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Stuck in the


To all the 90’s kids

On a Sunday afternoon, Elise sits on her couch scrolling through the channels on her television, wishing she had better things to do.

The screen zaps. Elise finds herself trapped inside her television, starring as Cher in the movie Clueless.

As the channel gets static and flips in the middle of Cher & Josh’s embrace, Elise is transported to the television sitcom series, Friends, starring as Rachel Green.

In mid conversation with Ross Geller, the channel gets static and flips once more. Elise has now morphed into Britney Spears, on set of the music video “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.�

Elise hears a school bell ring. But this time the sound doesn’t come from on set, but instead from her phone. It’s reality calling, saying that she’s been . . . Stuck in the 90’s.

CREDITS Stuck in the 90’s Creators Olivia Elmore (@olivia_elmoree)

Victoria Hollan (@victoriahollan) Madison Muhlbaier (@madmuhlbaier) Mia Gutierrez (@miacristinag) Anna Robertson (@annalr18)


Elise Dionne from Clueless Josh from Clueless Phoebe from Friends Ross from Friends Monica from Friends Britney Spear’s classmate from Music video Britney Spear’s classmate from Music video Britney Spear’s classmate from Music video

Caroline Cook (@caro_coook) Raquel Benjamin (@pimpsauce) Zac Miller (@cazrellim) Naswana Moon (@naswana_moon) Vace Halastaras (@thexfluff) Lydia Dizon (@llydiamarie) Briana Hunter (@brianadanyele) Claudia Toledo(@claudiatoledo96) Taylor Jackson (@taylorbriannajackson)

Photographer Jessica Russell (@jessicatrussell_photography) Locations The Foundery Coffee Pub (@thefounderycoffeepub) Arnold Hall Morris Hall Forsyth Park

FASM 210: Digital Presentation Techniques Professor Oscar Betancur

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