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“The Street Law program inspires law students to check their structured ideas of legal education at the door and to embrace outside-the-box creativity. Fellows and interns are challenged to reimagine legal concepts in ways that will engage and excite the interest of students in the classroom. Street Lawyers are rewarded not only by their own burgeoning understanding of the law, but also by the knowledge that they are nurturing the minds of the youths of our community. I can honestly say that my two years’ service with Street Law has been my proudest law school endeavor.” RODY TADENEV, PETER PALERMO FELLOW “Street Law has been an incredible growth and learning experience. I have improved my communication skills as well as my ability to break down complicated areas of the law. At the end of the day I realize that we learn more from our students than they learn from us.” LESLIE POLLACK, STREET LAW INTERN






Charrise Alexander David Catsman Fellow

Aaron Ahlzadeh

Laura Burgess William M. Hoeveler Fellow

Zak Colangelo

Karen Chrisman Peter Palermo Fellow

Pauline Green

Robin Herman Hunton & Williams Fellow Matt James Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton Fellow Nick Kallergis William M. Hoeveler Fellow Noah Nite Palmer Trinity Fellow

Daniel Butler Evan Gallo Brett Holland Sam Karl Whitney Kouvaris Krysta Markus Leslie Pollack Denise Roberson Eryca Schiffman Genna Selesnick

Chris Saunders Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton Fellow

Joshua Truppman

Rody Tadenev Peter Palermo Fellow

Juan Carlos Zamora

Amir Whitaker

Rico Williams William M. Hoeveler

“Street Law has been an awesome experience! I have discovered that I understand complicated concepts to the extent that I can break them down and teach them to others. Also, I have found it exciting to see the passion and excitement in the students’ eyes when they understand and apply the newly learned concepts to situations in their lives. I never thought I would be so excited about teaching the law to others!” DENISE ROBERSON, STREET LAW INTERN “Through STREET LAW, my public speaking skills have developed tremendously over a short period of time. Most importantly, I have learned things about my community that I know will carry with me for the rest of my life. My experience this semester has inspired me to take an active role in the Miami-Dade community, and I know that after law school I will continue to give back.” BRETT HOLLAND, STREET LAW INTERN

1311 Miller Drive - G287 Coral Gables, FL 33146-8087 Phone: 305.284.3934 Fax: 305.284.1588




MIAMI STREET LAW? Miami STREET LAW is a legal education outreach program for high schools in Miami-Dade County through the University of Miami School of Law. The program is one of over 70 Street Law clinics/programs at law schools registered through STREET LAW, Inc. STREET LAW began in 1972 at Georgetown Law Center. Here at UM, Miami STREET LAW is a law school class which requires weekly or biweekly teaching of law in local high schools through lessons that are created by the law student and customized to the school.


WE DO „„ Partner with local high schools for law-related education „„ Research, prepare and teach cases, statutes, and legal/ethical dilemmas „„ Coach mock trial teams for competitions

THE DIRECTOR In Miami STREET LAW, our mission is to serve our community by inspiring critical thinking and social awareness at the high school, undergraduate and law school levels through exploring contemporary legal, moral and ethical issues and dilemmas. Law students create their own lessons through researching legal issues of interest to them

„„ Create and direct mock trials



and customize their legal teachings to the needs and interests of the high school students.

„„ Create and coach mock oral arguments „„ Inspire teens to consider a career in law

Each year, over a dozen second and third year law students are chosen as Street Lawyers who commit to

„„ Breakthrough Miami

reach out to teens in Miami and teach law. Being a

„„ Coral Gables Senior High

“professor” of law each week is an invaluable service

„„ Hialeah High School


as well as a guaranteed methodology for learning the law in greater depth and honing one’s skills in public

„„ Miami Central High School


„„ Miami Edison High School

I am continually delighted by the intellect, compassion and abilities of those who join Miami STREET LAW. Their

„„ Miami Senior High Legal Magnet Program

commitment to learning the law and to serving our community is inspirational.

„„ Miami Substance Abuse Treatment Center „„ The Palmer Trinity School „„ WINGS for Life, an alternative high school

Feel free to contact Miami STREET LAW Director Karen Throckmorton at or 305.284.1382 To apply: Contact Mary Cano at or 305.284.8389 To donate to this non profit: Please mail donations payable to: Miami STREET LAW University of Miami School of Law Attn: Karen Throckmorton 1311 Miller Drive, Room G-258 Coral Gables, FL 33146

Karen P. Throckmorton, J.D., LL.M. Director Miami STREET LAW

2012-2013 Street Lawyers  

Miami STREET LAW is an educational, legal outreach program that trains current law students to teach law at schools throughout Miami-Dade Co...