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February 2015


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Fork Carriage Tilt (instead of mast tilt) For higher derated capacity and safe handling at high lift heights

• In lengthwise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can quickly transport long material through narrow doors and aisles. • In crosswise drive, the HUBTEX DQ series can be used as conventional frontloader.

Capacities from 3,300 to 22,000 lbs

Solid and Robust Lifting Masts

• Circle drive enables a fast turning of the truck.

Proportional Valve Technology

With high capacities and extended load centers


!nfinitely variable variable and and smooth smooth Infinitely operation of all lifting mast functions

Sensitive Single Levers For operation of all mast functions

Diesel/LPG Engine Options With the latest Tier ratings

• Up to 60% faster changeover from longitudinal to crosswise operation compared to competitive steering systems. Saves time, saves money. • Up to 30% smaller turning radius by means of the load wheels. Saves space, saves money. (available for the 3049, 3051 and 3052 series)

Indoor and Outdoor Application For combined or pure outdoor use

Fourway Technology Allows lengthwise, crosswise and circle drive

3 in 1

Hydrostatic All-Wheel Drive

Frontloader, Sideloader and Fourway Sideloader

Ensures optimal traction on gradients and in all weather

As the exclusive distributor of Hubtex sideloaders in North America, Design Storage & Handling, Inc. offers a dedicated team of sideloader experts to tailor any model of the world’s largest and most complete range of long load handling equipment to your specific application. Our nationwide support team is backed by the single largest sideloader replacement parts inventory not just in North America, but anywhere in the world!


olesalerDSH3050.3.13.indd 1

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February 2015 • Vol. 36 No. 2


Bottom Line


Human Element

Garry Bartecki

Time to move ahead Peter Smith, Caliper Corp.

Does hiring salespeople have to be an uphill battle?

Photo credit Rite-Hite Machine Guarding

Cover Story 4

Mary Glindinning

Columns 8



Sales Trends

Eight ways to identify new suspects

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Your Business Eileen Schmidt


Dave Kahle

Standard-Knapp celebrates 120 years

Industry News

Safety & efficiency trend 2015

John Walker

Let’s get proactive!

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February 2015


Cover Story Mary Glindinning

Safety & efficiency trend 2015 The industry that moves products where they need to go is moving itself – toward more automation. Automation will be a major trend this year, industry experts said, and will help move products more safely and efficiently. Eric Esson, national sales and marketing manager at Rite-Hite Machine Guarding, said robotics drive the trend. “It seems every day we are seeing greater use of automation (robotics) being used in all industries. What was once a manual process is now being done by robots: welding, material handling, storage and retrieval of parts, conveyors and the list goes on,” Esson said. New products enhance safety, productivity and efficiency in the use of manufacturing floor space, he said. “New products are being developed based on customer needs, changing regulations and the introduction of new technology in new/different processes. With new processes and manufacturing methods comes new tertiary products to make those processes operate more safely and efficiently. We may be in a situation where we are introducing a safeguarding device where one did not previously exist. We may be replacing an old or outdated safety device. Either way, we are aiding the worker in their job performance by increasing safety, aiding in productivity or helping enhance lean manufacturing principles.” Customers want solutions that increase process efficiency, said Tim Ryan, president of Rhino Rubber. It is a great opportunity for Rhino, and good for customers’ bottom line, he said. New products help workers “become more efficient every day,” Ryan said. Most new products are related to automation, he said.

Ron Mileham, managing director of the King Group Australia, said automation is a driver, especially for larger companies. “For smaller companies, materials handling products that make work easier and/or solve a problem, are often cheaper than insurance or costs to fix the result of an accident. The challenge is to make owners pro-active, rather than be re-active,” Mileham said. “It is a time for reflection about where products should be produced. China is certainly the place for volume production, but Vietnam is around half the cost, and the Philippines and other countries are close contenders, so the high volume products will always shift around to the lowest cost base,” Mileham said. “Mature countries must concentrate on bringing home those marginal products. Concentrate on making superior products. Embrace their technological prowess. Show with pride the products that they excel in, and most importantly, bring jobs back home, and continue to train tomorrow’s game changers.” New products that work well “bring a sense of pride and ownership to the operator. It also shows that the company cares enough to invest in aids to help them do their job better. It will often increase productivity and safety, but most times it helps ease the work load,” Mileham said. Comfort, conservation and convenience are assets in new products. “Two main factors primarily drive our product introductions: A direct relationship with our customer, which gives us invaluable input, and our close attention to the unsolved Photo credit Rite-Hite Machine Guarding


February 2015

8 Used 1995 Caterpillar V900CH Container Handler Engine:

Caterpillar C9 diesel engine, 275 HP turbo charged with diesel injections.

2011 Updates:

New Cat C9 diesel engine, cooling and hydraulic systems.


Four speed Caterpillar power shift planetary with automatic features.

Kessler off-highway truck axle with cast Drive Axles: differential housing and hardened full floating axle shafts. Tires:

Front standard dual 18.00-33 28PR/Steer 18.00 -25 28PR.

Electrical: 24 volt electrical system. Steer Axle:

Trunion mounted w/double action steer cylinder.

Hydraulics: Joy stick control. Mast: Four high Spreader: 20’ x 40’ Warranty: As is FOB: Port of Charleston Condition: Good High visibility cab w/ air conditioning, lift lockout, 106 gallon fuel tank, updated Options Included: hydraulic system, expanded metal doors, light package, fixed twist locks

Sell price $115,000 each

Jackie Thompson, Senior Account Manager/Port Products Specialist 1002 Bankton Circle, Hanahan, SC 29410 843.747.8191 ext. #6205 (Direct Line) | 843.747.5092 (Fax) | 843.870.4378 (Cell)

Raleigh, NC 800.447.3125

Hope Mills, NC 800.362.7278

Mebane, NC 800.447.3119

Florence, SC 800.868.8896

Richmond, VA 800.970.4228

Washington, NC 800.645.7278

Wilmington, NC 800.641.7278

Charleston, SC 800.868.8191

Chesapeake, VA 800.974.4228

Roanoke, VA 540.265.5757

February 2015


Cover Story or sometimes unnoticed problems in the space,” said Alex Reed, director of consumer products at Big Ass Solutions. “Convenience is important to us, so we won’t compromise on user experience. That said, not every customer can afford or wants to operate a robust building automation system. Offering controls that ease the burden on our customers is at the forefront of consideration with all of our products,” Reed said. Comfort helps workers focus, whether in a plant or office job, and feel valued. “Products that improve thermal comfort while protecting a business’ bottom line are no-brainers for our customers,” Reed said. Along with efficiency, Sandra Gunthorpe, product sales manager for Flight Systems Industrial Products, sees consideration of eco-friendly products and techniques, and innovation as driving new product introduction. “We try to find new products that require minimal effort to install or use,” Gunthorpe said. Recover, regenerate and reuse are watchwords, she said. “I think the trend in the US towards eco-friendly products is driven by both long-term cost saving and an effort to take care of the environment,” Gunthorpe said. John Rosenberger, manager at iWAREHOUSE® Gateway and global telematics for The Raymond Corporation said 2015 will be the year of “the introduction of big data.” Sensors already on lift trucks can be used to improve the efficiency of the labor force, the largest expense in a warehouse, he said. Labor amounts to 70 percent of warehouse costs, and lift trucks come in at 11 per cent. With razor thin margins, savings on labor can pay off. Time

clocks show when an employee arrives for a shift. So if a driver doesn’t actually use a lift truck for another half-hour, it’s fair to ask why. “Is it because they come in one end of the warehouse and have to walk across the warehouse to get where the trucks are charging? Then put a door and locker room on that side of the building,” Rosenberger said. Or if a driver has several impacts, it might be time to have a drug test. Companies can track when a truck is in motion, when the weight goes up by 100 pounds with one pick-up, and more weight with another pick-up. Collecting the data is important, but understanding what it means is even more important. “Without analysis, it’s just numbers on a sheet.” He said companies might hire consultants or part-time people to decipher the data, just as they hire accountants to do their taxes. As they become more familiar with the process, they might be able to do their own analysis. The data is collected automatically. “I’m getting data right off the truck, which means I don’t have to have an industrial engineer come in with a stop watch” to track efficiency, he said. Deliver the data collected to the right device, he said. “You can’t look at charts and graphs on a smart phone.” “We want data more real time,” Rosenberger said. “Other industries have adopted this, and it’s coming to our warehouses as well.” Mary Glindinning is a freelance writer who has worked at daily and weekly newspapers for more than 20 years. She lives in rural Shullsburg, Wis. E-mail to contact Mary.


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SPE • Delta-Q • Zivan • Signet • Lester • DPI • ElCon • PowerDrive • Yamaha • Powerwise & More


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February 2015

Put a Pencil to Us

Reduce your operating costs with wheels that last longer than the competition. Thombert is the most requested brand by warehouse managers nationwide. Guaranteed life and lower costs! Test our polyurethane wheels and tires against your current brand. Calculate your total cost per hour, and if Thombert is not lower, you get your money back. Thombert is the only company with the performance guarantee that keeps the competition up at night while you get a good night’s rest. It’s that simple.

The Lowest Cost

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February 2015


Aftermarket John R. Walker

Let’s get proactive! Truly professional sales people would never consider entering the market place without a thorough knowledge and understanding of their competition. Should it be anything less for the professional parts manager, service manager or aftermarket service sales representative? How proactive are we in marketing our dealerships product support services? Surveys continue (year after year) to point out that the customers’ major equipment buying consideration are parts availability and having the service job completed right and on time. Other considerations fade in the light of these two buying considerations. We urge managers to return to the basics. If availability is extremely important to the customer, why not promote the fact that you have in excess of one million dollars in parts on your shelf and that your manufacturer supplies over-night delivery on most all un-stocked parts. If doing the service job right and on time is so important, explain to your customers your service response time and labor guarantees on a regular basis and particularly at the time of the sale. Let the customer know that you want the customer’s service business and why. Pick out a list of your top customers, visit them and ask questions such as: What do you like most about doing business with our dealership, why do you use our service department, why do you buy parts from our dealership?

Recognize that in most cases a customer does not need your dealership’s aftermarket service after the sale! There are enough competitors in any market to satisfy your customers’ needs and requirements. Recognition of this fact alone will encourage you to become proactive in your aftermarket research. In both today’s market and in future markets, customers have a CHOICE. A choice as to where they purchase their parts and service! Following are four basics to consider when assessing your dealership’s parts and service competition. We strongly recommend that aftermarket managers begin to initiate market research of their competition and stop assuming that what they hear is the true competitive story. Make a promise to yourself that in 2015 your dealership will market the value-added services your dealership has to offer in the area of product support.

1. What is the competition’s true pricing structure? In parts, all too often we hear that the customer receives a discount from the competition. We immediately back away, when what we really need to determine is: What did the customer actually pay for the part and in what quantities did he have to buy to receive the discount? Many times you will be surprised to find that your actual price is lower than the discounted price. You may also be surprised to discover the customer had to wait for the discounted price while you had immediate availability.

The Future in Motion Trusted since 1871 Continental unlocks the Lowest Cost of Ownership Solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. German Engineering: The key to your success!

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February 2015

There’s More To An EPS Reman Engine Than Meets The Eye. With EPS, you get the complete package.

