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November 2021



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NOVEMBER 2021 • VOL. 42 NO. 11

18 | Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Expose yourself to No and Not Now to get to yes

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addressing worker and space shortages with technology

Nikole Hoffman / Eric Faramus Production Lead / Graphic Artist


6 | Warehouse operations

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Eileen Mozinski Schmidt

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10 | Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi


Behaviors create results

14 | Bottom Line Gary Bartecki Taxes that can hurt you

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November 2021


Cover Story Eileen Mozinski Schmidt

Warehouse operations addressing worker and space shortages with technology

In a market with reported labor shortages and shifts in supply chain conditions, material handling companies have a series of evolving challenges to face. This month, we offer a look at some of these technological advancements and solutions for warehouse operators looking to staff operations and fulfill orders. ‘A lot of opportunities’ At Vecna Robotics, a focus on logistics has been at the forefront in recent years, according to Jeff Huerta, head of business development at the company. The business began about 20 years ago, working on government projects before moving into health care and robotics for commonplace environments and now to logistics, Huerta said. “There’s a lot of opportunities there for automation, robotics. We have supply chain growth along with labor shortage,” he said. With over three billion pallets moved every day worldwide, the current need in warehouses is substantial, according to Huerta, who said Vecna now offers means for taking standard material handling vehicles and converting them to fully robotic. As nearly as five years ago, Huerta said Venca’s customers were focused on controlling costs. “Now in 2020 and 2021, it's really labor shortage,” he said. “They can’t hire people to sit in a fork truck or vehicle in a warehouse.” Some of the difficulty relates to the type of work. “People sometimes are not looking to do that kind of job,” said Huerta, comparing some warehouse positions to work like driving for Uber, OHIO RACK which he said is perhaps more popular. “As an Uber driver, you make your own We BUY & SELL hours. You work outside, Portable Stack Racks every day is different. You’re Flexible Packaging driving around and you’re NEW & USED talking to somebody. In the 800-344-4164 warehousing world, there are Fax 330-823-8136 very defined hours. If you’re Email: in a warehouse, it is not 6

November 2021

temperature controlled. The social aspect is really not there. You are solely driving from point A to B and B to A.” So Venca’s robotic products seek to fill the roles of tasks that are dirty, demanding, or dangerous, freeing up people to work in more desirable roles, Huerta said. He said companies of all sizes use Vecna Robotics, particularly those operating over multiple shifts. And the robotic technology continues to improve, Huerta said. “Sensors have evolved and are better, smaller and faster,” he said, adding that the technology hardware the company launched at PACK Expo moves faster, similar to the speed people move in the warehouse. “The new Mark 3 software release helps warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing organizations double fleet performance to improve efficiency and throughput while continuing to exceed industry safety standards,” a press release from the company said. As to safety, Huerta said there are multiple layers of protection built into the company’s robotics. “There are sensing devices that have multiple levels of redundancy,” he said, noting that the sensing equipment assesses the direction a vehicle is traveling and decelerates if there is ever an uncertain situation. Huerta sees robotics and automation as continuing to help create solutions in warehouses. “I think we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg. The labor shortage isn’t going away,” he said. “I believe the new trend in logistics is ‘How do we get people to do the jobs in warehouses and what jobs do we want to do?” Huerta said Vecna takes a ground-level approach when working with customers, focusing on moving products and helping a business see how to build an effective strategy. “The technology is ready today and anyone can use it,” he said, noting that representatives from Vecna talk with workers on the ground floor and have heard stories firsthand about logistics needs. “There’s a serious problem here; it’s not going away. Automation and robotics


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November 2021


Cover Story continued

don’t take jobs, it just helps people that need help,” Huerta said. Filling workforce gaps At Hyster-Yale Group, Kevin Paramore said the company’s robotic lift truck suite is helping warehouses fill the gaps. The company’s new-

to-market operator assistance system also is key. In addition to the labor shortage, there is a high turnover rate of equipment operators, said Paramore, emerging technology commercialization manager at Yale. Yale’s systems help inexperienced operators by combatting a lot of potential mistakes, he said. “It can detect things like objects, pedestrians and then react to it. It can decelerate the truck, enough for the operation to see what is going on,” Paramore said. “It will not let you pick up a load that is greater than the lift truck’s capacity.” The operator assistance system is available in nearly all Yale’s warehouse models, he said, noting that the system provides help without taking over the equipment. “It doesn't’ take over the truck, your operator is always in charge,” Paramore said. But what it can do is provide calculations in speed and loads. For example, the system would help an operator decelerate at the correct rate based on the load, fork height, and other calculations, according to Paramore. As at Vecna, Paramore said Yale Robotics helps in filling labor gaps due to open positions, absenteeism, or high turnover by completing many of the redundant tasks. “Automation allows a person to go into more of a value-added role,” he said. “I think your highest turnover is in these lower-hanging tasks. It’s probably not very fulfilling to do the same things over and over again. Automating that allows them to progress into other roles and give them more job satisfaction.” 8

November 2021

In the coming year, Paramore sees the adoption of robotics only speeding up. “Those that have not already gone down an automation strategy road, they are quickly getting to that place today,” he said. “They see the value in it, the return on investment is a lot more realistic.” Renting space ‘one chunk at a time’ Others are using technology to meet warehouse space needs. At Chunker, Brad Wright has created an Airbnb-style software program for warehousing. The platform is a marketplace, facilitating shortterm rental agreements for warehouse space. “Our tagline is, ‘Warehouse sharing, one chunk at a time,” said Wright, CEO of the company. He noted that in an industry driven by long-term leases, Chunker is helping businesses use and find the short-term space they need.

Users access the platform when needed and can craft deals of their choosing. “We do a lot of month-to-month deals,” said Wright, who said the average deal is four to five months in length. Chunker provides the documentation needed to craft a deal and then processes payments. “We’ve done warehouse deals in 15 minutes before,” Write said. “Everybody gets paid instantly.”

In the months since the business launch at the end of 2019, Wright said Chunker’s growth has accelerated quickly and material handling partners have been key. “They’re out there every day and

Cover Story continued

they know who has extra space,” Wright said. “They make super great partners for us.” So far, Chunker has created a marketplace for deals in warehouses in 46 states and roughly 200 cities, and the platform space has doubled in the last year alone. “We envision our footprint growing significantly in the U.S.,” said Wright, who said the company will likely grow worldwide in the future as well. Some of the current difficulties related to labor and supply chain dynamics are apparent among Chunker’s customers, although the trends do not change the work the technology company does. “It definitely precipitates the crisis with our customers,” said Wright, noting at the time of the interview with Material Handing Wholesaler one customer with containers being freed up in the Port of Los Angeles but without warehouse space needed. “Their warehouse is full and they don’t have room,” he said, noting the company was impacted by the

labor shortage. “They need a short-term solution. We’re that buffer that gives them an easy solution to a hard problem.” Eileen Mozinski Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 13 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen. If your company would like to be featured, email

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November 2021 9/24/19

4:35 PM9

Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

Behaviors create results In my August 2021 column, I discussed the importance of deconstructing departmental silos in our dealerships. Silos, as we discussed, are a naturally occurring phenomenon, born out of a desire by our employees to post successful results. Sometimes however the commitment to departmental performance can overshadow our combined effort to serve the customer in the way he wants to be served. When departmental objectives start to drive behaviors that affect our ability to meet customer expectations, we have to implement strategies and tools that allow us to refocus our efforts back on the customer. In the September issue, I suggested different tools to do just that. Strategies included communication and awareness initiatives that result in better understanding and more efficient communications. I also suggested a dealershipwide commitment to “getting it right the first time”, by introducing the “critical eye” mentality. Deconstructing silos is not an easy task, but we must continue to remember that the customer is not hiring the rental department or the service department. They are hiring the DEALERSHIP. How can we ensure that our CX is governed by a cross-departmental, unified effort and that silobased activity is muted, or even invisible to the customer? Rewards based on Results Most dealership silo building starts as a response to departmental objectives and the reward systems attached to them. Resources needed to meet objectives are not without their limits and are seldom if ever renewable. Manpower, budgets, tools, and supplies are many times competed for in the quest to get things done, and produce the results that the management is looking for. Time is the most precious resource. Every department is trying to meet its objectives with the same 480 business minutes that each day provides. In view of the challenges that silos pose to our dealerships, I think it would be relevant to consider if there is a way that we can affect the problem at its nexus. What drives your staff to erect these walls?


