2011 Annual Report

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Building a Greater Miami Together

2011 annual report

How do you

want to change Miami,

or the world?

Know a problem that needs solving? Have a creative spark and the drive to do more?

The Miami Foundation exists to help you find innovative and effective ways to

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We can help you achieve anything you want even if you thought it was never possible.

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2011 2011 annual annual report report

yourMiami mission & vision

The Miami Foundation builds

community through leadership and philanthropy. We do this by leveraging resources, bringing together like-minded people and creating opportunities for lasting change. We value

inclusiveness, respect and fairness, transparency, courage, integrity, collaboration and stewardship.








has been

2011 annual report


opened one million dollar endowment Fund for Take

Stock in Children



South Florida on Capitol Hill advocating for policies that encourage philanthropy


honored Lawrence Hyer at the annual Leave a Legacy

luncheon for his commitment to Miami



more than 500 community members at our Mayoral Policy Forum



more than 100 donors to recognize the 55 nonprofits that received Community Grants


awarded $25,000 to seven local nonprofit executives to further their personal leadership education



75 high school juniors and seniors for the inaugural class of Engaged Youth


launched the sixth class of the prestigious Miami

Fellows leadership program







SEI and J.P. Morgan as our investment consultants after a comprehensive six-month search


People often ask us to define The Miami Foundation’s focus. Our answer is that we share a desire with you, the philanthropist, to make Miami greater. As such, we are able to concentrate on what it is that you would like in order to achieve this aim. It is from that desire to create a better place for all of us to live, work and play that this year’s annual report to you stems. Our society is increasingly mobile and our community increasingly global, often giving people the opportunity to live anywhere. You, however, choose to live in Miami. We are interested in knowing what it is about Miami that keeps you here. We are home to more than 2.5 million people - from more than 70 countries, world-class sports teams, renowned beaches and nightlife, lush farmlands and a vibrant urban core. Beyond these instantly recognizable assets, however, we want to understand the values that form the bond between Miami and you.

In a word, what is Miami to you? The answers are as diverse as the people to whom we asked the question. And just as there is a common thread in the work that we do, the same thread exists in the answers to this question. From “promising” to “inspired” and “welcoming” to “home”, each answer points toward a greater Miami. As you explore this year’s annual report, it is our hope that you will recognize yourself in some of the words used by the philanthropists we are so fortunate to work with and the people whose lives they have forever changed. In their handwriting, they have shared what Miami is to them. We invite you to read the stories behind their words and then determine for yourself what Miami is to you. Choose a word that represents our place and then share it with us. We will collect your words and share them with you throughout the year. Thank you for all that you do for The Miami Foundation and for Miami.

Louis-Albert H. Jolivert Board Chair -8

Javier Alberto Soto President and CEO 2011 annual report

ourMiami changing is



“As the donor, I often think that I get more out of our grants than the nonprofit who is receiving them,� notes Dede Moss of The Helena Rubinstein Philanthropic Fund. -10

2011 annual report

ourMiami is

Bob and Dede Moss love Miami. As New Yorkers, when they found themselves looking for a place to move, the key requirements for their new home were openness and spirit. “We chose to settle in Miami because it is a place where you can immediately improve something - whether yourself, community or both,” offers Bob. It is for those reasons, that when Bob and Dede had the opportunity this year to make a $4 million gift, they chose Miami and The Miami Foundation.

“It is a natural choice for us to work with The Miami Foundation,” offers Dede. “They are the foundation for our community. The expertise that they provided as we considered our gift and continue to provide with our philanthropy is invaluable.” The Mosses are still inspired by their Miami home, 16 years after arriving here. They’ve witnessed the exponential growth in our city, our beautiful new downtown and our societal growth as well. Giving back and ensuring that others are made to feel as welcome as they were are values that Bob and Dede continue to share.



monMiami est

For Jessica,

Little Haiti Cultural Center is one of her

favorite places in Lemon City, better known as Little Haiti. This neighborhood has a rich history embraced by its locals. It connects many to their homeland 700 miles away. Through arts and culture, the Center is a place where people come together to meet, learn and share ideas. It’s here, just a few miles from Jessica’s home, where she explores Haitian art and creates her own masterpieces. A center focused around the arts has given Jessica and many others opportunities they might not otherwise have.

The Little Haiti Cultural Center has become a valuable asset,”observes Dennis Scholl, vice president for arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. “The investment in arts and culture has in many ways transformed this community.” At The Miami Foundation, we seek out innovative programs that are changing lives through the arts. In the last five years, we have invested more than two million dollars in this work. We will continue to invest charitable dollars in the artistic transformation of communities.


2011 2011annual annualreport report



Thanks to a gift from the Helen Fitzgibbons Charitable Fund, youth have new promise because of programs like The Making of a Champion. -14

2011 annual report

myMiami is

As a 2nd grader, Darren was in trouble every week at school. He would run out of the classroom, torment other students and talk back to his teacher. That was before he met Charles Jackson. Darren, along with 40 other fatherless boys and girls from Liberty City, spends time in Jackson’s program: The Making of a Champion. Quick to tell you that he lives in the neighborhood with the kids he serves, Mr. Jackson, sees the promise in all of them.

“When you put a child, like Darren, in a good environment, with the right role models – they begin to understand that their lives have more potential than they previously thought,” explains Mr. Jackson. The combination of discipline from karate, mentoring from teachers, support from police and other partners, is potent in changing the life of a child. It’s for this reason that The Miami Foundation has, for the last three years, awarded The Making of a Champion $22,000 in grants. And Darren, for the 2011-2012 school year, did not get into trouble at school, not once. His grades are better and when you look in his eyes as Mr. Jackson picks him up for karate – the promise is clear.



miMiami It’s because his grandfather moved to the United States with $7 and a family of seven to pursue a better life. It’s because his grandfather taught his parents, and they him, that “one must give back to that which has given you so much.” These are the reasons Tony Jimenez has such strong core values. These values are shared by many in our community. The drive to build a better life, a spirit of adventure and desire to give back are reasons Tony Jimenez and all of the Miami Fellows have become the inspired people they are. Bastions of our community, like Cesar Alvarez, have stories that run parallel to experiences of the Fellows. Alvarez moved to the US from Cuba in 1960. Today he is executive chairman of Greenberg Traurig and has seen the firm grow by more than 400% under his leadership. During this time, he also has seen Miami evolve into a world-class city.

“In order for Miami to continue on this upward trajectory, we need to grow, keep and attract top talent from around the world,” notes Alvarez. “To do this well requires significant community leadership and resources.”