One year warranty that we stand behind

Solid reputation in the industry for quality and integrity

Convenient, round trip freight, including prepaid, discounted outbound and return shipping

Knowledgeable application experts who can help you

Outstanding quality control – we do everything in-house

Large inventory of engines in stock ready to ship

Most major brands of remanufactured engines in stock including CAT, Chrysler, Continental, Cummins (B & C series), Deutz, Ford, GM, Hercules, Kubota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perkins, Toyota, Waukesha and Yanmar. Factory-authorized remanufacturer for Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Stanadyne and Zexel fuel systems. When it comes to remanufactured engines and parts, sometimes what you don’t see is just as important as what you do. At EPS, we’re absolutely committed to delivering the best quality reman engines and parts available anywhere. At the same time, we also want to make it easy for you to get what you need as quickly as possible, so you can get back to work. That’s why we provide so many “extras” that are all part of the deal when you do business with us.

³ More than 500 remanufactured engines in stock, ready to ship. ³ A wide array of reman parts, pumps and injectors, and overhaul kits. ³ More than 35 years in business – one of the industry’s oldest, largest and most reliable suppliers. Call us for expert advice!

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Cores Wanted

February 2015


Aftermarket In service, you may learn that your labor rate is ten/twenty dollars higher than the competition ($60.00 vs. $80.00). Pretty hard to explain, unless your market research discovers that your competition requires three hours to do a job which only requires one hour in your shop. This is one reason why we advocate the establishment of “flat rates” in the equipment dealer’s shop.

2. W  hat is your competition’s marketing philosophy? Again in parts, customers are concerned with availability and one-stop-shopping. Competitors in parts marketing are basically interested in fast, high turn parts. You as a major supplier are in a position to supply all of the parts for the equipment you sell ... you are the one stop, single source supplier for your customers, with parts on the shelf and/or you have overnight delivery on un-stocked items the customer requires. Don’t hesitate to market and mention your parts warranty, dealership parts policies, or whatever sales tool you have to effectively mention your dealership’s advantage in marketing parts. In service, we have seldom met a dealer who did not guarantee his shop’s work. So why not market this guarantee? You might well find in your market research that your competition does not offer the same guarantee. We encourage you to exploit this particular issue. Check out your percentage of re-do work your dealership performs. If it is below one percent (as are most dealerships) let the customer know just how good you are at doing the job right, the first time and on time.

ew a n of e r a ad tor We tribu ® thre dis ERT stem E-S al sy TIM new re

3. W  hat is the quality of your competition’s parts and service? In parts, we recognize that many vendors to your OEM also supply parts to independent parts distributors. We also recognize that this represents (generally) a product of equal quality. When this happens, it is imperative that you develop a marketing strategy devoted to backing up your dealership’s and your manufacturer’s sale of those particular parts. The words genuine and/or authorized carry little weight with the sophisticated customer today unless, you as a professional, market the advantages of buying from your dealership versus the independent distributor. In service, we have already mentioned the marketing of your guaranteed labor. In marketing the quality of your labor, we need to go a bit further. In your service market research, the manager needs to evaluate the product models most frequently serviced by the competition. The competition may do a good job of servicing your 1960/1980 equipment, but if your customers are now buying the latest models with computerized controls ... how well will your competition perform with these new units? Next, the professional service manager will evaluate the principal repairs the competition is most able to perform. The competition may do a super job on brake repairs, but is not qualified to do an overhaul that the customer requires. Again, your shop is the one-stop service center for your customers. Basic, yes, but something around which to build a solid marketing strategy.

We make engines our business, see the difference


GRINDSTAFF Engines Inc. engines

new cylinder head with valves IN STOCK! Mitsubishi – Models 4G54, 4G63, 4G64 Mazda – Model FE & F2 GM – Model 153 & 181 and 2.2 & 2.4 Nissan – H20-II, H25, Z24, K21, K25 and TB42 Toyota – 4Y Volkswagon – 1.9 Diesel

✓ Professional Staff ready to help answer questions, fast quoting service and the know-how to get the job done right the first time. ✓ Pre-arranged freight discounts.

many engines in stock for immediate shipping

✓ ALL engines are “hot run” tested assuring a quality product when it leaves our facility. ✓ Centrally located in the Midwest for convenient shipping.

Perkins • Continental • GMC • Cummins • Hercules/White • Chrysler • IHC • Waukesha • Mitsubishi • Peugeot • Nissan • Wisconsin • Toyota • Mazda • Ford • Allis-Chalmers

new • rebuilt • exchange

NEW & IN STOCK NOW! TB45 Nissan engine assemblies

1041 S. Vista Ave. • Independence, MO 64056 Call Rick or Dedee • Toll-Free: 800.896.7676 • Phone: 816.796.7676 Fax: 816. 796.6053 E-mail: • 10

February 2015


We Accept:


Equipment, Inc.

440-232-1422 Akron | Cleveland, OH 44146


Over 35 years of satisfied customers!

We specialize in dependable reconditioned We specialize in dependable reconditioned BATTERIES AND CHARGERS batteries & chargers to calibrated to factory specs bycalibrated our certified factory specs technical staff. by our certified technical staff.

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Not just used chargers, but used ◆ AppliedThe EnergyARCON Difference chargers that are tested, calibrated, Solutions Not just used chargers, but used chargers that are tested, and set match AC input voltage ◆calibrated, C&D and set to match theto AC input the voltage you specify. you specify. Working & ready for use! Working & ready for use! ◆ and more!



CONFIDENTIAL DISTRIBUTOR PRICING English Kit OR Spanish Kit $149.00 ($299.00 retail) / Spanish Combo Kit $249.00 ($399.00 retail) KitEnglish OR Spanish Kit $149.00* ($299.00 Additional Operator Handbooks, Authorization Cards, Certificates $49.00/pkg ($49.00 retail)

English retail) (25 per package) English - Kit Spanish - OR English/Spanish Combo English / Spanish Combo $249.00* ($399.00 retail) AVAILABLE Additional *DVD Operator Handbooks, Authorization Cards $49.00/pkg ($49.00 retail) Certificates (25 per package) English - Spanish - OR English/Spanish Combo Plus Shipping and Handling

These COMPLETE 2-Hour OSHA Compliant Training Kits Include: *Distributor pricing applies to qualifi ed forklift dealers and large quantity discounts • Instructors Training Manual • Reproducible Forms: • Posters (2) “10 Forklift Safety Rules” • Video-Interactive (VHS or DVD)

✓ Class Roster

• Decal (1) “10 Forklift Safety Rules”

• Operator Handbooks (25)

✓ Written and Driving Test

• OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.178

• Authorization Cards (25)

✓ 31 Day Inspection Form

• Safe Fuel / Battery Handling These COMPLETE 2-Hour • Forklift Safety NEWS® Publication OSHA Compliant Training Kits Include:

• Certificates (25)

• Instructors Training Manual • Video-Interactive DVD • Operator Handbook (25) • Authorization Cards (25) • Certificates (25) • Posters (2) “10 Forklift Safety Rules”

Good WANTED GoodUsed Used Batteries Batteries WANTED We will us with withdetails details— We willbuy buyquantities! quantities! Call Call us – we stockonly! only! wewant want your your GOOD GOOD surplus surplus stock

• Reproducible Forms:

• OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.178 • Safe Fuel / Battery Handling • Forklift Safety NEWS® Publication

✓ Class Roster ✓ Written and Driving Test ✓ 31 Day Inspection Form

• Decal (1) “10 Forklift Safety Rules”

The Nation’s Leader in Forklift Operator Training

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What’s the difference?

Good question. 800-255-4109 •

February 2015



4. W  hat is the integrity and reputation of your aftermarket competition versus your dealership? Sometimes we find this so basic that we neglect developing a marketing strategy around those important factors that make our dealership and our aftermarket services so outstanding in the eyes of our customers. When you buy from our dealership, you don’t just buy the sales department, you buy the whole dealership. Marketing your integrity and reputation begins with the development of a Mission Statement and/or a Statement of Purpose. A document memorized by employees and made visible to all your customers. Your dealership’s integrity and reputation is developed by informing the customer about some very basic facts: How long your dealership has been in business while representing a manufacturer or manufactures whom have been in business for so many years. Yours is a dealership with sales of so many dollars. Yours is a dealership selling to some of the finest companies in the area (references.) Yours is a dealership with so many dollars in shelf inventory and overnight delivery from your suppliers. Yours is a one-stop-shopping center for parts. Yours is a parts department staffed by experienced and involved individuals (50 total years of experience.) Yours is a competitive parts department established to service the needs of the customer. Yours is a service department offering guaranteed work and quality service, staffed by experienced and involved individuals (75 total years of experience.) Yours is a service department with factorytrained, experienced technicians. You have an orderly and well equipped shop, with tools designed for doing the job right, the

John R. Walker The only name you need to know for aftermarket success.

first time. Yours is a shop with the ability to service a broad base of equipment. You have fully-equipped road service trucks and trucks for transporting a customer’s equipment. Look at what your dealership has to offer your customers, develop a marketing strategy to sell the advantages of using your aftermarket services versus using the competition. When is the best opportunity to market your aftermarket? We believe it is part of the entire selling process and should happen immediately after or even during the sale of the equipment. We encourage the equipment sales personnel to bring in and allow the customer to meet the parts, service and aftermarket service rep as part of the selling process. Sell your entire dealership at the time of the sale and you will keep your customer from considering those “others” in the competitive market place. This month for our readers we are offering two manuals for the price of one. For $16.99 you will receive: Laying the Groundwork for Value-Added Selling and When your Price is Right, Sell it! Simply email us at and request our two manual special. We’ll email you and invoice you via email and you’ll have the manuals immediately. Please when you order give us the name of your business, your address and the line of products your dealership handles ... If customers truly feel the services are essential, fair compensation is not a problem! John R. Walker is president of Aftermarket Services Consulting Co. Inc. E-mail to contact John. THE MOTIVE POWER ONLINE STORE

Stocking distributor for all major motive parts and accessory manufacturers • Set-up a user account online at • Once registered, send an email to giving us your user name and your request for a wholesale account. • Upon receipt, we will set your account to wholesale status. This will entitle you to discounts of 15% to 35% off of our online prices whenever you log in.

Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. • Solely dedicated to your aftermarket opportunities • 40+ years of experience in aftermarket development • Guaranteed performance

When you want results in your aftermarket efforts, call Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. 803-548-6707 ...John is waiting to help you succeed.

Aftermarket Services Consulting Co., Inc. 817 Stockbridge Drive #399 • Ft. Mill, SC 29708 •

Call 803-548-6707 12

February 2015

Flip Top Vent Cap

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Watering guns Deionizers Single Point Watering Charger repair parts Battery Cables Vent Caps Watering Carts Battery Connectors Battery room supplies Spill products AC & DC fuses Tools for battery repair

• • • •

Safety items Battery cleaning supplies Charger cables & lugs Replacement cells


Combilift Combilift

Booth #1038

McCormick Place South | Chicago March 23-26, 2015

Capacity: Capacity: Capacity: 3,000 3,000 lbs. lbs. 3,000 -- 180,000 180,000 lbs. - 180,000 lbs. lbs. lbs.

