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By Ian Murray

hy is it easier to believe in ghosts or the paranormal, than it is a UFO? Lets face it, many people believe and we all know of someone who has seen a ghost, but have no physical evidence to back this up. How is that different to people claiming to see a UFO? Do we trust someone less if they claim to see a being from outer space or an apparition from the spirit world? There are many TV shows and films that make the spirit world an easier place for us to believe in and convince others of this. After all why do people believe in ghosts and what are they hoping for? Life after death, news on future life events, enlightenment to a better world right now or just an icebreaker at a party. Lets face it people tend to believe a number of weird and wonderful things that can contribute to a belief in what we cannot see or apply logic to: the paranormal. Me, I like to believe that magic does exist, we can all sit in front of the TV and think of ways to make Dynamo a fraud, trickster or good with a camera, but what if he has found the ‘magic’ formula and can make

form or matter change, isn’t form just a collection of atoms vibrating together into what we perceive is the item? Just because we can’t see fairies why shouldn’t they have a place in the world? The trouble is being, different to the masses in history has always landed people in trouble. I am not sure the witches of yester year enjoyed burning and drowning just for being a little ‘odd’, or using their mind more than most. To believe in something different is to leave yourself open to criticism or ridicule in some way, we can no more prove the Big Bang theory than extra terrestrial life, but that doesn’t stop us looking and trying to prove it right. In order to make it reality


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we have to imagine it first. I say believing is seeing, not the other way round. As Humans, we like to think that we are in control of the world around us, random acts are bad so lets call it fate instead... We like to attach meaning and form to the things around us. For instance, an argument with the wife, spilled coffee and late for work means that the underpants you put on that morning are now unlucky and they are doomed to see out the rest of their moth ridden days at the back of the draw. This is much more preferable than a set of completely random and unrelated events happening to you on one day. So a sighting of a ghost for us could be an unexplained noise, memory of something being left in a different place or a flash of light. Before we know it we have a ghost. This is of course applying logic, what else can a ghost be? Energy left over from a former life that needs to move on? And to where?

Are we not just a vision of what we portray from our inward consciousness? How many times have we laughed at the shocked face of the terrible singer on X Factor? They believed that they had talent and the shock of finding out a different truth is deep. It’s not the same but how would you feel if an alien knocked at your door? Your world may change a little bit wouldn’t it? I would hate to be the first alien who landed on earth, I think I wouldn’t see daylight again, just the inside of a test lab. Belief is yours, we all believe in different things and with differing degrees of strength. So do ghosts exist? Whatever you answer, it is correct. You see, if you believe in ghosts you are likely to see one, if you don’t believe then why would you look or even have an open mind to spot the ‘signs’? Wouldn’t you just apply logic to it, just like the magic of Dynamo, you can tell yourself and others that it’s a trick or rationalise it away with good planning, 5 • 07921175440 •

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PARANORMAL OR JUST NORMAL CONTINUED... lots of hired help and good camera angles but maybe, just maybe something else is happening that we cannot control, test, see, feel or touch. It amazes me how much we look outside of ourselves for answers and never seek the solution from inside our own mind. That is where belief resides, manifests, grows and shapes us. Back to TV shows, it’s popular so it’s OK to believe, it is no longer different so we don’t fear being burned at the stake or drowned to see if we will survive, just so we can be killed properly for being proved a witch... So what does this tell us? Part of the media says it’s OK to believe in ghosts, goblins, other worlds, fairies etc as long as you spend money believing with them. The other part will rip your world to bits and ridicule you in

public if you voice your unprovable belief in what you think is real, or real to you. So what should you do, go with the flow, be a sheep and follow, allow someone else to tell you what to believe or find out for yourself? Here is a test, close your eyes and ask yourself the question: What do I believe in? Follow that thought, use your mind for good and take a look at the driving force of belief; your mind. Is hope real? We talk about it every day, we use it to better our lives in the future, yet we cannot touch hope, see it or buy it from the shops or on the Internet. It exists in each of us if we give it energy or thought. So do ghosts exist? Yes... If you believe they do.