2011 annual report

Cesar Alvarez is one of the 17 community leaders that voluntarily serve as mentors in the prestigious Miami Fellows leadership program. He stands here with Tony Jimenez, a member of Fellows Class VI. miamifoundation.org


University of Miami President Donna Shalala opened The Cheka Fund in 2011 to support her philanthropic efforts. She calls on the Foundation for expertise in stewarding her charitable gifts and its knowledge across Miami’s nonprofit sector. -18

2011 annual report

myMiami is

The University of Miami, like all great universities, plays an important role in the community and is, at the same time, a community unto itself. The collective of students, faculty, staff and administrators contributes to the economic, social and civic life of Miami. Together, they are employees and employers; they are voters, donors and volunteers. The community benefits from the university and the university benefits from the community. For President Donna Shalala, the mutuality of the relationship extends far beyond the campus and the confines of Coral Gables. It’s this belief, largely driven by the energies and needs of her students, which led her to establish an Office of Civic and Community Engagement. “I am consistently challenged and inspired by our students’ desires to do more on campus and more in South Florida to make them both a better place for all of us,” notes Shalala.

Her belief in the power of civic engagement to make Miami better is shared by The Miami Foundation. Both the University and the Foundation recognize that an engaged citizenry is an integral part of vibrant civic life. “I am proud to be a Hurricane and proud to be a Miamian,” continues Shalala. “And I am confident that our continued work with The Miami Foundation will make Miami a greater place to live, work and play for my students and all Miamians.”




2011 annual report

in 2011 total contributions  $24,542,882 total number of contributions  2,965 new Funds  49 in our history average Fund size  $295,166 total Funds  504

ourMiami encourages


Philanthropy -021

ourMiami is

Mark and Jason Squillante’s parents moved them here when they were just 5 and 7; when you ask them where home is - they proudly answer “Miami.” Driven by the local entrepreneurial spirit and inspired by the diversity of our people, Mark and Jason always have been driven to carve their own path. It is that inner-force they called upon when looking for a way to honor their mother, Judith, when she sadly passed away from cancer too young. Today, as successful businessmen, the Squillante brothers appreciate the opportunities they had growing up, afforded to them by their parents. They attribute their success largely to this upbringing. They also understand that not all of Miami’s children are as fortunate. This understanding, combined with a desire to honor their mother, is why in 2011 the brothers opened the JSTAR Foundation at The Miami Foundation.

“Our hope is that children are able to see that they can be anything they want to be,” offers Jason. “Miami has been such a welcoming place for us to grow up and build our businesses. We want young people today to do the same: graduate, go to college, come back to Miami and build a life.” “When we’re older and stop to look back at our lives, one thing I hope we see is that today’s young Miamians have taken our place,” continues Mark. “If there are more people who proudly call Miami home and are working to make life more promising for those who come after them - then we will have succeeded.”


2011 annual report

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

Mark and Jason Squillante’s goal for all Miami’s young people to have the same opportunities they did, is more difficult than it sounds. The brothers realize this. Working with Foundation staff, they will discover and invest in innovative tutoring programs, college mentorship opportunities and job placement programs. miamifoundation.org


yourMiami new Funds your

Visit us at miamifoundation.org/myfund to learn how you can start your own.


2011 annual report

established in 2011

Anact Fund BME Fund Cheka Fund Couples for Equality Fund Cuban Museum Endowment Fund Cutler Bay Going Green Fund Dade Legal Aid Fund Jose Felix Diaz Fund Virginia R. Estep Fund First Friday Art Safari, with Libby and Roberta Fund Friends of New Life Family Center Endowment Fund Genesis Fund Grace Gold Memorial Scholarship Fund Groover Foundation Initiative of Higher Awesomeness Fund Irie Foundation JSTAR Foundation Knight Fund for Local Independent Cinemas Knight Journalism Education Innovation Fund La Casa De La Mujer Fund Legacy Grove Fund Make Change Fund Marvin Gutter Endowment Fund Miami Surf Archive Fund Miami Writes Fund Microist Fund Musehouse: A Center for Literary Arts Fund Philip D. Myers Fund No Longer Invisible Foundation Our Fund Overtown Rhythm and Arts Fund Park Project Fund Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Fund PhilanthroGuia Fund Play, a Pie and a Pint Fund Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science Fund Julio A. and Myriam T. Ramirez Family Fund Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Foundation Fund Helena Rubinstein Philanthropic Fund Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center Endowment Fund SHLB Coalition Fund Stone Crab 160 Fund Style Saves, Inc. Fund Take Stock in Children Endowment Fund Udelson Family Foundation TEDxMIA Fund Billie S. Wills Fund Young Designers Scholarship Fund Zara Center Fund miamifoundation.org

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

New Funds


myMiami is


The Ruth and Richard Shack Society The Ruth and Richard Shack Society honors the vision and legacy of two of Miami’s most notable leaders, Ruth and Richard Shack. We thank them for their dedication to improving our community through their tireless efforts encouraging philanthropy. In their name, we recognize the many Fundholders who have contributed $1 million or more to The Miami Foundation. Ruth and Richard Shack in 2006. Sadly, Richard passed away in April of 2012. He is missed and we are proud to honor his legacy.


2011 annual report

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

The Ruth and Richard Shack Society Members Anonymous ArtCenter / South Florida Edith M. and Henry F. Atkinson Batchelor Foundation Bert and Mary Meyer Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Trudy and Paul Cejas City of Miami Esther Colliflower College Assistance Program James L. Davis David Ertel Forrest J. Flammang Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute Dorothy and Edward Frohlich George B. Storer Foundation Evelyn and Bruce Greer Nancy T. Hector Alma and Ismael Hernandez John S. and James L. Knight Foundation The Lindemann Family Dina K. and John M. Marks Miami HEAT Mitchell Wolfson, Sr. Foundation State Attorney’s Denise Moon Memorial Fund Diane and Robert Moss National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation North Dade Medical Foundation Jean T. Robinson Sabadell United Bank Squire Sanders Take Stock in Children Lawrence Udell United Way of Miami-Dade W.K. Kellogg Foundation Richard B. Wallace Hugh Westbrook The William R. Watts Foundation Ruth Young



ourMiami is

The Legacy Society is comprised of forward-thinking individuals who have designated a gift to The Miami Foundation in their estate. These generous people embody the words of Nelson Henderson in that they will “plant a tree under whose shade you do not expect to sit.�

Legacy Society Members Ray E. Breslin and Patrick J. Pecoraro, Jr. Ray and Ali Casas Lila N. Dickerson Lucia A. Dougherty Donald L. and Betty B. Elliott Ronald E. and Charlene B. Esserman Liebe and Seth Gadinsky Sandra P. Greenblatt, Esq. Bland and Kay Erik Jensen Ruth Blower Kassewitz Donald W. and LuAnna Marx Tomas and Gloria Roses Ruth Shack Ethel and Thomas C. Wasmuth Billie S. Wills

Visit us at miamifoundation.org/legacy to learn about leaving a gift to Miami through your estate.


