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Portfolio of Industrial Designer

Matt Hunter

Sports Equipment:

Hyper React

Kids begin exploring sports at a young age. This curiosity leaves their parents paying for equipment that may only be used one season. My thesis creates a modular pad system in which the pads are rented and returned each season during this exploration.


Hyper-React _Background

-Parents spend a large amount on their child’s sports activities -The contact sports of Hockey, Football, and Lacrosse are the most expensive due to the large amount of equipment needed -This high cost limits participation and exploration


Hyper-React _Research Shoulder pads forms were not successful

-Prototypes were created to test fit and sizing. -Red material was used to indicate hard plastic -Green and Blue material was used to indicate flexible foam -The thigh pads and rib protectors were too large for this user demographic -The shoulder pad geometry was also adjusted for the final design

Leg sizing was too large


Hyper-React _Research - Market trends in sports equipment were studied to create a branding direction

Simple Simple

-Surveys were taken to discover the user’s tastes and trends -These survey boards focused on color, form, taste using images of other products and form popular culture.

Trendy Trendy

Traditional Traditional

Complex Complex

MarketingMatrix Matrix Marketing


Hyper-React _Ideation -Anatomy was studied to identify areas that required the most protection and ergonomics Branding & Modularity Exploration

-Limited color was used in the branding so that it would not conflict with team colors but still convey a recognizable brand image


Hyper-React _System

Delivery from Manufacturer/Seller

Distribution to Organization

Play Use


Return to Organization

Ship to Manuf/Seller


Inspection & Repair

-Pads are issued through the school or organization thus lowering cost

-Renting encourages sport exploration and participation at a low price and guarantees ‘like-new’ quality

-The pads are then returned at the end of each season and inspected, cleaned then reissued


Hyper-React _Tech Spec’s

11” 10”




23” 12”

-Poron Foam is an open cell structure which insures maximum protection and is also anti-fungal


ABS Plastic


Poron Foam


Hips/ Thigh • •

Knee • •


Shoulder •

• • •


Arm/ Elbow • •

Elbow Sleeve • • •

-A Cool Max liner wicks away moisture

-Spandex insures flexibility and comfort -Product graphics label which piece is to be used for what sport


Hyper-React _Designs

11” 10”





-The hockey configuration uses the chest protector, elbow pads, knee and shin pads, and thigh pads



ABS Plastic


Poron Foam










Hyper-React _Designs

11” 10”




-The lacrosse configuration uses the chest protector, and elbow pads.

23” 12”

4” 11

ABS Plastic


Poron Foam

Hyper-React _Designs


-The football configuration uses the chest protector, soft elbow pads, soft knee and pads, and thigh pads

4” 12


Poron Foam


Rocky Boots

During the internship at Rocky Brands I helped to develop casual shoes and hunting boot designs for fall. Material selection was stressed. I also created custom logo and foot bed graphics for some designs.

Rocky Boots _Background

-Rocky速 Outdoor Gear is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occupational footwear

-A corporate office, warehouse, and distribution center reside the original manufacturing building in Nelsonville that goes back to 1932


Rocky Boots _Ideation


Rocky Boots _Ideation -The main project goal was to create a family of shoes that reflected the rugged feel of the Rocky brand while still being versatile. -The challenge of the design was to create these designs on an existing outsole.

Color splashes indicate similar materials More unique styles explored a variety of materials


Rocky Boots _Refinement


-The hunting shoe uses durable Cordura material and full-grain water proof leather

-The casual chukka is made from suede and a full grain leather


Rocky Boots _First Pullovers Debossed Logo -Test prototypes were made and produced in a new manufacturer from the Dominican Republic. -This project was used to evaluate the plant’s abilities and quality control.


toy fabrication:


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Designer toyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is a term used to describe toys and other collectibles that are produced in limited editions (usually <1000) and created by artists and designers. This project illustrates the character development and the creation of one of these toys.

Itti _Ideation -Sketching focused on developing a character that was cute, quirky, and humorous -The ideation explored many iterations to develop a final character -The design had to be simple enough to allow customization but still have an unique image and form


Itti _Refinement

-Itti was selected to by the Rivet Gallery in December 2008 for their annual â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stuff Thisâ&#x20AC;? show.


