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GRI introduces new agriculture tires GRI, manufacturer of solid tires for forklifts, has embarked its next strategic move to further expand and diversify its products in the lucrative Agriculture and Construction Industry. GRI’s Agriculture tire brands, GREENEX representing its Cross-Ply Agriculture product range and GREENXLR, representing its Diagonal-Ply Radial Agricultural product range; cover rim diameters ranging from 22.5 to 50 inches. Infusing innovation, the Heat Dissipating Notch, is a remarkable feature established to contribute a longer run time, improved fuel efficiency and increased tire durability.

New rotating pallet rack shelf Rack Engineering Division released information about their new rotating pallet rack shelf as a 360 degree rotating shelf that is installed floor level below the pallet racks to allow for access to the inventory at the back of a pallet without the use of a fork lift and without crawling under the racks. The shelf capacity can be designed for loads up to 3000 pounds and that it glides in and out easily even with heavy loads. Ed Sanders from Lynx Products, a distributor of Rack Engineering Division’s equipment, says “In addition to ease of access, first in first out (FIFO) is easily accomplished without putting a person’s safety in jeopardy.”

New spiral chutes from Dorner The new Spiral Chutes from Dorner are an economical way to gently move product down to a lower level…with gravity doing all New auto-leveling attachment the work. As product enters the Spiral Chute, improves ergonomics The PalletPal Order Picker gravity takes over to safely slide packages Load Leveler from Southworth down to the lower level. Spiral Chutes’ Products attaches to any standard patent-pending stair step design ensures order picking lift to make the products won’t get stuck or jammed when job of order picking or stock being lowered from overhead conveyors, mezzanines or replenishing faster, safer and platforms. Even if packages begin to accumulate as they easier. Built on the proven design travel down, the Spiral Chutes’ design is self-clearing to of PalletPal Level Loaders, the prevent jams. PalletPal Order Picker uses a QubeVu GoCart™ brings the power of calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust dimensioning everywhere the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed.  The top layer of the load is always at a QubeVu already offers the world's fastest dimensioning. Now you can bring comfortable, convenient working height allowing it where you need it – from your loading employees to load or offload items with no bending, dock to your warehouse aisle – and boost stretching or awkward posture. A built-in turntable allows operators to spin the load so they never have to efficiency even more. GoCart comes complete with it's own swappable battery reach across the pallet. system for 24/7 productivity. Plus it can be customized to hold any hardware you FOR MORE NEW PRODUCT need: scale, laptop, printers and scanners. ARTICLES GO TO Mobile solutions are proven to cut steps and boost throughput by up to 50%. Get rolling!

December 2017


December 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler  
December 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler