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Hyster Best-In-Class operator training now available in Spanish

EnKon improves ergonomics with scissor lift and rotate system for carts

Hyster Company has launched a Spanish version of its award winning Best-in-Class operator training program. The comprehensive DVD set features Hyster® Class I-V lift truck products and includes all the components necessary to conduct the classroom portion of an OSHA-compliant operator training program. “Hyster’s tough trucks are designed for the most demanding applications, but we need to ensure that all of our operators are properly trained to operate efficiently and safely,” said Jay Costello, director of training for Hyster. “The Spanish version of the award-winning Hyster Best-in-Class training program contains all the components necessary to conduct the classroom portion of our OSHA-compliant operator training program for operators that use Spanish as their primary language.” Although developed to meet U.S. OSHA regulations, the DVD content will benefit any operator in any application. Additionally, the Spanish dialect used will be understood by a majority of Spanish speakers, regardless of national origin. The program’s supporting documentation, such as instructor guides, class-specific tests, wallet cards and course completion certificates, is also included in Spanish.

EnKon Systems, Herkules Equipment Corporation’s brand name of lift systems, designed, engineered, and manufactured a pneumatic scissor lift and rotate system to specifically fit a customer’s cart for improving ergonomics and productivity in their facility. With this new system, the customer is now able to raise a cart containing a pallet to the proper heights while placing products onto the pallet. The rotate system allows the cart to easily turn 360°, reducing the time and back strain to complete the task. Once the pallet is fully loaded, the customer can lower the lift and roll the cart full of products to the next step in the process. The system is built with the rotate bearing attached to a platform below the lift, with four mounting holes for securing the system to the floor. The high-grade rotate bearing is heavy-duty and can withstand load slamming from forklift trucks. Safety features include the optional bolt-on bellows skirt to protect from pinch points, a maintenance safety stop, and captured roller wheels to prevent the lift table from tipping. It is rated for a capacity of 2,000 lbs, and 12,000 duty cycles per year.

"Build Your Own" Caster configurator 2.0 released The Caster Concepts Custom Configurator has been a popular tool for engineers and CAD designers who need to be absolutely certain that they have the optimal caster for their application. Based upon feedback from the clients who have used this powerful tool, we are happy to introduce the Caster Configurator 2.0, which contains a multitude of enhancements that we feel will make the task of designing custom casters even more efficient. Though you could always download caster models, you can now download all of our wheel styles as well. A new parametric search tool ensures you'll always find the exact model you want. We've added easy-to-use sliders and tabs to enhance navigation throughout the Configurator. This means that you'll be able to see all available options based on series/ capacity/diameter/width. We've improved the overall search function so you can easily find our entire inventory of casters and wheels. These features, combined with the ability to download your designs in over 150 CAD formats and an interactive caster design menu, are unique in the material handling industry.


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