board of Trustees following his team’s victory over rival Loveland in the inaugural game of the ‘Battle of Miami Township”

bell was kept at the township offices until a suitable use for it could be found. Today, that use has been discovered with the Victory Bell. Staff from the Miami Township Service Department refinished the Victory Bell, painting it and making the base

for it to sit on. A similar rivalry has also been started the Milford and Loveland boys and girls basketball team. Each team competes against their Miami Township rival in the “CrossTownship Shootout,” with the winners receiving a traveling trophy.

From The Director

The Miami Township Service Department has identified several roads in the community that will be repaired over the next few months as part of its resurfacing program. Township roads, are inspected annually and priorities Mike Mantel are established by assigning ratings to surface distress, smoothness of travel, and curb/gutter distress. Once a list has been generated and reviewed, the Board of Trustees reviews and approves the final list of roads. For a complete list of the current roads being resurfaced, please visit our website at www. Other road maintenance activities we perform include repairing damaged asphalt, repairing potholes, and the maintaining of curb and gutters. The majority of the township’s 131.56 road miles are made up of subdivision streets. The few exceptions included Dry Run, Sugar Camp and Ibold Roads. Collector streets such as Buckwheat Road, WolfpenPleasant Hill Road, Price Road, Cook Road, Woodville Pike, and Business 28 are maintained by Clermont County Engineer’s Office. State Routes (28, 126, 131, 48, 50 and I-275) are maintained by ODOT.




Miami Township Miami Township Civic Center

6101 Meijer Drive, Miami Township, OH 45150 513-248-3725 • Miami Township wants to keep you informed about your community with a new feature to its website. “Keep In Touch” allows residents to receive periodic information via email about happenings in Miami Township. Visit to sign up.

Keep In Touch MIAMI Township

Miami Township PARKS&Recreation

Something for Everyone! Class & Program Schedule inside

Visit us on the web: 10th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting & Open House Sat., December 6 from 4-8:00 pm at the Miami Township Civic Center, 6101 Meijer Drive. This event is FREE. Enjoy the local talent as they ring in the holiday season. Children can visit with Santa, decorate cookies, have their face painted and make holiday crafts. The Miami Township Christmas Tree will be lit at 7:15 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings September Board of Zoning Commission..............Sept. 4, 7:30 p.m. Board of Zoning Appeals.....................Sept. 8, 7:30 p.m. Board of Trustees Work Session............ Sept. 8, 11 a.m. Board of Trustees Business Mtg.............Sept. 16, 7 p.m.

October Board of Zoning Appeals.......................Oct. 2, 7:30 p.m. Board of Zoning Commission................Oct. 6, 7:30 p.m. Board of Trustees Work Session............ Oct. 13, 11 a.m. Board of Trustees Business Mtg...............Oct. 21, 7 p.m. Dates and times subject to change. The public is welcome to all meetings, which are held at the Miami Township Civic Center, 6101 Meijer Drive. Please call 248-3725 with questions




Miami Township will waive the normal fee to host a yard sale during its fall FREE yard sale weekend, Sept. 18-21. Residents do not need to purchase a permit from the township, but they must adhere to normal rules and regulations regarding signage. Please call 248-3725 with questions.

Miami Township Phone Numbers 911 ............................... EMERGENCY (513) 248-3725 . ...........Board of Trustees (513) 248-3725 . ...........Administration (513) 248-3721 . ...........Police Administration (513) 248-3700 . ...........Fire/EMS Administration (513) 248-3728 . ...........Service & Roads (513) 248-3727 . ...........Recreation/Parks (513) 248-5513 .............Park Fields Hotline / Event Hotline (513) 248-3731 . ...........Community Development/Zoning Most Miami Township offices are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays.

2008 Fall Newsletter  

Fall Newsletter

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