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ADDRESS to the Armenian Diaspora and people of good will from all over to save a unique architectural monument

Over the centuries, a lot of Armenians lived in Moldova, but certainly the most remarkable of them was Manuc-Bey Mirzaian (or Emanuel (Manuc) Mirzaian, 1769-1817). Born in the town of Rusciuc (at that time incorporated in the Ottoman Empire, nowadays – the city Ruse from Bulgaria), through his father he originated from the village Karpi, Armenia. It’s no need to enter too much into details, because the mere mention of his name makes the heart vibrate more intensely of every descendant of the famous Ararat. We will just note that, due to this gentleman’s and lately to his successors’ endeavours, the town Hincesti (Moldova) gained for the posterity a true architectural jewel – the Museum and Tourist Complex „Manor-Park Manuc-Bey”. Manuc-Bey Mirzaian

In Moldova it can be equalled, for its intrinsic historical and cultural value, only by Soroca Fortress – both being unique objects. We will not exaggerate at all by categorizing the mansion and the very complex as the country's only architectural treasures.

It is sufficient to say that in different periods of the nineteenth century, the greatest masters have applied here their divine talent and inspiration. A renowned architect A. Bernardazzi designed and watched over the construction of the Palace itself and of a few buildings, which formed the residence of the estate. The interior walls of it (and of the Armenian church, which, unfortunately, did not preserve) were painted by another famous artist – I. Aivazovschi (Aivazean), also of Armenian origin. We can only imagine what beauty sparkled this pearl of Hincesti (with the fountain, unique winter gardens, with its very elegant park) almost two centuries ago. Palace Manuc-Bey original (sec. XIXlea)

Unfortunately, the collapse of the Soviet Union spread the adverse effects over the whole areas of activity in former republics-components, while the existing patrimony has been left forsaken. These constructions haven’t been spared by the time either. They have visibly degraded. In particular, the edifices of the complex have been severely affected during the Second World War. In recent decades, the multitude of material concerns and the lack of budgetary, public resources practically brought the wonderful monument of architecture, history and culture to the brink of disappearance.

Adverse impressions on Manuc Bey Manor

House of Countess Dolgorukii

Several years ago, Hincesti District Council, the deliberative authority of the district, at the extent of its modest possibilities, noticed this great danger and took the initiative in its hands. There was obtained the shift of the object to the Council’s balance. A special marathon had been organized in order to collect funds, used for starting the designing works, providing they were closer to the original. The territory where the historic buildings are located was capitally fenced and the object – preserved. There was set afoot, by partial restoring, the Hunting Castle, which now is a museum of history and ethnography of the native land, with a separate section dedicated to the family of Manuc-Bey. Then followed the drafting of several project proposals submitted under the Joint Operational Programme "Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013" and a specific regional programme.

We are aware of the fact that, in the best case, even if we’ll become beneficiaries of these grants, the grave state of this object can not be solved completely. Whereas now the situation forces us to act in the fastest way. Any delay may lead to irrecoverable losses.

Hunting Castle – Currently a museum

Watchtower – present condition

And it would be a pity, because we intend to confer to this place the connotation of a pilgrimage tourist area – a kind of Mecca in the field. Realizing the importance of the given Complex for Hincesti District, the public authorities of the regional level have defined the tourism development and the refurbishment of the Manor-Park "Manuc-Bey" as one of its main priorities, foreseeing to create here new jobs, to develop tourism infrastructure, to diversify the economic sector by providing a wide range of tourist services for an increased number of visitors. Considerable efforts will be made to transform Hincesti Town into an attractive tourist location, and to turn the Palace Manuc-Bey into a multifunctional object (with a centre that will host various regional and international events, conferences, seminars, with a business structure, accommodation units, with an inclusive package of leisure facilities etc.). Our idea implies the convergence, we would even say – the happy symbiosis between the culture and the related items of the national nature of Moldovans and Armenians. For example, there would be welcomed here the preparing of both delicious local dishes and those which made a worldwide fame of the Armenian cuisine. There is a clear concept viewing the destiny of the Museum and Tourist Complex „Manor-Park Manuc-Bey", which proposes the gradual achievement of the following objectives: • Restoration and reconstruction of the Manor; • Reconstruction of the Watch Tower; • Thorough restoration of the Hunting Castle and of Countess Dolgoruky’s House; • Land arrangement and greening of the area.

In the nearest future, the Complex Manuc-Bey will be included, along with other three valuable tourist sites – the Hincu Convent, the Royal Court from Lapusna Village, the GetoDacian Fortress from Stolniceni Village – within a regional tourist circuit. The perspectives pour, indeed, the confidence and hope into our souls.

Artistic Rendering of the Manor of Manuc Bey

How the watchtower will look restored

Manuc-Bey Mirzaian – notorious personality of the time concerned and a very wealthy man, called as well "the Prince of Armenians", constanly supported his compatriots, with much zeal and generosity. Thus, coming in Hincesti, he contributed to the establishment here of about 100 Armenian families. Showing a reckless energy, he started ambitious projects, giving impetus to the local development. There exist in Hincesti a series of buildings, such as the winery with a worldwide known brand, which have been founded with the participation of Manuc-Bey, too. It goes without saying that, although the fate kept him far away from his native lands, Manuc-Bey remained a Great Armenian in the memory of his co-nationals. For more information and updates on Manuc Bey and the project, please follow We would like to address, hereby, primarily to the Armenian Diaspora all around the world, to the receptive, good will people with the message to provide a financial support, in the amount of their possibilities, for saving the monument of architecture and history referred to above. Because the eventual donation will serve a noble cause – perpetuation for the future generations of this masterpiece, which we would be able to pride with together. It’s obvious that absolutely all transferred means will be accumulated in a special fund being managed rigorously, strictly to the destination and with the highest transparency.

We hope that our call and request will touch the sublimity residing in your heart. At the same time, let us express the sincere wish that, through our conjoint participation in rendering life to the Palace Manuc-Bey, we will cope to establish sustainable partnership and cooperation relationships for the benefit of communities represented by us.

With special consideration and on behalf of all dwellers of Hincesti,

Grigore COBZAC, President of Hincesti District Contact details: Hincesti District Council Telephone: (+373 269) 2-26-69; Fax: (+373 269) 2-20-57; E-mail: Web:

Manuc Bei Complex Hincesti, Moldova  

We are looking for funding to restore this historic complex

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