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Jump Off With Thanksgiving over, it is officially acceptable to usher in my favorite time of year: Christmas! Christmas music and movies, holiday treats, trips to Mad River (Figure out how to get a discount on page21), Zoo lights. This month the Vibe helps you celebrate with all of the tips and advice you need to get through the holiday season. Looking for gifts for that special someone but not sure what to buy? We’ve got you covered. See page 5 for our holiday gift guide. With all of the holiday treats that come about this time of year, I’m sure we could all use some advice on how to stay in shape over the holidays (see page 6). Also seniors, with all of the excitement and things going on, it is all too easy to let college take the back seat. Make sure your on track with our senior checklist on page 7.

As always, the Vibe staff would love to hear from you. E-mail any suggestions, comments or questions to Happy Holidays!

Recently I made a visit to Ohio’s favorite university—The University of Michigan. Seniors make sure to go out and visit colleges you think you might be interested in. It’s the only way to know which one is the best fit for you, and time is running out to apply!

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


How to be a Teenage Entrepreneur Many kids dream of growing up and starting their own businesses, but few actually follow through. What does it take to be an entrepreneur and at such a young age? How would one go about starting a company? Two teenagers, Hart Main (pictured left) and Katherine Anderson started their own businesses. How did they do this, and what did it take? Hart Main, sophomore, started his own candle business when he was only 13 years old. He was inspired by a conversation with his sister. “I was joking with my sister about girly scented candles, and I thought it would be a good idea to make man scented candles.” Main started his business with $100 from his paper route. “I used this to pay for supplies at the beginning, and then borrowed money from my parents knowing I would have to pay them back,” he explains. He got started by calling a friend who owned a small candle company and she told him where to get the supplies. He wouldn’t have been able to achieve his success without heeding the advice he passes on to future entrepreneurs: “Never be afraid to ask for help.” Man-cans are more than just man-scented candles, the proceeds help others. “Before we make a candle the can is purchased from a local grocery store and is donated to a soup kitchen. Once the soup has been donated we clean the can, remove the label and then make a candle. Fifty cents from every candle goes to soup kitchens throughout Ohio. So far I have been able to donate 45,000 meals.” Main plans to continue his candle business for as long as he can. For now they can be found online at and in over 70 stores across the country. Another successful teenage entrepreneur is Katherine Anderson, graduate from MHS in 2011 who started a photography business her sophomore year in high school. Her business is called Avila Photography and can be found on Facebook. Anderson takes senior pictures, couple portraits, family pictures and does weddings. Entrepreneurs have to obtain many characteristics. “They have to be self-motivated, disciplined, excited, passionate, organized, and willing to work hard,” says Ms. Corbin, the MHS entrepreneurship teacher. Corbin gives advice, “keep pursuing your dream if that’s what you love to do. Keep on working.” It is not only character traits that are important to become an entrepreneur;

MHS entrepreneur Hart Main pictured with his Man Cans. Anderson got her start by doing a friend’s parent’s wedding. After taking pictures of the wedding, she realized that she could turn what she loved to do into a career. Anderson has first-hand experience when it comes to understanding business, businesses have run in her family which helped her to develop her own business; she also experimented with trial and error. Although she has natural talent, Anderson recognizes that she needs to supplement it with some business knowledge. Anderson plans to go to college in December and get her Associates Degree in Business. In order to become an entrepreneur yourself, Anderson recommends that you don’t give up. “Sometimes it feels like it is too much, but when it [the business] is done, it is the best feeling ever knowing that your business is yours and you made it.” Teenage entrepreneurs have to be “driven,” says Anderson. “It is very hard [to create your own business] and it takes a lot of work.” Entrepreneurs have to obtain many characteristics. “They have to be self-motivated, disciplined, excited, passionate, organized, and willing to work hard,” says Ms. Corbin, the MHS entrepreneurship teacher. Corbin gives advice, “keep pursuing your dream if that’s what you love to do. Keep on working.” It is not only character traits that are important to become an entrepreneur; students should also seek out a mentor. Corbin advises talking to a successful entrepreneur in the field you are hoping to get into. Mollie Walters

Other young entrepreneurs from across the United States: Adora Svitak

Savannah Britt

Stanley Tang

A 12-year-old who has published two books and transformed her writing success into speaking and teaching success. She has spoken at over 400 schools and presented at the annual TED conference. She has been featured on Good Morning America and on CNN.