2011 annual report

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

Liebe and Seth Gadinsky have partnered with The Miami Foundation for many years. Through this long relationship, they have come to appreciate the expertise and foresight with which The Miami Foundation makes grants. It is for these reasons that Liebe and Seth have left a gift to the Foundation in their estate - through which we will honor their legacy, forever. miamifoundation.org


yourgifts $5,000,000 + John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 The Batchelor Foundation Helena Rubinstein Foundation Take Stock in Children

Estate of Judith Squillante UBS Robert Udelson Ronald and Elise Udelson United Way of Miami-Dade The William R. Watts Foundation W. K. Kellogg Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 Estate of Philip D. Myers

$500,000 - $749,999 Sister Emmanuel Hospital

$100,000 - $499,999


Rosa and Carlos M. De La Cruz, Sr.

Shed Boren

Anonymous Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation Bayview Asset Mangement The Children’s Trust The Foundation for New Education Initiatives Evelyn L. and Bruce Greer Hess Foundation Jackson Memorial Foundation Susan and Richard J. Lampen Miami HEAT NGLTF Foundation Myriam and Julio Ramirez The Thomas E. Rodgers, Jr. Foundation Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center

Carnival Cruise Lines Constance Dundas Foundation Rosa and Carlos M. de la Cruz, Sr. Colleen and Richard D. Fain Miguel B. Fernandez Florida Sports Foundation Paul T. Jones Miami - Dade County, Florida P.L. Dodge Foundation Donna E. Shalala James O. Stepp Gloria S. and Jack G. Tuckfield Renata and Keith T. Ward

$25,000 - $49,999 ArtCenter / South Florida Churchill Downs Citigroup Richard P. Cole Hublot Watches Leon Advertising & Public Relations Miami Beach Gay Pride

Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez

$750,000 - $999,999

2011 annual report

Porter Anderson, Jr. AON Bacardi USA Roslyn K. Berrin Davone A. Bess Ronald Book Trudy and Paul L. Cejas CMG Holdings The Continental Group Joseph T. Derry The Educational Foundation of America Emerald Kingdom Florida International Bankers Association Howard Frank The Garner Foundation Sylvia Gold Marielle Gomez-Kaifer Greenberg Traurig Martin Hamburger Trust Lawrence R. Hyer HFSF Grants Management Hildegard Kroker IESI Corporation The Ethel & W. George Kennedy Family Foundation Daniel Lewis F. Lynn Leverett Logic Technology Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez Miami Dolphins Morays Jewelers Tom W. Olofson P.G. Biscuit Pershing The Pershing Square Foundation Publix Super Markets The Pat Riley Family Foundation Craig Robins Sabadell United Bank Charles Salameno miamifoundation.org

Davone A. Bess

$10,000 - $29,999

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

Gerald W. Schwartz Terry & Jane Semel Charitable Foundation Lawrence Share Signature Grand Ghoul Slip-N-Slide Records Smith & Wollensky Zoraida and Barry Snyder Sun Sports Team Tomorrow Trizec Properties Tulsa Community Foundation University of Miami University of South Florida USI Insurance Services of Florida Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson Pat White The Wyncote Foundation John Yanopoulos Janet K. and E. Richard Yulman

Arlene and Bennett H. Brummer

Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority Newquest Management of Florida Oprah Winfrey Network PG Family Foundation Diana R. and Rafael F. SaldaĂąa Songways Service Jocelyn Watkins Mitchell Wolfson, Sr. Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 Akerman Senterfitt Allegany Franciscan Ministries Anonymous Aventura Hospital & Medical Center Banesco USA Bank of America Baptist Health South Florida Bas Fisher Invitational Berger Singerman Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation Irma and Norman Braman Broad and Cassel Brown Forman Arlene and Bennett H. Brummer Carlton Fields The Cassill Foundation Chase Marketing Group City of Miami Beach The Cleveland Foundation -31

Telemundo Studios Miami TIX Urban Greenworks Waveriley Wells Fargo Bank George E. Williamson, II


Julie S. and Robert F. Williamson George E. Willis Blaine Trump

$1,000 - $4,999 908 Development Group 1625 Michigan Howard L. Adler Air Travel Marketing Services The Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center David Alschuler Kimberly and John R. Anzivino Arena Advertising Willis Chip Arndt, Jr. J. Ricky Arriola Aneska Arrocha ART Pest Control Services ASCAP Foundation Astigarraga Davis Gary Austin AvMed Badlands Dance Club Bank of New York Mellon Bar 721 Barry University Alan Beck Becker & Poliakoff Rhahime A. Bell Elias Bendeck Benihana National Corporation Benton Foundation Kenneth R. Bernstein

Willis Chip Arndt, Jr.

Julie and Robert F. Williamson

Dade Heritage Trust DASH Parent Teacher Student Association E & J Gallo Winery Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger Gulliver Schools HistoryMiami Hogan Lovells US Irie Foundation J & F Roblee Foundation Katz, Barron, Squitero, Faust Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine LPL Financial Magnet Educational Choice Association Alfredo R. Mesa Miami Marlins Miami Salon Group Microsoft Matching Gifts Program MoneyGram Payment Systems Edward S. Moore Family Foundation New Era Cap Northern Trust Bank of Florida Reznick Group Elizabeth Schwandt Trust Martin E. Segal Rose Segal Shapiro, Fishman & Gache Soho House Beach House South Florida Pediatric Squire Sanders Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt Family Foundation Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson Lori T. and Craig R. Sutherland Symbiosis Charitable Fund

James Bevell Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod Elaine and Philip Bloom Family Supporting Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida BNY Mellon Community Partnership

2011 annual report


Our Miami encourages Philanthropy 

Dougherty Mortgage Tania G. Dunbar Eagle Brands Sales Ecorazzi Norman S. Edelcup The Edu Kid Edy’s Lawrence E. Eichel Donald Elisburg

Michael Epstein and Jamie Epstein

Ray Breslin and Patrick J. Pecoraro, Jr.

Boies, Schiller & Flexner David Bonanno Boucher Brothers Management Elizabeth Bourne Bouygues Civil Works Florida Braman Motors Alex Bravo Ray E. Breslin and Patrick J. Pecoraro, Jr. Brickell Motors Michael C. Broyard Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Business Wire C.B. Schmitt Real Estate Company Lazaro Cadavieco Cafe Pilon Charlene Campbell Caribbean Airlines Heather Carruthers Catholic Community Foundation City of Miami City of Miami Springs City of West Miami Cobb Family Foundation Coconut Grove Ministerial Alliance Barry J. Cohen Cohen | Fox Cole, Scott & Kissane Ellery Coloado Community Bank of Florida Mat Concessionaire Coral Gables Cinemateque The Corradino Group Council of Grand Dukes and Duchesses Luis Cowan Cows Creative Development Solutions Melanie E. Damian Darielle Deco Productions Michael T. Dee Arlene and Robert Diamond Commissioner Victor M. Diaz, Jr. Ernesto Diaz Jose Felix Diaz Campaign Michael Diaz, Jr. Jay R. DiBiaso Mary A. Dileo Vincent Dimmock The John Doran Family Foundation Gonzalo Dorta

Michael Epstein Equinox Valentine J. Eriksen Nathan J. Esformes Esserman International Dara Ettinger Evans Web Services Jorge R. Exposito The Fair Miami Dade Falk, Waas, Hernandez, Cortina, Solomon & Bonner Fast Trans The Father’s Table Foundation Helen H. Feinberg Alvaro Ferrand Fidelity National Title Group First American Title Insurance Company First Florida Building Corporation Firstsource Financial Solutions Five Brothers Produce Hannah and Ralph Flanagan Kira Flanzraich FLOMCO Florida Default Law Group Florida Hispanic Foundation Fort Dallas Press Phyllis Foster Frank Crystal & Company Laurent Fraticelli Barbara Freed Friends of WLRN


Ted Lucas The Fuentes Consulting Group Gamba & Lombana Barbara Garrett Heather E. Garson Gatehouse Group Avi Geiger Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust Israel Gold Lori E. Gold Jeremy S. and Lisette O. Goldstein Yvette and Steven Gombinski Mark and Kathleen B. Goodman Grace Foods (USA) M. Lynette and N. Dwayne Gray Greater Miami Jewish Federation Richman Greer Grossman Roth Joanna Grover-Watson and Olive Watson Eva and Francisco Guia Sandra Gulden & Leon J. Goldberger Gulden Private Foundation Gull-Tree Investment Holding Halifax Hall, Lamb and Hall Jon Hart Lessie-Ann Heerah Benjamin E. Hein Francisco Hemsing Here We Go Commissioner Sally A. Heyman Higer Lichter & Givner Hightower & Partners Hilton Wolman Events Scott Hirsch Holland & Knight Horizons Foundation Hudson Housing Capital The Human Rights Campaign Action Center & Store Hunton & Williams Imperial Council of San Francisco Imperial Court of Kentucky -34

Imperial Court of RI at Providence Indiana Department of Revenue Infante Zumpano International Court Council J.N. McArthur Foundation Jackson Memorial Foundation The Jamaica Nurses Association of Florida Jamaica Tourist Board Bland Jensen Louis M. Jepeway, Jr. Jewish Community Services of South Florida Commissioner Billy Joel JP Morgan Securities National Philanthropic Trust K&L Gates Kahane & Associates Lis Kalogris Donald Kimelman Kirsh Family Foundation Debra F. and Charles R. Koehler Kozyak Tropin Throckmorton Kubicki Draper Benedict P. Kuehne La Casa De La Mujer De Las Americas LAB Entertainment Landmark Development Corporation Michael W. Larkin Leesfield & Partners Legon Ponce & Fodiman Isabel and Marvin Leibowitz Matthew L. Leibowitz Marilyn Levin Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider & Grossman Jay M. Levy Olga L. Leyva Life is Art Living Arts Trust, Inc. dba O Cinema Alvin Lodish B. and S. Long Ted Lucas Lydecker Diaz Lydian Private Bank Mary K. and Stephen A. Lynch Macy’s Corporate Services Candance Maher-Walsh Pat Mangonnon Steven Marin Markowitz, Ringel, Trusty + Hartog Luanna and Donald W. Marx Jeffrey Mayer McDonald Hopkins mckafka Development Group McKinley Financial Services McLuskey & McDonald Meland Russin Budwick 2011 annual report


Our Miami encourages Philanthropy ď Ž

Raquel Regalado Regions Bank Marlene S. Reiss Reliance Housing Foundation Richman Affordable Housing Margaret A. Rolando Matthew L. Eckstein and Jessica Rosenthal Ross & Girten Jeffrey Rothstein Rachael Russell Herman J. Russomanno, III S & L Beans Sacher, Zelman, Hartman, Paul, Beiley & Rolnick Sain Orr Royak DeForest Steadman Foundation Samara Fund Inc.

Lisa Sloat and Hank Klein

Serota Family

Brad Meltzer Lewis J. Mertz Miami-Dade Justice Association Miami Beach Bar Association Miami Beach Film Society Miami Dade College Board of Trustees Miami Dolphins Foundation Miami Gardens Kiwanis Charitable Fund Miami Jewish Health Systems Miami Shores Mayor’s Community Task Force Audrey Milk Steve Miller Richard C. Milstein and Eric Hankin Rudolph Moise Moore & Company Morris Family Foundation Ana Munoz Kenny Nachwalter Lewis Nadel Nalith National Equity Fund Nosherwan Ahmad Odebrecht Construction Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Edith G. Osman Our House Palm Beach Atlantic University Palmetto Ford Truck Sales Susan L. and Rhus F. Palumbo Panter & Panter Paradise Farms Organic Corporation Law Offices of Robert L. Parks Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Pathman Lewis Louisa Paul Jonathan Perceros Mayte Pereira James C. Peterson Phillips & Richard Pinnacle Housing Group Plymouth Congregational Church Podhurst Orseck Premier Beverage Company Progressive Prosource Solutions Frank C. Quesada Rainbow Business Coalition of Greater Ft. Lauderdale Rakontur Ranaan Katz Range Funeral Homes Raymond James & Associates RBC Capital Markets Corporation Red Stone Partners II Redland Properties of Dade

