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Identifying Hidden Talents

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August 2015




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August 2015 • Vol. 36 No. 8

Columns 8 12

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Cover Story Identifying hidden talents with internal succession planning


Dr. Herb Greenberg, Caliper founder

Feature 46

Hashtagging your way to social media relevance Jay York


John Walker

Setting your shop up for marketing and efficiency?

Bottom Line

Garry Bartecki

How to prepare for the future


Sales Trends


Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Dave Kahle

The purpose of a purpose Strong customer service “pays off” for Herkules Equipment

Industry News 16 Nuts & Bolts 32 Shifting Gears

42 Industry Insights

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August 2015


Cover Story Dr. Herb Greenberg, Caliper founder

Identifying hidden talents

When companies are recruiting, their top-of-mind concern is usually to ensure that they find someone well suited and qualified to do the required job. However, far too often, many companies stop there. Usually the questions they want answered include: Will this person be a good Customer Service Representative? Or will this individual be a suitable salesperson for our northwest division? Enter succession planning. Succession planning isn’t merely ‘who will be our next CEO?’ Rather, it’s ‘who is our next in line?’ Do you know if that Customer Service Representative can be your next successful Customer Service Manager? Or do they show some potential to be your next Sales Manager? What could be their next step? Simply put, succession planning is all too often not involved in the process of choosing a candidate – many companies consider themselves lucky if they hire someone who can do a particular job well. And considering that candidate or employee’s next step is mutually beneficial. It benefits your company because you are able to increase employee engagement and lower your recruitment costs, and it benefits the individual because he or she will feel more loyal to your company knowing that you care about his or her career path. There is a staggering statistic across the board that indicates that only 30% of employees currently working enjoy the position they hold. So, as I have said before, it’s not always best to fully


August 2015

rely on what someone has done in the past. It’s critical to look at what someone is inherently motivated to do and consider how that person truly matches to the requirements of a particular job. I have suggested – and will continue suggesting – that one of the first things to do when you’re recruiting and building career paths for your employees is to really analyze where your employees are today and where they hope to be in the future. You might have a great salesperson who is doing a wonderful job, and you may want to promote that individual to management. However, he or she might not be inherently motivated or willing to take on that opportunity. Rather, it might make more sense to give that salesperson a larger book of business or a more exclusive set of clients. You might also currently have a salesperson who is interested in moving into a more service-oriented position in your organization. These are all things that will help you build the best career path and succession plan for both your company and your employees. Someone in your organization might be doing an adequate job in one area, but he or she could be excelling in another. And you won’t know if that’s the case until you have those conversations, invest in your employees, and take action accordingly. Your ROI will speak for itself. We’ve found that, in the end, making that investment ends up being the least expensive – and the most productive – way to go.

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August 2015


Cover Story With that investment you may find your future leaders right in front of you. When we talk about identifying and then developing leaders, we frequently find that potential leaders are everywhere – including within your own organizations. They’re often closer than you think. Leaders are not usually identified during the normal course of recruitment. A great example of this is baseball player Jacob deGrom, who was playing as a light-hitting shortstop. However, he was drafted by the New York Mets as a pitcher and, as a result, was named Rookie of the Year. In business, leaders can be – and often are – discovered in similar ways. For example, you may be searching for a Sales Manager, COO, or CFO. During your hiring process, you’ll likely be looking for people who have experience with activities that are similar to those required in your specific leadership role. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But that shouldn’t be the ONLY method by which you recruit leaders. Your next leader could currently be in a lower-level position at your company, and it may even be a job that doesn’t really resemble the leadership role that you are trying to fill. So, are you aware of those future leaders in your organization? The ones who could be doing great things for you in the future? Are you developing them? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might be overlooking a potential superstar.


August 2015

Taking the time to assess the personalities of your internal high-potential employees will give you an inside look into their potential for other roles. Just as the Mets discovered Jacob deGrom’s potential as a pitcher, disguised as a light-hitting shortshop, you just might find your next sales leader or C-level executive by using a personality assessment to gauge their potential and then implementing development programs to start that individual on a path up the ladder at your organization. Before you go on an extended search to find a stranger who might not work out in the end, look internally at some of your hidden talent. It will be more cost-effective, efficient, and valuable to both you and the employee. And then with a little training and development – as well as support from mentors and supervisors – you can help make that current employee the best worker for today as well as prepare them to be the best leader in the future. About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.

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August 2015


Aftermarket John R. Walker

Setting your shop up for marketing and efficiency? Creating and maintaining a superb shop appearance today is more important than it has ever been and particularly if you are interested in increasing your service sales and profitability. Many manufacturers and dealers recognize that a well laid out, clean and well maintained service shop will: 1) increase shop efficiency, 2) stimulate customer’s service sales and, 3) assist the dealership in maintaining and recruiting technicians. Maintaining a proper shop appearance is often a matter of regularly attending to small things. There is more to a suitable appearance than just sweeping the floors. There are a number of items that need to be maintained. Once they are in good shape it does not take much time or effort to keep them that way, and the responsibility can be spread to several shop personnel. Some tasks require only periodic checks but other areas need more frequent attention. A major point to consider when viewing your shop is to view it through the eyes of your customers! When general clean-up such as stall clean up after the job is finished, returning precision tools and making sure they are clean and in order should be the responsibility of the technician, we believe that in most situations it is better to hire out area clean up whenever possible. We are also a firm believer that area clean up time, tool cleaning and put away should be charged to the customer as part of the labor cost. In other words stall cleanLOWEST PRICE


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August 2015

up and replacing tools should be done before the work order is closed and a new work order is opened. Today physical space, brick and mortar are some of the most expensive items to consider when searching an increase of the actual size of the dealer’s shop area. This is one of the reasons we recommend to many of our clients the idea of double-shifting within the shop and/or initiating a resident technician program or field service program. Along this line, many farm, industrial, lift truck and outdoor power dealers have found a great deal of success with their scheduled in the field service programs, where they perform service for the customer right at the job site or at the customer’s home. There are some important factors to consider when you are laying out your shop, whether you are building, adding on or even rearranging for greater efficiency. Every service shop is different, and the best layout for each shop will naturally vary. The following ideas are not intended to fit every shop exactly, but are to be used as a guide in establishing the best possible layout for your dealership’s service department. You might also contact your suppliers and service travelers for plans and/or ideas. In designing or rearranging any shop, the designer should definitely provide for good traffic flow throughout the shop. Make it easy to move units around and in and out of the shop. 1) All entrance and exits need to be clearly marked. 2) Consider doorway height and width, with the expectation that the size of the equipment you service will grow. 3) Stall areas should be clearly defined and this will keep order as well as provide an orderly appearance to your shop. 4) Stalls should be arranged so they can be reached from aisles and/or doors easily. 5) Aisles should be large enough for easy access. Stall size: is certainly going to vary according to the type of equipment the dealership is selling. Today’s marketing trend toward larger pieces of equipment will dictate stall size when laying out space requirements within your shop. Certainly an outdoor power equipment dealer’s requirements will be distinctly different from the needs off a dealer selling large combines or 40,000 pound lift trucks. Each equipment dealer’s requirements should be based on the space needed for servicing the size equipment they sell. An additional three to five feet clearance should be included on all sides of the equipment to permit working space. The clearance is between units so the clear space on one stall overlaps the stalls on either side. Stalls that are next to walls, benches or stationary equipment need an extra one to two feet for adequate clearance. Where volume of service work justifies specialized areas, attempt to fit the size of the stall to the work being done. Location of shop functions: is something which each dealership must give a great deal of consideration. We recommend doing a thorough check of OSHA and EPA regulations before establishing or locating any particular special work area within your shop. Some consideration should be given to the location of the various shop functions with regard to noise, dirt and objectionable orders.

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Cores Wanted

August 2015


Aftermarket Adding doors: Direct drive-in stalls, as found in the older gas service stations eliminates the need for an indoor aisle, and provides easy entrance and exit from the individual stalls. In developing an efficient shop layout, whether you are rebuilding, modernizing or simply updating and improving your present shop, planning is paramount to success. Remember, the most important aspect of an efficient shop is the manner in which it is laid out. Shop layout affects the ability to provide and deliver service when the customer needs it. In addition, good shop layout creates a business like appearance. If equipment is parked in a hap-hazard manner and it is necessary to move several units to get to another, it creates confusion, and may lead the customer to think no one knows what they are doing. There are some specific features required when developing an efficient shop layout. Each one of these features needs to be considered when drawing up your plans for rebuilding and/ or remodeling. May we strongly request that in your overall planning you may want to call in an expert for laying out your requirements and particular needs. Provide for good traffic flow: Make it easy to move units around and in and out of your shop. Entrances and exits should be clearly marked. You should have large enough doorways to accept the equipment you are selling and also anticipate the size of equipment you will be selling in the future. Stalls should be clearly defined and sometimes lines painted on the floor will help keep order as well as provide an orderly shop appearance. Stalls should be large enough to allow space for the size of the units to be serviced. Stalls should be arranged so that they can

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be reached from the aisles and/or doors easily. Aisles need to be large enough for easy access to the stalls. Ideally you should try to establish aisles so you can have one-way traffic, and help eliminate confusion. We are going to recommend the absolute necessity of having a service manager’s office and this office should be located near the shop area of the dealership. A professional service manager needs to spend a minimum of an hour and a half a day or 420 hours a year in some form of planning, executing and evaluating which makes a service department office mandatory. A tool room for special tools needs to be set up with policies for dispatch and return of all company owned tools. This policy needs enforcement to eliminate continued hunting for special tools. Along this same line look for efficient methods to pick up and handle the service department’s parts requirements. We see in many of the larger shops a position within the parts department whereby the parts are delivered and/or carried to the technician’s stall. Lighting in any service shop is important. Proper lighting improves both shop safety and shop efficiency. Free advice in this area is available from your local power and light company. They are the experts so involve them in making lighting decisions. In your overall layout planning, consider the location of built-in equipment and utilities such as: hoists, electrical outlets (110 & 220), air compressors, steam or pressure cleaners, hot and cold water, natural gas, exhaust vents, heating or cooling ducts, fire prevention equipment and safety equipment and facilities. As we have pointed out to equipment dealers so many times: perception is everything, your service shop is most certainly an

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August 2015

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Aftermarket area of opportunity for any equipment dealer. Show a customer and particularly a prospective customer a filthy dirty, poorly lit shop and you’ll have a customer who questions your efficiency and ability to take care of his equipment after the sale. Show a professional service technician who is considering the possibility of changing jobs and coming to work for your dealership this same outdated, poorly lighted, hot in the summertime and cold in the winter shop and we’ll show you a technician who will continue to look. Do not short change yourself, your dealership, your employees and your customers by denying your service department an efficient and orderly run service shop.

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August 2015


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

How to prepare for the future Sometimes I wonder why I do things. Which is what I did after typing in the title of this month’s column. You know how it is….use the word “future” and no matter what you say it is going to be wrong for some people. So I guess we have to define “future.” In this case I am aiming for a mid-term timeframe, thinking what we should be thinking about if we have a plan to exit the business in five years or so. That being said, just what do we need to consider to keep our heads above water and at the same time maximize the value of the business? From a 5000 ft level I believe dealers have to play it close to the vest for the foreseeable future, or until there is definite sustained growth back to some believable level of economic activity. I say this because the more I read and study the more I feel that the economy is still not right and that we could again be entering a period of slower growth or declining activity. So, what’s bothering me? Retail and wholesale sales are going negative on year-overyear basis. Inventory levels are starting to build. Factory orders are slowing down. Foreign orders also slowing.

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August 2015

Not much to write home about here. And for dealers updating their business plan for the next 12 months, I would certainly think this analysis would add a negative tone to their planning activities if they aren’t seeing a slowdown already. To cut to the chase, dealers selling durable goods have to manage their business and cash flow assuming moderate if any growth to the top line. Sure there will be regions where business is above average, but for the rest of us it may be prudent to not stick our neck out without extreme confidence you are on the right track with controls in place to monitor performance. To do otherwise may be painful in many ways, especially related to cash flow. Keeping in mind we are working with a five-year window… what steps does the shareholder need to focus on to maintain shareholder value? Here are a few to consider: n Top line growth will come from increases in market share. nG  ross profit dollars will materialize from more product support activity. n Managing every dollar of gross profit will pay dividends. nA  voiding or eliminating fixed costs will protect the bottom line. nY  our bank loan interest rates should have been adjusted down in the last year or so. nF  ollowing Dr. Al Bates philosophy that payroll costs CANNOT increase faster than sales must be adhered to. nP  reparing a flexible budget that maintains bottom line profits and EBITDA margins should be part of the management process. n Controlling capital expenditures is part of this process. Hey…nothing to it. Easy to say, but we know better. It takes focus and effort to manage the process with constant review to ensure favorable results. To get market share you have to review your marketing and sales efforts. Are you calling on prospects or just current customers? If only current customers you may want to add a process to your sales efforts where each salesman has to bring in at least five credit apps a week. I would also go back to my vendors and ask for “specials” you can bring into your market that could generate interest in your product. Examining your company’s “value added” proposition may also be in order. In short, why should someone do business with you compared to all the other folks that compete with you? If you ask yourself that question and don’t have at least three good reasons why your services are better, it is time to figure out why and do something about it. Watching costs is required to manage gross profit margins. Both hard costs and payroll costs. If you can’t control these two costs you have to pass them on. It’s tough to do but if you don’t, margins decrease along with the value of the company. In the end we either control the margin or pass on the increases, and in this market it may be easier to control the margin. Your most efficient way to increase margins is through product support sales. This is especially true if customers are feeling the sales slide we anticipate. Customers feeling the


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August 2015


Bottom Line pinch will not really want to buy new equipment and be more inclined to fix what they have. Here is where that “value added” proposition comes into play. If you truly have some value added magic you will win the fight for existing and new business. The balance of my “to do” list deals with common sense financial matters. Avoiding capital expenditures, lowering fixed costs and getting the bank line under control are all doable in the normal course of business. You just have to keep them in mind and do them. In the end, all dealers can put themselves into the hi-profit category of the MHEDA DiSC report with a little work and preparation. Some if it is hard work, putting into place systems to

reduce cost and hold margins and some financial engineering to keep the balance sheet strong and the shareholder value high. If you haven’t given this type of program any thought, now is the time to do so. Especially if you are in the five-year window to transition out. Many of the solutions discussed this month are covered in this publication every month via the articles presented by our esteemed list of authors. Make sure you read them every month. I do and find that this publications contains high quality material every month to help you make money. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

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August 2015

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August 2015


Nuts & Bolts Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Disaster relief efforts get three times the lift Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces its donation of three GC050VX Veracitor®lift trucks to the American Red Cross, each providing 5,000 pounds of lifting capacity to move critical supplies in support of disaster relief efforts. The American Red Cross Disaster Field Supply Centers (DFSC) in Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Ga. and Carlisle, Pa., will each receive a truck. “Yale is honored to support the American Red Cross’ efforts to prepare our country for emergencies at a moment’s notice,” said Chuck Bittenbender, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., who spearheaded the donation. “The DFSC Centers will benefit greatly from the addition of reliable and efficient lift trucks to transport essential items most needed when a disaster strikes.” Hy-Tek Material Handling Inc., a Yale® dealer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, helped facilitate the donation by preparing the trucks for shipment to the American Red Cross warehouse facilities.

Leavitt Machinery named dealer for Pettibone/ Traverse Lift, LLC Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC announces the addition of Leavitt Machinery to its dealer network for all material handling product lines. Leavitt will carry Pettibone equipment at its locations in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, and Washington in the U.S. Leavitt Machinery’s full-service branches provide cost-effective new and used equipment sales, emergency repairs and planned maintenance, long- and short-term equipment rentals, operator safety training and extensive parts support. The company’s primary emphasis with Pettibone will be promoting the CaryLift product line for pipe handling in oil and gas applications, as well as for tire handling in mines and quarries. The company will also carry Pettibone’s Extendo and Traverse telehandler lines for the construction market, and the Speed Swing loader for railway maintenance.

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August 2015



to buy and sell equipment is the industry’s newest website for buying and selling equipment nationwide that is a joint partnership of two of the industry’s most respected publications, Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler.

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August 2015


Nuts & Bolts

MTConnect student challenge seeks submissions The submission period opened for the MTConnect Student Challenge, marking the official start of the competition for student ideas and applications utilizing MTConnect. The idea creation competition is open for submissions through September 18, 2015, while the application competition is accepting submissions through January 31, 2016. In addition to cash prizes for winning submissions, the competition offers many benefits for participating students. It is ideal as a thesis, internship, or capstone project, and students are also provided with the opportunity to network with companies as a means to develop their professional contacts. The competition is open to enrolled college students, and those studying IT, software, mechanical, or electrical engineering are especially encouraged to apply. The MTConnect Student Challenge encompasses two competitions: Idea Creation and Application Development.

PECO Pallet opens new depot in Calgary PECO Pallet, Inc. recently opened a new pallet depot in Calgary to service the pallet pooler’s customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. PECO’s sturdy wood block pallets, painted a distinctive red, are used by leading grocery and consumer goods manufacturing companies to ship products to grocery and warehouse retailers in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Empty pallets are then picked up and returned to PECO depots, where they are inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed before being reissued. PECO Pallet’s expanding service network now includes over 1,300 recovery locations, service depots, and manufacturing locations throughout North America. Adrian Potgieter, Senior Vice President of Sales, stated, “Opening a new depot in Calgary reflects PECO Pallet’s commitment to serving the Canadian market. We provide the highest quality pallets and best service in the industry and are building a robust infrastructure to support continued growth throughout Canada.”

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• Made of rigid, high impact, non-yellowing • polycarbonate Made of rigid, plastic high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic • Reasonably priced protection from rain, snow, & sun priced protection from rain, snow, • dust Reasonably dust &sizes sun available to fit various trucks, • Many clearsizes & tinted versions • in Many available to fit various trucks, in clear & tinted versions

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

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August 2015

Load Wheels & Tires

Long Runs High Speed High Loads

is your Solution”


IMIZED PERFORMANCE 999 Wells Street | Lake Geneva, WI 53147 | Ph: 888.734.7687 | Fax: 262.348.5570 |

August 2015


Nuts & Bolts

Johnson & Johnson executive joins the GS1 US Board

Clark expands All World Lift Truck into Fort Myers market

Katherine Ross, Vice President, Customer & Logistics Services, Johnson & Johnson and President of Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., has been appointed to the GS1 US Board of Governors. She will help guide the GS1 US strategy to drive adoption and usage of GS1 Standards to support cross-industry supply chain efficiencies, regulatory requirements, Katherine Ross and the needs of today’s consumers and patients. Ms. Ross replaces John Hogan, Vice President, Customer & Logistics Services, Johnson & Johnson and President Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc., who has served on the GS1 US Board of Governors since 2010. “Katherine’s supply chain leadership and industry expertise will be instrumental in helping GS1 US deliver on its mission to unite communities through greater collaboration,” said Bob Carpenter, President and CEO of GS1 US. “Additionally, her commitment to improving patient safety and supply chain efficiencies will be valuable in driving further adoption and usage of GS1 Standards across all industries.”

CLARK Material Handling Company announced it has expanded All World Lift Truck, an authorized CLARK distributor headquartered in Tampa into the Fort Myers, Fla. APR. All World a full service CLARK dealer with sales and service departments, a rental fleet, an aftermarket parts department as well as a full offering of allied products. Gilbert Adams, All World Lift Truck President, noted “It is an exciting time for our dealership with the addition of Fort Myers. It is with great pleasure that we continue our relationship with CLARK and continue to grow with them.” “All World, a provider of competitive products and professional services, makes a logical candidate to expand their CLARK footprint. It is always a special day when we can grow the opportunity for one of our existing CLARK Dealers”, noted Rob Smith of CLARK. “Gilbert Adams and his management team bring hands-on, practical experience to CLARK in the Tampa, Fla. & Fort Myers markets.” All World will support its CLARK new equipment, aftermarket parts and service efforts in this new market out of their Tampa, Fla. facility located at 3807 East 15th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605 and thru sales and service associates strategically located in the territory.

THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL Proven Solutions That Work! The NEW NORMAL Trucks Are On The Road Now!




Provide safe, secure, material handling solutions • • • •

One truck that does it all! Various masts up to 360” Operates in 4 1/2 ft. Vna aisle Long load handling

Thomas Lift Truck 20

3-Wheel SLT 22/30 up to SL120 Late models in stock 19842009 Reconditioned Includes Warranty

Combilift 4-Directional Sideloader C5,000 to C17,3000 C6,000GT

FL40EX & FL60EX Explosion Proof Ex Rated Limit your exposure to potential hazards. ANSI/UL583 Label

For more information on Drexel Swingmast, EX Rated Trucks & the Combilift Please contact John Gowland at 1-800-651-5850 or e-mail August 2015

August 2015


Sales Trends Dave Kahle

The purpose of a purpose I was up against the wall, with no options. Almost literally between a rock and a hard place. Here’s the story. I had left a very secure sales position for one of a lot more challenge, and a lot more risk. My new position was the opposite of my previous one in a number of ways. It paid straight commission, for example, with a draw that lasted only the first six months. The salespeople bought their own demonstration samples and literature from the company. I was enticed by the challenge. Before I accepted the offer, I calculated the amount of existing business in the territory. I felt that, if I could double the business within the first year, I’d be OK. After that, any increases would be real increases in my standard of living. So I took the plunge and went off to New York for six weeks of intense training. While I was gone, the district sales managers changed, and I had a new boss. When I returned home from training, I was quickly met by my new district sales manager, who announced that he had rearranged the territories. The territory for which I was hired wasn’t exactly the territory I was actually going to receive. In fact, the territory I ended up with had only about 30 percent of the existing business on which I was depending. My livelihood and the health and well-being of my family was in serious jeopardy. I was outraged. How could they do this to me? What kind of a company was this that would treat its employees that way? I


We Accept:

Equipment, Inc.

440-232-1422 Akron | Cleveland, OH 44146


Over 35 years of satisfied customers!

We specialize in dependable reconditioned We specialize in dependable reconditioned BATTERIES AND CHARGERS batteries & chargers to calibrated to factory specs bycalibrated our certified factory specs technical staff. by our certified technical staff.

Hobart—Enersys—Applied Energy Solutions—C&D

♦ Hobart —and more! ♦ Enersys The ARCON Difference Not just used chargers, but used ♦ Applied Energy The ARCON Difference chargers that are tested, calibrated, Solutions Not just used chargers, but used chargers that are tested, and set to match the AC input voltage ♦calibrated, C&D and set to match the AC input voltage you specify. you &specify. Working Working ready for use! & ready for use! ♦ and more!

Good WANTED GoodUsed Used Batteries Batteries WANTED We details— Wewill willbuy buyquantities! quantities! Call Call us with details – we GOOD surplus surplus stock stock only! only! we want want your your GOOD


August 2015

immediately decided that I didn’t want to work for them and began looking for a different job. However, it only took a few weeks of interviewing for me to realize that I was unemployable. Most people with whom I interviewed viewed my quick desire to leave as a weakness in me, not a flaw in my company. One thing led to another and, after six months, I owed the company $10,000 (a lot of money then), my draw was finished, and I had few prospects for finding another job. There I was, between a rock and a hard place! I grew bitter and angry about my situation. How could they do this to me? My attitude influenced my behavior, and I found it almost impossible to sell the product. My bitterness grew and morphed into depression. There was no hope. If I hadn’t had a sense of purpose – a faith in something larger and a responsibility for more than just me – I would have given up. As a father, I had a responsibility to support a family. In other words, I had a purpose. That purpose meant that I couldn’t give up. Then I had a realization. I finally saw, in a moment of blinding clarity, that my situation was pretty much my own doing. It wasn’t them, it was me! Yes, they had done a nasty deed to me. Yes, I had been dealt with unfairly. However, it was still a great product, and the opportunity was still substantial. The reason I wasn’t selling anything was me! It was my bitterness, my depression, and my negative attitude that was influencing my behavior and thus my results. The realization of my personal responsibility was like a great weight off my shoulders. If the problem was me, I could do something about it! I was once again in a situation where I could influence the world around me and impact my life. I was no longer a victim, depressed under the unjust weight of someone else’s actions. Since the problem was me, the power to do something was also in me! At the level of my job and my day-to-day activities, I needed to change my attitude and become more positive. So, I decided to attack the problem (me). If I could do away with my bitterness and negativity, I could be more effective. I needed to stop thinking so negatively and to change my attitude. I could impact my thoughts, my attitude, and my results. I reasoned that I needed to put positive, confident thoughts into my head. If I could fill my head with positive thoughts, I’d gradually be able to change my negative attitude. At the time, I was living on the outskirts of my territory, and I had a daily 45-minute drive into the metropolitan Detroit area on Interstate 96. I decided to make use of that 45 minutes every morning to put positive thoughts into my head. I spent an evening finding powerful, positive promises and wrote them on 3" x 5" cards. Then, each morning, I’d hold the 3" x 5" cards in front of me on the steering wheel, and flip through them over and over — reading them repetitively as I drove into the city. Over the next few months, my bitterness and resentment melted away, and I become calmer and more confident. As I bathed my mind in positive, confident ideas, I discovered my attitude gradually changing. And that attitude adjustment caused a real change in my behavior. I began to succeed.

To learn more about what makes a MHEDA MVP an excellent choice, visit

2015 Your Search for Material Handling Equipment Distributors Just Got Easier

Looking for an award winning distributor with a documented commitment to business excellence? Look for the MVP logo. The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, MHEDA, has awarded the following distributors the 2015 MVP, Most Valuable Partner Award. This award is earned by companies with outstanding working relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Feel confident in your decision by choosing a MVP award winner. AHS, LLC Cincinnati, OH

Elite Supply Chain Solutions Hudson, OH

NMC Material Handling Omaha, NE

AK Material Handling Systems Maple Grove, MN

Fallsway Equipment Co Akron, OH

PapĂŠ Material Handling Eugene, OR

All Lift Service Company Willoughby, OH

FMH Material Hdlg Solutions Denver, CO

PeakLogix Midlothian, VA

American Warehouse Systems Blaine, MN

Gregory Poole Equipment Co. Raleigh, NC

R.H. Brown Co. Seattle, WA

Associated Addison, IL

Hodge Material Handling Dubuque, IA

Riekes Equipment Co. Omaha, NE

Bode Equipment Co. Londonderry, NH

Liftech Equipment Companies E. Syracuse, NY

Southern Acquisitions Farmers Branch, TX

Bublitz Material Handling Kansas City, MO

LiftOne Charlotte, NC

Springer Equipment Co. Inc. Birmingham, AL

Cardinal Carryor, Inc. Louisville, KY

Mathand, Inc. Woodstock, GA

Sunbelt Industrial Trucks Dallas, TX

Carolina Material Handling Services Columbia, SC

Maybury Material Handling E. Longmeadow, MA

Warehouse1 Kansas City, MO

CE-DFW Warehouse Solutions Grapevine, TX Conveyor Solutions Inc. Schaumburg, IL Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. Maple Shade, NJ

Morrison Ind Equipment Co Grand Rapids, MI National Lift Truck, Inc. Franklin Park, IL

Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. Brookfield, WI WW Cannon Dallas, TX

August 2015


Sales Trends In six months I was able to pay off the debt, and I began making more money than I had imagined possible. What was an absolutely hopeless and miserable situation changed into one of the most financially rewarding, satisfying experiences of my life. Not only was I out of the miserable situation I had been in, but I discovered a level of peace of mind and spiritual awareness that I had not previously known. The change in my circumstances had its inception in my sense of purpose. I certainly am not alone in that. Research has shown that people with a sense of purpose live longer, and have fewer incidents of heart disease and stroke. Those without a clear realization of their purpose are more prone to suicidal thoughts, substance and alcohol abuse, and depression. What does that have to do with sales? I can’t conceive of effectively performing as a sales person without a clear sense of purpose that is bigger than just the next sale. All the decisions that have to be made, the personal rejection, the self-management to push yourself out of bed in the morning, and to motivate yourself to drive that extra 20 miles to make one more call – all of that becomes immensely difficult when you see the job as just a means of making money. When you see the job as a step toward fulfilling a larger purpose, it all becomes more meaningful, and more easily managed. And, that’s the purpose of a purpose. Dave Kahle has trained tens of thousands of distributor and B2B salespeople and sales managers to be more effective in the 21st century economy. He’s authored nine books, and presented in 47 states and eight countries. Sign up for his free weekly Ezine or visit his blog at E-mail editorial@ to contact Dave.


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August 2015

2004 Yale GLP050RGNUAE090 STK# #2210 (970) 482-1144 Fort Collins CO

877.638.6190 for more information!

View these pieces of equipment & more on SLV4


Raymond 112TM-FRE60L STK# 15936X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2011 Caterpillar E5500 STK# 15177X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC




2005 Aisle Master 44S STK# 15216X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2001 Caterpillar NRDR30 STK# 14885X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2006 Caterpillar DP150 STK# 15801X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2008 Hyster E50Z STK# 14414X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



Text the



2003 Caterpillar DP150 STK# 15308X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2009 Hyster S40FT STK# 15665X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC 5



Web ID to 27414 2008 Hyster S80FT STK# 15387X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



2004 Toyota 7FDU80 STK# 14632X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC


2008 SkyTrak 1044-54 STK# 55062 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA

2004 Omega Lift 4415T-16RS STK# 15468X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC

More photos available



2008 Big Joe PDR-30-154 STK# 54796 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA 1




2006 JLG G12-55A STK# 55088 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA 1

2011 Komatsu FD115-7 STK# 1EQ11036 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA


2000 Raymond EASI-R40TT STK# 14821X (877) 725-4461 Pineville NC



1998 Kalmar DCD70-40E5 STK# 0493 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA 6

2011 Master Craft MC-16-874 **4WD** STK# 1EQ11023 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA



L2003 Sellick SD60 STK# 8632 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA

August 2015


View these pieces of equipment & more on TM9D


2011 Toyota 7FBU18 STK# 84025 (800) 708-9765 Coraopolis PA






Crown PE3540-60 STK# 19703 Marine Travelift WWF15000 (800) 648-1891 STK# 19691 (800) 648-1891 Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale FL 1





2007 Yale MPB040 STK# 19948 (800) 648-1891 Fort Lauderdale FL





2007 Tailift FD35P STK# 19857 2006 Tailift FD50P STK# 19894 2006 Tailift FG25C STK# 19919 2007 World Lift WFD80 STK# (800) 648-1891 (800) 648-1891 (800) 648-1891 19858 (800) 648-1891 Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale FL



2006 Hyster H155XL2 STK# E9E4EE3D-69FA-E411A30B-5CF3FC7AA6E2 ( 716) 553-4275 Buffalo NY




2006 JLG 450AJ STK# 7BBFE786461C-E511-8693-5CF3FC7ABAD0 (716) 553-4275 Buffalo NY



2011 Yale ERP040VT STK# 43125DBD-AB1A-E511-A30B5CF3FC7AA6E2 (716) 553-4275 Buffalo NY



Text the



2007 SKYJACK SJIII3219 STK# DF83B0FE-C416-E511-84FB5CF3FC7ABA36 (716) 553-4275 Buffalo NY 1



Web ID to 27414 2008 ENERGIC PLUS 36VCHA STK# 86084 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH


2011 Komatsu WA470-6 STK# 83763 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH 26


2010 Komatsu D275AX-5EO STK# 83238 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH

More photos available


2011 Caterpillar GC55KSPR STK# 88389 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH August 2015



2010 Cascade 25D-CCS STK# 88533 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH

2012 Toyota 8FGCU32 STK# 88036 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH 1


2012 JLG 1044C-54 II STK# 89712 (877) 636-1222 Twinsburg OH


View these pieces of equipment & more on 36Y9

Text the






Web ID to 27414 2011 Crown WAV50-118 STK# 4734 (215) 773-9660 Warminster PA

More photos available





2005 Yale GLC050VXNVSE083 2013 Komatsu PC290LC-10 STK# 4709 (215) 773-9660 STK# 10164551 (888) 200Warminster PA 0943 Baton Rouge LA





