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Global Initiatives at Miami University Global Initiatives supports the Miami University commitment to dynamic and comprehensive internationalization resulting in a diverse cultural and global learning experience for students. As a vibrant, essential organizational unit in the university, we collaboratively engage with the local and international community in an exceptional global learning journey by providing outstanding service and opportunities for student, faculty, staff, and the community. Working in collaboration to support the institution’s global teaching, outreach, and research missions, our offices include Education Abroad Services, MUDEC-Oxford, International Student and Scholar Servces, the Center for American and World Cultures, the Confucius Institute, and Continuing Education. Support programs include Passport Application Services, Global Partnerships, the Global Assistance Program, and Fulbright programs.


Aligned with Miami University’s commitment to advance global learning, Global Initiatives promotes the dynamic, comprehensive internationalization of the University through the infusion of multicultural and comparative perspectives in scholarship, teaching, and service. Support focuses on userand constituent-friendly services with a commitment to efficiency, and acts as the connective tissue for all internationalization realms.


Global Initiatives drives the internationalization activities and networks at Miami University through collaborative engagement with local and global communities. We seek to transform the learning of students, faculty, and staff through educational opportunities across borders and disciplines, and outstanding service.

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Education Abroad Services Study Abroad & Away

214 MacMillan Hall | 513-529-8600 | fax 513-529-8608

Miami is ranked #2 nationwide among public doctoral institutions for the percent of undergraduates who study abroad prior to graduation and #25 overall for the total number of students going abroad.1 The Miami Study Abroad Office provides comprehensive advising and support for students – from initial inquiry through program completion and re-entry; training and guidance for faculty leading students abroad and away; and coordination of campus-wide risk management and crisis response. Miami University’s Dolibois European Center has been the premier study abroad program at Miami for more than 45 years, with 250+ students studying in Luxembourg annually.

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Study Abroad and Away Programming Many Miami students choose Faculty-led Study Abroad and Study Away Programs all over the world to complete major, minor, and capstone requirements. Miami faculty members teach the courses and students receive Miami University academic credit. At Miami University’s Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg in the heart of Europe, students can choose from a variety of classes that count towards thematic sequences, majors, and some Miami Plan foundation requirements. Exchange Programs enable Miami students to study abroad for a semester or year at one of 100+ partner institutions. In Third-Party Provider Programs, students enroll directly in another university or through international education organizations and earn transfer credit.

In 2013-2014, Miami students received more than $500,000 in study abroad scholarships. In addition to administering many of Miami’s study abroad scholarships, Global Initiatives mentors students applying for national study abroad awards, such as the Boren and Gilman Scholarships.


2014 Institute for International Education Open Doors Report. { 3

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) 214 MacMillan Hall | 513-529-5628 | fax 513-529-7383

International Student & Scholar Services leads efforts to orient, support, and retain the students and scholars who call Miami home. ISSS provides thorough and effective immigration advising; offers comprehensive and on-going cultural, social, and academic support; and collaborates with and provides resources for units across campus that interact with this specialized population.

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Orientation and Transition Services. ISSS, together with international and domestic peer leaders, welcomes international students to Miami with a comprehensive orientation program that consists of information sessions on immigration, campus life, and academic matters. The program is designed to ensure that students’ academic and personal needs are met and that immigration and health requirements are fulfilled. Immigration Advising and Reporting. In addition to processing visa documents and updating government records, ISSS advisors assist students and scholars with maintaining legal status in the U.S. and obtaining benefits such as work authorization. Academic Monitoring. ISSS proactively monitors the academic success of undergraduate international students and reaches out to those students experiencing academic difficulty to provide information on university policies, procedures and campus resources. Activities, Events and Workshops. ISSS coordinates numerous programs and activities aimed at supporting international students’ cultural, academic, and social needs, with the goal of better integrating international students into campus life. Campus and Community Connections. ISSS offers workshops and training for Miami faculty and staff on how to best support international students on campus. Collaborations with campus units as well as the City of Oxford allow ISSS to advocate on behalf of international students and scholars and assist with Since 2010, Miami’s local issues that impact their well-being.

international student population has more than doubled – from 840 to over 1800!

