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May 2011

Volume73, Senior Special

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Final Address from The Student After thirteen years of waiting, doing homework, waking up early, putting up with teachers and friends, it is time. Whether or not you are ready, it is all over with. Now you must begin the rest of your life. This senior class is unique. They seem to be the crossing over bridge between the Tom and Jerry cartoons to Hannah Montana; from Backstreet Boys to Justin Bieber. Many have commented on the social level of the senior class. They are all friendly with very few cliques. They seem to be happy with who they are and visually, they are all individuals. They fully lived up to the phrase: Double the one, double the fun. Of course there will be those that will be most remembered by the majority of the student body. However, everyone will be remembered by someone. Every senior was someone’s friend, and their memory is guaranteed to remain in the halls for some amount of time.

The Student is a newspaper that is produced by Marion High School students on a periodic basis. Head Editor: Jordan McBride Editors: Dakota Evans, Sarah Anderson, Aaron McGee Sponsor: Mrs. Presley Contributing Staff: Kristen Fowler, Essence Kimble, Michael McAnelly, Taylor Pankey, Nicholas Rakers Special Thanks to Mrs. Wofford and Yearbook for contributing pictures!

It feels strange to be leaving. Many of the seniors will probably never enter into this building again. But the memories that are contained in it will last with the graduating class forever. Congratulations class of 2011! In the words of Legally Blonde, “We did it!” -The Student The Student

Senior Wills Evan Williams As I graduate from Marion High School in May 2011, I leave the percussion section in concert band my drumsticks, mallets and the hopes that they will keep the drum section CLEAN!

Marion High School 1501 S. Carbon St.

I will also pass down the torch to Michael Stephens as next years Friends in Christ President.

Marion, IL 62959 (618) 993-8196

I leave my cross country uniform (which I promise I did wash!) to Coach Baker. Throughout my years at MHS I hope I have been an inspiration and a good friend to all the students, especially the freshmen who I helped mentor for 2 years. Finally, my last words to MHS and the class of 2011 would be, “Good luck, and God bless!”

MHS The Student newspaper

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Ken Harris I leave my love of wrestling, my lunch room table, and protection all to my brother Royce Harris and my cousin Jerrod. I am sure both of you will make me proud. Enjoy the rest of your high school years-they go by faster than you can imagine. Enjoy all of the little things and take nothing for granted. Have fun, but don’t go crazy. Try hard in all that you do and you will be successful. I also leave with you the “persona” of my tattoo and all the qualities that come with it. Save some energy, pin them, and get it over with. Make me proud boys. Autumn Adkins Juniors, you mean the world to me. You’ve discovered the secret to passing your junior year, well done. Alexa Bond, you are A-OK my buddy, and a real trooper. To my guidance staff I’m leaving behind, you’ve been a real treasure. Mrs. Barger, you are so precious, and you are a winner. To the entire staff at Marion High


School, what an exceptional performance. You also mean the world to me, and beautiful sharing.

ren and Nathan McGee in hopes that the team will not be in turmoil for too long.

Cody Alstat, you’ve tried hard, you make me laugh, and nothing can stop you now.

I leave Shawn Bowen all the good times in Repro doing all the things we shouldn’t have.

Lastly, Rachel Combs, you’re special and you’re a superstar.

I leave my five AP books to next years AP students in the exact same condition I received due to the lack of use.

Way to go all juniors, now you’re flying! Brett Anderson I, Brett Anderson, hereby relinquish the following upon my departure of Marion High School… I leave my stepz to Michael Owens, I hope you wear them with pride. I also leave my church league stroke to Kyle Baker, good luck leading the St. Joe’s Bros to at least one victory next year….tell Charlie to retire #2 for me. Damon Holst I, Damon Holst, leave my ability to distract a teacher from actually teaching for entire class periods. I leave my primo locker location to any lucky freshmen who feels they can handle this honor. I leave the golf team to Jake War-

I leave the library lunch table to Brooke Reed, Brent Martin, Ashley Ellis, Chelcee Stearns, Mike Lynch, Kyle Crider, Nic Sanders, and Ben Woodard, even though I don’t really own it. I leave the most annoying instrument, the oboe, to Katie Baltzell and Lauran Hirschi. I leave my great personality and wonderful attitude to the upcoming classes. I pass on my ability to quickly make myself at home at MHS to any new students that are placed in the position I was as a new student last year. Oh, and I pass on the title of best AP Chemistry lab group to no one, because no one can fill the title as well as Tyler Cypin and I proudly do. Have fun sitting in school for another year, or four, depending on your age of course. Paige Shevllin To Ben Woodard, Nic Sanders, and Tyler Erwin, I leave the position of Drum Major. Good luck, guys! You’ll be great!