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This circuit works the upper body, toning the shoulders, biceps and triceps and also incorporates elements of balance and control. Complete the circuit 3 times through. Use a weight you are comfortable with (if you do not own dumbbells then use bottles of water or tins (as long as the two items are easy to handle and the same weight). Always maintain a neutral spine and keep the core stabilised throughout. Move fluidly through all the moves in each circuit, with no rest in between exercises. Rest for 1-2 min between the circuits. Only add in the balance elements once you have mastered the full standing moves. Warm up for 5 mins prior to starting workout.

Circuit 1

Complete all exercises for the relevant repetitions with no balance elements.

Circuit 3

Beginner – 8 x reps Intermediate – 10 x reps Advanced – 12 x reps

Circuit 2

If you are new to the circuits, then just complete the exercises through normally twice more. If you want a challenge then complete the first 5 exercises only balancing on one leg (this can be just off the floor, or you can progress to it being lifted up higher off the floor). This will seriously challenge your co-ordination, concentration, focus and technique!). Exercises 6 & 7 have to be completed with both legs firmly on the ground for good technique and posture.

If you are challenging your balance then it’s the other leg’s turn! You may find this is more difficult as you have already challenged your stabilising muscles from before.. 8

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Exercise 1

Exercise 4

Muscles worked: Biceps

Muscles worked: Lateral Deltoids

Lateral Raise

Bicep Curls

Standing tall, using 2 dumbbells, keep the elbows tightly into the body, squeeze the bicep and lift the dumbbells up towards the shoulders, return to the starting position with control. Technique tips: Keep the wrist straight, avoid the body rocking by keeping core strong.

Dumbbells start together in front of you, palms facing palms, elbows slightly bent, lift the arms out to the side level with the shoulders, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Return to start position. Technique tips: Keep elbows slightly bent throughout the movement, back should remain straight, legs are slightly bent.

Exercise 2

Shoulder Press Muscles worked: Shoulders (Anterior Deltoid) Start with arms at right angles from the shoulder, palms facing forwards. Press dumbbells up just above and in front of your head, return arms with control to start position. Technique tips: Wrists should remain straight, core should be strong, avoid locking the elbows when fully extended

Exercise 3

Overhead tricep extension with counter buzzy curl Muscles worked: Triceps & Biceps Lift one arm above the head, one arm in front of you. Bend both elbows working the biceps and triceps. Keep the weights close to the body. When all reps are complete, swap over to opposite side.

Exercise 5

Rotation Curl Muscles worked: Biceps & Rotator Cuff muscles Start with elbows at right angles, palms facing upwards, little finger to little finger. Rotate the shoulders outwards to the side of the body, keeping elbows bent. Then squeeze the bicep, drawing the palms towards the shoulders. Release the weights down to the sides with arms almost straight, then bring them back up to right angles and the starting position. Technique tips: Keep the body still throughout the move, Elbows should stay tucked into the hips the whole time.

If you are new to exercise, you can still do this work-out without any weights at all, and build up until you are able to progress to this. If you want further challenges, progress to a higher weight or even complete the whole routine on a wobble board or a Bosu.

Technique tips: Keep the wrist straight, avoid the body rocking by keeping core strong.

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y d o B




Complete 6 & 7 together on one side, then repeat on opposite arm

Exercise 6

Single arm bent over row Muscles worked: Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps & Triceps, Lower Trapezius Stand in a split stance, leaning forward with front leg bent, back should be straight. One arm can rest on the bent leg. Have both dumbbells in the free hand and the arm should be long, palm facing inwards. Bend the elbow, keeping the arm tight you to your ribs as you lift the elbow to the ceiling. Return the arm down with control. Technique tips: Avoid twisting the torso, body should stay forward and neck and back stay straight at all times, keep the shoulders down and away from the ears

Exercise 7

Triceps Kickback with alternative motion Muscles worked: Triceps In your split stance, hold just 1 dumbbell, palm facing ribs, with elbow high and above the line of the shoulder. Extend the elbow, pressing the dumbbell backwards until arm is straight (but off lock). Return to the start position keeping close to the ribs. Perform half the reps this way. Then turn the wrist so palm is facing backwards, thumb towards ribs. Repeat the move for the remainder of the reps. Technique tips: Avoid twisting the torso, keep shoulders down away from the ears, keep wrist straight throughout the move.