Marilyn Santiago Gary Scharf Barbara L. and Sheldon J. Schlesinger Benjamin Schulman Clifford A. Schulman Samuel D. Schulman Seaboard Marine Michelle E. Sebastian and Omar A. Samalot Seitlin Insurance Company SEIU Florida State Council John S. Seligman Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino - Hollywood Seminole Properties Retail James J. and Miriam Sensale Serenity Gail D. and Joseph H. Serota Seyfarth Shaw Larry Share Masoud Shojaee Shubin & Bass Ronald A. Shuffield Shutts & Bowen Silva & Silva Silva Search Sandra J. and Charles Simon Lisa Sloat and Hank Klein Sobe Lincoln Road Holdings Corporation Sobe Miami LLC Palace -35

Social Esquire Source Events South Florida Super Bowl XLI Host Committee Sue Spiliopis Daniel Spring St. Thomas University State Street Global Advisors Kenneth I. Stowe Laura J. Sturaitis Sandra S. Sullivan SunTrust Banks Symphonettes Jim Taubenfeld TD Bank Templeton Investment Counsel Pamela D. Terry T-Mobile Steven A. Tobin Toby’s Concession Services Town of Cutler Bay Town of Jupiter Town of Surfside TRH Tripp Scott Judge Dava Tunis U.S. Concepts Union Bank of California United Group Underwriters United Home Care Services Charles D. Urstadt Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin Cesar Verdes Victoria Mutual Building Society VM Diaz & Partners Wadsworth Huott Walgreens Walmart Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske Whole Foods Market Wholesale Stone Israel, Rose, Henry, & Robert Weiner Charitable Foundation Sam Wilson Leon Wolf Wolfe Law Miami Rubin and Gladys Wollowick Foundation Women’s Fellowship of Plymouth Congregational Church Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade County Jack Woolworth Worldwide Travel Partners Jerome A. Yavitz Charitable Foundation Ibraimo Zainadine Alan Zelcer Zyscovich Architects -36

$500 - $999 200 South Biscayne TIC II Abacus Bookkeeping Solutions Abadin Cook Acle Law Firm Aerospace Sales & Leasing Company Sarah K. Alexander American Service Industries Patricia T. Asseff Berk, Merchant & Sims Douglas Bedell Berwin Roy Black Donna R. Blaustein CA Biotechnology Foundation Carisam-Samuel Meisel James Catania Jerry S. Chasen City of Hallandale Beach City of Homestead City of Miami Gardens Pedro A. Cofino Dawn Clark Netsch Lucille M. Clum Coconut Grove Negro Women’s Club Armando M. Codina Michael Cohan Jerald N. Cohn Hillary J. and Adam J. Comora Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra Kenneth L. Crook Cuban American Bar Association Cuban Museum Damian & Valori De Cardenas, Freixas, Stein & Zachary Joseph Deleo William DeYoung Larry E. Dillard Dress for Success Miami Richard M. Dunn Dunwody White & Landon Eastwind Development Bertam and Rhoda Eckert The Education Fund Educause Sherif M. Elhaddad Eleven 11 Enterprises Ellsworth Law Firm Elser Foster-Morales Hillary Enselberg Jeannie Etter Judge Joseph P. Farina Roberto De J. Fernandez Fiduciary Trust Company International Richard Field 2011 annual report


NEEPS William R. Neubauer The New Miami Shores Plumbing Norstar & Primerca JV Michael S. Olin Israel Ortiz Rodriguez Michael Perse The Pew Charitable Trusts Sheryl M. and Mark C. Piper Beth R. Pollack Fernando Portuondo Oscar O. Rey Law Offices of Victor K. Rones Deborah and Oscar L. Rubio Red River Clothing, Inc. (Cowboy Brand) Keith Ridler Sherry Roberts Carl Rosendorf Roxanna Ross Scott Savin Jorge C. Sedano SEI Wireless Solutions Seltzer Management Group Elizabeth Schwartz Dana and Seth Singerman Scott L. Smith Gerrie N. Soman Space Coast Credit Union Janice B. and Herbert Spahn Adam J. Steinberg Tabas, Freedman, Soloff, Miller & Brown Tampico Beverages Taylor, Jonovic and White Michael Toomey Richard Trainor Ronald Traub Robert H. Traurig Two By Two Unihealth of South Florida Christopher A. Vaswani Laura Veitia Kathleen C. and George L. Vergara Watson & Associates Weil, Gotshal & Manges Foundation Weisberg & Kainen David White Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy, & Ford George E. Williamson, III Dina and Jerry Wind W Wine Boutique Wolpe, Leibowitz, Alvarez & Fernandez Rosetta J. and Zebedee Vickers

Our Miami encourages Philanthropy 

Flanagan & Williard Florida East Coast Industries Johanna Friedman Steven Fulton Gaebe, Mullen, Antonelli & DiMatteo Elizabeth and Seth Gadinsky Elaine A. and Gene K. Glasser Larry Gold Mark Gordon Richard A. Grande Gray / Robinson Rosa S. and Merrick L. Gross Judith B. Grumet Michael B. Guss Nick Hados Jeannette H. and Robertson L. Handler Harke, Clasby & Bushman Harvey’s Gary Hennes Dennis Holding Houck Anderson Human Rights Campaign Foundation ICON Foundation Darla R. Jackson Elisa and Richard B. Jackson Krinzman, Huss & Lubetsky Alicia Lain Law Offices of Richard L. Lapidus Robin Lattier Dan LeBatard Russell Lee Lehrman Community Day School Marc Levin Isabel Lorenzo Terry M. Lovell Carmela M. Ludwick Ralph M. Lutrin Isabel and Richard J. Lydecker Magnum Freight Corporation Mahony Projects Markus & Markus Mayor and Council, Florida City of North Miami Beach Janet McAliley Brian Mehmel Ernesto Mendoza Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay Metro DC Community Center The mGive Foundation Miami Rescue Mission Sima and Douglas S. Miska National Community Marjie C. and Thomas F. Nealon Needle & Ellenberg



2011 annual report

in 2011 total amount of grants  $12,324,675 largest grant  $500,000

total number of grants  941 organizations supported  700 in our history total grants  $148,763,692

ourMiami Community defines



The team at Shake-A-Leg is currently working on a seating system that allows for people with different disabilities to be full sailing participants in a safe and effective way, thanks in part to a grant from the Ethel B. and W.R. Thompson Memorial Fund. -40

2011 annual report

Our Miami defines Community 

myMiami is


Imagine kayaking on Biscayne Bay – the wind in your hair and warm sun on your face. You’re watching dolphins play nearby and fish schooling beneath you. Now imagine that same scene with one difference – you’ve left your wheelchair on the dock and this is the first time you’ve ever been on the water. That magical scenario is one that is played out daily at Shake-A-Leg Miami. It’s also a scenario that Ethel B. and W.R. Thompson never could have imagined. The Thompsons loved Miami and all of its innovation and promise for growth. That’s why when she passed away in 1987 [three years before Shake-A-Leg Miami existed], she left her estate to The Miami Foundation. She knew that the Foundation would support exciting and innovative programs, like Shake-A-Leg, in her name forever.