Started her own publication – a magazine called Girlpez – making her the youngest magazine publisher in the world. The magazine features coverage of events, like concerts and fashion shows, along with interviews from the likes of Shwayze, Kevin Rudolf, and Dawn from Dannity Kane.

Published ‘eMillions’ in December of 2008 and it rocketed straight to the top of the Amazon Best-Seller lists. At just 14 years old, Stanley was the world’s youngest best-selling author. He just graduated high school and is currently attending

Monarch Vibe

November 2012

Stanford University.


Friends: Christmas is coming up quickly and sometimes it is hard to pick out the right thing. It is also a good idea to have choices and input from other sources. Being original is a huge part of gift giving. It is always the thought that counts, and if you have an original gift it shows you put more thought into it.

Family: You know your family better than anyone else, and they won’t be afraid to tell you exactly what they want! Making blankets is fast and easy, and it’s something everyone could use! You can go to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and pick up some soft, festive fabrics for your family!

Relationships: It’s so fun to shop for a boyfriend/ girlfriend for the holidays to show them how much you care. Clothes, shoes, and fitted items sometimes don’t fit, or might not be their favorite, a great idea is something they can keep forever. Lyndie Johndies, sophomore says, “I made my boyfriend a Builda-Bear! It was simple and really .cute!”

Monarch Vibe

November 2012

Keep it simple. Your friends won’t judge you! Get them their favorite candies, or favorite foods! It’s also always fun when you can incorporate inside jokes and memories. Madi Kingery, junior, says, “I made a poster board. I put pictures of the three of us in it and added our favorite quotes and inside jokes on the cut out pictures.” A more costly and more lasting present is an online scrapbook. Julia Stanley, junior, says, “A scrapbook off Shutterfly was really easy. I put some of our pictures in it and [my friend] loved it!”


For most students simply finding time between maintaining grades, a social life, and getting sleep can be a challenge. As we get closer to the holidays we need to have some way to stay in shape. Staying healthy is also very hard to stick with when you don’t always have motivation or aren’t sure what your body needs, but major changes can be made just by the smallest things. Here are some easier ways to focus on food, sleep and exercise. Kenzie Young, junior, gave a bunch of tips from her personal experience. Young suggested a change in diet. Not a drastic one, but trying to cut out pop and junk food alone can make a huge difference. She encourages you to reward yourself one day a week with your favorite junk food if you have been good about eating healthy. Another huge factor of staying healthy is HYDRATION. She recommends drinking six to eight bottles of water per day. According to a Weight Management program found at your local Walgreens store, hydration is a key to cutting calories the body does not actually need. Most of the time when you feel hungry, you aren’t- you are thirsty. Next time you think you are hungry drink a bottle of water then see how you feel. Some drinks do dehydrate your body and require a supplement that can keep you hydrated. Coffee, for example, helps everyone wake up in the morning, and does help speed up your metabolism, but dehydrates your muscles in the process. suggests drinking green tea in the mornings instead of, or after coffee. Green tea speeds up your digestive tract and has fewer calories than coffee.


, something you wouldn’t normally think would help a digestive system is actually one of the key factors. Eight to ten hours of sleep is what the body of a teenager needs; however, in reality most sleep schedules give us six to seven hours of sleep. Sleep can help speed up the metabolism and help the body feel more refreshed in the morning. Staying in shape is not about weight loss, it’s about how you feel. Young says she went to the gym with a friend almost every day and it was harder with a friend because she couldn’t focus. Instead, she made a playlist of songs to get her motivated. Young used buying a new outfit as a reward for her healthy lifestyle. If you do not have the time to go to the gym, it’s okay! Check out features/weight-loss-tips for more ways to burn a few easy calories.