Page 4 To Kristina Vick, I leave the alto sax sections. I will miss you! To Jackson Sprague, I leave my lunch table. To all the future AP Students . . . Yeah, Good Luck! Get some sleep this summer. To Mr. Graham I leave my perfectly wonderful WHITE drum major uniform. Good luck to all the future classes! Katelyn Salzman I, Katelyn Brooke Salzman, leave my parking spot to anyone with a nice enough car to park there, but that’ll be hard. I leave my b-ball skills to uh . . Wait, no one here will be able to ball it up like me. I leave my girl, Mrs. Sanders, all my amazing AP Lit quotes. I leave my reputations as Mr. Varner’s awesome TA to my replacement next year . . Good luck filling my shoes. Tayler Cypin and I leave our obnoxious yelling after 7th hour to anyone brave enough to copy us. I leave my locker to all A-Hall wannabe students. Finally, I leave my legacy and the memories of all of my peers and to the classes to come . . . Try not to miss me! :) Tayler Cypin


I, Tayler Nicole Cypin, leave my tanning obsession to Andrew Mohlenbrock and Logan Hunt. I leave my bomb tennis abilities to Sarah Kessel. Joke around with Mr. Watson, it will help you get through the season. I leave the French Club Presidency to Dustin Dukes. You better major in French, boy. Katelyn Salzman and I leave our obnoxious yelling after 7th hour to any kid that is brave enough to copy us. I leave to all the other classes hours of ACT prep-you’ll get through it guys. :/ Good luck to the class of 2012 and all the classes that follow. You have big shoes to fill! Michael McAnelly I leave my favorite table at lunch to Trevor Ferguston, Shelby Wheeler, and Will Pankey. I also leave to Shelby Wheeler my favorite pair of gym shorts, may you use them well. To Leah Douglass, I leave my Scotty voice, may the voice of our friend linger for one more year in the halls of MHS. By the way, you still

owe me $56 worth of stuff. To Will Pankey, I also leave my poetry notebook. May my words inspire you to reach for the stars (and ask that girl out). To the poor student who receives my locker 244 in C-Hall, I leave my locker. I hope its fixed by then. To Mrs. Wilson, I leave the work I did for you this year. Please don’t forget that its still on your zip drive. Doug Plumer I leave my pencil to Jacob Allen Ross. I leave my scrap paper to Jahad Riley.

Ali Hill I leave my awesomeness to Alia. I will miss my best friend.

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Kyle Hester I leave my books to the underclassmen and the incoming freshmen.

Zack Farner I leave my gingerafro to all of the ginger students at MHS.

Troy Stuckey To Jahad Riely, I leave my 1st team AllConference selection. To Shakirra Harris, I leave my wallet (that’s what you really want anyways). To Malik Stuckey, I leave my charm. To everyone else, I leave my best wishes and enjoyment of high school. Maggie O’Neill


I, Maggie Beth O’Neill, leave my wonderful singing skills to all the cool choir kids, in particular, Logan Hunt and Luke O’Neill.

Sprague and the “smart” juniors.

I leave my old, taped up soccer cleats to all my soccer girls, in particular Emily Dickman, Kelsey Lober, Courtney Shotton, Nadia and Alia Aboduleh, and Carley Crabtree.

Robyn Neicamp, Mallory Shoukletovich, Holden Reel, Colin Soldner, Brett Powell, Brok Webb, Sarah Knight, Taylor Rhyne, and Hayley Koelz


Katie Phillips

I leave my outspokenness and opinionated person to One brave enough to stand up for what’s right. To all the remaining students, be realistic about high school. If these are the best years of your life, then you’re not living.