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Center for American and World Cultures (CAWC) 105 MacMillan Hall | 513-529-8309 | fax 513-529-5896

The Center for American and World Cultures is an interdisciplinary academic unit that promotes the exploration, discussion, debate, and reflection of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and physical abilities here in the US and abroad. CAWC curricular and co-curricular programs, courses, and initiatives use interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives for the study and interpretation of the cultural and social factors that have profoundly shaped history and created the complexity of the contemporary world. Collaborating with other university programs, the CAWC is expanding the boundaries of knowledge and preparing students, faculty, staff, and the community to be informed, thoughtful, inclusive, global citizens.

Courses Offered: IDS 151 Diversity seminar (taught in living learning communities) IDS 153 Issues on Cultural Diversity IDS 154 Introduction to Study Abroad IDS 156 Study Abroad Reentry IDS 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity IDS 177 Independent Studies (offered by CAWC faculty and staff) IDS 259 Introduction to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Co-curricular Programs and Events:

open to the public Global Rhythms World Music Ensemble UniDiversidad Latin American and Caribbean programs ExplorASIAN programs Freedom Summer programs Genocide and Holocaust Education programs Robert E. Strippel Memorial Continuing Dialogue on Justice and Human Rights Human Rights and Social Justice programs CĂŠsar E. ChĂĄvez Commemorative Program { 5

Confucius Institute 126 McGuffey Hall | 513-529-8668 | fax: 513-529-8666

The Miami University Confucius Institute expands internationalization opportunities to the local and Southwest Ohio community by promoting the study of Chinese language, culture, and philosophy. As a host outreach program, the Confucius Institute supports our community, our region, and the state of Ohio in adapting to the changing global economy. The Institute provides students, faculty, community members, and area schools, the opportunity to learn the Chinese language through classes, events and activities, and participation in cultural events.

Opportunities Offered The Institute offers many opportunities for students and local community members to experience Chinese language and culture. It organizes over 20 activities each year including: Chinese Culture Classes Lecture Series Chinese Folk Art Classes Chinese New Year Celebrations Employee Wellness Tai Chi Classes Oxford Chinese Festival Junior Chinese Language and Culture Camp Chinese Bridge Education Leader Program Chinese Bridge High School Summer Camp

Passport Application Services As a service to the community, U.S. citizens may apply for their passports in 214 MacMillan Hall.

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Global Partnerships Miami University emphasizes academic excellence, with a focus on improving the world in which our faculty and students work and live. Global Initiatives staff advise university administration on the strategic focus of international partnerships, and consults with faculty or departments seeking to establish new agreements. Partnerships include faculty and student exchanges, joint degree programs, collaborative research, and mutually beneficial sharing of resources. Currently, Miami has more than fifty strategic partnerships with institutions around the world, making it possible to facilitate global research, open doors for students to study in a diverse world, and expand university values, mission, and philosophy internationally.

Continuing & Online Education 214 MacMillan Hall | 
513-529-8600 | fax: 529-8608

Global Initiatives’ Continuing Education office administers a variety of credit and non-credit programs that broaden the traditional Miami classroom experience for learners of all ages. Participants can enroll in courses to enhance professional skills, expand global competencies, explore a creative interest, or to earn a certificate to boost occupational marketability. Programs are held on-campus, online, locally, and globally. Students can enroll in any term, or in a special session, such as summer term, winter term, or spring break.

Global Assistance Program The Miami University Global Assistance Program (MU-GAP) supports university travelers in a well-coordinated, collaborative effort, with experts from within the campus community, as well as contracted providers, and specialists in the field.

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) ILR at Miami University promotes opportunities for individuals 50 and older to enrich their lives as they explore areas within science, the arts, society, technology, literature, languages, business, economics, and other subjects of interest. In addition, opportunities are presented to become acquainted with community needs and to link individual talents and interests to those needs.

Fulbright Global Initiatives administers the Fulbright U.S. Student Program application process at Miami University and serves as a resource for faculty on Fulbright Scholar opportunities. { 7

Global Initiatives

214 MacMillan Hall 501 E. Spring St. Oxford, OH 45056 513-529-8600 513-529-8608 (fax) Miami University, equal opportunity in education and employment. Produced byUniversity Miami University Global Initiatives, 012015 8 } Miami Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives at Miami University  

Aligned with Miami University’s commitment to advance global learning, Global Initiatives promotes the dynamic, comprehensive internationali...

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