What not to do: Not eating for long amounts of times is terrible for losing weight. Your body goes into starvation mode and turns everything you eat into fat to be stored until you eat again. Your body think you’ll starve it again. Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Snapchat- One of the world’s latest crazes, Snapchat is a whole new way of connecting with friends. You can send a picture to a friend that deletes after a certain amount of time. It’s the new texting! Wanelo- It’s like Pinterest, but with a twist! Instead of wishing for the clothes and jewelry you see on Pinterest, Wanelo allows the user a link to the website where a user can purchase the items. Create an account and start shopping! (Not available for Android). Powerschool- The school’s buzzing about Powerschool, and now it’s time to join the action on your smartphone! Powerschool’s app allows the user to view their grades, attendance, and so much more. (Not available for Android). Spot Search- Spot Search allows the user to type in lyrics to a song they’ve heard but don’t know the name of. It’s similar to Shazam (an app that lets users play music close to the phone speaker and tells the name and album of the song), but the song does not have to be playing. Just type in the lyrics and go! Urbanspoon- Perfect for vacations and dates, Urbanspoon allows the user to browse restaurants, menus and locations. Use “nearby” to find restaurants closest to you! iFunny-This app offers a collection of hilarious photos to view. Share with friends! (Not available for Android). Troy Daman Layout Editor

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Senior Checklist

Seniors, it’s time to crack down on those college applications! With deadlines quickly approaching, and some already passed, now is the time to begin submitting applications. If you haven’t started, never fear, MHS has resources to get you pointed in the right direction. This is where you should be at this point: Every college requires your school to send them your transcript. You can visit the guidance office to get the forms necessary to have your transcripts sent to your selected colleges. Counselors ask that you allow a minimum of five school days for completion. Upon completion, the Guidance office will notify the student and give them the forms in a sealed envelope. The student is then responsible for mailing to the forms to the university. It is essential that you do not open the envelope. Once opened, the documents become unofficial and can therefore not be used by the university. Make sure that testing companies have sent your scores directly to the schools to which you are applying. To take care of this you may go to for the ACT or for the SAT. If you haven’t already, write and finalize your college essays. Have friends, teachers, or family members read over them and make suggestions. Request personal recommendations from teachers and counselors so that they have plenty of time to complete them. When deciding which teachers to ask, Mrs. Proehl, guidance counselor, says that it’s about “who knows you best. Where did you work the hardest, show a strong work ethic, and participate? It’s not about the letter grade, it’s about character and showing perseverance.” Make sure you are registered to take any standardized tests that you either haven’t taken yet or would like to improve your score on including the SAT, ACT, or SAT subject tests. For many universities the December or January test dates are the last opportunities for students to take the test. Time is running out!

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


So what if I haven’t even started? Do some research! MHS provides students with a wonderful resource at which asks you a series of questions about your preferences and then provides you with a list of colleges specifically tailored to your needs and desires. The User ID for this is Marysville and the passwords is ohiocis03. If possible, go on a few college visits so you have a better idea of what you like and don’t like, and what school will be the best fit for you. MHS allows seniors two excused days for college visits, with any additional days having to be approved by Mr. Crispin. In order to go on a college visit the student must bring a parent note to the Attendance Office stating the date of the college visit, and within 48 hours of returning to school the student must provide the Attendance Office with an official letter bearing the college or university insignia verifying the student visit. Words on a computer screen can only tell you so much about everyday life on a campus, so make use of this opportunity! Once you’ve determined what colleges you are going to apply to, figure out all of the necessary materials that must be submitted with each application and make a list of the deadlines so that you may begin budgeting your time to meet them. The application process can be very stressful, but make sure to stay on top of things. It’ll all be worth it when you open your mailbox to an acceptance letter! Lyndsie Anderson

Upcoming Deadlines!

