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Crossover Hockey

Toy Design C lean-Bag Syst em

R oc ky Brands Int ernship


Matt Hunter

C rossover Hoc key

Currently, there are very few brands that address the inline hockey market. Many players use ice hockey equipment that can be bulky and uncomfortable in warmer environments. C rossover brings a new line of equipment built for the serious inline hockey player.

-Played Indoors on Plastic Tile - Limited Physical Contact - 4 on 4 play -No Icing or Offsides


is Inline

C rossover Hoc key

Hoc key?



C olor Palet t e

Minimal and clean Draws from the ‘Original Six’ NHL teams Geometric and linear which reflects current trends in design.

Color Palette

Materials and Styling were explored through sketches

Bags, Elbow Pads, and Pants are the focus of the brand Inline Hockey has a specific need for these to be redesigned

Removable Liner Reinforc ed


spandex groin for flexibility

C ylindrical

Final Designs

shape with

seperat e skat e poc ket

Branded Jersey using RBK Templat e

10’’ 8’’



Pat t ern Drawings Various materials and parts were used to Elbow Pad Matt Hunter 10/25/07

construct the product and focused on comfort and protection


3’’ L: 8.5’’

4’’ 4’’

2’’ 3’’

Hard Plastic





x4 5.5’’

Hard Plastic


5.5’’ 2.5’’

3’’ 3.5’’ 4’’ 2’’

Hard Plastic Elbow Pad foam

Matt Hunter Elbow Pad Matt Hunter elastic




Final Model

-Ext ended



liner for washing

forearm prot ect ion

plast ic forearm and bic ep prot ect ion

-E last ic

st raps


plastic elbow c up

C lean-Bag Syst em

This project was done for the International Housewares Assoc. annual student design competition. My product solves the problem of smelly athletic bags by organizing the items stored in the bag and using various fiber technologies to absorb and prevent odor.

Design C rit eria Prevent Odor - To discourage the growth of bacteria that cause odor. Organization - Allow for the separation of items stored in the bag. Expandable - To allow the bag to adapt from full to empty and

T he Problem?


fit the items needed. Security - Deter theft of valuable items by using hidden pockets. Portability - Include handles and straps to aid in transporting the bag.

T he Problem Stat ement

Storage - Make the bag take up minimal space when stored

To design an athletic bag that prevents odor and

Adaptable - Allow the bag to change size and function with

organizes items stored in the bag for the weekly user ages 18 - 30 years old.

and not in use. multiple user scenarios. Materials - Use materials that will allow for longer product life and resist dirt and odors. Human factors - will be conscious of variety of user proportions using handles and size accordingly. Durability - withstand heavy abuse and environmental factors to maximize lifespan.

Research Classic

P ric e



Funct ional-


Monthly User

Weekly User

Small Tot e Bag

Bac kpac k

Bag Style

It ems Stored



C lothes

Toilet ries

Wallet/Phone Wat e r

Initial Research included market analysis, trend & style research, as well as user-interviews.




C lothes

Toilet ries

Wallet/Phone Wat e r Books

Ball/Spec ial E quipment

Int erviews

Photo Analysis

Streamline Experience- items remain in bag and forgotten

Adaptable- the bag will be used to carry many things

Photo Analysis was used to discover problem areas and design criteria.

Security- the items were left alone and a secure storage area is needed

Sketching Discouraging neglected dirty clothing was extremely important to the design. This issue was resolved by adding wash bags in which dirty clothing

The earliest development focused on separating

could be placed then thrown into the washer.

clean and dirty clothes. An external pocket was added to fit this need. An internal pocket was added to hide valuables.

Later prototypes focused were sling style and had an extra pocket for additional storage

Organization of dirty and clean items was key to design development.


Adding a wash bag allowed for dirty clothes to go directly into the wash

Final Design Odor

- Cocona


fabric system

absorbs odor and moisture

Organization -dirty

to improve sanitation

clothes are stored

externally in separate pocket

Streamlined -using


separate wash bags

that go from bag to washer

The final Design is sling-style and contains 1 large main pocket with hidden security pocket, 1 external clothes pocket and a beverage pocket


Large Zipper Opening to accommodate various size items

Front pocket folds down

Internal Security pocket for valuables

Dirty items are stored in mesh wash bag which can go straightto-wash

reinforced back panel for comfort

Dirty items are then placed in Front Pocket for transport

Padded Str ap

Adjustable Buckle

Bottle Holder

Tech Spec s

Zipper opening

snap fasteners

reinforced back panel

15” H x 18“ L X 6” D Flips to store dirty items

Toy Design

This collection of projects covers a variety of toy designs from Urban Vinyl toys to action figures. A variety of sculpting materials and techniques were used in these projects.

iTTi is a nocturnal monster that eats the paint of graffiti kids. He lives in train cars and in subways

iTTi was featured in the show ‘Stuff This at the Rivet Gallery in December 2008


R oc ky Brands Int ernship

The internship at Rocky Brands spanned 2 months. I helped to develop casual shoes and hunting boot designs for Fall 2009. Material selection was stressed. I also created custom logo and foot bed graphics for these designs.



Marker Sketches

Final Designs This family of shoes was created


as a casual style meant to BOBCAT CASUAL OXFORD

compliment the tradtional rugged boots of Rocky.These Uppers were created to fit with already existing outsoles.

C hukka



First Pullover

First Pullover



C log Slip-on

First Pullover

First Pullover

Hunting Boot

This hunting boot concept was created for serious hunters and meant to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The upper was created upon an existing outsole.

Thank You! Contact: 724-801-6146

Portfolio of Matt Hunter Fall '09  

Industrial Design Portfolio of Matt Hunter

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