We, the senior lunch table (1st lunch: middle table closest to the I leave all the dirty dishware to ramp in the upper cafeteria), leave whoever is brave enough to replace this sacred table to the next 9 worme as Mr. Davis’ TA next year. thy seniors that will uphold our I leave my Calculus book to the many traditions: potlucks, talloin AP Calc kids. Hope it helps you smack, Waltz Friday, singing because it didn’t help me. I leave Happy Birthday, random yelling all my AP Lit books to the new AP (Hayley Koelz), being cool. Lit kids. I’m sure you’ll find my Blake Stiunderlining helpful. gall Finally, I leave the legacy of the I, Blake class of 2011 and wish all the other Stigall, classes good luck in trying to fill hereby our shoes! bequeath Sarah Anderson the following: I leave the newsTo paper to Shawn Brent Bowen I Martin. leave the lunch table. Good luck You are finding people to eat with you next going to year. be Editor and you As senior class president, I leave will make the school to the Junior’s, so they sure this can “run” this place. paper continues for another year. To my brother Brock, I leave the eight minute car ride to school, my I leave being a strong woman smarts, and pretty much everything and all the power that goes with it else. to Alyssa Tarrant. Make me I leave the lunch table to Jackson

I, Katie Phillips, leave my drum

Page 6 major gloves to Ben Woodard, Tyler Erwin, and Nic Sanders. To these three, I also leave cleaning supplies, which will be helpful when they have to clean the band room over the summer. I leave my laid-back attitude and carefree approach to my grades to Alyssa Tarrant, my almost-senior, in hopes that she can relax and enjoy her senior year. To my fellow procrastinators, I leave—although it is legitimately not as useful as reading the book. And to the general population of MHS, I leave this advice: Do your best, don’t be a jerk, and don’t worry so much. It will all work out. Aaron McGee I, Aaron McGee, leave my hopes and dreams to Todd Graham. To Ben Fox, I leave the mellophone section and the only bottle of valve oil we have. To Jackson Sprague I leave my watch in hopes for further punctuality. To Michael McAnelly, I leave all my extra credits. I hope you graduate next year, man.


To Kirsten Moyers, I leave my status as Mrs. Davis’ TA. Colin Soldner I, Colin Soldner, leave my football locker to Brett Bradley because I know how much he admires and looks up to me.

Brok Webb I, Brokton Kon Webb, leave my baseball and soccer jersey to Nick Frey. Emilee Bowles I, Emilee Bowels, leave my child care O.C.D habits to Hannah Boyd and Hayley Hogland. Good luck making your D’Nealian and K.C. snack up to my standards . . .try not to catch anything on fire. Liz Markley and I leave our awesome mentor abilities to Carsen Cash and Zach Bingman, the two biggest studs in the class of 2014.

I leave my UK school spirit to Miss Ali Barnes, who I know will represent Big Blue Nation when they win next year. I leave my sweatpants to MaryKate Markley, who I know will make me proud. Finally, I leave all the underclassmen, good luck trying to fill our shoes and be as cool as us! Taylor Pankey To Kate Miller I leave my inability to balance myself. When you fall, may you always remember my klutziness. To Mrs. Laura Sanders bequeath my love for “dead white men” literature. I hope I was quite the memorable student. And last, but not least, I leave my bass clarinet to Kali Hardin, as well as my position as section leader. May you never lose interest in music. Nick Rakers I hereby bequeath upon my graduation from Marion High School “The Ginger Face”. Myself, Neil Bradshaw, and Tyler Jacob’s

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Senior Memories table to Austin “Twix” Elmore and Britanny Murphy. They may do with it as they please. Half of my charm and pizzazz are to go to both Justin Brown and Austin “Twix” Elmore respectively. They are to divide it among themselves as they see fit. All of my bad musical taste goes to all you scene kids. You now who you are. Any shred of dignity, and any bit of shame I have left (sorry, its not much) I leave to Braxton Spence. Neil Bradshaw To Justin Brown I leave my hatred for running. To Austin Elmore I leave the responsibility of replacing me. To Megan I leave the advice not to let her amazing talent go to waste and never to burn bridges. I leave my love to all of my friends that get to stay here and I want Laura to know I will leave with a positive attitude and a smile. I want you all to know that its never impossible to laugh, and I will miss you all.

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A Night in Wonderland


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After Prom

Scholastic Book Fair a Success The school library held a book fair from April 12th through the 15th. This was also National Library Week.

Some big sellers were posters and the books Hunger Games and Lincoln Lawyer. Mrs. Griffith told me she thought there was a good turnout but not as good as last year.