Combi Combi SC SCCombi -- Straddle Straddle SC -Carrier Carrier Straddle Range Range Carrier Range

Combi Combi Walkie Walkie Combi Reach Reach Walkie Truck TruckReach Range RangeTruck Range

Customized ustomized for forlong long Customized &&awkward awkward for long loads loads& awkward loads Stack StackContainers ContainersStack Containers

77,000 7,000 lbs. lbs.––180,000 180,000 • 77,000 lbs. lbs. lbs. Capacity Capacity – 180,000 lbs. Capacity Handles Handlescontainer container • Handles sizes sizesof ofcontainer 20’, 20’,30’, 30’,40’, sizes 40’,45’ 45’ of 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’ Narrow Narrowaisles aislesfor for • Narrow maximum maximum aisles Storage Storage for maximum Storage Offers Offersexcellent excellent• 360˚ Offers 360˚visibility visibility excellent from from 360˚ driver driver visibility position position from driver position Can an travel travelinin//out •out Can of oftravel warehouses warehouses in / out of warehouses Eliminates liminates waiting waiting • Eliminates trailers trailers waiting trailers Safer afer stuffi stuffing/destuffi ng/destuffi • Saferng ng stuffi at atground ng/destuffi groundlevel level ng at ground level 2-Wheel -Wheel Hydrostatic Hydrostatic • 2-Wheel Drive Drive Hydrostatic with with2-Wheel 2-Wheel Drive Steer Steer with 2-Wheel Steer Front ront and andRear Rearindependent •independent Front and Rear sideshift sideshift independent sideshift

••Works Worksininan anaisle-width aisle-width • Works in of ofan 84" 84" aisle-width pallet palletto topallet pallet of 84" pallet to pallet ••AA4-Way 4-Wayoption option• available Aavailable 4-Way option available

••Patented PatentedMulti Multi•Position Position Patented Tiller Tiller Multi Position Tiller Low when ground pressure when fully loaded Low Lowground groundpressure pressure whenfully fully loaded loaded

Reducing Reducing Reducing Costs Costs ... Costs ... Increasing Increasing ... Increasing Space Space Space

Dramatically Dramatically • Dramatically Reduces Reduces working working Reduces aisle aisleworking widths widths aisle widths

ncreases ncreases Storage Storage • Increases by by up up Storage to to 50% 50% by up to 50%

Works Works both both•inside Works inside & & both out outinside & out

Does Does the the work work • Does of of both the bothwork reach reach of& &both counterbalance counterbalance reach & counterbalance forklifts forklifts forklifts

Electric Electric & & LPG LPG • Electric Powered Powered & LPG Models Models Powered Models

Lift ift capacities capacities • Lift of ofcapacities up up to to 4,400 4,400 of lbs. up 4,400 lbs.

Lift ift Height Height•up up Lift to toHeight 49 49 ft. ft. up to 49 ft. Combilift Combilift USA, USA, Combilift 303 303 Concord Concord USA, 303 Street, Street, Concord Greensboro, Greensboro, Street, Greensboro, North North Carolina Carolina North 27406 27406 Carolina ::Tel: Tel:27406 1-877-COMBI-56 1-877-COMBI-56 : Tel: 1-877-COMBI-56 || |

February 2015


Nuts & Bolts Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Holland partners with Hiring Our Heroes and FASTPORT to hire 500 Veterans

FedEx to expand global portfolio of solutions with acquisition of GENCO

Holland has announced a commitment to hire 500 veterans to accommodate its growth and expansion. “America is at a turning point with an estimated one million veterans returning home in the next five years,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “Our business is expanding and job opportunities abound. Holland is proud to welcome home our veterans with great career prospects.” “The Holland core values of integrity, respect, excellence and hard work personify the values and work ethic of our veterans,” continued Ware. “Veterans fit in well with the Holland culture, and we are proud to partner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Hiring Our Heroes and FASTPORT to help find great talent.” “We are thrilled Holland has increased their commitment to hire more veterans,” said Eric Eversole, vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and executive director of Hiring Our Heroes. “The trucking industry is a great fit for veterans. We look forward to working together to help Holland find and employ more talented veterans and transitioning service men and women.”

FedEx Corp. announced that the company signed an agreement to acquire GENCO, one of the largest third-party logistics providers in North America. With a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain services, GENCO’s expertise will expand existing FedEx service offerings in the evolving retail and e-commerce markets. Processing more than 600 million returned items annually from many of the world’s leading brands, GENCO is considered a pioneer and market leader in reverse logistics, providing triage, test and repair, remarketing and product liquidation solutions. With $1.6 billion in annual revenue and more than 11,000 teammates at over 130 operations, GENCO offers a complete range of product lifecycle logistics® services to customers in the technology, consumer, industrial, retail, and healthcare markets. “The acquisition of GENCO will transform our global portfolio through the addition of new best in class supply chain management services,” said Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corp. “As e-commerce continues to grow, customers of both companies will reap the benefits from the broadened capabilities and powerful new services.” “With similar corporate cultures, shared values and unwavering focus on developing world-class logistics solutions,

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February 2015

Nuts & Bolts FedEx and GENCO are a great fit,” said Herb Shear, Executive Chairman, GENCO. “I am especially pleased that Todd R. Peters will continue as GENCO CEO and to know that our teammates everywhere will make significant and lasting contributions to our customers as members of the FedEx family.”

Cintas & Carhartt launch new Tough Crew Contest For the past four years, Cintas & Carhartt have partnered to recognize individuals who withstand tough working conditions. This year, they’ve launched the Tough Crew Contest, a new program designed to pay tribute to hard-working crews throughout North America. Contestants are encouraged to share how their teams “Outwork Them All®” and explain why they rely on Carhartt, a brand designed for hard-working people, to help them get the job done. The Cintas & Carhartt Tough Crew Contest announced the first four finalist crews on Jan. 5, 2015. Four additional finalists will be selected bi-monthly in March and May, and the twelve will compete for public votes at the contest website in June 2015. All finalist crews will be eligible to win free Carhartt merchandise, and the grand prize winner will receive $2,500 in credit to outfit their team in Carhartt workwear. “We’re excited to be doing something different this year by recognizing crews of workers,” says John Rudy, senior marketing and strategy manager for Cintas Corporation, North America’s largest uniform supplier. “We’ve heard great stories about North America’s workforce through our previous contests with Carhartt, and we look forward to opening it up to groups that work in tough conditions year round and in all types of climates.”

Find out more by visiting Chain Wear Gauge

FB www.chainweargauge.c

Chain Wear Gauge

The FB Chain wear gauge enables you to track chain wear at each service and take The FB chain wear gauge enables you any necessary action.

to track chain wear at each service and take any necessary action.

Old style chain wear gauges only tell you that a chain is either worn out or not worn out.

OldFBstyle wear gauges you that The gaugechain is a ‘how much worn’only chaintell gauge, a chainchain is either out orincrements not wornfrom out.0% showing wear worn in 1/4 percent to 4% worn with a red warning box appearing at 2%. The FB gauge is a ‘how much worn’ chain gauge, showing chain wear in 1/4 percent It works on all pitch sizes from 3/8 to 3 inch. increments from 0% to 4% worn with a red appearing at 2%. The FB warning gauge will box provide consistency across youron whole servicesizes team.from It works all pitch 3/8

to 3 inch.

The FB gauge alerts you to chains that could out before The be FBdangerously gauge will worn provide the next service. consistency across your whole

service team. The FB gauge alerts you to chains that could be dangerously worn Visit us boothservice. #1891 out before theatnext

TVH acquires C-Tech Industries, LLC C-Tech Industries, LLC. (C-Tech) and TVH Parts Co. (TVH) has announced that the TVH Group has purchased C-Tech a high quality manufacturer of electronic joystick controllers and components for the industrial equipment industry. C-Tech will serve as a manufacturing division of TVH and will continue to focus on the quality products that they are known for in the industrial equipment industry. With the acquisition of C-Tech, we will increase our manufacturing capabilities for the industrial equipment market. Pat McLaughlin President at TVH stated that “We are excited to have the C-Tech staff join our team. They have a wealth of product knowledge and industry experience and we look forward to the collaboration of our teams in the coming months”. C-Tech was founded in 1999 by Greg Greene and through his leadership has become a high quality manufacturer of electronic joystick controllers and components for the industrial equipment industry. C-Tech is located in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio in an 18,000 ft2 state of the art facility where they will continue to manufacture superior quality products for the industrial equipment industry. We believe the addition of C-Tech will offer considerable advantages and opportunities to all customers, furthering the One-Stop-Shop experience we have provided to our customers for over 45 years.

Find out more by visiting


February 2015


Nuts & Bolts

NMHG announces acquisition of hydrogen fuel cell company

Worldwide Material Handling Products LLC joins Rack Manufacturers Institute

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (“NMHG”) announced that it acquired a leading hydrogen fuel cell company, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. The deal reinforces the commitment of HysterCompany and Yale Materials Handling Corporation, operating divisions of NMHG, to provide a broad range of alternative energy solutions to the lift truck market and positions them to become the first OEM manufacturers to integrate and factory-fit fuel cell technology directly into their products. Headquartered in Billerica, Mass., Nuvera is a leader in the development and production of fuel cell stack sub-systems and the supporting on-site hydrogen production and dispensing systems. Hyster Company and Yale Materials Handling Corporation, which presently offer several alternative energy lift trucks including battery-electrics and hybrids in addition to their internal combustion engines (ICEs), intend to commercialize and rapidly integrate this technology across large parts of their lift truck product ranges to offer customers an additional environmentally friendly choice. In addition to factory-fitted power options, Nuvera’s Orion® fuel cell stacks are configurable to accommodate aftermarket and retrofit solutions and designed to fit almost any brand electric powered lift truck in the market today.

Worldwide Material Handling Products LLC is pleased to announce that they have recently been accepted as the newest member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), an industry group of the Material Handling Industry (MHI) association, the nation's largest association that represents the material handling, supply chain and logistics industry. The RMI Industry Group, formed in 1958, represents the leading suppliers of industrial steel storage racks and related storage systems, including wire mesh decking and pallet rack accessories. Worldwide joins over 100 RMI members and will participate with these leading producers to create specifications, standards and safety guidelines. The MHI association founded in 1945 is comprised of over 800 member companies with 19 specific industry groups that provide education, networking and sourcing opportunities around the world. Based in Chicago, IL, Worldwide Material Handling is a leading producer of high quality wire mesh decking, wire containers, pallet rack repair/protection products and other pallet rack accessories. They serve North America from multiple distribution centers that are strategically located in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.

More Nuts & Bolts on

Connell Equipment Leasing Company 200 Connell Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

A Division of Connell Finance Company, Inc.


