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Get in the summer spirit with a complete guide to summer 2019. Pages 19-21.

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From The Editor...

Welcome to the senior edition of the Courier. It has been a long year, filled with lifelong memories and and overwhelming sense of disinterest in most things school related (senioritis). But time flies when you’re having fun, so I’d have to say high school has been fun. I’ve found friends I appreciate, found things I love to do and prepared myself for the rest of my life. I’ve learned a lot of useless information in high school as well. I now have the entirety of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech memorized (ask me to do it) and I can read a test-sized passage of literature faster than I ever thought I would have to. But high school would not have been the same without having joined the Courier. I’ve found something I am passionate about, and I want to thank you for reading, you’re the real MVP. I’ve been doing this for what feels like a long time. That time is, however, almost up. Thank you all for all the support and for giving me a hometown. Peace out, Mandan.

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The Class of 2019 is in countdown mode as graduation fast approaches. Cover photo by Riley Griffin

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May 2019


The Real Piehl The last word: OP out


So, thank you for that. I will be forever grateful that this school, and more specifically this class, has given me the Wow, last Real Piehl. Thank you all so opportunity to become who I am now. much for reading this page and supporting High school has been a long, slow grind, the Courier during my time here, I promise but looking back now it feels like it all went it is in good hands next year. by in the blink of an eye. It feels like only This edition is my final goodbye to yesterday I was in Mrs. Andring’s English Mandan High. This will forever be my class desperately trying to understand the hometown. concept of close reading and now I feel like If you feel strongly about this issue or I have conquered this school — we have others, please feel free to get in touch with conquered this school. The Courier. You can drop off a letter to But reaching the end of the high school Liberty and Courtney in Mrs. Cahoon’s climb is, in reality, not that hard. Many room 221. people have done it before and will continue to as long as school exists. We’re not special. I’m going to address the seniors for a It is time now to go out and earn what moment: In seventh grade I left the 60 kid country we want. There were many times in high school which I had attended my whole life school in which I received a grade which and moved to Mandan. I wasn’t too happy I probably didn’t deserve, and I was happy about it. I was leaving everyone I knew, to get it. The real world doesn’t work like all my friends, and was moving across that. If you want something, it is up to you the river to a town which I had been told and you alone to go get it. But enough of this talk. We will all figure by many was second rate compared to it out soon enough, and we still have time Bismarck. Then I got here. I’ll never forget my first day at MMS. to be kids right now. I was thinking the other day, in the year I didn’t know 2029 we are anybody but I all going to was surrounded get invites to by more students our ten year than I’d seen reunion. That in my whole is the next life. Walking time we will the hallways I all be in the felt like a cow same place. being herded I’m not by unforgiving going to be middle school Photo by Courtney Entzi naive and say teachers. I was Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and that we’re all terrified of what look around once in awhile, you might miss it. going to miss lay before me. each other Since then -My Boy Ferris Bueller so much — I I have found a community and a school which have know this class. I’d guess that most of us helped make me the person I am today. I are looking forward to getting out of here have made friendships which I cherish, and getting away from everyone. I know we’ve had our share of struggles made memories which I will never forget and have come out on the other side of this as a class: student section problems, drama, adventure with an appreciation for the town vlogs, drama on vlogs, drama on twitter and a healthy dose of resentment. I think this is which I was once so scared of.



May 2019

something which comes with any group of people as varied and diverse as we are. But we have also had good times. Fun parties, good music, hot nights, football games, happiness and joy and the high school experience. If life is a story, I think we’ve done our best to enrich this chapter of each others’ stories. Thinking about our class, I see a group of diverse people with many different interests, talents, strengths and weaknesses, goals, plans and, most of all, futures. Now go out and get that. To everyone else (but also the seniors, love y’all): First of all, that sure wasn’t anything like High School Musical. Despite that obvious error in my expectations, it was a good time in my life. High school is a time to discover what you enjoy, try new things, make mistakes, make memories and begin to shape yourself as a person. And it goes by so, so fast. Before you know it, you’re looking back at four years that flew away like homework assignments in the wind. We all knew this was coming, it just didn’t seem real until now. I don’t know exactly what the future holds, nobody does. All I can control is me, and I am going to do the best job I can. I think we all are. So here’s to the end of high school and the beginning of the rest of our lives. Here’s to good times, bad times and everything in between. Here’s to us. Don’t take your time for granted. Make memories now because you’ll remember them for a long time. Take care of yourself, take care of our world, smile, make art, make music, compliment people, be your best you and I promise everything will work out. It’s been real, Mandan High School. We have given you everything we can and now we are headed off on the greatest journey ever known: life. I’ll see you at the reunion. One last time. OP out. Banana graphic by Shantel Jangula Graduation cap graphic by Liberty Hurley


Out of time, Out of Effort When we could have tried a little less

easier to follow. Any regret over an A- is too much regret, and getting your parent to call you in sick General Reporter when you really could go to school is not worth it. Just wait till senior year or college when you can More than eight years ago I sat in call yourself in. the third grade, anxiously awaiting a Another school related tip; how well you do on backbreaking right of passage. This a book essay does not actually relate to how much cruel experience, devoid of compassion off the book you read. Instead it depends on how and full of rage and contempt, was good you are at matching themes and characters learning how to write in cursive, a task together for a solid B- . that lasted two full years of messy, Also I think the most important to briefly mention squiggly, nearly incomprehensible the pursuit of the opposite sex. Just remember handwriting. that there are literally billions of other people out I look back on these times not out there. Is one of billions really worth so many bitter of spite or anger, but rather of disbelief. Graphic by Ryan Phelps feelings? Why did we go through all that effort to Unfortunately bitter feelings do happen, and A penrose triangle, like life, is learn a skill never to be required after everyone has been the cause of them at one point beautiful and does not need to be we learned it? or another. That leads me to my next point. understood to be enjoyed. The answer is because it was normal. When you mess up, it is important to learn from Over our years of school we have gone your mistakes, but contemplation can go too far. through countless hours of work, beads of sweat and Saturdays not Endlessly thinking about what you could have done, ‘what if I spent with the boys to accomplish utterly pointless things. had not messed up that one time,’ ‘what if I had just known then Sometimes these wastes were understandable, like the times we what I know now,’ is utterly pointless and counterproductive. cried to stay home in kindergarten. Others seemed to be obvious Time only moves forward, and so should we. mistakes, like trying to correct a club advisors mistake. That last All in all, we have all done things we could have just not. While one never actually works. it is a good thing to try your best most of the time, remember The Either way they all are important because they taught us the right Eagles. “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. way to spend our time. With 18 years of experience behind me I Take it easy. would like to give a few suggestion about when to just stop trying. The first suggestion I would like to give is a hard one because it concerns your friends, the people who can seem to be at the very center of a teenagers life. Unfortunately, some friends will not be at the center forever. Hobbies, goals, or tastes can change, and you may find yourself related less to your best friends. It is only natural that some friendships grow apart. All you can do is let it go. It is perfectly normal to change, and trying to hold on to who someone was leads to nothing good. Photo by Ryan Phelps Although that advice was a No matter the age, everyone can feel overwhelmed once in a while. Remember that real downer, thankfully I do when someone gets upset with you, its probably not personal. have a few suggestions that are