November 2021

The most obvious answer is the reward system that most dealers attach to departmental performance. Dealers routinely compensate salespeople, managers, and staff alike for meeting certain predetermined goals. Most of these goals are based on financial objectives. On the surface, this would seem to be a normal “cause and effect” construct. Motivate the team by setting a profitability target. If the results of the department meet or exceed the target…rewards will follow. Although issuing rewards for meeting monetary targets seems intuitive and motivating, it carries with it an inherent risk in a multi-departmental environment. Although we want to keep our leaders aware, connected, and engaged, the profit-oriented goals we set for them are based on a “zero-sum game”. As I mentioned earlier, resources are finite, and the clock is ticking. If I am rewarded only if I achieve my departmental objective, then I will resist all attempts at deploying my limited resources toward anything except MY objective. Long ago I had a division manager that was fond of telling his departmental managers: “It’s not important to me HOW you make your numbers…. just MAKE YOUR NUMBERS!” This is the prime example of results-based thinking (punctuated with the stick instead of the carrot). The inference was not so much that rewards would follow success, but rather that unemployment would follow failure! This guy was teaching the class in short-term thinking, and unsustainable results. The way that his managers ultimately “made their numbers” was by reinforcing their silos, many times at the expense of both the dealership and the customer. How can we get our people to view the dealership’s resources in light of the customer’s needs, rather than their own? In order to reverse this trend, I believe that we have to realign the reward system. The right behaviors The value of my next suggestion will be predicated on your belief in the maxim that “the right BEHAVIORS, generally create the right results”. Wrapping your reward systems around

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November 2021


Aftermarket continued

behaviors rather than bottom-line profitability is more difficult, but it comes with decided advantages. If my reward system is connected to behaviors, it’s infinitely easier for leaders to embrace the CX standard. Customer satisfaction becomes the FOCUS of your interaction. No longer is customer interaction a burden to be avoided, but rather an objective to be achieved. Managers are more willing to embrace the entirety of their responsibility because their rewards are based on specific behaviors that foster natural success. The dealership loses nothing in the process. Reward amounts can still be BASED on results. The difference lies in the fact that the criteria for accessing the reward are not found in a singular metric (make your numbers). It is instead earned by properly performing duties in a customercentric environment. Managers can actually be developed with this type of system. The behaviorreward matrix can evolve as the manager gains experience and skills, and the whole system can be continuously calibrated toward your CX objectives. Example: Service Manager Results based compensation: Quarterly Objective • Grow service profits by 10% YoY Earn 2% of service NOP • Grow service profits by 15% YoY, Earn 3% of service NOP • Grow service profits by 20%+ YoY, Earn 4% of service NOP This is a standard cause-and-effect motivation platform. If profit growth is the only objective, how can the manager ensure that they will earn the top reward? What is the most likely course they will follow to create profitability growth of 20%? If results matter, but behaviors don’t, the answer is likely to be – by the easiest means possible. • Avoid maintenance to the rental fleet • Avoid expenditures on the LTRFM Fleet • Avoid internal work altogether • Use aftermarket parts to lower pricing and sell more labor • Increase fees • Avoid training • Avoid investments in tools 12

November 2021

This is not the way to build sustainable results. Short-term, silo-based thinking creates an unhealthy “every man for himself” culture, driven from the top-down. When the focus is on behaviors, development and efficiency are rewarded. We are likely to adhere to best practice SOP’s. This results in organic growth, created from the bottom-up. Examples of behaviors to reward: • Regular staff meetings with standing agendas, assignments, and review • Management oversight of warranty recovery • Gratis reduction through training and counseling • Cleanliness standards in both shop and van environments • Customer satisfaction and follow-up practices • Collaborative van stocking strategies • Rental / LTRFM efficiency rewards (like performing maintenance when already onsite) • Service quote efficiency (hours from request to the proposal) • Service work order efficiency (days to invoice) Yes, this takes more work. There are more metrics to track. There are more initiatives to watch and more tasks to monitor. It’s worth it. These behaviors become “the new normal” and the ease with which the right behaviors create the right results creates even more motivation on the part of the staff to get to the next level. If leadership efforts are focused on behaviors, and these behaviors are aligned with your VALUES, the results will not only be prolific, they will be SUSTAINABLE. RDS can help you establish and maintain these types of incentive and compensation programs in your dealership. Give me a call and let’s chat about it. Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 39 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director, and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail to contact Dave.

Material Handling Network_Full page_7.625x9.875w change.indd 1

2/22/20 November 2021

8:46 AM 13

Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Taxes that can hurt you I had the privilege to make a presentation with my Dealer, Rental, and Equipment team for IEDA (Independent Equipment Dealers Assoc.) in September. It was similar to what we did for MHW One-Day Dealer Conference two years ago. With the new proposed tax law and the remaining ways to get government funding, we had plenty to cover in 60 minutes. I made my presentation regarding the state of the neverending moving target of the economy, the COVID-19 impact, interest rates, the inflation/ deflation possibility, supply chain issues, and let us not forget China because when China sneezes the rest of us catch a cold. And I am sure you can add to the list if you stop to think about it. There was one sobering fact I heard from the former head of the Dallas Fed who stated that his review of the supply chain issue and the inability of U.S. ports of entry to manage the flow, along with conversations with port authorities and union leaders leads him to surmise that it will take another two years before things get back to normal. Not good news if a major portion of your inventories come in by boat from another country. So, my presentation suggested dealers manage cash, clean up the Balance Sheet, prepare for the new lease accounting rules (in effect for 2022 financial statement), take the time to understand the new proposed tax changes, and find ways to continue to service customers including ways to reduce cost. Steve Pierson reviewed the proposed tax changes. He spent most of his time explaining potential risks associated with the phase-out of Bonus Depreciation ( wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Pierson-Summary. pdf) since dealers currently using bonus sell assets with zero tax basis and then offset any tax by purchasing another unit that will then be deducted using Bonus. But once the phase-out occurs there could be tax exposure each year during the phaseout. The “new” tax liability could still be offset to a great extent using Sec. 179, as long as you qualify to keep in mind that Sec 179 has a $ 1 million cap, which may be less if your 179 purchases exceed $2.5 million. But, no matter what, we can count on both personal and corporate tax hikes. 14

November 2021

Paul Rozek, Steve’s Partner, then discussed ERC (Employee Retention Credit), which is still available for both 2020 and 2021. Surprisingly, a good number of attendees were not really familiar with this tax credit that provides substantial bucks depending on how the total sales for each quarter in 2019 compares against the quarterly numbers for the same quarter in 2020 and 2021. If any of your 2020 quarters had sales 50% less than the 2019 quarterly results you qualify for that quarter. They made it easier for 2021 where the 2021 quarterly results qualify if they are 20% less than the 2019 results. The max credit for 2020 is $5000 per employee for the year. For 2021 the max credit is $7000 PER QUARTER per employee. Like I said, big numbers if you qualify. This area is a bit complicated, and you really need a REAL EXPECT like Paul to max your benefit from this credit, with does not have to be repaid but is taxable in the year received. And last but not least Jim Margner, my SALT guy (State and Local Tax), reviewed the most complicated area of your company tax situation. This is a high-risk and potentially expensive issue if you mishandle reporting state and local taxes postWayfair. To get the discussion going Jim handed out a Questionnaire with nineteen questions on it. I think having a clean bill of health regarding SALT is important for every equipment dealer. Who needs to be harassed by the State for tax, penalties, and interest? The last time I received one of these notices there was a perceived $2000 tax missed that wound up with interest and penalties of over $10000, both of which increased daily. Luckily, Jim saved the day and proved the tax was paid and, in the end, it cost me $20. I am going to make Jim’s questionnaire available on the MHW website ( wp-content/uploads/2021/10/7_State-LocalTax-Questionnaire_Jim-Margner.pdf), along with Steve Pierson’s summary of the proposed tax changes ( uploads/2021/10/Tax-Followup-Steve-Pierson. pdf) and Paul Rozek’s presentation to help you understand the ERC (https://www.mhwmag. com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/4_EmployeeRetention-Tax-Credit_Paul-Rozek.pdf).


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November 2021


Bottom Line continued


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to: • Steve Pierson • Paul Rozak • Jim Marger Take care!. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC and a Wholesaler columnist since August 1993. E-mail editorial@mhwmag. com to contact Garry.

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November 2021

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November 2021


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Expose yourself to No and Not Now to get to yes

97% of all sales are not made on the first call. It takes five to ten exposures (follow-ups) to a prospect to make the first sale. The prospect may not actually say “no” each time, but each time you follow-up and the prospect doesn’t buy, he’s saying: “not now, buddy; do something else for me; I’m still shopping around; I haven’t met with my partner; try again later; in short, you haven’t sold me yet”. As a professional salesperson, you better have what it takes to persevere through the follow-up process and not quit. Be willing to put forth the effort to get to the last “no,” or consider taking a job in a warehouse with a salary. Here are some follow-up guidelines to ensure early closing success… • Know the real reasons your prospect wants your product. • Know the real reasons your prospect does not want your product. • Know your prospect’s hot buttons (things you think will make the prospect buy), and work with them in constructing your follow-up plan. • Present new information relative to the sale each time you call or visit. • Be creative in your style and presentation manner. • Be sincere about your desire to help the customer first, and earn the commission second. • Be direct in your communication. Beating around the bush will only frustrate the prospect (and probably cause him to buy elsewhere). Answer all questions. Don’t patronize the prospect. • Be friendly. People like to buy from friends. • Use humor…Be funny. People love to laugh. Making your prospect laugh is a great way to establish common ground and rapport. • When in doubt, sell the prospect for her reasons, not yours. • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale each time. 18

November 2021

If there were a formula for following up, it would be… their reasons + new information + creative + sincere + direct + friendly + humor = SALE…but there isn’t an exact formula. Every follow-up is different, and elements from the above guidelines must be chosen as called for. Here are a few lead-in lines you might try so that you don’t feel uneasy about how to start the conversation… • I discovered something that I believe to be an important factor in your decision… • I’m just emailed you a note from a customer who had an experience like yours… • Something new has occurred that I thought you would like to know about… • There has been a change in status… • I was thinking about you, and called to see if you found about… Don’t say, “I called to see if you got my letter, proposal, info, or sample…”, it sounds dumb… and it gives the prospect a way out. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, he’ll say, “No, I never got it.” Where does that leave you? Nowhere. Why not try: “I sent you some (name the stuff) the other day and I wanted to go over a couple of things with you personally because they weren’t selfexplanatory…” Some salespeople fear that they’re “bugging” the prospect if they call too often. If you feel that way, it’s for two reasons: 1. You haven’t established enough rapport and have limited access. 2. Your follow-ups are about selling and not about helping. It’s likely you won’t bug the prospect if… He’s a salesperson himself; you have something new, creative, or funny to say; you’re short and to the point; he’s genuinely interested in your product or service; he returns your calls right away; or, he likes you. It’s likely you will bug the prospect if… You call more than three times without a returned call; you ask dumb or pushy questions (probably

Sales Trends continued

because you didn’t listen well in the first place); you are perceived as insincere; you exert pressure too soon or too often; or, you are in any way rude to the prospect or anyone on his staff. Follow-up is another word for sale. Your ability to follow up will determine your success in sales. Ask any professional salesperson the secret for success, he or she will answer… persistence. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at For information about training and seminars visit or email Jeffrey at or call him at 704 333-1112.

