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Twins: Two is Always Better than One by Mollie Swan

Nick & Josh Laney Age: 15 Grade: Freshmen Birthday: July 24 Older Twin: Nick Time Between Births: 11 minutes Like being a twin? Yes

Not only do Nick and Josh Laney look extremely similar, but they also share many of the same beliefs and interests. Unlike some twins, Nick and Josh enjoy being twins. Although they argue at times, they like having someone the same age to hang out with at all times. However, these twins do have a few different interests. Nick enjoys architecture, while Josh prefers graphic design. People mix up Nick and Josh often, but it does not bother them.

Seniors Shannon and Luke Garvey joke around on the senior lawn.

Photo: L.Stewart

Shannon & Luke Garvey Age: 17 Grade: Seniors Birthday: December 31 Older Twin: Shannon Time Between Births: 13 minutes Like being a twin? No

Freshmen Nick and Josh Laney share a brotherly moment after school.


• Twins always have someone their age who they can hang out with and relate to • Sharing clothes • Having the same group of friends • Helping each other in school


• People confuse twins and mix up their names • Twins are often compared • Sharing a car • Fighting • Being referred to as “twins,” not individuals

Photo: L.Stewart

When asked if he liked being a twin, Luke Garvey responded, “Not really. I don’t see what it is so great about it, I don’t see any benefit.” This may be the only thing twins Shannon and Luke Garvey agree on. Receiving help in school is the only thing Luke enjoys about being a twin. Otherwise, the two hate being compared and rarely get along, especially when it comes to sharing a car.

Interesting Facts About Twins

• Twins make 2% of the world population; 4.5 million of them live in the USA. • 1 in 250 pregnancies can result in identical twins. • 1 in 400,000 pregnancies results in conjoined twins. • “Mirror image” twins have reverse asymmetric features. If these twins face each other, they would appear to be exact reflections of each other. • 25% of identical twins are mirror image twins. • Twins do not have to be born on the same day. The longest gap between birth is 85 days. • The average weight of twins at birth is about 5.5 lbs. • Most women give birth to twins prematurely. • 25% of women having twins don’t know until moments before giving birth. • Identical twins share the same DNA, but will have their own fingerprints.

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The Orinda Taxi awaits a passenger outside of Miramonte.

Photo: M. Swan

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• Twins always have someone their age who they can hang out with and relate to • Sharing clothes • Having the same group of friends • Helpin...