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Sparkle: Therapy dog on campus brings a “sparkle” to Miramonte. (9)

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April 23, 2010

ASB Election Results Energize School Liza Katz, Jonathan Wong, Brittany Anderson, and Will Lavis to head 2010-11’s ASB by Sophia Bollag On Friday April 16, the new ASB officers were announced. Next year, Liza Katz will be ASB President, Jonathan Wong will be Vice President, Brittany Anderson will be Secretary, and Will Lavis will be Treasurer. Each officer is a senior. “We’re going to make the school as spirited as possible and make the year more enjoyable,” said Katz. As ASB President, Katz said she will “basically oversee the whole leadership class [and] work side by side with Ms. Peterson.” Next year will be Katz’s third year in leadership. Previously, she was the sophomore class Secretary and this year she is the junior class President. Wong said his duties as ASB Vice President will include “setting up the elections, arranging the assemblies, and also helping appoint positions.” As Vice President, Wong said he plans to create more publicity for the ASB elections next year, which he will be in charge of. “We had 400 people [vote this year], which is not a bad turnout, but we really want to get more people so that it really is the opinion of the [whole] school,” he said. Although Wong has never been in the leadership class before, he still has experience in leadership positions. “I’ve been an officer in Latin club for two years and I’ve also been the acting captain for the Academic Decathlon team,” he said. As ASB Secretary, Anderson will “keep in contact with the [leadership] class and keep everybody updated on what’s going on.” She will also be in charge of taking

notes at meetings. As she is currently the junior class Vice President, next year will be Anderson’s second year in leadership. “I’ll be working with the other ASB officer to help get people involved in school activities,” she said. “I have the ambition to be a good ASB Treasurer and accomplish a lot of goals for our school,” said Lavis, who is this year’s junior Vice President. As Treasurer, Lavis will oversee the leadership class budget. Katz ran against Claire Nicolaou for President, and Wong ran against Raj Bains and Kirby Schultz for Vice Photo: D. Louie President. Anderson and Juniors Jonathan Wong, Will Lavis, Brittany Anderson, and Liza Katz celebrate Lavis both ran unopposed their ASB election victories. for their positions. Elections were held Thursday, April 15 didates for Senior Secretary, and Sarah Abel and Joseph and Friday, April 16. Sweiss are running for Senior Treasurer. The voting window for class officers began yesterday For Junior class officers, Scotty Huhn is running for at 8:00 a.m., and will continue through 8:00 p.m. tonight, President, Sarah Brovelli for Vice President, Tanya SalmFriday, April 23. eron for Secretary, and Bonnie Bierbaum for Treasurer. Caitlin Nelson runs unopposed for Senior President, Sophomore class officer candidates include Maddy while Chris Thatcher runs unopposed for Senior Vice Bush for President, Connor Casey for Vice President, and President. Isabelle Shapiro and Annie Singsank are can- Kendall Kovalik for Treasurer.

MHS Talent Show Alleviates End-of-Year Stress by Davis Louie On Friday, April 16 Leadership hosted the second annual Miramonte Talent Show, which was comprised of many great talents such as senior Adam Gibson, junior Ben Breen, members of the Miramonte Jazz Band, and a dance crew, which included Vicious, Juicy, and Camillio. Acts in the talent show this year were centered around music and dancing. Other performers included juniors Jessica Yao and Belinda Yan as well as seniors James Dawson, Alex Chow, Kelli Lin, James Abriel, Daniel Coleman, Egor Machin, and Elizabeth DeLuna. In addition to the talents preformed during the show, artistic, academic, and athletic awards were given out throughout the show. Photos: L. Stewart and B. Woodward

Clockwise from top left: James Dawson performs an original piece. James Abriel and Daniel Coleman rock the djembe and bongos. Belinda Yan plays a traditional guzheng. Alex Chow and Kelli Lin impressed the audience with a Tahitian dance.

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sparkle: Therapy dog on campus brings a “sparkle” to Miramonte. (9) Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid, Orinda, Ca Permit #301 WHo’s mo...