2009 LINdE h35d

17,000 lb. cap, 103”/122” std. LPG, 72” forks

5,500 lb. cap, 90”/131” FFL diesel, rotator, 48” forks

2008 CATERpILLAR C6500 2011 CATERpILLAR dp70E 6,500 lb. cap, 84”/185” Tri SS/FP, 54” forks

14,000 lb. cap, 132”/179” std. dual pneu, SS, 48” forks

2006 jLg 400S

2007 YALE gLp40Vx

2008 TOYOTA 7FgAU50

2008 YALE gdp050Vx

500 lb. cap, 40’ straight boom 8’ platform, dual fuel

40,000 lb. cap, 83”/189” Tri LPG, SS, 42” forks

11,000 lb. cap, 96”/121” LPG, Integ FP, 60” forks

5,000 lb. cap, 84”/194” mast SS, 42” forks

2010 YALE gLp060Vx

2008 CATERpILLAR p7000

2010 hOIST FKS11

6,000 lb. cap, 91”/130” std. LPG, SS, 42” forks

70,000 lb. cap, 90”/186” Tri SS, 42” forks

22,000 lb. cap, 98”/99” mast SS/FP, 56” forks

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2011 LINdE h50d

2010 dOOSAN d70S

2009 YALE gdp120Vx

10,000 lb. cap, 96”/124” std. diesel, SS/FP, 48” forks

15,000 lb. cap, 152”/217” std. SS, 44” forks

12,000 lb. cap, 90”/111” std. diesel, bare front

908-673-3700 ext.317 Fax: 908-673-3800 16

February 2015

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February 2015


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Time to move ahead It is still a little crazy out there, but also the time to get past the craziness and produce a plan for 2015 and beyond. As I have mentioned in the past if you are not looking to update and change all your systems and procedures to become more efficient and profitable, I can assure you a good chunk of your competitors are doing just that. I have to believe that if you read business oriented publications and listen to the wide array of business related video programming available, you have to come across comment after comment how businesses are changing the way they do business. New technology. Updated systems. Current training. Ways to do more with less to become more competitive in the market. If these examples of change are real then I have to ask “What’s in your wallet?” and what are you doing to join the crowd to increase shareholder value. So what’s in store for 2015? Good question, and I probably could have made some predictions that would be in the right church, but after these latest events regarding the dollar and oil we may have some monkey wrenches added to mix. Before this latest fiasco I would have envisioned moderate interest rates which make the financing of equipment purchases more likely. I guess this scenario stays put for 2015, but could change because of the oil and dollar situation in terms of a shift in demand for equipment because “higher” US prices for international

sales could slow demand for equipment. Slowdowns in the energy fields could also lead to a reduction in demand for equipment. I would also have said we can expect changes in the tax code starting in 2015 which hopefully reduce the tax bite most small business owners experience. I expect dealers will lose both business and personal deductions but pay at a lower rate. All I know is that small biz owners using flow-through entities should not pay at rates higher than those paid by corporations. If large corporations are paying at 24% your business income taxed on your personal return should be taxed at the same rate. Lets’ hope we achieve this goal. I believe rental competition will increase in the next few years as equipment dealers are encouraged to get into the rental business. Material handling dealers are already in the rental business, but construction equipment dealers as well as rental companies are looking for additional markets for rental and are sure to investigate lift trucks as one niche market to explore. What this means is the non-national accounts which you count on could become targets for new competition. We can also expect additional consolidation which means shareholders better have a handle on what their company is worth to a strategic buyer. Current interest rates make the consolidation process more desirable. Shareholders, however, do not want to assume they will be selling “soon” and completely stop investing in the business thinking it is not worth it. I can’t tell you the numbers of dealers who have given me that speech only to still be in business fifteen years later, and now way behind the curve.





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16004 Type: Big Pneumatic Tire Make: Taylor Model: TX3000S Year: 2009 Capacity: 30,000 lbs Mast: 172/180 Standard Details: Side-Shifter, Independent Fork Positioner, 96” Forks, Full Cab.

15551 Type: Big Pneumatic Tire Make: Kalmar Model: DCE80-6 Year: 2007 Capacity: 17,500 lbs Mast: 124/147 Standard Details: Diesel, 4-way, Side-Shifting Fork Positioner, New Forks

14632 Type: Big Pneumatic Tire Make: Toyota Model: 7FDU80 Year: 2004 Capacity: 17,500 lbs Mast: 140/180 Standard Details: Diesel, 3-way, Side-Shifter, 72” Forks, Full Cab

15453 Type: Big Pneumatic Tire Make: Taylor Model: TE300M Year: 1991 Capacity: 30,000 lbs Mast: 160/183 Standard Details: Diesel, 4-way, Side-Shifter, 94” Forks, Fork Positioner


Bill Zemak - David Herrera - • Seth Caldwell -

Tim Smith - Vince Strum - • Terry Lee -

Bottom Line If there ever is a time to invest in new technology now is the time. New systems, smart phones and tablets and telematics will change how you do business to keep customers satisfied. Many dealers are doing more with less using these tools. Not only will these tools improve dealer results, but also customer operating results. Aggressive customers will use telematics to develop data for their owned equipment and then demand that their rental equipment vendors supply that same data for the rental units. In any event, an aggressive policy to develop and use technology will be a win-win for both parties to the transactions. Oil prices could have both a positive and negative impact on 2015. The obvious outcome is lower oil prices will reduce operating costs. Not only will they reduce current costs they make the US more competitive in the world order of things to the point where manufacturing costs in the US are now more competitive than or at least on a par with China. On the other hand lower oil prices could slow our economic recovery to the point where business slows down and reduces overall lift truck demand. So when we get down to it, 2015 could be a tough year to plan for because so many important variables are moving in dramatic fashion. To sum up I would be cautious about 2015, expect more competition and price differentials for units coming in from overseas, a changing tax landscape, more inroads for national accounts but also an opportunity to improve efficiency and profits by embracing technology. In short, don’t overleverage your company and only invest in projects that help you make money and keep updating the plan.

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Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry.

since 1974

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Thomas Lift Truck

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February 2015


Human Element Peter Smith, Caliper Corp.

Does hiring salespeople have to be an uphill battle? I am often struck by the hopelessness of hiring managers who lament the lack of great salespeople, while filling their ranks with legions of under-performing and underwhelming sales personnel. On an intellectual level, these seemingly bright managers understand that there are plenty of people out there who would make great salespeople, but still they find it so very hard to identify and hire them. If it is true that about one in four people possesses the necessary wiring to succeed in sales, why is it so difficult to find them? Surely even a random selection process, devoid of the deep-dive into a candidate’s wiring, experience and pedigree, ought to produce better results than most current hiring practices? I believe that the root cause of bad hiring decisions is a combination of two very connected factors. On the one hand, human nature being what it is, we make a decision on whether we like or dislike someone in a fraction of one second. In fact, Alexander Todorov and Janine Willis, of Princeton University, produced a seminal white paper that argues that we make a decision about someone’s likeability or not in one-tenth of one second. What emerges in the interview process that follows that ‘millisecond judgment’ is a form of confirmatory bias. If the interviewer was immediately disposed to like the candidate, he is much more inclined to hear positives responses which underscore

Serving professionals in the



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February 2015

his initial positive bias. On the other hand, if the interviewer immediately forms a negative bias towards the candidate, he is more likely to hear answers that support his negative bias. In either case, he feels certain that he has made the right choice and is likely to give himself credit for his brilliant intuition in ‘getting people.’ How many times have you heard it…“I just know it when I see it, it’s a gut thing.” Well, that part, at least, is correct. It is all too often a gut thing and that is why we so frequently get it wrong. The second reason that we so often miss in interviews is that we eschew candidates who do not conform to the stereotype that we imagine for the position. Those ‘getting people’ instincts actively eliminate candidates who might seem a little different. The interviewer worries that the candidate might be difficult to manage. She worries that the team might not warm to the candidate and, as such, she continues the search for a more amiable hire. David Ogilvy wrote in Confessions of an Advertising Man “Our business needs massive transfusions of talent…and talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among the non-conformists, dissenters, and rebels.” Ogilvy’s assessment of great talent as dissenters and rebels couldn’t be more accurate – particularly as it relates to salespeople. They don’t fit the model we subconsciously take into the interview process and their self-assurance and direct manner can make us uncomfortable during the interview. Great sales producers come with baggage. In all my years hiring and managing them, I can’t think of a single one of the best of them who did not stretch my patience from time to time. This baggage, when sensed by the interviewer, and when coupled with her immediate biases, results in what we believe are smart and safe choices when they are, by any reasonable estimation, entirely the wrong choices about 60 percent of the time. Any company that depends on salespeople must have an interview process that mitigates the possibility of allowing our immediate biases and our resistance to a little baggage to miss hiring real great sales producers. A well structured interview that focuses on sales wiring, with specific questions designed to uncover the key traits essential in sales, has to become the norm in the hiring process. Focus on the things that really matter; is the candidate driven to succeed? Does she listen well? Does she have sufficient reserves of resilience to thrive in an environment where no is often much more prevalent than yes. This is the stuff that matters, even if it doesn’t almost come in a neat package with a ribbon on it. About Caliper - For nearly half a century, Caliper has been helping companies achieve peak performance by advising them on hiring the right people, managing individuals most effectively and developing productive teams. The accuracy, objectivity and depth of our consulting approach enable us to provide solutions that work for over 25,000 companies. To find out more about how Caliper can help you identify and develop people who can lead your organization to peak performance, please visit us at or call us at 609-524-1200. Email to contact Caliper.

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ed wn O ily ted Fam era p 72! &O

9 e1 c n i s

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February 2015


Shifting Gears Industry personnel and organization news

Steel King announces a bold new brand message

Hytrol partners with Emulate3D to create solution simulations

With the introduction of a new logo, a shield with bold, strong typography, and tagline, “built to deliver”, Steel King Industries is delivering a message of strength and industry leadership. Steel King Industries based in Stevens Point, Wis., has unveiled a new brand identity as part of its strategic business initiative to better reflect the company’s growth and product diversification, and to better convey to its customers and employees the core competencies that make it an industry leader. “The goal for our new brand message is to better tell the story of who we are,” said Jay Anderson, President, Steel King Industries. “We have experienced growth and diversification of both our company and product offerings. Changes continue in the marketplace – from dealer and end user needs to building compliance. Because of this, we wanted to be more focused in our communications, both internally and externally. With our new logo and tagline, we believe we are better representing who we are as a company and what sets us apart – our ability to take on tough challenges and to deliver a superior quality product that meets our customers’ needs for strength, stability, durability, protection and safety.”

Emulate3D, Inc. is excited to announce that it has partnered with Hytrol to provide simulations for the Hytrol Integration Partner Network. The software provided by Emulate3D will allow Hytrol to use 3D models from its HyCAD/ HEROES software to quickly create and run simulations. Delos Fritz, Chief Information Officer at Hytrol, said the partnership will benefit Hytrol integration partners when presenting solutions to end users. Before, the integration partner may have brought in a static model of the solution, he said. But, since the software also offers HD video of the simulations, “Now, they can bring in a working 3D model for those not familiar with conveyor.” Fritz said that this is a cost effective solution to creating those models, since the software works seamlessly with Hytrol’s current software to create the simulations. “Since we don’t have to redo the work already completed in HyCAD or HEROES, we can provide these faster and easier than ever.”



the largest selection of plastic bins, steel & wire shelving and complete bin systems 24


February 2015

NMHG announces promotion of new President, Americas and names VP of Fleet, Service and Aftermarket NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG), the parent company of Hyster Company and Yale Materials Handling Corporation, announces that Chuck Pascarelli, President of Sales and Marketing, Americas, has been promoted to President, Americas, effective January 1, 2015. In this new position, Pascarelli will oversee all sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance and pricing Chuck Pascarelli functions for the Hyster® and Yale® product lines, as well as their extensive distribution networks across the Americas. In addition, his responsibilities will encompass all NMHG products and lift truck services, financial services, fleet management, national accounts and dealer relations for the Americas. Another announcement was made of the promotion of Pat DeSutter, Director of Fleet Management, to Vice President of Fleet, Service and Aftermarket, effective January 1, 2015. In his new role, DeSutter will oversee all sales, operations and management for the fleet, service and aftermarket divisions of Hyster Company and Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “As an organization focused on Pat DeSutter delivering the highest levels of service and sustaining relationships long after the sale – fleet management, customer service and aftermarket parts are critical to our success, and the success of our dealers and customers,” said Chuck Pascarelli, President of Sales and Marketing, Americas, NMHG. “Pat has shown dedication, initiative and expertise throughout his time at NMHG, and I am confident that these divisions will excel under his accomplished leadership.”

