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18 Sports 12/17/09

Athlete of the Issue: Stephanie Golden

by Davis Louie A dominating force in the paint, Stephanie Golden ‘10 has led the women’s basketball team to an NCS birth for three straight years. As the starting center for the lady Mats and a top recruit in the 2010 class, Golden knows what is needed to have a winning team. With two NCS titles under her belt, Golden hopes to bring home another title in her final year. “Don’t expect anything less than a league title, and a NCS title is ours too,” said Golden. Early in her athletic career, Golden played many sports, but then decided to concentrate on basketball. Golden began her domination on the court in the fourth grade with the St. Bonaventure Christian Youth Organization team. She saw immediate success helping her team win the Oakland Diocese. “That was gangsta. CYO was so much fun and I liked the snacks after,” said Golden. Skip forward a couple of years and Golden has won a few more championships and is competing for yet another one. As a sophomore, Golden started for the Mats and contributed to their NCS title. Her impact on the season earned her second team All-League honors. Throughout the

season she was mentored by Katie Batlin ‘08, who is considered to be one of the top players to come out of the Miramonte program in recent years. In her junior year, Golden was elected captain and led her team to the second round of NCS. As a premier player in the league, she averaged a double-double with 16 points, ten rebounds and was named first team All-League honors. Despite a change in the coaching staff and the

Photo: D. Louie

Left: Golden prepares to box out and grab a rebound. Center: Golden is the star of the Lady Mats squad. Right: Golden leaps above her competetion to grab a loose ball.

Photo: D. Louie

team schemes, Golden proved to be a constant throughout the season and was the go to player in big games. This year Golden returns as a team veteran and is looked upon to lead the Lady Mats back to an NCS title, all while preparing for a college basketball career. “Stephanie is a really talented and tall player who always gives her all until the last buzzer,” said Brittany Anderson ‘11. “At In-N-Out Burger, after our Healdsburg game, Steph ate a triple–triple, which really heightened my level of respect for her.” Last summer, Golden played numerous exposure tournaments on the AAU circuit with her team, Nor Cal Elite, which is based out of Sacramento. Making the long

commute on weekends, G o l d e n displayed a high level of commitment to her team and basketball aspirations. All her hard work has paid off, seeing as Golden has recently signed with Gonzaga U n i v e r s i t y. In addition to Gonzaga, G o l d e n recieved offers from University of Nevada Las Vegas, Oregon State U n i v e r s i t y, Photo: D. Louie University of Washington, and University of California Santa Barbara. Golden will probably play significant minutes next year because Gonzaga is lacking in post players. After her career at Gonzaga, Golden hopes to play overseas professionally with Greece, “because my roots are with Greece,” said Golden.

Fun Facts About Stephanie Golden Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’5 Food: “I love all food” Movie: Night at the Roxbury Actor/Actress: Robert Pattinson Class: Government Athlete: Jason Williams Team: Warriors Musical Artist: John Mayer Shoe: Discontinued...Nike Battlegrounds Farthest Traveled for Basketball: Virgina Lucky Number: 41 Random fact: “I can eat an In-N-Out doubledouble in less than a minute”

Golden State Warriors: The Circus Continues by Aleck Ryner

Twenty-five games into the season, and the Warriors continue to prove why they are one of the most, if not the most, dysfunctional team in the league. Before the season even started, the Warriors traded guard Jamal Crawford and his enormous contract for Atlanta Hawks reserve point guards Acie Law and Speedy Claxton. Soon after, team captain swingman Stephen Jackson announced he wanted to be traded, just a few months after signing a three-year contract extension. The Warriors finally agreed to Jackson’s request, sending him and recently acquired Law to the Charlotte Bobcats for forward Vladimir Radmonovic and shooting guard Raja Bell. Bell immediately had wrist surgery and is out at for least a month. The most disturbing aspect of this trade is the fact that the Warriors knew Bell would require surgery. A player wanting out of Golden State is not exactly breaking news when Don Nelson is the coach. Last year power forward Anthony Randolph was virtually glued to the bench while the Warriors continued to struggle. Nelson, who was known to be feuding with Randolph, told

Randolph’s agent to explore trades for his his moped. The Warriors suspended him client. Nelson has since done a complete 180 without pay and Ellis was not happy about from his comments and called Randolph it. However, since Jackson was traded, one of the team’s Ellis has taken his hardest workers. game to another Still, that level and the team doesn’t change will have a hard the fact that time trading their Nelson has been best scorer. doing his best to At the run players out beginning of the of town. Who in season, Ellis also the Bay Area can made news when forget his feud he said he could with rising star not play with the Chris Webber sharp shooting that resulted in guard the Webber being Warriors drafted traded? out of Davidson, Next to Stephen Curry. follow suit could Ellis later be disgruntled amended the guard Monta statement, saying Ellis. Just last he loved the year Ellis signed rookie’s game, but a huge contract he didn’t believe extension, but the two of them only a few weeks were big enough Photo: Anda Chu/Contra Costa Times/MCT later suffered an to play at the same ankle injury on The Warrior’s Kelenna Azubuike gets blocked. time because it

would create matchup problems. People are quick to put the blame on Ellis for this fiasco, but the blame should fall on Nelson. Players can’t get used to Nelson’s subbing routines. Curry played 20 minutes or more in his first three games, then played only three in a blowout of the Knicks. Curry had no idea why he didn’t play much, and apparently, neither did Nelson. “I told you. He needs to get some tattoos,” Nelson told reporters in a postgame interview about why he benched Curry. Lately the Warriors have also been plagued by injuries. Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf were both lost during the fourth game of the season, CJ Watson was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus and Kelenna Azubuike recently suffered a season-ending knee injury. Until Don Nelson is gone and the Warriors have a competent general manager and owner, the Warriors will be just like a circus, crazy. But if they do manage to put together a good string of drafts they could be back in the playoffs soon. Until this occurs, Warrior fans can take comfort in knowing they aren’t as hopeless and lost as the Raiders.

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18 Sports 12/17/09 Mirador Height: 6’3 Wingspan: 6’5 Food: “I love all food” Movie: Night at the Roxbury Actor/Actress: Robert Pattinson Cla...

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