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New clues emerge on location of Gadhafi, family

USS Cole bombing mastermind faces death penalty

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TRIPOLI, Libya — Moammar GadhaďŹ , the fugitive former Libyan leader toppled from power a month ago, is likely to have taken refuge near the Algerian border under the protection of sympathetic nomadic tribesmen who have fought for him, an ofďŹ cial of the new Libyan government said. The ofďŹ cial also said GadhaďŹ â€™s son and heir apparent, Seif al Islam GadhaďŹ , was likely to be hiding in the loyalist desert enclave of Bani Walid, and that a second son, Muatassim GadhaďŹ , a militia commander and former national security advisor, was probably in Sirte, the GadhaďŹ clan’s hometown on the Mediterranean coast. Armed supporters of GadhaďŹ in Bani Walid and Sirte have deďŹ ed demands for surrender by antiGadhaďŹ forces who have besieged both towns. And despite days of bombardment by NATO warplanes, the colonel’s loyalists, with a seemingly plentiful supply of ammunition, have repelled repeated advances. On Wednesday, antiGadhaďŹ commanders sent at least ďŹ ve tanks into Sirte; they quickly came under ďŹ re by Grad rockets, which barely missed the tanks, Reuters reported. The resistance has helped fuel the speculation that senior GadhaďŹ family members are hiding in the two towns. In recent weeks, military commanders from Misrata, who have led the ďŹ ght to take Sirte, have said that they have heard Muatassim GadhaďŹ â€™s voice on radio transmissions, and witnesses have told anti-GadhaďŹ ďŹ ghters that Seif al Islam has been seen in Bani Walid. The latest information about GadhaďŹ and his two sons was reported by Hisham Buhagiar, a military ofďŹ cial in the National Transitional Council, in an interview with Reuters. He said GadhaďŹ , who has not appeared in public since his opponents overran Tripoli in late -  


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ROME — Over the past several years, the Roman Catholic Church in Italy has largely looked the other way as reports emerged of a series of sex and corruption scandals among the country’s political elite, many of them centered on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. But a recent published account of a party at Berlusconi’s home, where one female guest was said to have performed a striptease dressed as a nun, might have been more than the church could stand. This week the church issued its strongest reprimands yet of Italy’s ruling class, deploring “behavior that not only goes counter to public decorum but is intrinsically sad and hollow.� Italians “look on their public leaders with consternation and the image of the country abroad has been dangerously weakened,� Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the



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FEELING THE HEAT Feeling betrayed after crackdown on protesters, Bolivians march against Morales "  #


LA PAZ, Bolivia — Tens of thousands of Bolivians have taken to the streets in major cities to denounce President Evo Morales over a police crackdown on indigenous protesters that badly damaged the leftist leader’s credibility. The marchers on Wednesday, from maids to university professors, decried the perceived betrayal by Bolivia’s ďŹ rst Indian president of constituencies whose banners Morales had long waved: native groups and environmentalists. “Evo was a very strong symbol for many people. He embodied principles of justice, of human rights. But now these people are disenchanted,â€? said Jim Shultz, an analyst with the think tank The Democracy Center, which works closely


worst and it should go because it attacked human beings, the indigenous compatriots who had given it their support, and

MIAMI — A senior Pentagon ofďŹ cial has approved the ďŹ rst deathpenalty war-crimes prosecution of the Obama administration — the trial of a Saudi millionaire accused of masterminding al Qaeda’s suicide bombing of a U.S. Navy warship in a Yemen port a decade ago. Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, 46, also gets the ďŹ rst full Guantanamo military commissions trial of the Obama era at a time when the White House is still committed to closing the prison camps. The Pentagon is holding 171 captives at its base in southeast Cuba, just four of them convicted war criminals. Two suicide bombers drove a bomb-laden skiff into the USS Cole in October 2000, killing 17 U.S. sailors and crippling the $1.1 billion warship. “It’s long overdue from my standpoint,â€? said John Clodfelter of Mechanicsville, Va., whose 21-yearold sailor son Kenneth was killed instantly in the ship’s bulkhead. “It’s just been unreal. Kenneth . . . was tore up so horriďŹ cally.â€? Retired Navy Vice Adm. Bruce MacDonald, who oversees the war court, announced the charges on a new interactive website meant to launch a new era of transparency at the Defense Department division that at times has had a penchant for secrecy. The Nashiri page, however, included only prosecution documents against Nashiri, the alleged al Qaeda chief of Arabian Sea operations. Conspicuously missing was a July 15 ďŹ ling by Nashiri’s defense team claiming that the case was too tainted by delay and CIA torture to go forward. Nashiri is defended by U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Reyes, who said the latest step signaled that it was now “time to see how transparent these trials will be. “Item No. 1: What happened to my client in CIA custody?â€?

Italian Bishop’s Conference, told his fellow bishops Monday. On Tuesday, he called for an “upright lifestyle,â€? saying that the country needed a “correction of habits and lifestylesâ€? to help it emerge from a “culture of nothingness.â€? Although Bagnasco did not single out Berlusconi — who is in court ďŹ ghting several corruption charges and accusations of having sex with a minor, and has lately become embroiled in a scandal involving prostitutes paid to attend parties at his villas — the cardinal spoke of “licentious conduct and improper relationships that damage society.â€? And he blasted a governing class preoccupied with itself while Italian citizens struggled to make ends meet. On Wednesday, the lower house of parliament rejected an opposition noconďŹ dence vote against Agriculture Minister Saverio Romano, who is under investigation in Sicily for - "

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Capt. William H. May noticed the man who started the trouble. The priest. May and a ight attendant were standing by the cabin door that morning 39 years ago as passengers began to board the DC-8 in Detroit. The ight attendant was complaining about someone on an earlier ight. The priest stepped onto the plane, looked straight at May, nodded and headed down the aisle to his seat. “I said, ‘A priest. Maybe there’s one we can trust,’ â€? May recalled Wednesday. “That’s how wrong I could be.â€? May realized how wrong a couple of hours later, when the Miami-bound ight was cruising over Georgia. The priest pulled a gun from the hollowed-out Bible he was carrying and held the gun to a ight attendant’s head. The gunman — no priest, but a convicted murderer in disguise who by some accounts had made extra money working as a model — was ďŹ nally taken into custody in Portugal on Monday. May was among many who had crossed paths with the man the authorities identiďŹ ed as George Wright, 68 — and who Wednes-


!  !&)$!"!*#$"%) &$'!%$$%% "!&!! "!$!%" &" &&!  day found themselves reliving a bizarre drama that had the audaciously clever framework of an Elmore Leonard novel. And those who did not remember the case found themselves looking at grainy photographs of government agents delivering $1 million — the highest ransom of its kind at the time — in

swimsuits so the hijackers would see they were not armed. To some, the news that Wright had been apprehended was a throwback, the way catching Billy the Kid or Jesse James might have been in the days of gunslingers on - 




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Edition, 30 september 2011

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