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The Board Plans Ahead By Barbara Remedios


ast year at this time, Ruth Simon, our previous Chair, announced the plan to move away from using the touch screen to manage our hours to the web-based Vic Net. A year later, we are doing just what she promised: entering our shifts, maintaining our personal information, and scheduling our shifts all on our own MSC website. A big thank you to all the staffers and testers who have made this goal a reality. Some of the goals the board has set for this year: • Use Vic Net to staff committees. Currently only Visitor Services, Museum Events, and Survey committees can schedule via Vic Net but we plan to roll

out this ability to more committees over the next months. • Add more options on the MSC’s website. • Continue our green initiative by eliminating paper wherever possible. • Expand the on-campus CEP program to include monthly tours of the permanent collection. • Finally and perhaps most importantly, increase tracking and accountability of all members to sign up and show up for their shifts. With ticketed shows in the spring and a new building opening in the summer, we are going to need everyone doing their part to meet our commitment to the museum. In addition to having our own goals, the museum continues to expand our

role within the museum.  Some of the changes: • Visitors Services Committee: The focus of the desk will be as much to provide information to our visitors as it is to encourage memberships. We want the visitors to feel welcome and that we are there to make their visit enjoyable.  The Weekend Committee now also administers public access to the multimedia devices from a base on the Plaza level of the Ahmanson Building.  If you haven’t yet had the chance to use one, be sure to try it out. • Survey Committee: In the past, we conducted visitor surveys with an ad hoc group of MSC members. This year, the museum has asked for more formalized support so we have formed a committee, with a MSC staffer and a chair.  There will certainly be more changes and opportunities to increase our commitment to LACMA.  I look forward to working with all of you to make this a great experience.


Muse Committee Meets Korea By Theresa Luo


he Muse Committee’s kick-off volunteer event of the year was Korea: Future/ Past (Late Night Art Meets Muse ‘til Midnight). On the evening of September 12, ten committee members assisted LACMA’s staff at this event that spanned the entire campus, from the LA Times Central Court to the after-party at LACMA West. Muse Committee members could be found selling memberships at the registration tables and walking around the museum as ambassadors. They reminded guests about the evening’s special programs, fantastic deals on mem-

bership, raffles, and the benefits of adding Muse to their existing memberships. After the Committee members completed their shifts, they enjoyed the sights and sounds of traditional music and dance of Korea, music spun by DJs of all styles in every building of LACMA, readings and book signings, brush painting, and savory Korean tacos. This lively event saw over 600 attendees. This year’s Committee has 24 members, and we will be volunteering at the four major Muse events of the year: Muse ‘til Midnight, Costume Ball, Young Directors Night, and Artwalk. The committee also volunteers for other MSC committees and general LACMA events,

Haili Francis signs a new LACMA member

greeting and checking people in and speaking about LACMA to motivate people to join or sustain the museum. A number of Muse committee members volunteered to help at Save Film at LACMA Night on September 26. I am very excited to announce the Committee’s new assistant, Pamela Sivula. Committee members should look for emails from her for future volunteer opportunities. the bulletin

l november 2009 1



PDA Project & Vic Net: New Technologies Help MSC Serve Its Members and the Visitors

Recent Museum Events



s of October of 2008, a multimedia tour of LACMA’s permanent collection has been available via a small handheld computer called Personal Digital Assistant, or PDA. This multimedia tour was made possible by a generous grant from the James Irvine Foundation and it offers audio commentary, video, still images, text, and allows visitors to bookmark objects that they can view later from home in a personalized virtual gallery. The PDA highlights 180 stops in the permanent collection and is available for free at the BP Box Office on weekdays and at the Plaza level of the Ahmanson on the weekends. There is a choice of three languages: English, Spanish, and Korean. The LACMA website has an interactive map that shows which items of the permanent collection have these multimedia tours. The PDA program has been very popular since its inception, and on July 8, 2009, the LACMA box office staff gave weekend desk volunteers the responsibility of handing out the PDAs to museum-goers. This takes place on the Ahmanson Plaza level. A training guide that gives an overview of what the PDA does, how to operate it, and how to log users in and out of the device has been taught to the Visitor Services Weekend Desk Committee. These Committee members are now responsible for sharing information about the museum with current and prospective museum members, renewing and selling memberships and, when they work on the Ahmanson Plaza, administering public access to the PDA devices. Other important news for the Visitor Services Weekend Committee is the official use of Vic Net to schedule volunteer shifts. The Vic Net database involves a password protected website that is only accessible to Museum Service Council members. This website allows volunteers to work from any computer, updating their personal profiles and directory information, selecting preference for weekday or weekend work, and entering service shifts for work at the museum. The transition has taken place gradually over the past year. A formal announcement of the official use of Vic Net as a one-stop source for both the scheduling and recording of shifts was made during last month’s Visitor Services Desk workshop. These changes illustrate how the Museum Service Council is constantly evolving to better serve both the public and its council members. 2

