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High Tide City Finally Taking Flooding Mitigation Steps By Michael W. Sasser

At the suggestion of a Blue Ribbon task force and with the support of Mayor Philip Levine and City Manager Jimmy Morales, the City is taking steps to mitigate for the worst possible flooding in its most at-risk zones and elsewhere. Finally. Additionally, the city action is just a year or so in advance of what could conceivably be the highest rise in tides in recent years, a somewhat mysterious natural occurrence known as the King Tides. “Personally I think previous administrations totally tuned out,” said Scott Robins, chair of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Flooding Mitigation and Sea Level Rise. Robins said that in reviewing the available data, it was obvious that the problem of flooding was not properly evaluated by previous administrations and city commissions. “I don’t think they took the time to realize what studies revealed and think they just sat on their hands,” Robins said. “Studies are only as good as who commissions them.” In particular, Robins said that the drainage components of development projects under works and in the pipeline, citywide, are “under-designed.

“At the first meeting of the task force, the first action [discussed] was that any project under construction had to be stopped,” and the drainage component redesigned, Robins added. Robins said that often not considered frequently or considerably enough previously was the level of expectation of residents when it comes to flooding and mitigation for it. Robins – both a preservationist and developer – also pointed out that the reason for inadequate design guidelines for drainage is not because the cost could have been considered burdensome to development interests. Based on recommendations the task force submitted to the City officially, Robins said, “We’re talking about a $6 million drainage project having cost $7 million. Question: Is it too expensive? Answer: No.” Discussing expected drainage need issues is always a challenge because no one really knows what will happen in terms of sea level rise, which obviously impacts a city made up of barrier islands. Any solution would only be for the forseeable future because, “The science is not all in,” Robins said. “Scientists can’t even agree; we all need another 10-15

“Personally I think previous administrations totally tuned out.” Scott Robins, chair of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Flooding Mitigation and Sea Level Rise. Page 4 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •

years to really know.” Factoring into need are the King Tides, unusually high tides that science seems to believe, are caused by an uncommon astral alliance and thus predictable. They are expected to occur in the next year or so and could affect sea level. A February 7 memo from the Blue Ribbon task force to the mayor and commission and to City Manager Jimmy Morales, takes previous administrations to task for inadequate planning for flood mitigation and makes a number of recommendations. The most significant of the recommendations the change to was an increase in development standards for drainage projects.” In a February 12 commission memorandum from Morales to the mayor and commission, the city manager advocates for adoption of the new guidelines for new tailwater requirements in design guidelines as recommended by the task force. The city commission subsequently adopted the new guidelines. “It starts us on the road to new [drainage mitigation] requirements,” Robins said. In that memo, Morales wrote of three neighborhoods in “active construction” – Central Bayshore, Lake Pancoast and the Venetian Islands : “This new criteria might have a significant impact on the design and construction of the above referenced projects,” Morales wrote. “The City shall determine if these criteria shall be applicable to these projects.”

Morales did not return a call seeking additional comments on the task force’s recommendations and City actions. While the City action adopts one recommendation of the task force, others remain, and the tailwater change suggestion only looks 20 years down the road as best known. Robins still said that the situation is not dire. “They are all solvable problems,” Robins told SunPost. “They won’t cost an arm and a leg – they are expensive but all well within our capacity to afford and to implement.” Robins said he hopes the City will hire an international expert as a consultant as a next action. Fortunately, Robins said he sees this administration as being motivated to address problems previous ones were not. He praised Mayor Philip Levine and a city staff that seems “energized” after years of being beaten down, presumably by city hall scandals and alleged criminal activity in the previous city manager’s office. “One of my most pleasant surprises has been the staff,” Robins said. “All of them have been on the ball and up to the task. They have responded at a higher level than I expected.” • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 5


42 Star Island is Not Historic; Hochsteins Will Tear Home Down By Kim Steiner

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein he a plastic surgeon and she a Real Housewives of Miami cast member, can now proceed with plans to knock their fading mansion at 42 Star Island down, after Miami Beach city commissioners voted not to designate her home as historic. The Miami Design Preservation League had been fighting the Hochsteins, but finally gave in due to money issues. The Hochsteins were thrilled to finally move on with their new planned home, which will be a 9-bedroom, 20,000-square-foot mansion designed by architect Kobi Karp. "Trying to make someone else's home historic against their wishes is not what we believe the city of Miami Beach stands for," said Lenny Hochstein. Initially the Hochsteins were granted approval last year from the Miami Beach City Commission to demolish the house, but the MDPL filed an appeal. The appeal has now been abandoned, as the group didn't have the proper funding to continue it. The beautiful old estate was built in 1925 by the iconic Miami architect Walter DeGarmo and (from the MacArthur Causeway) is one of the most visible houses in Miami Beach. Lisa Hochstein celebrated the victory on Instagram by posting a video of the news story. "Our victory to finally demolish our home, all over the news last night #houseThatboobsbuilt #rhom #winning #Wealwayswin," were the captions on the video. After the win, her husband tweeted: “City commission in a 7-0 vote will not designate my home historic. The tally now is Hochsteins 3, preservationists 0. Losers love losing.”

Page 6 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •

Surfside Celebrates Finish of Downtown Improvement Project Ribbon Cutting Tonight By Kim Steiner

The Town of Surfside recently completed an $800,000+ beautification project which included lining the corridor with 69 majestic Medjool palms, decorative up lighting, and six pocket parks all located on the Town’s gateway: Harding Avenue between 96th Street and 94th Street. “This enhancement project will make the residents of Surfside proud of the Town’s Downtown and also allow visitors to witness why our Town is unique and special,” said Duncan Tavares, Surfside’s Tourism, Economic Development & Community Services Director. Town officials and members of the community will formally announce the completion of these much anticipated improvements and launch Downtown Surfside’s new look at their monthly block party, Third Thursdays, February 20. The Ceremony will begin promptly at 7 p.m. followed by live music. This will be the second Third Thursday

event of the monthly entertainment series, which features an array of entertainment from live music and dancing to food trucks for residents and visitors alike. Third Thursdays takes place off 95th Street between Collins and Harding Avenues. This family friendly event is open to the public. Attendees are welcome to relax and enjoy the show or make use of the open space for dancing and mingling with neighbors and friends. For more information on the Downtown Improvements and Third Thursdays, 305.864.0722 or


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pharmacistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Makes Memory Discovery of a Lifetime: Is It the Fountain of Youth for Aging Minds? 3KDUPDFLVWRIWKH<HDU'U*HQH6WHLQHUĂ&#x20AC;QGVZKDWKH DQGKLVSDWLHQWVKDYHEHHQORRNLQJIRUDUHDOPHPRU\SLOO PHOENIX, ARIZONA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; If Pharmacist of the Year, Dr. Gene Steiner, had a nickel for every time someone leaned over the counter and whispered, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do you have anything that can improve my memory,â&#x20AC;? he would be a rich man today. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a question heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heard countless times in his 45-year career. He has seen families torn apart by the anguish of memory loss and mental decline, a silent condition that threatens the independent lifestyle seniors hold so dearly. In his years-long search for a drug or nutrient that could slow PHQWDOGHFOLQHKHÂżQDOO\IRXQG the answer in the pages of an obscure medical journal. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was studying materials about memory loss and cognitive decline, and there it was, right in front of me...evidence of a real memory pill!â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;At the time, I was an anchor for a medical program in Los Angeles. I was so excited that I contacted the author of the research and invited him to come on the program as a guest. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I wanted millions of listeners to learn about this important new development!â&#x20AC;?

Âł,QVXIÂżFLHQWFLUFXODWLRQ´VD\V Steiner, â&#x20AC;&#x153;reduces oxygen to the brain, a sign of premature mental decline. This also restricts the VXSSO\ RI FULWLFDO EUDLQ VSHFLÂżF antioxidants and nutrients.â&#x20AC;? 5HGXFHGEORRGĂ&#x20AC;RZKDVDQRWKHU brain-numbing effect: it slashes the number of neurotransmitters in the brain, the messenger molecules used by the brain to help form thoughts, retrieve memories, and help its owner stay focused and on-task. Fewer neurotransmitters circulating in the brain translates to concentration and memory woes. So, Reynolds and a team of scientists developed a natural, drug-free compound shown in research to prompt aging brains to begin to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;think and react,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; younger.

