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H O S T I N G S ISSUE 9 + january 2010

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five HOSTINGS for

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WordPress Hostings As a blogger you have probably already found out that WordPress is the #1 tool for you. We have created a top list of the providers which are the best at supporting this tool, enabling its full potential. WordPress hosting is shared hosting which means you won’t have to pay a big price for this service. What is Wordpress hosting? As Blogging is widely increasing in popularity, used by millions to deliver stories, messages and news to its readers, WordPress has become the blogging tool to use. Foreseeing this development, we have taken the liberty to list a WordPress hosting top list. Our visitors can find the best host for WordPress that not only support WordPress but make sure that the blogging tool will far exceed its potential. Find the best blog hosting provider for your WordPress site! But WordPress hosting is not for every web hosting service out there. WordPress requires high standards from the web hosting provider. And we have therefore thoroughly examined a wide range of web hosting services that offer WordPress hosting, and you can be rest assured that the best WordPress host alternatives we present will meet even the highest standards. So by examining the list you should be able to easily find a Wordpress blog hosting that will suit your site. To run WordPress your host just needs a couple of things: • PHP version 4.3 or greater • MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater

“ There are thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements. We have created a top list of providers which are the best at supporting it.”

That’s really it. Wordpress recommend or as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

Look for these options five HOSTINGS for






Free Domain Name For Life Unlimited disk space


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FREE Instant Setup

free install


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Yola Yola free websites are ideal for small businesses Your customers are online and they expect your business to be there too. Create a free website with Yola in minutes. • Easily build a website - no technical skills required • 100+ templates that are fully customizable to suit your business • Free hosting for your website, no banner or pop-up ads • Buy a Domain name for your business website • Upgrade to Yola Pro - loaded with Premium features

Tips Some web hosting companies offer free domain name with their hosting plans. If handled correctly by the web hosting company, the domain name will be registered at your name, but if you find an unethical company they will own the domain name and not you. The process of domain name registration requires to provide three contacts to manage the domain, these contacts in order of importance are the administrative, billing and technical contacts. To make sure you own a domain name your name, address and email address should appear in the administrative and billing contacts. Good web hosting companies offering free domain names with their

hosting plans always register the domain name on your behalf. In contrast a bad web hosting company will register the domain name with their own data. In the first case you can change from one web hosting company to another without any problem, retaining your domain name. In the second case if you want to change to another company they will keep the domain name. Sometimes a bad hosting company can register the domain name without giving you access to a control panel where you can make changes to your domain name. In this case apparently everything is ok, but they still are in control and can do whatever they like with the domain name.

Wordpress top Web Hosting  
Wordpress top Web Hosting  

In this issue: The top 5 web hosting sites to host your Wordpress blog or website.