For more Sales Trends go to

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November 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

as they continue to experience record volumes. These measures will enhance the ports’ landside operations to help meet the unprecedented growth Now more than ever, in cargo volume moving through the San Pedro employers need tools and Bay. Specifically, both ports will expand the resources to help them navigate hours during which trucks can pick up and return the new realities of the containers. Mario Cordero, Executive Director workplace. As the charitable arm of the Port of Long Beach, announced that Long of Power Transmission Distributors Association, Beach will take the first step towards a 24/7 supply the PTDA Foundation, through its PT WORK chain by maximizing nighttime operations. Force® initiative, develops these resources to help power transmission/motion control (PT/ MC) employers support, retain and motivate their employees and take advantage of future growth Oshkosh Corporation invests in Carnegie Foundry opportunities in the PT/MC industry.

PT WORK Force® expands resources to support PT/MC Employers

to build upon Autonomy and Robotics capabilities

Kostreba backs the red with winning bid on the 2021 Trailer for a Cause Auction Felling Trailers, Inc. conducted its ninth annual online auction of an FT-3 drop deck utility trailer to benefit a nonprofit organization: the Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation (MNFFF). A winning bid of $4,850.99 won the auction that ended at 7 pm on the 20th-anniversary remembrance of 9/11, Saturday, September 11th, 2021. The bid winner was Joe Kostreba of Sauk Centre, MN. The 2021 Trailer for a Cause FT-3 utility trailer was painted the signature fire engine red with custom fire engine gold pinstriping and bared the Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation emblem.

Oshkosh Corporation and the Carnegie Foundry has announced a strategic partnership and Oshkosh Corporation investment in Carnegie Foundry to accelerate innovation in autonomy and robotics. Carnegie Foundry has an existing relationship with the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) at Carnegie Mellon University. The new partnership will build upon this relationship and will complement Oshkosh’s ongoing work in autonomous vehicles and equipment, providing significant benefits to the millions of people that do important work every day – including the nation’s soldiers, firefighters, and first responders, as well as environmental service, refuse collection and construction workers.

TFS creates new Racking & Automation division

TFS has announced the creation of a new division dedicated to racking and automation. Aligning TFS’s After consultation decades of expertise optimizing material handling with multiple supply chain stakeholders and equipment fleets with a shifting market landscape the U.S. Department demanding ever greater delivery speed, product of Transportation, the variability, and lower prices, TFS has created a new dedicated business division named TFS Racking ports of Long Beach & Automation Division. The division’s goal is to and Los Angeles help customers address their space, flexibility, and announced bold new measures to improve freight automation needs. movement and reduce delays through the ports

San Pedro Bay Ports announce new measures to speed cargo throughput


November 2021

QUALITY& VALUE For Over 60 Years

Power Steering Units Cylinders Pumps Valves

New & Remanufactured Exchange Precision Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts



November 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Alta expands construction equipment business with acquisition of Gibson Machinery Alta Equipment Group Inc. has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Gibson Machinery, LLC, a privately held premium equipment distributor based in Oakwood Village, near Cleveland, Ohio. The acquisition expands Alta’s construction equipment footprint to 32 locations in eight states and adds several new original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partners. The family-owned Gibson Machinery offers a full line of industry-leading heavy equipment product lines and specialty attachments, as well as service, rentals, replacement parts, and equipment financing. Gibson serves a wide variety of customers in the construction, recycling and steel, and demolition markets.

Darr Equipment Co. announces new Logistics Engineering Division Darr Equipment Co. has announced the launch of 54 Intralogistics. The new company will provide advanced material handling solutions to include optimized warehouse systems design, equipment integration, automation, and robotics, automated guided vehicles, racking storage and dock equipment, project management, and logistical solutions. Although new in name, 54 Intralogistics has a deep history and vast experience in the material handling industry. Darr Equipment Co was originally founded in 1954 by Hal Darr as a Caterpillar diesel tractor dealership selling paving equipment of the era.

Every client is unique. So are our solutions. From heavy equipment to smaller tools, we help you get the machinery that’s essential to running your business. Our financing consultants have an average of 25 years of experience in creating and structuring a broad range of industrial equipment financing packages.

Find the right financing today at

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November 2021

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

The Ecopoint charger from Ecotec is a full featured industrial battery charger available in 2 models for 8 hr. and 10 hr. recharge. The standard ECO-250 control offers data management normally found only in much more expensive chargers. For pallet jacks, consider the fully automatic STC taper charger. Plugs into any 120V outlet for convenience and portability. For the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility, consider the Access high frequency charger. Models are available for both conventional and opportunity charging.

800-321-9983 Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor


Authorized Distributor

150 Marybill Dr. • Troy, OH 45373 P: 937.606.2793 • F: 937.606.2026

Authorized Distributor

2" x 1" Rectangular Mesh EEZY STAK® Enclosures are designed and engineered to save time and money on your project installation.

These versatile machinery and rack guards are ideal for protecting your machinery, racking and other valuable assets. Continuously welded joints make for strong units that can take a beating.

Woven wire mesh panels welded into an angle frame; frames secured to the posts.

Constructed from 5" x 5" x 3/16" square tube with 10" x 10" x 5/8" base plates.

No wire ties or unheard of specialty clips; just nuts, bolts, and standard hand tools are required.

Available in 36" and 48" lengths, 10", 24" and 42" heights.

Dark Gray painted panels allow for full visibility into enclosure.

Time tested diamond mesh partitions have been pre-engineered for easy installation, give an unrestricted view into the cage, and total air circulation. Low initial cost and maintenance.

Jesco Industries, Inc. 950 Anderson Rd, Litchfield, MI 49252 Phone: 517-542-2903 Fax: 517-542-2501

Send us the footprint of your project and allow our engineers to assist you on your next project! CSI: 10605, 102213

November 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Toshiba’s Teresa Sternhagen wins Stevie TVH America’s chosen as 2021 Award for Woman Executive of the Year Champions of Business honoree Affirming her extraordinary leadership at Toshiba America Business Solutions and within her community, Teresa Sternhagen has won this year’s Silver Stevie® Award for Woman Executive of the Year in the 18th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. The Stevie Awards have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners were determined by the average scores of more than 160 business professionals around the world, working on eight juries.

KION NA broadens territory with new locations for dealer partner Carson Material Handling KION North America just announced a new dealer partner, Carson Material Handling, which has added two locations to better serve its customers in Charlotte and Morrisville (RaleighDurham area) in North Carolina. Carson Material Handling is authorized to sell both the Linde Material Handling and Baoli brands at all its locations. “We are extremely proud to partner with dealers who not only sell and support our brands but also offer exceptional customer service,” said Rick Schiel, director of dealer development. “Carson Material Handling is a family-owned business that takes pride in being a leader in service to its customers. By adding these two additional locations in Charlotte and Morrisville, Carson Material Handling will be able to bring the outstanding customer experience they are known for to these new areas while representing the Linde Material Handling and Baoli brands.”

Kansas City Business Journal has named TVH Americas (TVH), a global provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, as a 2021 Champions of Business honoree.The 2021 Champions of Business award honors area forprofit companies that set the gold standard for financial performance, innovation, and community involvement. To be eligible for the award, companies must be headquartered in the Kansas City area, have been in business for a minimum of three years, and achieve a gross revenue of at least $3 million annually. Since TVH established its presence in Olathe, KS in 2005, the company has strived to be one of Kansas City’s top employers. This award marks the 3rd year in a row that TVH has achieved this fantastic award, and is evidence of TVH’s commitment to setting the gold standard for employers in our community.

FAD Equipment Store expands team FAD Equipment Store has recruited e-commerce guru Austin Helton to join its team. Headquartered in South Carolina, the store puts lifting, material handling, safety, and load monitoring products a click away from end-users in marine, warehouse, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, renewables, and other markets. Helton, a serial entrepreneur, and digitalization specialist joins as Vice President, Application Sales and Market Development. He will report to David Ayling, president.

For More Shifting Gears go to 24

November 2021

November 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Jake Kercheval joins Thombert Thombert has recently expanded its sales staff by adding Jake Kercheval as OEM Account Manager. Jake will be responsible for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) accounts in the material handling industry. He comes to Thombert with a strong background in sales and marketing. He is a graduate of Simpson College and was formerly the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Iowa Hospital Association. Jake resides in Altoona, Iowa, with his wife Shannon, son Boone, and his lab Gunther. Thombert is pleased to have Jake on their team and he looks forward to his role at Thombert and to meet everyone.

PowerPro Equipment is new Merlo dealer PowerPro Equipment, located in New Holland, PA has added Merlo telehandlers to its lineup of equipment. Established in 1969, PowerPro Equipment has curated a reputation for offering a broad selection of high-quality, light, and heavy equipment for sale and rent to homeowners, lawn care professionals, and construction companies. PowerPro’s seven locations serve PA and NJ with direct sales, rentals, and service.

Automation and Warehouse Logistics Industry leader David Campbell joins Burns & McDonnell With two decades of engineering, project management, and automation experience, David Campbell joins Burns & McDonnell to lead design and construction solutions for distribution and warehouse 26

November 2021

facilities throughout the U.S. Campbell will manage projects for a wide range of clients across multiple industries. Most recently, Campbell led teams of professionals executing hundreds of largescale materials handling projects for more than 60 clients in 14 different markets.

