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“REALTORS® DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA” Hong Kong Guangzhou Shanghai Beijing

Looking for new horizons

“REALTORS® DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA” We should look for new horizons as Latin America’s economies and politics fluctuate unpredictably. Chinese people who are looking to invest in real estate overseas offer a great opportunity for new business and growth. We invite Chinese real estate owners and factory owners, investors and wealthy businessmen and executives, in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, to networking events organized by Asia Investment Group (AIG)—people interested in investing in real estate in the U.S., accompanied by Chinese – English – Spanish interpreters and translators (since

65% of Realtors® in Florida speak Spanish). AIG has worked with these businessmen and investors in import-export in Latin America for the past 14 years. Take advantage of this great opportunity for Florida Realtors®. Personal contacts and referrals are the best source of business for Realtors®. Over 6,000 highly targeted Chinese home buyers, luxury home owners and VIPs are expected to visit the 12th edition of LPS on April 22-24, 2016. We recommend signing up for a booth through our Realtors® mission. Travel options are explained below.

Chinese buyers and investors are the fastest growing market for overseas property purchases

Chinese investors you can reach! Ours is the only mission that facilitates deals, including training and putting together meetings with investors and chinese businessmen who are interested in investing in Florida, since it’s become a prime destination for them. Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Naples are the top most searched for cities online in the U.S. for real estate investing. Goldman Sachs reports there are more than 1.4 million Chinese people who own more than $30 million each. They are investing in the U.S. for its political and economic stability, which makes it the

most attractive and safe place for future investments and to own property. Every day more Chinese investors and buyers come to Florida.

46.6% of them have already invested overseas The “Knight Frank’s 2015 Wealth Report” study cites more than 172,850 ultra-rich (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals - UHNWI) in the world, defining them as people with a net worth of $30 million or more. Of those, 42,272 are in Asia.

LPS-LUXURY PROPERTY SHOW 12th edition - Beijing, April 22-24, 2016 Luxury Property Showcase (LPS) puts together an annual, invitation-only event in Beijing in April for Chinese investors and buyers who want to buy property overseas. It is a leading, fully integrated, property show that includes a three-day property exhibition, a series of conferences and forums, a

prestigious gala cocktail party and many other activities that foster social networking and multiply interactions between buyers and real estate professionals. It attracts a highly targeted audience of Chinese buyers of luxury property, luxury home owners, real estate investors, HNWIs and VIPs.


MISSION’S ADDED VALUE The added value of this special mission for Realtors® lies in special factors: • Training: How to do business with Chinese investors (4 hours). • Preparation for the 2016 LPS Fair. • 4 Conferences and Real Estate networking events in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, with Chinese investors and businessmen interested in investing in real estate in the U.S. Many of them are AIG’s clients and friends. We estimate 30 – 50 Chinese Investors/wealthy individuals at each meeting. • Badge processing for fast and easy access to the fair’s grounds. • Chinese - English - Spanish translator for each booth 6 sqm per 3 Realtors® during the fair. • Only for people who register before March 1st,

2016: each person should turn in the required information for 2,000 personalized flyers, designed and printed in English and Chinese to deliver at each of the conferences and networking sessions, plus 500 Chinese-language business cards. • Presence in LPS’s booth - 6 sqm, divided into groups of 3 Realtors® each. • Tracking business: Shanghai AIG represent the Realtors®’s Mission to the Chinese market, for six months, renewable according to the development / monitoring of possible business, signing exclusive contract and confidentiality. Language proficiency, extensive knowledge of a new culture’s idiosyncrasies, business protocol, and ASIA INVESTMENT GROUP’s business contacts are a guarantee of success in China.

“REALTORS® DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA MISSION” APRIL 13th – 26th, 2016 (LPS 22nd-24th) 13 April Depart U.S. – Hong Kong (1 stop) 14 April Arrival in Hong Kong. Airport - hotel transportation 15-16 April Hong Kong. Electronics Fair. Conference & networking session: a) With Chinese investors and businessmen, by ASIA GROUP INVESTMENT (AIG); b) Hong Kong Trade Development. 6 p.m. Train to Guangzhou 17 April Guangzhou. Conference & networking session with Chinese investors and businessmen lead by AIG. 18 April Guangzhou: Guangdong Fair Visit. Tourism: Visit the Canton Tower. Flight to Shanghai 19 April Shanghai. Conference & networking session with Chinese investors and businessmen lead by AIG 20 April Shanghai: Tourism: Visit the Yuyuan, China Art Museum (Expo Botero, etc.), Visit Pearl Tower and SWFC. Flight to Beijing 21 April Beijing: Preparing for LPS 2016. Meeting with investors and businessmen. TBD. AIG.. 22 April Beijing – LPS 23 April Beijing – LPS 24 April Beijing – LPS 25 April Beijing – Business / Tourism 26 April Beijing – Return flight to Miami

Hong Kong




“REALTORS® DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA” INCLUDED SERVICES • Training: How to do business with Chinese investors (4 hours). • International air fare. Domestic transportation (train, bus, plane). Within and between Chinese cities as per the itinerary • Hotel stay (4 & 5 star hotels). Double occupancy rooms. Beijing: Hotel Sofitel-Legendale / LPS. • Food and beverage. Breakfast and lunch included, except on Fair days. • Spanish and/or English manuals and guides. • Chino – English – Spanish translators and interpreters. • Professional bus drivers. • Entrance tickets for tourist attractions and visits included in the itinerary. • Government and business visits. • International health insurance (emergencies). • Chinese visa (includes costs and processing with timely delivery of documents).

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED • Any expenses not specified in the itinerary. • Any changes in day, time or course, for international or domestic transfers, by bus or plane according to the itinerary. (Plane and bus tickets). Following airline restrictions. • Tips ($5/day). • Any changes in accommodation. (Changing to a single room or other upgrades)

IMPORTANT DATES MARCH 1 Reservation and booth payment (non-refundable) MARCH 1 - 15 Assessment and training for the mission. MARCH 1 $ 1,000 initial fee (non-refundable) MARCH 15 Group closing. Total payment for the trip (separate from the booth). Visa document handoff: timely documents. APRIL 13 Departure: Flight to Hong Kong

Operated by:

Total cost per delegate $9,980* 4 AIG Conference & networking session with Chinese investors & businessmen Full access to LPS • Prices subject to change at time of purchase, availability and number of participants • Upgrading to a single room may have a $900 surcharge. • Space is limited. Minimum 16 participants. Payments are non-refundable.


Full mission, April 13th – 26th, 2016 (13 days, 12 nights): 4 meetings in 4 cities + presence in LPS’s booth - 6 sqm, divided in groups of 3 Realtors® each. Participants will be assigned a booth to them by AIG on a first-paid, first-choice basis, and agree to adhere to the final booth schedule without exceptions. If the participant cannot be present during an assigned time due to an unforeseen conflict, he or she must email to allow someone else to participate during that time. Lost time cannot be made up. Chosen participants must adhere to the following terms and conditions without exception

Total $ 9,980 For further information or to book your delegate package contact, Asia Investment Group (AIG). Asia Investment Group (AIG) is not responsible or liable for the success or results of the event for the participant.

Beijing 2016 Realtors  
Beijing 2016 Realtors  

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