Itti _Production -Handmade Silicon molds were created to mass produce the design. -The at home molding process yielded various results during the production.

Plastic Resin


Itti _Production

-Material exploration led to a concrete version which improved production quality and lowered cost.

-Itti was also displayed in the 2010 Guerilla Truck Show and is now currently sold on my Etsy shop.



Clean Bag

Clean Bag was created for the International Housewares Assoc. annual student design competition. The product solves the problem of smelly athletic bags through organization and various fiber technologies to absorb and prevent odor.

Clean Bag _Background -The main issue with gym bags odor is clutter -Bags are used to transport clean and dirty items -Everything from cell phones to hygiene products are carried in the bag

User Profile : -18-30 years old -Male/Female -Active and Health Conscious -Work out at least 3 times a week


Clean Bag _Design Criteria

Streamline Experience :

Adaptable :

Security :

-Items remain in the bag ignored and odor develops over time -Creating an experience that promoted good habits was a critical to the design

-The bag will be used to carry many items. -The items vary before the workout and afterwards, so versatility matters.

-Items were sometimes left alone and a secure storage area is needed


Clean Bag _Ideation -Early development focused on separating clean and dirty clothes -Various bag-styles were explored, but the sling style bag was chosen based on user research.

Separate Wash Bag


Clean Bag _Ideation

Adjustable Straps for more space


Clean Bag _Prototyping

-Prototypes focused on sling style bags that used an external pocket for additional storage -Adding a separate wash bag allowed for dirty clothes to go directly into the wash


Clean Bag _Design

15” H x 18“ L X 6” D -The final design featured a sling-style bag -1 large main pocket with hidden security pocket -1 external clothes pocket and a water bottle pocket -The Cocona fabric system absorbs odor and moisture using coconut fibers



Crossover Hockey Currently, there are very few brands that address the inline hockey market. Many players use ice hockey equipment that can be bulky and uncomfortable in warmer environments. Crossover Hockey brings a new line of equipment built for the serious inline hockey player.

Crossover Hockey _Background

Inline Hockey :

User Profile :

-Played Indoors on Plastic Tile - Limited Physical Contact - 4 vs 4 -Faster, more wide-open game play

18-25 Years old Male Some College/Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree $40,000-$60,000/year income


Crossover Hockey _Ideation -Due to the unique nature of the sport, the pants, bags and elbow pads are the focus of the branding -Material placement and branding accents were explored in the ideation

Flexible Neck Joint


Crossover Hockey _Ideation


Crossover Hockey _Branding -The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Crossoverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; name comes from a skating term that involves a smooth and swift change in direction -The logo draws from historic NHL logos -Geometric and linear forms reflects current trends


Crossover Hockey _Design Features include : -Cylindrical shaped bag with separate skate pocket -Spandex groin in the pants for flexibility -Reinforced knee pads.


Crossover Hockey _Design

The final design also includes: -Removable cool-max liner in the elbow pad -Rigid ABS plastic protection on the biceps and forearm -Adjustable elastic straps -ABS plastic elbow cup.


Graduate Thesis:

Indie Culture &Design The goal of my graduate thesis is to examine the Indie movement in design and establish a new design process that balances Indie values with traditional industry applications.

Indie Culture & ID _Background

-Indie Design is rapidly growing. Indie Creators are utilizing tools like 3d printing and CNC milling and unique and sustainable materials to create niche design products


Indie Culture & ID _Research

-The distinction between professional designer and hobbyist is becoming more and more blurred. -The Indie influence stretches across many fields -Indie creators can be the designer, producer, & retailer of their products


Indie Culture & ID _Insights Emerging Process


-Indie is now large enough where it is impacting business of traditional industry.


-The growth of online information & communities in addition to flexible, inexpensive manufacturing and readily accessible technology is all contributing to a new design process.