The book fair had a special buy one get one free offer. The school librarian, Mrs. Griffith, was very enthusiastic about the book fair and had a lot to share. Our library sold almost $1000 worth of books and merchandise. The sales paid off with $235

worth going towards books for our MHS Library.

Overall, the book fair was a very successful event. Thank you to all who went and supported the MHS Library. If you couldn’t make it this time, don’t miss out next year! -Kristen Fowler

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Author Skype Party and as a proud mother of two. There were cookies and juice served and Simone showed trailers for both Perfect

On the stormy morning of Monday, April 4th there was a live Skype Party between the beloved Marion High School Student Book Club and the one and only author, Simone Elkeles. Simone Elkeles has written the thoughtprovoking books Perfect Chemistry and Leaving Paradise, which was the topic of the live Skype chat. She was hilarious and had no trouble answering the questions posed by students. She explained her life as a writer

Chemistry and Leaving Paradise. This was the first live Skype party the book club has held, but it went over so well it almost certainly will not be the last! - Essence Kimble

Farewell Editorial As the end of school looms over MHS, the tension in the halls builds. This has been a normal year for many. Although many exciting and memorable things occurred, it was just another year . . . or was it? Each of us has a different answer for that. A generalization for the year would not be fair for everyone. We all went through unique experiences, from daily drama to personal incidences. A whole year, more like nine months, has gone by. Soon, we will have three months of freedom. Three months to sleep in and to let our minds melt in the hot summer sun. Next year, the process will start all over again. But it will be slightly differ-

ent. Freshmen: You will no longer be at the bottom. Congratulations you survived your first year. Sophomores: You will get to look forward to the ACT and being able to say, “Next year, we’ll be seniors.” Juniors: You get to be on the top. After twelve years of waiting, you will finally be seniors. Seniors: You’re back to the bottom. But at least you will be in college. No matter what grade you are, spend your remaining years at MHS with a good attitude. Do not hurry it too much. The years will go by almost too quickly. Then, the rest of your life will begin. -Sarah Anderson


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Wildcats Got Talent

The 2011 Wildcats Got Talent show was a clear success! There was some serious talent among all the performers this year. Abby Landes and Alison Mcaulliffe also did an excellent job announcing and hosting the show. Due to a strikingly Broadway-worthy performance of “Gimme, gimme”, Megan Joyner easily took first place as an individual. Her performance absolutely brought down the house with cheers, screams and claps. The runner up for solo artist was Chris Simmons who, as usual, gave a fantastic performance. Another category of awards were reserved for bands, which was clenched by returning champions Radioactive Society. All and all, it was an excellent show and every performer should be proud of their talents. -Taylor Pankey

Chris Duarte Group Performs at MHS Recently, Mr. Powell and his guitar class hosted the Chris Duarte Group in the auditorium. Many students attended the performance during seventh hour. Chris Duarte, lead guitar and vocal, used the performance to open up the students’ ears to the forgotten genre of Blues. Duarte is originally from Texas and has played since he was 17 years old, more than 40 years ago. He recently joined with Matt Stallard, bass, and Jack Jones, drummer. He has six albums released and plays all over the world. He has a special group in Japan that only tours with him while he is there. Although he is very busy with his performances, he offered to play at MHS for free.

In between gigs, he uses his time to produce instructional DVD’s. Duarte teaches basic skills but also conveys a message, which was brought out as he attended MHS. He wants students to be exposed to a variety of music and possibly discover a desire to learn an instrument. With the help of Mr. Williams, MHS acquired a guitar class. After Williams moved to the Junior High, Powell took over the guitar class. Powell came into contact with Duarte through the use of these DVDs in his guitar class. He enjoys using him because he is intelligent and articulate. A video of the performance is on Facebook at MHSGuitarClass. Duarte’s videos are on YouTube. Check it out! -Sarah Anderson