1994 Clark C500 Y350DH STK# M-126 (800) 966-5080 Hazelwood MO 1

1992 Taylor TY550RR STK# M114 (800) 966-5080 Hazelwood MO


2005 SkyTrak 8042 STK# Miller8042 (469) 366-4227 Garland TX







2013 Komatsu WA380-7 STK# 10163023 (888) 200-0943 Baton Rouge LA 1



1998 Halla LF25C STK# S-331 1985 Kalmar DC13-660 (800) 966-5080 Hazelwood MO STK# M-162 (800) 966-5080 Hazelwood MO 1

2014 Hoist F230 - F350 STK# FLE Hoist (800) 423-7600 Chicago IL 1

2008 Hyster E50Z STK# 4675 (215) 773-9660 Warminster PA 1

2010 Nissan TX35 / 1N1L18V STK# 4742 (215) 773-9660 Warminster PA

2008 Sky Jack 4626 STK# SY070645 (888) 200-0943 Baton Rouge LA


2010 Genie GS3246 STK# 4748 (215) 773-9660 Warminster PA


2007 Clark CMP25D STK# Miller CMP25D (469) 366-4227 Garland TX





2014 Hoist P360-48 STK# 2003 JLG 800 S STK# Hoist P360@48 (800) 423-7600 MillerJLG800S (469) 366-4227 Chicago IL Garland TX



2005 Nissan P9000 STK# MillerNissanP900 (469) 3664227 Garland TX



2006 Tusk 600PGH-16 STK# MillerKot6000 (469) 366-4227 Garland TX

August 2015







Text WEB ID to 27414 Web ID: SL57


Web ID: SL5C


Web ID: SJ70


Web ID: SIW1


Web ID: 0PZB


Web ID: 0QSS


More photos available Type: 4 Wheel Rider Electric Make: Hyster Model: E50Z Year: 2008 Capacity: 5,000 lbs Mast: 82/189T Details: S-S, LBR, Forks, 27” BC

Web ID: SL6C


Type: Rider Reaches Make: Cat Model: NDR30 Year: 2001 Capacity: 3,000 lbs Mast: 140/315T Details: S-S, LBR, Forks, Deep Reach

Web ID: SL46


Type: IC Big Cushions Make: Hyster Model: S80FT Year: 2008 Capacity: 8,000 lbs Mast: 92/194T Details: FP, LBR, 45” Forks

Web ID: 5RKI


Type: IC Cushions Make: Hyster Model: S40FT Year: 2009 Capacity: 4,000 lbs Mast: 85/130F Details: No Attachments

Web ID: SLV4


Web ID: 0PRY


Web ID: 03US


Type: VNA Articulating Make: Aisle Master Model: 44S Year: 2005 Capacity: 4,400 lbs Mast: 91/220Q Details: LP, 4 Way, S-S, FP, LPR. 42”Forks Type: IC Big Pneumatics Make: Cat Model: DP150 Year: 2006 Capacity: 33,000 lbs Mast: 163/177S Details: Diesel, 5 Way, S-S, Ind. FP, 75”Forks, 2 New Drive Tires



August 2015

Type: Rider Reaches Make: Raymond Model: EASI-R40TT Year: 2000 Capacity: 4,000 lbs Mast: 131/300T Details: GPO--200--S-S, LBR, 42” Forks Type: 4 Wheel Rider Electric Make: Cat Model: E5500 Year: 2011 Capacity: 5,500 lbs Mast: 83/188T Details: No Attachments Type: Rough Terrain Make: Omega Lift Model: 4415T-16RS Year: 2004 Capacity: 16,000 lbs Mast: 138/180S Details: FP, 120” Forks, Full Cab, A/C, 4WD, 4WS Type: Electric Pallet Jack Make: Raymond Model: 112TM-FRE60L Year: 2005 Capacity: 6,000 lbs Mast: NA Details: 27” x 48” Forks Type: IC Big Pneumatics Make: Toyota Model: 7FDU80 Year: 2004 Capacity: 17,500 lbs Mast: 140/180S Details: Diesel, S-S, 3 Way, 72”Forks, Full Cab Type: IC Big Pneumatics Make: Cat Model: DP150 Year: 2003 Capacity: 33,000 lbs Mast: 163/177S Details: Diesel, 5 Way, S-S, FP, 94”Forks

West Point Rack “We don’t just promise…we deliver!” • Quotes in 2 hours on most requests • Delivery in 2-3 weeks on most orders

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Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks Specialty Transport & Storage Products West Point Rack is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our customers recognize quality products, dependability of service and competitive pricing.

• Quality • Dependability • Satisfaction

Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack has the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


Portable Stacking

Structural Pallet

13591 Chandler St. • Omaha, NE 68138 866-245-3630 • Fax 866-245-3631

August 2015


Classifieds FOR SALE Self-dumping material handling hoppers with an excellent dealer program Save your customers time and money. 30 sizes from 1 /8 yd to 8yds

New Single Phase Chargers

Trip it. Dump it. Return it without leaving your seat. 100%

Satisfaction Guarantee

Iron Bull Mfg. LLC 6064 North 350 East Marshall, IN 47859

Series 1 Workhorse Single Shift rating

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Material Handling Wholesaler 2.875” W x 2” H Smart DVR camera with cellular CLASSIFIED • Dash mounted lockable DVR camera —with cellular modem • Optional IR plug in external camera • GPS — tracking on video review • Impact and speed sensing • Software preloaded on SD card • Fits to any model forklift

36-volt, 750 AH 48-volt, 600 AH other sizes available

Full 2 yr. warranty (10 yr. transformer coverage)

SAVE ON QUANTITY PURCHASE! Used 3-phase chargers also available



TIRES Authorized Dealer

Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip. Original & Aftermarket Parts for Most Equip.


FORKLIFTS & TIRES 713.460.8197 • 800.687.3884

713.460.8197 •• 800.687.3884 fax: 713.460.5941 fax: 713.460.5941


Specialty Material Handling, Inc.


Gregg Zdan (734) 641-1800

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Associated with DREXEL Industries since 1972


Rugged Checklist Tablet + Inspection App

• Available with App in Rugged Android Tablet ($600 dealer) or $49.99 @ GooglePlay • Customizable checklist — holds different checklists for different vehicle or machine • NO paperwork! NO pens! NO turning in! NO storing! NO filing! • Wireless transmission of data via cellular or WiFi to your Dropbox account • Generate Excel reports and automatic emails of failed checklist items Phone: Fax: Email: Url:

(813) 877-4500 (813) 871-6250

LOOKING TO BUY Buy & Sell / New & Used units available Warehouse & industrial tow tractors available in:

3 Electric 3 Narrow isle 3 Gas

We BUY & SELL Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging

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3 Diesel 3 LPG 3 Large &

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small units

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August 2015


Shifting Gears Industry personnel and organization news

Hyster® earns 2014 Silver Product of the Year Award

NACCO announces conversion of competitor dealer

Hyster Company announces its Fortis® S80-120FT lift truck series has won a 2014 Silver Product of the Year award from Plant Engineering in the material handling systems category. The series was selected for its ability to boost performance and reduce downtime in heavy duty applications. While Plant Engineering’s editorial staff oversees the nomination process, the final award recipients are determined based on voting from the magazine’s readers. The Fortis S80-120FT lift truck series offers features designed to increase engine cooling capabilities and productivity, allowing customers extended runtimes and superior dependability. The optional on-demand cooling system helps boost performance and nearly eliminates the likelihood of engine overheating. It matches cooling fan speed directly to engine temperatures, regardless of engine speed, while allowing more cooling at idle speed to maintain proper engine and transmission temperatures. When the need for cooling is low, the fan speed reduces significantly, even at wide-open engine throttle, allowing trucks to run an entire shift without having to stop and cool off.

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG) announced that pending the completion of the proposed transactions between Gregory Poole Equipment Company, Dougherty Equipment Company, Inc., LiftOne LLC, VBS Inc. Material Handling Equipment, and Briggs Equipment, Inc.and execution of dealer agreements, the Company will have successfully completed a major restructuring of the dealer networks for its Hyster® and Yale® brands across six states. At closing, expected around October 1, 2015, Gregory Poole will sell a portion of the Dougherty assets to LiftOne, LLC, a dual-brand dealer of Hyster® and Yale® lift trucks headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Also, in related transactions, Gregory Poole has executed letters of intent to acquire operations of VBS Inc. Materials Handling Equipment, a current Hyster® dealer with six branch locations across Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina, and certain assets and facilities of Briggs Equipment, Inc., a dual-brand Hyster® and Yale® dealer.

Connell Equipment Leasing Company 200 Connell Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

A Division of Connell Finance Company, Inc.


2009 LINdE h35d

17,000 lb. cap, 103”/122” std. LPG, 72” forks

5,500 lb. cap, 90”/131” FFL diesel, rotator, 48” forks

2008 CATERpILLAR C6500 2011 CATERpILLAR dp70E 6,500 lb. cap, 84”/185” Tri SS/FP, 54” forks

14,000 lb. cap, 132”/179” std. dual pneu, SS, 48” forks

2006 jLg 400S

2010 yALE gLp060Vx

2009 TOyOTA 7FdKU40

2011 MITSI FgC33N

500 lb. cap, 40’ straight boom 8’ platform, dual fuel

6,000 lb. cap, 91”/130” std. LP, SS, 42” forks

9,000 lb. cap, 82”/120” std. diesel, FP, 42” forks

6,500 lb. cap, 87”/185” tsu LPG, 48” forks

2007 TAyLOR ThC300S

2012 hySTER S50FT

2010 hOIST FKS11

30,000 lb. cap, 152”/122” diesel, FP, 66” forks

5,000 lb. cap, 82”/189” tri LPG, bare front

22,000 lb. cap, 98”/99” mast SS/FP, 56” forks

Visit Our NEW Website To See All Of Our Inventory:

www. UsedForkTrucks .com

2008 yALE gdp090Vx

2004 hySTER S50xM

2009 yALE gdp120Vx

9,000 lb. cap, 90”/86” tri. diesel, Int FP, 60” forks

5,000 lb. cap, 140”/189” tsu LPG, SS, 48” forks

12,000 lb. cap, 90”/111” std. diesel, bare front

908-673-3700 ext.317 Fax: 908-673-3800 32

August 2015

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE SUCCESS IS EASIER WHEN YOU HAVE A SUPPLIER THAT • Understands your business and your customers. • Helps keep your customers satisfied…and loyal. • Has the products you need to grow your customer base. • Will help increase your bottom line profit. That supplier is Thombert, your SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION for less frustration and more profit. Give us a call, kick back, and rest easy. It’s that simple!