“To empower these kids so that they can overcome the challenges they face and maintain what most consider a normal life is so inspiring,” shares Shake-A-Leg Founder and CEO Harry Hogan. Today, Harry and clients at Shake-A-Leg Miami, using adaptive equipment, have competed in two World Sailing Championships. They compete and win together, all with their wheelchairs on the dock.



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Following is a sampling of grants awarded by The Miami Foundation in 2011. The grant amount, recipient organization, the custom, charitable Fund that made the grant and a brief description of the program are listed.

 $10,000 Florida Together Federation GLBT Community Projects Fund supported a leadership conference and training for GLBT leaders and activists  $16,000 Neat Stuff DadeFund provided former foster youth with clothing and basic household items they need to live independently  $10,000 The Education Fund John S. and James L. Knight Foundation invested in TechA-Thon, which allowed key community members to teach in a classroom and become familiar with the experience of teachers  $15,274 Miami World Cinema Center State Attorney’s Denise Moon Memorial Fund introduced youth to career opportunities in the film industry  $20,000 Common Threads Remargo Charitable Fund taught 8 to 12 year-old children how to cook wholesome and affordable meals and to make healthy food choices  $20,000 Miami Lighthouse for the Blind Dorothy and Edward Frohlich Fund provided comprehensive eye examinations and eyeglasses to uninsured children in Miami


2011 annual report

Our Miami defines Community 

 $9,850 Miami Children’s Hospital Sabadell United Bank provided children with the doctors, facilities and innovations that give them the best chance for a healthy life  $20,000 City Year Miami John M. and Dina K. Marks Fund placed tutors, mentors, and role models in Miami-Dade’s urban schools  $9,000 Good Hope Equestrian Training Center Porter Anderson Fund used horses to help improve the sensory processing and modulation skills of autistic children  $6,000 Camillus House Gerrie and Roger Soman Charitable Fund supported a continuum of care for the poor and homeless, bringing persons from a life on the streets to a home of their own  $10,000 Voices for Children Ruth Young Memorial Fund ensured that current and former foster youth are provided with legal advocacy, financial assistance and other support services  $5,000 Sundari Foundation Greer Family Fund fostered the education, advancement and social inclusion of poor, disadvantaged and homeless women and children  $24,500 Youth Environmental Programs Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund supported military families by providing training, peer support and education workshops in schools



 $50,000 The Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community Miami HEAT Charitable Fund worked to reduce the problems of

drug abuse, addiction and directly related social issues by serving in the role of a community convener and facilitator  $10,000 Friends

Public Library

of Miami-Dade

Harry Kramer Memorial Fund supported Reading Ready, a traveling library program that taught parents in low-income neighborhoods six basic literacy skills that children must have in order to learn to read

 $20,000 Experience


Edward Claire Joy Mendel Memorial Fund presented young

people the opportunity to pursue aviation education programs designed to build math, science, reading and problem-solving skills  $15,000 Chapman Partnership Rena Lobl Fund ensured high-quality educational and recreational programs to teach self-sufficiency among homeless families  $2,650 ArtCenter

/ South Florida

Leo and Raye Chestler Contemporary Visual Arts Scholarship

introduced new audiences to the contemporary visual arts  $10,000 American Cancer Society Weisser Family Fund supported cancer research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education


2011 annual report

Our Miami defines Community 

 $15,000 Florida

Heart Research Institute

The Jean T. Robinson Memorial Fund expanded the

existing free Cardiovascular Risk Factor Screening Program for the uninsured  $15,000 Florida

Film Institute

Ann Sams Memorial Fund taught film production and screen writing to

youth in Miami through the CINERAMA Saturdays program  $5,000 TedxMIA The Matthew S. Greer Fund drove an effort to showcase the cultural

and intellectual vitality in Miami by sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’  $15,000 CHARLEE

of Dade County

George and Betty White Children’s Relief Fund supported their medical

services department, which provides acute nursing care, nursing assessments and health care management services for foster youth  $6,848 Fairchild

Tropical Botanic Garden

Selma Alexander Fund ensured the conservation of tropical plants

and research of important plant areas, conservation assessments, species recovery and direct support to on-site conservation  $5,000 Island

Dolphin Care

Mario F. Fernandez Memorial Foundation for Children provided

scholarships to Miami-Dade children with special needs or illnesses, allowing them spend five days with dolphins  $10,000 Boys

and Girls Club of Miami-Dade

Natalie and Gilbert Snyder Family Fund supported recreational sports

and fitness activities to help combat childhood obesity

Visit us at miamifoundation.org/yourgrants to see the complete list of our grants.




2011 annual report

in 2011 75 Engaged Youth representing more than 25 schools convened 1,000 people 2,000 staff volunteer hours in our history 315 community leaders served as Trustees on our Board $1,000,000 invested in leadership programs total number of Miami Fellows ď Ž 106

ourMiami Leadership inspires



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c i t i s i m i t op Miami Fellows

The Miami Fellows program is designed to engage a new generation of leaders. We identify people who are inspired by our community’s potential, have demonstrated leadership and are dedicated to do more. Our dynamic community serves as a learning laboratory for the 15-month experience. Fellows develop a deeper understanding of their personal leadership styles while learning more about the important issues we face.

Engaged Youth Engaged Youth is a leadership development program for high school students. We provide unique and exciting opportunities to explore Greater Miami’s history and development, its diverse neighborhoods, and social, economic and political issues. Engaged Youth also connects participants with mentors and role models who also share a commitment to building a Greater Miami.

Visit us at miamifoundation.org/leadership to learn more about these exciting programs. -48

Our Miami inspires Leadership ď Ž

To date, 89 individuals have completed the program and 17 more represent the current class of the program. Alumni are partners at law firms, established business executives, CEOs of local nonprofit organizations and international entrepreneurs.

Engaged Leaders The Engaged Leaders program supports and recognizes remarkable leaders who are making outstanding contributions at nonprofit organizations. The program offers grants of up to $5,000 for nonprofit executives to attend world-class leadership skills and management development programs. pictured left: The Engaged Leaders program provided Marisel Losa, president and CEO of Health Council of South Florida, the opportunity to attend Harvard Business School, Women and Power Seminar.

