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Volunteer Leadership

Philanthropic Giving

rra ‘13

ia ‘17, Josh Gue

ia de la Guard

Violeta & Natal


Maddie Hertz ‘16


Year in Review


A MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL For the past two years, one of our school-wide goals has been to grow the culture of philanthropy here at Miami Country Day School. This goal grew out of a feasibility study conducted in anticipation of the school’s 75th anniversary. No doubt, when L.B. Sommers and C.W. “Doc” Abele opened the Miami Country Day School for Boys in 1938, they never imagined that their little school, with an initial enrollment of nine boys, would be what it is today. No one factor can account for the school’s tremendous success, but one thing is certain: the Country Day our students enjoy today is in large part due to a philanthropic spirit developed over the years. Through this annual report, we would like to acknowledge those who continue this philanthropic tradition. We thank each and every one of you from the companies and individuals who lent support to our most pressing capital needs to the young graduates who made their first donation as an expression of gratitude for the wonderful memories and great education they experienced at Country Day. I hope

you will enjoy the messages from some of our Board of Trustees, as well as the donor and volunteer recognition lists in the later pages. It is also important to note that our Annual Giving Campaign in particular has allowed us to continue to attract some of the nation’s best faculty and staff, while offering students the finest academic programs, a secure and attractive campus, and a diverse and enriching community of peers. As we advance with our 75th anniversary celebrations, I hope I have the opportunity to personally thank all of you who have contributed to our school community in so many ways over the years. Your continued support is essential for our school to sustain its mission of educating the whole child as we seek to serve every student, every day. With heartfelt gratitude,

Dr. John Davies, Head of School

We are a college preparatory learning community committed to educating the whole child.


Through the core values of honor, respect, wisdom, and compassion, we prepare students to be lifelong learners.


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Anne Paulk Much like the members of 21 Hearts, 1 Beat – Miami Country Day’s awardwinning Contemporary Music Ensemble – each playing his or her part while striving for a harmonious production, our faculty, administrators and staff, volunteers, alumni, parents, grandparents, Dr. John Davies, and the Board of Trustees all worked in concert with one another to put on another wonderful year for our students. Of particular note this year was the completion of our Strategic Plan. Under the relentless leadership of Matthew Lazenby, Chair of Financial Sustainability (Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees), this document was crafted with the input of 96 members of the Miami Country Day community, through the work of several focus groups, and with the overall vision of the school in mind. The strategic planning process identified six school-wide goals: (1) continue to

enhance our Arts Program through the building of a Center for the Arts, (2) move forward with the previously approved Campus Master Plan, (3) continue the average faculty salary gradient of 5% per year, (4) continue to improve the faculty professional development budget to reach the Independent School Management (ISM) benchmark of 1.5% of the operations budget, (5) continue to repay internal borrowing, including the amount borrowed against Board-designated endowment for the construction of the Franco Center and 107th Street, and (6) begin to fund depreciation of the school’s property and buildings through a PPRRSM reserve account. These six goals are by all means challenging, but not impossible. I am confident that our community is steadfast to meet these goals together, and provide an even richer educational experience for future generations of Spartans. Today, I thank you for your continued support of Country Day, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you to make the school an even better place tomorrow.


BUILDING & GROUNDS Bud Farrey, Building & Grounds Committee Chair

This year was full of activity for the Building & Grounds Committee, which oversaw several improvement projects as well as the rezoning process necessary to implement the school’s approved Campus Master Plan. The first floor of the Fisher Building, the original Upper School Building, was enhanced by a renovation project, which included the conversion of two rooms

into large, open lab spaces to house our 6th grade STEM program. Building 17, housing the Middle School office and other administrative offices, also received a makeover with all new windows, carpeting, cabinetry, and more. Our gym, outdoor corridors, and other spaces on campus are now brighter and better with the installation of energy-efficient LED lights thanks to the generosity of Roger Koch, an alumni parent. We also saw the creation of a new athletic training room directly off of the gym that allows us to better serve our student athletes. Finally, even the parking experience was improved through the creation of a new Parent & Special Event Parking zone in the North Parking Lot. Thank you to Chief Operating Officer Gary Butts, Facilities Director Mike Caban, the Facilities & Maintenance Department, Zyscovich Architects, the vendors, contractors, and capital giving benefactors without whom none of these changes would have been possible.

Proposed Center for the Arts Newly-Acquired Property Proposed Athletic Complex Proposed Innovation Center




Sean Clancy, Development Committee Chair

There were many significant outcomes from the development program during the 2012–13 school year, and one of the most important was the completion of a development office assessment and feasibility study conducted by Marts & Lundy. Out of that assessment came a number of recommendations that we acted on and a strategic plan that continues to drive the development program. Dr. Davies established a school-wide goal of furthering our Culture of Philanthropy as a follow up to Marts & Lundy’s internal assessment. I believe the successful fundraising results from the year confirm that awareness of this important goal is being realized. The Annual Giving goal of $600,000 was exceeded by $227,567 being donated by trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, and staff. Please join me in recognizing our faculty and staff who reached 100% participation again this year. In February, our community had record participation raising $83,200 for Faculty Endowment by supporting Benefit 2013, the Spartan Bowl, which included golf

400 400000


600 600000


Our school depends on philanthropic support to provide the resources we all expect of a Miami Country Day School education, and I want to thank everyone included in this report for the many gifts that benefit our students, teachers, and the school community as a whole.


As a Trustee and Alumni Parent, I am proud to be a part of both the past and the future of Miami Country Day School. A special thank you to the many people who came before us and provided the gifts that brought the vision of our founders to where we are today.




for the past five years


Annual Giving Results

200 200000








Highlights $227,567 $83,200 OVER ANNUAL GIVING GOAL



PARTICIPATION FROM FACULTY & STAFF and tennis tournaments, dinner and auction, and a Kids’ Fun Day. Finally, the top priority for facilities that came out of the Strategic and Campus Master Plan is to build a Center for the Arts. The Board of Trustees is moving that effort forward with their own

commitments along with many others who have stepped up at the leadership level to support the Arts at Miami Country Day.



Sol Saad, Finance Committee Chair endowment and an annual $250,000 goal to pay back Board The school continues to designated endowment funds previously used to fund capital be financially strong, improvements. The school’s new auditors will continue to driven by robust provide opportunity for benchmarking and best practices with enrollment growth and their extensive independent school client base. gains in charitable giving and auxiliary programs, The school’s strategic financial plan prioritizes the pay back complemented by of internally borrowed funds. This past year’s strong financial controlled expenditures results allowed the school to pay down $1.5 million in internal against budget. Net debt and establish a $300,000 reserve account to fund future tuition revenue was $23.0 million, up $3.5 million or 17% major building and facility repairs. over the previous year, primarily from enrollment increases of Goals for the upcoming year include continued focus on 13%. Unrestricted contributions and support was $778,000, cost containment to ensure funding increases for faculty an increase of $209,000 or 37% over the previous year and compensation and professional development opportunities auxiliary program profits rose by $256,000 or 88%, further and new school programs, growing our summer programs as contributing to the school’s financial strength. The school profit centers to provide tuition relief, and continuous process recorded a net surplus of $1.3 million or 4.8% of our total improvements to better serve the school community. $26 million operating budget. Investments in school facilities this past year totaled $1.6 million or 4.8% of our net capital Thank you to the many committed members of the School’s assets. School administration is extremely aware of the Finance Committee that generously volunteer their time and burden that tuition places on our families. The school is talents to ensuring the financial sustainability of our School. committed to moderating tuition increases by providing financial aid and controlling school costs as part of our ongoing efforts to avoid pricing the school out of reach for families who are currently members of the school community and for those that would like to join us. The enrollment strength has allowed the school to limit the REVENUES tuition rate increase to 4.75% for Student tuition and fees $25,894,531 the past three years. Our strategic Less: Financial aid grants ($2,875,448) plan includes growth in non-tuition Net tuition and fees $23,019,083 revenue, auxiliary programs and gifts, to mitigate tuition rate increases. Contributions and support $777,643 This past year, the school conducted extensive reviews to hire new financial partners, including a new banking partner (TD Bank), an Endowment Investment Advisor (JP Morgan), and new independent financial auditors (Verdeja & De Armas). The school took advantage of the low interest rate environment to replace a higher interest rate line of credit with more favorable financing terms. Our new investment advisor is managing our long term endowment assets in accordance with the school’s conservative Investment Management Policy. The school’s endowment assets will continue to grow with 20% of new capital campaign gifts earmarked for

Auxiliary programs Student activities Other revenue Net assets release from restrictions TOTAL OPERATING REVENUE AND SUPPORT


Instructional Student Activities Auxiliary programs Lunch program General and administrative Plant operations Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES CHANGE IN NET ASSETS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES

$1,858,403 $498,441 $80,559 $384,261 $26,618,390 $9,486,942 $1,729,282 $1,312,689 $827,336 $5,349,702 $5,815,422 $844,405 $25,365,778 $1,252,612