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Enjoy a free coffee and chat. Cake makers very welcome

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Pure Bliss


ndeed it was (i.e. Pure Bliss!) - having a Reflexology session in a calm, tranquil and peaceful space. The owner and creator of Pure Bliss (www., Jenny Diment, has a welcoming, wonderful, friendly demeanour and makes you feel at ease straightaway (plus she makes a cracking cup of tea!). Her passion and love for what she does really shines through. Pure Bliss offers a multitude of treatments, ranging from various beauty therapies, holistic treatments and massage. Whilst having pressure points manipulated and feet massaged we took the liberty of asking Jenny about her business (we are nosy @ Mi Magazine!).

11 • 07921175440 •

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Pure Bliss Continued... Jenny’s dream of owning her own business came about after working at a bank for a number of years, and realising that she was always drawn to the beauty industry. Her addictive journey started by taking a course in 1995 and she got hooked! She studied Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage and then took a number of other courses intent on honing and defining her skills. She started as a mobile beauty therapist and it naturally developed into running a successful beauty/holistic treatment business from home. Jenny progressed her skills, concentrating on furthering the holistic aspects, learning Reflexology and the art of Reiki healing. She remembers during a Reflexology session, a Reiki Master advised that she should start Reiki, but Jenny wasn’t quite ready for it at that point in her life. It was always in the back of her mind, but only came to the forefront of her awareness when she, herself, went for Reiki healing and left feeling re-energised with such inner calm. Reiki has now become one of her most popular treatments. She says that her motivation each day is to make a difference to people’s lives, making them feel better, noticing the benefits regularly in her longterm clients. She finds it increasingly rewarding to know that she has positively impacted their health, emotions or state of mind. She has received multiple testimonials and thank you letters from many of her clients. (Some of these can be found on her website). When asked what beauty means to her, she replied that it is all about feeling good about yourself to let the beauty shine through. This happens with confidence and is different for everyone. It can be painting your nails, or having a massage or a relaxing pamper session and if this makes you feel good then you can walk out feeling beautiful. Beauty lies within, waiting to shine through with your confidence.

Jenny thrives on being busy and the days she is “rushed off her feet” is sometimes her best days, but likes to be able to have time to catch up with her clients. As a busy mum of 2 running her own business, it can sometimes be very challenging, but rather than stress about it Jenny uses Reiki on herself to change her negative thoughts to positive thoughts. She often tends to worry about everyone else around her, so has learned to prioritise and be pro-active. A lesson we can all learn from! In the past Jenny has also struggled with anxieties and suffered from postnatal depression, managing herself through these via alternative therapies, she can really relate to her clients and is also a great walking advertisement for her services. What is Reiki? Jenny explains that it is all about channelling universal energy through her healing hands, sometimes hands off, sometimes hands on. The treatment is very relaxing and helps balance energy flow and Chakras, allowing the client to leave feeling lighter and at peace: it resets the subconscious. It can help with a number of ailments, from stress, anxiety, depression,


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digestive issues, back pains, emotional states, insomnia and headaches. She says it is something that is preventative, so needs to be done regularly for the best benefits. Some clients experience a release of emotions during a session, some laugh, some cry. Jenny has to stay grounded throughout the treatments as she says sometimes she absorbs the energy and it can be quite tough when this happens.

from as little at £8! So not only can you treat yourself to a facial or get a new colour on your nails, but you also get to spend time with your friends and enjoy an evening doing something different. It is a great idea for Hen Parties, or an alternative to a boozy night out! Why not grab some board games, healthy snacks and nibbles and enjoy some pampering? Sounds good to us….!

