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Health Services Department Mission The Health Services Department at Miss Hall’s School provides quality health care that is effective, culturally sensitive, and responsive to the diverse and changing needs of students and community members so that all may enjoy a safe and healthy environment and be confident and comfortable in accessing the services available.

Core Values

Compassion—With professionalism and empathy, the

Health Services Staff provides care to all members of the community while respecting cultural and social differences.

Self-Awareness—The Health Services Staff strives to help students and community members understand the importance of knowing when the body is compromised, how to address what/how they are feeling, and how to convey those feelings to a health care practitioner.

Wellness—Using a holistic approach, the Health Services

Staff promotes the acceptance and understanding of the mind-body connection and facilitates the knowledge of how both internal and external factors impact one’s health.

Director of Health Services: Christiane Puz RN, BSN, MS ( Staff Nurses: Lisa Loehr RN ( Nancy Monti RN, BS ( Health Services Phone (413) 395 - 7074 Health Services Fax (413) 445 - 4184 School Counselor: Teresa Gentile LICSW ( Phone (413) 395 - 7073

Health Center Hours Monday—Thursday 7:30 am—10:30 pm

ces ervi S h t t l Hea artmen Dep

Friday 7:30 am—7 pm Saturday 11 am—2 pm (or until home games are finished)

Sunday 11 am—2 pm and 6pm—10:30 pm * *Hours will vary slightly during exam periods. See schedule posted outside of Health Center. * *

A nurse can always be contacted for emergencies or general consultation. When a nurse is on call and not in the Health Center, students needing assistance should contact the faculty member on duty (OD or late night resident).

Students’ Guide to Accessing Health Services at Miss Hall’s School

Helping students learn to lead healthy lives. Main Building, 2nd North

ould What Sh hen You W o D u o Y ? Are Sick

Taking Your Medicine For safety reasons, ALL medications (prescription, non-prescription, vitamins/ supplements, herbal/homeopathic/

If you are ill or injured, please come to the Health

naturopathic, creams, inhalers) must be

Center. The nurses there will talk to you, do an

kept in the Health Center and administered

assessment, and help you come up with a plan to get

by a nurse. There are a few exceptions,

you feeling better. The Health Center stocks many non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications that may be familiar to you to help relieve your symptoms. If you need to see a doctor, the nurses can make appointments and arrange for transportation for you. Medical appointments are excused absences. (Day students: If you have an upcoming medical or healthrelated appointment, please let us know so that can give you an absence request form.)

and cannot go to class, you must stay in the infirmary. There are day students should you need to miss class due to illness.

nurse in the Health Center. All medications must be in their original containers. On the weekends, the Health Center hours

Help prevent the spread of germs when you are ill.

attend sports or other school commitments, you must check in with the nurse on duty to discuss whether you will be excused, should observe, or participate as tolerated. This decision must be made after

talking with the nurse! If you are ill during the night, notify your proctor or the resident on late night duty. When the Health

there is always a nurse on call.

Your physical health can affect your mental heath - and vice versa! Ms. Gentile, the school counselor, is available to help solve problems with work, sleep, stress, relationships or anything else that gets in the way of your well-being. The counseling office is located on 2nd North, across from the Health Center; you can schedule an appointment with Ms. Gentile directly via email.

are shortened. You are responsible for checking in with the nurse during office

Staying Healthy

will need for the weekend. We package

 Get enough sleep (at least 8-9 hours a night)

doses in labeled envelopes or pill containers.

 Eat three meals a day that include a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

This is a privilege. In order to sustain this

If you are ill or injured and cannot

Center is closed,

must be approved after discussion with a

hours to procure any medication that you

If you are ill during the school day

two beds available for boarding and

including emergency medications, but they

vices Counseling Ser

privilege, you must take doses as directed and return the medication envelopes within the specified time. This privilege can be

revoked at our discretion. All medications sent from home (for both day students and boarders) must be brought to the Health Center.

 Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day  Learn to manage stress (ask about the quiet room for meditation and re-centering! )  Take time every day to do something you enjoy! (Read, paint/draw, dance, laugh, talk to a friend, listen to music and BREATHE!)

Physical and emotional health = academic success! Establishing good habits now will help keep you healthy for a lifetime!

Health Center Brochure  
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