316 E 7th Street N Newton, IA, 50208


August 2015


Shifting Gears

Ametek Prestolite Power presents dealer awards AMETEK Prestolite Power, a leader in industrial battery charging and fleet management solutions, presented its top dealer partners with awards on Friday during the company’s 2015 Dealer Meeting held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The dealers included East Penn Canada, Energy Products, Electric Battery, East Penn Manufacturing and Johnson Battery and were recognized for their top sales, exemplary service and excellent relationship with AMETEK Prestolite Power and its end users. “AMETEK Prestolite Power wouldn’t have the success it does without the dedication and hard work that our dealer partners provide all across North America,” said Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager for Prestolite Power. “AMETEK continues to innovate in ways that are only possible because of the interaction we have with customers and dealers, and we are proud to honor them today.”

Recognizing the top dealers was one part of the AMETEK Prestolite Power 2015 Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas. Other event highlights include the formal announcement that Prestolite is extending the warranty period for its most popular models. It now offers a full three-year limited warranty for its line of highfrequency models for products shipped effective immediately. This warranty includes parts and labor for three years from date of shipment and is exclusive to the following models: • Eclipse II • Eclipse II Plus • Eclipse II Extreme • Slim Line, 2 Circuit and HE Models Lichtenberg continued, “In working with our dealer partners, we listened to their request for a more robust warranty to match our line of high-frequency products. We are very proud of our partnership with our dealer network, which will continue to bring world-class products to this very competitive market.”

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new cylinder head with valves IN STOCK!

TB45 Nissan engine assemblies

Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 153 & 181 and 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel

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engines Perkins • Continental • GMC • Cummins Hercules/White • Chrysler • IHC Waukesha • Mitsubishi • Peugeot Nissan • Wisconsin • Toyota • Mazda Ford • Allis-Chalmers

new • rebuilt • exchange

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: • 34

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for REMAN means... BEST VALUE FOR $SPENT COMPETITIVE Pricing BEST Core Policy - BEST Warranty




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KION helps break Guinness World Record In celebration of National Tea Day on June 10, KION North America Corporation helped the Town of Summerville set the Guinness World Record for the largest ice tea. Thousands gathered around town hall to watch as the tea was brewed, chilled and poured and to enjoy the celebration after the attempt was made official. Summerville now holds the record for the Largest Iced Tea, measuring at 1,425 gallons or more than 23,000 cups. It beat the previous record held by Chick-fil-A since 2010 by 513 gallons. “KION North America Corporation loves any opportunity to get involved with our community,” said Rochelle Edwards, marketing and communications manager. “What better way to do that than by partnering with other local businesses to help the town break a world record.” The 1,425 gallons of sweet tea was brewed in a 10-ft. container provided by Scout Boats using SCE&G Natural Gas, 120 pounds of local tea leaves from the Charleston Tea Plantation, 1,600 pounds of Dixie Crystals sugar and 3,000 pounds of ice. Alex Angert, an adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records, was on site to oversee, verify and present the record for the World’s Largest Iced Tea. Since Summerville is trademarked as the Birthplace of Sweet Tea, the town opted to make sweet tea.

TVH named one of the Top 100 Privately Held Companies in Kansas City TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, has been named to the Top 100 Privately Held Companies list by Ingram’s Magazine. “We are proud to be ranked in the Top 100 Privately Held Companies list, and to be among such a remarkable group of companies,” said Els Thermote, Chief Executive Officer of TVH. “At TVH we believe in creating a work environment that fosters the individual growth of our employees as well as providing a customer experience that is second to none. We are proud that our philosophy and efforts have paid off. Being honored in this way confirms what we are doing is working and is a testament to our success.” The Top 100 Privately Held Companies list is based on 2014 revenue and is made up of companies that are privately held and headquartered in the Kansas City area. TVH in the Americas established its presence in Olathe in 2003 and now has over 800 employees operating out of locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

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Fork-Co Forks & Attachments ... More than forks!

Hook type and pin type forks, capacities to 110,000 lb. Pin type (shaft type) forks are made up in our Alvin, TX plant from stock blanks.

RDD 40 ROTATOR 4,000 LB Capacity Fork Spreaders - quick detach fork spreader and pin type sideshifter manufactured in our Alvin, TX plant

Unit Load Handling Systems, Inc., Alvin, TX manufactures heavy duty pipe clamps for forklifts from 18,000 LB to 55,000 LB capacities.

Fork Covers - load protection products Made in Houston, TX


New Style Pipe Clamp for smaller forklifts. WPH-AB series pipe hold down clamp fits to any class II, III, or IV carriage or sideshifter and has ZERO lost load center. Made in Texas

Fork-Co USA has a new web site. Visit us today at: The new Fork-Co USA Comprehensive Catalog for 2014 has been published to the web and is accessible through the web site. Find forks, attachments, parts and accessories there.

Fork-Co Forks & Attachments PH: 888.367.5260

FAX: 281.692.1450

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Associated announces organizational changes

FLEXX expands regional sales team

To support continued growth that has been driven by increased customer demand Associated has created a new position, Corporate Director of Operations. This new position will have responsibility to improve the consistency and effectiveness of the forklift segment of their business across all markets they serve. Associated is pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2015 Kevin Kevin Mason Mason has been selected for this position. Kevin has most recently served as the General Manager for Associated’s Chicagoland Operations. Over his 23 year tenure, with the Company, he has made significant contributions in every role he has had at Associated. When asked about this appointment Mike Romano, President/CEO of Associated said, “I am confident that Kevin will leverage his skills, experience and relationships to insure success in this new role. We believe that these changes will help us to further enhance our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

FLEXX, announces the addition of four regional sales managers with deep industry expertise to expand solutions in the material handling equipment industry. Jim Gillespie, Jay Bodnar, Jim Schmitt and Kyle Myers each bring 20-25+ years of experience covering the full asset management lifecycle within the material handling equipment industry. Jim Gillespie brings in-depth knowledge spanning the full asset management lifecycle to his role with FLEXX as the Midwestern Regional Sales Manager. Jay Bodnar also joins FLEXX, serving in the role of Northeastern Regional Sales Manager. Jim Schmitt joins FLEXX as the Southeastern Regional Sales Manager with proven ability in the material handling equipment industry to manage accounts, define and develop industry specific products, and build crossfunctional relationships at all levels. Kyle Myers also joins the FLEXX team as the Southwestern Regional Sales Manager.

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August 2015

Take the pain out of YOUR supply chain. Join the Rhino Team! Rhino Rubber, LLC is a global distribution company that provides quality industrial tire products and services. We are looking for dealers and distributors to be a part of the Rhino team that represents “Excellence in Service” with a commitment to the principles of continuous improvement, quality and competitive products. Our team will take the “pain” out of the supply chain process.

Join the Rhino Team. Contact us today to become a Rhino dealer or distributor. Move it exclusively…Move it on Rhino.

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August 2015


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UniCarriers Americas announces its Nissan Forklift Nine UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) announces the winners of its Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award. The “Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award” for fiscal year 2014, which ended March 31, 2015, rewards and recognizes the top nine Nissan Forklift-brand dealers throughout the Americas. The award winners set the standard that all dealers representing UCA brand products aspire. They create a culture of reliability and professionalism within their organizations, and reflect UCA’s core values. This year, the company launched its Never Quit branding campaign, which promotes excellence in engineering, manufacturing and product dependability. To attain status as an award winner, each organization accepted UCA’s challenge, surpassing difficult goals and ranking among the OEM’s leading dealerships. All UCA dealers were evaluated based on new equipment sales, market penetration, aftermarket parts sales, service expertise, overall performance and professionalism. The following nine dealers excelled in these critical areas and earned the prestigious status as a Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award winner for 2014: Capital Equipment & Handling, Inc. A UniCarriers Americas factory-owned store as of 2015 and headquartered in Hartland, Wisc., Capital Equipment has earned this award eight times total, and consecutively for the past six years. CFE Equipment Corporation Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., this is CFE’s third consecutive year earning this award. CFE has won a total of 20 times. Darr Equipment Located in Houston, Darr Equipment has been awarded this prestigious honor, seven out of the last eight years, and 19 times in total. Forklift Systems, Inc. Forklift Systems is located in Nashville, Tenn., and has earned 20 Nissan Forklift Nine Awards, including the past five consecutive years.

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For $700 a material handling equipment dealer can rent a 36’ long 20,000 lb. capacity aluminum yard ramp. Provide a much needed service to your customers. Ramps in stock for immediate delivery.

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August 2015

J.M. Equipment Co., Inc. Headquartered in Manteca, Calif., J.M. Equipment holds 24 Nissan Forklift Nine Awards, the most among any other UCA dealer. Lift Solutions, Inc. Lift Solutions will be taking its second award home to its headquarters in Omaha, Neb. They previously won the award in 2010. Material Handling Supply 2014 marks the eighth year Material Handling Supply won a Nissan Forklift Nine Award. Their headquarters are located in Brooklawn, N.J. Montacargas Galeria, S.A. de C.V. Located in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Montacargas Galeria won its first Nissan Forklift Nine Award this year. Select Equipment Sales, Inc. The Buena Park, California-headquartered Select Equipment Sales celebrates its first Nissan Forklift Nine Award this year. This year marked a major milestone for a number of 2014’s winners. Since its inception in 1984, J.M. Equipment Inc. has earned the award a staggering 24 times, while CFE Equipment Corp. and Forklift Systems Inc. both won the award an impressive 20 times and Darr Equipment 19 times. “To select these exceptional dealers based on such rigorous metrics, speaks highly of the strength and perseverance of our recipients, and our company as a whole,” said Steve Cianci, vice president, sales and marketing at UCA. “Congratulations to this year’s winners! You all embody the Never Quit attitude.” UCA will celebrate the success of these winning dealers at an awards banquet. For the new fiscal year, UCA will honor its top dealers through an awards program covering all UniCarriers brand dealers.



Cover Story Dr. Herb Greenberg, Caliper founder



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rely on what someone has done in the past. It’s critical to look at what someone is inherently motivated to do and consider how that person truly matches to the requirements of a particular job. I have suggested – and will continue suggesting – that one of the first things to do when you’re recruiting and building career paths for your employees is to really analyze where your employees are today and where they hope to be in the future. You might have a great salesperson who is doing a wonderful job, and you may want to promote that individual to management. However, he or she might not be inherently motivated or willing to take on that opportunity. Rather, it might make more sense to give that salesperson a larger book of business or a more exclusive set of clients. You might also currently have a salesperson who is interested in moving into a more service-oriented position in your organization. These are all things that will help you build the best career path and succession plan for both your company and your employees. Someone in your organization might be doing an adequate job in one area, but he or she could be excelling in another. And you won’t know if that’s the case until you have those conversations, invest in your employees, and take action accordingly. Your ROI will speak for itself. We’ve found that, in the end, making that investment ends up being the least expensive – and the most productive – way to go.