Ohio University: February 1 Ohio State University: February 1 Kent State University: No deadline Case Western Reserve University: January 15 Bowling Green State University: July 15 University of Cincinnati: February 1 (Specific programs may have earlier deadlines) Miami University: February 1 Many out –of-state or more selective universities have earlier deadlines. Be sure to be aware of the deadlines for any college you are interested in.

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Featured Senior: Rebecca Philpot .

Becca Philpot may have impressive grades, but she’s not all about school. This month’s Featured Senior spends her free time getting involved in her school and community through volunteering and participating in art and music. I sat down with Becca to get the facts about this busy and dedicated student.

What colleges are you looking into? Major? ONU, Grace College, Miami and Kenyon. ONU is my top choice. I want to study pre-med and minor in French. What career do you see yourself in? I want to be a reconstructive surgeon. What’s a memorable high school moment? Homecoming from my sophomore year because Lavinia was there. How has the foreign exchange changed your life? When I was younger we had two exchange students, one from Brazil and one from Finland, but I was too young to experience it. Then, I met Lavinia, my exchange student from Italy my sophomore year. She’s my sister, and she’s coming to see me graduate. It’s been a long time since she’s been here, right? I haven’t seen her in two years! What will you miss about high school? All the friends and relationships, and the great teachers. I’ll miss the routine, it’ll be different. Where do you seen yourself in 10 years? I’ll hopefully be graduated from medical school and starting a family. Do you know where you want to live? Most likely I’ll be living in Ohio or Michigan. What’s something about yourself that most people don’t know? I like volunteering, and I recently volunteered for the Pregnancy Care Center and met someone who survived an abortion. It was a great experience. Do you have any recommendations for underclassmen? Avoid drama and don’t focus too hard on school. Have fun and get involved! Troy Daman

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


MJ Richardson Featured Senior Homecoming King, National Merit Scholar and accomplished athlete senior M.J. Richardson is very well rounded student. With his sights set on Princeton, he keeps busy with a difficult course load and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

What’s something that most people probably do not know about you? I’m descended from people on the Mayflower. Also, my great grandfather, whom I’m named after, owned a bunch of bars on the east coast and was murdered and robbed. Where is your favorite place that you have ever been? Hawaii. I’ve been there five times. I love the memories made with my cousins and messing around on the beach. It’s always nice. Once I got to go in a volcano! What is the coolest thing that you’ve ever experienced? That’s difficult! Listening to Dalai Lama speak was pretty cool. Also, while in D.C. I was running with my friend and physically ran into Taylor Swift. Choking people out and knocking them unconscious at West Point was another great experience. How have you changed since you entered high school? I’m a lot more vocal and I’ve made a lot more friends. Where do you see yourself in the next five to 10 years? Grad school, studying whatever I choose to major in as an undergraduate, and then getting a job. Hopefully married and living somewhere on the

Monarch Vibe

east coast. How do you define success? Well right now I love competition, and so coming out on top brings me a feeling of success. In the long term, having the ability to do fun things without worry. What do you do in your free time? It varies! Every weekend is different. Last weekend I went to a hockey game and my friend’s birthday party. Next weekend I’m going to a Notre Dame football game. My family goes on a lot of trips and does a lot of activities. We do pretty much everything together! Do you have any pets? I had a fish once but we accidentally killed it by putting too much hot water in its tank. I think we had a guinea pig too but it died and we took in a stray cat but it didn’t stay long. We have bad luck with pets. If you could travel anywhere where would it be? Australia because I have a couple friends from there and there are beautiful beaches and no new language to learn. Lyndsie Anderson Editor-in-Chief

November 2012


Featured Athlete:

Chase Boyd Smart, athletic, and funny, the Vibe has the inside scoop on the life of this month’s featured athlete, Chase Boyd.

