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sunday brunch specials pan tostado con cafe con leche 9 toasted cuban bread served with honey-butter and cafe con leche. simple and delicious lechon omelette 14 a three egg omelet te filled with our popular lechon asado (cuban roast pork), fresh spinach, and pepperjack cheese - topped off with a green pepper mojo. served with honey-butter glazed cuban toast. a wonderful delight! egg and chorizo empanadas 13 a new twist to our popular emapanadas. two crispy shells filled with egg and spanish chorizo drizzled with homemade tomato aioli tortilla a la habana 16 spanish style potato and onion fritata topped with aioli sauce and accompanied by sautĂŠed shrimp and crisp bruschetta you will become a fan too!

give the flavors of cuba this holiday season with soul de cuba marinades, dressing and salsa !

Soul de Cuba Cafe  
Soul de Cuba Cafe  

Sunday brunch menu