May 2019


Bell The


Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Dear High School,

Hey students of Mandan High, I know that over the years school has caused heart breaks and many failed classes, but throughout it all, we are still here together and will be for about another week or so. So before the tears start falling because you will not be able to see your best friends for weeks or because your life time buddy is going to college in a different state, take some time to physically or mentally jot down some thank you notes. In remembrance of the person I was in high school and the person I hope to be, here are some thank you notes of my own.

Dear Seniors,

Thank you seniors for always showing us young folk how to act, whether it be telling us to move up from the third row at a basketball game or showing us how to do senioritis right. I hope that next year when I am in your position and I am fed up with arbitrary rules and too many absences I can exercise the grace and patience you have shown me throughout the year. I know it can be hard hearing younger classmen telling you what to do, but always remember that we love and admire you just like you did the seniors before you. You are going great places and you are going to do great things. Good luck and best wishes.

Dear Juniors,

Thank you Juniors for being my backbone throughout high school. I will always cherish our many 2020 pictures at school dances and for always listening to my endless questions in class. We are heading into our last summer before we are expected to get things figured out, and we need to take advantage of it. Make new friends, smell new smells, go out and just do new things before it is half way through your sophomore year in college and you realize it is just too late. You are still young and (most of us) dumb. Make mistakes and be proud of it because you deserve it.

Dear Sophomores,

Oh sophomores. Thank you for teaching me all about mistakes and all sorts of new things, for you are the turning point of high school. I know you guys are almost old enough to get rid of the freshman cringe, but you still have to wait a bit longer. That is a very hard title to hold, but no one can wear it as well as you. Being a sophomore is hard, and I get it, but listen you are doing great. Next year you can look back and see how much you have grown and learned since the weird stage of being a sophomore. Keep your head up and never forget that sophomore year does not last forever.

Dear Freshman,

Okie Dokie guys, thank you for teaching me that it is okay to humiliate yourself in the most beautiful way possible. No one is as confident in your self conscious self as you are. I truly believe you did your best with what you were given, but you still have so many things to learn. Even if an upperclassmen tells you should not have an opinion because you are “just a freshman,� they are wrong, and you should continue to be loud and proud. Your voice is important and never let anyone tear that from you, but I just hope you remember these words when you are an upperclassmen and a freshman accidentally steps on your shoes in the hallway.

Sincerely Yours, Liberty Hurley


May 2019


Courier Calendar May 2019 ANNE KESLER General Reporter


Boys’ Track: May 25, state @Bowl

Girls’ Track: May 25, state @Bowl

Girls’ Tennis:

May 23-25, regionals @Minot May 30 - June 1, state @Grand Forks

Photo by Dante Daniel

Mandan DECA having fun under the sun at 2019 nationals competition in Florida.

Girls’ Soccer:

May 21, regionals @Mandan May 30 - June 1, @Jamestown


May 20, playoffs @TBA May 23-25, regionals @Bismarck May 30 - June 1, state @Corbett Field


May 23-25, regionals @Dickinson May 30 - June 1, state @South Hill Complex Photo by Owen Piehl

Boys’ Golf:

May 28, regionals @Garden State Golf Course June 4-5, state @Fargo

Cole Schmidt takes off for first base at a Mandan vs. Bismarck baseball game.

Clubs TSA:


June 28 - July 2 nationals @Washington DC

May 26, Graduation @Starion


May 2019


Beautifying Mandan

Mandan pushes to bring life to downtown OWEN PIEHL

business leader behind the Mandan Flowers program. “Simple things like hanging flower baskets in a city draws people to town.” The city also plans to replace old traffic lights along with the Mandan has recently increased efforts to improve its downtown other street changes. area through changes and beautification in order to make the area These projects are likely to have a positive impact on businesses more inviting and pedestrian friendly. in downtown Mandan. The city has a variety of tools at its disposal, and Mandan has made “I think when businesses look and see that we’re doing something use of its Renaissance Zone status and Storefront Improvement to slow traffic down, trying to make our streets look nicer and Program to make multiple renovations and improvements happen more inviting, that’s when they start thinking ‘well they’re making in recent years. improvements on the public side, maybe I should start making In addition to the steps the city is taking to improve its downtown, some improvements on the private side,’” City Administrator Jim an influx of new businesses to downtown will be a factor in Neubauer said. increasing foot traffic. Downtown Mandan is considered a ‘Renaissance Zone’ by Runnings is relocating from its location on Memorial Highway in North Dakota, allowing the city’s Renaissance Zone committee Mandan to the currently empty Central Market building on Main and City Commission to grant a five year state Street. income tax exemption to businesses in the area Another familiar site which invest at least 50 in downtown Mandan percent of the building’s will be receiving a value into renovations. change of face as well. Since its establishment The former location in 2005, $17 million of Huntington Books, has been invested in 31 218 W. Main St., will buildings being newly now be the home of constructed, expanded Copper Dog Cafe, a or rehabilitated. coffee and waffle shop One business that has intended to open June taken advantage of this 1. The building will incentive is Runnings. also be home to a youth The business has fitness and gymnastics proposed a multitude studio. of renovations to the The city is currently location including a total in the process of undertaking roof replacement and multiple projects to improve Photo by Owen Piehl improved lighting along Road signs like this one may be a feature of upcoming Main with city plans to improve its downtown experience. Street and sidewalk Street changes, along with shifting the street from four lanes the aesthetics of the building improvements loom large on to three. and plant trees in front of the the agenda for Mandan. One property. major change will be shifting Main Street from four lanes to three Gov. Doug Burgum’s Main Street ND initiative, a project aimed with the intent of making the area more pedestrian friendly. at revitalizing specific growth areas in North Dakota cities and “Some of the main goals of it are to calm vehicle traffic a little towns, has worked well with other incentive programs to provide bit and to make it a better environment for pedestrians,” City Mandan grants and funding to continue to improve Main Street Planning and Engineering Director Justin Froseth said. “Reducing and its downtown experience. that south lane gets the travel lane away from the sidewalk and we “The Main Street Initiative is about healthy, vibrant communities, get parking on the south side of Main Street.” twenty-first century workforce and smart infrastructure,” Huber Another notable change will be the addition of curb extensions said. (curb-outs) to intersections on and along Main Street which the These things are important to Mandan, and the city is doing what city plans to use as areas to place benches, flowers and public art. they can to try and push for that future. It all starts in downtown. Additionally, the Mandan Flowers project is currently seeking “I think the changes will be a positive for us,” Mandan Laughing sponsorships from local businesses to introduce hanging flower Sun Manager Ellen Knudson said. “I think it will add some baskets to Main Street which can be placed on these curb-outs. creativity to downtown and brighten it up a bit which will make “Hanging flower baskets or plantings would be something the people want to come and walk from business to business. Overall whole community could enjoy,” said Amy Bickleman, a local that sounds like a good step forward.”



