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Bottom Line •R  ead the November issue…it will get you thinking along the correct lines. •G  et the latest MHEDA Disc Report and see where you stand. •H  ave your industry specific computer system folks audit your use of the system… find ways to reduce time working on paperwork or how to eliminate paperwork •H  ave the system folks review how management reports available in the system are being used (in many cases they are not.) •G  et a couple of successful dealer CEO’s you know that are not competitors and ask them to sit down with you for a frank discussion on how you compare to what they are doing. •M  ake a copy of the Manager Checklist and review your managers against that list. This should get you started on the cost analysis piece of the puzzle, which should result in both lower outside costs and well as reduced labor costs. And so far, as I like to preach, you have not spent a lot of money. •N  ext, review your use of current technology to manage techs and customer fleet data. •A  lso review your use of technology to communicate with customers.

the marketing standpoint I have been using Winsby and am quite pleased with the results….low cost, dealer expertise and a ton of useful data to generate leads and manage accounts. If you take these steps you will wind up with a lot of potential upgrades to consider for not a lot of money. Now all you have to do is understand what your learned and how to use it to reduce costs and increase revenues. Can you do this on your own? Do you have the internal horsepower to identify and prioritize what changes should be made. Can you get the management “buy-in” to push the changes and get the expected results? Well, if you are the CEO, that is your job and if you can’t handle it get some input from your board, other dealers, your OEM or whoever. Winding up in the same place a year from now IS NOT AN OPTION. So what are your challenges for 2018? INCREASE THE TOP LINE REDUCE COST MEASURE VALUE OF COMPANY PLAN IT OUT AND WORK THE PLAN Have a great 2018….and may the value of your efforts result in greater profits, cash flow and value. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

•N  ext, see how your company marketing and sales programs compare to what others are doing. These steps may take some investment to get them going, but again the cost recovery should be in terms of months…..not years. OEM’s should be able to supply assistance with the fleet data and how to use it. From

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December 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler  
December 2017 Material Handling Wholesaler