Revenues FY13 Revenues by Category Auxiliary Programs $1,858,404 7% Restricted Contributions $2,039,307 7% Annual Fund $777,643 3%

Investments Student Activities $105,909 & Other 1% $498,441 2%

FY12•FY13 Comparison • FY12 • FY13 Net Tuition Annual Fund Restricted Contributions Events Auxiliary Programs

Net Tuition $22,999,084 81%

Investments Student Activities & Other 5



20 25 Millions

Expenses FY13 Expenses by Category PPRRSM Reserve $300,000 1% Other $4,269,777 15% Food Service $1,040,207 4% Plant Costs $1,688,127 6% Capital Additions $1,665,611 6% Financial Aid $3,014,176 11%

Personnel Costs $15,753,223 57%

FY12•FY13 Comparison • FY12 • FY13 Personnel Costs Financial Aid Capital Additions Plant Costs Food Service Other PPRRSM Reserve 2


6 8 10 12 14 16 Millions


Sh an


iM ara


Ta ‘13



Volunteer Leadership BOARD OF TRUSTEES


EXECUTIVE BOARD Anne Paulk, President Howard Premer, First Vice President James W. Moore ’65, Second Vice President John F. “Bud” Farrey, Treasurer Matthew Whitman Lazenby, Secretary Debi Beasley, Assistant Secretary

CHAIR Howard Premer

MEMBERS Isaac Arguetty Christopher Bellows Noah Breakstone Melanie Ink Broeker John Camp ’73 Wayne Chaplin Sean Clancy Elizabeth “Betty” Hach Karleen Halliwell Javier Holtz Terry Jove Fredric Karlton Matthew Kayton Gerald W. Moore ’68 Mark C. Piper Sol Saad Lawrence M. Stanfill, D.D.S. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Trustee Emeritus Richard S. Banick Barbara North Burton Edwin B. Cole Michael J. Franco † J. Michael Garner Osmond C. Howe, Jr. Stanley F. Whitman John Davies, Head of School Marilyn Thomas, P.A. President Jami Beasley Watkins ’01, Alumni President

MEMBER G.J. Bakker Evan Berger Paul Chaplin Jonathan Chariff Michael Chavies Peter Gold Stephanie Gold Craig Green ’93 Robert Greenberg Sean Grosman Randolph Gumenick Kevin J. King ’95 Achilles Kontoyiannis Elisa Lucchi ’98 Jamal Mashburn Brian McCarthy ’95 Glenna Milberg Matthias Nixdorf Henry Patel Leslie Pathman Jason Port Julie Pronesti Mark Walker Marilyn Thomas, P.A. President Jami Beasley Watkins ’01, Alumni President Jim McCoy, Miami Shores Mayor Alberto Pozzi, Miami Shores Country Club Dr. Terry Piper, Barry University EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS John Davies, Head of School Gary Butts, COO Sheryl Piper, Director of Development Nora Pardave, Alumni Director & Assistant Director of Development Buzzy Tabatchnick, Director of Leadership Gifts




EXECUTIVE BOARD Jami Beasley Watkins ’01, President Lance Tinkler ’01, 1st Vice President Charlie Bloom ’88, 2nd Vice President Alex Avayu ’97, Secretary/Treasurer Claudia Figueredo ’90, Special Events & Projects Chair Brian McCarthy ’95, Alumni Development Chair Kevin J. King ’95, Past President Cristian LaCapra ’96, Alumni Officer Karen Maerovitz ’96, Alumni Officer

Roxy Gross, Co-Chair Jacqueline Ivory, Co-Chair

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS John Camp ’73 Ware Cornell ’65 Bruce Matheson ’62 Gerald W. Moore ’68 James W. Moore ’65 Carl Whitmer ’71

UPPER SCHOOL CHAIRS Scott & Debbie Robins



LOWER SCHOOL CHAIRS Steven & Claudia Brod Cary & Caryn Lubetsky MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAIRS Thomas & Julie Pronesti


EXECUTIVE BOARD Marilyn Thomas, President Jessica Rodriguez, President Elect Tracey Borrow, Vice President Allison Feldman, Secretary AJ Leoni, Treasurer Lisi Port, Lower School Rep. Perri Pollak, Middle School Rep. Virginia Brown, Upper School Rep. Honey Revitz, Learning Resources Rep. Julie Saad, College Rep. Debi Beasley, Alumni Rep. Stacey Levy, Alumni Rep. Wendy Russakoff, Historian Kelly Gold, By-Laws Tamara Feola, Past President

INTERNATIONAL GRADE CAPTAINS Antonio & Marta Arbulu Alejandro Espinal Achilles & Luisa Kontoyiannis Irene & Edward Mandel Ivette Perez Albert & Lydia Slezynger Patricio & Adriana Wills



Michael Chavies, Chair Matt Allen Debi Beasley Christopher Bellows Evan Berger Gary Butts Ernie Cambo John Camp ´73 Tabitha Charles ‘85 Sean Clancy Robert Finvarb Daniel Gold Craig Green ‘93 Alan Greenfield Henry Gregorio Chris Hayes Brian Levy Bryan Parizo Howard Premer Wally Rodriguez Sol Saad Neil Sazant Chuck Sennett Ochiel Swaby Bruce “Buzzy” Tabatchnick BJ Teltsher ‘93 Jeff Watson Olive Watson

FACULTY & STAFF CAPTAINS Denise Wilson, Lower School Lucy Pekoc, Middle School Carroll Kelly, Upper School Kelly John, Staff ALUMNI CHAIR Brian McCarthy ‘95

LOWER SCHOOL GRADE CAPTAINS David & Irena Bozdogan, PreK 3 Steven & Claudia Brod, JK Kevin J. ‘95 & Tricia King, JK Cary & Caryn Lubetsky, JK Jerome & Tabitha Charles, SK Jeff & Gigi Jeffries, SK Eduardo & Gabriela Marquez, SK Craig ‘93 & Nancy Green ‘93, 1st Grade Cary & Caryn Lubetsky, 1st Grade Brian Nuñez & Jennifer Gimeno,1st Grade Patricio & Adriana Wills, 1st Grade Evan & Tiffany Berger, 2nd Grade Brett & Tracey Borrow, 2nd Grade Darren & Corrine Bloom Enkin, 2nd Grade Robert & Melissa Netkin, 2nd Grade James & Alex Bergman, 3rd Grade Steven & Claudia Brod, 3rd Grade Samuel & Claudia Grossman, 3rd Grade Cary & Caryn Lubetsky, 3rd Grade Steven & Elizabeth Vainder, 3rd Grade Peter & Kelly Gold, 4th Grade Craig ‘93 & Nancy Green ‘93, 4th Grade Randy & Stacey Gumenick, 4th Grade Adam & Wendy Russakoff, 4th Grade Dwight & Lele Tracy ‘81, 4th Grade Alejandro Espinal, 5th Grade Jack & Karleen Halliwell, 5th Grade Simone Mayer & Mayda Perez, 5th Grade

MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADE CAPTAINS Larry & Vanessa Abramowitz, 6th Grade Andrew & Michelle Burger, 6th Grade Drew & Karen Dillworth, 6th Grade Richard & Lynn Freeman, 6th Grade Matthew & Julia Kayton, 6th Grade Sam Luby & Katherina Weibel, 6th Grade Mike & Marilyn Thomas, 6th Grade Robert & Rochelle Finvarb, 7th Grade Richard & Ivonn Goihmann, 7th Grade Carnie & Moi Mattison, 7th Grade Jay & Joni Meiselmann, 7th Grade Thomas & Julie Pronesti, 7th Grade David & Wendy Smith, 7th Grade Larry & Vanessa Abramowitz, 8th Grade Jerome & Tabitha Charles, 8th Grade Piero & Lissette Filpi, 8th Grade Jim & Shellie Fulford, 8th Grade David & Wendy Smith, 8th Grade Michael Smith & Katy Kellog Smith ‘75, 8th Grade UPPER SCHOOL GRADE CAPTAINS Ali & Batoul Bazzi, 9th Grade Howard & Alison Cohen, 9th Grade Larry & Laura Colin, 9th Grade Richard & Ivonn Goihmann, 9th Grade Jarret & Roxy Gross, 9th Grade John & Staci Kanter, 9th Grade Armand & Danielle Touboul, 9th Grade Alan & Ruth Zelcer, 9th Grade Kevin Space & Beth Berryman,10th Grade Tim & Virgina Brown, 10th Grade Ernesto & Monica Cohan, 10th Grade Larry & Nicole Groll, 10th Grade Anthony & Jeanny Lei, 10th Grade Ivette Perez, 10th Grade Valerie Rivera-Giraud, 10th Grade Sol & Julie Saad, 10th Grade Mark & Greta Walker, 10th Grade Bob & Debi Beasley, 11th Grade Alfredo Fernadez & Amy Pantin,11th Grade Alex & Marta Leiter, 11th Grade Wayne & Leslie Pathman, 11th Grade Evan & Lisa Seif, 11th Grade Daniel & Karen Stauber, 11th Grade Pablo & Carmen Vivas, 11th Grade Evan & Tiffany Berger, 12th Grade Steve & Alice Bernard, 12th Grade Olaf & Miryam Halvorssen, 12th Grade Scott & Debbie Robins, 12th Grade Randall & Kimberle Tepper, 12th Grade Alan & Ruth Zelcer, 12th Grade

We inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional, and spiritual potentials


Federico Slezynger ‘13


Philanthropic Giving 2012-2013 ANNUAL GIVING

The following gifts were made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

HONORARY TRUSTEE $25,000+ Michael & Lara Liebowitz Russian Standard Corporation Roustam Tariko

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE $10,000+ Felipe & Monica Bautista Paul & Marie-France Bloch Steven & Claudia Brod Miguel & Rosangel Cabrera Mark Fisher & Eloah Ramos Julio & Miranda Iglesias Kobi & Nancy Karp Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Panos & Joanna Marinopoulos Matthias & Conny Nixdorf Jason & Diana Starkman The Garner Foundation, Inc Gerald W. Moore ‘68 & Victoria Fernans Moore ‘74 James W. Moore ‘65 & Kathy M. Kassner Anne Paulk Mark & Greta Walker BENEFACTOR’S CLUB $5,000+ Leonard ‘62 & Jayne Abess Brian & Jill Rowe Foundation Chaplin & Jove Families Larry & Laura Colin David & Lisa Desmond Mark Fisher & Eloah Ramos Mark & Holly Giovannetti

James & Monica Goldsmith J. Eric Gould & Laura Paresky-Gould Robby & Nadia Greenberg Jack & Karleen Halliwell Henry & Linda Hernandez Daniel & Toni Holtz Daniel Julien & Angela Penttinen Julien Matthew & Julia Kayton Lucia Marchett George Perez & Brooke Soffer Mark & Sheryl Piper Jesus Quintero & Liliana Malave Thomas ‘68 & Renee Rodgers Neil & Jennifer Sazant Igor & Olga Shabanets Sol Taplin Charitable Foundation Jason & Diana Starkman Martin & Cricket Taplin Thomas E. Rodgers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Thelma Venema Graham Walsh & Candace Maher-Walsh Antonio & Astrid Yammine Alan & Ruth Zelcer

PALM SOCIETY $2,500+ Paul Dunbar & Loyce Archer-Dunbar Isaac & Miriam Arguetty Francisco Arocha & Maria Guedez-Arocha GJ & Joyce Bakker Bob & Debi Beasley Chris Bellows Evan & Tiffany Berger Nikhil & Bojana Bhardwaj Gabriel & Paula Boano Douglas Broeker & Melanie Ink Broeker The Brunetti Foundation

18 | ANNUAL REPORT John & Tracee Brunetti Stephen Brunetti Gary & Peggy Butts Stefano Frittella & Alexandra Carcelli Rafael & Dunia Castilho Sean Clancy & Dina Cellini Richard & Joey Chancis Pierre & Heidi Charalambides Jonathan & Jackie Chariff Jeffrey & Mariana Crevoiserat John & Roxanne Davies Darren & Asmaa Davy Chris Day & Asya Pashenko Jay & Joan Eichel Epicure Market Maya Ezratti Bud & Maria Farrey Justyn & Allison Feldman Alfredo Fernandez & Amy Pantin Piero & Lisette Filpi Jim & Shellie Fulford Randy & Stacey Gumenick Elizabeth “Betty” Hach Javier & Andria Holtz Kevin J. King ‘95 & Tricia A. King Benny & Juliette Klepach Howard & Stephanie Krass Piotr Krasuski & Anna Poniecka Alexey Labzin & Olga Zueva Matthew & Kristin Lazenby Barry & Jeannie Lewin Maria Lizama Maria Alejandra Lopez Contreras Flavia Lowenstein Sam Luby & Katharina Weibel Richard & Isabell Lydecker Sebastian Malo & Maria Alvarez Malo Michael & Diane Rosenberg Family Foundation, Inc Cedric Mir & Petra Pataki Greg Muzii & Beverly Gurney-Muzii Nanko Corporation Inc. Northwestern Mutual Foundation Samuel & Nicole Papu Wayne & Leslie Pathman Jarrett Perlow ‘97 Howard & Ilene Premer Thomas & Julie Pronesti Brenton Raymond ‘06 Glenn & Anne Roberts Scott & Debbie Robins Michael & Diane Rosenberg Jorge Sada Solano Saffran Family Foundation Inc. Kal Saffran Jim Sage & Michelle Treco-Sage Elliot Stone & Bonnie Sockel-Stone Erwin & Carolina Sredni Pedro Suarez & Emma Rahn de Suarez Bruce & Meryl Tabatchnick Jimmy ‘81 & Janie Tate Michael & Marilyn Thomas Peter & Denise Torres Marco Vedeo & Antonella Fiorentino Jonathan Weinberg & Carlota Goeters Jay & Michele White Patricio & Adriana Wills

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE $1,500+ Larry & Vanessa Abramowitz David & Gisela Alexander Leslie Altman

Martin ‘52 & Leesa Andreas Vincent & Paulina Apice Daniel & Joanne Aronson Mariano Barreto & Bianca Baldini Eric Bedenbaugh & Sandra Cortes Adam & Ruth Behlman Nirat Beohar & Abha Shrivastava Beohar Fred Berens Marsha Berg James & Alexandra Bergman Thomas Billante Tim & Virginia Brown Seth Cohen & Aline Grotti-Cohen Dennis Cote Inigo de Zabala & Eva Dalda Drew & Karen Dillworth Donna Newman Photography Leonardo Emperador & Patricia Bastidas Philippe Erb & Isabelle Erb Greaux Magnus & Nakary Eriksson Salvador & Maricer Escalon Alfie & Tamara Feola Robert & Rochelle Finvarb Michael & Lana Fischer J. Rafael Fuentes & Ann Justiz Arun & Heather Garg Ilse Geyskens Raj & Juliana Gohill Jared & Michelle Goldberg Howard & Stella Gostfrand Arthur & Carole Green Mark & Theresa Greene Theresa Greene Larry & Nicole Groll Sean & Candace Grosman Christian & Holly Hansen Jeffrey & Patricia Himmel John & Staci Kanter Evgeny & Yuliana Komogortsev Guy & Selin Kurlandski Edward & Kinga Lampert David & Melissa Lazarus Brian & Stacey Levy Rashard Lewis & Giovanni Fortes George & Christina Lindemann Cary & Caryn Lubetsky Esteban & Lorena Mancuso Edward & Irene Mandel Carnie & Moi Matisonn Ian McGaffic & Donna Newman Michael McMillan & Carol Cassis-McMillan Jay & Joni Meiselman Mitsos Inc Marks & Oksana Moskvina Mirelor & Serafina Nelcha Robert & Melissa Netkin Darren & Vanessa Patz Eric & Jonina Pitchman Jay & Perri Pollak Jason & Lisi Port Steven ‘92 & Elizabeth Resnick Craig Robins Michael & Stephanie Rosen Jon Sale & Jayne Weintraub Sale James & Elizabeth Schechter Jessica Schnaider Tony & Robyn Seiden Rony Seikaly Daniel & Jacky Shiff Abraham & Michelle Smilowitz David & Wendy Smith

Solon-Andreas Foundation Sergey Solonin & Nadezda Solonina Suzanne Spiliotis Scott & Jessica Srebnick Evelyn Teamkin Technology Innovators Inc. The Lampert Foundation Jerry & Judith Tilis Anthony Tripodo Marcel & Alexandra van Gemerden Phillip Vandervoort & Ilse Geyskens Alvaro & Luby Vazquez Pablo & Carmen Vivas Cyrus & Joanne Walker Ralph & Andrea Wheaton

DIRECTOR’S CLUB $500+ Jose Abrante & Eva Sanz de Acedo Stuart & Janet Lilly Robert Ader & Elizabeth Hitt Alexander Alejo & Olga Gonzalez-Alejo Keith Alexander ‘81 Sandy Altman Jose Alvarez Gago & Paula Meneses Perez Bo Andersen & Nikki Huyer Donald & Rosie Andersen Bernard & Nicole Ankonina Antonio & Marta Arbulu Juan Arcila & Marcela Orrego John & Dana Ariton Assurant Nick Athanassiadis & Karen Davis Christian & Patty Ballesteros Richard & Margaret Banick Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Elena Barberis Paul Basile & Kristi Kassebaum Barbara Ellen Becker Harry & Esther Beda Harry Benitah & Leslie Gelrubin-Benitah Paul & Sandrine Bensabat Robert & Glinys Benson Chad Berkshire & Sylvia Flores-Berkshire Dan Bernstein & Laura Stuzin Antonio Blavia & Sandra Fuentes Evgeni Bogorad & Anzhela Shmakova Michael & Heather Boucher Noah & Patricia Breakstone Jose Breindembach & Yumary Kohler Luca & Suzanne Bronzi Alexander & Ekatarina Brosda Andrew & Michele Burger Diamela Burguera Mark & Melisse Burstein Stephen Butter Barbara Calleja Carmine & Elizabeth Camera Joseph Cartolano & Angela Alvero Jorge & Ximena Castro Jay & Jayanthi Chandar Michael & Pamela Chavies Jose Cherem & Yael Schlesinger Varet & Alessandra Civre Delbert Clark Doug & Peggy Clifton Howard & Alison Cohen Felix & Shayne Cohen Jeffrey & Tracy Cohen Michel & Carola Cohen Fernando Collado-Mesa & Cynthia Jacobs Matt & Lyndsey Cooper