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l november 2009

By Marlene Zweig


he 40 dedicated members of the Museum Events Committee have staffed many events, including the Summer Evening Picnic on August 5, the re-opening of the Korean galleries on September 9, three Luis Meléndez Receptions, one on September 23, and two on September 26, and unveiling of New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape, on October 21.  All were smashing successes. To celebrate the start of a new year, we are preparing to staff two major events in January, PhotoLA 2010 on January 14 and the Los Angeles Art Show Gala on January 20. In February, we will be volunteering at several major receptions planned for the opening of Renoir in the 20th Century and American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life.

Courtney Sherman and Marcia Carbone greeting and checking-in guests


Project Support Update By Marcia Carbone


he Project Support Committee is made up of 23 people who work together to complete assignments given to us by various museum departments. Joan Eustice, my able assistant, is responsible for recruiting and overseeing members who send out Callathon letters following the Callathons, which are held every 6 weeks. She also has organized several gatherings of members to collate and package postcards that are given to renewing Active museum members. These projects are at the request of the Membership Department. My areas of responsibility are the Education Department and Museum Events. A recent project for Museum Events was stuffing, labeling, and sealing 1,600 invitations for a new exhibit. Education has called on us to label 2,000 postcards for a mailing, and to stuff 1,000 envelopes for a NexGen mailing. With the help of Maureen Dodson, who acts as our email staffer, and Jody Raithel, who is preparing spreadsheets to keep track of the shifts worked by our Affiliate and Active members, we manage to get the jobs done. Not only does our work help the museum, but we also enjoy the social time that these projects allow us.


News from Membership By Connie L Ng, Marketing Manager


all is here and the Membership Department is getting ready for the busy months ahead. Thank you to all the MSC members— what you do for the museum is invaluable. We are lucky to work with such a dedicated group of individuals who care deeply about LACMA’s mission. And, we are on track to meet our on-site membership revenue goal,. Keep up the great work!

Member Appreciation Days November 27–29 LACMA would like to show our thanks by inviting members to Member Appreciation Days during Thanksgiving weekend. For this weekend only, members enjoy an additional 10% discount (20% total) at museum stores, plus a 10% discount at museum restaurants.


Educators Experience Pompeii By Shirley La Commare


ompeii and the Roman Villa was our first event on the evening of September 22. The evening began with a lecture by Kenneth Lapatin followed by a visit to the Pompeii exhibit. The teachers engaged in gallery activities, including workshops with artists, a film, and a teacher forum. They enjoyed sharing ideas and classroom applications. There were 234 teachers in attendance and everyone enjoyed food and drinks on the Plaza at intermission. Kudos to all the MSC volunteers who, on September 17, collated materials prior to the event, and then on the day of the event, worked the registration desk and assisted the artists in the workshops. Our next event is Defining Decorative, Examining Design on November 17. Our Subcommittees are: Artist Assistant – Mary Ann Stanley Sign In / Registration – Gloria Kaplan Collating – Joan Klein