Jenny runs Reiki courses for those wishing to learn (she says you usually know when you have an inner ability to heal), and has had success with those under her tutelage. One particular client left to set up her own treatment room and says it completely changed her life.

We asked her what the best bit of advice she had ever been given was and she remembers from her wedding someone saying to her “be happy and have fun along the way”. We couldn’t agree more! What’s life without fun and happiness? Find out what makes you happy and don’t compromise. Her advice to us from her own experiences is “Don’t What is Reflexology? hold on to your problems, share them with your closest Reflexology is based around the idea that the foot friends and family to lighten the load”. Great advice is a map of the whole body, and by using pressure indeed, our subconscious holds onto all negative techniques and massage you can help treat all parts emotions so releasing them will only ever yield good of the body. It can also be used to identify other results. It is always better to talk about your problems. issues within the body. For example, without being told Jenny could pinpoint that one of her clients had So it shows that with a little determination, study, hard previously broken a rib. Jenny says Reflexology is work and the right attitude, you can create a life around great as it is non-invasive and can help with so many you that you choose. Jenny is doing what she loves issues, such as low fertility, pre-menstrual syndrome, and it is because she was open to all the possibilities hormonal imbalances, IBS and back problems. life has to offer, saw all the signs the universe was Jenny said that at one point her own fertility was pointing to her and took steps to make them happen. in question, after trying for a number of years to Remember - the only difference between dreams and conceive her second child, but after her and her reality is action. husband regularly had Reflexology whilst she was To learn more about what Pure Bliss offers or learning the skill, she fell pregnant. Another client to contact Jenny please visit the website www. of hers was suffering terrible migraines and this was For you lucky readers (yes, you!) helped significantly via Reflexology treatments. there is an *exclusive* offer only available via Mi What are Pamper Parties? Jenny runs pamper parties which are a fun and cheaper alternative to going to a therapist by yourself. You get a number of mini treatments, prices ranging

Magazine – quote code PB02/Mi when you book your treatment you will receive an exclusive £5 off any treatment over the value of £15 (valid until end of March 2014)!! That’s a fabulous offer!! Don’t say we don’t give you anything!!

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s e p i c e R Mi

Love Heart Cookies

225g/8oz – butter, softened 140g/5oz – caster sugar 1 egg yolk – beaten slightly ½ tsp vanilla extract 280g – plain flour Pinch of salt Preheat oven to 190⁰C/170⁰C Fan/Gas Mark 5 (I would suggest doing this at step 5 or your energy bill may be slightly excessive!) Depending on your choice of cutter biscuit quantity will vary – but I manage about 24. Nutrition Information (per avg biscuit) Calories – 133 Fat – 8.1g Protein – 1.5g Carbohydrate – 14g Calorie (biscuit) Crunch! Bokwa/Zumba (high intensity) – 14 minutes Jog @ 5mph for 15 minutes Swimming at a moderate pace for 17 minutes Cycling leisurely for 30 minutes


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How to... 1) Cream the butter and sugar together using a hand-held whisk in a large bowl (a small bowl tends to throw the mixture all over the kitchen… so I’m told…). 2) Beat in the egg yolk and vanilla extract.

6) Then the fun begins (what? You weren’t having fun already?! Perhaps I should have said “mess” not fun). Flour a surface and rolling pin lightly and roll out the dough to approximately 3mm (biscuit thickness basically) and use a romantic heart cutter to cut out shapes and place on a baking tray.

3) Sift flour and salt and add to the mix and stir in with a spoon (or your hands if you 7) Make sure they are separated out as they have washed them and you feel like being can attach themselves to each other when “one” with your food…) baking (like young, tasty biscuit lovers). 4) Halve the dough (or don’t, it doesn’t matter that much, I am just a control freak) and wrap in cling film, popping into the fridge to firm up a little (approximately 30 mins, anymore and it can be a bit crumbly and will need rewarming slightly).