ANNUAL REPORT | 19 Fernando & Kimberly Crespo Yaniv & Rachel Dagan Jessica Davis ‘99 & David Goldstein Timothy Davis & Karin Stirk-Davis Paul De Angelis Manuel ‘91 & Stephanie Diaz Carlos Docal & Elizabeth Hurtado Yiannis & Veronica Dumas Ramon Villamayor & Diana Echezarreta Frank & Emily Eismont Martin Elortegui Darren & Corinne Enkin Alejandro & Ana Espinal Antonio & Ana Lorena Espinosa de los Monteros Fernando Extrakt & Vivian Norman Fahed & Lina Fayad Ricardo Fernandes & Kelly Souza Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Elmer & Marina Figueroa David Filler & Catherine Rodriguez-Filler Armando Simosa & Maria Fiorello Marc & Melanie Fishman Todd & Alice Florin Juliette Fulton Brian Nunez ‘01 & Jennifer Gimeno Richard & Ivonn Goihman Debbie Goodman Craig ‘93 & Nancy Green ‘93 Deborah Greenberg Mark & Deborah Greenberg Luis & Marianne Gregorio Philip A. Hart Abel & Fana Holtz Carlos Mogollon & Elspeth Hotchkiss David & Sophia Howard Juwan & Jenine Howard Elizabeth Hurtado Danny Huston Michael & Lauren Iaslovits Christopher & Jacqueline Ivory Robert Watson & Joanne James Kent & Katja Janzon Jeff & Gigi Jeffries Tarmo & Mamie Joeveer Craig Johnson & Maggie Prieto-Johnson Sanjay ‘87 & Vicki Kamlani Jeffrey & Julie Kane Fredric Karlton Yair & Susan Kassab Dan & Suzy Katz Maria Khamsi Peter & Nancy Lash Todd & A.J. Leoni Frederic & Kareen Levacher Luca Lionello & Antonella Tosti Alan & Lisa Lips David & Beth Long Richard & Marisabel Lovelace Sam Luby & Katharina Weibel Luxe Finishing LLC Leonidas Macedo & Suzane Zimovski Adam & Jackie Malamed Luigi Manfredi Campochiaro & Miroslava Plaza Gil Marieugenia Marcano Alexander Marino & Jeanella Isea Eduardo & Gabriela Marquez Eugenia Massey Bruce Matheson ‘61 Fred & Barbara Medina Barry & Toba Meiselman Sergio & Gloria Mejia

Alan & Laura Mendelson Hector Mendez Ivan Mendoza ‘94 Gunther & Nicola Meyer Miami Shores Mayor’s Community Task Force Michael & Glenna Milberg Rose Marie Minio Mauro & Adriana Moscucci Peter & Marion Mosheim Antonio Moura & Claudia Estrada Alan & Lori Nieder

Greg Nordone ‘94 James & Catherine Norris Mike & Deborah Nuñez Jose Antonio & Maria Olivera Antonio Ortega & Teresa Amorin-Ortega Ilya & Elena Palinsky Robert & Jane Palmisano Emmanuel Pedron & Stephanie Jourdan-Pedron Ivette Perez Jorge & Lilian Perez Joseph Piroso & Susan Tiffany

n ‘14



Ma iana


Marina Marwan Tabbara ‘14

Eric & Jonina Pitchman Miroslava Plaza Gil Tatiana Prokopovich John & Catherine Ragheb Julio Ramos & Patricia Mond Roberto & Silvana Rodrigues Domingo & Ingrid Rodriguez Barry & Leslie Rosen The Miami Shores Rotary Foundation Mitchell & Edda Rubinson Adam & Wendy Russakoff Sol & Julie Saad Richard Sacco & Barbara Calleja Abbie Salt Christopher & Monica Savits Graziano Sbroggio Joe & Angela Schechter Bernard & Michaela Segall Oscar & Carole Seikaly Dion & Cathy Sena

Juan & Rita Serralles Alberto & Lydia Slezynger Michael Smith & Katy Kellogg Smith ‘75 Mel & Geen Stier Liliane Stransky Glen & Juliet Surnamer Marwan Tabbara & Mona Shehab Stanley & Joanne Tate Lele Toole-Tracy ‘81 & Dwight Tracy Arm& & Danielle Touboul Rhett & Stephanie Traband Stuart Tromberg Glen Turf Eric Valladares & Lisa Marie Szekely Mike & Kim van der Leegte Jerome Vogel Alberto & Dina Volovitz Michael & Kim Walker Jose Luis Waingarten & Elizabeth Laduzinski Olive Watson & Joanna Grover-Watson Wells Fargo KJ Wickum & Peggy Meyer Whitman Family Bal Harbour Foundation Inc. Stanley Whitman Ed Williams Scott & Dawn Williamson Howard “Coco” Willingham ‘65 Bill & Juliet Wolk Rashad Woodside Aleksandr Zhirkov & Julia Zhirkova

CORNERSTONE CLUB UP TO $499 Daniel Abeckjerr & Lynne Mercure Yann & Ruth Abily Manulani Acosta Jon & Abra Adrabi Terry Alfonso Marnie Allen AllianceBernstein Global Wealth Management AllianceBernstein L.P. Daniel Alonso & Ana Maria Ochoa Audy & Marie Alvarez Ricardo & Karen Alvarez Adrien Amador ‘13 Eduardo & Manoela Andrade Anonymous Christopher Apone ‘94 Carlos & Angela Arango Francisco Hernandez & Gladys Arellano Stuart & Virginia Arey Miguel Ascanio & Indira Brunot Luiz Augusto & Cynthia Costa Guarita Carlos & Margarita Avalos Alejandro Avayu ‘97 Oscar Goncalves & Caterina Badiello Fred Baisden ‘57 Nicholas Bank ‘13 Michel Bitton & Laurence Barbara Di Meco John & Peggy Barbick Adrian Baschuk ‘98 Sid & Karen Bass Talal Bazzi ‘13 Cleveland & Cynthia Ann Bell Leon & Lana Bell Martin Bell ‘02 Jonathan & Marisue Beloff Thomas & Gladys Benedek Jim & Laurie Benedek Jeremy ‘90 & April Benson Julien Bergier & Carolina Calderon-Bergier

ANNUAL REPORT | 21 Simona Berkovich Sandra Berkowitz Jeffrey & Michele Berlowitz Alice Bernard Amy Bernard ‘13 David & Maria Bernard Natalie Bernard ‘04 Steve & Alice Bernard Audrey Bernstein Jesse & Sandra Bernstein Beth Berryman Roman & Olga Bespalenko Leon & Andrea Bibas Amy Biscombe Vincent Biscombe Anna Blackman John Russell & Yvonne Black-Russell Charles Bloom ‘88 Ricardo Blum & Adriana Sandoval Howard & Susan Blumin Maurizio Boano ‘13 Ramiro Bohorquez & Johana Salguero Rogina Bolt John ‘81 & Jennifer Bolton Mackenzie Bolton ‘13 Paul Bonilla ‘01 Laylah Borchers Ralph Borchers Brett & Tracey Borrow David & Irena Bozdogan Wyn Bradley Ricardo Garcia & Theresa Bradman Scott & Jackie Brady Scott & Vanessa Brennan Marc & Diane Breslow Marlene Broad Ruth Broadbent Daniel Bronish Melisa Brown Alex Bruckstein & Natalie Slimak Francesca Bruno Aaron Buchler Edward & Kristine Buchler Lawrence & Laura Burkhalter David Butter ‘13 Mike Caban & Erica Homs Jesus & Pamela Cabarcos Jose Mellado & Ania Cabrerizo Phil & Robin Cahill John Camp ‘73 & Laura McDermott-Camp Laura Camp ‘86 Rex Carazo ‘03 James & Susan Carr Sherry Castellanos Katherine Cathcart Peter & Laura Cayon Gerardo & Gisela Cea Victoria Cerami-Haefner ‘79 & Gregory Haefner Hector Marine & Monica Cerra de Marine Anthony Cervone & Minoosh Farhangi Steve & Briana Charles Jerome Charles & Tabitha Polley Charles ‘85 Lorena Chiriboga Martin & Egda Chirinos Sandra Chiszar Jonathan & Stacey Chopp Dimitri & Gilmaria Christo Vicki Chulock Frank & Daria Cirisano Tatiana Cirisano ‘13 Cole Clancy