DIY Entrepreneur

Existing Product

Online Instruction

Raw Material

Community Collaboration

Final Product



On-Demand Manufacturing


Lower Costs



Indie Culture & ID _Living as an Indie Maker -To better understand Indie design, a number of products were created using Indie methods, tools, and materials. -Felt bike grips were developed. This design used natural wool felt, upcycled tire tubes and silk thread.


Indie Culture & ID _Development

-The goal of the final designs was to use these Indie values within the design of applications/software,

-Early concepts focused on creating an alert system that uses rider tagged hazards for cycling conditions that could be viewed by other users.

-Community - Advocacy & Awareness -Emerging Tech - Trending Materials and Processes -Bottom-Up - User-Generated Content and Growth

-Based on rider input, the community aspect of the app was pursued in further design concepts.


Indie Culture & ID _Sensor Hardware

GPS Chip Accelerometer CPU

AA Battery

Rubber Tension Rings Locking Mechanism

-The sensor uses a standard AA battery for months of battery life and an accelerometer for an auto power switch.

-The sensor installs into the handlebars using a special key tool to prevent theft. Rubber rings tension inside the handlebar when the key is turned.

-The GPS chip tracks rider data and also functions as a digital leash to track the bike if it is stolen.


Indie Culture & ID _Mapping System -The Cycle Mapping App concept uses GPS technology to create an evolving bike map of the city. Friends locations

-The system can be accessed online and from a smartphone. -The app uses the riders cellphone as a GPS tracking device recording the data and route of their ride. -Using the social networking feature, users can share your routes with friends, and look up the most popular routes in the city.


Indie Culture & ID _Tracking System

- The Cycle Tether App concept uses GPS technology which is embedded in the bar ends to monitor when a bike is tampered with and possibly stolen.

-Mapping the bikes location allows real-time tracking of the missing bikeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s location. Userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s can view the current path of travel of their missing bike.

-Other users in the adjacent area are

alerted to the crime. They are shown a photo of the bike and the name of the owner.


Indie Culture & ID _Cog Connect App

-The App will continue to be developed and brought into production. Using Kickstarter the design will hopefully gain enough financial support from the community to be produced.

-The system will also be open sourced. Developers and programmers will be able to hack and change the sensor and software to fit a variety of experiments and needs.


3D Samples _Solidworks

-Stainless Steel Faucet Concept


Matt Hunter Chicago, IL


Thank You! Matt Hunter Industrial Design



Matt Hunter Chicago, IL


_Work Experience Experience:


Newell Rubbermaid. Design Intern, 10/2011-Current

Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, 2009-2011

• Generate 3d concepts for Sharpie, Papermate, Expo, and Prismacolor brands • Assisting in gathering product research through focus groups, interviews, and discussions with consumers • Projects include a variety of pen, marker, pencil, and packaging designs

Univ. of Illinois at Chicago. Teaching Assistant 8/2009-5/2011

• Instructed Foundation Industrial Design course to Art & Design students • Taught students techniques and operation of equipment and tools • Fabricated furniture and products for use in the college offices

Rocky Brands, Footwear Design Intern, Summer 2008

• Developed casual shoes and hunting boots for Fall 2009 for Rocky Boots • Assisted in selecting materials and leathers for various designs • Created Custom logos and footbed graphics

Dell-Sponsored Integrated Product Development Program, 2010

• Collaborated in a team of Engineering, MBA, and Design students • Developed a Next Gen mobile device for Dell • Juggled the functionality of engineering, the marketability of business with the values of design

• M.F.A. in Industrial Design 5/11

Columbus College of Art & Design, 2006-2009 B.F.A. in Industrial Design, 5/09

Western Michigan University, 2004-2006 • Majoring in Industrial Design


• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver, Rhino, Solidworks, Bunkspeed Shot, AutoCAD, CATIA, IDEAS, Mac/PC proficient


• Honorable Mention in 2008 Victoria’s Secret Package Design Competition, Toy Design displayed in Rivet Gallery 12/2008


• Bikes, Beers, Sneakers, Vinyl Toys, Hockey, Skiing, Wiffle Ball, Fabrication/Shop


Portfolio of Matt Hunter  

2012 Industrial Design Portfolio of Matt Hunter