The inaugural class of Engaged Youth pass each other through a web of rope during a teambuilding exercise. The exercise and the entire program taught participants that no matter what it is you want to do, it is always more successful when you work as a team. miamifoundation.org


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Board of Trustees





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Louis-Albert H. Jolivert

 Board Chair Senior Director BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Penny Shaffer

Board Vice-Chair Market President Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Juan Martinez

Board Treasurer and Secretary Finance Committee Chair Vice President/CFO and Treasurer John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 

Alex Fraser

Program Committee Chair President Smart Merchant Processing

Michael A. Marquez

 Development Committee Chair Managing Director and Senior Resident Officer Bessemer Trust

Raul L. Rodriguez, AIA


Governance Committee Chair President Rodriguez & Quiroga Architects 

2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership 






mi miami



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Valdes- Fauli


Samson Saldana









mi miami

Maria C. Alonso

Pablo Cejas

Melissa Krinzman

Senior Vice-President Market Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility Bank of America

Chairman and CEO Ascendant Commercial Insurance

Founder and Managing Director Venture Architects, LLC

Manuel Diaz, Esq.

Rafael Saldaña

Marta F. Anido, CPA

Senior Partner Lydecker Diaz, PA

President and CEO Banesco USA

Of Counsel Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra LLP

Robert C. Gilbert, Esq.

David P. Samson

Sergio Bendixen

Of Counsel Grossman Roth, PA

President Miami Marlins

President Bendixen & Associates

Divina Grossman, Ph.D.

Richard E. Schatz, Esq.

Mitchell A. Bierman, Esq.

Vice President for Engagement Florida International University

Weiss, Serota, Helfman, Pastoriza, Cole & Boniske, PL

Marlon A. Hill, Esq.

Managing Partner Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, PA

Ana Lopez-Blazquez

Founding Partner delancyhill, PA

Chief Executive Officer Baptist Health Enterprises Chief Strategic Officer Baptist Health South Florida miamifoundation.org

Martin Kalb, Esq. Shareholder Greenberg Traurig, PA

Bruce Turkel CEO/ECD Turkel

Raul G. Valdes-Fauli President and CEO Professional Bank -51


2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership 

myMiami is

Attorneys with sophisticated clients, like Martin Kalb, often recommend The Miami Foundation as a solution for their clients’ charitable needs. “My clients are philanthropic. As busy and successful people, they prefer to focus on what they want to achieve with their charitable gifts,” notes Kalb, shareholder at Greenberg Traurig. “The Miami Foundation does all the research and administration, freeing my clients of that burden.” It’s for this reason and more that attorneys, wealth managers, accountants and financial planners across Miami-Dade find it easy to suggest that their clients open their foundation at The Miami Foundation. “Our team of philanthropic experts develop a custom, charitable solution based on each client’s goals and needs. We have the ability to accept complicated assets, offer more favorable tax deductions and, with contributions of a certain size, allow a donor to choose their own investment manager,” offers Javier Alberto Soto, President and CEO of The Miami Foundation.

“I appreciate the flexibility, professional staff and outstanding customer service offered to me and my clients by the Foundation,” continues Kalb. “It’s extraordinary to know that they are handling the compliance and accountability, my clients get to have the joy of philanthropy.”



ourMiami savvy is

The Miami Foundation is an excellent place to start your foundation. Many wealth managers, investment advisors, accountants and attorneys understand this and suggest us to their clients.


Argiz Milstein

Anzivino Kalb Sutherland



Stone Hill



We recognize and appreciate this important role these thoughtful advisors play and provide unique opportunities to help their clients. Through our Professional Advisor Network, they come together to share, learn and network among like-minded professionals. We are especially grateful for the guidance of our Steering Committee, pictured below. Their input shapes our program to provide value to Professional Advisors and their clients.

2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership 

Professional Advisor Network William T. Muir, Esq. Chair

Bruce M. Stone, Esq. Honorary Chair

Jack G. Admire, Esq. Mr. AJ Ager Juan C. Antunez, Esq. John R. Anzivino, CPA Antonio Argiz, CPA Jeffrey Baskies, Esq. Norman J. Benford, Esq. Richard A. Berkowitz Ms. Susan Best Donna R. Blaustein, Esq. Kenneth M. Bloom, Esq. Mr. Gil J. Bonwitt Christopher W. Boyett, Esq. Ms. Kristina B. Bryn Donald J. Butler, CPA Jerry S. Chasen, Esq. Richard B. Conger, Esq. Paul M. Cummings, Esq. Sharon Quinn Dixon, Esq. Mr. Patrick J. Dwyer Ms. Marta Fernandez Judith A. Frankel, Esq. Lynn Warren Fromberg, Esq. Robert C. Gilbert, Esq. Mr. Ghislain Gouraige, Jr. John J. Grundhauser, Esq. M. Lewis Hall, Jr., Esq. Marlon A. Hill, Esq. Andrew W. Horn, Esq. Mitchell A. Horwich, Esq. Mr. Louis-Albert H. Jolivert miamifoundation.org

Mr. Edward J. Joyce Martin Kalb, Esq. Cheryl J. Kaufman, Esq. Mr. Richard Lavina Marsha G. Madorsky, Esq. Mr. Michael Marquez Donald W. Marx, CLU Thomas R. McGuigan, Esq. Richard C. Milstein, Esq. Robert S. Moschell, Esq. Rene V. Murai, Esq. Barry A. Nelson, Esq. Louis Nostro, Jr., Esq. Juliana Park, CFP Brian C. Perlin, Esq. Henry H. Raattama, Esq. Richard J. Razook, Esq. Ms. Robin Reiter-Faragalli Mr. Rafael F. Saldaña Linda C. Singer, Esq. Ms. Joanne N. Smith Susan Strickroot Adams, Esq. Eric W. Sulzberger, Esq. Gene C. Sulzberger, Esq. Mr. Craig R. Sutherland Judith R. Traum, Esq. Samuel C. Ullman, Esq. Abigail C. Watts-Fitzgerald, Esq. Teresa V-F Weintraub, Esq. Ms. Gloria M. Zaldivar


ourMiami committees our

Engage Miami Advisory Committee

Engaged Leaders Selection Committee

Bank of America

Civic Leader

Fernand Amandi

Julie Grimes

Bendixen & Associates

Hilton Bentley Hotel

Crystal Brewe

Belinda Turner Lawrence

Adrienne Arsht Center

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Bill Diggs

Paolo Mira

Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce

PHD Mobi

Carlos Curbelo

Bahia Ramos

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Maria C. Alonso

Liebe Gadinsky

Liebe Gadinsky Civic Leader

Francisco Garcia City of Miami Planning Department

Steven Gretenstein Dacra

Matt Haggman John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Neal Hecker WPBT Channel 2

