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introduction A B O D E was inspired by four unique homes in the East Austin neighborhood. Its pages will showcase four styles of homes, assigning their charming exterior to their interior. The editors of A B O D E will take readers through each home, introduce the home’s style, give them inspiring images to fuel creativity, and give helpful tips on key pieces for each room. A B O D E w i l l demystify t h e p r o c e s s of creating a beautiful, personal, and unique home. We hope you are inspired and encouraged to make your A B O D E your own.


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featured spaces: the living room the master bedroom the study



L I V I N G R O O M I N S P I R AT I O N Estee Stanley

“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece into the future.ˮ -CHARLOTTE MOSS Claudia Benvenuto

TOP This space fuses traditional elements—a Gustavian daybed and an french art deco chair—with a global flair. Indigo ikat pillows and a dusty purple throw complement the creamy ivory upholstery and keep the space from being blah and beige. This room also does not use a rug, which is usually a faux pas in my book; however, beautiful hardwood floors like these should never be covered! BOTTOM Skirted tables are an ideal solution to fill a large multipurpose living space. They are a perfect opportunity to introduce color or pattern into a room.

John Dransfield & Geoffrey Ross


White done right can be warm a nd i nv it i ng w it h t he rig ht combination of textures. This gives the room depth and interest, while pops of green, pink, and yellow feel unexpected and chic.


living room: key pieces This sofa is both classic and practice—the rolled arms, turned-wood legs, and heavy duty (but soft) linen make this piece heirloom quality.

This 1920s chinoiserie writing desk would be perfect tucked in a corner. It serves as a surface for responding to emails or writing thank you notes. I also love that this piece is transitional, it could be used in any room, which makes it a great investment piece.

I see a pair of these sconces flanking either side of the sofa. I absolutely love the finish of the unlacquered brass with the soft ivory paper shades.

I think that every room should have a piece that is unexpected—the arms on this chair have a hint of whimsical, but the brass studs, supple cotton velvet, and turned-wood legs keep it from looking too funky.

This diamond sisal rug is an ideal foundation for any room. Layering an antique oushak adds color, texture, and warmth to any living space. The tapered legs on this bronze forged metal and glass coffee table relieve the room from feeling too stuffy and keeps things fresh and modern.


design tip:

t gs is a grea layering ru ate an rpor way to inco without g ru e qu ti an r budget! ou y g blowin


M A S T E R B E D R O O M I N S P I R AT I O N House Beautiful

“I think that bedrooms should be intimate rooms—they should express your personal preferences in every way...of all rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.ˮ Hillary Thomas


TOP A Blue, gray, and beige color pallete create a soft and soothing space. Thomas fashioned window coverings from a playful Manuel Canovas fabric, which keeps the space from being bland. Monogramed euros at the head of the bed ornate yet delicate chandelier introduce a level of sophistication, which creates the perfect balance. BOTTOM Grass cloth, greek key and pops of color make this space a cozy retreat. The monogramed shams and euros trimmed in greek key create a personalized and preppy touch; however, the grass-cloth wall covering and gilded framed painting above the bed keep the space from being overtly feminine.


Lulu Powers

Pops of acid yellow, green a nd pink k e e p t h i s n e u t r a l room interesting. The wa l lcover i ng complements introduces a subtle pattern i nto the room, wh ich plays off the dove gray coverlet.


master bedroom: key pieces A simple neautral linen headboard trimmed with brass tacks makes for the perfect backdrop to showcase beautiful linens. While chandeliers are not the most practical in a bedroom, I have installed them in all of my rooms in my home anyways. They add a sense of elegance that sets bedrooms apart from other rooms in the home.

I am mad about this murano glass lamp! The jade color is amazing. A pair of these on each nightstand would be lovely.

Every bedroom needs a beautiful antique rug. The colors in this Turkish wool rug are so beautiful.


I believe that linens are the most important part of any bed. If you are able, invest in the highest thread count you can afford. I always buy white linens so everyting always matches.

I grew up with a mother who loved everything symmetrical, so in homage to her, a pair of these dresser drawers would be beautiful on either side of the bed.

Although the secretary above is used for storage, antique pieces can easily convert into an armoire that can house (and hide) your TV. Plus, the additional storage and drawers a secretary typically has would be great for delicate clothing or knit sweaters.


S T U DY I N S P I R AT I O N Charlotte Moss

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.ˮ -WILLIAM MORRIS Laurann Claridge

TOP I appreciate little details in a room—a brass reading lamp positioned perfectly, a side table for fresh cut flowers, and cozy seating. Clardige used fabrics that were durable, yet soft to create an inviting, beautiful and comofortable space. BOTTOM The layout of this room allows it to serve several purposes. Two french chairs covered in citrine leather pull up to the acrylic desk, which is perfect for meetings with clients. A bookshelf runs along the left corner of the space, which provides an additional surface for working. Nibet also tucked a smaller workspace in the corner of the room without making the space look cramped. The bold acid yellow silk window coverings are lovely next to the grass cloth coverings.


Amanda Nisbet

This space uti lizes severa l d i f f e r e nt pi e c e s t o c r e a t e multiple work surfaces. An antique french table and four slipcovered cha irs a nchors t he midd le of the room. This floorplan is ideal for f urnishing a large space.


the study: key pieces

This vintage french club chair is the epitiome of new traditional style. A pair of these would be lovely in this space. I love the patina and rich buttery leather.

Made from butter walnut, this Swedish desk resembles an antique but has the functions practically with a hinged drawer that hides your mouse and keyboard.

A study must have several sources of light. This 1930s wrought iron floor lamp has a certain softness to it, but feels sturdy becuse of its maerial.

This 1940's french Louis XVI chair would be the ideal desk chair and the sage green leather adds jsut the right amount of color.

A pair of gray and gold murano glass lamps give ample light and would be beautiful on either side of a desk.


This linen slipcovered daybed is the ideal piece for a study. Because it is slipcovered it looks effortless yet chic and keeps the study from being overly formal. I could also see this upholstered in a linen stripe or a cotton velvet with bolster pillows at either end.



ABODE was inspired by four unique homes in the East Austin neighborhood. Its pages will showcase four styles of homes, assigning their charm...