Columbia Clancy ‘11 Albert & Karise Claramonte Karen Cleland John Clements Ernesto & Monica Cohan Alan & Dorothy Cohen Dan & Lilian Cohen James & Diane Cohen Victor Cohen ‘13 Myrtle Collins Noelle Collins Brandon Colongo ‘12 Roxana Colongo Marc Comcowich ‘98 Libby Comras Stan & Candee Comstock Mari Conea Michael & Rona Cooper Eleno & Elena Corbo Gabriel Cordero ‘13 Fernando & Nereida Corona Jose & Rosa Cortes Julio Cortez & Jeannette Buznego de Cortez Melinda Cowen Alpo Franssila Crane ‘55 & Marjorie Crane andrew Craven & Francesca Ippolito-Craven Jon Cross & Jen Karetnick Ulysses & Luz Stella Cross Nancy Crowell Jimmy Cudzilo Carlos Cuevas & Jimena Lardies Li Cuevas Gary Culbertson J. Joseph & Barbara Curran Evelyn Daes-Perez Christopher D’Angelo Harrison C. Davies ‘09 Lourdes de la Huerta Hila de Saussure Alfonso & Ana del Castillo Alejandro Granado & Rosana Delgado Jill Dellerson ‘99 John DeMartin Giulia Dias Roncoletta ‘13 Alude D’Louis Alexander Dombrowsky ‘92 & Anna Blackman Michael & Carolyn Dorn Delphine Dray Scot Drucker ‘00 Mario & Nina Dubovoy Noujan & Paule Ebrahimi Peter Edelson ‘09 Vaughn Edelson ‘03 Jack & Laurie Ehrenfeld Adam Eismont ‘13 Jessica Elliott Ralph & Amanda Ellison Eduardo & Gabriela Fajardo Michael Fallik Susan Ferenczi Ivon Fernandez Laura Ferreira de Melo Kimberly Ferreiras Mark Fifer ‘05 Claudia Figueredo ‘90 Hollie Fine Michael & Renee Finny Leonard & Patricia Fluxman Patricia Fluxman Jennifer Frehling Robert & Nancy Frehling

Jared ‘01 & Stacey Galbut Brian & Robin Gale Christie Gales Mauricio & Juliana Gallotta Dana & Amy Gallup Sheika Ganthier Juan Garaicoa Edward & Carrie Garazi Fabian Gonzalez & Mariana Garcia Eduardo Garcia-Flores & Sibila Menecier Duff & Cindy Gelman Rowena Gerber Carlos & Tanira Giacian Aaron Gillego Jaime Giraldo Philippe Giraud & Valerie Rivera-Giraud Ivelin Giro Cortinas Alax & Wendi Gittler Todd & Kim Glaser David & Sharon Glazer Thomas & Susan Glick Brian Goggin Daniel & Stephanie Gold Laura Golden David Goldstein & Jessica Davis ‘99 Aurelio & Carmen Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez & April Vogel Ricardo & Luz Gonzalez David Graham & Drytha Wowor Graham Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce Frank & Patricia Green Monte & Andi Greenberg David & Melissa Greenberg Catherine Greene Alan & Marilyn Greenfield Bill Giovannucci & Alyson Greenfield ‘93 Henrique & Marie Gregorio Jason Grey Jenny Knight & John Griffin Bernard ‘97 & Irma Grondin Marie Grondin ‘93 Ben & Jacqui Grosman Jarret & Rossanne Gross Francisco Guardia & Claudia Jimenez Jose & Marcia Guarita Jon & Karen Guben Carlos & Linda Guerra Maria Jose Guzman William Haefner ‘13 Charles Haisch & Jean Yang-Haisch David & Sharon Halpryn Harriet Halpryn Olaf & Miryam Halvorssen Raegan Hanson Kenneth & Shirley Harris Gerard Hatvany & Maria andreu Christopher & Tanya Hayes Robert & Jennifer Heagle David & June Heller Frank & Nery Henry Brian Hernandez ‘13 Cirilo Hernandez & Martha Padron Martin Hertz & Connie Christensen Hertz David Herzberg ‘06 Sean Hill Elouise Holliday Lenora Holmes Roger & Brenda Holsing Rolando & Laura Holz Timothy Houser Phillip Hudson & Sandra Kaufmann

22 | ANNUAL REPORT Michael Hutsko & Carroll Kelly Stefano Iadarola & Nanci Koones-Iadarola Eli Iaslovits ‘13 ING Financial Services Corporation Geoffrey Ings ‘65 Mohammad Ishaq & Debbie Lee Robert Jackson ‘56 Francis Jacob & Sari Zinn Jacob ‘85 Gilberto Javier & Graciela Trujillo Gazcón Pamela Jarvis Ana Jimenez John ‘74 & Carmen Johnston Aaron Jones ‘13 Tamika Jones Kim Jordan Gislaine Joseph Linda Kaany Lawrence Kamm & Helen Rogers Benjamin & Elena Kaplan Jeffrey & Betsy Kaplan Aaron Karlton ‘13 Spencer Karnes Neisen ‘69 & Ana Kasdin Darius Kasparaitis Alaine Kass Nicole Kassin Rafael Kassin ‘13 Fay Katz Mallory Kauderer & Tica Echarte Joanna Kay ‘13 L. Robert Kay ‘60 Lina Kay David & Sandra Kayton Susan Kelley John Kelly & Claudia Reyes Michele Kelly Ruth Kettaneh Danyeal Kight John King ‘90 Jenna Kochen ‘05 Allan & Ursula Koltun Karen Konen Peter Konen & Marisol Sardina-Konen Ted & Lydia Korff David & Elena Koss Dmitri Kotikouski & Ludmila Khorokhorina George & Nicole Kovacs Scott & Eileen Kramer Beatrice Krasnow Elliot Krasnow Howard & Susan Kreger Marc & Mihoko Kremer Eloy Paredes & Trina Krispin Edmundo Kronfle Leonardo Kronfle ‘13 Ernesto & Helen Kunde Michael Kunen ‘02 Leigh Kurk David & Brooke Kushner Grant Kushner ‘13 Mikhail Kuznetsov & Daria Mitchell Sandy & Joanne Labaton Miguel Lagos Jasmine Lake Heather ‘92 & Peter Lambie Sylvio & Karina Landell de Moura William Larzelere Bertin Latour Briana & Steve Lee Anthony & Jeanny Lei Donna & Michael Lenaghan

Richard & Kathy Lesser Alain & Silvia Levi David & Alison Levin Jay & Claudia Levy Nichole Levy Steven ‘84 & Michelle Lewis Sandi Lewis andres Leyva & Maria Cristina Daza Jenna Lilly ‘13 Nicholas & Susanna Linfield Margarita Lloyd-Godsk Pamela Locker † Douglass & Awa Niang Lodmell Claudia Londono Edward & Kristina Long Marbella Longsworth Sergio & Silvia Lopez de Mesa Susana Lopez-Hatcher Christian Lovera Charles Lovett Walter & Nina Lucchi Vanessa MacAdam Alexander Macaisa ‘13 Jaime & Freda Macaisa Sandy & Charlene MacDonell Mercy MacDowell Eduardo Macedo ‘13 Carlos Rusconi & Roseli Machado Donald & Monica Mackenzie Karen Maerovitz ‘96 Stephen & Margaret Mahoney Andrew Malcolm & Vanessa Cabrera Francesco Marcacci & Lissette Marsicobetre Francesta Marcelin Francisco Marin Mark Tinkler Landscape Architecture Anthony & Niki Markofsky ‘87 Roy & Iris Martayan Christian Martell Jamal & Michelle Mashburn Steven Mathes Betty Matz David ‘85 & Susan May Simone Mayer & Mayda Perez Brian ‘95 & MJ McCarthy Edward McCarthy Jana McCarthy Patrick McCarthy ‘00 Charly & Lorie McDonald Dawn McNeil Mekloy, Inc. Jose Mellado & Ania Cabrerizo Daniel Mendez ‘13 Irma Meyer Leonardo & Elvia Milanes Gillian Milberg ‘13 Kevin Millan Alma Miller Pablo Minces & Karina Palladino Barbara Mink Judy Mistor Ryan ‘01 & Cynthia Mitchell ‘02 Mateo Pablo Mlikota & Moyra Daniela Zimerman Russell Mofsky & Kristen McLean Eileen Mondazze John Montgomery ‘54 Brenda Mora Morgan Stanley Headquarters Joseph Moseley ‘54 Jeffrey Mowers & Katherine Brown-Mowers