May 2019


Sports Round-up Baseball After losing twice to Dickinson to start off the season, The Braves have since come to a total of nine win to nine losses. “We need to continue it improve with hard, focused work each day,” Head Coach Dewit Mack said. “Making it to state is a good possibility.” The baseball team is doing better now compared to this point last year, a fact they hope to keep up going forward. “There have been some very pleasant surprises to date. [We] are throwing strikes, getting balls into play,” said Mack. While the team may be sitting at an even tie in overall games, the conference total leaves them at only five wins to seven losses. Mack stresses the importance of continued teamwork and cooperation “Our focus is improving as a team. Baseball is a team sport where individuals can only influence part of the game,” said Mack.

Girls’ Tennis While the season is still young for the girls’ tennis team, they have done their best to start this season on the right foot with only one loss in five games, and no WDA losses. While this may lead to high spirits now, it is important to keep the motivation high. “I think the motivation will stay high as the season continues and we build on our successes,” Head Coach Paul Christen. Girls’ tennis came fifth in the WDA last year, and this year look to do even better. “Our team is full of outstanding players from the top to the bottom of the lineup. They all play a huge role in our success as a team,” Christen said. For more information on girls’ tennis see page 12.

RYAN PHELPS General Reporter

Softball Graduating seniors can cause a team to have unfortunate setbacks, as happened to the MHS softball team. “After losing a key contributor in 2018, we have needed to replace innings in the circle,” said Head Coach Ryne Jungling. The season has been rough with a total of three wins and thirteen loses. “We have struggled a bit preventing teams from scoring as our pitchers deveop,” said Jungling. While the season had started out rough for the team, they plan to bring their A game to get to state. “We have lost close games to Dickinson and Minot, games that in two weeks we hopefully will win,” Jungling said.

Girls’ Soccer At this point of the season, girls soccer is outpacing most of the competition with five wins, three losses and a draw. “We’re currently sitting in 2nd in the WDA. This exactly what we are hoping for, however there’s plenty of work left to do,” said Head Coach Stephen Weston. While shooting for 2nd place may seem a little unambitious, it is important to note that Minot had a substantial winning streak. This makes them a daunting foe, although the girls team delivered them a close defeat on May 3rd. “I think this is down to us grinding out some results when we weren’t playing well as a team, like Jamestown,” Weston said. “It’s game like that that build character and disciple.” There is a lot at stake this season. If the teams makes the top four in WDA it will be an MHS soccer record.

Boys’ Golf

As boys’ golf treks toward its June 4th state tournament, they have every reason to believe they will do nothing but improve this time around. “We have our starting lineup from last year back, which is good because other teams lost a lot of seniors last year,” Head Coach Bruce Rauser said. The team had a promising start to the season, coming in third at their first meet. Strong competition, however, may be ahead for the team. “Century and Minot will be our biggest competition. We will have to put lots of short game practice,” said Rauser.

Boys’ Track

Abysmal weather has gotten everyone down, no one more so than the Boys’ track team, who had to put off practicing outside due to the cold. “Weather has not been very cooperative so we have had to work through the obstacles,” Head Coach Todd Sheldon said. This season has already lead to many athletes qualifying for State and hope to qualify many more. “The Boys track teams success this season is based on constant improvements by all athletes,” Sheldon said.

Girls’ Track The Girls’ Track team started this season small, with many senior members graduating last year. The team of around 40 girls has one returning senior and six juniors. The team had a brief streak, coming in second in three meets in a row. This brought their total in outdoor meets to three secound place finsihes and a seventh, a total appreciated by Head Coach Brooke Weidrich. “Our motivation will only continue to grow as the season comes closer to the State Meet,” said Weidrich.

All statistics and information comes from and the respective coaches. Sports up to date as of March 9th


May 2019



Sports and Co-News Editor The boys’ cross country placed eighth at WDA and 16 at state.

Girls’ Swim and Dive The Braves placed fourth at WDA and 12 at state.

Girls’ Track The girls’ track team has a total of 13 athletes qualified for state so far.

Girls’ Hockey The girls hockey team finished the season tenth in the standings.

Volleyball The volleyball team placed second at state.

Boys’ Track The boys’ track has 9 atheltes that have qualified for state so far.


Girls’ Golf The Braves took fifth at the West Region tournament and placed fourth at state.

Girls’ Basketball Senior Megan Zander won the title of North Dakota Miss Basketball


The boys’ hockey team is only the fourth team in Mandan hockey history to make it to state.


Boys’ Swim and Dive Senior Johnny Mindt broke mulitple diving records. May 2019

Boys’ Golf The boys’ golf team has placed third at every tournament so far.

The team made it to state for the first time in seven years.

The gymnastics team placed sixth at WDA. The Kachinas won a state championship in the Class A Varsity Jazz competition.

The wrestling team took third place at state.

Boys’ Tennis

The boys’ soccer welcomed new players to the team after a co-op with St. Mary’s

Girls’ Cross Country

Ben Gartner and his doubles partner Kamden Sedivick made it to state.

Girls’ Tennis The girls’ tennis team was voted ‘Best in the West’ this season.

The girls’ cross country team placed fifth this year at state with only a team of eight runners.

Girls’ Soccer The girls’ soccer team beat Minot for the first time in 13 years and broke the school record for most goals in a season.

All photos by the MHS Courier staff.

The boys’ basketball team had mulitple players break records this year.


Athlete of the Month ANNE KESLER

Lauren Gangl

General Reporter

Who are you closest to on the team and why? “I am closest to Megan and Kennedy. Meg and I love to make fun of Ken about everything.” What is the craziest thing to happen to you during your sport? “Giving Payton a concussion.” Is there a certain song that hypes you up before you play? “Batter Up by Mike Stud.”