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey Teach For America

Chris Mann University of Miami

Steven Marcus Health Foundation of South Florida

CJ Ortu単o Save Dade

Adriana Perez Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

Madeline Pumariega Miami Dade College

Rick Schneider

Engaged Youth Steering Committee Miguel Arguelles

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Nicole Brisbane Teach For America

George Corton Florida International University

Juan Carlos del Valle University of Miami

Keith Fletcher UAspire

Yara Lorenzo United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit

Giancarlo Sopo Inktel

GLBT Task Force

Jerry Simon Chasen, Esq. Chasen & Associates, PA

WPBT Channel 2

Liebe Gadinsky

Jacob Solomon

Civic Leader

Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Rennina Turner Miami Central High School

Christian Ulvert EDGE Communications

Charlie Urstadt Urstadt Real Estate

Edward G. Guedes, Esq. Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske

Cathy M. Pareto

Cathy Pareto & Associates, Inc.

Thea Sommer Beyond Ten

Raul J. Valdes-Fauli Fowler Rodriguez Valdes-Fauli


2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership 

Miami Fellows Mentors

Investment Advisor Selection Committee

The Children’s Trust

Ascendant Commercial Insurance

Modesto Abety-Gutierrez Cesar L. Alvarez, Esq. Greenberg Traurig

Sheldon Anderson Northern Trust

Stephen Bittel Terranova Corporation

Jaret Davis, Esq. Greenberg Traurig

Helen Aguirre Ferré WPBT2

Francisco Garcia City of Miami

Manny Garcia El Nuevo Herald

Sandra Gonzalez-Levy Florida International University

Julie Grimes Hilton Bentley Hotel

Marlon A. Hill, Esq. delancyhill, PA

David Lawrence The Children’s Movement

Mindy Marques The Miami Herald

Abigail Price-Williams Miami-Dade County

Ruth Shack President Emeritus The Miami Foundation

Katy Sorenson The Good Government Initiative

Javier Alberto Soto

Pablo Cejas

Alex Fraser

Smart Merchant Processing

Juan Martinez

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Henry H. Raattama, Esq. Akerman Senterfitt

Richard E. Schatz, Esq. Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson

Miami Fellows Selection Committee Fernand Amandi Bendixen & Amandi

Crystal Connor The Connor Group

Manuel Diaz, Esq. Lydecker Diaz

Divina Grossman, Ph.D. Florida International University

Marlon A. Hill, Esq. delancyhill, P.A.

Katy Sorenson The Good Government Initiative

Suzanna Valdez Adrienne Arsht Center

Keith Ward Quality Management North America

Ruth Shack Leadership Award Selection Committee

The Miami Foundation

Liebe Gadinsky

Keith Ward

Civic Leader

Quality Management North America

Marlon A. Hill, Esq. delancyhill, PA

Louis-Albert H. Jolivert BNY Mellon Wealth Management



OurMiami Soto



my miami is

my miami



mi miami




my miami



Javier Alberto Soto President and CEO

Charisse Grant Senior Vice President for Programs

C. Emily Gresham Vice President for Development

Nancy Jones Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications

Tony Mesa Chief Financial Officer - interim -58

2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership  is

Louis Maduro






Benzaquen my miami






my miami

mi miami es

Betty Alonso

Pamela Cirimele

Maryam Laguna

Director of Programs

Program Assistant

Communications Officer

James Benezra

Casey Dachs

Emmanuela T. Louis

Senior Accountant

Finance Associate

Finance Associate

Janell Benzaquen

Nancy Granja

Jay Lundy

Development Officer

Executive Assistant to the President and Office Administrator

Public Affairs Officer

Julie Bindbeutel Development Officer

Marianne Maduro Michelle Huttenhoff

Senior Program Officer

Administrative Assistant




2011 annual report

Our Miami inspires Leadership ď Ž

ourMiami progress our

in 2011

total assets $152 million received nearly 3000 gifts totaling $24 million awarded more than 900 grants totaling $12 million

operating expenses represent less than 1.6% of total assets



Consolidated Statements of Financial Position as of December 31 | 2011



Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 10,049,472 Accounts Receivable / Contributions Loans and Prepaid Expenses 4,124,701 Investments 137,351,452 Assets Invested in Equipment, Net 140,506 ___________ Total Assets $ 151,666,131 ___________ ___________ Liabilities and Net Assets

Liabilities Grants and Accounts Payable $ 1,115,937 Funds Held in Trust & Endowments 16,481,181 __________ Total Liabilities 17,597,118 __________ Net Assets Unrestricted $ 130,056,039 Temporarily Restricted ___________ 4,012,974 Total Net Assets 134,069,013 ___________

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 151,666,131 ___________ ___________

Consolidated Statement of Activities as of December 31 | 2011

2011 Revenues and Gains Contributions and Fees Earned $ 29,038,177 Net Investment Losses (4,440,269) __________ 24,597,908 Total Revenues and Gains __________ Expenses

Grants and Program Services $ 20,172,420 Management and General 1,510,929 Fundraising 1,703,337 ___________ ___________ Total Expenses 23,386,686

Pension Related Changes other than net periodic pension cost


Change in Net Assets 1,293,797 Beginning Net Assets ___________ 132,775,216 Ending Net Assets $ 134,069,013 ___________ ___________

A complete set of financial statements with accompanying footnotes and unqualified auditor’s report as well as IRS Form 990 are available for review at The Miami Foundation offices. You may download our IRS Form 990 on our website at miamifoundation.org. -62

2011 annual report

writer/project management | nancy jones art direction & graphic design | cathi bohl | kind design advertising photography | ian ibbetson printing | AC Graphics - Hialeah deep appreciation | maryam laguna and all of the philanthropists, grantees and advisors who shared their stories, wrote their words and posed for our cameras

The Miami Foundation is confirmed in compliance for best practices in donor stewardship and financial management as set forth by the Council on Foundations

this report is printed on FSC certified paper we invite you to subscribe to our electronic communications at miamifoundation.org/paperless Certified Green Partners confirms that paper used contains fibers from sustainable and well-managed forests, printed with vegetable-based inks by AC Graphics #CGP-EGC/PR-1001


200 South Biscayne Boulevard Suite 505 Miami, FL 33131-5330





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