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4 News 11/6/09

Trash Continues to Pile Up On Campus Garbage left by students causes more work for limited custodial staff by Alex Seclow

school dance. “If we’re having a hard time picking up There is a huge problem of excess trash trash, our own trash, should we have more in the world. There is so much that a collecdances?” said Clark. tion of plastic debris twice the size of Texas Clark believes that in order to ask teachknown as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has ers and staff to come out on their own time to formed. According to www.earthresourceshelp with the dances, the trash problem will, created by the GreenWise definitely need to be solved. Company, the average American will leave a “We all love Miramonte, right? Everyone legacy of 112,420 pounds of trash behind for loves Miramonte, it’s a great place and we his or her children. Landfills are overflowing want it to be the best it can possibly be,” said as our amount of trash is exponentially inClark. “I am open to discussing [the dances], creasing. Miramonte is no exception. but the trash will have to be dealt with first.” After lunch, half-eaten cafeteria food, paAP Environmental Science teacher Barper and plastic bags, water bottles, crumpled bara Denny described waste at Miramonte wrappers, banana peels and other food remas an ongoing problem. She said that she nants line tables and benches on Miramonte’s also found that students often don’t use the campus. recycling bins. Last year Miramonte received Photo: D. Louie According to Principal Adam Clark, trash Students typically abandon large amounts of trash all over campus after lunch. an additional 50 recycling bins so Denny beat Miramonte is a major issue. Clark was lieves that there is “no excuse” to not recycle. shocked to discover that students neglect to throw out the quad. We have only one custodian on duty at night, so She has also found over the years that students continue their trash, even when a trashcan lies five feet away. Clark we all have to take on the extra work. I am hustling all day to incorrectly recycle items, such as plastic bags, that bethought that trash might be a freshmen problem, but was long. I have to fight to get out of here by 3:30.” long in the trash. She is worried about the extra work for amazed to find out that trash is evenly spread out all over Clark and others in the administration have ordered the custodians when there are fewer of them. She and the Miramonte’s campus, not just in the areas where freshmen more trashcans and have started patrolling around during other teachers believe the students need to be more apprefrequently sit. lunch to remind students to throw out their trash. Clark ciative of what they do for our campus. “Miramonte is a beautiful school,” said Clark. “Stu- claims that he has already begun to see a slight improveDenny encourages students to sign up for the Environdents need to have a great pride in their school and should ment on campus. mental Club, Interact, and Sustainability Club if they are want to keep it looking nice. We also need to influence one “Picking up your trash may seem small, but if everyone interested in doing more to help limit Miramonte’s waste. another and remind one another to pick up our trash.” “There are many ways students can help lessen the does, there can be huge results”, said Clark. “Students can At Miramonte, budget cuts have caused the district learn a lesson from this. We only have one world, so let’s amount of trash they generate,” said Denny. “They can to cut back on the number of custodians. Lately, it takes take care of it. You students will be our future leaders. You work to make a more sustainable lunch by using reusable custodians over an hour after lunch to pick up students’ are the leaders of tomorrow. You will be the future policy lunch bags, plastic containers for sandwiches, and reuswaste. able water bottles such as Klean Kanteen or Sigg.” makers, lawyers, and doctors that will set the trends.” “The trash here is pretty bad,” said a Miramonte custoDenny stresses that these little steps will help make Clark has decided that only once the trash problem is dian. “After Powder Puff there was trash everywhere on Miramonte a better place. solved will he consider the possibility of adding another

Halloween Visits MHS Early by Marina Allen On Friday, Oct. 30, Miramonte celebrated Halloween with costumes and lunchtime activities. Miramonte’s dance class performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the cafeteria and once again on the quad. “Bladam’s Bash” hosted by rally leader Adam Gibson, invited students to a lunch time dance party in the cafeteria.

Photo: L. Stewart

Photo: I. Lee

NorCal Triathlon Honors Loudon by Eric Hass

On Nov. 14, at Miramonte, children of all ages will compete in mini-triathlons. The triathlon is being held in honor of Joe Loudon. Kindergarteners to second-graders will swim two standard laps, bike three-quarters of a mile, and run a third of a mile, while highschoolers will swim 16 laps, bike seven miles, and run two miles. Participants can compete in all three events, or a three-person team may share the events’ responsibilities. Either one is perfectly fine, but there will be separate categories. The website provides more information: Registration is $40 for single participants and $100 for teams. The money will go to the Orinda Community Fund, which supports youth programs and events. Make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast.

Burglar Triggers AHS Lockdown by Sophia Bollag

Photo: L. Stewart

Clockwise from top left: Juniors Natalie Reed, Selena Ross and Shannon Garvey dress as mermaids; Miramonte dance students perform “Thriller” in the cafeteria; Jennifer Moore dresses as Dorothy while preparing her Halloween chemistry experiment; Seniors dressed as teletubbies dance at lunch.

Photo: M. Quiter

When a burglar was seen running in the direction of Acalanes High School on Tuesday, Oct. 20, the school went into lockdown mode. The lockdown began during the beginning of fifth period and lasted for over an hour. “A police officer came to my office and told the administrative team that there was an  ‘interrupted burglary’  on the same block as Acalanes High School and that one of the burglars ran towards our school on foot,” said Acalanes Principal Aida Glimme. “In order to keep the students safe we made the decision to lock down the school and the district office.” No one on campus was hurt, and the police searched the school carefully to ensure that it was safe before the lock down ended. The burglars, however, were not caught. “We think that the lockdown was successful and efficient,” said Glimme. “All teachers and students were well prepared and knew the procedures and followed them. We felt that we had the situation under control.”

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by Alex Seclow by Sophia Bollag by Eric Hass On Friday, Oct. 30, Miramonte celebrated Halloween with costumes and lunchtime activities. Mira...

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