Photo submitted by Lauren Gangl


Austin Frey Who are you closest to on the team and why? “Henry because he brings the sun out on cloudy days.” What is the craziest thing to happen to you during your sports? “Henry’s one bar against Sabin.” Is there a certain song that hypes you up before you play? “Thas Facts by Young Sabin.” Photo submitted by Austin Frey

Junior Sports

May 2019


Sports Spotlight Mandan Girls’ Tennis: Team with a Dream OWEN PIEHL Editor-In-Chief

The Mandan Girls’ Tennis team has high expectations this year practice. from themselves and from the outside looking in. The girls have been practicing since April 1, and have put a The team was voted first place in the WDA preseason coaches lot of time in with morning and afternoon practices trying to put poll. Mandan received six of the nine first place votes in the poll, themselves in a position to reach those goals. four more than Minot, the defending WDA and state champions. “We always start with a warmup and hit a few balls around,” The Braves have been working hard to live up to the Vogel said. “Then we do numerous drills focused on specific skills expectations, and have high hopes for this year. and we always finish off with a game or conditioning.” “We want to win the regular season title, go into the region This work has put the girls in a favorable position, and the team as the number one seed and hopefully win the region,” Girls’ boasts a lot of depth on their varsity roster. Tennis Coach Paul Christen said. “Set ourselves up to maybe “Everybody has been contributing,” Christen said. “It’s not just make that state championship match.” one person stepping up, everybody has played their role whether Their they’re number one or number seventeen.” expectations For a team with dreams such as this one, were given constant improvement is s o m e a key. The girls have substance at been perfecting their the Minot game and improving Round Robin as a team throughout where the the season and will girls finished look to continue as it first ahead of progresses. Minot and “We’ve been focusing seven other on movement, WDA teams. doubles and being There was aggressive,” Christen no let up after said. “We have some success for consistency issues I this team, think, but overall we however, as don’t have a lot of they went weaknesses. We have on to win things to work on but their first we’re not really weak four matches in one area.” Photo submitted by Kenna Vogel afterwards against Competition for St. Mary’s, West Mandan senior Kenna Vogel returns a volley. The girls practice all year girls’ tennis will heat Fargo, Minot and up in upcoming weeks. long to ensure they perform the best that they can. Legacy Regionals for the girls “The girls are feeling very hopeful and excited about the are May 23-25, with state following five days after. season,” senior tennis player Kenna Vogel said. “We’ve worked “Our confidence is high, but we haven’t really proven anything very hard to be where we’re at right now.” yet,” Christen said. “There’s a lot of good teams in the west, but I Hard work has been a major key, and that effort begins at think we’re feeling pretty good.”


May 2019


Club Spotlight: Student Council

The minds behind Mandan’s fundraisers, dress-up MADI JUST days and more Feature Editor

If you walk up the small attend a few state conventions mountain of stairs to the throughout the year where they second floor of the High can meet with other student School at 7:30 in the morning, council representatives from you may see a small gathering other schools. of students in room 212 “The State Student Council working diligently and convention in November has talking in hushed tones. Those a bunch of different sessions students are the Mandan High you can attend like how to School student council. be a good leader and service The students in student learning, along with several council have to learn to keynote speakers,” Student organize, delegate, present Council President Sophie Lind ideas and plan the activities said. “You can also campaign and fundraisers they set up. to become a State Student “You have to be able to Council representative.” speak your mind and be open Student council also held to talking about your ideas,” their first spring fling week Freshman Class President including dress up days and a Carson Masseth said. picnic for students. Student council currently “The idea behind the spring has around 40 members all fling was to give all of the of which had to go through Photo submitted by Stephanie Bouche students one more thing to do an application process. The The money raised in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser together before the end of the application includes the other year, especially because prom went to cancer research, with the added bonus of seeing school groups that student was so early this year,” Lind is in, defining what a leader teachers pied in the face. From left to right: Senior Trey said. “If [student council] means to them and what plans Wiest, Athletic Director Mark Wiest, Junior Jaxton Wiest continues to do the spring that student has to improve fling, we are hoping to add a Mandan High School. dance too.” “From there the students vote on what positions you get like One of the spring fling days was dedicated to Mr. Jungling’s class president and treasurer and secretary,” Student Council son. Students were encouraged to wear blue and donate to start a Advisor Stephanie Bouche said. “Then we select someone to be scholarship for first responders. the student council president.” “I think that [the day for Mr. Jungling’s son] will be Student Council is probably most known for their fundraisers, the busiest day because when students have a connection to dress up days, and the homecoming festivities at the beginning of something, they are more willing to give and donate,” Lind said. the school year. So far this year they have done a clean up day, While volunteer clubs like student council looks great on college a Pennies for Patients fundraiser, the powder puff football game transcripts, the students say that is not why they joined. and the homecoming week dress-up days and pep rallies. “Student Council gives you a chance to be more involved with “Of everything we’ve done so far this year my favorite was your student body and community,” Lind said. “You also get probably the Pennies for Patients fundraiser.” Masseth said. “It all goes to good cause, plus it was great to see teachers get pied to meet so many new people throughout the whole school and community. It is so much more than just volunteering and there is in the face.” But student council does not just set-up fundraisers, they also a space for anyone.”


May 2019


RILEY GRIFFIN General Reporter



SUMMER EDITION What is one thing you want to do this summer that you have never done before?

How many sunburns are you counting on this summer?

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Gage Whitney

“Parasailing.” Photo by Riley Griffin


“Only one, I’ll tan after the first.”

“The fact that I can eat as much ice cream as I want and not be judged for it.”

Kylie Wieland

“Skydive.” Photo by Riley Griffin

“All of the sunburns.”

“Taking a lot of naps.”

Junior Mayson Sheldon

“Drive my family’s pontoon on the river.”

“Approximately six.”

Photo by Riley Griffin

“The warm weather and not having to constantly worry about an assignment from Mrs. Saur.”

Senior Tyler Bay “Probably tour “At least three or college campuses.” four.”

“The freedom to do whatever I want.”

Photo submitted by Tyler Bay



May 2019

A Brave Journey:

A look at Mandan High History and perspectives from former students DANTE DANIEL General Reporter

Photo gained with permission from SHSND

The old Mandan Senior High School. This school was used as a high school until the new location was built on Sunset. It then became the junior high school.

