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Sinopsis: “Dolls” is a Japanese movie directed by Takeshi Kitano. This film has three different stories. The main story is about a young man, Matsumoto, who had a fiancé, Sawako, but broke up with her to marry the daughter of his boss. Sawako attempted suicide and stays in a semivegetative state. So, Matsumoto, with no safe conscience decides give up of everything to stays with Sawako. The second story is about a fan who is so obsessed with the pop star Haruna that blinds himself after she has a car accident and become deform. The third is about an aged woman who, during many years, went to the park to meet his boyfriend, but he never showed up. After many years, he, an aged Yakuza (Japanese mafia person), decides to meet her.

Photos: Sawako and Matsumoto

Nukui and Haruna

Ryoko and Hiro

Photos: Bunraku


Sawako and Matsumoto in Bunraku’s clothes

Review: Inspired by traditional Japanese Bunraku doll theater, "Dolls" is an unforgettable movie. Their scenes are beautiful, colorful by red, gold, pink cherry blossoms and white from the snow. The movie is narrated through the seasons and through the main characters that walk tied by a long red rope. There are a few dialogues in this movie but their expressions and movements tell us the drama and show a sensibility of Japanese movies. Their three stories seem a little disconnected but their plot are all the same: love and madness together, giving us a distressing view of these two feelings.

Details: Directed by: Takeshi Kitano Produced by: Masayuki Mori Written by: Takeshi Kitano Starring: Miho Kanno Music by: Joe Hisaishi Cinematography: Katsumi Yanagishima Editing by: Takeshi Kitano Distributed by: Office Kitano Release date(s): 2002 Running time: 114 min Country: Japan Language: Japanese

Takeshi Kitano

Cast (in credits order) Miho Kanno ... Sawako Hidetoshi Nishjima ... Matsumoto Tatsuya Mihashi ... Hiro, the boss Chieko Matsubara ... Ryoko, the Woman in the Park Ky么ko Fukada ... Haruna Yamaguchi, the Pop Star Tsutomu Takeshige ... Nukui, the Fan Kayoko Kishimoto ... Haruna's Aunt Kanji Tsuda ... Young Hiro Y没ko Daike... Young Ryoko Ren Ohsugi ... Haruna's Manager Shimadayu Toyotake ... Tayu, Puppet Theater Narrator Kiyosuke Tsuruzawa ... Puppet Theater Shamisen Player






Programa Dolls  

Trabalho academico - programa para o filme Dolls

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