What is the biggest challenge you face during wrestling season? The daily grind. Just waking up early every day and usually running before school. Going through school is tough when I’m cutting weight. Nobody gets that feeling. Then having wrestling practice, sometimes two. Doing that day in and day out gets tough. Also staying disciplined on my diet. No snacks, nothing that’s not planned. But it’s definitely all worth it! How did you get into wrestling? I got into wrestling because my dad asked me if I wanted to try it. I honestly remember thinking it was WWE type of stuff and was looking forward to jumping off the corner and moon splashing some people. Noah and I started the same year and this is our 11 th year. How have you changed since freshman year? Oh gosh, freshman year I was a scrawny little kid getting beat up by McCombs and Marsh and looking up to Weeks and them because they were really good leaders. Now it’s senior year and I would like to say that I’m more mature now than I was then but I’m sure some people would disagree. I look back wishing I knew then what I know now, things would be so different. I still remember every loss I’ve had through the years and at night I go through and figure out what I did wrong so I can change. Wrestling is personal like that. When you lose there is no one else to blame so every loss sticks in your gut. Who is your biggest role model and why? I don’t have any single role model. It’s never something that I think about. I have a few people who I respect for their hard work and dedication and I compete with them to work harder. I also have some celebrities that I look up to like Kyle Dake and Jordan Burroughs, who I’m sure no one knows. Jordan Burroughs is the best wrestler on the planet. I shook his hand and made him laugh. I’m proud of that.

Monarch Vibe

If your life was a movie or song, what would it be and why? Obviously since I’m a wrestler and it’s my senior year I have to pick Vision Quest. It’s the one movie that gets it right and really shows what it’s like to wrestle. If you haven’t seen it, you should because it’s awesome and you’ll enjoy it. A song is difficult because that changes every day with my mood. You can never pick one song, that’s like only eating one slice of cake, What do you typically do in your free time? Free time? What words do you live by? I like to keep things light-hearted. The only time I’m serious is when I’m wrestling which is admittedly most of the time. I like the phrase, “Life is not a roller coaster or a journey. It is a tale told by an idiot.” Also, “You don’t become great by working hard on days you feel good. You become great by working hard all of the time.” That’s an old wrestling one which is applicable to everyone and everything. What is your favorite thing about yourself? There’s no way to answer this without sounding egotistical is there? I would have to say my sense of humor. Life is easier when you laugh easily. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Hopefully I’ll have a comfortable job as a business or sales administrator or even a financial advisor to a company. Do you have any advice for underclassmen? “Work hard, get great grades, ace the ACT and SAT, save your money, get as many scholarships as possible and get out of college with zero debt. It’s possible and you’ll have a significant advantage over others. Also, read a book for crying out loud. Lyndsie Anderson Editor-in-Chief

November 2012


Featured Athlete: Allison Rubadue A competitive swimmer and scholar, Allison Rubadue makes her debut as Featured Athlete this month. Although she will miss the great times she has had during high school, she is ready to take the next step in her life. I got a chance to talk with Allison to find out the latest scoop on her life, in and outside the pool. How long have you swum? Why? I’ve swam since I was little, it’s my favorite sport. How long have you been swimming for the high school? All four years! What college(s) are you attending, and what do you plan on majoring in? I want to go to OU and major in Studio Art then focus on interior architecture. I’m open to change, though. What activities are you involved in? I’m in youth group, NHS, Leo Club and I snowboard in the winter. What’s your favorite memory from high school? All the crazy times with my friends, swim meets and hanging out with Austin. Does your diet change during swim season? If so, how? Yes! I eat three times more during swim season, and I drink a lot more water.

Monarch Vibe

What are you proud of? I’ve tried hard in school, and I’ve maintained relationships with my friends for all four years. I never have drama in my life. How has swimming impacted your life? I have so much more energy during swim season, and I feel better. When I’m not swimming I feel unmotivated. Who is your hero or inspiration? Why? My mom, she has always been there for me and does not expect me to be perfect. Do you have a back-up plan if art doesn’t work out? I’d probably be an elementary school teacher. Do you think you will swim in college? No, not competitively. I might do intramurals to stay in shape, though. What will you miss about swim team? All the team members and my coach. I have a close relationship with her.