Gordon & Yvonne Moyer Monique Moyer ‘99 Multigogy LLC Maria Murawka Greg Muzii & Beverly Gurney-Muzii Ibis Nasello Alberto & Lital Nayor David Neal & Fern Watts Ferne Netkin Monica Nishi Morella Nuñez de Caceres Claire O’Coin Jo Ann O’Neill Mike & Fran Oppedisano Rose Oppedisano Jose & Fabiola Oronoz Alex Orr ‘77 & Hila de Saussure Harry Papu ‘13 Julio & Nora Pardave Bryan & Michele Parizo Ernie & Nancy Parizo Aimone & Terri Pasqualin Hemant & Jaywanti Patel Ines Pearson Daniel Penengo Jose & Gwendolyn Perez Walter & Danielle Pineda Maggie Piper Richard Piper Megan Pittman Alberto Soto & Josephine Podesta-Soto Sean Polley ‘96 Luis Guillermo Pons & Anna Maronese Tony Pornprinya & Ally Chan Alex & Leyla Portela Richard & Elise Preira Courtney Premer ‘06 Jimi Pressoir Mike Preston & Lucy Pekoc Frank Priest & Sophia Tranoris Graciela Prieto John & Beverly Puente Robert ‘58 & Jaye Quimby Juan Quintero & Margarita Santa Edward & Jennifer Quinton Nicole Quiros ‘97 Antonio & Patricia Rafael Jose & Ketty Ramirez Ramsingh & Pakshi Ramsooksingh Rishi Ramsooksingh ‘03 Pedro & Marialejandra Rangel Jack & Dawn Rattner David & Helen Rees Norman & Jean Reust Gregory Revitz ‘13 Denise Rivera Pascal & Jill Robert Gerald & Joan Robins Jared Robins ‘13 Edwin Rodriguez Michel & Erika Rodriguez Ron & Jessica Rodriguez Wally & Terry Rodriguez David & Kristi Romanik Tatiana Rosa Aleks Rosenberg & Alix Harper Brett & Andrea Rosenberg ‘92 Fred & Cynthia Rosenberg Renee Rosenberg Fredlyn Rosenfeld Norma Rosenfeld

ANNUAL REPORT | 23 Leigh Rothschild Jenny Roude Aoun ‘13 Raffaele & Danoucha Ruggeri Theresa Sabbag Edward & Alecia Sachs John Salt ‘08 Maria Sanchez Myriam Sanchez Charles Sano ‘97 & Meaghan Sano John & Gisela Santiago Juan Santos & Ana Villegas Sarita Sasson ‘13 Wayne Schuchts & Tara Elias Schuchts ‘81 Mark & Sorela Schultz Paul Seifert Anthony & Tamie Seijas Tatiana Seikaly ‘13 Susan Seinjet Don & Jennifer Senerath Chuck & Jennifer Sennett Arden & Meribeth Shank Michael & Heather Sher Ryan ‘96 & Nirvana Sherman ‘95 Shawn & Susan Sherwood Livia Silla Alicia Silva Carlos & Candida Silva Effie Silva ‘92 Bernard Singer David & Sharon Singer Douglas Singer ‘13 Raj & Neeta Singh Daniel Sirlin & Vaida Harvey Cheryl Skalberg Federico Slezynger ‘13 Adela Smart Monique Smith Hannah Snitcovski ‘13 Renato & Angela Snitcovski Carl & Linda Snitzer Adam Snitzer & Gayle Pomerantz Maurice & Linda Soriano Christopher & Lisa Spence Jane Spinney Daniel & Karen Stauber Kristin Stickels Martha Stobs Steven Strober Erik & Carolina Stromeyer Devand & Dolores Sukhdeo Marija Surev Prosper Surujon ‘13 Tom Sverkounos & Marisol Martinez Ferro Ochiel Swaby Jaime & Patricia Szerer Laura Szerer ‘13 Anthony & Lindsey Tanona Andrew & April Taylor Danielle Tepper ‘13 Randall & Kimberle Tepper Pat ‘77 & Sarah Terheyden Anthias Thomas Bradley & Carrie Thomas Jane Tiffin Michael & Helen Tilis Lance Tinkler ‘01 Bernard & Muriel Touret Augusto Vaccaro ‘13 Ashley Vail George & Ashley Vail Steven & Elizabeth Vainder




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an ‘

tef y Es

Maria Valenzuela-Williams Var Resarch, Inc. Tania Vargas Robert Vaval Michael ‘85 & Frederika Vazquez Daniel Vazquez Graciela Villarreal Brena Ivana Vlahovic ‘13 Herbert Gladstone & Carol Vogel Joshua ‘94 & Elida Wallack Rebecca Walter William & Alba Ward Jami ‘01 & Matthew Watkins Jeffrey & Patricia Watson Steven ‘86 & Rochelle Weinstein Bonnie Weintraub ‘06 Paul & Lana Weintraub Donald & Kyllene Weiss Mark & Tobi Weiss Norman & Eleanor Weiss Roy Werner Kenneth Westlake Carl Whitmer ‘71 Elizabeth Whittington John & Kim Wicker Cynthia Wiesenthal Martha Wilcoxen Dena Willman ‘93 Christopher & Denise Wilson Charles Winters Jason & Suzanne Witrock Heather Wohl ‘08 Murray & Cynthia Woodburn Rashad Woodside ‘13 Juzef & Victoria Yakobi John & Adele Yermack Zachary Zelcer ‘13 Leslie & Natalie Zigel Scott Ziluck David & Karen Zimmerman


Marty ‘52 & Leesa Andreas John Montgomery ‘54 Joseph Moseley ‘54 Alpo Franssila Crane ‘55 & Marjorie Crane Robert Jackson ‘56 Fred Baisden ‘57 Robert ‘58 & Jaye Quimby L. Robert Kay ‘60 Bruce Matheson ‘61 Leonard ‘62 & Jayne Abess Geoffrey Ings ‘65 James W. Moore ‘65 & Kathy M. Kassner Howard “Coco” Willingham ‘65 Gerald W. Moore ‘68 & Victoria Fernans Moore ‘74 Thomas ‘68 & Renee Rodgers Neisen ‘69 & Ana Kasdin Carl Whitmer ‘71 John Camp ‘73 & Laura McDermott-Camp John ‘74 & Carmen Johnston Anonymous Alex Orr ‘77 & Hila de Saussure Pat ‘77 & Sarah Terheyden Victoria Cerami-Haefner ‘79 & Gregory Haefner Keith Alexander ‘81 John ‘81 & Jennifer Bolton Wayne Schuchts & Tara Elias Schuchts ‘81 Jimmy ‘81 & Janie Tate Dwight Tracy & Lele Toole-Tracy ‘81 Steven ‘84 & Michelle Lewis

ANNUAL REPORT | 25 Jerome Charles & Tabitha Polley Charles ‘85 Francis Jacob & Sari Zinn Jacob ‘85 David ‘85 & Susan May Alvaro ‘85 & Frederika Vazquez Laura Camp ‘86 Steven ‘86 & Rochelle Weinstein Sanjay ‘87 & Vicki Kamlani Charles Bloom ‘88 Jeremy ‘90 & April Benson Claudia Figueredo ‘90 John King ‘90 Manuel ‘91 & Stephanie Diaz Alexander Dombrowsky ‘92 & Anna Blackman Heather ‘92 & Peter Lambie Steven ‘92 & Elizabeth Resnick Brett & Andrea Rosenberg ‘92 Effie Silva ‘92 Craig ‘93 & Nancy Green ‘93 Alyson Greenfield ‘93 & Bill Giovannucci Marie Grondin ‘93 Dena Willman ‘93 Christopher Apone ‘94 Ivan Mendoza ‘94 Greg Nordone ‘94 Joshua ‘94 & Elida Wallack Kevin J. King ‘95 & Tricia A. King Brian ‘95 & MJ McCarthy Ryan ‘96 & Nirvana Sherman ‘95 Karen Maerovitz ‘96 Sean Polley ‘96 Ryan ‘96 & Nirvana Sherman ‘95 Alejandro Avayu ‘97 Bernard ‘97 & Irma Grondin Jarrett Perlow ‘97 Nicole Quiros ‘97 Charles Sano ‘97 & Meaghan Sano Adrian Baschuk ‘98 Marc Comcowich ‘98 Jessica Davis ‘99 & David Goldstein Jill Dellerson ‘99 Monique Moyer ‘99 Scot Drucker ‘00 Patrick McCarthy ‘00 Paul Bonilla ‘01 Jared ‘01 & Stacey Galbut Ryan ‘01 & Cynthia Mitchell ‘02 Brian Nunez ‘01 & Jennifer Gimeno Lance Tinkler ‘01 Jami ‘01 & Matthew Watkins Martin Bell ‘02 Michael Kunen ‘02 Ryan ‘01 & Cynthia Mitchell ‘02 Rex Carazo ‘03 Vaughn Edelson ‘03 Rishi Ramsooksingh ‘03 Natalie Bernard ‘04 Mark Fifer ‘05 Jenna Kochen ‘05 David Herzberg ‘06 Courtney Premer ‘06 Brenton Raymond ‘06 Bonnie Weintraub ‘06 John Salt ‘08 Heather Wohl ‘08 Harrison C. Davies ‘09 Peter Edelson ‘09 Maggie Piper ‘10 Columbia Clancy ‘11 Brandon Colongo ‘12 Adrien Amador ‘13 Nicholas Bank ‘13