Tired Brains Snap Awake! â&#x20AC;&#x153;It helps tired, forgetful brains to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;snap awake,â&#x20AC;? says Dr. Steiner. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This natural memory pill is to your aging, sluggish brain, what a breath of fresh air is to your lungs,â&#x20AC;? he says. It works so well, explains Steiner, that the participants in a peer-reviewed, international research study not only saw improvements in their memory, mood and concentration, but they also regained lost brainpower equal to that of someone 15 years younger, all Seniors are more concerned about memory loss and mental decline than they are about in a 30-day time period! death, itself, according to a new survey. This made Dr. Steinerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guest that perfect sense to Dr. Steiner, night, US researcher, who knew instinctively that Josh Reynolds, observed age-related memory problems a common â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;disturbanceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; may be correctable. in aging brains, one that After the Show may be the primary cause After the show, Dr. Steiner of degrading memory and FRQÂżGHGWRKLVJXHVWWKDWKHZDV concentration powers. fearful of not being able to recall certain subject matter for his Gasping for Air? He saw evidence that older popular radio show. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He gave me a couple of brains were â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gasping for additional oxygen,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; a condition bottles and instructed me on its caused by poor blood circulation. use,â&#x20AC;? says Dr. Steiner.

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Casinos Coming; Dogs Dying – The Real Deal on Gambling By Scott Maxwell Special to the SunPost

Get ready for more gambling. The latest news out of Tallahassee has legislators preparing to unveil plans next week to bring big new casinos to Florida. And while there are still details to work out and political posturing to perform, you can bet your bottom dollar: The casinos will come. I'm not sure whether the deal will be reached next week or next year. But it will be reached. Why? Because there's simply too much money involved for it to fail. Money for the state. (We're talking billions in revenues.) And money for the politicians who crave it for their campaigns. (With checks as big as $500,000 each.) The most likely scenario has big new casinos, primarily in South Florida. That makes some sense. I've always said that communities that want casinos should be allowed to have them. Especially those that already have them. After all, we claim to be a free-market, "open for business" state. At the same time, communities that don't want casinos shouldn't be forced to have them. Still, the devil is in the details. So here is what you need to know, what the politicians don't want you to know — and how dead dogs fit into it all. •More gambling down South. There are lots of proposals. But conventional wisdom says lawmakers are mainly looking at allowing big new casinos in South Florida counties — Broward and Miami-Dade — where smaller casinos are already flourishing. Gamblers craving new casino action north of Lake Okeechobee are going to feel like keno players — out of luck. Most proposals would require some sort of voter approval. •What Mickey wants, Mickey gets. Comedian

Steven Wright said it's unwise to play poker with tarot cards. (He once got a full house "and four people died.") Likewise, it's unwise to bet against Mickey Mouse. Disney did not want gambling in its backyard. And Disney — which has become a GOP juggernaut when it comes to political donations — mostly gets what it wants. Most of the rest of Central Florida's tourism community agree with Disney. So don't expect to see the IDrive Bellagio anytime soon. •Big-time gambling is already here. The debate about whether to allow "big-time gambling" into Florida is a farcical one. It's already here. Florida has about a dozen casinos up and running. One of them — the Hard Rock in Tampa — is the sixth-largest in the world. •Casino companies pour big money into politics. They say the easiest way to leave a casino with a small fortune is to enter with a large one. Well, the easiest way for politicians to rake in casino money is to talk about regulating them. The money floods in. Take Gov. Rick Scott, for example. Even though he campaigned as antigambling, Scott's "Let's Get to Work" committee has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from gaming companies and gambling execs from Nevada to Missouri. Plus, one of Scott's singlebiggest contributions — $500,000 — came from the Seminole Tribe, whose gambling compact Scott needs to renegotiate. •The Seminoles are crucial. The Seminole Tribe operates seven casinos, including two Hard Rocks. The current compact gave the tribe exclusive rights to some games — and guaranteed taxpayers more than $1 billion. Now it's time for renewal. Legislators want that settled before any new casinos open. (This may be this year's sticking point. Scott says he doesn't want to rush a deal with his Seminole donors.) And the tribe doesn't want too much more competition … yet another reason you probably won't see more

Page 8 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •

casinos along Interstate 4. •There's still demand for more. How popular is Tampa's Hard Rock? Well, rates for basic rooms this coming weekend were listed at $719 a night ... until they sold out. Why? No competition. Tampa is the only real game between Brighton and Biloxi. •Dead dogs. When casinos and poker rooms flourished a few years back, many were allowed only at racing tracks and jai alai frontons. But now the casinos and poker make far more

money than the tracks. So many track owners want to scale back or close their racing venues. They should be allowed to do so. Documents recently obtained by the Miami Herald, showed that 74 greyhounds died in the last seven months of 2013 on racetrack property — one every three days. If these companies don't want to race, they shouldn't be forced to, simply so they can keep dealing cards.

Governor Holds the Cards on Gambling Deal By Lee Reed House and Senate leaders are reaching consensus on a plan that would allow standalone casinos in South Florida, if voters approve. But the proposal hinges on whether Gov. Rick Scott, who's playing his cards close to his vest, seals a deal with the Seminole Tribe. On Friday, Scott gave the first indication that negotiations with the tribe, critical to success in the House, are on track. "Governor Scott is focused on renewing the state's compact with the Seminoles to get the best deal for Floridians. Other gaming issues, including destination casinos, are being discussed by members of the Legislature, but the governor's immediate focus is the future of the Seminole compact," Scott spokesman Frank Collins said. A renewed deal with the Seminoles is a cornerstone of House Speaker Will Weatherford's two-pronged approach that would make two "destination resorts" — hotel and convention centers with slot machines and perhaps other gambling activities — possible in South Florida. The state's current deal with the tribe is slated to sunset in mid-2015. And, Weatherford said, he wants negotiations with the tribe made final this year, or there won't be any deal at all. The Seminole Tribe of Florida spent nearly two decades trying to get the state to approve casinos on tribal lands in Broward County and Tampa. In 2010, Gov. Charlie Crist and the tribe struck a deal, authorized by the Legislature. It gave the Seminoles a 20-year contract to operate slot machines along with exclusive rights to operate banked card games like blackjack and baccarat for five years. In exchange, the Seminoles agreed to give the state a minimum $1 billion over five years. But it can halt the payments if slot machines exist anywhere outside of Broward and MiamiDade counties, excluding those operated by other tribes. Time is key in any gambling deal as the 60-day legislative session that begins March 4 approaches. Wrapping up a new deal with the Seminoles and giving lawmakers enough time to authorize it and any other gambling proposals could be difficult, said Sen. Bill Galvano, who helped craft the 2010 agreement with the Seminoles that took years to finalize. "It's not something that can be done very quickly unless we're just approving the cards to continue," Galvano, R-Bradenton, said. "The compact is the cornerstone of anything we build going forward, and the governor plays a key role in the compact renegotiation process. So we have to give deference to the governor, and that could create a time issue for us going forward on other aspects of gaming." Weatherford also wants to require that voters approve a constitutional amendment before casinos would be allowed. The constitutional amendment also would require any future expansion of gambling to get statewide voter approval. Weatherford said he would prefer to limit gambling. "But I am also not burying my head in the sand. I have recognized that gaming is expanding without our control or direction, and that's a very dangerous place to be for the state of Florida," he said.