Tests, graduation parties, homework, scholarships and scrambling to find out what you are going to do with your life. These are some of the issues that seniors at Mandan face on a daily basis. The question that needs to be asked is, was it any different in the past? As the end of the year approaches, it is a great time to look back at the history of Mandan High, and see if life for the seniors really was that different for teachers and students in years past. Mandan High School was first built in the 1920’s to service the growing population based around the rail-line going through town. The old high school housed the Braves until the new high school was built in 1957. The old Mandan High School was then transitioned into a junior high. The new building has been serving as the high school for over 50 years and has had countless students pass through its halls, and there is no better place to hear about the life and experiences that took place here than from the former students who attended our

school. Scheryl Bjorndahl was a student at Mandan High School when she graduated in 1999. She was involved in many different athletics and extracurriculars, and remembers high school being similar to what we encounter now. “I graduated in 1999, and I was involved in several different sports such as basketball, volleyball, and I threw in track,” Bjorndahl said. “We had huge crowds, because shortly after that Mandan went on a huge winning streak for basketball.” Some sports were played a little differently than they are now, with volleyball being the most notable, as Bjorndahl recalls. “When I played volleyball, we played up to fifteen and only scored when you served, so we would have games go on for hours,” Bjorndahl said. Bjorndahl also remembers the feeling of dread that she encountered when it came time to figure out what she was going to do after high school as is the case with seniors today. “My biggest worry was deciding where to go to college, as I had been recruited by a few different schools to play for them,” Bjorndahl said. Many high school seniors start out with a plan for their life after Photo gained with permission from SHSND

A Williston Coyotes player reaches for a layup in a game against the Mandan Braves. The Braves would go on to win this game in their impressive run to a 1967 class A basketball championship.


May 2019


graduation, but for many, that plan changes frequently, and Bjorndahl is no stranger to this. “I originally wanted to go into health and physical education, and I eventaully went back to school and got my library education degree,” Bjorndahl said. Bjorndahl is not the only former Mandan student who teaches at the high school. Megan Schaff is a former student who currently teaches at Mandan High. Schaff teaches history, AVID, and coaches tennis. Schaff was heavily involved with sports during her time in high school, and also was part of many FACs classes. “I was in basketball, volleyball, and tennis,” Schaff said. “I also took lots of Spanish and FACs classes.” Mandan has always had a history of having large student crowds, and Schaff remembers it being the same way when she was in high school. “I remember playing basketball in front of a packed gym almost every home game,” Schaff said. “My senior year of volleyball was the same, as most activities had a pretty full crowd.” Many students are fearful and excited of what life will be like after they graduate, and this feeling has not changed.

Schaff remembers feeling excited for her life after school. “I don’t think I was scared because I was staying close to home,” Schaff said. “I was more excited than worried. I think anytime you start something new in life, there’s a strange mix of feeling scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time.” The end of the year played out a little different during Schaff’s time in high school than it does now, as they did not have a senior send off, and most graduation open houses were after the ceremony. This made it so that many of them were unable to attend their friends graduation parties. Academics have obviously gone through heavy changes at Mandan, with technology playing a bigger factor now in educating students than it did in the past. However, the academics are not the only major change that Mandan has gone through over the years. Changes to the building and surrounding area are one notable difference than in the past. Mandan has been remodeled extensivley, with the glass window front of the building being replaced for the more modern stone front in the mid 2010’s. The Braves Center was purchased and turned into additional room for classes, and the All Seasons Arena was remodeled and given a gym floor in place of its hockey rink. Mandan High School has seen its fair share of students, teachers, changes and quirks that make a high school feel like a living, breathing thing. Some would say that the high school has adopted its own personality, and this personality is made out of contributions from students like Schaff, Bjorndahl, and the past and future generations of Mandan High.

Photo acquired courtesy of the Mandan Historical Society

A conceptual drawing of Mandan High School. Opened in 1957, the features of the building were altered from the intital design heavily, with the center building and the glass front being the one feature that remained until the school was remodeled in the mid 2010’s.


May 2019





The majority of colleges require freshmen to stay in their dorms. If you plan on living at home schools like BSC or the University or Mary will probably work best due to their proximities and policies. If you want to branch out, visiting campuses is the best way to figure out which college which college is best for you. Some schools give you an option on which type of dorm you want to live in, so if you want to stay in a certain type of dorm, visiting also gives you the opportunity to reserve that space.

Cost is always an issue when looking at colleges. As you look, keep in mind which of their scholarships you may be eligible for, what their meal plans are like, and what their overall tuition rate


f o r co g n i n l


e eg


is. Schools like BSC have a ton of majors at a lower price, while schools like UND and NDSU tend to be more specialized and more expensive. Filing out things like a FAFSA form and starting a budget are also good ways to cut down on college costs. For more information on cutting your college costs, visit the counceling office.


One of the first things students look at when looking at colleges is the location. Start with whether you want to stay in state or go Choosing a college is one of the most stressful things If you don’t know out of state. that students have go through. There are just so many what you want to major options and factors that go into the big decision. In state schools offer a in, consider schools These are a few of the most important things to think familiarity and may make with lots of different about before deciding which college is best for you. you feel more comfortable options. Research with your surroundings. You how many majors the will also be closer to family school you want to attend has, and if it and friends and state schools usually offer some financial is low, consider finding what you want assistance to in state students like special scholarships to do, or look at schools with more and lower tuition. options. Out of state schools can give If you have a good idea of what you students the opportunity to branch want to go into, look at schools that out and explore in college, and will have a successful department for that provide students more collges to program, like how UND is known for choose from. having a great medical program and Once you decide that, figure out NDSU is known for their engineering whether a big or small city works program. best for you. MADI JUST Small cities provide more of a Feature Editor connection between students and staff and a closer connection to the community. Dollar sign, wreath, and map icon by Madi Just, Big cities offer more diversity and more job opportunities.

Do you know your major?

Diploma by Liberty Hurley


May 2019


the perfect

summer Table of Contents Summer Playlist Online Swimsuit Review Summer Bucketlist Perfect Summer Jobs

MAGGIE KNOLL General Reporter


Summer Sweets

Sports and Co-News Editor

ANNE KESLER General Reporter

Photo by Maggie Knoll


May 2019




Summer Jobs

Here are a couple of places to work to keep your summer busy and the money rollin’ in.

