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GENDER AND SEX A syllabus created to clarify the differences and recognize representation. Written by: Maddi Hurd Kelsey Smith Jennifer Uriega


CONTENTS "We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. That's OK." -Laverne Cox, actress and LGBTQ activist




Sex vs Gender


Types of Non-Conforming Genders




People Living Gender Non-Conforming Lives


Media Representation

SEX VS. GENDER n_between_sex_and_gender.html “The terms ‘sex' and ‘gender' are closely linked, yet they are not synonyms… the word ‘sex' [is] used to refer to the physical differences between men and women, while the term ‘gender' [is] used in connection to the behaviour and cultural practices of men and women.” 3.php A break down of sex versus gender, and added facts you may not have known about gender stereotypes! For example, was pink originally “a boy’s” color? Read and find out!

Is there a difference between sex and gender? Why or why not?

PAGE 01 A TED Talk by Rikki Arundel where she explains the difference between genders and “how we can break from the prison of gender identity!” Need more? Come here for the Ultimate Sex and Gender 101 Guide! Your basic guide to learning what it means to be gender non-conforming. y Get your background information on what it means to identify as non-binary! queer_what_does_it_mean_and_where_does_it_come_fr om.html Get some background on what it means to be genderqueer!

TYPES OF NONCONFORMING GENDERS What does it mean to be gender non-conforming? How much do you conform to your gender? Your basic guide to learning what it means to be gender non-conforming. binary Get your background information on what it means to identify as non-binary! PAGE 02 For a better understanding for what it means to be transgender, check out this interview with Ryan Sallans. entities Come here to explore a list of non-binary identities!


PRONOUNS Some non-binary individuals prefer to use gender neutral or gender inclusive pronouns. important Give this a read to learn how to use gender neutral pronouns and how to avoid misgendering. Read this HuffPost piece to understand the importance behind using the correct pronouns, and also find some tips about using and understanding different pronouns. Check out this awesome BuzzFeed video about why using someone’s preferred pronouns is important. Go through some frequently asked questions about pronoun usage, what to do if you make a mistake, how to ask about someone’s pronouns, etc. Also, you can find a nice list of some of the more common genderqueer pronouns!

What are your pronouns? Have you ever been misgendered? If not, how do you think being misgendered would make you feel?

"A GENDER-EQUAL SOCIETY WOULD BE ONE WHERE THE WORD 'GENDER' DOES NOT EXIST: WHERE EVERYONE CAN BE THEMSELVES." -GLORIA STEINEM Discusses through interviews with transgender and nongender conforming adults whether or not they conceal their identity, why they choose to conceal or not, and how it affects their mental well-being. Will the world become genderless one day? Find out what Barbara Kantrowitz has to say in this Newsweek article.

LIFE WITHOUT GENDER Check out some real stories from real people who live their lives without the boundaries of gender. Tyler Ford, a genderless person, talks about their life experiences and how they navigate each day while not conforming to a gender. 6 stories from people who identify as non-binary. They talk about their everyday life, their personal experiences and what gender means to them.



MEDIA REPRESENTATION How often is it that you see a person that does not identify within the binary on media? Can you identify more than 5 examples? jQkDDP1mXWo6uco/wiki/List_of_fictional_nonbinary_characters.html A list of fictional non binary characters A slideshow with a list of characters that have non binary backgrounds v=1W5t6kgoMFI A video talking about how media tends to portray people that are non binary and how it tends to be only present in fiction and literature. -in-movies-and-tv/ Characters from lesser known movies and TV shows How non binary representation in a children's show plays an important part in being shown

Gender and sex  
Gender and sex