February 2015


Shifting Gears

UniCarriers Americas announces management changes

Kubota Tractor Corporation to open new parts distribution center

UniCarriers Americas Corporation announces management changes at its first factory-owned dealership, New England Industrial Truck, Inc. (NEIT), headquartered in Woburn, Mass. Effective January 1, 2015, Tim Haraden will be appointed to general manager. Haraden has been general branch manager at NEIT’s Woburn branch since October 2014. Bill Leavitt, sales manager at NEIT, Finley Gregory, NEIT Connecticut branch manager, and George Taylor, NEIT Maine branch manager, will report directly to Haraden in his new role. Dick Rossi, who has been at NEIT since 1972 and has held various key positions including president, and more recently general manager, will transition into a newly created role of sales consultant. “In the short time that Tim Haraden has been at NEIT, he’s made a strong impact and helped steer the dealership in a positive direction,” said Radous. “He brings innovative new ideas from his leadership experiences in other industries. That, along with Dick Rossi’s vast knowledge and experience, gives me the confidence of continued success and growth.” NEIT became UniCarriers Americas’ first factory-owned dealership in August 2014 and has been an authorized dealer of UniCarriers Americas for more than 35 years.

Kubota Tractor Corporation announced that it will open a 450,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Parts Distribution Center in Edgerton, Kansas. The company has entered into a five-year lease agreement with ELHC XI, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company. “As Kubota’s business continues to grow and we enter new markets, we are committed to being equipped to meet our dealers’ and customers’ needs,” said Masato Yoshikawa, president and CEO of Kubota Tractor Corporation. “This new Parts Distribution Center is going to further streamline our operations and improve our parts delivery support, making sure that our dealers and customers have the support they need when they need it.” The Edgerton, Kansas site for the new facility was a strategic decision by Kubota management, given its central location within the U.S. “This new distribution center will enable us to manage our stream of parts more effectively and improve parts delivery time, including an expanded geographical area to which we can deliver parts within 24 hours,” said Earl Johnson, parts director for Kubota.

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A Tight Form-Fit Covering That Really Stays On!!!

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February 2015

Fork-Co Forks & Attachments ... More than forks!

Hook type and pin type forks, capacities to 110,000 lb. Pin type (shaft type) forks are made up in our Alvin, TX plant from stock blanks.

RDD 40 ROTATOR 4,000 LB Capacity Fork Spreaders - quick detach fork spreader and pin type sideshifter manufactured in our Alvin, TX plant

Fork Covers - load protection products Made in Houston, TX

New Style Pipe Clamp for smaller forklifts. WPH-AB series pipe hold down clamp fits to any class II, III, or IV carriage or sideshifter and has ZERO lost load center. Made in Texas

Quick-attach WPH-FL pipe clamp, 20,000 lb capacity, built in USA in our Alvin, TX plant

Fork-Co USA has a new web site. Visit us today at: The new Fork-Co USA Comprehensive Catalog for 2014 has been published to the web and is accessible through the web site. Find forks, attachments, parts and accessories there.

Fork-Co Forks & Attachments PH: 888.367.5260

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February 2015


Shifting Gears

Heli Americas introduces a new regional marketing manager

Dearborn Mid-West Co. launches Material Handling Systems division

Heli Americas is proud to announce that Michael Wells has joined our team in the position of Northeast Regional Marketing Manager, reporting to Bruce Pelynio, President / CEO. Michael will work closely with both existing and potential Heli’s America’s Authorized Dealers and National Account customers in the Northeast Region to provide world class marketing support Michael Wells for Heli products. Michael comes to the position with over 20 years of experience in the material handling industry, having held positions at both the OEM and dealer level. Michael’s in depth experience will support the marketing of Heli lift trucks while working with both the wholesale and retail users in addition to providing regional and on-site marketing training. Heli Americas is one of two Master Distributors for the full line of Heli Material Handling equipment in the United States. The Heli line offers world class forklifts in capacities from 2,000# to 40,000# in electric, gas, LPG, dual fuel and diesel power.

With more than 65 years of conveyor systems expertise under its belt, Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW) is expanding operations and capabilities with a new division in central New Jersey. The Material Handling Systems Division opened in April 2014. The new division is now fully operational, serving clients in a wide range of material handling applications, including the retail Joe Colletti industry, where e-commerce and omnichannel distribution are the driving forces. The leadership at DMW recognized and seized an opportunity to expand services beyond its conveyor systems manufacturing and integration capabilities in core markets like Automotive and Bulk Handling. With the acquisition of intellectual property—specifically, 24-Volt and GOH (Garment-On-Hanger) conveyor systems—from an established material handling company in November 2013, DMW began to develop what would ultimately become its Material Handling Systems Division. The company began by testing the waters, surveying and assessing the existing market demands. DMW leadership engaged Joe Colletti as a business consultant, noting his 30 years of experience in the material handling industry. The company conducted extensive research to examine market needs, and then matched those requirements to its core competencies. This in-depth analysis and evaluation led the company to focus on turnkey material handling system solutions in three areas: Warehouses & Distribution Centers, Post & Parcel and Industrial. With Colletti’s expertise corresponding to these sectors perfectly, DMW tapped him to be president of the new division.

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Appleton Grp LLC has announced the appointment of Harish Shinde to Vice President – Canada. He will be responsible for Canadian sales, marketing, and operations functions. Mr. Shinde joined Emerson in 2011 as Director, Planning for Commercial Industrial Solutions. In this role, he was responsible for global strategic planning for the business group. Prior to working for Emerson, Harish Shinde he served as manager in the Strategy and Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP based out of the firm's Chicago office. Also, he worked for Trinity Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri, after completing his Chemical Engineering education. Mr. Shinde holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai, India and a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas. He has a MBA from Duke University, USA.

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Sales Trends Dave Kahle

Eight ways to identify new suspects Every sales organization, and every sales process, begins with identifying a group of suspects. Suspects are people and organizations you suspect may one day do business with you. They aren't yet prospects, because you don't know if they have a legitimate need for what you sell, or if they can make the decision and buy your product or service. That determination comes later. But in order to get a group of prospects, you must begin with a list of suspects. Here are eight ways to acquire such a list.

1. Buy a list. This is the information age, and lists are available for almost every conceivable set of characteristics. For example, I could, this afternoon, contact a list broker, ask for a list of names, addresses, phone numbers, size of business in numbers of employees, and email addresses for manufacturers (or any one of a couple of hundred classifications) within a set of telephone area codes. I could have that downloaded to my computer by the end of the day. Information selling is now a major industry in this country and there are lots of providers. Just do a Google search on "list brokers" and find a couple with which to work. You'll be amazed at what information you can purchase.

2. Get referrals from your customers. Probably the best way to meet a prospect for the first time is to be introduced by someone you both know and respect.

Before that can happen, you need to get the name and details for the person who you want to meet. That means you must ask your current customers for referrals. The best way to do this is to visit your customers face-to-face, have a conversation about your products/services and their satisfaction with them, and then ask them specific questions to generate lists of names. For example, don't ask, "Who do you know...", instead, ask, "Who is one of your vendors who could use our service?", Or, "Which one or two people in your committee would be possible candidates?" By asking a series of specific questions instead of general ones, you'll direct their thinking in more productive routes, and acquire more referrals.

3. Rub shoulders with groups of them. If you have precisely defined your target markets, then you should spend some time thinking and researching this question, "Where do groups of them go?" The answers can vary from trade fairs, association meetings, to other suppliers. The most unusual answer to this was from a client who sold reference books to lawyers. In order to meet them, he discovered that many of them would frequent a local pub on Fridays. He then made it a practice to show up and rub shoulders them, meeting them in a social situation. If you can identify where they go, then you can see about getting a list of them from someone who organizes or

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2008 CAPACITY TJ5000


DOT, Hours: 18,000 1 UNIT IN STOCK $

35,90 0

2006 TOYOTA 7FG35


2010 TOYOTA 8FGL20 118”V Mast, Hours: 690


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25,90 0

Hours: 2,750


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276” Quad Mast, Hours: Over 10,000

157”V Mast, Hours: 7,500


168”FV Mast, Hours: 1,200


5,90 0


12,90 0



2004 Case 586G, 6,000 Lbs., Diesel Fuel, 252” Mast, Sideshifter

2008 Toyota 7BDRU15, 3,000 Lbs., 36V, 330” Mast, Sideshifter

2010 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 Lbs., LP, 119” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 Lbs., 36V, 330” Mast, Sideshifter

2008 Toyota 8FGU30, 6,000 Lbs., LP, 187” Mast, Sideshifter, Dual Drive

2004 Toyota 7FGCU45-BCS, 10,000 Lbs., LP, 187” Mast

2009 Toyota 7FBCU15, 3,000 Lbs., 36V, 189” Mast, Sideshifter


2006 Toyota 7FDU60, 13,500 Lbs., Diesel Fuel, 157” Mast, Sideshifter, Fork Positioner

2006 Terex TH842, 8,000 Lbs., Diesel Fuel

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Sales Trends administers that event or meeting place. Or, you can just show up and collect business cards.

to something that is suitable for them. Those who respond, if you do this well, identify themselves as being in the category you want.

4. A  dvertise in publications and websites they view.

7. Hold seminars for larger groups of them.

There is a reason why advertising has been around for so long. One way to collect lists of suspects is to advertise in the publications or websites they view, offer something free or inexpensive, and collect the names and details. The people who respond to the ads move themselves one step closer to being prospects in that they, by responding, show they have an interest in what you offer, and are willing to take action.

5. P  artner with someone else who sells something compatible to them. The key here is "compatible." Again, if you have done a thorough job of describing what the ideal suspect looks like, you can then ask, "What else do they buy?" Or, "With who else do they do business?" That should lead you to some companies and eventually people who may have a vested interest in sharing their lists with you in exchange for something of value from you.

6. T  ake a survey or send a newsletter to a larger list. If you want to find "sales managers of medium sized insurance agencies who supervise six or more sales people" for example, you could take a survey of all insurance agencies, or send them a newsletter, with an opportunity for the sales managers to respond

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Authorized Distributor

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February 2015

8. Use social media to unearth them. LinkedIn, Facebook, and the slew of other similar sites offer opportunities to join groups of them, and to identify those who meet your criteria. You can use any or all of these means to collect a beginning list of suspects. Keep in mind that a suspect list is never finished. It's not an event you take care of one time. Rather, it is an on-going process that never ends. You are constantly investing time and energy in assembling that list of suspects. If you do a good job at this step, identifying suspects, it makes everything else that much easier. Dave Kahle has trained tens of thousands of distributor and B2B salespeople and sales managers to be more effective in the 21st century economy. He’s authored nine books, and presented in 47 states and eight countries. Sign up for his free weekly Ezine or visit his blog at E-mail editorial@ to contact Dave.

