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MHWirth in Brief MHWirth is a leading global provider of first-class drilling solutions and services designed to offer our valued customers with the safer, more efficient and reliable alternative. Our knowledge and technologies span from reservoir to production and through the life of the field. Our company vision drives an unparalleled commitment to quality and major economic advantages for our customers and stakeholders. With a remarkable legacy founded more than a century ago, MHWirth has transformed into a brand reflective of our robust company strategy and compelling ambitions. Our reputation is preserved through a winning combination of values, people and innovative technologies, proven by a respected track record and a vast collection of customer success stories.

MHWirth has a global reach covering five continents with offices in 13 countries. Drawing upon our global market success, we continue to seize opportunities through an established strong regional presence. Our dedicated professionals consistently strive to enhance customer satisfaction and form meaningful collaborations by creating a personalized experience.

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Performance With a Purpose

MHWirth’s values are a testament to our commitment to each other, our customers and our stakeholders. We strive for excellence without compromising on integrity. These six values serve as a roadmap towards cultivating a positive workplace and fulfilling our corporate strategy with pride. Our brand proposition is empowered through the consistent adoption of these values.

Our Values Customer First

HSSE Mindset

Employee Engagement

Customer Experience

Delivering Quality Results

Shareholder Value

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1 2 3 4 5

Drilling Lifecycle Services | 6 Total Cost of Ownership Lifecycle Approach Global Reach and Local Support

Support Services | 10

Service Account Management Global Operational Support Center

Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning | 12 Overhaul Inspection Rig Storage and Reactivation Equipment Installation and Commissioning Equipment Exchange Bank Upgrade Engineering Logistics

Optimization Services | 17 Maintenance & Performance Optimization Training

Spare Parts | 21

Spare Parts Services


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Drilling Lifecycle Services With a global footprint and an eye towards cost effectiveness; our Drilling Lifecycle Services are here to support you throughout the lifetime of your operation

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1 | Drilling Lifecycle Services Total Cost of Ownership Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a cost estimate intended to help you better determine the direct and indirect costs of your complete rig package.

By moving from a time based approach to a condition based maintenance approach, we are able to maximize the life of your equipment and lower the total cost of ownership.

We go beyond the initial manufacturing cycle times and costs associated with the project and include a comprehensive look at the total cost of ownership. Reduced total cost of ownership

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1 | Drilling Lifecycle Services Lifecycle Approach Success depends on superior service and support throughout the life of the product. Our offerings are diverse, flexible and tailored to meet your needs. We deliver globally integrated services and support. Our highly competent service engineers and technical personnel are ready to assist you with any service requirements.

„ Overhaul „ Equipment installation „ Commissioning

„ „ „ „ „

Service and support throughout the life of the product

„ Service account management „ 24/7 technical support



Prepare and Plan


Logistics Upgrade engineering Spare parts Inspection services Equipment exchange bank

„ Training and performance optimization „ Inspection services „ Condition based maintenance and condition monitoring

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1 | Drilling Lifecycle Services Global Reach and Local Support We offer services to over 500 rigs around the world and know when you need support, you cannot afford to wait. That is why each rig we support has a dedicated service account manager (SAM) located close to your operations.

Support when you need it

Lifecycle support is offered from our locations around the world, including main service offices in strategic regions.


UK Canada Germany USA

South Korea

Azerbaijan China


Singapore Brazil


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Support Services Our experienced technical specialists and quick response times help you achieve optimal equipment performance

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2 | Support Services Service Account Management Direct communication enables us to meet your needs effectively and expedite critical issues when the need arises. Our dedicated service account managers (SAMs) are your link to our onshore support network.

Our myDrilling™ technology is an interactive, webbased communication platform developed by MHWirth for our customers. It shows on-going correspondence and accurate information to your rig crew at the right time.

As the single point of contact for both your rigs in operation and our internal technical support teams, our SAMs provide advice and a unique doorway to our global expertise and competence. Our SAMs expedite requests as efficiently as possible, and give you the personal attention and partnership required to resolve your issues.

Our SAMs connect the right resources together to solve the challenges you face during operations

Global Operational Support Center Our 24/7 Support Center has dedicated support personnel available for immediate technical support 24 hours a day. For reported software issues, the installed remote diagnostics system on the rig will often be the primary tool for troubleshooting. Our support engineers can monitor and troubleshoot on drilling control and monitoring systems delivered by MHWirth.

Technical support includes: „„ Software „„ Hydraulic „„ Mechanical „„ Electrical

Our technical support is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning From single equipment maintenance to comprehensive maintenance packages, our maintenance offering supports the full lifecycle of our products

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3 | Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning Overhaul The first phase is to identify the status of the equipment. This results in fact-based decision support material, covering both the equipment status and an evaluation of performance enhancing upgrade opportunities. The assessment and planning phase results in a clear Scope of Work (SOW) with identification of critical Simulator Training Identify Status

Inspection Program

Assess and Plan

Project Management

materials and source. Experienced project managers provide decision support which helps to ensure realistic time assessments. In the execution phase, materials are prepared and used for either overhaul and repairs or directly for installation and commissioning.