November 2012


Leader in the Arts Joseph Cunning-

One of MHS’ most creative and talented, Joseph debuts as our Leader in the Arts this month. Extremely imaginative and driven, Joseph plans to continue his art after graduation.

Monarch Vibe

What is your favorite class? Do you have a favorite teacher? Any art class that I’ve taken is my favorite. My favorite teacher is Ms. Hasser. What schools are you applying to? Do you know what you want to study? I’m applying to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). I want to major in photography. Name something about yourself most people don’t know. I’m a vegan. Why did you choose veganism? I believe that eating animal products and bi-products supports an inhuman and violent industry that I wish to be not a part of. What activities are you involved in? I’ve been in show choir for four years. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Living in a big city. You went to a photography camp at SAIC this past summer. How was that? I liked it a lot. I learned about a bunch of different photographers and how to retouch photos. It was basically a two week version of the life of a photography student at SAIC. Do you have a favorite artist? Piece? My favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, but my favorite photographers are Francesca Woodman and Henry Eugene Meatyard. How do you focus when working on your art? I listen to music. Who is your inspiration? Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. Do you have any recommendations for students wanting to pursue art? Don’t slack off and do your work.

November 2012


Troy Daman Layout Editor

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


For Federal Funding... Over the course of this year’s election, the big topic of federal funding to Planned Parenthood was brought up several times. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney stated many times that he planned to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood, but what would that have entailed? The major misconception would be that Planned Parenthood would no longer be able to provide abortions; as the belief is that abortions are the primary service that Planned Parenthood provides. This simply isn’t true. Abortion makes up only 3 percent of its total services, the other 97 percent was dedicated to tests for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings, contraception and other services to women. Only about 10 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients received an abortion in 2009. If federal funding were to be cut, it’d be harder for women to get access not only to abortions, which in some cases are necessary, but also the other 97 percent of services mentioned above. The issue that is important is that abortions are not supposed to be funded by the federal government, but at Planned Parenthood, they are not. Their federal funding comes from Title X funding, totaling about $70 million, and the rest comes from Medicaid funding, which includes state and federal money. Medicaid funding is restricted to only abortions in cases of rape, incest and situations in which the mother’s life is endangered. However, some states provide their own money to go beyond that. No federal money is used for abortions. On another note, if you believe planned parenthood’s funding should be cut because you consider contraception and abortions to be wrong, then you need to understand that your argument would be considered invalid in a fiscal topic such as this. Jennifer Ellis Business Manager

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Against Federal Funding... The issue of Planned Parenthood played a large role in the recent election. It was the cause of much controversy and misconception leading some misinformed people to make such brash statements as “Romney is going to make birth control illegal” to the downright ridiculous statement, “Romney hates girls.” It is important to note that Romney planned to do no such thing, and in fact wouldn’t have had the power to do this single-handedly even if elected president and it was his intent. Morals aside, the real matter at hand was federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which I support Romney in cutting. Planned Parenthood does offer many beneficial services and is a good resource for women who might have questions regarding their sexual health or who need to make use of certain services. It is the fact that the majority of the population does not make use of this resource, yet it is funded through their hard-earned tax dollars that is not right, especially considering many tax-payers do not make use of Planned Parenthood’s resources or services. In most cases, having sex is a personal choice, and the individual must be able to take responsibility for the possible consequences of his or her actions and be willing to take on the payment of any testing, medicine, or procedures they see necessary.

Monarch Vibe

Despite this, Planned Parenthood is an independently wealthy entity on its own, bringing in nearly one billion dollars in net assets. With such large profits, it should be able to operate without the money of tax-payers by making some changes, cutting back on its services, and asking for a larger contribution from those who use its services and resources. Also, women have other options for seeking primary care, contraception, STI testing, and cancer screening. According to the Chiaroscuro Foundation there are 1,048 health centers in the United States that are federally qualified and may provide women with cancer screening, contraception, and STI testing, not including the thousands of doctors and hospitals also providing these services. The intent of this article is not to claim that Planned Parenthood should be defunded because it is a corrupt institution or not useful, but rather to suggest that as a nation nearly $16 trillion in debt, there are services that the American people can do without and more important things which deserve to receive federal funding.