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By holding a free or inexpensive seminar, you engage with people who are interested in your subject and show themselves as willing to invest time and money. This has the added benefit that you position yourself as a valuable source of information as well.

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Your Business Eileen Schmidt

Standard-Knapp celebrates 120 years It has been 120 years since the Fred H. Knapp Company got its start in what was then a new industry – manufactured canning for perishable goods. Although the military and some exploratory expeditions had used canned foods since the beginning of the century, the technology was still new to the general population that typically salted meat and canned foods at home. Still, the original operators of Fred H. Knapp were undeterred. Recognizing the potential for growth, the Westminster, Maryland, company introduced its gravity labelers at the World's Fair National Convention of Canners in Chicago in 1893, according to current company publicists McNeil, Gray & Rice. Knapp's gravity labelers mechanized the application of labels to cans. Shortly after, in 1895, the Knapp Boxer was introduced as a means for packing the cans into wooden boxes. It was the only machine of its kind for over a decade, according to the publicity firm. From this early start, Standard-Knapp has grown through continuous expansions and mergers to remain a leader in the packaging industry. The concept of innovation that helped Knapp get its start has continued to drive the firm for its 120 years. Today, the Portland, Conn.-based company manufacturers packaging machinery for a host of industries, including food, beverage, personal care, household chemicals and chemical industries.

In 1932, the Fred H. Knapp Company merged with the Standard-Sealing Equipment Company, a Ridgewood, New Jersey, operation, to form Standard-Knapp. Standard-Sealing was the employee-owned firm of the compression unit manufacturing operation of the former National Binding Company of New York City. Following this merger, Standard-Knapp became part of Emhart Manufacturing in 1947 and Anderson Brothers Manufacturing Company in 1979. In 1984, the business was purchased by the company's employees. Standard-Knapp remains employee-owned today, a fact that brings pride to the company and a positive impact to the culture of the business, according to a report by McNeil, Gray & Rice. “The company's employees work together in the occasional lean times to keep the company strong, and, more often, share the rewards of hard work in prosperous times,” the report said. One of the areas of business growth that has required innovation of the type Standard-Knapp is accustomed to pursuing is the explosion of breweries. The craft beer industry is growing at a rate of more than one new brewery per day, and each has unique packaging needs, according to Standard-Knapp's Mario J. Mazzotta. “From hand-held to automated packaging solutions, Standard-Knapp helps breweries to remain focused on the quality


February 2015

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Our Primary Goal is to support our dealers, satisfy their customers, earn trust and be the “Vendor of Choice” for rack products and racking systems. We offer a full line of light duty, intermediate duty, heavy and extra heavy duty cantilever racks. We provide multiple configurations of a wide variety of stacking racks. Our structural pallet racks can be configured for a wide range of applications. West Point Rack has the products that generates solutions for your storage needs. We also offer specialty products such as bar cradle trucks, drum racks, hand carts and other specialty transport and storage products. Give us a call at 866.245.3630. We may have what you need. Look forward to hearing from you.


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Your Business of their products while they grow, increase their offerings, and begin to distribute beer more widely,” wrote Mazzotta, Customer Service Manager – Field Engineering, in a report published on the company website. He outlined some of the tools Standard-Knapp is currently offering craft breweries, and noted that some have begun to expand into distilling liquors like ryes, bourbons, whiskeys and vodkas. “For these companies, having invested in flexible packing equipment such as the Standard-Knapp 939 EZ Case Packer pays off even more than it did at the start, as these packers are able to handle many different sizes of bottles,” Mazzotta said. “Even for breweries with no eye towards distilling, it is clear that the craft brewing industry will continue to expand, and that breweries that catch hold within the market have the potential to grow quite a bit from their garage brewing beginnings. As energy continues to grow within the craft brewing industry, so does the demand for flexible, innovative and economical packing solutions tailored directly to craft breweries' needs,” he said. Throughout today's packaging world, a goal of being more sustainable by using less materials is predominant. Standard-Knapp has responded with innovations like the 298 Tritium Trayshrink Wrapper tray packer that packages unsupported cases and the

Pic-N-Place that handles materials so gently bottle-to-bottle protection is unneeded, according to McNeil, Gray & Rice. Standard-Knapp also maintains the use of tried-and-true machinery like the 930 case packer and its off-shoots. And, the company provides parts and service to a company running a 1930s-era labeler, even though the labeler has not been manufactured in many years, according to the publicity firm. In fall of 2014, Standard-Knapp announced the installation of a 597 Tritium multi-packer and 296 Continuum tray shrink packers at Chicken of the Sea, allowing that company to multipack in-house. “Their equipment met both speed and cost requirements, is built for 24/7 operations and is extremely strong,” said Jim Cox, vice president of operations for Chicken of the Sea, in Standard-Knapp's release. “The industry has gone to multi-packs in a big way and we had to find a machine that could provide us what we needed to meet our customers’ needs, including the four-pack that has become popular in grocery stores, as well as six-, 10- and 12-packs,” said Cox, who praised Standard-Knapp's responsiveness and customer-oriented approach to business. Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen. 

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New Products See more new products online at

Akro-Mils introduces new VERSA/Deck™ platform trucks Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products, introduces new styles of its popular VERSA/Deck™ platform truck system. This structural foam platform truck — which can be customized to customers’ exact needs with numerous handle, rail and caster options — now features “tiedown” slots in the steel-reinforced deck for securing loads during transport. Other new features of the VERSA/Deck include: New handle styles, including wire mesh sides; “high-low” handles that support building materials such as drywall and plywood; and posts that accommodate long pipes, tubing and carpet rolls. Bolt-in handles are now standard on all VERSA/Deck models. A new, optional Easy Roll caster made of thermoplastic rubber with precision bearings. This non-marking caster rolls effortlessly and quietly over most surfaces; it is ideal for indoor settings such as offices or hospitals. Easy Roll casters are available with Total Lock brakes. VERSA/Decks have a weight capacity of up to 2,000 lbs.

Powered Walkie Stacker has 3,000 capacity The all new PowerStak Model PPS3000-AS from Presto Lifts is a compact, easy to use, yet heavy-duty stacker that boasts a full 3,000 lbs. of capacity with a 24" load center. A two-stage telescopic mast enables it to lift loads up to 125" allowing it to service rack up to 10’ high. Like all PowerStak models, the PPS3000-AS is loaded with performance, reliability and safety features. An ergonomically designed handle puts all controls within easy reach for maximum operator comfort and convenience. Forward- and reverse-drive switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate left- or right-hand operation. A turtle speed setting reduces drive speed by 50% for more precise positioning control when working in tight quarters. An auto-reversing belly switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, and an automatic brake halts travel when the drive/steering handle is released. A key switch, horn and e-stop are also standard equipment.

Introducing Colossus: Hamilton’s 200-ton toting casters

KION introduces STILL Liftrunner tugger train system

Hamilton Caster is well known for making heavy duty industrial casters – and now, one of the biggest. Hamilton recently designed and built four 100,000-pound capacity casters for a federal contractor. Fully assembled, each caster towers 52" above the factory floor and weighs more than 8,000 pounds. Together, they represent Hamilton’s highest payload capacity ever: 200 tons. “Everything about this job was colossal,” said Ralph Stampfli, Hamilton Caster’s truck team leader. “From the springs to the ball bearings. We even had to use a 30-ton crane, 6,000-pound forklift and 3/8" chain just to move it out of our factory.” Each Colossus caster was designed with a spring-loaded suspension system to absorb shock. The swivel construction consisted of 32" and 18" dia. raceways flame hardened to 55-60 HRC with a total of (96) 1-1/2" dia. bearing balls. Each caster also featured an eight position swivel lock for directional control, a huge 7" diameter oscillating axle to accommodate uneven surfaces, and a footoperated braking system.

KION North America Corporation introduces the STILL Liftrunner tugger train system to its product line. With manufacturing trends showing a clear trend toward the practice of lean production, the Liftrunner system saves time and space when providing parts to the workplace. The CX-T or LTX tractors tow the Liftrunner trains consisting of E and C frames that safely hold trolleys of various shapes and are easy to load and unload. A single operator can supply material to an area of production alone without a forklift truck or pallet truck. This means fewer trucks in the fleet with cost savings for investment, operation and staff. “A forklift making 60 daily runs for deliveries can be accomplished in only 15 runs using the STILL Liftrunner tugger train system with four E frames,” said Kimberly Hawthorne, Product Manager for the Liftrunner. The transport by tugger train within production areas is faster and safer than transporting pallets by lift truck and handling time is reduced to a minimum.


February 2015

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New Products

Innovative Dock Shelter creates an eclipse at the loading dock Rite-Hite introduces the Eclipse shelter – the industry’s most advanced dock sealing system. The Eclipse is the first system to block light and seal gaps where previous enclosures have failed, guaranteeing the darkest, most environmentally-secure dock possible. “Loading dock enclosures are designed to create a barrier between interior and exterior environments,” says Mary Blaser, director of marketing. “But, even the best seals and shelters sometimes leave gaps. Gaps allow contaminants to enter your facility and expensive energy to escape.” Getting a good fit around all sides of the trailers that come to a loading dock can be a big challenge – until now. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners. “Creating this level of environmental control can save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs,” said Paul Rowlett, president of Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures. “It improves employee comfort and safety. It protects products and equipment from weather-related damage. And it keeps contaminants from entering your facility, helping ensure the safety, cleanliness and overall environmental quality of your operations.”

PROTECT YOUR FORKLIFT FLEET PACE-One G2 Top Speed Limiter PACE-One ZSC Zone Speed Control With Multiple Speed Settings

Dot-Lok G2 Transmission Shift Inhibitor Traction Control

Douglas Battery™ launches new battery chargers Douglas Battery™ recently introduced two new battery chargers for industrial lift truck applications. “We have expanded our line of chargers to better serve the demand from the batterypowered lift truck market,” explained Brian Faust, general manager at Douglas Battery™. “Our new models include a highly efficient, compact model designed for smaller businesses and a more versatile opportunity charger designed for larger fleet operations. The Douglas™ Legacy® Neo™ HF charger is a small, compact model that combines high efficiency and high power. It is ideal for operations where space is at a premium. The Douglas™ Legacy® Neo™ HF charger’s IONIC™ profile constantly diagnoses the battery’s condition and adjusts the charging curve for optimum charge. The Douglas™ Legacy® Insight™ HF charger delivers a higher power factor and efficiency than conventional chargers for reduced electrical bills. The Douglas™ Legacy® Insight™ HF charger is capable of opportunity charge and can automatically charge batteries of various voltages and capacities.

