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Vito Di Bari

They told you Data will be Big, and that it will be a problem. They were wrong. Twice.

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As the organizer of successful events you know that a keynote speaker only has 60 seconds to grab the attention of the audience and instill intrigue before their attention drops to their smart phones. Vito Di Bari is world-renown for seizing the attention of his audience and holding it firmly as he takes them on an amazing journey of discovery and revelation.

“Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Concrete dreams, based on solid facts.� Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Prize for Economics

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d n a i r a B i D o it V is This r o f im H d e e N u o Y y Wh t “Vito Di Bari’s presentation at the Tedx Shanghai event n e v E t x e N r u o Y inspired all of us! It was amazing...” Lucas Machin, Master of Hult International Business School, San Francisco, CA

Vito Di Bari maintains a global reputation of excellence as the world’s premiere futurist, innovation strategist and most amazingly charming and entertaining keynote speaker. Vito is the only keynote speaker who has been invited to present for TEDx conferences on all five of the world continents. Vito is an esteemed former professor of Project Design and Management of Innovation at the Polytechnic University and Bocconi University of Milan. He has also served as Executive Director for the MI Institute of UNESCO. Vito is the acclaimed author of over ten best sellers and his many achievements have been featured by more than 100 media outlets including The Harvard Business Review, Wired and Architectural Digest. The Financial Times has deemed Vito Di Bari “The New European Guru of Innovation”.

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Vito Di Bari is the only keynote speaker in the world who tweets while he presents. All of his speeches are customized with infographics and pictures, that he tweets to members of the audience on demand. This is how he does it.




Vito will invite you to follow him on twitter

When you are connected, you are ready

See the infographic you like on the stage screen


Ask for it and get it on your cell phone, in real time!

d e iz m o t s u c a e iv Rece !! e e d n e t t a y r e v e Event Kit for 1. The DiBariTweets whistle for your audience $ 3.00 each, minimum order 600 pcs.

2. Postcard from the FutureŠ with the map of the speech Custom file provided free of charge, to be printed locally at client expense.

3. Your customized Instant Book for the event $ 14.99 each, minimum order 200 pcs

4. Your customized event’s Poster

Custom file provided free of charge, to be printed locally at client expense.

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2 out of 5 companies that loose their data go out of business within 5 years.


Gartner predicts that over 85% of total spending on big data this year will be wasted on adapting “traditional solutions” that will not work.


The investment costs in managing, analyzing and storing data drop from $2 to 9 cents per gigabyte. Equivalent of 250 Mac Book Air 128GB

The Big Bang of Data will change every core aspect of business as we know it. The time to prepare for this is NOW. The trend in big data growth presents enormous challenges, but also offers amazing business opportunities. Will your company be able to turn an information overload into an information advantage?

What will happen when everyday objects are made intelligent and most traditional services become instant downloads? The 3rd Platform technologies will account for 90% of all the growth in the IT market and will include 250 trillion gigabytes of Data; 1 trillion apps will be download accessible and 99.2% of professional services will have an app. The Big Bang of data will create 12 million Big Data jobs globally in the IT sector and it will open employment opportunities for 35 million jobs outside of the IT sector. We will lack 55.8% of the employees needed to have deep analytical skills to fill the demand of Big Data jobs in developed countries.

The Big Bang of Data will create a $13.5 trillion market opportunity for the IT industry

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This is a cloud representing the world in 2020. It’s one of the graphs of a Vito Di Bari’s paper that was published by Harvard Business Review in January 2007. Click to see an excerpt from Vito Di Bari’s Big Bang of Data for TEDx São Paulo.

d n a T I f o e r u t u F e h t r o f e r a p e r P o t w o H 0 2 0 2 y b t c e p x E o t s 3 Dispruptive Trend

1. 2. 3.

Learn a 3-Step-Innovation-Mechanism and when the best time is to invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the game. Uncover why the fundamental rule of economics - “Law of Supply and Demand� will fail in the IT industry and how technology companies can benefit from this. Build an innovation radar for your company and identify the trends that will most likely impact your core business.

Vito Di Bari has been invited to keynote at numerous world-renowned organizations and conferences.

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. A Customized Goal Oriented Approach Before each event

Vito will thoroughly research the industry and company, starting with the goals that the executive in charge would like to accomplish and incorporating them into his presentation. Adapting his research and personal insights in the field, Vito provides content that is customized to your audience and venue. Vito is such a perfectionist that he is often compared to Steve Jobs when preparing his speeches. Vito’s attention to detail often drives his team crazy, and it always pays off on the day of the event.


. Storytelling It has been proven that well told stories have a

hypnotic effect upon the listeners. By presenting skillfully-told true stories that the audience can relate to, Vito makes even the most advanced and technological trends of the future easy to understand. Vito removes his audience’s resistance to new technologies and replaces their apprehensions with a positive outlook. He instills a motivated urgency to adapt to change in order to exceed company goals and customers’ expectations.


. The Synergy of Insight & Entertainment Statistics by PCMA reveal

that your event is not just about information. In fact, 93% of listeners state that they want education with entertainment. They want to feel excited about the speech, not merely see facts and figures. Vito Di Bari takes this concept even further - he adds a multimedia dimension to his speeches. Live interaction with the audience, powerful music and amazing videos immerse the listeners in a magical world which enables them to imagine the future.


. Humor + Inspiration = 100% Motivation Unlike

many other futurist speakers Vito Di Bari proves that the future does not have to be grim. He mixes inspiration, insight and innovation in a way that always leaves his audience feeling stimulated, motivated and excited about the ‘Aha!’ moments that they have taken from the speech.


. Audience Involvement Do not expect Vito to stand behind a microphone

on a podium. He speaks straight to his audience, constantly engaging eye contact. He does not stay on the stage, he goes to talk to the people in their seats and gets them active and involved in what he is talking about.

For Milan’s candidacy, Vito Di Bari has been named Innovation Designer for the Expo 2015.

t a h t s ie n a p m o C w A Fe i r a B i D o it V d n u o f e hv Vision Priceless He is a visionary on Innovation, a great leader and a fantastic speaker ! “He has been working with us in Italy in the past as a guest speaker in some Senior Executive meetings with terrific impact. Great guy and really impactful.� Fabio Benasso, Accenture Managing Director

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Are you ready for the Big Bang of Data?  
Are you ready for the Big Bang of Data?