8) Bake them for about 10-15mins until just golden around the edges.

9) Leave to cool for a few minutes then transfer to a wire rack until completely cold. (You can leave on the tray if you don’t have a wire rack, just don’t tell the Great British 5) Line a baking tray (or 2) with baking Bake-Off police). paper and pre-heat the oven. 10) You can have the biscuits plain or you can decorate with icing and cutesy sprinkles… 15 • 07921175440 •

y d o B


By Kim Wheeler



eeling a little “anti-climax� after Christmas and New Year celebrations are over? Indulged a little and feeling a little tired, out of sorts and not your best? Well, tweaking what you eat could just tip you back over into the feel-great section!


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What we do and what we put in our bodies can have a huge effect on how we feel. If we over eat we feel sluggish and dull. If we under eat we feel tired, agitated and irritable. There is a fine line here to be had. By eating when we are hungry and stopping when we are full we are listening to our bodies and can be relaxed in the knowledge that it knows what to do and when.

Staying active can also have a huge impact on our mood – exercise releases endorphins in the body and keeps that smile on your face! It may feel like hard work at the time, but it is much harder to deal with the effects of *not* moving, not only on your mood but general long-term health overall. A really easy way to increase the feel good factor in your body is to change your diet just a little, to reap the nutritional rewards!

Add these foods to your diet and notice the effect it has on your mood… Oily Fish – such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are high in Omega 3 oils. These oils make up a large proportion of our brain tissue and are not made by the body so have to be ingested. Studies have shown that those with a higher level of these fatty acids were less likely to report symptoms of mild or moderate depression. Enjoy 2 – 3 portions a week. Bananas – These contain carbohydrate and the important amino-acid tryptophan, also fibre, Vitamins A, B6 and C and potassium. The carbohydrate content helps the brain absorb the tryptophan which has the ability to lift serotonin levels, in addition the potassium content boosts nerve impulses and muscle function. These are a great snack, or paired with porridge a brilliant mood-improver! Yoghurt – Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with depression, osteoporosis and cancer. Sunlight is the best source of this vitamin, manufactured by our skin, but in the winter or for those unable to get outside frequently, levels can be reduced in the body. Eat yoghurt with muesli, on its own as a snack, or make a breakfast smoothie. The Calcium content also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Spinach – This vegetable is full of B Vitamins – a lack of these has shown to inhibit serotonin production. Eat raw in salads or wilted gently to increase your levels. Broccoli, Kale and other leafy vegetables also contain B vitamins. Water – Possibly the most important item on the list. Our bodies cannot function at all without water. Even the smallest dip in hydration levels can have a huge impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. To increase levels, replace some of your tea or coffees with herbal teas or plain water.

Dark Chocolate – The darker the better! It contains anti-oxidants and can cause the brain to release serotonin and endorphins. Enjoy a small square after dinner to boost your mood! Oats – Have a low GI (Glycaemic Index) so release their energy slowly into the body, therefore keeping mood stable. They also contain selenium (also found in Brazil nuts) which helps regulate the function of the thyroid gland. 17 • 07921175440 •

y d o B


EAT HAPPY Continued... Reduce/avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Sugar as these all inhibit your mood Caffeine causes dehydration, so may make you feel better at first but then can leave you jumpy, irritable and prone to withdrawal headaches. Alcohol will make you feel worse the next day, by overworking the liver while you sleep, leaving you with a low mood, anxiety and irritability. Sugar will give you an instant energy pick up but an energy slump will follow and you will feel the need for more sugar. This “rollercoaster” effect can be mentally

and physically draining and your mood will follow accordingly. Get in the habit of including something new each week, look up some new recipes to try including these good foods, or change a few breakfast options a week to include the mood enhancers. By increasing the “feelgood” foods and reducing those that are inhibitors (you don’t have to cut them out completely!), you will be in control of your moods, or at least understand why you may be feeling down and take control. Eat happy, Be happy!!