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Nathan Abell

Mallori Chamness

Joshua Heller

Shawnice Acree

Jeffery Clark

Aaron Adeoye

Patrick Clark

Autum Adkins

Katie Clayton

Chelsey Aikens

Jeremy Cobb

Brian Allen

Rachel Combs

Aubri Almaroad

Joseph Conley

Cody Alstat

Dylan Connell

Haley Anderson

Brittany Cottonaro

Sarah Anderson

Lena Cowsert

Kayla AndersonGray Tabitha Arrowood Ryan Atkisson Tyler Atkisson Joseph Atwood Fah Sakulkarn Auyyapat Taylea Bailey Alyissa Baker Kelsie Baltzell Lindsey Barnes Travis Barnett T.J. Barthelman Megan Bearden Olivia Beasley Stephanie Bethel Caleb Black Dylan Bloodworth Jonathan Boan Victoria Bobell Kris Boomer Kelsea Bourland Angela Bowen Emilee Bowless Anisha Bradley Neil Bradshaw Colin Brave Shell Burchell

Jacob Crain Tayler Cypin Ben Devardo Patrick Devine John Dickson

Vivek Patel

Jordan Simmons

Aaron Henderson Tre Martin

DeVante Payne

Brianna Smith

Tess Hendrickson

Victoria Martin

Taylor Pecord

Derek Smith

Michael McAnelly

Kyleigh Pender

Ricky Smith

Lukas McArthy

Corey Petree

Tyler Smith

Jordan McBride

Krista Petree

Zachary Smith

Christina MCClure

Rachael Petree

Christopher Smock

Michale McCoin

Victoria Phelps

Emily Smoot

Aaron McGee

Amilia Phemister

Colin Soldner

Brocton McGuire

Katerine Phillips

Nichole Somers

Herbert MCMillen

Ryan Phillips

Toren Stanley

Joel McPherson

Mitchell Phinney

Blake Stigall

Jordan McReynolds

Todd Pizanowski

Eric Stivers

Brandon Melcher

Doug Plumer

Christiana Stone

Keenan Miner

Brett Powell

Clint Stone

Lacey Price

Troy Stuckey

Kaci Pulley

Andriea Sullins

Ja’Mia Purdiman

Ricky Tankersley

Courtney Quigg

Collin taylor

Shalee Rains

Doniqua Taylor

Nich Raker

Cashmere Thompson

Justin Ramsey

Jasmine Thompson

Mich Redinger

Joseph Thompson

Holden Reel

Eric Walke

Micheal Reeves

Hope Wasson

Karen Reynolds

Taylor Ridgway

Taylor Rhyne

Brokton Webb

Davonte Roberts

Austin Wiese

Amanda Herbert Kyle Hester Aimee Heyde Ali Hill Braden Hill Ryan Hilliard Bradley Hilton Vance Hodge Derek Holland Damon Holst Dustin Howton

David Marin

Garret Green

Chelsea HutcherRebecca Miskelley son Shylan Mofield Tyler Jacobs Kaitlyn Montogomery Robert Jellen Darin Moore Brandon Johnson Sydney Mostinger Patrick Johnson James Muck Brandon Jones Conor Murphy Nathaniel Jones Collin Murrie Destiny Jornlin Robyn Neicamp Dashawn June Mariah Nelson Morgin Kelley Jessica Newsom Dustin Kidd Kelsey Nicholas Anna Kirschbaum Jessica Nicholson

Marcus Green

Sarah Knight

Tyler Norman

Brianna Roberston

Ashley Williams

Matthew Griffith

Hayley Koelz

Ryan Null

Brett Rodriquez

Even Williams

Aaron Groves

Abigail Landes

David O’Connor

Brittany Rooney

Kathrine Williams

Katlyn Groves

Katie LaRue

Maggie O’Neill

Mariah Ryder

Cody Wilson

Felicia Hamberg

Lindsay Lenon

Chris Ozment

Katelyn Salzman

Brittney Winstead

Ken Harris

Dallas Luo

Rachel Palmer

Alina Schoenecke

Racheal Wise

Caleb Hastings

Samantha Lymon Taylor Pankey

Travis Scholes

Tyler Wolz

Katherine Hastings

Kourtney Malcolm

Amanda Parker

Haley Schultz

Meredith Woods

Gabe Parker

Paige Shevlin

Brettany Yoast

Anthony Parrino

Mallory Shoukletovich

Mason Dodd Jaci Doss Karon Drone Carson Edmonds Grant Elkin Zach Farner Derek Finster Taylor Fletcher Cody Foutch Serissa Garcia Blake Gibbons Arthur Grant

Ricky Hatfield Gary Hathocat Mattew Hays

Elizabeth Marley Clinton Marks

Kelli Parrish

senior special  

this is our 12 page senior special

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