Talal Bazzi ‘13 Amy Bernard ‘13 Maurizio Boano ‘13 Mackenzie Bolton ‘13 David Butter ‘13 Tatiana Cirisano ‘13 Victor Cohen ‘13 Gabriel Cordero ‘13 Giulia Dias Roncoletta ‘13 Adam Eismont ‘13 William Haefner ‘13 Brian Hernandez ‘13 Eli Iaslovits ‘13 Aaron Jones ‘13 Aaron Karlton ‘13 Rafael Kassin ‘13 Joanna Kay ‘13 Leonardo Kronfle ‘13 Grant Kushner ‘13 Jenna Lilly ‘13 Alexander Macaisa ‘13 Eduardo Macedo ‘13 Daniel Mendez ‘13 Gillian Milberg ‘13 Harry Papu ‘13 Gregory Revitz ‘13 Jared Robins ‘13 Jenny Roude Aoun ‘13 Sarita Sasson ‘13 Tatiana Seikaly ‘13 Douglas Singer ‘13 Federico Slezynger ‘13 Hannah Snitcovski ‘13 Prosper Surujon ‘13 Laura Szerer ‘13 Danielle Tepper ‘13 Augusto Vaccaro ‘13 Ivana Vlahovic ‘13 Rashad Woodside ‘13 Zachary Zelcer ‘13

GRANDPARENTS ALL LEVELS Harry & Esther Beda Thomas & Gladys Benedek Sandra Berkowitz Audrey Bernstein Scott & Jackie Brady Ruth Broadbent John & Tracee Brunetti Edward & Kristine Buchler Sandra Chiszar Vicki Chulock Doug & Peggy Clifton Alan & Dorothy Cohen Libby Comras Michael & Rona Cooper Eleno & Elena Corbo J. Joseph & Barbara Curran Jay & Joan Eichel Robert & Nancy Frehling Herbert Gladstone & Carol Vogel Aurelio & Carmen Gonzalez Arthur & Carole Green Mark & Theresa Greene Luis & Marianne Gregorio Ben & Jacqui Grosman Harriet Halpryn Abel & Fana Holtz Pamela Jarvis Lawrence Kamm & Helen Rogers Alaine Kass

Ruth Polley Kettaneh Karen Konen Barry & Toba Meiselman Peter & Marion Mosheim Ferne Netkin James & Catherine Norris Mike & Deborah Nunez Claire O’Coin Robert & Jane Palmisano Ernie & Nancy Parizo Mike Preston & Lucy Pekoc Graciela Prieto Norman & Jean Reust Gerald & Joan Robins Thomas ‘68 & Renee Rodgers Michael & Diane Rosenberg Renee Rosenberg Mitchell & Edda Rubinson Carl & Linda Snitzer Martin & Cricket Taplin Stanley & Joanne Tate Evelyn Teamkin Anthias Thomas Jerry & Judy Tilis Alvaro & Luby Vazquez Thelma Venema Jerome Vogel Roy Werner Ed Williams David & Karen Zimmerman

FACULTY & STAFF ALL LEVELS Yann Abily Abra Adrabi Gisela Alexander Terry Alfonso Marnie Allen Joanne Aronson Maggie Avalos John Barbick Anne Barrow Jesse Bernstein Amy Biscombe Rogina Bolt Laylah Borchers Scott Brennan Daniel Bronish Melisa Brown Fran Bruno Gary Butts Mike Caban Vanessa Cabrera Phil Cahill Andrew Castle Laura Cayon Steve Charles Tabitha Charles ‘85 Egda Chirinos Daria Cirisano Cole Clancy Karen Cleland Roxana Colongo Candee Comstock Mari Conea Michelle Cordera Nancy Crowell Jimmy Cudzilo Li Cuevas Gary Culbertson Chris D’Angelo Nicole Davis

26 | ANNUAL REPORT John Davies Paul De Angelis Lourdes de la Huerta Alude D’Louis John DeMartin Carolyn Dorn Paule Ebrahimi Laurie Ehrenfeld Jessica Elliott Michael Fallik Susan Ferenczi Marisol Martinez Ferro Mark Fifer Michael Finny Renee Finny Alice Florin Shellie Fulford Annette Fulton Juliette Fulton Stephanie Fung Christie Gales Amy Gallup Sheika Ganthier Rowena Gerber Aaron Gillego Jaime Giraldo Susan Glick Juan Gonzalez Melissa Greenberg Marilyn Greenfield Kate Greene Beverly Gurney-Muzii Christopher Hayes Sean Hill Brenda Holsing Mike Hutsko Linda Jarvis-Guerra Kelly John Kim Jordan Linda Kaany Betsy Kaplan Spencer Karnes Carroll Kelly Jenny Knight Peter Konen Helen Kunde Leigh Kurk Joanne Labaton Jasmine Lake Gabriela Lara Bill Larzelere Deborah Lee Sandi Lewis Susanna Linfield Claudia Londono Beth Long Kristina Long Marbella Longsworth Silvia Lopez-Hatcher Charlie Lovett Nina Lucchi Vanessa MacAdam Margaret Mahoney Andrew Malcolm Francesta Marcelin Christian Martell Steven Mathes Paul McGee Marcelo Metzelar Leonardo Milanes Barbara Mink

Judy Mistor Russell Mofsky Eileen Mondazze Brenda Mora Monique Moyer Yvonne Moyer Maria Murawka Ibis Nasello Mary Novas Jo Ann O’Neill Fran Oppedisano Rose Oppedisano Jose Oronoz Ingrid Palmisano Nora Pardave Bryan Parizo Michele Parizo Terri Pasqualin Ines Pearson Lucy Pekoc Danny Penego Walter Pineda Sheryl Piper Jonina Pitchman Megan Pittman Denise Rivera Jill Robert Kristi Romanik Cynthia Rosenberg Fredlyn Rosenfeld Terri Sabbag Alecia Sachs Myriam Sanchez Adriana Sandoval Marisol Sardina-Konen Sorela Schultz Chuck Sennett Jen Sennett Meribeth Shank Livia Silla Alicia Silva Candida Silva Cheryl Skalberg Monique Smith Jane Spinney Kristin Stickels Steven Strober Marija Surev Tom Sverkounos Ochiel Swaby Bruce “Buzzy” Tabatchnick Lindsey Tanona BJ Teltsher ‘93 Pat Terheyden Jane Tiffin Sophia Tranoris Glen Turf Maria Valenzuela-Williams Tania Vargas Ines Verbel-Hernandez April Vogel Elida Wallack Rebecca Walter Alba Ward Jeffrey Watson Kenneth Westlake Elizabeth Whittington John Wicker Denise Wilson Charles Winters Murray Woodburn


SECURING THE FUTURE CAMPAIGN Bob & Debi Beasley Michael ‘83 & Kara Burnstine Roxana Colongo Frank & Emily Eismont Catherine Greene Sean & Candace Grosman Mark & JoAnn Hildebrandt Javier & Andria Holtz Fredric Karlton John & Darla Karlton David & Elizabeth Long Samuel & Nicole Papu Douglas & Nina Rudolph Michael & Marilyn Thomas THE ARTS David & Gisela Alexander Chris Bellows Doug & Melanie Ink Broeker Gary & Peggy Butts Sean Clancy & Dina Cellini Roxana Colongo John & Roxanne Davies John “Bud” & Maria Farrey Farrey’s Wholesale Hardware Company, Inc Catherine J. Greene Fredric N. Karlton Matthias & Conny Nixdorf Parents’ Association Mark & Sheryl Piper Sol & Julie Saad Bruce & Meryl Tabatchnick The Garner Foundation, Inc Gerald W. Moore ’68 James W. Moore ‘65 Anne Paulk UBS Financial Services LED LIGHTING FOR CAMPUS Roger Koch LOWER SCHOOL MAC LAB Matthias & Conny Nixdorf

OTHER AREAS OF SUPPORT ATHLETICS Jay & Perri Pollak Thomas & Julie Pronesti Parents’ Association COMMUNITY GARDEN Parents’ Association COMMUNITY LEARNING PARTNERSHIP Mark & Greta Walker CHESS PROGRAM Jason & Diana Starkman Epicure Gourmet Market & Deli FACULTY ENDOWMENT G.J. & Joyce Bakker Felipe & Monica Bautista Mark & Sheryl Piper Jay & Perri Pollak JOSEPH PAUL CERAMI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Mary Cerami James S. Schainuck ‘75 KATHERINE E. FRANCO LIBRARY Felipe & Monica Bautista