Water Parks/ Pools:

Go to the North Dakota State Fair

Visit Harmon Lake

Go and explore Medora

Go night swimming

Mini golf

Go to Kum&Go

Try five different flavors of Mo’s

Go stargazing

Road trip with friends

Go to the Morton County Fair

A good tan, the smell of sunscreen, music and money. If this doesn’t sound like a pure summer atmosphere I don’t know what does. Here is a list of pools and waterparks near you. Water parks -Raging River Waterpark; Mandan Pools -Hillside Aquatic Complex; Bismarck -Elk Aquatic Center; Bismarck -Wachter Aquatic Complex; Bismarck


Watch a sunrise/ sunset

Go roller blading


Paddle board/kayak

Outdoor movie night

Go tubing

Ride a jet ski

Make a friendship bracelet

Make popsicles

Ride bike

Learn a new water sport

Have a bonfire

Go for a hike

Make s’mores

From the aroma of burgers fresh off the grill to the texture of creamy goodness of a caramel frappe, restaurants and cafes all around Bisman calling your name. -Station West; Mandan -Classic Rock Cafe; Mandan -Mo’s Snow Shack; Bismarck


Attention history, amusement and furry friend lovers here are some summer jobs that may intersest you. -Fort Lincoln State Park; Mandan -Sertoma Amusement park; Bismarck -Dakota Zoo; Bismarck -Lewis and Clark Riverboat; Bismarck

Mandan Parks and Recreation:

Mandan Parks and Rec. offers a lot of great, flexible summer jobs for teens during the break. -Youth Dayball Coaches -Youth Track and Field Coaches

Summer Sweets Watermelon popsicles This sweet popsicle is made with fresh watermelon with mini chocolate chips for a rich taste. Watermelon Pop.


Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream Peaches fresh off the grill with vanilla ice cream to top it off. This summer sweet is one you won’t be able to get enough of.

Grilled Peaches

Cherry Limeade Ice Cream Float This ice cream float will get your taste buds rockin’ with the sweetness of the cherry, the tartness of the lime and the richness of the ice cream.

Cherry Limeade

May 2019

Smore Shake

Assorted Summer Shakes From a shake to drink on a warm summer night by the campfire to feeling as though you magically woke up on a tropical island, these summer time shakes will keep your summer fruity and sweet. Cherry Shake

Pineapple Shake


Cheap Summer Suits I ordered the first swimsuit off of Romwe. After 30 minutes of looking through reviews I decided a baby blue, ribbed bandeau with high waisted bottoms was the swimsuit for me. It totalled out to $15.33 after shipping and other fees and arrived about a week later. The material was high quality and the color was exactly like the picture. I found the seams and stitching to be poor and the swimsuit was a little smaller than expected. I can definitely see myself wearing this swimsuit again relaxing by the pool but I do not plan on doing anything too active while wearing it as I do not want to risk a slip. Overall, for the price and everything combined, I would rate this a 4/5. My next swimsuit, a snakeskin bandeau with high waisted bottoms came from Amazon. It totalled around $21 after shipping. The swimsuit came in about 5 days and blew away my expectations. This swimsuit was by far my favorite. This swimsuit fit me the best and although the bottoms were slightly baggy, the material was decent and the stitching was far better than the previous swimsuit. The pattern on the swimsuit is very on trend right now so I loved that, but unfortunately again this swimsuit is best suited for a relaxing day by the pool and not much else. That being said, this was the best fit, material and design I tried and overall my favorite. For the price of the swimsuit, I would rate this a 4.5/5, keeping in mind that the higher quality of the swimsuit may have been due to the fact that it was more expensive than the previous. My last swimsuit was a journey. I ordered a black bandeau with what was supposed to be high waisted bottoms from Zaful. It took two weeks to come in and was the most expensive of the three adding up to about $24 after the fees. This swimsuit hugged in all the wrong places. The bottom was not even remotely high waisted and the waistband caused me to lose feelings to my legs. The top had no coverage anywhere, there was spillage from the top, the bottom and the sides the only thing this swimsuit had going for it were the straps which barely held the suit together. I do not recommend this swimsuit at all and unfortunatley earned its way to a solid 2/5. The quality and fit were very poor and I was expecting a lot more considering it was the most expensive suit. I am always looking for a good deal and that is something that can easily be found through online shopping. My tips to everyone are: understand your body type and how different types of clothes will fit you, read reviews and do not settle for anything less than four stars and finally be prepared to be dissapointed. Not every deal is as good as it seems, but my swimsuit shopping journey has definitely opened my eyes to the world of online shopping.

Photo sourced from

This baby blue swimsuit is from Romwe and is the perfect color for summer.

Photo sourced from

This snake skin swimsuit from Amazon is on trend and can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Photo sourced from

Summer Playlist

This all black swimsuit from Zaful is simple and cute for all occasions.

Summer is fast approaching. School is coming to a close and the weather is getting better, now comes the summer planning. Finding the things to do during summer can be tricky and having a quality playlist to collaborate with your summer outings makes it all the more difficult. Check out our chill summer playlist for cruising down Main Sreet, long boarding down River Road, getting cold slushies after work or sitting around a warm bonfire with your closest friends.


May 2019



How many grad parties do you plan to attend? Senior Katelyn Cermak

“Ten?” Senior Levi Prange

If you were to give high school a grade, what would you give it?

“B+ on a good day, C- on a bad day.”

Mandan High School May 2019

SENIOR EDITION What is going to be the thing you miss the most?

“Band. Hands down.”

Photo submitted by Katelyn Cermak

“As many as I’m physically and mentally able to.” Senior Bailey Gray

“Solid C-.”

“Roasting teachers.”

Photo submitted by Levi Prange

“Maybe like ten. They’re all on the same day.”

“C at best.”

“Mrs. Levadney’s AP Bio class. Good stuff in there.”

Photo by Riley Griffin

Senior Alex Moch



“Probably my teachers.”

Photo by Riley Griffin


Senior Section

May 2019




Hy Be






ral d






Photo by Riley Griffin

Senior Section

May 2019


Movies and Snacks

This issue of the Hypebeast Herald movies and snacks from our childhood

Finding Nemo



Finding Nemo was a classic from our childhood. This movie taught us friendship and to never give up, while all taking us into the underwater world. This was also next level animation at the time that almost felt 3D. Also, who did not love the big turtle Crush and his son Squirt. Finding Nemo tugged at our hearts both happy and sad days. Overall, Finding Nemo was a great movie from our childhood.


Photo sourced from Photo sourced from

Finding Nemo has an astounding 99 percent positivie rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lunchables were originally created by Oscar Meyer to sell more bologna.

Kool-Aid Bursts

Monsters Inc.



Monsters Inc. was and still is one of my favorite movies. Like Finding Nemo, it taught us friendship through two best friends who came together to help save a child. Also like Finding Nemo, this movie brought us to another world, the world of monsters. Monsters Inc. was another movie that tugged at our hearts, especially when Boo had to leave Sulley and Mike, real tear jerker.

Photo sourced from Photo sourced from

Boo, the little girl in the movie, is actually named Mary, which can be seen at the top of a piece of paper in her room.


