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“How Serendipity & Leverage Became the Secrets to His Success” (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2)

As an undergrad with a major in economics and a minor in computer science, Jaret worked for four years during college handling network diagnostics and other related technology needs; he had no plans to become a lawyer. Jaret planned to follow his father’s footsteps and go into business, primarily because he wanted to be around people. However, after doing his research, he found that a J.D. would afford him the opportunity to have more social interaction with his community and allow a greater opportunity to “touch society.” Serendipity and leverage were certainly a winning combination as he secured his first and only legal job in his entire career when he was hired as a summer associate more than 20 years ago by Greenberg Traurig. Serendipity for him was the perfect timing of entering the firm during the dot-com boom of the 1990s, when the firm needed someone with his specific tech skills. The late 1990s was a time of rapid growth for technology startups and a young Jaret Davis knew how to talk to tech CEOs. For his first five years at the firm, he coached startups to raise capital for technology companies. He was in a league of his own and leveraged that to his advantage. He set the record for the most billable hours and the least sleep, no doubt, but he was on fire! Soon, he added biotech and healthcare to his repertoire and once again, dominated. At 33 years-old, two of Greenberg Traurig’s senior leaders in Miami, Senior Chairmen Cesar L. Alvarez and Matt Gorson, appointed Jaret to become a co-managing partner of the Miami office. These two men believed in him, sponsored him and helped to guide his career. Jaret also credits Sheldon Anderson, one of the top Black executives in Miami-Dade County (former CEO for the Southeast United States of Northern Trust Bank) for being one of his mentors. Building a solid reputation at Greenberg Traurig went way beyond the firm and Jaret became well known for his technical abilities and knowledge base in biotech and healthcare. It was his work with biotech and healthcare companies that caught the attention of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, who was attracted to his skills as a practicing attorney, technologist, and

“corporate chameleon.” Jaret Davis has been an active member of the Board of Directors for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for the past 10 years and was elected chair in 2018. During his tenure on the board, Jaret also created a Technology Committee and chaired the Audit Committee. Regarding the paucity of Blacks on executive boards, Jaret Davis points to “recruitment, relationships, and the intentionality of the board.” However, it is imperative, especially when dealing with healthcare and technology boards to “get over the fear of the complex.” Jaret tries to demystify the industries to others he mentors and encourages them to enter those non-traditional spaces for people of color. He also advises his mentees, “Go into those fields that everyone is afraid to go into, the only barrier to entry, then, is yourself.”



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