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August 2015


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Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends  ach month EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly, provides a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see E where buying activity has been, and forecast where it might be heading so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Understanding how and where buyers have been spending their money can help determine the scope of consumer spending, project growth for a certain product line, or identify the signs of a future downturn.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

 isplays the top five buyers nationwide for each of D EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA last month. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

 isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of D EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA last month. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Cardinal Health Inc. Class 2 Class 2 Electric Lift Trucks - No Model Class 1 Class 1

Dublin, OH Raymond Crown Raymond Crown Raymond

29 10 8 6 3 2

Toyota Motor Credit Corp.. 236

Nissan Motor Accept Corp....21

Wells Fargo Bank................. 162

Capital One...........................19

BMO Harris Eqt Fin Co.......94

St Henry Bank.......................15

De Lage Landen Fin Svc........38

Bank Of The West..................14

Interfor U S Inc. I/C Lift Trucks - No Model I/C Lift Trucks - No Model I/C Lift Trucks - No Model Class 5

Bellingham, WA Taylor Hyster Linde Hyster

29 12 8 7 2

PNC Eqt Fin.........................37

J P Morgan Chase Bank.........13

Pacific Rim Capital Inc.........29

M B Fin Bank.......................11

Urban Prtnrshp Bank.............28

Bank Of Amer.........................7

Kellogg Co. Class 4 Class 3

Newington, CT Yale Yale

28 26 2

Century Tokyo Lsg Usa..........26

S C G Capital Corp.................6


Farm Credit Lsg Svc Corp.......5

K I Logistics Class 4 Class 1

Laurens, SC Hyster Hyster

26 20 6

Banc Of Amer Lsg & Capital.24

1st Natl Bank...........................5

Brenham Whol. Grocery Co. Brenham, TX Electric Lift Trucks - No Model Raymond 42

August 2015

19 19

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit

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2006 TOYOTA 7FDU60


199”FSV Mast, Hours: 5,000

159”FV Mast, Hours: 6,700

187”FSV Mast, Hours: 5,800






2010 TOYOTA 8FGL20

Standard Transmission, Hours: 295 1 UNIT IN STOCK






258” Quad Mast, Hours: Over 10k 1 UNIT IN STOCK






188”FSV Mast, Hours: 2,800 1 UNIT IN STOCK





2005 Toyota 7FGU32, 6,500 lbs., LP, 187” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 330” Mast, Sideshifter

2004 Toyota 7FGCU45-BCS, 10,000 lbs., LP, 187” Mast

2009 Toyota 7FBCU15, 3,000 lbs., 36V, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2010 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 119” Mast, Sideshifter

2008 Hyster S50FT, F187V11810F, LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2008 Toyota 8FGU30, 6,000 lbs., LP, 187” Mast, Sideshifter, Dual Drive


2008 Toyota 7BDRU15, 3,000 lbs., 36V, 330” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 lbs., Diesel

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Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Strong customer service “pays off” for Herkules Equipment It all started three decades ago with one product; an item so successful it created a need for expansion for a fledgling business. The automatic paint gun washer developed and patented by Herkules Equipment Corporation in 1985 was designed to create a safer work environment while reducing labor costs. But the Michigan-based company’s effort proved so successful, the business’ founders realized there was a need to quickly create new product lines to keep sales going. “The painting’s a very durable product that lasts forever,” said Kathleen Okray, marketing manager for Herkules. That durability has mostly been a blessing for the Detroit-area business, which has mastered the art of diversification in its 30 years in business. Today the company product lineup also includes EnKon and Boss Lifts and soon-to-be-launched Bacon Family Fans. Located about 25 miles northwest of Detroit, Herkules employs 30 people in a 32,000-square-foot facility. The paint gun washer was “the best thing since sliced bread for the collision industry,” said Herkules Vice President Kevin Prost. “No more breathing harmful chemicals, and you could jump to the next paint job right away,” he said, in a telephone interview. Following the inception of the paint gun washer, in 1987 company founder Richard Robb cross-licensed the technology with the pneumatic air bag technology owned by Herkules Lift Trading GmbH of Kassel, Germany. Robb met leaders of the German

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

800-321-9983 Authorized Distributor


Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

August 2015

Authorized Distributor

company at a trade show and they became stock owners in Herkules. It was a move that gave the U.S.-based Herkules more of a global presence, although in recent years the German business was sold and current Herkules president Todd Bacon reached an agreement to purchase the shares. “When (the ownership) changed it was hard for them to be shareholders,” Prost said. “They still have a good relationship,” he added. Prost, who met Herkules president Bacon in college, said the pair realized about 15 years ago that the collision market was shrinking. So they diversified and launched an industrial division, creating a series of pneumatic material handling lifts for industrial applications. “We hired a full time manager for that division, to take it and run with it,” Prost said. The company created a series of versatile pneumatic material handling lifts for industrial applications. Herkules began exploring fans, painting washers and industrial lifts for automotive lines. “Over the recession we did a lot of (research and development) on a shoestring budget,” Prost said. “We were able to produce amazing lift equipment, along with a high focus on quality.” Offering lifts that can get cars up just high enough for an oil change is proving a good fit for many in the industry. “Quick lubes will see a payoff in three to four months and after that they’re ringing the register,” Prost said. Okray said strong company leadership helped Herkules weather the recent economic hard times, and noted the firm’s ongoing use of Michigan steel as a source of pride. Prost “is a financial guy and is also creative. He was able to keep the business operating. He did an incredible job back then,” Okray said. While the collision industry used to comprise about 60 percent of the firm’s business, now the industrial lifts are making up the larger share as accidents are on the decline in the wake of improved safety features and regulations. But Herkules is also growing in other ways, through the launch of large industrial fans and in the exploration of other product lines. “As a small company, we have limited resources but we have an unlimited curiosity and are interested in finding what customers need,” Okray said. Prost said Herkules leaders continue to ask its talented employees to stretch their skill sets, and they continue succeeding. “We have a group of people here that can build just about anything,” he said. The business has customers across the U.S. and in Japan and Australia, and this summer Prost is traveling to Quebec to reach out to northern businesses that have expressed interest in Herkules’ products. And what will the next 30 years bring? “It will be fun to see,” Okray said. “Our leadership knows how to adapt to the changes in the marketplace. Who knows if we’ll even be making paint gun washers 30 years from now, but I know we will still be supporting the ones are making today.” Prost said the business is poised for whatever the future may bring. “We have a firm belief in providing customer service, and that we build a quality product and stand behind it,” he said. “It pays off.” Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen. 

herkules.usAmerica made in

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Feature Jay York

Hashtagging your way to social media relevance Those seemingly inconsequential hashtags are crucial to gaining more exposure for your brand Not so many years ago, many people probably paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know, the one that looks like this: #. Then along came Twitter and what we have come to call the “hashtag,” and social media marketing was changed forever. Yet not everyone takes advantage of hashtags the way they should, and that’s unfortunate because if you are not using hashtags you are missing out on exposure for you and your brand. When you are on social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram, your goal should be to become part of the conversation. The hashtag allows more people to find your contributions to that conversation. Without them, you miss out on lots of eyes that could be viewing your content. For example, let’s say 1,000 people follow you on Twitter. Not counting re-tweets, only 1,000 people will see your posts if you don’t use a hashtag. Add the hashtag, though, and you start picking up momentum because the post has the potential of being seen by, and re-tweeted by, any number of people. A common hashtag, such as #love, can position your post to be seen by potentially millions of people. But be warned. While there are great benefits to hashtags, there also are pitfalls. Hashtags don’t come with exclusivity.

Serving professionals in the



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August 2015

Anyone can use them, so a hashtag can become a weapon that works both for you and against you. Critics of your brand, or just the usual assortment of Internet trolls, may attempt to hijack your hashtag, putting you or your business in a bad light. A prime example of a hijacked hashtag happened a few years ago when McDonald’s, apparently hoping for a flattering conversation about the restaurant chain, introduced #McDStories on Twitter. #McDStories went viral, but not in a good way as the Twitter world had a field day tweeting unflattering tales of their alleged bad experiences with the restaurant. Don’t let such cautionary tales deter you, though. March boldly into hashtagging, but as you do keep in mind these suggestions for getting the most out of your efforts. • Use proprietary hashtags. One of the advantages to a proprietary hashtag, such as “Orange is the New Black’s” hashtag #OITNB, is that it is linked directly to your brand. These hashtags typically are not used as widely as a more generic hashtag, but the goal is to brand yourself through the hashtag with the hope it could go viral. • Don’t overdo it. A post littered with too many hashtags can be difficult to read, so your message might become obscured as your followers see what appears to be gibberish. Perhaps you saw the skit Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon once performed in which they spoofed the device’s overuse by lacing their spoken conversation with seemingly endless hashtags. It was hilarious and annoying all at the same time. Twitter itself suggests using no more than two hashtags per Tweet. Certainly, three should be the very maximum on Twitter. A different etiquette exists on Instagram, though, and most Instagram followers will tolerate excess hashtags. Meanwhile, although hashtags can be used on Facebook, there’s little reason to include even one. That’s not the way people use that social media site. • Think geographically. If you are a local company that depends mainly on local clientele, a hashtag that links to your location works well. Hashtags such as #Seattle or #Bangor drop you into numerous conversations about your hometown. Since social media has become such a vital element of any comprehensive marketing strategy, understanding all of the nuances is critical. A hashtag may not look like much, but it’s really a powerful tool that is a double-edged sword. If used correctly it can greatly bolster your marketing reach. Used incorrectly, it can have adverse effects or unintended consequences. With social media, your hashtag is your brand, so use it wisely. Jay York, senior digital marketing strategist for EMSI Public Relations (www., is an internet marketing expert with extensive experience in social media marketing dating back to the early days of MySpace and LiveJournal. Since graduating from the University of South Florida Business School, Jay has worked as marketing coordinator for an international IT training company; business development and branding manager for a startup restaurant management group; and CEO of his own social media management firm.

August 2015


New Products See more new products online at

Orbis introduces Bulktote with four-way fork truck entry ORBIS Corporation, an international manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and supply chain optimization, has introduced the BulkTote which is the first of its size to offer fork truck entry on all sides for easier handling and versatile line-side part delivery. This will allow companies to present double the amount of SKUs and reduce nearly half of all line-side space, driving efficiency and increased sustainability within their supply chain. Designed to hold up to 500 lbs, the BulkTote replaces wire baskets, steel tubs or wood/corrugated packaging with a fully reusable handling solution, and was built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications. The unique fork opening at the top of the container offers the ability to safely present the short side to the assembly line. With the 16" side facing the line, more containers can be fit on the line, resulting in efficient utilization of space and a safer environment for workers. Weighing just less than 30 pounds when empty, the BulkTote is also easy to handle manually. Its unique stacking ridge allows for secure nesting when stacking and unlike wire baskets, the BulkTote’s all-plastic, smooth interior design will not rust or damage parts and is cleanable.

