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“May” You Always Be In Service! Volume 1 Issue 1

Mansfield High School: Division 39S

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Board Meetings- May 5th, 12th,19th, and 26th  General MeetingsMay 15th and 29th  Nursing Home BingoMay 8th  Relay for LifeMay 17th  Spring Training ConferenceMay 17th  Roberta Tipps “Jag Buck Party”May 20th  Officer InductionsMay 22nd

May 2014

Mansfield High School Key Club’s Mission to Its Members: Our goal for this new Key Club year is for our members to become more involved throughout this organization. We want them to know what the values of Key Club truly are. We hope that our new board members will help spark a passion and love for Key Club so strong, that it will allow us to accomplish anything that we set our minds to. Our hope is that we will be able to build our Key Club, so that it makes a lasting impact, not only on the community, but also for future generations of Mansfield High School Key Club. The new board hopes to make our members more active so that our Key Club will only grow stronger. So for the general members who would like to find out what Key Club International truly is, we hope that you will enjoy what is in store for the new 2014-2015 Key Club year!

T-O District Convention

Before I went to District Convention, I can honestly say I was not excited at all. My brother and one of his best friends (who is basically like my brother) had been there before and were constantly talking about how excited they were and I had no idea why. I did not even want to go. I wanted to stay at my house all weekend and sleep. But, because I went, I think DCON has truly changed my life. Before the convention, I knew I loved Key Club. But after the convention, I found out that I LIVE for Key Club. Meeting so many people and making so many friends was extremely easy to do at DCON. Because you know that you are all there for your love of Key Club, you automatically know you have something in common. People in Key Club are so genuine and dedicated and every moment I spent at the convention was truly amazing. District Convention is not just a place to have fun. It is a place to celebrate your full year of hard work and dedication to your club. It is a time to be congratulated on all of the contests and awards you won. For my club, it was a time for us to discover that we made it into the Top 25 Clubs of the Texas-Oklahoma District! It was a time for me and my club to realize that all of our work had finally paid off! For the rest of my high school career, DCON is what I will look forward to every year. -Crystal Loh Key Club Secretary

Farwell to Our Retiring MHS Key Club Members: There comes a time when we must let go things that we truly love in order to grow and become a stronger individual. Sometimes it’s due to the fact that it is simply time to move on in the journey of life, but for others, it’s to move on to bigger and greater things to better serve our community. We must all eventually find our true passion, whether that be continuing to serve the community or finding other ways to build yourself as a person. So to all of you leaving the Mansfield High School Key Club I want to thank you on behalf of the club for donating your time and energy to this organization. You will truly be missed and we hope that only the best awaits you in life!

Congratulations to Two very Special Young Men! Both Andrew Loh and Colin Gonzalez are examples of what it means to truly dedicate your life to service. They are both currently holding positions on the district board, Andrew as the Division 39S Lieutenant Governor and Colin as the Texas-Oklahoma District Treasurer. They have both made a commitment to serve the district and dedicate their time and energy to serving. At this past DCON Andrew Loh also received the Leader of Leaders award, as well as the Outstanding President of the Year award. These are both outstanding achievements that were truly deserved. Even though these two individuals will be spending more time helping out other Key Clubs in the district, they will continue to be forever a part of the Mansfield High School Key Club. We wish you guys the best of luck in your new positions on the District Board!

Contact Information:  MHS Key Club President: Frankie Scarbrough  MHS Key Club Vice President: Tori Crawford  MHS Key Club Vice President of Public Relations: Eunice Iyalho  MHS Key Club Vice President of Membership: Paige Grizzle  MHS Key Club Secretary: Crystal Loh  MHS Key Club Treasurer: Malik Williams  MHS Key Club Editor: Sophia Torres  MHS Key Cub Webmaster: Brendon Nguyen

District Board:  Division 39S Lieutenant Governor: Andrew Loh  District Governor: Kaitlyn Wilson  District Secretary: Samuel Kinnin  District Treasurer: Colin Gonzalez

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