Imagine heaven in a box, that was Lunchables. These snack packs came in a variety of different kinds of food like pizza, chicken nuggets and the classic cracker sandwich. I swear I only ate these for a whole year when I was nine. These were my childhood staple and I ate them constantly Best lunch ever.

Kool-Aid Bursts were the juice to have. No one knew the name, but everyone knew the taste. The classic colors and flavors and the signature bottle shape was unlike any other juice that Mom brought home. All of the birthday parties and hot summer days were filled with these and we could not have asked for it any other way. However, like all red KoolAid, if this got on any carpet, it was not going to come out, and this was a major draw back for parents.

Kool-Aid was not always called Kool-Aid, it used to be named “Fruit Smack�.

May 2019

Senior Section

features a compiled list of the best toys, tv shows, years that we could not live without.

Nerf Guns

Toys and TV

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Photo sourced from


Nerf Guns were the pinnacle of toys when we were kids. The fact that kids could go head to head with a couple of friends to see who was the best strategist or who had the best aim was perfect for kids. This was Call of Duty before we had Xbox/Playstation.

Nerf guns shoot darts by having a spring pulled back, and when the trigger is pulled, the spring produces air and shoots the dart forward.


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was much like Drake and Josh. Two opposite brothers always doing something. This however, was in a hotel rather than a house. This show however offers many more main characters. Zack and Cody was also much more relatable because the main characters were closer to our age back in the day

Actor Cole Sprouse continued to grow his acting career and even appeared on Riverdale.

Silly Bandz


Drake and Josh

Photo sourced from

If you were born in 2000, you remember Silly Bandz. These rubber bands were made in various shapes and colors. The more of these you had on your wrists the cooler you were. Evan Steel of New York, even wore these for so long he had to rip them off because his skin grew over them.

Silly Bandz were created in Japan to stop the wasting of rubber bands.

Senior Section

Photo sourced from


Photo sourced from

Drake and Josh was the perfect TV show. What more could you ask for than two polar opposite brothers in high school with an evil little sister. This was what much of us hoped high school to be like, but sadly times have changed.

Actor Josh Peck was nominated for Favorite Television Actor at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

May 2019


Senior Superlatives

the best of the class of 2019, voted for by the class of 2019 OWEN PIEHL Editor-In-Chief

Photos submitted by the respective seniors.

The class of 2019 is not your typical class. It is a diverse group of people with many talents and interests, and this has been the cause of both good times and bad. But high school is now in the rear-view mirror, and that is something to be proud of. So, without further ado, here are the 2019 senior superlatives as voted by the class of 2019!

Best of the Memes

Here are the two best submitted senior memes as decided by the Courier.



most likely to own a billion dollar business

most likely to cure cancer

most likely to get a star in Hollywood



biggest trendsetter

REESE NORTON best jokes

most likely to go to the Olympics




most likely to win American Idol


life of the party



May 2019

most likely to be besties with your parents

most likely to be a MHS teacher

Senior Section


most likely to win a superbowl

KATELYN CERMAK marching band MVP

AMBROSIA BOEHM most likely to end up on broadway

ALEX LARSON best hair

Senior Section


most contagious laugh


most likely to write a New York Times bestseller

VICTORIA WU best car


most likely to get ID’d at 30


most likely to be on a reality show

NICK GERDING the one everyone wants to be



the one everybody had a crush on


BRAD TREIBER gym class hero

most likely to win a nobel prize



May 2019

biggest flirt

most likely to streak at a football game


SENI O R WILLS Riley Griffin

m h e o nt

“I will best dressed to Kaden Felch.”

B stude ge to b o ac ill the tter pa ”


r i “I w n Tw esle eK tio sec Ann

h ti sc


Re sdom

e wi ones i y t a ill m lloph ng


i ‘I w he me arch they t to the M May ince of es. ll, s to v we m a r e B it t se gin use don’ to be u t o y the e a lo ove y hav ith. L ys!” w gu

Tyr e






“I w flut ill th e m e ti tl o Ga m to K e of yet te.” aya



e ol

hmmie c S im n




b b a B

an e title ofry h t E nt th

ill n cou “I w cross rayde t B bes er to n.” o n n ru Johns


au b f e a h n Sc


ing annoy e h t g n bei arret “I will auer onto G b Schaef aefbauer.” Sch

J to he Jax t ll o ” wi er t est. I “ ow Wi p

“I w il to C l my h alb um Bre y Ge or in kin iger FFA Kin and g.”


an em ttl key Zi hoc ” n ndan oe. so Ma osh M ck l the to J Ja “I wil team


Sports and Co-News Editor

h P t

t to s o c ng on


a y R l ieh


all d n d a IC tzi an E of En title rtney .” e h u ill t to Co Hurley w I “ ss ty stre Liber e th









i ry nge s y t ill Du gon rett w n y a “I e m Dr m p ero o m d d r hi an y f Ca ch.” b b to au ho irls chl g S



“I of S will th Ab tage M e title by Joh om t nso o n.”


Senior Section

Julia Ressler What is the most creative excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a homework assignment? “I once said ‘My dad forgot to pay the internet bill so I couldn’t look up the correct answers.” What is a song to represent your senior year? “I Did it My Way- Frank Sinatra.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “Married to a sugar daddy.”

Kordell Myers

What is the worst thing about being a senior? “Knowing you have enough credits to graduate, but still need o be at school six periods of the day.” What is a moment you’ll never forget from high school? “Being jumped at ICDC in Atlanta for a hot dog.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “Proud small business owner in Mandan or Gm for a professional sports team.”

Breckon Felch

Katie Rebenitsch What has been your proudest event of in high school? “Sophomore year when the girl’s hockey team won 3rd at state. It was an incredible feeling.” What is a song to represent your senior year? “Young Dumb and BrokeKhalid.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be... “Working at NASA if you ask my hockey teammates.”

Seniors Speak Taylor Tausend

What is the most creative excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a homeowrk assignment? “This is a real story. My carbon monoxide detector beeped right after changing batteries. Our boiler had to be cleaned, and our vent was building up gas.” What is a song to represent your senior year? “Dinosaurs will Die by NOFX.” What is a moment you’ll never forget from high school? “*Heavy Mid-Western accent* “Oh dem here dragon flies,” -Mrs Fleck.”

Senior Section

Kendra Miller

What advice do you have for incoming freshman? “The water fountain by the office has the best water.” How can MHS be improved for future students? “A tunnel to the Brave Center because it is way too cold.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “Still glad I’m done with high school.” What is a song to represent your senior year? “I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack” May 2019

Cole Schmidt What is the most creative excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a homework assignment? “I have never made up an excuse to get out of a homework assignment. ( ;” What is a moment you’ll never forget from high school? “That time we had school on Easter Monday...” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “Rich, hopefully.”