Support Film at LACMA: Join the Film Club Introducing Film Club, a new membership option for people who have a passion for film. Add $50 to any LACMA membership level and you will receive advance notices for film screenings at LACMA, priority ticketing and admission, and a subscription to the monthly Film Club e-newsletter. Most importantly, your Film Club dues will help support film events and efforts to increase awareness of LACMA’s film department. For more information, call (323)857-6151 or go to Coming Soon: Renoir, Matisse, Homer, Eakins, and More! Two special ticketed exhibitions are opening at LACMA this February: Renoir

in the 20th Century and American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765–1915. It’s a good time to upgrade to a Patron or a Supporting level because these members will be invited to special preview receptions for both exhibitions and receive a Renoir catalogue! LACMA Membership—A Perfect Holiday Gift As a holiday bonus, gift recipients will also receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Los Angeles magazine! Active Patron 1 Gift Membership * $90 2–4 Gift Memberships $80 ea. 5+ Gift Memberships $72 ea.

$200 $175 each $160 each

* Gift Memberships must be ordered by December 7 and we will ensure that the recipient receives his or her gift by December 24. Please use promo code GIVEART for this offer.

Service Pin List By Marlene Zweig At the annual meeting and luncheon held on Saturday, June 20, active MSC members were honored with service pins in recognition of their many years of service and commitment to the Museum Service Council. The 37 members who received service pins were thanked for their continued support and contributions to the MSC and to LACMA. The list of dedicated recipients is as follows:

5 Years

15 Years

25 Years

Randall Allen Carolann Bennett Cynthia Etter Shirley La Commare Mia Marzan Edward McKitrick Hilda Ornitz Deena Riemer Elaine Sellers Linda Sundlin

Barbara Avins Kristen Ferdinandsen Priscilla Fourer Beatrice May Pauline Posner Gisela Sehnert Evy Wagner

Sherry Buch Lorraine Fellman Natalie Spector Gail Stock Betty Zucker

10 Years Aleta Knight Allen Kwawer Evelyn Kwawer Lanny Orlin Harolyn Sacks Masako Smith Ruth Varker

20 Years Jane Anthony Shirley Kern Estelle Krantz Edward Krug Sheila Wyse

30 Years Jacqueline Berman Marilyn Gross

35 Years Joyce Goldberg

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A Successful Callathon By Anne Colomby


e had a great Saturday Callathon on October 17. Our 25 callers brought in $17,514 in membership renewals. The Membership Renewal Committee (MRC) consists of hard-working Members, Provisionals, and Affiliates. It’s the job of every member of MSC to represent LACMA to the public. Our volunteers really want to make a difference. Our next Callathon will be on Saturday, December Taleen Ananian, Pamela Sivula, Philip Castillo, and Merlene 5 from 9am to noon Fletcher sort callathon renewals. on the third floor of LACMA West. We invite all MSC members to join us. October Callathon’s top callers were: Taleen Ananian, Ann Dan, and Yvonne Speck.

Editor: Theresa Luo Assistant Editor: Fifi Wong Art Director: Mia Marzan

Produced thanks to the gracious collaboration of the MSC Board of Directors, MSC Committee Chairs, and LACMA’s Tim Deegan, Council Manager, and Membership Department. Production and Distribution by the Museum Service Council Los Angeles County Museum of Art 5905 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036 All rights reserved.

Events Calendar Nov 18 Docent tour of Luis Meléndez: Master of the Spanish Still Life, 10am: A-M; 11am: N-Z, 2nd Floor Lobby, Ahmanson Nov 21 Docent tour of Luis Meléndez: Master of the Spanish Still Life, 10am: A-Z, 2nd Floor Lobby, Ahmanson Dec 5 Callathon, 9am-12pm, 3rd Floor, LACMA West Jan 9 Docent tour of Art of Korea, 10am, Plaza Level, Hammer Jan 13 Docent tour of Art of Korea, 10am and 11am, Plaza Level, Hammer

Luis Mélendez, Self Portrait, 1746, Oil on canvas

Feb 3 MSC Sponsored Lecture Paint the Gown Red: The Role of Costume in Art, Location TBA Feb 6 Callathon, 9am-12pm, 3rd Floor, LACMA West

Tribute Fund Jacqueline Cone made a contribution honoring the memory of David Marmolejo, former council member.


the bulletin

l november 2009

Installation view featuring Pensive Bodhisattva, late 6th century, Reinstallation of LACMA Korean art galleries

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