Wildeck, Inc. welcomes Angela Wurtz as Director of People Operations Wildeck, Inc. is pleased to announce and welcome Angela Wurtz as its new Director of People Operations. Angela will be responsible for all aspects of managing the People Operations function at Wildeck, including recruiting, training and development, engagement, employee relations, compensation, and payroll. Angela brings nearly 15 years of experience related to various HR functions, including recruiting, onboarding of new employees, human resource information systems, employee relations, and leadership.

AutoScheduler.AI adds experienced CTO to bring software development efforts to the next level AutoScheduler.AI has announced the addition of Andrew Gibson as Chief Technology Officer to lead the company’s software development efforts to the next level. Andrew is a supply chain industry expert, formerly with Nestle, and has deep expertise in mathematics, which is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence. AutoScheduler.AI smooths operations in a warehouse by integrating seamlessly with warehouse management systems, orchestrating activities across supply chain campuses, and adding value by improving OTIF, managing inventory, and creating dynamic schedules that change as conditions shift.

Welcome to the NEXT Generation of Revolution.

Is it strong enough? See for yourself.


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November 2021


Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends Each month, we give you a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, state filings may be lower than usual. As our team works diligently against the challenges of COVID-19, our credible and verified data can drive strategic decisions for your business during this trying time.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Displays the top five buyers nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. Cntrl Paper Co Pawtucket, Ri Class 3 Toyota Anchor 3 P L Llc Salt Lake City, Ut Class 5 Hyundai Cold Chain Solutions Llc Laredo, Tx Class 1 Toyota Commercial Shelving Inc Honolulu, Hi Class 5 Tai-Lift Jefferson Homebuilders Inc Culpeper, Va Class 5 Taylor

4 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit 28

November 2021

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven D industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. Toyota Inds Commercial Fin Inc.........................................16 Wells Fargo Bank...................12 De Lage Landen Fin Svc..........5 Wells Fargo Eqt Fin.................3 Bank Of Hi.............................2 B F G Corp.............................2 D L L Fin Llc..........................2

Matl Hndlg Inc........................2 U S Bank Eqt Fin....................2 Merchants Auto Grp................1 Komatsu Fin............................1 Fayette Svgs Bank....................1 Bank Of Nova Scotia...............1 Altec Capital Svc.....................1 Altabank..................................1

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit

Resonant Dealer Services DAY 1 © - Delivery Process Does Your Equipment Delivery Process:

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November 2021


Industrial Manufacturing planned Industrial Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads 162 new Industrial Manufacturing Planned Industrial Project Reports - September 2021 SalesLeads just released the September 2021 results for the newly planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction, and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 162 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector. ALABAMA: Automotive manufacturer is planning to invest $288 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their manufacturing facility in HUNTSVILLE, AL. They have recently received approval for the project. MICHIGAN: Automotive mfr. is planning to invest $250 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades at their manufacturing plants in DEARBORN, STERLING HEIGHTS, and YPSILANTI, MI. They have recently received approval for the project. The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news. Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type • Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 147 New Projects • Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 54 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 57 New Projects • Expansion - 48 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 66 New Projects • Plant Closings - 12 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States) • Indiana - 14 • Texas - 12 • North Carolina - 9 • Ohio - 8 • Pennsylvania - 8 • Michigan - 8 • Tennessee - 7 • Ontario - 7 • Illinois - 7 • California - 6

TEXAS: Paper products mfr. is planning to invest $120 million for the expansion, renovation, and equipment upgrades at their manufacturing facility in PINELAND, TX. Renovations are expected to start in early 2022, with completion slated for late 2022. MAINE: Paper products mfr. is planning to invest $111 million for the expansion and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in RUMFORD, ME. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

OHIO: Recycled paper products mfr. is considering the construction of a paper mill and currently seeking a site in the SOUTHWESTERN, OH area. Watch SalesLeads for updates.

During the month of September, our research team identified 15 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Ford Motor Company, which is planning to invest $5.6 billion for the construction of an EV automotive and battery manufacturing campus in MEMPHIS, TN. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2025. Top 10 Tracked Industrial Manufacturing Projects NEVADA: Lithium-ion battery recycling company is considering investing $1 billion for the construction of a 1 million SF manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in the EASTERN NEVADA area. Watch SalesLeads for updates.

NORTH CAROLINA: Fiber optic cable mfr. is planning to invest $150 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in HICKORY, NC. They have recently received approval for the project.

VIRGINIA: Aluminum extrusion mfr. is planning to invest $100 million for the expansion and equipment upgrades at their manufacturing facility in PRINCE GEORGE, VA. They have recently received approval for the project.

Largest Planned Project


SOUTH DAKOTA: Battery mfr. is planning to invest $250 million for the construction of a manufacturing and distribution complex in RAPID CITY, SD. Construction will occur in phases. They will relocate operations upon completion.

November 2021

TEXAS: Diversified industrial equipment mfr. is planning to invest $77 million for a 75,000 SF expansion and the renovation of their weather-damaged manufacturing and office facility in TYLER, TX. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Spring 2022. Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America. Our professional research team identifies new construction, expansion, relocation, major renovation, equipment upgrades, and plant closing project opportunities so that our clients can focus sales and marketing resources on the target accounts that have an impending need for their products, services, and indirect materials.


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November 2021


New Products

See more new products online at

Superior Tire unveils Next Generation of Modulift introduces the TriMOD Modulift, has added a new Wheel Technology Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation has launched the Next Generation line of polyurethane load wheels branded Velocity™. This patentpending product, redesigned and reengineered, promises to deliver a longer worklife by keeping the bearings and polyurethane cooler through its new innovative hub design. As with any industry-changing technology, there is one caveat - Velocity™ wheels are currently only available for the most popular 5-inch market sizes for Crown, Raymond, and Hyster-Yale Class2 equipment. Superior Tire is currently applying this technology to other sizes to fit all makes and models with the goal of 4-inch and 6-inch load wheels mid to late 2022.

product to its portfolio which is specifically designed for three-point lifts and suitable for circular lifts. The TriMOD, designed by their in-house engineering team and manufactured in their established factory in Poole, Dorset is a triangular frame, designed for threepoint lifts. The frame can be extended for 6-point lifts and multipoint circular lifts due to its unique shape. All TriMOD corner units are compatible with Modulift spreader beams to achieve multiple spans. The efficient design makes the rigging configuration simpler, easy to assemble, and costeffective. Due to the shape, it can be used for circular lifts, in particular when lifting tank roofs and pressure vessels, avoiding unnecessary cascading rigs.

Combilift launches the new XLE model


Combilift has officially launched its latest product, the Combi-XLE, as a further addition to its impressive range of electric models. In line with the growing demand for electric-powered equipment, this multidirectional forklift with up to 5-ton (10000lb) lift capacity, combines emission-free operation with powerful performance for a wide range of industries and applications.The original enginepowered XL C-Series model was developed to address the requirements of tough working environments such as those in the timber, concrete, and steel sectors. The new Combi-XLE incorporates the same key design features as its earlier counterpart such as high ground clearance, large cushioned front and rear tires, and a spacious cab, allowing smooth operation on semi-rough terrain whilst offering a high level of driver comfort.

For more New Products go to


November 2021

GRI reaffirmed its commitment to protecting our planet by launching the ULTIMATE GREEN XT, one of the most environmentally friendly material handling solid tires in the world. “Environmentally sustainable growth is our strategy today and for generations to come. The ULTIMATE GREEN XT is a premium-plus material handling tire, built for 24 hours per day, three-shift operations, enabled by lower heat buildup and higher endurance. The green color version is a non-marking, high-performance tire developed for all surface conditions and intense operating environments.

JLG® to expand product line with introduction of Rotary Telehandlers JLG Industries, Inc., has announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the introduction of a new generation of rotary telehandlers. For this new range of products, JLG chose to partner with Dieci, a

New Products

See more new products online at

manufacturer with more than 20-years of rotating telehandler experience, which is recognized for its market leadership, innovation, and technological advancements. The new JLG® rotating telehandler line will offer premium performance and will initially consist of three models, the JLG R1370, R1385 and R11100 with max lift heights from 67.3- to 97.1-ft and max lift capacities of 11,000to 13,200-lb. The line will provide operators with optimal comfort, increased functionality, and premium performance, redefining productivity while reducing congestion on the job site.

electroVolt introduces configurable PRISLogic™ Lithium-Ion Battery Modules electroVolt, just announced its new PRISLogic LithiumIron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Engineered for safety and reliability, the PRISLogic prismatic cells provide the highest level of performance without the cost, complexity, and lead time of a custom-built solution. LiFePO4 cells are known for their safety and reliability as they are less prone to experience thermal runaway associated with overcharge and lithium plating. electroVolt engineers have gone a step further to solve heat issues with its proprietary Thermal Shield Technology that improves thermal management, provides optimum distributed pressure on the electrode surface, and reduces cellto-cell fire propagation.

Creform workstation helps provide for an optimum assembly operation Creform Corporation has developed a large stand-up assembly workstation for a truck parts supplier.The large workstation, 16’ L x 6’ x 3’ D, is set up in a line to support a one-piece-flow assembly for the manufacturer. The linear configuration also makes it possible to add or remove production associates

depending on the manufacturing requirements. It features a plastic work surface across the front, while above the work surface are three flow levels with an angled presentation for totes. The flow lanes provide first-in-first-off (FIFO) parts handling while the secondary angle enhances visibility in the totes and physical access to the parts. The angled presentation style also keeps loose parts in the totes near the front of the box for easy picking and handling.