BASS MUSEUM PASSES J. Eric Gould & Laura Paresky-Gould





BENEFIT 2013 Antonio & Marta Arbulu Brett & Tracey Borrow Tim & Virginia Brown Richard & Joey Chancis Jonathan & Jacqueline Chariff James & Diana Cohen Sophie Delaplaine Elmer & Marina Figueroa Jon & Cynthia Gold Marcos Cordero ’97 Bernie & Irma Grondin ’97 Jack & Karleen Halliwell Emmanuel Pedron & Stephanie Jourdan-Pedron Brian & Stacey Levy Fanny Hanono Ivette Perez Luis Guillermo Pons & Anna Maronese Jason & Lisi Port Juan & Rita Serralles Southern Wine & Spirits Jason and Diana Starkman


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SOCCER DUGOUTS Anonymous MCDS MAGNETS & BOOKMARKS GJ & Joyce Bakker PHOTOGRAPHY Shawn & Jenifer Clark ‘99 CHESS TOURNAMENT PRIZES Jason & Diana Starkman

21 Hearts, 1 Beat

ulfor cca F Rebe

The Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) of Miami Country Day School continues to excel during the 2013-2014 school year. Also known as 21 Hearts, 1 Beat, the CME has performed in various venues throughout the state. These included the Tampa Convention Center for the Florida Music Educators Conference, the Vero Beach Hibiscus Festival, ProPlayer Stadium for the Dan Marino Walk for Autism, and the American Airlines Arena for the Estefans’ Thanksgiving Feed a Friend event. Under the direction of John Wicker, the ensemble consists primarily of upper school students who are given the opportunity to select the music and set lists. Playing music from a variety of genres, the CME has used non-traditional pop band instruments, such as the accordion and the ukulele. For Mr. Wicker, the key to creating a unique connection with students is to care about them as individuals, to listen to their stories, and to encourage their musical growth.

d ‘16

The Contemporary Music Ensemble



SEAN CLANCY Mark & Sheryl Piper HARRISON C. DAVIES ‘09 Edwin Rodriguez BIRTHDAY FOR LILY GOLDIN ‘25 Marlene Broad Jerome & Tabitha Charles ‘85 Jonathan & Stacey Chopp Abraham & Michelle Smilowitz BLAISE PRONESTI ‘18 Evelyn Teamkin

In memory of


MR. CUMMING CLANCY Gary & Peggy Butts Bruce & Meryl Tabatchnick MR. HAROLD P. CAHILL JR. Gary & Peggy Butts MS. MARY ELLEN O’BRIEN Mark & Sheryl Piper MR. JOHN PITTMAN Gary & Peggy Butts




a iss



k de


PAM LOCKER Pam Locker, a valued member of the Miami Country Day School family for 27 years, passed away on September 28, 2012. Pam wore many hats during her tenure, serving in various positions, as a Spanish teacher, Foreign Language Department Chair, Scheduler, and Assistant Director of both the Upper and Middle Schools. Her strongest passion was Theater for Social Change, a groundbreaking theater troupe she helped found in 2006. The following donors made their gifts to the Theater for Social Change in memory of Pam Locker: Carlos & Maggie Avalos Douglas Bishop Gary Bressler Paul & Karen Chaplin John & Roxanne Davies Edward “Ted” Farraday Alfie & Tamara Feola Piero & Lisette Filpi Todd & Alice Florin Jim & Shellie Fulford Jeffrey & Meryl Galitz Edward & Carrie Garazi Evan Iaslovits ’14 Ernesto & Helen Kunde Thomas Leary Sandi Lewis Janice Locker Lonie Locker Willard & Dorothy Locker Mitchell Mosheim ’13 Phelana Pang ’93 Mark & Sheryl Piper Nicole Quiros ‘97 John & Cathy Ragheb Eric Reinholtz Roberto & Silvana Rodrigues Fred & Cindy Rosenberg Chuck & Jennifer Sennett and the MCDS Athletic Department Leonard & Amy Stolar Glen Turf Phllip Vandervoort & Ilse Geyskens Samuel Villoldo ’09 Pablo & Carmen Vivas John & Adele Yermack


Miami Country Day School is a qualified 501(c)3 organization and gifts are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law.


Annual Giving is a yearly appeal for donations to support the current operations of the school, including the academic and cocurricular program, faculty development, technology and the library.

Honorary Trustee $25,000+ Leadership Club $10,000+ Benefactor’s Club $5,000+ Palm Society $2,500+ Founder’s Circle $1,500+ Director’s Club $500+ Cornerstone Club


Capital gifts provide for building needs the school cannot pay for out of tuition funds. These gifts are generally paid out over a three- to five-year period.


Some companies match their employees philanthropic giving. All matching companies are acknowledged in this report under their gift level and under the matching gifts category.


Gifts made in honor of students, friends and alumni of Miami Country Day School. Memorial gifts below the minimum named gift amount will be designated for either the C.W. Doc Abele General Scholarship Fund or the L.B. Sommers General Faculty Endowment Fund.


MCDS accepts gifts of stock. Gifts are transferred electronically or by endorsing the back of the certificate or using stock power.



Through the support of Michael J. Franco† and his wife, Katherine†, the Birthday Book program provides new books for the library every year. As a special way to remember a child’s birthday, a new book that includes a commemorative plate bearing the child’s name is presented and read to the child’s library class and reserved in the library for years to come.


Recognizing the need to increase endowment for the security of Miami Country Day’s future, endowed funds have been established to address general operations, scholarship, faculty, buildings and programs. All endowed funds are accepted at the school’s discretion based on an endowment policy established by the Board of Trustees.

Named Funds for General Purposes $50,000 Named Funds for Designated Purposes $100,000 Named Building or Plant Operations Funds $250,000


Endowed Teaching Chairs were established in 2004 to recognize and honor exceptional faculty members and to provide funding for their professional development pursuits. Recipients must have at least eighty percent of their employment responsibilities as teaching and have taught at Miami Country Day School for no less than three years. The term of an Endowed Chair is three academic years with a funding of up to $3,000 for professional development in total over a three-year period.

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Acknowledged Scholarship Funds $100,000

Named Scholarship Funds $250,000 C.W. Doc Abele General Scholarship Fund Bequest received in 1982 from the estate of co-founder, C.W. “Doc” Abele to fund an endowed scholarship program. MCDS is the sole beneficiary of the net income of this trust held by a third party. John C. “Jack” DuBois Scholarship The John C. DuBois Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 by the Garner Family Foundation and the Alumni Association to honor Mr. Jack DuBois. Mr. DuBois has been a part of the Country Day Family for over 50 years as a teacher, coach, administrator, and Alumni Director. Joseph Paul Cerami Memorial Fund The Joseph Paul Cerami memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 in memory of Joseph Paul Cerami ‘75 (1960-1992), by his family, friends, and classmates. This fund provided for its first full four-year scholarship in 1998-99. North Dade Medical Foundation Endowment Fund A $500,000 gift was made in 2004 to establish a permanent endowment fund to grow over time and generate earnings to be used to provide financial aid for students from the northern part of MiamiDade County who have demonstrated financial need and are making satisfactory academic progress. The Starr Foundation A $100,000 gift was made in 1990 and the interest earned contributes to the general scholarship fund.


There are a variety of ways to include the school in one’s estate and financial planning, including wills and bequests, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts.

L.B. Sommers General Faculty Endowment Fund

MCDS also accepts gifts to specific programs as outlined in our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Named Faculty Professional Growth Funds $100,000


Named Distinguished Teacher or Department Chair $250,000

Miami Country Day School is grateful for the commitment and support of the donors whose names appear in this publication. We are pleased to recognize the individuals listed within their respective affiliation categories. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list of gifts received July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. We sincerely regret any errors.

MCDS also accepts donations of needed goods and services rather than money, which are accepted by the school based on its gift acceptance policy.

Named Endowment Fund for Teaching Excellence $1,000,000

By valuing every student, every day.

The pictures in this report feature some of the students in our Contemporary Music Ensemble, “21 hearts, 1 beat.� The CME is one of the many things that makes our arts program so special and Country Day so unique. Learn more about them on p. 26.


MORE HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2012-2013 Row 1: For the first time in the history of MCDS, the Girls Varsity Basketball Team made it to the State Finals. Coach Ochiel Swaby and the Lady Spartans had a 27-2 record in 2012–2013. They were the runner-up to Father Lopez School in Class 3A, but are ready for a rematch in 2013–2014.

Row 2: Chess is alive and thriving at MCDS. Our students hosted several chess tournaments, including the Epicure Grand Prix, sponsored by Epicure Gourmet Market & Café, which brought close to 300 people to the campus and is the most highly attended chess tournament series in Florida. The MCDS Upper School Chess Team is currently ranked 7th in the state.

Row 3: MCDS hosted close to 600 faculty and staff from Cushman, Doctors Charter, Barry University, Horace Mann Middle School, Miami Edison High School, and other local schools for a professional development day as part of the Community Learning Partnership (CLP).


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2013 Annual Report  

Miami Country Day School's 2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report  

Miami Country Day School's 2013 Annual Report