Lyndsie Anderson Editor-in-Chief

November 2012


MHS Announces…

NEW SCHOOL STORE Do you ever find yourself at school, realizing at the last minute that you forgot that poster board English class or discover that you’ve forgotten your chapstick and, unable to fuel your addiction, must suffer the entire day? Then MHS has a solution for you! Anticipated opening Jan. 8, MHS will be opening a school store at a location yet to be disclosed. Run by Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Burris, it will carry everything from school supplies, including journals, pens, pencils, flash drives, colored pencils and glue sticks, to school themed apparel, from club t-shirts to Nike products, and even other interesting items such as lanyards, lotion and car stickers. The store will be open during all lunch periods as well as before school at, tentatively, 6:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and after school on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3:30. The store will be supervised by Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Burris during lunch periods, and will be run by student volunteers as well as special needs students. “The reasoning behind this store,” said Mrs. Cooper, “is to give special needs students the opportunity to gain real work experience, using student mentors to

help them. Because it’s housed in school it is a better opportunity for them. I’m really excited!” The special needs students working in the store will receive a small stipend and the student mentors will receive volunteer hours for their service. It is important to note that this project is not making use of school funds, but rather has been paid for through other means including a huge donation from the class of 2010. Former class president Chelsea Burns, as well as other former student council members, collectively decided that the opportunities a school store would offer students who may be disadvantaged in the workplace was a worthwhile cause. Also, Mrs. Cooper applied for a grant at the Union County Foundation which has been preliminarily approved. A large amount of shelving and brackets will be donated from Fashion Bug, which is going out of business, and some will also be built by Mr. Corbett and his woodworking class. All labor is purely on a volunteer basis, the advisers receive no stipend. “Everything has just fallen together,” said Cooper of the store. “It’s like it was meant to be.”

Lyndsie Anderson Editor-in-Chief MHS’ school store has been inspired by the school store of Upper Arlington, pictured here.

Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Monarch Vibe

November 2012


Monarch Vibe

November 2012


MHS Ski and Snowboard Club As winter approaches, it’s time to grab your gear and head to the mountain for days filled with skiing and snowboarding with friends. Through the ski and snowboard club, MHS gives all students, as well as their family members, friends, MHS grads or alumni the opportunity to get a significant discount on passes to Mad River Mountain. Though set up as a club, the group does not function as one body as it did in the past when a bus would take members to Mad River every Thursday for a night of fun. If you are interested in purchasing a discounted pass go online to The log-in area is in the upper right corner marked ‘Quick Links’ and the club username as well as the password are Marysville. After logging in you must go to continue shopping and it gives you different choices of which pass you would like to purchase. All clubs have an option of a day pass, in which you can get into Mad River on that specific day, Marysville’s is Saturday, for the entire season. “The pass pays for itself in no time,” says Mrs. Bingman, club Monarch Vibe

coordinator. “It’s a good deal” It’s important to note that you do not need your own equipment to go to Mad River. When purchasing your pass, you are also given the option to purchase either ski, snowboard, or both rentals for the duration of the season. You must pay online, there is no other way to get a pass. “In the great scheme of things I think it’s tremendous,” says Bingman of the club. “It’s exercise in a safe environment with no practice time, and it’s still a sport and you get a discount. That’s why I really encourage kids to do it.” If you encounter any problems, you may e-mail Mrs. Bingman at

Lyndsie Anderson Editor-in-Chief

November 2012


Tyler Adkins, junior

Lindsey McGlone, junior

“College Basketball”

“All the sleepovers with friends and shopping”

Josh Brady, senior

Josh Voss, sophomore

“Sleeping in”


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