Panacea Aftermarket introduces new line of Smart Forklift Scales Expanding their product offering, Panacea Aftermarket Co. presents to you their BEAST Smart Forklift Scales. All metal construction, 3.5-inch tough color screen, IP64 rated, wireless load sensor connectivity, integrated thermal printer, and cumulative weight count for just $1,499. Using the latest in digital technology and precision sensors, the BEAST Smart Scale offers impressively quick load reading times of 4 seconds and with 99% accuracy, making it both one of the quickest and fastest available.

Craemer Group introduces the TC3-5 Palgrip® the completely closed plastic pallet Craemer Group has introduced the TC3-5 Palgrip®, the completely closed plastic pallet with a fully anti-slip coated top deck that puts safety and hygiene at the forefront. TC3-5 Palgrip® is free from cavities or ribs, ensuring reliable protection from contamination or water ingress, and is popular in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It’s also resistant to cold and heat between -22° F (-30° C) and 104° F (40° C) and offers absolute slip resistance – even when wet or in high humidity conditions, making it especially fitting for dairy and oil & gas too.

November 2021




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FSIP offers a wide range of remanufactured joysticks and displays.

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Guardrail / Hand Rail

Twin Rail

Guardrail • Original LIFT-OUT design cuts installation costs in half!

Hand Rail

•D urable steel protection.

•F ully welded sleeves to hold and capture rails.

•D esigned for quick and easy release, but can be bolted together if desired.

•M odular hand rail protects employees from entering unsafe areas.

•E asy installation, simply assemble and anchor down. • Posts available as Inlines, Corners, •S tronger than typical handrail. or Ends in 18”, 26” and 42” heights. • Top Rail is 42” high and MEETS • Stocked in 4’, 6’, and 8’ sections. • Rails available in 2’ – 10’ in 1’ OSHA FALL PROTECTION if • 42” tall standard. increments. used on a mezzanine. •M EETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Rack Protection


”, 4

“V” Face Post Protectors



8” & 12”


End of Aisle Rack Protection

•R ack protection creates a visible guide through aisles and saves thousands in damage. • Available in 36”, 42”, and 48” in • ¼” material. either single or double ends. • Four mounting holes. • Curved end has an 8” I.D. and is • Accepts ½” anchors, which 8” and 12” tall. are available upon request. • Choose floor angle thickness of ½”, 3/8”, or ¼”. •A vailable in 12”, 18”, and 24” with 4¼”, 5½”, and 8¼” clear opening.

Flush hardware

Pallet Guide/Stop •T wo products in one! Keeps flue space clear and prevents damage to walls behind rack. •A vailable in 42”, 45” (42” with 3” overhang), 48”, and 51” (48” with 3” overhang). •E asy installation and creates reinforcement for the rack. • Flush mount hardware included.

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Our Products at Work Dock Safety

Fabric Gate

Dock Stop HD

• Protects against unwanted visitors, insects, birds, and debris from entering the work area while allowing air to flow through. 48” tall. • High visibility, breathable fabric. • Easy operation, requiring just 3 lbs. of pull force to extend the fabric barrier. • Accommodates doors from 8’ – 16’. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

•S top fork trucks from driving or backing off the dock. 42” tall. • Available in 8’ – 9’ and 10’ – 12’ sizes. • I ncludes two 5” steel posts with 12” x 12” baseplates with gussets for strength. • Reinforced cross bar for strength behind panels. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet

Pivot Gate • Choose from 60”, 65”, 72”, 96”, or 120” clear opening. • Easily pivots to up or down position – requires only 10 - 20 lbs. of lift force. • Ships mostly assembled – minor assembly required upon receiving. Simply anchor to the mezzanine floor. • Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

PickerPal Mezzanine Gate • 6 self-closing arms that operate independently. •A s the pallet is unloaded the top arms close, creating a safety barrier. • 6’ or 8’ width. • Includes 8’ tall rack frames and height limiter. • MEETS OSHA and IBC REQUIREMENTS

Call Toll Free to Order: 1-877-728-3891

Industrial Safety Gates

Single Swing Gate

Double Swing Gate

• I deal for stair openings, ladders, and platforms. The “Save”ty Swing Gate bolts to existing rail opening to provide a one-way, self-closing gate. It is a simple and economical way to comply with OSHA. • Each gate has 2½” of adjustability. • Single Gate requires a post for a strike plate. • Designed to fit hand railing up to 2” O.D. • Single Swing Gate can fit openings 14” – 50½”. • Double Swing Gate can fit openings 16” – 52½”. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS


Telescoping Gate •A djusts to fit openings from 18” to 36” and is self-closing. • Can be installed on guardrail or handrail (2” O.D. max), regardless of brand. • Can be inverted to swing either left or right. • Springs designed for over 1 million cycles. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Building Column Protectors

•S teel bollards protect a variety of facility assets.

•P revent damage to building support columns or mezzanine columns.

• Surface mount to concrete or direct bury.

• Impact rating: 8,000 lbs. at 5 M.P.H.

•E conomy 4½” O.D., Yellow or Red, 5½” O.D. Yellow only, 24”, 36”, or 42” tall. • Standard 4½” O.D. 42” tall, Yellow with welded top, available with welded eyelet.

•A vailable in Short, Slim, and Standard. Standard is 42” tall, 24” wide for 6”, 8”, 9”, 10”, and 12”. Yellow is standard, but red, lime green, and orange are available.

• Direct Bury 5½”, 6½”, and 8½” O.D., 84” tall, yellow.

•W hite reflective band standard on lime green and orange.

• Square Bollard 4” square tube. 42” tall with painted steel cap.

PARTNER with AIT. Give Your Customers More Than They Expect. Give Them AIT’s Quality and Your Service.


American Industrial Transmission Inc.


20395 Hannan Pkwy. Walton Hills, OH


We Handle It All!

Setting the Standard in Material Handling Equipment

As World-Class Designers & Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment, We Offer:


Superior Workmanship • Customized Designs • Competitive Pricing

This one-of-a-kind was just what the customer ordered!

GENERAL PURPOSE TRAILERS Single end fifth wheel, front automotive or all wheel steering capabilities. Our equipment is of heavy duty, all welded steel construction capable of withstanding the roughest punishment.

TRANSPORTERS Our heavy-duty transporters come equipped with maintenance free battery and charger, pendant control, electromechanical drive and steer with laser scan bumpers as an option. We can build to your specifications or ask about our standard models.

SPECIALTY TRAILERS Some material handling jobs are so unique that only customized specialty trailers can be used efficiently. We can design and build any size or capacity from the "ground up" the exact trailer to fit your special needs.


Give us your specs, chances are we built a similar unit before and with minor modifications, get you what you need.


Can double or even triple your forklift's capacity.Plus they are extremely maneuverable.



Our patented PHILLIPS Auto-Dump Bucket will increase efficiency and reduce the cost of handling almost any loose industrial material. Our buckets are available from 1/2 - 20 cubic yards. All operations are handled by the craneman. It cannot be dumped in mid-air or dumped accidentally.

AGV’s are capable of fully automatic operation and are designed to meet your specifications. Our AGV’s can automatically pick up from and deliver loads to multiple locations. Capacities from 1 -200 tons.

CHARGING ATTACHMENTS All PHILLIPS Charging Attachments have available quick disconnect hydraulic couplings bolted to the apron. Heat resistant modifications are done to any model of forklift for your safety.


PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Part of the Industrial Sales Group of Irwin Car and Equipment

P.O. BOX 409 IRWIN, PA 15642

T: 724-864-8900 F: 724-864-8909 Email: Dave Felt at

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Need power? Always be at 100% with TVH.



ATTENTION MAINTENANCE SUPERVISORS ent by m h c a t t ved a res Appro t Manufactu f Forkli

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

Be read y for co stly breakd owns

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West Point Rack A History of Customer Service by Mary Glindinning

Sixteen years ago, Terry Sroka and Reva Bily “decided to leave the large corporate world of decisions by committee, meeting after meeting and burdensome policies,” they said. The two founded West Point Rack, a Nebraska company that sells exclusively to material handling dealers. “West Point Rack is a smaller company with a highly dedicated staff. This allows us to ‘turn on a dime,’ respond quickly and to innovate whenever the opportunity presents itself,” said Sroka, chief executive officer. “I don’t want to be one of the biggest rack companies out there, just one of the better ones. Our primary goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the ‘Vendor of Choice’ for rack products and racking systems.” Company president Bily said if an end-user calls, they refer them to a dealer. “There is nothing wrong with selling direct to the end user, but you don’t do both,” Sroka said. “Draw the ‘line’ and stay on one side or the other. In order to build a good relationship with a dealer and to have him trust you, it is necessary that he really believes that you will not go around him and make the sale direct. Dealers are independent businesses that spend time and money to build up a customer base and the last thing they want to see is a manufacturer go around them and sell to one of their prospects who is shopping price.” Bily grew up on a farm and worked in a packing house and electrical sales before she joined the material handling industry. Customer service is the core of what she does, and the key to growth, she said. Customers want prices and delivery quickly. She tries to get back to a customer with a standard quote in 15 minutes, she said.

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November 2021

The relationship with dealers is built on competitive prices, service and standing behind the product, Sroka said. “If product issues do arise, we address those issues immediately with the goal of creating satisfaction for both our dealer and their customer,” he said. The company sells cantilever racks in light, intermediate, heavy and extra heavy duty configurations, structural pallet racks in galvanized or painted steel and portable stacking racks made to order. “I always look for things when we do specials,” Sroka said. “Does it have any potential of becoming a standard product? That is how we developed a lot of our standard products.” Specialty products made by West Point Rack include bar cradle trucks, drum racks and handcarts. West Point Rack has recently added new products to its line of racks. Included is a new line of reel racks, ranging in height from eight to 12 feet. Vertical racks, which will hold material from 21 inches to 12 feet, feature six-inch deep arms with three shelves made of 14-guage steel. U-Racks, which come with an orange paint finish, can be stacked up to four units high to save space. “The future looks very positive for West Point Rack,” Sroka said. “Our product base is expanding as is our market penetration. We will continue with the business model and plan that has taken us to this point and will continue to move us forward.”