Toyota launches three-wheel electric forklift Toyota Industrial Equipment launched its new three-wheel electric forklift to Toyota’s dealer network in Atlanta last month. The new forklifts include 3,000 – 4,000 lb. capacity models with battery compartments ranging from 17.7" to 25.1", and more than 30 improvements to improve performance, efficiency, stability and operator comfort. Toyota’s new three-wheel electric forklift boasts improved run times, increased travel and lift speeds. The new model comes equipped with wet disc brakes to increase overall uptime and dependability, and features a new turn speed control system to increase the forklifts lateral stability by dramatically slowing it down when an operator attempts to turn at high speeds. Ergonomic improvements include a smaller steering wheel and foot parking brake to enhance operability, a full suspension seat adjustable for various weights for operator comfort, and a popular optional rear assist grip with horn to make reverse travel more comfortable, improve peripheral vision and keep the operator’s hands protected within the compartment.


August 2015

New floor stands from Quantum With the use of Floor Stands, Quantum Storage Systems now has nine pre-configured units using their Tip Out Bin System. The Floor Stands allow the Tip Out bins to stack on top of one another to make a perfect small parts storage system. The floor stand is equipped to add casters to make the unit mobile. The polystyrene cabinet has a clear bin cup which allows products within to be easily identified.

New 20-gallon Tank Trap™ The 20-gallon Tank Trap™ is newest addition to the Andax line of portable containment pools. Engineered to be an affordable single-use option for emergency spills and leaks from vehicles with low ground clearance. Ready-to-use in 3 seconds—perfect for lift trucks, accidents and equipment leaks. The Tank Trap™ will contain up to 20 gallons. Drive right over the sidewalls and it immediately pops back up. Stored size is 16" x 18" x 7" and stows easily and is completely portable. Additional sizes available in 50, 100 and 150 gallons.

“C” Frame mother carts provide flexibility Kinetic Technologies, Inc. has introduced a “C” frame corral style mother cart that can move one daughter cart totaling up to 800 lbs. 50" x 50" daughter carts are manually pushed into the mother frame and secured with two frame mounted flip down locks. Daughter carts have four 8" x 2" polyurethane swivel wheels which allow positioning in tight line side areas. Mother cart has extra weight in the frame to provide secure, skid-free tracking when connected in trains. Mother cart features two 6" x 2" swivels and two double 6" x 2" rigid low-noise polyurethane wheels, self-stowing eyelet towbar with clevis and pin hitch. Daughter cart has HD floor lock, fourbend removable handle. Mother and daughter have powder paint finish, two year limited warranty.

New Products

Pallet truck attachment improves ergonomics of order picking The PalletPal Walkie from Southworth Products mounts to any standard electric walkie or walkie/ rider pallet truck to make order picking faster, safer, and easier. Built on the proven design of PalletPal Level Loaders, the PalletPal Walkie uses a calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed. The top layer of the load is always at a comfortable, convenient working height allowing employees to load or offload items with no bending, stretching, or awkward posture. No tools are required to mount the PalletPal Walkie on a pallet truck. The specially designed reinforced baseframe has generous flared openings at the end of each fork channel to receive the forks of all standard electric walkies for easy pickup and drop off without binding. Once loaded onto the pallet truck the PalletPal walkie is ready for use with no adjustments or modifications. Whether under load or empty, PalletPal Walkie will not slip on the pallet truck forks.

Larson Electronics releases new power distribution system Longtime leading supplier of explosion proof and industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronicsannounced the release of a 30 KVA power distribution panel system that converts three phase 480 volts AC to single phase 120 and 240 volts AC. The MGS30KVA-6X120-2X240 power distribution system from Larson Electronics provides a safe and effective way for operators in industrial settings to tap into and utilize power sources independently of the work area. This unit is designed to operate with 480 volts AC three phase which then steps down to 120 volts AC single phase and 240 volts AC three phase. This transformer makes 120 volts available via six outlets and 240 volts available via two outlets. Unlike many portable power distribution boxes made of plastic and utilizing thin gauge, low grade metals in their construction, this unit is designed and ruggedly constructed to withstand demanding conditions and heavy duty industrial applications. The transformer is mounted to a 1⁄8" thick diamond plate and the distribution assembly is mounted onto a rugged 2" square steel frame with rectangular carbon steel skid pockets and a top mounted eyelet to allow easy transport.

Sovella expands TP basic four-legged bench line Sovella Inc has recently expanded its bench offering, introducing a new basic 4-legged TP workstation. This ergonomic, modular system, developed over more than 35 years, provides a high quality working environment. The TP style bench is height adjustable with an allen-key between 26.6" and 35.4", reducing fatigue on workers. A

one inch thick laminated particle board work surface is included. With a load capacity of 660 lbs, the TP station’s superior durability will provide decades of robust use. Sovella® TP basic 4-legged benches are standard benches that are suitable for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted with accessories. Casters can be added for a mobile solution. Frame is made of grey epoxy powder-coated steel. ESD options are available. Standard sizes include 30" and 36" depths, and 48", 60", and 72" widths.

Janam announces new handheld RFID reader Janam Technologies LLC, provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, announced the launch of its XM2-RFID UHF mobile computer. With best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy, the XM2-RFID UHF is ergonomically designed to deliver businesscritical enterprise features to organizations in multiple industries, including retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and defense. The new XM2-RFID UHF fits in the palm of the hand and is optimized to meet the real-world challenges of businesses and government organizations around the world. Weighing only 13 ounces, this high-performance handheld mobile computer reads ISO1800063, EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 tags and is field-proven to complete more than 40,000 tag reads on one battery charge. The XM2-RFID UHF includes Zebra’s SE4500 2D imager for robust decoding of the hardest-to-read barcodes—ultimately reducing the complexity and number of devices organizations need to deploy. It also comes equipped with a brilliant 3.2-inch color display and support for Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system.

Columbus McKinnon expands extensive rigging offering In January 2015, Columbus McKinnon acquired Stahlhammer Bommern GmbH (STB), manufacturer of lifting tools and forged parts designed to withstand heavy static and dynamic loads. Now available to the North American market under the name CM Heavy-Duty Crane Hooks, this offering combines Columbus McKinnon’s more than 140 years of material handling experience with over a century of rigging manufacturing expertise from STB. “When it comes to heavy-duty crane hooks, we bring something unique to the market, and we are excited to share these products with our customers,” said Steve Vitello, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, CMCO Hoist and Rigging – North America. “Through a unique combination of open-die and drop forging, machining and tool-making capabilities, we are able to turn pre-formed steel billets into finished, geometrically complex products quickly and efficiently, while ensuring the highest levels of quality and availability,” said Tim Lewis, Business Development Manager.

August 2015


New Products

2D laser scanner ensures indoor and outdoor detection


SICK, announced the launch of the TiM351 2D laser scanner for outdoorrated detection applications. Using timeof-flight measurement technology, the TiM351 can determine the presence or absence of an object within a userdefined configuration field. One of the smallest laser scanners on the market, the TiM351 is just 60 x 60 x 86 mm in size, making it easy to install in tight environments. It includes 16 preconfigured field sets — each with three fields — for a total of 48 easily adjustable fields, making it ideal for anti-collision and presence detection applications. With a 10-meter scanning range (8 meters on black), the TiM351 reduces hardware costs since a single scanner can be used to monitor a larger area. The IP 67-rated TiM351 incorporates High Definition Distance Measurement (HDDM) technology to provide reliable detection capabilities regardless of ambient light. This technology uses a lower power pulse, reducing the scanner size and power requirements. Its small size, rugged housing and low power consumption of 3 W make the TiM351 particularly ideal for use in a wide range of warehouse, building security, robotics, industrial vehicle, ports, and building automation environments with temperatures from -25° C to 50° C.

PACE-One G2 Top Speed Limiter PACE-One ZSC Zone Speed Control With Multiple Speed Settings

Dot-Lok G2 Transmission Shift Inhibitor Traction Control Plug & Play Installation


Safety Systems & Controls, Inc. 800/318-2022

75 Years of Options The Thork-Lift When We Brought The Thork-Lift to the US in 1987 We Redefined the Material Handling Industry • Ergonomic Working Height for Your Workforce • Multiple Fork Widths and Lengths Available • 60” and 79” Fork Lengths are Standard Options • Available in Manual and Electric • Capacity 3,300 lbs • Quick Ship Item

Tel. (888) 345 1270 Email: 50 halfpage_Material_Handling_Wholesaler.indd


August 2015

1940 - 2015

Interthor parent company

04-06-2015 11:01:44


Capacity: 3,000 lbs. - 180,000 lbs.

Combi SC - Straddle Carrier Range

Customized for long & awkward loads

Combi Walkie Reach Truck Range

Stack Containers

• 77,000 lbs. – 180,000 lbs. Capacity • Handles container sizes of 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’ • Narrow aisles for maximum Storage • Offers excellent 360˚ visibility from driver position • Can travel in / out of warehouses • Eliminates waiting trailers • Safer stuffing/destuffing at ground level • 2-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive with 2-Wheel Steer • Front and Rear independent sideshift

• Works in an aisle-width of 84" pallet to pallet • A 4-Way option available Low ground pressure when fully loaded

• Patented Multi Position Tiller

Reducing Costs ... Increasing Space • Dramatically Reduces working aisle widths • Increases Storage by up to 50% • Works both inside & out • Does the work of both reach & counterbalance forklifts • Electric & LPG Powered Models • Lift capacities of up to 4,400 lbs. • Lift Height up to 49 ft. Combilift USA, 303 Concord Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406 : Tel: 1-877-COMBI-56 |

August 2015


New Products

Fairbanks Scales announces precise new thermal label printer

New Vidmar® Tower Vertical Storage provides organization and control

Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announces the release of the new PM43 Direct Thermal Label Printer. The PM43, an industrial, mid-range, direct thermal and thermal transfer label, ticket and tag printer, is ideal for applications within distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and transportation environments. The PM43 features a durable, metal construction, making it ideal to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs in harsh environments. This printer features a large, color, multi-lingual, tamper-proof touch screen user interface, and a built-in web interface to ensure easy device monitoring. This new printer’s Precision Print feature allows for accurate printing of small bar codes and images without media adjustments, making printing more efficient. The PM43 is the only CCX certified fixed printer with standard IPv6 implementation. Additionally, the PM43 is a USB printer, and features the most connectivity options on the market, including wireless.