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g n i l Hea

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy became prominent in the 1960s. The underlying philosophy largely refers to experiential education. Therapy relies effectively on improving self-concept and self-esteem, increased mutual aid in groups, improving social behavior, trust behavior and more.

Adventure therapy encompasses varying techniques and environments to elicit change. Co-operative games, problem solving initiatives, trust building activities,high adventure (rock climbing/ rappelling, ropes courses, peak ascents); and wilderness expeditions (backpacking, canoeing, dog sledding, sailing and long term residential camping) are the most common forms of adventure therapy.

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THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS To advertise or appear in Mi Magazine contact us


lot of people are searching for what they don’t have. They’re searching for the wisdom of a whole way of life.

The Law of Divine Oneness teaches you that everything is intertwined and connected to everything else, and that every feeling, thought or action affects others via energy.

Divine Oneness and some people interpret this to mean we are equal to God and or we are our own gods. I am in no way an expert or a God so do not follow this belief.

In a nutshell, everything in the Universe is intertwined and One; from God (or Gods if this is your belief), humans, animals, plants and all non-living things.

You may believe is that there is only one God, and He created us equal to each other. Buddhism states that at the most fundamental level of life itself, there is no separation between ourselves and the environment. It also states on the Native American Indians Code of Ethics that “The hurt of one is the hurt of all, the honour of one is the honour of all.” Simply put, the individual is part of the whole; connected.

You may ask, if this is the case, how can I feel so alone in the world? Are we all not individuals running around on this planet with complete ignorance to what even our neighbours are up to? Or how can I be a part of something I don’t know of or have never seen, heard or felt before? We are in essence linked to each other in some way, joined as a race of humans on a tiny We can answer these questions simply but planet in an unimaginably large Universe. If with some explaining. I am anything to go by, we may have all also wondered why we are here... Everything in this Universe and our world is made up of pure energy and atoms. Even Whether you believe that God created Earth you and I are made of atoms. Atoms are and everything in it or that a meteor crashed the building blocks of the universe and are to earth and brought life cells for plants, minuscule in size and hard to imagine just animals and humans, we are all made from how small they are. the same 92 elements found in our vast Universe. Everything is made from the same Every single thing that exists in this world ingredients, just a slightly different mixture. is made up of energy. This even applies to both conscious matter, what we see We are all here now, born into a world more and feel regardless of state, and spiritual or less the same, choice, location, freedom thoughts and emotions. Every thought, and timing plays a part on how we turn out emotion and action is energy. in this life. We have all chosen a path or had it bestowed upon us, because of choice Just like the oceans on earth or the and actions we have affected ourselves and constant movement of the Universe, people around us in some way, for example, energy is constantly fluid and flows though there you were at work in a petrol station and everything. The Law of Divine Oneness an unhappy customer decides to take the states that it is the same constant flow of frustration of his or her day out on you just energy that makes everything One. as their boss did to them, this angers you and you go home seething from the unfairness There are many interpretations of the Law of of the treatment, you get home angry and 21 • 07921175440 •

d n i M Mi


take it out on your partner and pass it on... Imagine the evening you could have had if you learned to control your emotions and effect the world around you in a positive manner!

mind, swirling around like a violent storm until I found a new way, now it is light where there was only darkness. Do a simple thing and share happiness, wisdom, talent or love.

Respect everything, living or otherwise, do onto others as we would have them do onto us. Spread joy, not sorrow and in turn the joy and happiness will spread. By performing an act of kindness we create joy within ourselves just by pleasing the recipient of the act.

Regardless of our belief systems working together as One as opposed to alone would produce far better benefits, teamwork in sports alone highlights this, a team that pulls together is far stronger than any team of individuals.

We all have choices in life, stop and make So how can we put this Law to use and the right one for the greater good, not just improve life for us? yourself.

If you are caring for everything that has presence within the Universe, you not only improve your being, but also the Universe. Look after the world around you.