Visit us online at

West Point Rack “We don’t just promise…we deliver!” • Quotes in 2 hours on most requests • Delivery in 2-3 weeks on most orders

For Excellent Service Contact

Reva Bily

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks Specialty Transport & Storage Products West Point Rack is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our customers recognize quality products, dependability of service and competitive pricing.

• Quality • Dependability • Satisfaction

Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack h as the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


Portable Stacking

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

Structural Pallet

13591 Chandler St. • Omaha, NE 68138 866-245-3630 • Fax 866-245-3631

November 2021 |


Label Holders Don’t Cost—They Pay They Pay You in Time Saved— Over and Over Insertable Plastic Label Holders, Magnetic Holders and Erasable They You Time They Pay PayCard You in in Time Saved— Saved— Magnetic offer a quick and easy Over Over Over and andTags Over means of changing a label. Simply Insertable Insertable Plastic Plastic Label Label Holders, Holders, re-mark the label and insert into the Magnetic Magnetic Card Card Holders Holders and and Erasable Erasable label holder to change a designation Magnetic Magnetic Tags Tags offer offer aa quick quick and and easy easy or location. This cost saving system means means of of changing changing aa label. label. Simply Simply has been around for decades accordre-mark re-mark the the label label and and insert insert into into the the ing to Industry Leader Aigner Label label label holder holder to to change change aa designation designation Holder Corp., who pioneered the or or location. location. This This cost cost saving saving system system insertable feature in the 1520’s. has has been been around around for for decades decades accordaccordOrganization the First ing Leader Aigner ing to to Industry Industry is Leader Aigner Label Label Priority Holder who pioneered pioneered the the Holder Corp., Corp., who Every efficient storage facility must in Insertable feature in the the 1950’s. 1950’s. Insertable feature know where everything is all the time. Organization Organization is is the the First First Priority Priority This would be much easier to accomEvery Every efficient efficient storage storage facility facility must must plish if products and locations did not know know where where everything everything is is all all the the time. time. change, but they do, and that’s when This This would would be be much much easier easier to to accomaccomproblems develop. Label Holders are plish ifif products and locations did not plish products and locations did not a management tool that help solve change, but change, but they they do, do, and and that’s that’s when when these problems. problems problems develop. develop. Label Label Holders Holders are are aa Cost Justification is Easy management management tool tool that that help help solve solve Whatever the initial investment is these these problems. problems. for a label holder system, it has been Cost Justification is Costdocumented Justification is Easy Easy well that the pay back in Whatever initial is Whatever the the initial investment is for for aa materials, labor andinvestment overall efficiency, label holder system, labelbe holder system, has been been well well will justified by; itit has documented documented that that the the pay pay back back in in • 50% Savings in Materials materials, materials, labor labor and and overall overall efficiency, efficiency, • 65% Savings in Labor will will be be justified justified by; by; • Easy Label Changes

fessional labels well in advance or on an “as needed” basis at virtually no expense, in house.

• Aisles–Insertable label holders Years Years of of consumer consumer demand demand for for new new mounted on the face of racks or product product development development have have resulted resulted in in shelving uprights and ceiling hung aa wide wide selection selection of of Label Label Holders Holders -signs start the warehouse mapping each each designed designed to to solve solve aa specific specific labellabelprocess. ing ing problem. problem.

• Wire Shelving–This application certainly was the #1 labeling problem of the 1990’s but since solved Aigner’s snap-on “Wire-Rac” label holdthe the exposed exposed #4 #4 wire wire to to quickly quickly crecreers. They install easily, have a clear ate ate aa labeling labeling solution. solution. window that protects the label and •• Wire Wire Shelving—This Shelving—This application application cercerare bar code compatible. tainly tainly was was the the #1 #1 labeling labeling problem problem • of Steel Shelving & Flow Rack–The of the the 1990’s 1990’s but but since since solved solved largest selection of styles, colors, Aigner’s Aigner’s snap-on snap-on “Wire-Rac” “Wire-Rac” label label and sizes available in a wide range holders. holders. They They install install easily, easily, have have aa of prices. No product has out perclear clear window window that that protects protects the the label label formed Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex,” and and are are bar bar code code compatible. compatible. for this application. After more than •• Steel Steel Shelving Shelving & & Flow Flow Rack—The Rack—The fifty (50) year’s of market exposure largest largest selection selection of of styles, styles,colors, colors,and and “Hol-Dex,” remains Aigner’s most sizes sizes available available in in aa wide wide range range of of popular style.

Bin•Buddy’s Bin•Buddy’s label label holder holder

Superscan Superscan

Bin•Buddy’s Bin•Buddy’s label label holder holder for for totes totes

Wire•Rac Wire•Rac label label holders holders

Hol•Dex Hol•Dex

Write•On Write•On Magnetic Magnetic Tags Tags

A Holder for Every for most sizes forLabel most label label holder holder sizes from from the the Application! manufacturer. manufacturer. Print Print neat neat and and profesprofesYears of consumer demand foron new sional well an sional labels labels well in in advance advance or or on an product development resulted “as basis virtually no “as needed” needed” basis at athave virtually no in a widein expense, house. expense, inselection house. of Label Holders - each designed to solve a specific AA Label Label Holder Holder for for Every Every labeling problem.

Application! Application!

• Prevention of Costly Mispicks

Protecting Bar Codes is an Absolute Must! Most storage and distribution facilities either use an automated bar coded inventory system or expect to in the near Bar future. Baris Protecting Codes an Protecting Bar Codes iscodes an must be protected from dirt and moisture Absolute Must! Absolute Must! to prevent inaccurate scan. This, Most storage and distribution facilities Most storagean and distribution facilities obviously, create a bar major ineither an coded either use use would an automated automated bar coded ventory possibly a lost inventory system expect to the inventorydiscrepancy system or or or expect to in in the customer. clear, plastic holder near codes must be near future. future.ABar Bar codes mustlabel be protectprotectwith a matte, non-glare, ensures ed dirt moisture to an ed from from dirt and and moisturefinish to prevent prevent an scanning and protects inaccurate scan. would inaccurate compatibility scan. This, This, obviously, obviously, would the baraacode. create major create major inventory inventory discrepancy discrepancy or or

Print Professional Cost possibly aa lost AA clear, plastic possibly lost customer. customer.and clear, plastic Effective Labels In-house label non-glare, label holder holder with with aa matte, matte, non-glare,finfinish and ish ensures ensures scanning scanning compatibility and Additional savings compatibility can be accomprotects protects the the bar bar code. code.standard or opplished by utilizing tional pre-perforated, 8 1/2” x 11” Print Print Professional Professional and and Cost Cost Laser/Ink Jet Compatible Insert Effective Effective Labels Labels In-house In-house Sheets. These are supplied with simAdditional Additional savings savings can can be be accomaccomple printing instructions in a standard plished plished by by utilizing utilizing standard standard or or optionoptionword processing format and are availal al pre-perforated, pre-perforated, 88 1/2” 1/2” xx 11” 11” able for most label holder sizes from Laser/Ink Laser/Ink Jet Jet Compatible Compatible Insert Insert Sheets. Sheets. the manufacturer. Print neat and proThese These are are supplied supplied with with simple simple printprinting ing instructions instructions in in aa standard standard word word processing processing format format and and are are available available 4 |

November 2021

Slip•Strip Slip•Strip label label holder holder system system •• Aisles—Insertable Aisles—Insertable label label holders holders • mounted Pallet Racks–3” or of 4” 6” side on face or mounted on the thex 5” face of xracks racks or or top loading insertable label holdshelving uprights and hung shelving uprights and ceiling ceiling hung ers, code compatible signs start warehouse mapping signspreferable start the the bar warehouse mapping like Aigner’s popular “Superscan,” process. process. design are the most choice. •• Pallet xx 5” or Pallet Racks—3” Racks—3” 5”popular or 4” 4” xx 6” 6” side side

• or Wire Decking–If thelabel waterfall loading insertable holdor top topMesh loading insertable label holdlimits your labeling ers, bar compatible ers, preferably preferably bar code codecapabilities, compatible Aigner’s “Adapt-A-Strip” snaps on like popular like Aigner’s Aigner’s popular “Superscan‚” “Superscan‚” to the are exposed #4 popular wire to choice. quickly design the design are the most most popular choice. create a labeling solution. •• Wire Decking –– IfIf the Wire Mesh Mesh Decking the waterfall waterfall limits limits your your labeling labeling capabilities, capabilities, Aigner’s Aigner’s “Adapt-A-Strip” “Adapt-A-Strip” snaps snaps on on to to

product prices. Noshelving–Retailers product has has out out performed performed •prices. RetailNo change Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex‚” for Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex‚” for this this bar code labels and prices freapplication. After more (50) application. After more than fifty fiftyload(50) quently and prefer a than bottom year’s market exposure year’s of market exposure “Hol-Dex‚” ing of design that also “Hol-Dex‚” accommoremains popular style. remains Aigner’s most popular style. dated Aigner’s Point of most Purchase messages. •• Retail Shelving—Retailers Retail Shelving—Retailers change Aigner’s “Slip•Strip” label change holder bar code labels and frequently bar codewas labels and prices pricesspecifically frequently system developed and aa bottom and prefer bottom loading loading design for prefer this application and is design availthat accommodated that also accommodated Point able inalso a “clip-on” design for Point shelf of Purchase messages. of Purchase messages. Aigner’s channels or a self adhesive Aigner’s style for “Slip•Strip” label “Slip•Strip” label holder holder system system was was flat surfaces. specifically for developedBins specifically for this this appliappli• developed Plastic & Totes–Aigner’s cation in cation and and is is available available in aa “clip-on” “clip-on” “Bin•Buddy’s” label holder features design for aa self for shelf shelf channels orsystem, self adesign new space agechannels adhesiveor adhesive style for adhesive style for flat flat surfaces. surfaces. which will permanently adhere to •• Plastic Bins & Plastic Bins & Totes—Aigner’s Totes—Aigner’s any plastic - a “New” solution to an “Bin•Buddy’s” label “Bin•Buddy’s” label holder holder features features age-old problem. aa new new space space age age adhesive adhesive system, system, which which will will permanently permanently adhere adhere to to any any plastic plastic –– aa “New” “New” solution solution to to an an age-old age-old problem. problem.