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“This type of zoning creeping will then justify neighbors in adjacent properties to also seek zoning changes.” – Attorney Kent Harrison Robbins, representing a group of Beth Shmuel neighbors

Spot Zoning? Beach Attorney Fighting Creeping Zoning Change In Residential Neighborhood By Michael W. Sasser

Cover Story: Spot Zoning


Miami Beach attorney representing neighbors in the residential area around the Cuban Hebrew Congregation of Miami - Temple Beth Shmuel is fighting what he calls an action that “compromises the integrity of not just this single family home neighborhood, but it also sets precedent for the type of thing not seen in Miami Beach since the 1960s. “This type of zoning creeping will then justify neighbors in adjacent properties to also seek zoning changes,” continued attorney Kent Harrison Robbins. “This is an attempt to creep commercialism into a neighborhood of single family homes. It has to be stopped before it gets started. The City established the Single Family [zoning designation] to protect the integrity of neighborhoods. The question is now, will they protect the integrity of neighborhoods or not?” Robbins said he is representing seven residents of the Palm View neighborhood and an ad hoc neighborhood group opposed to the zoning measure, with the support of scores of others in the historic community. At issue is an item appearing that is appearing before Miami Beach’s Planning Board on Tuesday, February 25. If approved the zoning language would extend a multi-family class of zoning to include 1729 Lenox Avenue, a property owned by Beth Shmuel and which has been previously categorized in the single family zoning designation. If eventually recommended by the board, and then adopted by the city commission – after likely stops before the Design Review Board and Historic Preservation Board – the zoning change would then permit Beth Shmuel to seek a conditional use permit for expanded use of the property as part of a Montessori School component of the shul. Both sides agree the use is to expand the potential student base of the school. Robbins insists that expanded use as a school would represent creeping commercialism in the neighborhood. While the expansion of the multi-family designation does not appear to meet the specific criteria of “spot zoning,” according to legal language provided by City Manager Jose Smith of “spot zoning” (in regard to an unrelated article), Robbins said that wouldn’t stop neighbors from using the allegation – and the term – in action seeking a zoning increase for nearby properties. Officially, it is the City of Miami Beach requesting the change, not the synagogue or school, which Robbins itself said is unusual. “It is unusual and they are playing games and holding back documents,” Robbins said. He said that while the item was noticed in the local daily newspaper on January 26, he claims to have been unable to get a copy of the official application. “I don’t know how you notice something without having the application in hand, or if it is in hand, it isn’t being released to the public and someone is fibbing.” However, Acting Planning Director Thomas Mooney said the City being the “applicant” isn’t unusual under the circumstances. Mooney said the word “applicant” is “probably misleading.” “The city commission has the right to make land use and zoning

“The reason we’re doing it is that the house is unused and we need people to sign up and we want to continue to serve the entire community.” – Beth Shmuel President Becky Cohen changes,” Mooney said. Often, individuals seeking such action will first “sound out policy makers” to see if there is support, Mooney said, and the City will then subsequently submit the paper work. City-based applications are different from those submitted by members of the public, thus the notice but not the availability of paperwork on the timeline it might be available in the case of a member of the public had applied officially. “Because the city commission referred [the application], it’s not a standard application,” said Mooney. That changed the parameters. Mooney also said this step is just one in what will probably be many, since so far, the City has been inclined to send the item to the Design Review Board and the Historic Preservation Board before it would even reach the city commission step. Consideration for Conditional Use would then ensue and then things such as need of the institution for the change would be considered, and the various impacts carry the most weight, presumably. “For the purposes of re-zoning [the need of the school to expand its potential student base] wouldn’t come into play,” Mooney said. “From a zoning standpoint, it’s whether or not the expansion makes sense. At the Conditional Use point, that would be available to consider.” Still, Mooney said that the change could have after effects. “Any time you change the boundaries of the zoning map, which is what the request before us is, there is always potential to set precedent that others might latch onto for their purposes,” Mooney said. “That’s always a concern.” Mooney also acknowledged that it is not common for such changes to be made in areas designated for single family zoning. “It’s not common to see single family rezoned to multi-family,” he added. Beth Shmuel President Becky Cohen said the now two-year disagreement is much ado about nothing. “They may have one lawyer and he might be representing a couple of neighbors who don’t like it, but I have 1,000 letters signed not just by parents but by people in the neighborhood, who support it,” Cohen said. “For every person who doesn’t like it, there are two who do like it. We have always had good relationships with our neighbors and with the City. We have never had any problems with anyone – neighbors, the City or the police. There are a handful of neighbors who don’t want us to do this but there are more who do. We want to continue to cater to the needs of the whole community.”


Page 12 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •

Cohen said the proposed change wouldn’t prompt any external changes to the property. “There would only be changes inside; there would be no physical change,” Cohen said. Both opponents of the change and supporters offered plenty of testimony from like-minded neighborhood residents and they are certain to be heard from as the proposed change is debated next week and in days ahead when the item moves through the City of Miami Beach’s systems. The alleged impact of the ultimate expansion of the Montessori School isn’t a component to next week’s meeting, Mooney clarified – it is a zoning issue being exclusively considered. “The reason we’re doing it is that the house is unused and we need people to sign up and we want to continue to serve the entire community and those people who want the education we have to offer for their children,” Cohen said. In 2002, city action permitted school use of two residential properties owned by the synagogue. Robbins also said that this is a zoning issue, and that’s what worries him. “Creeping commercial intrusion into single family neighborhoods has to be stopped or else it spreads,” Robbins said. “This is really a Montessori School making its own, separate space so as to not be dependent on the synagogue.” Mooney said the item will be heard on Tuesday, at 1 p.m., at the Planning Board meeting.

“Any time you change the boundaries of the zoning map, which is what the request before us is, there is always potential to set precedent that others might latch onto for their purposes.” – Acting Planning Director Thomas Mooney • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 13



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the songs Moon Love, recorded by both Glenn Miller and Chet Baker, and Annie’s Song by John Denver. 8pm. Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor and Arabella Steinbacher on violin. Program: Dvorak, Othello Overture; Prokofiev, Violin Concerto No. 1 and Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 5. $36 - $170. Adrienne Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For

FEBRUARY 21 DANCE Program III: Triple Threat A love story, a Broadway classic and ballet–Miami City Ballet does it again with Triple Threat, the third program of the season. The premieres double up with two new works–George Balanchine’s boldly modern Episodes, and the brilliantly theatrical West Side Story Suite. Miami’s own Sharks and Jets rumble, fall in love, dance and sing in Jerome Robbins’ own ballet based on his Tony Award-winning Broadway musical. A tour-de-force performed worldwide, Balanchine’s thrilling Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux completes the evening. $20 - $175. Broward Center, 201 SW 5th Ave; Fort Lauderdale. For info: 954-462-0222 or

FEBRUARY 21 MUSIC Alejandra Guzman

FEBRUARY 20 FESTIVAL The Virginia Key GrassRoots Fest Returning for its 3rd year, The Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music, Art & Dance presents its most ambitious and diverse program lineup yet. Highlights include performances from over 50 bands from across the globe, yoga & healing arts workshops, a huge Kids Village, live art & installations, music & dance workshops, camping on the beach, and more. Don’t miss ChocQuibTown, Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits, The Del McCoury Band, Sie7e, Donna the Buffalo, John Brown’s Body, plus Spam All-Stars, Locos Por Juana, DJ Bill Kelly, Suenalo, and Elastic Bond. $25 - $35. 9am - 1am. Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Dr; Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 21 MUSIC Tchaikovsky's Fifth Tchaikovsky is often considered the most Romantic of composers. His Fifth Symphony has long been an audience favorite for its soaring, memorable melodies and deeply passionate, emotional richness. The second movement inspired

Recording artist Alejandra Guzman has reinvented herself many times through the years. Spend any time with the Mexican rock singer, whether from afar or close, and it's obvious that her open book approach to life is charming, endearing and completely addictive. The 45-year old entertainer comes to Miami tonight on a musical ride for her La Guzman 1F Tour. Guzman, who grew up in the spotlight of her well-known parents, actress Sylvia Pinal and iconic singer Enrique Guzman, could have easily been labeled just another child of famous people. But through the years she made her own brand of music, creating a catalog of rock themed around the lovelorn that has defined her as a leading female act. $45.50 $121.50. 8pm. The Fillmore, 1700 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

FEBRUARY 21 DANCE Dance NOW! This evening of ocean-themed works is the culmination of an 18-month project from Artistic Directors Diego Salterini and Hannah Baumgarten, celebrating the glorious ocean that defines us in so many ways. Featuring the legendary ballet Sea Shadow from Joffrey Ballet choreographer Gerald Arpino. 8pm. Colony Theatre, For info:

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FEBRUARY 21 ART Urbanism


Head to the Gables for an Artist Walkthrough and Reception of the temporary exhibit Urbanism: Perceived and Interpreted. The featured artists will introduce their work and take questions from Museum guests. As the Coral Gables Museum is dedicated to the civic arts, including architecture, urban design and development, This exhibit will present selected works by BAC resident artists that respond to the current urban environment. Featuring artwork by Carola Bravo, Amalia Brujis, Joana Brüssow, Karla Caprali, Toa Castellano, Silvana D’Mikos, Jorge Enrique, Tony Vazquez-Figueroa, Colleen Kelley, Ernesto Kunde, José Pacheco Silva, Pamela Palma, Carrie Sieh, Troy Simmons, Anica Shpilberg, Ralph Ventura, Stephanie Jaffe Werner and Valeria Yamamoto. Cash bar to benefit the Coral Gables Museum. Through March 30. 6pm - 8pm. Free. Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave; Coral Gables. For info:

Alan Cavé performs at Big Night in Little Haiti tonight. Cavé has one of the most beautiful voices in Haitian music. His classic hits instantly become sing-alongs for fans, drawn to beautiful lyrics that celebrate love and life. Originally lead singer for popular Haitian group Zin, Cave has launched a successful solo career. Opening set by Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, a resident company at Little Haiti Cultural Center who explore Haitian roots through percussion and dance. Between bands, enjoy DJ Mack of The night will featuring delicious kreyol cuisine from Leela’s Lakay, ice cold Prestige Beer at the bar, and more. Hands-on art activities for kids and inn the gallery, Shades of Black II, curated by Carl Juste and Marie Vickles. 6pm - 10pm. Free. Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212 NE 59th Terr; Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 21 FILM Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Bandshell Movie Night in the North Shore shows Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Directed by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller. With Anna Faris, Bill Hader, Bruce Campbell, James Caan. The most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by the beloved children's book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. 7pm. Hang out and enjoy a movie under the stars. 7pm. Free. North Shore Bandshell, 7275 Collins Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

FEBRUARY 21 FILM Like Father, Like Son The switched at birth urban legend and the Nature-vs.-Nurture debate provide Hirokazu Kore-eda with a fresh opportunity to revisit his ongoing preoccupation with family dynamics in contemporary Japan. The life of go-getting workaholic architect Ryota-one of comfort and quietly ordered affluence with his wife Midori and son Keita-is violently overturned when hospital administrators reveal the unthinkable: Keita is not his biological son. Due to a mistake made by a nurse, his true son has been raised in the dishevelled but warm-hearted home of working-class shopkeeper Yudai and his wife. The different approaches of both couples to their excruciating dilemma and the gradual emotional awakening of the all-too-rational Ryota are at the core of this sensitive drama of family feeling, which showcases Koreeda's rich sense of humanity. $10. Miami Beach Cinematheque, 1130 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info: Page 16 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •

FEBRUARY 21 FESTIVAL Saint Sophia’s Greek Fest Annual tradition features a variety of popular ethnic foods and delicacies. A Children’s dance troupe celebrates their heritage with traditional folk dance shows throughout. Enjoy a variety of booths offering arts and crafts, clothing, jewelry, religious art and devotional items, as well as cooking demonstrations and the popular Taverna EOS, complete with music. Guided tours of the Byzantine cathedral will be offered each day, and there will be a children’s area with rides. 12pm 9pm. $7. St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral. 2401 SW Third Ave; Coral Way. For info: 305-854-2922.

FEBRUARY 21 MUSIC Pulse: White Out the Symphony Wear all white and embrace tonight's innovative musical experience and aesthetic as the New World Center transforms into a late-night lounge with club-style lighting, complete with video projections and DJ Laura spinning alongside performances by the New World Symphony. Joshua Gersen, Conductor. 9:30pm. New World Center, 500 17 St; Miami Beach. For info:


FEBRUARY 21 MUSIC Art Garfunkel Enjoy an amazing acoustic journey of songs, anecdotes and prose, along with a unique opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with the legendary Art Garfunkel. Although 40 years have passed since the recording of Bridge over Troubled Water, Garfunkel's impressive vocals remain clear and resonant. Garfunkel's impressive solo career has earned him six Grammy Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, a Golden Globe nomination, three top-20 hits, five Adult Contemporary #1 hits, a People's Choice Award and as one of the most iconic folk duos of all time, he and former musical partner Paul Simon were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 8pm. $49.50 - $75. Broward Center, 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale. For info: 954-462-0222 or

FEBRUARY 22 MUSIC Tito Puente Jr. Arts in the Parks Presents: Tito Puente Jr. and Marlow Rosado. Puente Jr. is a Latin musician and percussionist. Son of Latin Jazz royalty Tito Puente. The comparison is inevitable. Puente Jr. carries his father with him – imprinted on his physical being and locked in his soul. It’s in his looks, his joy, and his music. He is on a passionate mission. The younger Puente is determined to nurture the musical legacy left by his father. He refuses to let his father become a distant memory. He has found captive audiences who echo his passion. Crowds lured to a venue by the father are returning to see the son - and to once again participate in the high voltage celebration that takes place on stage. Emcee Jaqueline Mester. Free. 8pm. Exostage @ Miami Beach SoundScape, 500 17 St; Miami Beach For info:

FEBRUARY 22 SOCIAL Walk For The Animals Walk For The Animals is Humane Society of Greater Miami’s largest annual community fundraiser. More than 4,000 animal lovers will gather together today for a morning filled with fun activities for dogs and the people they own. The Adoption Arena, presented by Pet Supermarket, will host several rescue groups with a great number of adorable puppies, kittens, dogs and cats looking for a forever home. 8:30am - 12pm. Bayfront Park, 301 N. Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For info: 305-358-7550

FEBRUARY 22 TEENS Engineering Day! Introduce a Girl to Engineering During Miami Science Museum’s Engineering Day! A memorable day of fun engineering activities, career awareness and talks for all ages to encourage females to explore the engineering field. The event will demonstrate how creative and collaborative engineering is, and how engineers are changing the world. Features will include career panels of successful women engineers sharing their stories of and keys to success, showcases by local engineering organizations and students, and hands-on activities and workshops. Anyone is welcome. Females are encouraged to attend. Grades K-12. Free. 12pm. – 4pm. Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, 3280 South Miami Ave; Miami. For info: or 305-646-4200.

FEBRUARY 22 SOCIAL Big Gay Ice Cream Social HipPOPs handcrafted gelato bars will be the featured dessert truck participating at the Big Gay Ice Cream Social happening today on South Beach. Chef Art Smith will team with the Big Gay Ice Cream duo from New York to host an ice cream social benefiting marriage equality efforts in Florida. HipPOPs is South Florida’s first handcrafted all-natural gluten-free, ORB Kosher Certified gelato bars mobile POPtruck. The Big Gay Ice cream Social is not only offering free ice cream to the public but the ice cream also comes with a positive message of marriage equality for all. Music by DJ Justin Warner. Free. 1pm - 4pm. James Royal Palm Hotel, 1545 Collins Ave; Miami Beach. For info:


FEBRUARY 22 PERFORMANCE Theresa Caputo Live! Theresa Caputo, psychic medium and star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, will be appearing live tonight. Caputo will give interactive readings to audience members throughout the show and will also share personal stories about her life and her unique gifts. Now in its fourth season TLC's highly-rated The Long Island Medium follows Caputo’s life as a typical Long Island wife and mom with one very big difference…she can communicate with the dead. Since she cannot turn off this gift, messages from departed loved ones can come through at any time. The unique challenges that her special abilities create for her husband of 22 years, Larry, and her two children, aged 17 and 21, and how they cope are also a main theme on the show. Caputo has been a practicing medium for 10 years and is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting science with the afterlife. She helps individuals find closure by connecting them with their departed loved ones. For Caputo, this is not just her job. This is her life. 8pm. $59.75 - $99.75. The Fillmore, 1700 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

FEBRUARY 22 MUSIC The Fab Faux 2014 - Greatest Beatles Tribute Band For this concert, The Fab Faux features Will Lee from The David Letterman Show, Jimmy Vivino from Conan O'Brien Show and is backed by The Hogs Head Horns and Creme Tangerine Strings. The Fab Faux is widely regarded as The World's Greatest Beatles Tribute Band and Rolling Stone magazine calls them The Champagne of cover bands. This is a concert that must be seen to be believed. The band will perform a glorious hodgepodge of The Beatles later works. Don't miss it! 8pm. $42.93 $128.79. Parker Playhouse, 707 NE 8th St; Fort Lauderdale. For info:

FEBRUARY 22 BOOKS Artie Sandstone Introducing the whimsical characters in the world of art by Artie Sandstone! Born and raised in Miami, Sandstone wasted no time creating characters. As far back as he can remember, he always took great pleasure in making up names, rhyming words and scribbling down characters. Drawing and painting did not fully become a part of his life until about the age of 20, and since then, it has evolved into a real passion, well more so, the creation of new characters that will hopefully make you stop, smile, and say what in the world. Many of his pieces are based upon improvisation – essentially, letting the finger and/or hand go where it goes, and are intended to be free flowing and care-free, capturing unique and deep expressions in a fun, and often simple, manner. Sandstone has made his characters come to life, with the introduction of the Wally Schwellberry children’s book series. The Schwellberries developed from his imagination and original art, and this new group of characters is now serving as the basis to teach children, and their parents that, It Is Okay To Be Silly & Unique. The narrative and illustrations of the books support individuality, creativity, interactivity and above all, fun! These books have been well received by children in the 3-7-age range and their parents in limited readings. Sandstone will discuss and sign his books today. 10am. Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave; Coral Gables. For info: ALEJANDRA GUZMAN • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 17



FEBRUARY 22 MUSIC Julio Iglesias


Latin music icon and Grammy winner Julio Iglesias will play his hometown of miami, tonight. Iglesias has sold more than 300 million copies of his 80 albums released worldwide, including original versions in various languages, compilations and live albums, which make him the Latin artist who has sold the most albums in history. In the 45 years of his unstoppable career, Iglesias has received 2,600 Platinum and Gold records and has performed more than 5,000 concerts in 600 cities around the world, and more than 60 million people have seen him perform live. Iglesias has sung duets with famous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, Art Garfunkel, Paul Anka, Charles Aznavour, Sting, The Beach Boys and Spanish artists like Alejandro Fernández, Plácido Domingo and Lola Flores. 8pm. $43.80 - $129.50. American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For info:

Join Books & Books and City Theatre for a special stand-up performance from comedian and actor, B.J. Novak. Novak is a writer and actor best known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series The Office as an actor, writer, director, and executive producer. He is also known for his stand up comedy performances and his roles in motion pictures such as Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks. He is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in English and Spanish literature. Novak's book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is an endlessly entertaining, surprisingly sensitive, and startlingly original debut that signals the arrival of a brilliant new voice in American fiction. You must show your ticket and attached receipt to gain entrance to the event. 8pm. Coral Gables Congregational Church, 3010 De Soto Blvd; Coral Gables. For info:


FEBRUARY 22 SOCIAL Eats & Beats Eats & Beats is the answer to those looking for an amazing food and wine event without the red velvet stanchion presence that one now expects at food events. The goal was to create an event that will not only satisfy the palate but also stimulate all of the senses. Comprised of a unique team of local hospitality and event consultants, the team behind this new Miami addition all bring unique elements to the equation ultimately, making the experience unique and of value to attendees coming out with foodie expectations. None other than Miami’s own DJ Irie will put together the musical elements which will include local DJ’s and bands adding a perfect ambiance to this fabulous affair. 7:30pm - 12am. $75 $250. Moore Building, 4040 NE Second Ave; Design District Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 22 WORKSHOP Junkanoo Costume-Making Enjoy a children’s costume-making workshop, led by the master artisans of Bahamas Junkanoo Revue. Construct and decorate a junkanoo-inspired headdress. Supplies provided. Capacity is limited. $20. 11am - 12pm. HistoryMiami, 101 West Flagler St; Miami. For info: or call 305-375-1601.

FEBRUARY 22 DANCE Il Mare: Light Rain Dance NOW! Miami brings Light Rain, a seminal work of the Joffrey Ballet to life at the Colony theatre alongside Diego Salterini's Oceanica and Hannah Baumgarten's Water's Edge, the Long Walk to complete Il Mare, the company's ambitious 18-month project of water themed works. $30 - $35. 8pm. The Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Rd; Miami Beach. For info: Page 18 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •


Considering the way images are indexed in the current exhibition, Image Search: Photography from the Collection, PAMM and The Miami Rail select The Ongoing Moment by Geoff Dyer as the winter Reading Art book. Focusing on the ways in which canonical figures like Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus and William Eggleston have photographed the same things – barbershops, benches, hands, roads, signs – Dyer seeks to identify their signature styles. In doing so, he constructs a narrative in which these photographers – many of whom never met – constantly encounter one another. Space is limited to 25. $15. 11am - 1pm. PAMM, 1103 Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 23 POETRY Dasha Kelly Words are powerful tools for self-expression and for changing the world. WordSpeak, a project for teens, includes workshops, slams and performances in a Miami residency by Dasha Kelly. Kelly comes to Miami to launch the ninth year of Tigertail's WordSpeak, an ongoing spoken word program for South Florida teens. She will read and perform her writings and poetry tonight. Milwaukee-based Kelly is a nationally-respected writer, artist and social entrepreneur. She travels extensively leading experiential workshops on creativity, team building and writing. Free. 5pm. The Betsy Hotel, 1440 Ocean Dr; Miami Beach. For info: or 305-324-4337.

FEBRUARY 23 KIDS Concert for Kids In the second Kids Concert of the season, third-year Oboe Fellow Joseph Peters leads the orchestra in a number of short works about musical emotions designed with the little ones in mind. This popular series features lively performances and interactive commentary from the stage, with the chance to meet the NWS Fellows and try out instruments at the Instrument Petting Zoo before each concert. 11:30am - 2:30pm. New World Center, 500 17 St; For info:

FEBRUARY 23 LECTURE African American Jewry Rabbi Capers Funnye, spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in Chicago, will present a talk on the subject of African American Jewry, followed by a panel discussion with leading scholars. Funnye was born in South Carolina and his paternal relatives are from the Gullah community, which has retained much of its original African customs and language. He discovered that his mother, Verdelle, was the sister of Fraser Robinson Jr., Michelle Obama’s grandfather – which makes Funnye and Michelle Obama first cousins, once removed. Free. 3pm - 5pm. JMOF-FIU, 301 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info: or 786-972-3175.

FEBRUARY 23 DANCE Companhia Urbana de Danca Direct from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and for one night only, this fierce young company will perform two works, On the dance floor and ID: Entities, from their high energy repertory, featuring choreography by Artistic Director Sonia Destri Lie. Freely mixing urban street styles, social dances, and thought-provoking contemporary vocabulary, Companhia Urbana de Dança unleashes startlingly new forms for a truly moving experience. Composed of eight young men from the favelas of Rio on their first US tour, this poetic and explosive company stuns with stamina-testing solos and jaw-dropping group movement that defies the limits of physicality while retaining choreographic rigor. Alternately mesmerizing and rippling with adrenaline and raw energy, these two works explore the cultural roots of Brazil and the gritty life stories of the dancers themselves. $25. Miami Dade County Auditorium, 2901 W Flagler St; Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 24 MUSIC Austin Mahone MTV Artist to Watch, Austin Mahone plays his hometown, Miami tonight. At just 17 years old, singer/songwriter Mahone is poised for stardom. Already making his mark on the scene, his current single Say Somethin is lighting up at radio and climbing the charts now. This new single follows Mahone’s first hit on iTunes with his original single, 11:11. Not only does he have a solid fan base, known as Mahomies, but the teen sensation is gaining a legion of loyal fans in the media as well. Mahone became popular in 2011 when YouTube videos of him singing went viral. Some of his videos have close to 20 million views. He translated his online success to a massive music career. 7:30pm. The Fillmore, 1700 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

FEBRUARY 25 THEATRE Memphis Turn up that dial... From the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new Broadway musical that bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. Inspired by actual events, Memphis tells the story of a radio DJ who wants to change the world and a club singer who is ready for her big break. Filled with laughter, soaring emotion and roof-raising rock 'n' roll, Memphis is the winner of four 2010 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical by Joe DiPietro (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change) and a Best Score by Bon Jovi's founding member David Bryan. Get ready to experience Broadway's most exciting new destination, what the AP calls the very essence of what a Broadway musical should be. $34.50 - $119.50. Broward Center, 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale. For info: 954-462-0222 or

FEBRUARY 25 MUSIC Demi Lovato Platinum-selling music artist and The X Factor judge Demi Lovato will hit the road for The Neon Lights Tour in support of her latest Hollywood Records album, Demi. The Neon Lights Tour will feature lead special guests, Little Mix, performing on their first U.S. tour. The X Factor finalists turned hit-making girl group, Fifth Harmony, will also join their mentor on all dates throughout the tour. 7:30pm. $25.25 - $81. BB&T Center; 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. For info:


FEBRUARY 25 LECTURE I Shook Up the World Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston fight. Relive this pivotal moment in sports history with the following insiders: Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, former personal physician & Clay cornerman, Ramiro Ortiz, Florida Boxing Hall of Fame historian & HistoryMiami President/CEO, Don Cogswell, author, boxing historian & member of the International Boxing Research Organization, Jimmy Dundee, son of legendary trainer Angelo Dundee, Suzanne Dundee Bonner, daughter of renowned boxing promoter Chris Dundee, Howard Kleinberg, author and long-time editor of The Miami News. Then Revisit one of the greatest upsets in boxing history through artwork, rare artifacts and never-before-seen photographs by Miami Herald photographers. Items on display include trainer Angelo Dundee’s corner kit, tickets, promotions and other event ephemera from the Hank Kaplan Boxing Archive at Brooklyn College Library, and paintings by Ferdie Pacheco, Ali’s former physician and cornerman. Through March 30. $15. 7pm - 9pm. HistoryMiami, 101 West Flagler St; Miami. For info: 305-375-1492 or

FEBRUARY 26 FESTIVAL Food Truck & Music Celebrate the characteristic Latin flavor of the North Beach area welcoming the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest. Free. 5pm. North Shore Park Band Shell, 7275 Collins Ave; For info:

FEBRUARY 26 FILM Cyrano de Bergerac Follow in the footsteps of Vizcaya's original owner, James Deering, and his guests by enjoying a historic silent film, Cyrano de Bergerac, in the Courtyard of the Main House, complete with live musical accompaniment on Vizcaya's custom-made pipe organ! 7pm. Vizcaya, 3251 South Miami Ave; Miami. For info: 305-860-8423 or

FEBRUARY 26 FILM Hellboy Free outdoor movies every Wednesday night are in full swing with The SoundScape Cinema Series at the Miami Beach SoundScape ExoStage. This week's flick is Hellboy. Directed by Guillermo del Toro. With Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Selma Blair, John Hurt. A demon, raised from infancy after being conjured by and rescued from the Nazis, grows up to become a defender against the forces of darkness. Bring a blanket or beach chair and picnic. No glass please. 8pm. Free. Exostage at Miami Beach SoundScape, 500 17 St; Miami Beach. For info: • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20



FEBRUARY 26 MUSIC Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel is known for his distinctive finger style that uses all 10 fingers inspired by Chet Atkins, who later became his mentor. Atkins bestowed upon him the title of Certified Guitar Player, an honor only given to four other guitarists before Atkins death in 2001. The two time Grammy-Award nominee will perform with special guest Martin Taylor. The two have previously collaborated in the album The Colonel & The Governor release in 2013. 8pm. $29.50 - $49.50. Gusman Center, 174 East Flagler St; Miami. For info: 305-372 0925.

FEBRUARY 26 FILM Swamp Thing O Cinema & Popcorn Nights will show the 1982 comic book movie classic Swamp Thing, directed by Wes Craven. The screening will be followed by a live Skype Q&A with make-up & creature artist Bill Munns (Swamp Thing, Return of the Living Dead, Beastmaster). The first 70 people to arrive will get a pack of original 1994 DC Comics Vertigo Trading Cards, which feature Swamp Thing, Sandman, Hellblazer, & Preacher. In the swamps of Louisiana, Dr. Alec Holland works with his sister Linda on a top-secret bio-engineering project to create a plant/animal hybrid capable of thriving in extreme environments. Government agent Alice Cable arrives just as Holland makes a major breakthrough, and begins to develop feelings for him. However, a paramilitary group led by the evil Dr. Anton Arcane, who is obsessed with immortality, kills Linda while trying to steal the formula for their own purposes. During the attack, Alice escapes and Alec is covered in chemicals, caught on fire, and runs screaming in the swamp, presumably to die. However, he returns as a monstrously mutated plant creature. As the Swamp Thing, Holland battles Arcane’s forces to protect Cable, and eventually takes on the mad doctor himself, who has also mutated from his incomplete understanding of the Holland formula. The screening will be hosted by Marc Ferman of & and sponsored by Convention Exclusive. 8pm. $12. O Cinema Wynwood, 90 NW 29th St; Miami. For info: 305-571-9970 or

FEBRUARY 27 DANCE Stars of Flamenco A star-studded flamenco celebration is set to launch the 7th annual Flamenco Festival Miami. Stars of Flamenco, the premiere performance for the 2014 festival, is directed by Ángel Rojas and brings together four of the world´s most celebrated flamenco dancers: Antonio Canales, one of the most powerful flamenco dancers of all time; Carlos Rodríguez, the unforgettable choreographer of Nuevo Ballet Español; the sensationally beautiful and riveting Karime Amaya, grandniece of legendary Carmen Amaya; and young flamenco sensation Jesús Carmona – a full evening showcasing the most beloved dance from Spain in all its fiery glory. 8pm. $25 - $115. Ziff Ballet Opera House, 1300 Biscayne Blvd; Miami. For info:

FEBRUARY 27 BOOKS Shamar Rinpoche The Path to Awakening: How Buddhism's Seven Points of Mind Training Can Lead You to a Life of Enlightenment and Happiness. Mind training is a comprehensive practice that is suitable for all types of students. It contains the entire path and does not depend on a person’s background. Mind Training nurses and cultivates the Buddha Nature, that pure seed of awakening that is at the very heart of every sentient being. It has the power to transform even egotistical self-clinging into self-lessness. Put into practice diligently, it is enough to lead you all the way to awakening. In The Path to Awakening, Shamar Rinpoche gives his own detailed commentary on Chekawa Yeshe Dorje’s Seven Points of Mind Training, a text that has been used for transformative practice in Tibetan Buddhism for close to a thousand years. Clear, accessible, and yet profound, this book is filled with practical wisdom, philosophy, and meditation instructions. Rinpoche will discuss and sign his books tonight. 6:30pm. Books & Books, 9700 Collins Ave; Bal Harbour. For info:

FEBRUARY 27 ART Slip N' SLIDE Fast and Furious SLIDE Presentations by Cannonball's Current Artists-in-Residence will take place tonight. Cannonball's annual Slip 'n SLIDE are rapid-fire presentations by current residency artists, illustrating their current work, areas of interest/research, and upcoming projects. The pace will keep you on the edge of your seat as you learn more about these leading artists. Participating Artists: Felecia Carlisle, Miami; Dawn Kasper, New York/Los Angeles; Joseriberto Perez, Miami; Olivia Ramos, Miami and Carrie Schneider, New York. Free. 7pm. Cannonball, 1035 North Miami Ave; Miami. For info: or 786-347-2360.

FEBRUARY 27 OPERA No Exit Florida Grand Opera’s next installment of Unexpected Operas in Unexpected Places is No Exit, a contemporary and edgy one act opera by Andy Vores. No Exit is both rich and empty at the same time – and that gave me the chance to make some tight and grizzly musical statements along with sections of dark, acid humor, and others of loss and sadness; a very varied journey in a short span of time, a Vores adaptation of Existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s celebrated play of the same name. No Exit is about three damned souls that are condemned to spend all of eternity together in a room with no exits, which they eventually discover is hell. The cast will be made up of members of Florida Grand Opera’s Young Artist Program. $25. 10pm. Arena, 653 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info:


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Gloomy Adulteress, Willful Insurgent By Ruben Rosario