Execute Work

Agree on SOW

Material Resources

Overhaul Process

Installation & Commissioning

Inspection Our rig inspection program is proactive and equipment specific. With the use of annual and preclass inspections as well as condition monitoring tools we are able to detect faults early. All inspections are carefully prepared by reviewing and analyzing the maintenance and usage history. After the equipment inspection, test results and potential degradation issues are identified and reported to you. Our technical support professionals provide you with detailed advice on the appropriate Scope of Work (SOW) for maintenance to increase your rig’s uptime. With improved maintenance planning, potential HSSE and commercial risks of maintenance are minimized.

Our inspection services enable specific, condition based planning of maintenance

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3 | Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning Rig Storage and Reactivation Many of our customers experience challenges when reactivating a stacked rig due to degraded equipment and unknown condition of the equipment. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), MHWirth provides reliable, safe and efficient rig storage and reactivation services to ensure efficient and predictable reactivation process. This will qualify your equipment for an extension of Certificate of Compliance (COC).

Depending on our customers’ operational needs, MHWirth can provide a full package of reactivation services. Our service account managers (SAMs) will support and guide you during the reactivation process.

OEM documented condition of equipment will benefit you for new drilling contracts

COC extension

Preservation and Storage

Rig Inspection

Equipment Preparation


Performance Optimization

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3 | Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning Equipment Installation and Commissioning From installation and commissioning and throughout the decommissioning process, we are your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner for the lifetime of the equipment. We provide the technical expertise to properly handle all the phases of the equipment installation and removal process, ensuring your equipment assets are expertly cared for. Our experienced commissioning engineers will install the equipment in the safest; most efficient way possible and according to all required HSSE regulations. With our in-depth equipment knowledge as an OEM, we provide safe and efficient installation and commissioning on all our products. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests and advanced simulation tools are used to ensure our products will meet your needs before they go into the field. Doing this helps to identify critical issues before they arise, saving you time and money. Our execution of commissioning is based on clear processes and communication making sure the job is done on time and on budget.

Equipment Exchange Bank With our equipment exchange bank, we keep your rig running with minimal disruption to your operations. Located in strategic regional hubs, our equipment exchange bank enables you to have immediate access to operational equipment without the wait.

Operational ready equipment close to your rig

Fast and safe removal of equipment

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3 | Overhaul, Installation & Commissioning Upgrade Engineering As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we know how equipment and systems should interface, enabling us to find the best solution for your upgrade. Our engineering services team can provide you with the support needed whether it is equipment or system based maintenance.

Our upgrade engineering services are available for all of our OEM equipment as well as for the integration of third party equipment. As OEM we have the in depth technical knowledge of the equipment and interfaces needed to provide effective solutions

Logistics Our regional equipment exchange banks and stock of all critical spare parts, enable us to keep delivery times to a minimum enabling you to focus on critical rig operations and uptime.

Global availability and short lead times on spare parts

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Optimization Services Improving efficiency and cost through our services

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4 | Optimization Services

We understand that optimizing drilling operations requires solid and reliable data. All our optimization services are process-based. High-quality data and analytics are the foundation for our optimization services; powered by our prognostic health management tool and our performance analyzer. They are basis for an accurate strategy definition and fact-based decisions.

Drivers for Improved Well Costs Reduced OPEX „„ Reduce Maintenance costs „„ Reduce need for equipment overhauls and upgrades „„ Improve equipment reliability „„ Improve HSSE performance „„ Avoid unplanned maintenance/ non-productive time „„ Reduce time for revision stops Increased meters per day „„ Increase drilling speed „„ Prevent unwanted well events „„ Minimize downtime and waiting time „„ Improve rig layout to support efficient operations

By capturing thousands of parameters, from operator inputs to component operating characteristics, our independent Riglogger™ technology preserves the history of the drilling process.

„„ Continuous improvement process „„ Flexible and customized recommendations based on the actual usage and design „„ The ideal lifecycle partner for your rig

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4 | Optimization Services Maintenance Optimization Continuous maintenance optimization is enabled through condition monitoring, advisory and input from maintenance plan and strategy. In that way the rig owner will know the remaining useful life of the equipment. We advise on optimal maintenance and replacement schedule.

Deliverables: „„ Condition based maintenance enablers „„ Optimized maintenance program „„ Up front scope of work definition for repairs/ overhaul „„ Continuous class certification

As a certified supplier of condition monitoring services, we support continuous class

Performance Optimization The performance optimization process monitors and analyzes the crew performance and the technical bottlenecks and will advise on continuous improvements. These will be implemented through training and technical upgrades to optimize your drilling performance.