Backing Options Complete the Decision-Making Process Look for a time tested Self-Adhesive backing the most permanent Backing Options Complete the Backingfor Options Complete theand lowest cost application. Keep in mind Decision-Making Decision-Making Process Process that the label holder’s insertable Look Look for for aa time time tested tested Self-Adhesive Self-Adhesive feature allows for easy label relocabacking backing for for the the most most permanent permanent and and tion. Magnets, in a wide range of sizes lowest lowest cost cost application. application. Keep Keep in in mind mind and strengths, increase the versatilthat that the the label label holder’s holder’s insertable insertable feafeaity of a label holder system, but at a ture ture allows allows for for easy easy label label relocation. relocation. higher cost than self-adhesive. Hook Magnets, Magnets, in in aa wide wide range range of of sizes sizes and and & Loop Fasteners such as “VELCRO®” strengths, strengths, increase increase the the versatility versatility of of aa are more aggressive than magnets, label label holder holder system, system, but but at at aa higher higher work well on non-metalic surfaces, cost cost than than self-adhesive. self-adhesive. Hook Hook & & Loop Loop but again significantly increase the Fasteners Fasteners such such as as “VELCRO®” “VELCRO®” are are cost. Finally, for any relatively high more more aggressive aggressive than than magnets, magnets, work work volume application a custom made well well on on non-metallic non-metallic surfaces, surfaces, but but snap-on extrusion may be the best again, again, significantly significantly increase increase the the cost. cost. solution. Finally, Finally, for for any any relatively relatively high high volume volume Custom Sizing application aa custom application custom made made snap-on snap-on Custom canthe bebest a major benefit extrusion may solution. extrusionSizing may be be the best solution. to the end user. Why pay for a longer Custom Custom Sizing Sizing than necessary standard length when Custom Sizing can a major benefit Custom Sizing can be be major benefit most label holders cana be fabricated to user. Why for to the the end user.length Why pay pay for aa longer longer to theend exact required, at a than necessary standard length when than necessary standard length when significant savings in both materimost label holders fabricated most label holders can be be (or fabricated als and labor. The can height width) to the exact length required, at to the exact length required, at aa dimensions are generally restricted significant significant savings in both both materials to standardsavings sizes in due to materials the high and labor. The height (or and of labor. The dies height (or width) width) cost extrusion {tooling} along dimensions to dimensions are generally generally restricted to with high are minimum runrestricted quantities. standard due high cost of standard sizes due to to the the high cost to of It makes sizes a whole lot more sense extrusion {tooling} along with extrusion dies {tooling} along with change thedies label size rather than to high run high minimum minimum run quantities. quantities. ItIt makes makes create a new holder. aa whole whole lot lot more more sense sense to to change change Return on Investment the the label label size size rather rather than than to to create create aa This is what it’s all about! At what new new holder. holder. point does your investment in Return on Return on Investment Investment label holders start to pay monetary This it’s about! what This is is what what it’s all allthe about! At what returns? Calculate total At savings point does investment in point does your investment in label label in time andyour materials and consider holders start returns? holders start to to pay pay monetary returns? the contribution to monetary productivity from Calculate total in and Calculate thebetter total savings savings in time time and an overallthe working environmaterials consider contribumaterials and consider the contribument. The and results of casethe studies pertion productivity from overall tion to to with productivity from an anconfirm overall formed major retailers better The better working environment. The that theworking return on environment. your initial investresults of studies resultswill of case case studies performed with ment occur withinperformed a twelve with (12) major month period. confirm major retailers retailers confirm that that the the return return on initial will on your yourDo initial investment will occur occur Where We investment Buy Label Holders? within within aa twelve twelve (12) (12) month month period. period. Find them in most National Industrial Supply Catalogs andLabel at over 2000 Where Holders? Where Do Do We We Buy Buy Label Holders? material dealers Industrial NationFind in Find them themhandling in most most National National Industrial wide. further information, contact Supply and 2000 SupplyForCatalogs Catalogs and at at over over 2000 Aigner Holder Corp.Nationwide. material handling dealers materialLabel handling dealers Nationwide. For For further further information, information,contact contactAigner Aigner Label Corp . Label Holder Holder Corp.Holder Aigner Label Corp. 218 MacArthur Ave. New Windsor, NY Toll-free: (800) 242-3919 Web:

Visit us online at







Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2021 |


Welcome to the NEXT Generation of Revolution.

Is it strong enough? See for yourself.


©2021 Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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November 2021

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Superior Tire unveils Next Generation of Wheel Technology Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation has launched the Next Generation line of polyurethane load wheels branded Velocity™. This patent-pending product, redesigned and reengineered, promises to deliver a longer work-life by keeping the bearings and polyurethane cooler through its new innovative hub design. Over the last 12 months, Superior Tire has been in advanced trials at several of the country’s largest distribution centers where significant longevity and productivity improvements were reported. “Heat is the enemy for tires and wheels, shortening worklife of bearings, tire compounds, and the bonding Joe Peterson systems of solid tires,” says Joe Peterson, Ph.D., VP of Engineering & Quality at Superior Tire. “Traditional solid steel wheels don’t effectively dissipate the heat generated during use and they cool slowly even after the vehicle stops. The new hubs help manage the thermal energy generated by the tire, creating a better performing wheel.” Superior Tire’s team of engineers took a common technology found in radiators and computer components and applied it to load wheels, allowing the Velocity™ to limit and maintain a reduced maximum operating temperature thereby prolonging work-life by up to 100% against traditional wheels. They are calling it HeatSink™ technology. In addition to extending work-life,Velocity™ wheels are approximately 70% lighter than traditional load wheels, not only providing an ergonomic advantage for techs and field staff but also saving in shipping. “The lightweight has no effect on carrying capacity – in the case of traditional solid steel wheels, that excess material is just wasted mass”, states Dr. Peterson. Superior Tire ran dozens of durability tests and found the Velocity™ wheel can easily support more weight than the bearings can hold. A video of one of these tests can be found here:Velocity™ Compression Test As with any industry-changing technology, there is one caveat – Velocity™ wheels are currently only available for the most popular 5-inch market sizes for Crown, Raymond, and HysterYale Class-2 equipment. Superior Tire is currently applying this technology to other sizes to fit all makes and models with the goal of 4-inch and 6-inch load wheels mid to late 2022. “This is truly an exciting time on our industry with the overall growth of the market and fleets/operators demanding longer-lasting equipment. It’s the perfect time to bring a Next Generation solution to our dealers and OEM partners.”, says Jared Steier – VP of Material Handling Sales and Marketing. “The Velocity™ wheel is a perfect tangible example of our slogan – Engineering Revolution.”

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

Jared Steier

November 2021 |


O P T I M I Z E Tri-Boro is the only company in the USA to offer universally compatible pallet rack and warehouse shelving products from one source. Pallet Rack Tri-Boro began manufacturing its own pallet rack in 2012. The addition of the pallet rack manufacturing venture has brought considerable opportunity to the company by adding a wider assortment of warehouse solutions to an already diverse family of products under the Tri-Boro name. Tri-Boro offers the added value and logistical advantage of single source integration for all your warehousing and storage needs. Tri-Boro’s pallet rack integrates strength features

Perf Deck Tri-Boro’s newest product offering is PERF DECK steel shelving, for use with Tri-Boro’s pallet rack or Tri-Boro Rivet-Rak™. Perf Deck has open space to facilitate air and sprinkler water flow. A great alternative to wire deck, Perf Deck provides a totally flat and smooth storage surface. Product slides on and off easily without hanging up. Perf Deck drops into the step on pallet rack beams. There is also a version that is specially designed for use with RivetRak™. A choice of finishes and opening styles is available. 50% Open Perf Deck (pictured here) was introduced in 2019. In addition, Tri-Boro manufactures: steel shelving in a variety of sizes and capacities, Sturdi-Frame™ shelving, service carts, shelf trucks, work benches, bin & drawer storage units, specialty rack, slotted angle and shop desks.

such as single-rib columns, return bends on frame members and one-piece tube seamed step beams with an interchangeable design that is compatible with most “teardrop” style pallets racks. All Tri-Boro’s storage rack components have a durable, scratch-resistant, high gloss powder-coat finish, which is ideal for food, industrial and corrosive applications. Tri-Boro also offers popular sizes through a Quick-Ship program. Other Products manufactured by Tri-Boro Rivet-Rak™ steel shelving offers both ease of assembly and unobstructed access. It is available in the widest range of sizes in the industry, and unlimited combinations that can satisfy a variety of requirements. Performance features include: wide span capability, boltless & clipless construction, quick assembly, rivets that lock into keyholes for added stability, powder coated components, standard heights to 16 feet and custom configurations.