Mitsubishi introduces new Jungheinrich® moving mast reach truck series Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) introduced the new Jungheinrich® ETV 110/112 Series of moving mast reach trucks to its North American product line. The new series features Jungheinrich’s innovative 3-phase AC technology and increased maximum lift heights, making it ideal for narrow aisle and highrack applications where space is at a premium. “The redesigned Jungheinrich ETV 110/112 moving mast reach trucks are equipped with productivity-enhancing features for increased customer performance,” said Chad Munger, Jungheinrich product line manager at MCFA. “This series also features Jungheinrich’s advanced technology, allowing it to operate up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications. This combination of performance and efficiency helps customers achieve even greater productivity in addition to benefiting from a lower overall cost of ownership.” The ETV 110/112 Series of moving mast reach trucks is equipped with a number of key features resulting in increased operator productivity, performance and comfort.

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• You establish year-round relations with schools of your choice

• Making your company known among the leaders in your industry

• 100% of your contribution goes to a scholarship and the funds pay all administration cost

“We hired a graduate each year and our investment has paid dividends.” Duncan Murphy, President, Riekes Equipment Company, Omaha, Nebraska

All scholarships identify the sponsors as benefactors and do not name Howard Bernstein.

Yes, I wish to be an investor in our industry’s future! Name: ________________________________________ Title: _____________________________ Company ___________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ________ Phone:______________________________ Fax: ________________________________Email: _____________________________________

Sole award Elite $5,000 and above

Shared awards Gold $2,500-4,999

Shared awards Silver $1,500-2,499

Shared awards Bronze $500-1,499

Shared awards Other $ __________

MHEFI is a non-profit IRC501(C) (3) charitable organization in partnership with MHEDA and MHI. This program is managed by MHEFI. For additional information contact Donna Varner at 704.714.8731 or Howard Bernstein at 847.433.6585 (summer) or 760.770.6645 (winter).

Please fill out form above and mail to: Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI) Attn: Donna Varner | 8720 Red Oak Blvd., STE 201 | Charlotte, NC 28217-3992

MHW 12/14

February 2015


New Products

J D Neuhaus hoists facilitate crane repairs on offshore platform

Ergodyne launches new battery operated heated jacket

When the diesel engine of a deck crane failed, it caused major handling problems for an offshore platform operating in the Dutch sector of the southern North Sea, problems that were solved with the use of J D Neuhaus air operated hoists. The crane was operating at 40 meters above sea level and provided a lift capacity of 20 metric tons. Replacing the broken engine, which itself weighed-in at approximately 2755lbs, presented some logistic problems. The diesel engine replacement operation was successfully undertaken by the Gerritsen On- & Offshore Services BV company from their base in Amsterdam, with the work being completed in approximately one week. As the replacement engine was too large and heavy to be ferried by helicopter, a lifting device was needed, that met requirements such as explosion-proof, lightweight and easy to handle to lift the replacement safely from the supply vessel. The suitable lifting device was sourced from the J D Neuhaus range of air operated hoists available in the Gerritsen rental fleet. It was a Profi 2TI model which had a lift capacity of 2 metric tons. This model is available as standard with a 3 meter lift, having an overall weight of approximately 240lbs including the control system. This product was easily modified to provide the 40 meters lift required on site, involving an additional weight for the twin chain hoist mechanism at approximately 4.5lbs per meter run.

Ergodyne announced the expansion of their CORE Performance Work Wear® Outer Layer Series to include the 6490 heated jacket with removable sleeves. With three heat settings and two heat zones on the chest and back, this versatile battery powered jacket not only comes with removable sleeves but also offers an adapter extension wire to connect to alternative power sources including, but not limited to tool batteries. Ideal for anyone working in cold environments, the new CORE Performance Work Wear® 6490 heated jacket with removable sleeves is available January 1, 2015 at all authorized Ergodyne distributors.





Cover Story Mary Glindinning

8 Used 1995 Caterpillar V900CH Container Handler Engine:

New Cat C9 diesel engine, cooling and hydraulic systems. Four speed Caterpillar power shift planetary with automatic features.

Kessler off-highway truck axle with cast Drive Axles: differential housing and hardened full floating axle shafts.

Safety & efficiency trend 2015 The industry that moves products where they need to go is moving itself – toward more automation. Automation will be a major trend this year, industry experts said, and will help move products more safely and efficiently. Eric Esson, national sales and marketing manager at Rite-Hite Machine Guarding, said robotics drive the trend. “It seems every day we are seeing greater use of automation (robotics) being used in all industries. What was once a manual process is now being done by robots: welding, material handling, storage and retrieval of parts, conveyors and the list goes on,” Esson said. New products enhance safety, productivity and efficiency in the use of manufacturing floor space, he said. “New products are being developed based on customer needs, changing regulations and the introduction of new technology in new/different processes. With new processes and manufacturing methods comes new tertiary products to make those processes operate more safely and efficiently. We may be in a situation where we are introducing a safeguarding device where one did not previously exist. We may be replacing an old or outdated safety device. Either way, we are aiding the worker in their job performance by increasing safety, aiding in productivity or helping enhance lean manufacturing principles.” Customers want solutions that increase process efficiency, said Tim Ryan, president of Rhino Rubber. It is a great opportunity for Rhino, and good for customers’ bottom line, he said. New products help workers “become more efficient every day,” Ryan said. Most new products are related to automation, he said.

Ron Mileham, managing director of the King Group Australia, said automation is a driver, especially for larger companies. “For smaller companies, materials handling products that make work easier and/or solve a problem, are often cheaper than insurance or costs to fix the result of an accident. The challenge is to make owners pro-active, rather than be re-active,” Mileham said. “It is a time for reflection about where products should be produced. China is certainly the place for volume production, but Vietnam is around half the cost, and the Philippines and other countries are close contenders, so the high volume products will always shift around to the lowest cost base,” Mileham said. “Mature countries must concentrate on bringing home those marginal products. Concentrate on making superior products. Embrace their technological prowess. Show with pride the products that they excel in, and most importantly, bring jobs back home, and continue to train tomorrow’s game changers.” New products that work well “bring a sense of pride and ownership to the operator. It also shows that the company cares enough to invest in aids to help them do their job better. It will often increase productivity and safety, but most times it helps ease the work load,” Mileham said. Comfort, conservation and convenience are assets in new products. “Two main factors primarily drive our product introductions: A direct relationship with our customer, which gives us invaluable input, and our close attention to the unsolved Photo credit Rite-Hite Machine Guarding


Caterpillar C9 diesel engine, 275 HP turbo charged with diesel injections.

2011 Updates: Transmissions:


Front standard dual 18.00-33 28PR/Steer 18.00 -25 28PR.

Electrical: 24 volt electrical system. Steer Axle:

Trunion mounted w/double action steer cylinder.

Hydraulics: Joy stick control. Mast: Four high Spreader: 20’ x 40’ Warranty: As is FOB: Port of Charleston Condition: Good Options Included:

High visibility cab w/ air conditioning, lift lockout, 106 gallon fuel tank, updated hydraulic system, expanded metal doors, light package, fixed twist locks

Sell price $115,000 each

Jackie Thompson, Senior Account Manager/Port Products Specialist 1002 Bankton Circle, Hanahan, SC 29410 843.747.8191 ext. #6205 (Direct Line) | 843.747.5092 (Fax) | 843.870.4378 (Cell)

Raleigh, NC 800.447.3125

Hope Mills, NC 800.362.7278

Mebane, NC 800.447.3119

Washington, NC 800.645.7278

Wilmington, NC 800.641.7278

Charleston, SC 800.868.8191

Florence, SC 800.868.8896 Chesapeake, VA 800.974.4228

Richmond, VA 800.970.4228

Cognex revs up 2-D barcode reading Cognex Corporation announced its PowerGrid technology, a texture-based location algorithm that takes a unique, inside-out approach to reading 2-D matrix and Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes. While conventional feature-based algorithms start by locating the finder pattern, Cognex’s PowerGrid technology looks for a pattern of alternating light and dark modules within the code. PowerGrid technology dramatically increases read rates in 2-D barcode-reading applications where a part's geometry, poor lighting, occlusion, or print-registration errors make it difficult to capture an image of the entire code. Unlike previous solutions, PowerGrid technology can locate and read codes even when they exhibit significant damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or quiet zone. “Even though 2DMax® software set the standard for performance in industrial ID for the most challenging 2-D barcodes, Cognex is constantly seeking opportunities to improve our decoding algorithms,” says Carl Gerst, Senior Vice President, ID Products.

Roanoke, VA 540.265.5757

February 2015

February 2015

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February 2015


Quantum features new louvered panel accessory Quantum Storage Systems has developed a steel shelf that can work on a wall mounted Louvered panel. The shelf easily attaches to the panel without the use of tools. Quantum has developed a flat shelf or an angled shelf that will fit any louvered panel system. The shelves come in two sizes: 12" x 36" and 18" x 36" and each shelf will hold 75 lbs. This new storage idea allows a user to have a solid shelf to store larger items, while at the same time use bins that can hang on the same panel for smaller parts.

SEE THE LATEST MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS IN ACTION, IN PERSON All in one place. ProMat. At ProMat, you can: • Discover the latest innovations from more than 800 solution providers. • Learn about new ideas driving productivity in more than 100 educational sessions. • Build strong business partnerships with suppliers. • Network with your peers. When you need to maximize efficiency targets, streamline your operations, speed time to market and cut costs, start by exploring what’s next at ProMat 2015.

ProMat Keynotes TRANSFORMING YOUR MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR THE NEW DIGITAL AGE Renee Niemi, Director of the Android and Chrome Global Business,Google for Work CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM: BLUEPRINT FOR A NEW SYSTEM FOR DOING BUSINESS John Mackey, Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market WHAT’S NEXT – THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY Steve Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple & Founder, Chairman & CEO of Wheels of Zeus

BE A PART OF THE NEXT BIG THING. PROMAT 2015. McCormick Place South Chicago, Illinois March 23-26, 2015 ATTENDANCE IS FREE.

Collocated with ProMat 2015


February 2015


New Products

Moxa raises the bar for rugged IP camera design

Winmate introduces a new rugged, mobile tablet

Moxa introduced the world's first Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) IP zoom camera that is engineered to withstand an unprecedented -40° to 167° F temperature range without a cooling fan. Offering long-term durability and reduced maintenance costs, the new Moxa VPort™ 56-2MP camera is tailored for mission critical applications, indoors and outdoors, including long-distance remote site monitoring and hazardous industrial locations. “Harsh, extreme environments will destroy a standard IP camera, making our new VPort 56-2MP the only reliable solution for cold, wet or very hot conditions,” said Jei Mercado, Moxa's Product Marketing Specialist in IP Surveillance. “Because of its groundbreaking durable and versatile design, the VPort 56-2MP is ideal whether you're safeguarding a border fence in a blistering hot desert or monitoring sub-zero conditions on a mountain top.” Mercado notes that with an optional robust IP68 and/or ATEX Zone 1/ Class 1, Division 1 compliant housing, the camera is exceptionally well-suited for use in oil and gas refineries, mining operations, LNG facilities, marinas or chemical processing plants to meet rigorous international code requirements.