Deliverables: „„ Performance monitoring and analysis „„ Performance reporting „„ Digital twin for testing and definition of technical limit „„ Performance training and upgrades

Close collaboration and support to help you set and reach performance targets

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4 | Optimization Services Training We offer client specific training to increase your personnel’s learning curve; focusing on operational efficiency and safety for new and experienced personnel. Our drilling simulators are a cost effective, risk free training method that puts your personnel in rig specific, realistic drilling environments. Using the data provided by our Riglogger™ technology, we are able to gain insight into how the equipment has been used and performed, allowing us to better plan training of your crew and optimization of your rig. To bring your rig crew to the next performance level MHWirth’s crew optimization services combine


Classroom Training

Simulator Training

original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specialized training with qualified OEM performance optimization instructors. Our training: „„ Facilitates safer operations and better HSSE performance „„ Improves productive time and operational performance

State-of-the-art facilities and training

Practical Training

Crew Optimization

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Spare Parts As your original equipment manufacturer spare parts supplier with a regional presence, our goal is to keep your rigs running

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5 | Spare Parts Spare Parts Services We understand when you need spare parts every minute matters. That is why our strategic regional locations are available for consultancy. We have stocks located globally, helping to keep your cost of inventory to a minimum. From the ability to check spare parts availability online or to talk to a spare parts professional in person, we make it easy for you to find the spare parts you need. Availability We have centralized stocks in Norway and Germany to urgently support all customers globally. Stocks located at other regional locations will equally be ready to ship available parts in case of emergencies. Services Professional spare parts consultancy is day-today business for our dedicated personnel. For new rigs and installations we cooperate closely with our customers to optimize stock levels prior to entering the operation. For existing installations we offer inventory optimization services.

Quality Our spare parts combine the quality of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at competitive prices. Delivering spare parts on-time is a key factor for ensuring optimal operation. Such performance is one of our top priorities. Obsolete Parts Occasionally, parts are obsolete due to end of lifetime (EOL) or being replaced by newer versions. To keep you up to date, we routinely issue bulletins that provide details on obsolete parts. If a redesign is needed, our service account managers (SAMs) will assist you in finding proper solutions.

„„ Centralized stocks in Norway and Germany „„ Regional stocks

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Contacts Headquarters


North America

Butangen 20, 4639 Kristiansand Norway +47 3805 7000 marketing@mhwirth.com mhwirth.com

25 Benoi Lane Singapore 627800 +65 6262 6633

28377 FM 529 Katy, TX 77493 USA +1 281 371 2424

Global Operational Support Center 24/7 technical support for critical issues on operational rigs +47 3805 7911 +47 9911 2000 911support@mhwirth.com

Europe Maskinveien 9, 4033 Stavanger Norway +47 5164 8989 Snarøyveien 36, 1364 Fornebu Norway +47 3805 7000 Nedrevei 8, 3183 Horten Norway +47 3805 7000 Stamsøyveien 6, 4580 Lyngdal Norway +47 3805 7000 Kölner Strasse 71-73 41812 Erkelenz Germany +49 2431 830 Fyvie Building Howe Moss Avenue, Dyce AB21 0NA Aberdeen United Kingdom +44 1224 750900 7th Floor, Building 6 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road W4 5HR London United Kingdom +44 20 8987 2000 Lokbatan District, Salyan Highway-15th km 5 1063 Baku Azerbaijan +994 12 5650 965

Unit 18A, Tower B, ShinMay Union Square 506 Shang Cheng Road Pudong New District Shanghai 200120 China +86 21 6109 9175 Room 605, Building No. 1 Blue Castle International Centre 3 West Dawang Road Chaoyang District Beijing 100026 China +86 10 5367 4849 Powergas House, I-Think Techno Campus, Beta Building, 4th Floor Zone-3, Kanjurmarg (East) Mumbai 400 042 India +91 22 6706 6441/42 5th Floor, 105, Yongso 1-gil, Geoje Gyeongnam 53301 South Korea +82 55 682 5491

7611 Lake Road South, Bldg 1000 36605 Mobile, Alabama USA +1 281 371 2424 Suite 511, 215 Water Street Atlantic Place St. John’s, NL A1C 6C9 Canada +1 709 757 4500

South America Rua Sergio Roberto Franco s/n Quadra 03 Parte CEP 27932-354 Macaé, RJ Brazil +55 22 2141 3100 Avenida Rio Branco 1 Building RB1, 5th floor, room 501 CEP 20090-003 Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil +55 21 2122 4401

Australia Middle East Lvl. 20, Platinum Tower Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai United Arab Emirates +971 4 550 6200 Al Hilal Building, Al Falah Road Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates +971 4 550 6200 (Dubai office)

96 Raubers Road, Northgate Queensland, 4013 Australia +61 7 3164 9000

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MHWirth Our Services 2018  

MHWirth is a leading global provider of first-class drilling solutions and services designed to offer our valued customers with the safer, m...

MHWirth Our Services 2018  

MHWirth is a leading global provider of first-class drilling solutions and services designed to offer our valued customers with the safer, m...

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