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November 2021

Company History Tri-Boro Storage Products is a woman-owned company, operated by the same family since its inception. For over 40 years, Tri-Boro has been manufacturing an extensive line of warehouse shelving and storage products. Tri-Boro is dedicated to providing companies with innovative solutions and equipment for all their storage requirements. Nelson Cantillo is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tri-Boro. He joined the company in early 2011 to help establish the new division “Tri-Boro Rack and Storage Products” (pallet rack manufacturing), along with John DeMaio, President. Tri-Boro was established in Brooklyn, NY in 1971. In 2010, Tri-Boro expanded operations to a new facility in Farmville, VA where all its pallet rack is manufactured, along with other product lines. In 2016, the Brooklyn location moved to a much larger facility in Ridgewood, NY. All of Tri-Boro’s products are proudly made in the USA. 800.633.3070 Visit us online at







STEEL-CLAD IMPACT PANELS FOR PALLET RACK Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

November 2021 |




Enhance Safety, Storage and Efficiency with the new COMBi-XLE from Combilift • • • • • • •

Capacities up to 5,000 kg Most spacious Combilift cabin yet New all wheel traction system Higher ground Clearance Larger cushioned front & rear tires Reduce Carbon Footprint Multidirectional 877-266-2456 10 |

November 2021

double page ad Amanda General Warehouse opt rev 2.0.indd 1

Visit us online at

Before you invest in upgrading the infrastructure of your warehouse, find out how Combilift can increase your storage by up to 50%. With over 21 years’ experience in volume optimization, our team of warehouse planning experts know how to make your space work harder for you. Contact us today to arrange a site survey! Our warehouse design consultancy service is FREE and without obligation.

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THE POWER OF MODULAR Improving capacity, productivity, and warehouse safety is a snap with CIP’s Modular Material Lift solutions We elevated the material handling industry when we pioneered the Modular VRC. Now, we’ve done it again. Our new Modular Mezzanine is the easiest and most costeffective way for growing businesses to increase storage capacity. You can start with as little as one 10-foot by 10-foot, freestanding raised industrial platform that supports up to 125 lbs. per square foot LL. Since the industrial steel modular sections can be bolted together, you can add as many as you need, giving you unmatched design flexibility and control. There’s no need to drill, weld or cut anything.

Safety Products Our complete line of Safety Products reduces workplace injuries and protects equipment.



November 2021

This new modular approach means you can have your Mezzanine installed in days, rather than weeks. To move material vertically, we have a full line of VRCs with modular lifts designed for loads from 500 to 5,000 pounds and custom lifts up to 30,000 pounds. We even have industrial-grade Material Hoist Baskets rated up to 4,000 lbs. All this makes CIP your first choice for improving capacity, productivity, and warehouse safety.

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Safety Products

Safety Bollards Secure areas and protects from motorized heavy equipment such as forklifts. Door Track Protectors Protect employees and extends life of tracks and chains. Upright Racking Protectors Help prevent stacked pallets from toppling if struck by moving vehicles.

Straddle VRC Lift

Lift capacity up to 6,000 lbs. with a travel height up to 40 ft.

Machine Guards Protect employees, equipment, machines, walls and electrical boxes from moving hazards.

Modular Mezzanine

10-ft x 10-ft raised industrial platforms that support up to 125 lbs. per square foot LL.

TL-M Modular VRC Lift

Lift capacity up to 500 lbs. with a travel height from 8 to 16 ft.

Material Carts

Improve efficiency and safety when moving material horizontally in your facility.

CIP is your first choice for capacity, productivity, and warehouse safety. Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS



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Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

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Dyna Pallet stacking frames turn your warehouse pallet into a stackable rack within seconds.

Stack racks utilize vertical storage by safely stacking racks up to 5 high.



Add casters to your stack rack cart base to increase mobility and versatility.


on some sizes & designs

Infinite sizes available with custom made racks. Custom engineered per application.

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Contact Dyna Rack for your customer’s storage needs.

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Customized designs are considered! Portable Stacking Racks • For storing or transport, these long-wearing racks save space & time. • Utilize vertical storage space by safely stacking these racks up to 5-high. • Forklift portable for easy handling of loads up to 4000 lbs & more. • Rugged construction features stand up to heavy

“Ideal for your customer’s material handling needs.”

industrial requirements. • Save time by moving more material with fewer moves.

• Store product up and off the floor preventing product damage. • Racks store easily with little storage space required when not in use. • Standard rack designs/sizes can be changed to meet your specific needs.


Call for assistance.


800-939-3962 Made in the USA

Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

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Host and Founder of The New Warehouse Kevin Lawton interviews material handling, distribution, and logistics leaders who are doing new and innovative changes in their business. You can hear the current and past podcasts by going to If your company would like to be interviewed or if you know of someone we should interview, call Material Handling Wholesaler or email To advertise in this new exciting feature, contact Dean at 877 638-6190

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Material Handling Wholesaler—Still the one the industry TRUSTS

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Robots, Dogs, and the Warehouse of the Future

The greatest driver of innovation is need. Luckily for logistics practitioners, the world needs warehouses more than ever. Operations are getting more complex, and labor is becoming very challenging to find and retain. Sprinkle in a COVID-19 pandemic, and all of a sudden you have a recipe for disaster in the heart of your logistics organization. Even though many companies are still receiving customer orders and have transportation lined up to deliver on them, they are struggling to execute on all of the activity required to get the appropriate inventory into the correct trailers. This is causing transportation delays, which trickle downstream to affect nearly every part of the overall supply chain. To help shippers deal with many of these issues, new (and old!) vendors are popping up to automate different warehouse processes. In consumer goods, systems like AS/RS help to automatically store and retrieve inventory, reducing the traditional forklift congestion going to and from racks for pallets. Layer pick systems are automating custom pallet building, saving on the number of case pickers required through the facility. Automated forklifts are transferring inventory from racks to staging, reducing the human error often associated with retrieval using a forklift, clamp, or reach truck. In e-commerce or direct-to-customer distribution centers, tote sorting systems, conveyors, goods to picker systems, and robotic arms have helped to automate much of the pick and pack operation that has traditionally been done by human labor with the help of specialized equipment (forklifts, clamp trucks, put walls, and pack lines!). A Man, a Dog, and a Long Way to Go If you were to speak with any Director or VP of logistics at a large shipper, they would wax poetically about their vision for dark warehousing down the road. In that future, automated machines run all warehouse operations, and the only bodies in that warehouse are a man and a

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dog. The dog exists to make sure the man doesn’t touch anything, and the man exists to feed the dog. In 50 years, it might be possible. Today, the ugly truth is that most automated systems exist in a process silo, ignoring many of the surrounding warehouse micro-flows. To provide an example for a consumer goods shipper, automated forklifts might be used to retrieve a pallet to staging, but that pallet might sit in the staging area for 12 hours before it’s actually loaded onto a trailer. This consumes valuable staging space for longer than necessary and may cost the site the opportunity to get a different order out on-time-in-full. While the automated forklift is very good at executing the function of pallet retrieval, its actions are not intelligently orchestrated to ensure that it is performing the most positive action at the right time. In short, adding automation to the warehouse does not resolve a more holistic problem that many shippers are now grappling with: how to orchestrate all of this work (both human and robotic)? Creating a Comprehensive Orchestration Strategy with WMS Accelerators Instead of throwing money at conveyors, AS/ RS, and other robotic systems, intelligent shippers are trying to understand the steps needed to best optimize all DC processes holistically. Automating much of the hard-to-find human labor is critical, but equally important is providing a seamless transition process between activities to reduce bottlenecks. To do this effectively many groups are turning to WMS Accelerators such as AutoScheduler.AI, which exist to look across all of the fragmented operations at a distribution center (or campus of distribution centers) and optimize labor, robotics, touches, and inventory to drive efficiency. continued on page 22 Visit us online at

WMS Accelerator Optimizes Warehouse Activities improve OTIF • manage INVENTORY • optimize LABOR • dynamic SCHEDULING

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Robots, Dogs, and the Warehouse of the Future continued...

WMS Accelerators operate one level above robotic systems today, leveraging data from Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Order Management, Visibility, and Production systems to provide a single, unified view of operations. They then take all of that data gathered and use it to “predict” what is going to happen via digital twin technology. This technology takes in the current state from all systems as well as all known shipment and order information and plays the futureforward based on known constraints like labor, inventory, and human or robotic task times. From there, WMS Accelerators create a prescriptive plan to ensure that demand is met while respecting all constraints inside of the building like labor availability, inventory availability, task sequences, and more. This process enables a site to direct work effectively across human and robotic systems, leveraging the strengths of each while simultaneously considering all micro-flows that need to be completed to deliver customer orders effectively. As you begin to create a strategy around automation and labor augmentation, learn from the best shippers in the world by thinking of total site activity optimization, and review the need for a WMS Accelerator moving forward. Keith Moore is the Chief Product Officer at AutoScheduler.AI. Keith is a product strategist interested in impacting the world through innovation. He is focused on bringing machine learning to the supply chain, in both network optimization and warehouse orchestration. He was the past director of product management at Austin’s A-List startup SparkCognition, where he helped raise over $150M in venture capital, scale the company from 10 employees to over 200, and go to market with products focused in the Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Mil-Aero, Test & Measurement, Retail, and Finance industries. Previously, he was a solutions developer and seed-funding small business evangelist.

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Forklift has over 300+ online right now. Enersys now has their used batteries on Forklift.

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A simple, cost effective product to keep stored material out of rack transverse flue spaces • Provides 3" clearance between rack and stored material • Original Fluekeeper® for hand loaded rack, Fluekeeper® HD for full pallet loads and Fluekeeper® HD-S for structural steel rack

• Satisfies code requirements, insurance guidelines and local building inspector criteria • Allows your sprinkler system to function as designed • Easy to install

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November 2021





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Also from DACS: Punch Deck®, fire barriers, mezzanine deck & solid rack deck Proven Solutions - One Source / /

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