Winmate has released its highperformance M101H, a 10.1-inch, rugged, enterprise-ready Windows® 8.1 tablet. The new rugged, industrialgrade mobile CPU features Intel’s® latest Haswell Core i5-4200U processor for ultra-fast speed and high-performance computing. M101H’s processing power comes from Intel’s next-generation Haswell 2.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor paired with genuine Intel graphics resulting in rapid, high performance computing. The tablet features a brilliant 10.1-inch, 700-nits IPS (in plane switching) projective capacitive touch screen, which is outdoor viewable and offers 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. With the latest Haswell processor, the M101H gives customers operating in the field and other challenging environments the power and performance they need to highly efficient and effective,” said Khalid Kidari, vice president of Winmate. “We created the M101H as a high-performance solution for industries ranging from telemetry, transportation and logistics, supply chain, direct store delivery, and warehouse. Customer response has already validated the need for a mobile, enterprise-ready tablet of this caliber.”

In-vehicle computing system provides fleet management solution Advantech-DLoG is pleased to announce the release of TREK-674, a compact in-vehicle, dualcore computing box aimed at fleet management and vehicle surveillance applications. Equipped with a 1.75 GHz Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual-core processor, TREK-674 delivers excellent performance for a variety of tasks. The embedded Stretch S7 video encoding chip supports up to eight analog camera input channels for high-quality video surveillance and extensive built-in RF features including GPS with AGPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/CDMA/HSDPA+/LTE technology. It facilitates real-time communication, vehicle tracking and positioning, and vehicle data collection. Integrated with an MRM SDK software package, TREK-674 is a robust and highly customizable computing platform that provides an ideal in-vehicle solution for law enforcement agencies, emergency services and public transportation. Furthermore, it is compliant with MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 specifications for shock/vibration resistance and features a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 70°C). TREK-674 is designed to enable superior vehicle diagnostics monitoring in a range of remote and challenging environments.

SailRail announces ProMat product line-up SailRail Automated Systems Inc., Markham, ON is pleased to announce their participation in ProMat 2015, at McCormick Place, Chicago - March 23-26. They will be showcasing an extensive line of ergonomically designed and integrated industrial carts in Booth 5441. Interactive demonstrations of carts, interfacing with ergonomic lifts, turns and tilts, will be highlighted and available for attendees to trial. A virtual display of specialty engineered industrial carts addressing specific ergonomic applications will be highlighted. SailRail is a full service material handling automation and industrial equipment supplier, delivering engineered solutions to customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America for over 30 years; specializing in delivering, conveying, exchanging and displaying containers for manufacturing and assembly operations. Their equipment interfaces range from manual operator control with fork truck loading/unloading to fully automated systems with robotic and AGV delivery.

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February 2015

We Handle It All! Setting the Standard in Material Handling Equipment

As World-Class Designers & Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment, We Offer:


This one-of-a-kind was just what the customer ordered!

Superior Workmanship • Customized Designs • Competitive Pricing GENERAL PURPOSE TRAILERS Single end fifth wheel, front automotive or all wheel steering capabilities. Our equipment is of heavy duty, all welded steel construction capable of withstanding the roughest punishment.



Our heavy-duty transporters come equipped with maintenance free battery and charger, pendant control, electromechanical drive and steer with laser scan bumpers as an option. We can build to your specifications or ask about our standard models.

Some material handling jobs are so unique that only customized specialty trailers can be used efficiently. We can design and build any size or capacity from the "ground up" the exact trailer to fit your special needs.


Give us your specs, chances are we built a similar unit before and with minor modifications, get you what you need.


Can double or even triple your forklift's capacity.Plus they are extremely maneuverable.


Our patented PHILLIPS Auto-Dump Bucket will increase efficiency and reduce the cost of handling almost any loose industrial material. Our buckets are available from 1/2 - 20 cubic yards. All operations are handled by the craneman. It cannot be dumped in mid-air or dumped accidentally.


AGV Transporters are capable of fully automatic operation within your plant and are designed to meet your specifications. These high capacity AGV Transporters are equipped with a multitude of performance and safety features.

CHARGING ATTACHMENTS All PHILLIPS Charging Attachments have available quick disconnect hydraulic couplings bolted to the apron. Heat resistant modifications are done to any model of forklift for your safety.


PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Part of the Industrial Sales Group of Irwin Car and Equipment

P. O. BOX 409 IRWIN, PA 15642

T: 724-864-8900 F: 724-864-8909 Email: Dave Felt at

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February 2015


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E Allied Products E Attachments & Access. E Auctions E Automated Storage Systems E Automatic Identification Equip. E Batteries/Chargers E Container Storage E Controls & Information Handling Systems E Conveyors E Customer Fabricators E Drug Testing Compliance

E Dock Equipment E Drum Handlers E Electrical/Electronic Controls E Engines E Finance Companies E Fluid Power Equipment E Insurance Companies E Inventory & Production Control Systems E Inventory And Bar Coding E Lift Tables E LP Gas Distributors


E Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment E Non-Powered Floor Equipment & Access. E Other E Overhead Lifting Equipment & Access. E Packing And Equipment E Pallet Jacks E Plant Facilities Equipment E Parts E Plant Yard Equipment

E Powered Industrial Trucks E Rack/Shelving E Rentals E Repair Services E Robots, Automated Equipment E Safety Products E Seats E Storage Equipment E Sweepers Scrubbers & Brushes E Tires/Wheels E Training Education/Assoc. E Transportation & Hauling Equipment E Warehouse Management



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Campus Crafts

160 Murray St., Rochester, NY 14606 1-(800) 733-6780

(800) 255-4109

E ATTACHMENTS / ACCESSORIES • Pallet Truck Modifications • Turret Mast Attachment • Mechanical Attachments • Special Design Request and Much Much More...

E Forks


E CONTAINER STORAGE E Container Options •

119 Sizes

Specials Available Chicago & CA Stock

Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962)

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:


Over 35 years experience of manufacturing & distributing quality loading dock equipment. (800) 255-4109

PH: 800.251.3382 Fax: 931.486.0316

E AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION EQUIPMENT Barcoding solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing. Improve productivity, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve service. Helping Customers Operate Better


February 2015


Flight Systems Industrial Products Remanufactured Controls


• Partnered With Many Leading OEMs • ISO Certified For Quality Management • Serving The Industry For Over 40 Years • 1-800-333-1194

E Manufacturer/Suppliers (Rebuilt)



Reman Engines/Gas, LP & CNG

Engines, Cylinder Heads, Parts


Reman Engines, Transmissions, Drive Units, Steer Axles & Differentials


E Pallet Truck Parts

1-816-796-7676 800-896-7676 •

(800) 255-4109 E LIFT TABLES E Steer Assembly (Reman) (800) 255-4109 800-447-3967

Steer Axles


E Tires/Wheels EZ-Lift Quality Scales and Scissorlifts too Chicago & CA Stock

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:





690 Chase Ave., Elk Grove, Illinois 60007 Phone: 847-956-1300 • Fax: 847-956-1339 • 800-323-6052

Website: • E-mail:


E PARTS E Cylinders–Hydraulic

Hader Industries 262-641-8000

15600 W Lincoln Ave, P.O. Box 510260 New Berlin, WI 53151-0260 We also carry pumps, power steering units & valves.

E Emissions Analyzer

800 Trucks In Stock

All Makes and Models Chicago and California Stock

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 5050 N. River Road • Schiller Park, IL 60176 (847) 678-3450 • Web:

E RACK / SHELVING (800) 255-4109 E Manufacturer/Suppliers (New)

Dealer Only Quick Ship Pallet Rack

Cantilever Racks • Structural Pallet Racks Portable Stacking Racks • Specialty Transport & Storage Products

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February 2015




• • •

Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962)

Corrugated Steel Rack Deck Economical • Strong • Easy-Install Fast Delivery • Drain Holes Painted, galvanized, or stainless steel

Rack Deck by DACS 800-909-4937





690 Chase Ave., Elk Grove, Illinois 60007 Phone: 847-956-1300 • Fax: 847-956-1339 • 800-323-6052

Website: • E-mail: Lift Up Your Business

✷Industrial Pneumatics-Radial & Cross-Ply ✷Super Elastic Resilient ✷Press-On Bands ✷Multi-Purpose Tires (MPT) 877-235-0102

Industrial Tire

FAX 800-909-4938

E REPAIR SERVICES E Motors (Electric) the solution to all your Electric Lift Truck Motor needs. New • Rebuilt • Exchange • Motors • Armatures • Parts 8 Locations Coast to Coast 800-435-9346

E Transmissions




Reman Transmissions, Drive Units, Differentials & Torque Converters

Experience the benefits of a full-time After Market Consultant at a fraction of the cost. (803) 548-6707 • Email:



Phone: 508.991.6660


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Campus Crafts

Fax: 508.991.7330 • •

160 Murray St., Rochester, NY 14606 1-(800) 733-6780 (800) 255-4109 E STORAGE EQUIPMENT E Carts • • •

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Portable Storage Racks All-Steel Stack Racks Pallet Stacking Frames

800-939-DYNA (3962) 48

February 2015

877.638.6190 |


Today, material handling equipment runs faster, carries more weight and lifts higher. Lmax premium polymer formulation characteristics reduce heat build-up which allows for longer runs at higher loads and speeds. For maximized performance, even in the most demanding environments, rely on Lmax to deliver beyond your expectations!

999 Wells Street Lake Geneva, WI 53147 PH: 888-734-7687 FX: 262-348-5570

Covered By Our Perfection Performance Guarantee


February 2015


ClearCap Covers Every lift should be equipped! ClearCap Forklift Forklift Covers Every lift should be equipped! TM


Keeps seat dry! Keeps seat dry!

A Clear Solution to a Common Problem A Clear Solution to a Common Problem


Avoid OSHA fines! Avoid OSHA fines!


• Made of rigid, high impact, non-yellowing • polycarbonate Made of rigid, plastic high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic • Reasonably priced protection from rain, snow, & sun priced protection from rain, snow, • dust Reasonably dust &sizes sun available to fit various trucks, • Many clearsizes & tinted versions • in Many available to fit various trucks, in clear & tinted versions

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

OSHA standard 1917.43 (e) (1) (ii) clearly states, “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.”

Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit Call toll-free Wy’East Products 1-888-401-5500 or visit



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February 2015

Take the pain out of YOUR supply chain. Join the Rhino Team! Take the pain out of YOUR supply chain. Join the Rhino Team!

Rhino Rubber, LLC is a global distribution company that provides quality industrial tire products and services. We are looking for dealers and distributors to be a part of the Rhino team that represents “Excellence in Service” Rhino Rubber, LLC is a global distribution company that provides quality industrial tire products and services. with a commitment to the principles of continuous improvement, quality and competitive products. Our team will We are looking for dealers and distributors to be a part of the Rhino team that represents “Excellence in Service” take the “pain” of the supply process. with aout commitment to thechain principles of continuous improvement, quality and competitive products. Our team will take the “pain” out of the supply chain process.

Join the Rhino Team.

RhinoaTeam. Contact usJoin todaythe to become Rhino dealer or distributor. Move it exclusively…Move it on Rhino. Contact us today to become a Rhino dealer or distributor. Move it exclusively…Move it on Rhino.

Easy toBeat. Beat. Easyto toFind...Tough Find...Tough to

Warehouse: 234-678 -7863 ••Toll TollFree: Free:877-744-6603 877-744-6603 Warehouse: 234-678-7863 Fax:Fax: 888-480-8611 888-480-8611 •• Rhino Rubber Warehouse • 275-299 N. Arlington Rd. • Akron, OH 44306

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Material Handling Wholesaler February 2015  
Material Handling Wholesaler February 2015