The Vidmar Tower vertical storage and retrieval system (AS/ RS) is the ultimate high-density storage solution, designed to take advantage of every available inch of floor space and capable of being built up to 46 feet high with unlimited custom drawer configurations. The tower series ensures maximum operator efficiency with optional dualdelivery continuous pick feature and a choice of ergonomic picking bay designs and drawer access setup. Easy-use touchscreen operation and flexible management software improves efficiency and allows the management of up to 132,000 lbs. of material from one convenient console. Customers can choose from a variety of security options including automatic doors and password/barcode access.

More New Products available on

Portable Storage Racks Dealer’s Choice • • • •

Enhances warehouse/factory efficiency Stacks 4-5 high, nests empty Use air space Full visual control for inventory and handling

Toll Free: 888-288-9078

Fax: 314-381-5908 e-mail: web address: 52

August 2015

We Handle It All! Setting the Standard in Material Handling Equipment

As World-Class Designers & Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment, We Offer:


This one-of-a-kind was just what the customer ordered!

Superior Workmanship • Customized Designs • Competitive Pricing GENERAL PURPOSE TRAILERS Single end fifth wheel, front automotive or all wheel steering capabilities. Our equipment is of heavy duty, all welded steel construction capable of withstanding the roughest punishment.



Our heavy-duty transporters come equipped with maintenance free battery and charger, pendant control, electromechanical drive and steer with laser scan bumpers as an option. We can build to your specifications or ask about our standard models.

Some material handling jobs are so unique that only customized specialty trailers can be used efficiently. We can design and build any size or capacity from the "ground up" the exact trailer to fit your special needs.


Give us your specs, chances are we built a similar unit before and with minor modifications, get you what you need.


Can double or even triple your forklift's capacity.Plus they are extremely maneuverable.



AGV Transporters are capable of fully automatic operation within your plant and are designed to meet your specifications. These high capacity AGV Transporters are equipped with a multitude of performance and safety features.

Our patented PHILLIPS Auto-Dump Bucket will increase efficiency and reduce the cost of handling almost any loose industrial material. Our buckets are available from 1/2 - 20 cubic yards. All operations are handled by the craneman. It cannot be dumped in mid-air or dumped accidentally.

PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Part of the Industrial Sales Group of Irwin Car and Equipment

CHARGING ATTACHMENTS All PHILLIPS Charging Attachments have available quick disconnect hydraulic couplings bolted to the apron. Heat resistant modifications are done to any model of forklift for your safety.


T: 724-864-8900 F: 724-864-8909 Email: Dave Felt at

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3/2/15 August 2015

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For a direct link to these websites, visit and click on the corresponding display ad under the category you are browsing.

E Allied Products E Attachments & Access. E Auctions E Automated Storage Systems E Automatic Identification Equip. E Batteries/Chargers E Container Storage E Controls & Information Handling Systems E Conveyors E Customer Fabricators E Drug Testing Compliance

E Dock Equipment E Drum Handlers E Electrical/Electronic Controls E Engines E Finance Companies E Fluid Power Equipment E Insurance Companies E Inventory & Production Control Systems E Inventory And Bar Coding E Lift Tables E LP Gas Distributors


E Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment E Non-Powered Floor Equipment & Access. E Other E Overhead Lifting Equipment & Access. E Packing And Equipment E Pallet Jacks E Plant Facilities Equipment E Parts E Plant Yard Equipment

E Powered Industrial Trucks E Rack/Shelving E Rentals E Repair Services E Robots, Automated Equipment E Safety Products E Seats E Storage Equipment E Sweepers Scrubbers & Brushes E Tires/Wheels E Training Education/Assoc. E Transportation & Hauling Equipment E Warehouse Management



Sentinel has the right convex mirror for you.

Campus Crafts

160 Murray St., Rochester, NY 14606 1-(800) 733-6780

(800) 255-4109

E ATTACHMENTS / ACCESSORIES • Pallet Truck Modifications • Turret Mast Attachment • Mechanical Attachments • Special Design Request and Much Much More...

E Forks


E CONTAINER STORAGE E Container Options •

119 Sizes

Specials Available Chicago & CA Stock

Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962)

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:


Over 35 years experience of manufacturing & distributing quality loading dock equipment. (800) 255-4109

PH: 800.251.3382 Fax: 931.486.0316

E AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION EQUIPMENT Barcoding solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing. Improve productivity, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve service. Helping Customers Operate Better


August 2015


Flight Systems Industrial Products Remanufactured Controls


• Partnered With Many Leading OEMs • ISO Certified For Quality Management • Serving The Industry For Over 40 Years • 1-800-333-1194

E Manufacturer/Suppliers (Rebuilt)



Reman Engines/Gas, LP & CNG

Engines, Cylinder Heads, Parts


Reman Engines, Transmissions, Drive Units, Steer Axles & Differentials


E Pallet Truck Parts

1-816-796-7676 800-896-7676 •

(800) 255-4109 E LIFT TABLES E Steer Assembly (Reman) (800) 255-4109 800-447-3967

Steer Axles


E Tires/Wheels EZ-Lift Quality Scales and Scissorlifts too Chicago & CA Stock

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:





690 Chase Ave., Elk Grove, Illinois 60007 Phone: 847-956-1300 • Fax: 847-956-1339 • 800-323-6052

Website: • E-mail:


E PARTS E Cylinders–Hydraulic

Hader Industries 262-641-8000

15600 W Lincoln Ave, P.O. Box 510260 New Berlin, WI 53151-0260 We also carry pumps, power steering units & valves.

E Emissions Analyzer

800 Trucks In Stock

All Makes and Models Chicago and California Stock

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:

E RACK / SHELVING (800) 255-4109 E Manufacturer/Suppliers (New)

Dealer Only Quick Ship Pallet Rack

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks • Specialty Transport & Storage Products

(800) 255-4109


August 2015




• • •

Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962)

Corrugated Steel Rack Deck Punch Deck ® • Solid Deck Economical • Strong • Easy Install • Fast Delivery Painted • Galvanized • Stainless Steel








690 Chase Ave., Elk Grove, Illinois 60007 Phone: 847-956-1300 • Fax: 847-956-1339 • 800-323-6052

Website: • E-mail: Lift Up Your Business

✷Industrial Pneumatics-Radial & Cross-Ply ✷Super Elastic Resilient ✷Press-On Bands ✷Multi-Purpose Tires (MPT) 877-235-0102

Industrial Tire

E REPAIR SERVICES E Motors (Electric) the solution to all your Electric Lift Truck Motor needs. New • Rebuilt • Exchange • Motors • Armatures • Parts 8 Locations Coast to Coast 800-435-9346

E Transmissions




Reman Transmissions, Drive Units, Differentials & Torque Converters

Experience the benefits of a full-time After Market Consultant at a fraction of the cost. (803) 548-6707 • Email:



Phone: 508.991.6660


Sentinel has the right convex mirror for you.

Campus Crafts

Fax: 508.991.7330 • •

160 Murray St., Rochester, NY 14606 1-(800) 733-6780 (800) 255-4109 E STORAGE EQUIPMENT E Carts • • •

Wholesaler offers a wide variety of advertising options to help companies get noticed. Contact us for more information.

Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962) 56

August 2015

877.638.6190 |





RTED PRESO Matter Printed GE




PFI Marke


For Indust



ts Street 70th 770 South14770 P.O. Box ee, WI 53214 8-4430 Milwauk


PH: 800-54 6-6608 FX: 800-33








be sure Please you. s for resale. 30. Thank supplie 48-44 ent and us at 800-5 se equipm contact purcha ! ny to reseller, please a THE SHOW your compa within or are no longer US AT out: FIND eople Check by salesp s corrections, tsForI g is used addres roduc catalo help with www.P : This need ROOM ates, N MAIL ng duplic NTIO receivi ATTE it. If you’re receive



se while collap closes will not pin, iners hinge cals, conta metal re, chemi lly filled with solid lid nts. Partia ed lid, impact, moistu es flip conte $ . Attach SALE • Includ fication of tion from ouses ® wareh 22.00 ct protec and nest visual identi s, and produ 23.90 $ • Stack ts easy trucks, trailer maximum Reg. 32.00 permi in efin 34.00 polyol construction pallets and uction offersSTOCK. olded e on 36.10 constr USA. IN r ion-m opylen space polyolefin Numbe in 47.90 polypr optimize • Inject Stock 00-T lded ing. Made to rough 61005 00-T See-th Designed injection-momanufactur 61006 00-T h d. Cu. Ft. trengt stacke for lean 61007 Cap. . High-s priate 1.4 tightly etc. Appro 1.8 , LxWxH " vermin 3.2 /

ucent Transl

Totes FliPak



Bins & C

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s & Lo

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Material Handling Material Handling Material Handling Material Handling Material & & Handling &Handling Material Material Handling Material Handling &Storage & Storage Equipment Equipment Storage Equipment Shop Equipment Shop Equipment & Carts& Carts Shop Equipment Trucks & Trucks Carts Trucks & & & Storage EquipmentStorage Equipment Shop Equipment Trucks & Carts Shop Equipment Trucks & Carts Storage Equipment Storage Equipment Storage Equipment Shop Equipment Trucks &Trucks Carts & Carts Shop Equipment

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Trucks & Carts

not collapse while while lcloses hinge pin, closes will chemicals, not collapse while ure, als, metal hinge pin, closes while not collapse while moisture, chemicals, oses SALE $ closes l hinge pin, s, ure, 22.00 chemicals,

2015 20152015

Handling Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety HandlingHandling Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety Handling Equipment Handling Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety HandlingHandling Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental & Safety& Safety Handling Equipment Warehouse Equipment Environmental

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20152015 2015

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Download your catalog order forms at P 800.548.4430

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August 2015


Xtender Battery Regenerator Analyze • Desulfate • Restore • Maintain Save $$$ On Battery Purchases! Restore Old Batteries/Extend Battery Life

• Automated Discharge & Restore • Solutions For Full Range of Battery Specifications • Simple Touch Screen Programming • Generates Capacity Reports • Monitor Process Remotely • Optional Cell Monitoring Sensors Available • Software & Training Included


Flight Systems Industrial Products 1-800-333-1194 •

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JH THOMAS INDUSTRIES LTD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

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MOR-VALUE PARTS COMPANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

FLIGHT SYSTEMS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS (FSIP) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58, INSERT

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SAFETY SYSTEMS & CONTROLS INC.. . . . . . . . . 48 SHOPPA'S MATERIAL HANDLING . . . . . . . . . . . 43 SPRINKGUARD, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 STELLANA U.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

UNIRAK STORAGE SYSTEMS . . . . . . . . . . . .INSERT WEST POINT RACK, INC. . . . . . . . . . . . .29, INSERT WILDECK INC.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 WY'EAST PRODUCTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 XTRA POWER BATTERIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . .INSERT

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There’s a new rack in town…


Tri-Boro Rack & Storage Products | THE SOURCE

800.633.3070 |

Anything to get it anywhere.

Material Handling Wholesaler August 2015  
Material Handling Wholesaler August 2015