Now I know ‘life happens’ and its not all butterflies and rainbows, people can choose to have good and bad days, and you can interpret this Law as you may wish, but I for one believe that treating fellow human beings We could all do our part in life, imagine if in a positive way can only bring positives, everyone in the world performed only acts spread the word and share the joy. of kindness, think of the kind of world that would be? I for one want to improve the As Einstein so brilliantly said. quality of peoples lives around me. “The world as we have created it is a process Being a lone wolf in life has merits, but the of our thinking. It cannot be changed without pleasure gleaned from a life of partnership changing our thinking.” - By changing the and working together is profound, I used way you think, you change the world to believe I was on my own in life, all my around you. thoughts and questions stayed inside my 22

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Heal in the comfort of your own home SKYPE Facetime Phone 01622 293202 What are you waiting for? Change your life now.

If you are currently suffering from and want to let go of: • Stress • Anxiety • Depression

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By Kathryn Smith

Image by Sha-X-doW

Find Your Soul Mate


any who have been single for a long time are prepared to accept the first person that comes along, rather than waiting for the person who ticks all the right boxes. Accepting second best may give a sense of self-worth in the short-term, but in the long-term it can only lead to paying a higher psychic price. Here is my guidance for attracting a soul mate into your life.


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Resolve to Find Your Soul Mate

By accepting second best, you are affirming to your subconscious that you are not worthy of your dreams and ideals which, in turn, can instigate the beginnings of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, take some time to consider all the qualities you would like in a partner, from their hair colour right through to their likes and dislikes. Write those qualities down on a piece of paper and refer to it, either before you meditate or just before you go to sleep. This will attune your subconscious to be receptive to that person when they enter your life, filling you with the confidence that they are attainable.

Resolve to Achieve Happiness

There is an saying that suggests that people create their own luck. There is more truth in this, in psychic terms, than you might think. Psychic energies are like magnets. Positive energies will attract positive energies and repel negative ones. However, the reverse is also true. You may notice that once you have one negative thought, others are swift to follow. Negative energies are like iron filings to the magnet of the subconscious. Once you’ve attracted one, you open the floodgates to attract more. Again, meditation is a powerful tool. If you are feeling at a particularly low ebb or are experiencing low self-esteem, you should be aware that these are symptoms of psychic unbalance. To restore your psychic harmony, you should practice positive visualisation. One of the most effective methods is to remember a time when you were confident and happy. Once you can clearly visualise that moment in time, you should then visualise the ‘you’ of the present stepping into the ‘you’ of the past, rather like putting on a suit of clothes. Whilst visualising this, use the rest of your senses to remember how it feels to be this confident, attractive person. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy, so it will assume that you are giving it permission to restore balance to your psyche and become the person that you want to be. After a while, you will find that this state of mind becomes second nature and you will notice your ‘luck’ begin to change as your positive energies start to attract the same in other people.

Be Ready

How you conduct your physical life can have a profound impact on your psychic life. Eating well and taking exercise are a brilliant way of aligning your body and spirit. However, this shouldn’t be a punishing regime that you come to resent. Instead, you should seek to eat a food that nourishes you spiritually as well as physically. It might be that you choose to eat foods that are associated with good memories or that you associate with healthy, attractive people. Exercise should also offer solace to the soul as well as the body. Taking a long walk in peaceful surroundings can leave you feeling much more aligned than an hour’s sweating in the sterile environment of a gym. You may want to embrace a new activity such as climbing or golf. Not only are you gaining the benefits of exercise, but you are affirming your positive resolution to seek out positive people and focus your own good feelings. In addition, you will start to mix in new circles – circles in which your soul mate might be mixing. I personally find a walk in the natural world gives me greater clarity guidance, time away from the noise of everyday life.

Weave A Little Magic

Once you have encountered the person who fulfils the right criteria, you should begin to visualise encounters in which you are both drawn to each other. These visualisations will make your psychic self more attuned to any signals your soul mate will send out – and also help you to send out the right signals yourself. Preparing yourself mentally, physically and psychically to meet your soul mate will not only increase your chances of meeting the right person, but will also leave you feeling more confident and psychically aligned.

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