There’s supposed to be a give and take between filmmakers and their audience when it comes to dealing with depressing subject matter. We take the leap into a uncompromisingly downbeat story, and in exchange they reward our efforts as a viewer. Take your pick: meticulous production design, cathartic release, sensational performances, a thoughtfully devised narrative that sucks us right into a central character’s plight even though we’re aware there’s a very high possibility their journey will end in tragedy. Two new spring releases plumb the depths of human despair with varying results. One of them grabbed me by the lapels and did not lessen its grip. The other should have had me from the opening shot but instead proved to be a chore to sit through. Let’s begin in 19th Century France with the unfortunate case of In Secret, a cinema-of-quality period piece boasting high pedigree in front of and behind the camera. Alas, the only pleasure this glum potboiler yields is unintentional laughs. Not even 10 minutes in, orphaned Thérèse (Elizabeth Olsen, looking more and more like Vera Farmiga) is out in the fields, peeking at a shirtless farm hand plowing the wheat with a scythe. First, a little context. As a girl, Thérèse’s dad dropped her off in the French countryside at her aunt’s, saying her mom had passed on and he couldn’t take care of her. Madame Raquin (Jessica Lange) reluctantly agrees to take her in, even though she’s got her hands full with Camille (Tom Felton, aka Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy), a sickly son of her own. Thérèse takes on looking after the pasty garçon, in effect becoming her bedmate or, as Mme. Raquin puts it, “his guardian angel.” It takes its toll on Thérèse, living under the same roof as these two gloomy souls, but watching that hunk/foreshadowing device work the field stirs something in her. She lays on the ground … and begins to hump. And hump. And hump some more. Sadly, all she has to come home to is a nagging mother hen expecting her to tend to her chick. Camille announces he’s found clerical work in Paris, and off all three of them go, with Thérèse given no choice but to wed her own cousin. Enter the dashing, sex-starved Laurent (Oscar Isaac, cleaning up quite nicely after Inside Llewyn Davis), a childhood friend of Camille who now works with him. Thérèse initially finds the budding artist/clerk obnoxious, but she knows that feeling he stirs up in her when she looks into those smoldering brown eyes. An illicit love affair ensues right under the nose of her husband and his domineering mom, who has set up a fabric shop in a particularly grimy Parisian neighborhood. But where’s the heat? All we see are dutiful grunts and perfunctory thrusts. No palpable ecstasy, and no skin … and no, peek-a-boo glimpses of Isaac’s nipples and Olsen’s back don’t count. If the storyline is starting to feel familiar, it might be because In Secret was adapted from Émile Zola’s 1867 novel Thérèse Raquin, which caused quite a commotion when it was first published. The only emotions this watered-down Gothic sudser elicited in this critic, however, was outrage at the timid, unremittingly dreary way writer-director Charlie Stratton has reimagined the text for the screen. He’s made a Red Shoe Diaries episode retooled for the Masterpiece Theater crowd, a wan bodice ripper with Merchant Ivory envy. To fans of film noir, In Secret’s plot will inevitably eventually recall The Postman Always Rings Twice, with Laurent as James Garfield to Thérèse’s Lana Turner. But it’s precisely the inexorable pull of James M. Cain’s ill-fated romantic triangle that’s sorely lacking in Stratton’s film. It’s fatalism without verve, tastefully rendered nihilism that examines how Thérèse transitions from the constraints of a loveless Page 22 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly •



marriage to a prison of her own making. This cast deserved better. The titular figure in Omar, the Palestinian film nominated for this year’s foreign language feature Oscar, finds himself under similarly dire conditions. A baker by day, Omar (newcomer Adam Bakri) spends his nights assisting Tarek (Iyad Hoorani) as he plots ways to protest the Israeli Occupation. Omar sympathizes with Tarek’s stance, but his true passion is Nadia (Leem Lubany), Tarek’s baby sister, whom he is secretly courting, even if it means enduring sniper fire crossing the separation wall to get to her. (Yep, he’s literally between a rock and a hard place.) Omar joins Tarek and bosom buddy Amjad (Samer Bisharat) on a nighttime mission. An Israeli soldier winds up dead, and Omar immediately feels the weight of the authorities on him. A tense, expertly staged chase sequence shows the hapless young man attempting to outrun the long arm of the law. And so it goes for the rest of Omar, a riveting character study bent in the shape of a thriller. What sets it apart from other films dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is director Hany AbuAssad’s refusal to allow his protagonist to become a victim of the daunting obstacles he faces. As a result, the film sidesteps the preordained, doom-laden nature we’ve come to associate with stories grappling with Middle East tensions. Like he did in his terrific suicide-bomber yarn Paradise Now, Abu-Assad injects much-needed humor and moments of levity into the proceedings. If there’s a weakness in Omar, it resides in its love story, which comes across as forced and overly scripted. Abu-Assad relies on it too much to move the story forward. Much more compelling is the relationship that develops between Omar and Agent Rami (TV veteran Waleed Zuaiter), the man who becomes his handler. Will Omar turn into a willing turncoat? Or will he stay true to his convictions, regardless of the price he might have to pay? Right until its abrupt, hauntingly effective final shot, Omar keeps you guessing in a manner reminiscent of the recent spy thriller Bethlehem, to which Abu-Assad’s film serves as an ideal companion piece. Omar starts Feb. 21 at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. In Secret drops down its knickers that same day at AMC Sunset Place, AMC Aventura, Regal Cinemas South Beach and Paragon Grove 15.

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RL Grime X Salva at Grand Central By Savannah Kodish

Bringing together rap and electronic, “trap” is expected to overtake dubstep in the electronic music scene and the duo RL Grime X Salva is at the forefront. By the time Salva took the stage, the energy in Grand Central was high and everyone was eager for the hip-hop and bass they had been deprived of in the more repetitive electronic opening acts. It was almost as if the audience were holding themselves back from dancing too hard as though they wanted to reserve energy for RL Grime, yet Salva’s set was so enticing that many unable to contain their excitement, just gave in and went all out. Labeled “the trap king,” RL Grime took to the stage and delivered a high-energy set that was satisfyingly long and consisted of remixes to every rap song you’ve ever known every word to. Looking around, the entire crowd was wailing along to the familiar lyrics while simultaneously dancing to the intense bass beat that he is so well known for. He played his expected hits like “Grapes Alla Vodka” and “Heard Me” though mixed them in with some hip-hop that allowed the set to be refreshing to even his most familiar rabid fans. His stage presence was relatively low key. He kept his time on the microphone to a minimum and didn’t focus on his visual stage presentation. His set was purely about the music and everyone in Grand Central was in their own world. He was did his thing while the audience did theirs in perfect harmony.

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6799 Collins Avenue U#806, Miami Beach, Fl 33141 $850,000

7220 Rue Notre Dame, Miami Beach $900,000

Enjoy this 2 bed / 2 bath at the world renowned canyon ranch condo. Kitchen offers top of the line Italian cabinetry, subzero fridge, Miele appliances & granite counter tops. Master bath elegantly finished w/whirlpool soaking tub & marble floors. Building amenities include 70,000sf spa/wellness & fitness center, indoor rock climbing and yoga studios, 4 pools, private beach, award winner restaurant, concierge/security 24/7, and valet. Come make each day a celebration of life & health on the beach.

Own a beautiful spacious waterfront home 3 bdrms, 2 baths located on a cul-de-sac in Normandy Island. New open kitchen, new roof and impact windows. Bright and large dining/living room. Beautiful original neutral color terrazo floors. Oversized lot with 90 feet on the water. Close to shopping, restaurants, South Beach, Downtown, and Normandy golf course.



105 NW 31 Street Miami, FL 33127 $385,000

1595 NE 125th Street Miami, Fl 33161 $950,000

Great opportunity to be in desirable and trendy Wynwood area. This property is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single family home with a one car port and private yard with many fruit trees. The home is centrally located one block from Midtown Shops, restaurants and galleries.

Remodeled 8 units 2 story corner building located in North Miami, one block west of Biscayne Blvd (US1). Close to universities, transportation, downtown Miami, beaches, shops and restaurants. The rental demand is strong in this area. Low turnover & maintenance. Property offers one assigned parking space for each unit. Additional laundry income. • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 25



Art: Joan Cobb Marsh Exhibits New Collection of Oils By Kim Steiner

Joan Cobb Marsh, widely admired painter’s painter, introduces a new collection of oil paintings inspired by her travels to Miami, New York, Cape Cod, and Mexico currently on exhibit at the Williams McCall Gallery South of Fifth. Cobb Marsh is a known and globally collected artist who specializes in oil paintings. Marsh perfected her sensitivity to color as a young student of Henry Henche who was a protégé of Charles Hawthorne, the great American painter and founder of the renowned Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Cobb Marsh received a scholarship to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) . She met her husband there, raised a family, and eventually embarked on a professional career at RIT as a Graphics Supervisor in the Department of Instructional Research and Development. She finished her professional career at RIT as Adjunct Professor in the College of Continuing Education developing a course in Collage and teaching Advanced Drawing and Media. In the summer and fall, Marsh paints in her Provincetown studio overlooking the harbor in the home she and her husband converted from her grandfather’s boathouse. During New England’s cold winter months, they reside in South Beach where Marsh paints. Her time in South Beach has inspired her brilliant and popular Port of Miami, South Pointe Park, Florida View, South Beach, and Everglades series. Marsh’s exhibit includes new works of Miami, Cape Cod, San Miguel, and New York’s Twin Towers. In 2000, Marsh was granted a residency sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for the Arts, New York City. In her studio on the 108th floor of the Twin Towers, she painted many works depicting the spectacular views, three of which were lost in the 9/11 tragedy. Marsh’s work is in private collections across the United States and abroad. The exhibit will run through March 6th. TO GO: Williams McCall Gallery, 110 Washington Ave; Miami Beach. For info:

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Designed for A Cure By: Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

The cavernous Ice Palace Studios, dramatically aglow in white light, served as the perfect setting for Designed for a Cure, on Thursday, February 13, wherein nearly 800 stylish guests gathered to support the partnership between the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and international fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The elegant event raised more than $850,000 to fund cancer research at Sylvester. De la Renta himself spontaneously donated $100,000 at the event. Partygoers enjoyed a reception with tasting tables from 30 of Miami’s top restaurants, such as: Yardbird, Zuma, Haven, Mandolin, Sushi Samba, Area 31, Swine and Khong River House. Chef Fabio Viviani of Siena Tavern Miami and Chef Hung Huynh of Catch Miami, both recognized for their appearances on Bravo’s Top Chef, were also among the featured chefs and mixologists at the benefit. A silent auction filled with unique items kept guests busy bidding in between sips and bites before heading to an adjacent room for a runway show of Oscar de la Renta's gorgeous 2014 spring collection, emceed by Deco Drive's Louis Aguirre and local philanthropist Sarah Arison. After the models walked the runway, a second, fashion show took place, in which Sylvester patients/survivors and their physicians modeled de la Renta’s designs. The designer received a standing ovation, after which he addressed the crowd from his seat. "It used to be that 'All roads led to Rome,' mused the designer, "now, all roads lead to Miami." "This city has what no other city has- in particular so many of my Latino brothers." The famed designer was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. After describing the difficulty he experienced in traveling to Miami amid the treacherous weather in New York, the designer explained, "There is one person I could not disappoint- an extraordinary doctor and friend- Stephen Nimer. I'm alive today because of this man." De la Renta recounted his cancer diagnosis in 2006 and went on to say, "We live life like we are going to live forever. Then, when you have this worry, you appreciate every single day your are alive. When you wake up you say'thank you.'" He lauded Dr. Nimer, stating, "He is going to do great things for this city. We are here because we want to eradicate cancer- but it takes money! The little help that you can give will help the life of a human being." A live auction filled with exclusive items, such as backstage access to one of De la Renta's shows, followed by dancing and dessert closed out the evening.


A MODEL VOLLEYBALL TOURNEY Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether and Miami’s top-12 modeling agencies hosted VIP guests including Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx, Calvin Klein, DJ Irie, former New York Giants player Jesse Palmer, and M.M.A and K-1 fighter Alistar Overeem at the fifth-annual Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball Tournament (MBVT) on South Beach, on February 8 and 9. The free public event included 200 male and female models from Miami’s top modeling agencies in a two-day co-ed volleyball competition for South Beach supremacy. More than 10,000 attendees watched the battle between participating agencies Wilhelmina, Next, Caroline Gleason, Mega, Front, MC2, Elite, Runways, Ford, BGM, Green Agency and Ocean Models. Runways Talent Group won the competition, followed by runner-up Wilhelmina. Jamie Foxx mingled with models and showed his support for the Irie foundation. Crowds rolled off ocean drive and were treated to a live hourlong performance alongside the Miami Heat's DJ Irie. Calvin Klein stopped by and snapped photos with Jamie Foxx. DJ Irie even showed Calvin that he was wearing his boxer briefs. Wildfox provided an opportunity for spectators to "dunk a model.” A free live dunk tank was on-site for attendees, as well as a preview of the Wildfox Sun collection.

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CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS Director, producer and Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola was spotted dining at Restaurant Michael Schwartz at The Raleigh Hotel on Sunday, February 16th. She along with Phoenix guitarist, Christian Mazzalai and another friend were seen enjoying dinner and a few drinks while their children munched on penne pasta. The group mingled and enjoyed each other’s company for about two hours before heading out. On Saturday night, Paul Wesley of the Vampire Diaries dined at Meat Market (touted by Conde Nast Traveler as one of Miami’s “Buzziest Restaurants) with former costar Phoebe Tonkin. TODAY show host Jill Martin celebrated Valentine's day with her beau at Seasalt and Pepper Restaurant. Sources say they sat at a romantic table by the water and were seen "canoodling and looking very much in love." Also spotted on Sunday at Seasalt was breakaway RHOA star, Nene Leakes. She was seen with current RHOM star Alexia Echevarria and friend of the RHOM Marysol Patton.









411 1. Dr. Joyce Slingerland and Lainey Tobin Kieffer walk the runway

Designed for A Cure

2. Chef Todd Erickson 3. Nedra Kalish and Joan Shiner 4. Leonard Abess and Jayne Abess 5. Louis Aguirre and Sarah Arison 6. Michelle Benesch and Scott Benesch 7. Jamie Rusk and Denie Harris 8. Elysze Held • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 29

Go! Social Events By Maryanne Salvat

SOBEWFF 2014 The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF) will take over South Beach for four days and nights filled with decadent tasting, sipping and celebration. From February 20 through 23, culinary giants from all over the nation will be gathered on our shores for America’s most prestigious (and fun!) gourmet gathering. For more information visit:

C1 BANK OPENS WYNWOOD BRANCH C1 Bank is combining cool with cash at the grand opening of its Wynwood branch this Friday, February 21 from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. After its soft opening last month, C1 has been building buzz with a million dollar art collection, space-age design and extravagant laser security system. Now, the bank is literally turning up the volume with an over-the-top opening celebration. C1’s floor-to-ceiling glass storefront will open up to North Miami Avenue and expose its swanky, circular “Clients First” table which will be turned into the evening’s main bar. The night also inaugurates C1’s fully equipped stainless steel kitchen. Available for all events at the space, the kitchen will be helmed for the evening by former Bravo’s Top Chef contestant, chef Jeffrey Jew, who is preparing a special menu for the occasion. The 3,700-square-foot bank features modular conference spaces which at night can be arranged to accommodate events, from charity parties to fashion shows. 

FAIRCHILD FARMERS’ MARKET More than 30 vendors will sell their products including local and organic produce, honey, baked goods, prepared foods, herbs, cheeses, handmade soaps and more at the new Fairchild Farmers’ Market. The market is located in the Lowlands parking lot and is free to attend; Every Saturday (excluding festival weekends) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

ART AT FAIRCHILD: HUGO FRANÇA Fairchild is pleased to host 16 design pieces by Brazilian designer Hugo França on exhibit through May 31. Each piece uses reclaimed wood from felled, burned or dead trees found in Brazil. França hand-carves them into functional and intricate designs, breathing new life into trees that are massive and sometimes hundreds of years old. Admission is $25 for adults, $18 for seniors 65 and up, $12 for children 6-17, and free for Fairchild members and children 5 and under.

THE PRESERVATION LUNCHEON AT VIZCAYA Vizcaya’s only major daytime event held on the estate will take place on Tuesday, February 25. The Preservation Luncheon attracts approximately 250 guests and has become known as the “hat luncheon,” as attendees are encouraged to wear creative headwear.The Preservation Luncheon begins with a late morning cocktail reception in the Courtyard of Vizcaya’s Main House and continues with an elegant seated lunch on the East Terrace overlooking beautiful Biscayne Bay and the estate’s spectacular formal gardens. Classical music and champagne set a genteel and convivial tone. This annual fundraiser was founded in 2009 to support the preservation of Vizcaya and the organization’s educational programs; Individual Tickets $300 or Table (10 seats) $3,000. For more information or to purchase tickets call 305.856.4866 or

1826 RESTAURANT & LOUNGE Situated at the bustling center of South Beach on Collins Avenue, 1826 Restaurant & Lounge is anticipated to open its doors on Friday, February 21. The highly refined yet approachable restaurant will offer Contemporary American cuisine with a focus on elegant dishes in a stylishly modern setting. The seasonally driven menu, created by two Michelin-starred and 2012 Food & Wine Best New Chef Danny Grant and his team, features a forward-thinking approach to Grant’s contemporary classical techniques. Emphasizing the use of local, regional and luxury ingredients, dishes build flavor through every detail to deliver a thoughtful experience that will leave diners wanting more; for more information call: 305.709.0000 / Email: / Online: Page 30 • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • SunPost Weekly • • SunPost Weekly • Thursday, February 20, 2014 • Page 31

SunPost February 20, 2014  
SunPost February 20, 2014