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The Hidden Beauty of Miramonte

by Dani Vignos

Miramonte’s beige and sea foam green paint job and eroding structures are not exactly the definition of beauty. However, that is not to say that the campus does not have its fair share of brilliance. Certain secret locations of Miramonte could be perfectly photoshopped into a home and garden magazine. Other than the splendor that students emanate throughout Miramonte, there seems to be a lack of beauty on our campus. Mirador has searched high and low for the areas of our campus that make you rethink this perception of Miramonte as an ugly campus. (We were close to aborting this mission and instead finding the ugliest places on the campus. It would have been a lot easier, but no task is too large for Mirador and no goal is unobtainable.)

An interesting blend of a 21st century green bench with California poppies sprouting through the holes. Not only is it beautiful, but the flowers can’t be removed!

Who created these panels of art? Someone in crafts, perhaps? It’s truly a work of artistic genius.

Couldn’t put it better myself.

We have watched the Miramonte garden transform into a treat that attracts all senses. Sit down on a stump and stay awhile!

THEY’RE PURPLE! What more could you ask for?!?!

Roses are red, violets are blue, this is beautiful, and who even knew?!

You may associate these images with Dell’s shout of, “Go run the cross country loop as fast as you can. We will be recording your times.” But P.E. aside, the cross country loop is a pool of beauty. If you are not forced to run the loop in sweaty P.E. clothes with a dangerous mob of students, you may be able to appreciate this magnificent nature in your own backyard.

Perhaps an aerial view would have been better to capture the beauty of the senior lawn. A helicopter was not available at the time of shooting, our apologies.

This may be a stretch considering it is not really a part of our campus, but when the beauty of our school is on the line, the boundaries extend for our cause. Not only is the creek a secret patch of beauty, but it’s a quick shortcut if you are running a little late for school and are parked on the street. However, similar to the cross country loop, it is a more enjoyable experience when you are not forced to trudge through it. You may also see Miramonte alumn frollicking in the water.

Joe Loudon’s Rose Bush

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by Dani Vignos An interesting blend of a 21st century green bench with California poppies sprouting through the holes. Not only is it beauti...

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