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Twenty-Eighth Heritage Society Luncheon University of Miami Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Scott L. Rogers, Esq. Lecturer in Law Founder and Director, Mindfulness in Law Program Miami Law

Scott L. Rogers is founder and director of the Mindfulness in Law Program at the University of Miami School of Law. Professor Rogers is a leader in the area of mindfulness and the law and has been teaching mindfulness to lawyers, judges, law professors, mediators, and law students since 1999. He has appeared on television and radio and has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, and The National Law Journal. Since 2008 Rogers has been teaching a series of Jurisight® classes for Miami Law students, and in 2009 he began integrating mindfulness into the core curriculum. He developed and teaches Mindfulness in Law, an upper-level course, and developed and co-teaches Mindful Ethics, Mindful Leadership, and Mindfulness and Motivating Business Compliance. His research has been conducted with athletes, accountants, teachers, firefighters, college students, and soldiers; published in peerreviewed journals; and reported in national media, including The New York Times. He authors “The Mindful Lawyer” column for The Florida Bar News, was awarded the 2015 Law Faculty Professionalism Award by the Florida Bar’s Standing Committee on Professionalism, and is the 2018 recipient of the Mindful Kids Miami’s Ambassador of Mindfulness Award.

Anthony Zanesco, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate Department of Psychology University of Miami

Anthony Zanesco is a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Miami working in the laboratory of Amishi Jha in the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis. His research primarily utilizes cognitive tests of attention and electrical recordings of brain activity to investigate how mindfulness and meditation training can increase one’s ability to sustain attention over time. He has worked on several large studies investigating long-term meditation practice in experienced practitioners as well as studies applying mindfulness training in real-world contexts, including the military.

Twenty-Eighth Heritage Society Luncheon

YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW program Welcome Josh Friedman Senior Vice President for University Advancement and Alumni Relations

Recognition of Heritage Society Inductees Julio Frenk President, University of Miami

Featured Speakers Scott L. Rogers Lecturer in Law Founder and Director, Mindfulness in Law Program Miami Law

Anthony Zanesco Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Psychology

Heritage Society



INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS AND ESTATES Edith T. Algie* Lillian Barbarosh* Richard E. Bastin Uri and Paula Bernstein, Ph.D., M.D. William M. Boyer* David R. Broderick* James N. Burt, M.D. Dr. and Mrs.* William R. Butler Renate Chevli, M.D. Charles C. Comstock Gray J. Crow Sonia M. Davis* Michael F. Donoghue* Steven Dwoskin Janet and Dr. William H. Eaglstein Gary Ellis Dean M. Fogel Lisa S. Gangadeen Myron R. Gersh* Norma* and Samuel Gordon John E. Hartman Linda Bateman Heard* and Bruce G. Heard Deborah Hoffman, Esq. and Larry J. Hoffman, Esq. Ruth* and Paul Jacobowitz Matthew W. Jones Emma Kelley Kenah* *Deceased

Lynne Kosnitzky Mary and Bern Levine, D.V.M. Jean Lobb* Paul Rocco Mirabella Oliver Addison Parker, Esq.* Shirley J. Perkins Paula M. Perry Betty and Patrick Putzi Carol Reel* Jeanne Ann and Charles Rigl Perri Lee Roberts, Ph.D. and Steven A. Elias Tony Rodriguez Silvia and Keith S. Rosenn George G. Sando* Elisabeth M. Scott* Pamela Seitz Susan G. and Robert J. Shelley Wendy and Steven Silverman Dorothea Skinner* Dolores F. Stern Leslie Sternlieb Richard C. Talton* June E. Toth* Ruth and Jeffrey Trenk Joseph R. Turner* Peggy* and Herbert* Vogelsang Col. Edwin S. Warrell, Jr., USAF Ret.*

Charles J. Washburn* Ursula Metzger Wellisch* Dana and Michael Werner, Esq.

Maxine B.* and Jack D.* Wishart Monica Yandow

We would also like to acknowledge and thank very much the following Heritage Society members who made an additional planned gift to the University of Miami from 2016-2017: Barbara and Pedro F. Bermann, M.D. Ronald P. Blaauboer Marian and Sanford N. Feinman Jack Glass* Barbra B. and Ronald M. Kaplan *Deceased

Rochelle Lipson Irving W. Mishkin Ann W. and Bruce J. Rhodes Seymour Roth Rita H. and Charles Salfeld

Heritage Society



INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS AND ESTATES B.J. Abolt John A. Acuff Tim Anagnost, Esq. Scott Bebry Susan B. and Stuart Beckerman Rita Bernstein Linda S. Brock and Dr. Derek P. Brock David Brown* Dorothy Cason* Lee B. Chaykin and Mrs. Melody Chaykin Robert L. Clark, M.D. Eugene S. Clasby, Ph.D. Judy and Robert M. Cornfeld, D.M.D. The George M. Corrigan Family Andrea Darlow Mary Lynn Davis* Peter DeMarco Floye K. Dreyer Michele and Larry Fletcher, C.P.A., C.F.F. Alejandro F. Franco Muriel S. Freund Janet R. and Dwight F. Garner Robert N. Ginsburg, Ph.D.* Albert Norman Goldfeder, Jr.* and The Goldfeder Family Trust Ronnie and Joel* Goldsmith Maureen G. Gragg, Esq. and K. Lawrence Gragg, Esq. *Deceased

Mary M. Graham* Alan J. Harriet, C.P.A. Charles H. Hennekens, M.D. Cami Green Hofstadter, Ph.D. Sondra and David R. Jackowitz Eric S. Katz Wilbur C. Keeney* Tracy L. Kerdyk Kenneth C. Kiehl, M.D. John Franklin King* Albert W. Klomparens Lawrence Kruguer Peter D. Lederer, Esq. Ernest M. Lendman Judith Levine Gerald Lipton* Nan A. Markowitz Michael Meddoff Lillian Edwina Meyer* Catherine Hunt Miller and William Robert Miller Veriene W. Mirzy Jack Mitten Donald G. Munson Andrea A. Nelson Alton A. Perkins Steven K. Priepke and Matthew G. McCabe Florence Puretz* Leslie Voogd Quick Morris Rabinowitz*

Vicki Horner Richards Donald L. Risser Martin A. Roessler, Ph.D. Melvin A. Rubin, Esq.* Janice and Alfred Sacks Anita P. Sandler Marilyn E. and Morrie Schactman Joel Schrank William F. Shaw Charlotte and Winslow W. Shea Scott J. Siegel

Jon Cary Stemples The Stanley Sterbenz* Trust Jane A. Thompson Charles L. Van Diviere, Jr.* Barbara Wallace Joseph Weinberger, Esq. Kristin M. and Robert A. Williams, M.D. Ashley B. and Daniel M. Yanez Don W. Young*

We would also like to acknowledge and thank very much the following Heritage Society members who made an additional planned gift to the University of Miami from 2017-2018: Richard E. Bastin Pedro Bermann, M.D. Richard Bermont Ronald P. Blaauboer Henry M. Clayman, M.D. Charles C. Comstock The Honorable A. Jay Cristol Steven Dwoskin Janice A. Egeland Steven Elias Adrienne P. and Alan P. Fiske Dean M. Fogel Barbara A. and Gerald S. Friedman, M.D. Sheryl Gold Samuel Gordon Patti and Allan Herbert Deborah and Larry J. Hoffman Honorable Glenn A. Hubert Barbra B. and Ronald M. Kaplan Carolyn R. and James L. Katsikas, M.D.

Eleonora M. and Burton A. Landy, Esq. Audrey M. and Richard D. Lewis Rochelle Lipson Ann Marie McCrystal, R.N. Irving Mishkin Mary Adele Neumann Ann and Bruce Rhodes Silvia and Keith S. Rosenn Seymour Roth Beatrice T. Sahm* Bonnie and Mel Shapanka The Honorable Paul Siegel Barbara and Richard R. Souviron, D.D.S. Linda G. Steckley Ruth and Lloyd Straits Jane A. Thompson Robbie and Bruce Toll Ronald O. Uthus Ronald F. Van Vactor Robin Weeks Dana and Michael Werner, Esq.


We have made every effort to verify name spellings and include all inductees at time of printing. Questions or corrections should be directed to the Office of Estate and Gift Planning at 305-284-2914.

UMindfulness The University of Miami’s Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative (UMindfulness)  is an interdisciplinary collaboration across the University of Miami that brings together cutting-edge brain research and mindfulness/ contemplative practice training. Contemplative training is offered in nonsectarian, accessible, and innovative ways to optimize performance, enhance wellness, and promote resilience. Active research projects involve training military cohorts, University students, and medical, legal, and other professional groups to determine the basic brain mechanisms underlying contemplative practice. In addition, UMindfulness offers a lecture series and workshops for University of Miami students, staff, faculty, and alumni, as well as the broader South Florida community, to learn about and engage in mindfulness training.   Amishi Jha, director of contemplative neuroscience and associate professor of psychology, and Scott L. Rogers, director of programs and training and of the Mindfulness in Law Program at the University of Miami School of Law, formed UMindfulness in 2010. UMindfulness is a joint collaboration of the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law, along with the Miller School of Medicine, Mailman Center for Child Development, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Herbert Wellness Center, Counseling Center, and Frost School of Music.


Twenty-Eighth Heritage Society Luncheon Program  


Twenty-Eighth Heritage Society Luncheon Program