What is the worst thing about being a senior? “Literally all of your friends are either gone or you’re leaving them.” What is the most creative excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a homework assignment? “I was doing my homework in the bathtub and it fell into the water.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “A single wine mom with no kids, doing the most so I can ball a lot.”


Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Jayme What is the Cepek

most creative excuse you’ve ever used to get out of a homeowrk assignment? “I’ll be the first to admit I’m a goody-two-shoes and potential teacher’s pet; never had to use one.” How can MHS be improved for future students? “Please make he lunches more evenly filled with students so a million people stop cutting in line :(.” Finish this sentence: “In 20 years, I’m going to be...” “A mother of 3-4 pugs as well as a speech pathologist with a personal chef on speed dial.”


From pi to pickleball, high school can teach its students a thing or two. Here are some memories, thank you notes to teachers and advice from the 2019 senior class to get you through the toughest times of high school. LIBERTY HURLEY

Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Tip #165Advice

Mandan ’sed Declassifi

S Scchhooooll S Suurrvviivvaa ll


Treasure every moment in this school. You might not like it right now or think it’s just terrible to come here, but in reality I know I’ll miss this place after I’m gone and the relationships I created here. - Trey Wiest Have fun,but be smart about it. -Eric Patneaud Don’t worry about your grades, just do your homework and you’ll have enough of an understanding to get A’s. -Alex Larson You’re going to trip on the stairs, you might as well get it over with your freshman year. -Breckon Felch It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks of you because after high school everyone goes their own way. Unless you’re staying in state for college, you probably won’t see the people you went to high school with again. -Ceja Schantz Don’t cheat on Mr. Fitterer’s tests. -Cole Schmidt List the activities you were in and years you were in them. Write down every single award you won and your work hours because scholarships ask for them. When you are scrambling to fill out a scholarship and mail it in one night, I assure you that you will not remember those activities and awards unless you wrote them down. -Isaiah Leingang Always find the assignment online first. -Ethan Fleck Driving a loud/diesel pickup with big shiny wheels on spacers doesn’t make you cool. Every single time you move a pickup it doesn’t have to be a boosted launch. If you want to blow smoke go have a dart. -Owen Tokach Don’t stress on the little events like the drama or relationships, worry about yourself striving mentally, emotionally and physically. High school is worth living through. -Hannah Kuntz No excessive bending over, most high school boys smell like weed and disappointment, drive the speed limit, don’t waste your high school in a relationship that you’re unhappy with, your classmates opinions of you don’t matter, make yourself happy. -Lexie Keller Be sneaky, but sleep in class. Go to every sports event you can. Be friends with freshman. Boys, don’t be creeps, and girls, don’t be tiana. -Jaice Tentis

Tip #236 Memories

I remember a time when I fell up the stairs and I took two students down with me. It didn’t hurt too bad, but they apologized to me. -Ravijah Melvin The seniors losing to the juniors in the powderpuff game...3-0...double OT...on a field goal by one of the football team’s kickers. Smh. -Cole Schmidt I ran in terror from Mr. Fitterer after I stole his Pennies for Patients bucket for Mrs. Moch. -Katelyn Cermak Being at the state meet when Johnny Mindt set the new state record, good times. -Bailey Gray Thank you to Mrs. Quintus for helping me discover my love for theatre and giving me the chance to lead others. -Ambrosia Boehm One time Mr. Cahoon was messing with a rubber band as he usually does, but then it snapped and hit me in the face. He said “Wow, that’s never happened before.” Not long after, it snapped and hit me in the face again. -Breckon Felch


My favorite memory of MHS was when Mr. Peterson caught all of us cheating by photocopying our tests before and after we graded our quizzes. -Jackson Zittleman May 2019

Senior Section

Tip #578 Thank you Mrs. Keller has been a real one. She is always there to talk to if you need someone to talk to, she doesn’t judge and always has great advice. -Grace Mork Mr. Mack, I would like to thank you for giving me the passion I have for Chemistry. You allowed for me to enjoy it to the point I wish to one day teach it at the high school level! -Alex Larson Mr G., He taught me how to be independent and confident in doing my own thing, and Mrs. Gartner, she’s always there to give advice. -Lexie Keller Thank you Mr. Sheldon for making our warm ups longer than your class period. -Brad Treiber Thank you to Mrs. Hess for pushing me to be the best me throughout High School and not giving up on choir. -McKayla Swallow I wanna give a shoutout to the homie G (Mr. Gustafson) for spending countless hours of math hopelessness and diet mountain dews on me. -Alexis Radke Shout out to Mrs. Southerland for being the best teacher at Mandan High School. This teacher brings food for students that can’t afford food at home and come to school hungry. She is one of the most understanding teachers. She will sit down and listen to you when you need to talk, and just listen or she will give you the best advice she can if possible, and she doesn’t judge you. Thank you for being what other teachers should strive for. -Kali Berg Mr. Fitterer, for catching me cheating on a test. -Cole Schmidt Mr. Baumann for inspiring me to continue my music career. -Ethan Babb I thank Mrs. Saur and Mr. Mack for not making their classes super easy and actually letting us learn something. I appreciate teachers that don’t just give you the answer when you ask and actually help you get to the answer on your own. -Lexie Yunker Thanks Mr. Kessler for teaching me a lot more about life and making me a better welder. -Tyrel Clarys Shoutout to Mr. Mains who made me love math and changed how I see teachers. You the Real OG. -Darrius Ricke Mrs. Gartner / Olson because she listens and is understanding to every students’ problems even if it’s school related or personal. -Tori Gray Thank you to Mrs. Cahoon for being a mentor and making sure I didn’t screw up being EIC. -Owen Piehl Thank you Mr. Geiser for the life/art advice. Thank you for always reassuring me that everything will work out. -Ceja Schantz I’d like to thank Mr. Peterson for being there for anyone who needed help in his class. He would answer any questions without making you feel stupid. He’s very patient, and never gets angry with students. Plus his silly little quirks don’t hurt either. -Hannah Voigt Thank you Charla, for not giving me coffee in the morning. I would have never gotten as tall as I am. -Jaice Tentis Thank you to Mr. Baumann and Mr. Cahoon for helping me realize the potential and excellence present in me that I couldn’t initially see. -Jacob Bendish Thanks Mr. Boehm for keeping me humble and always reminding me that I’m not as important as I think I am. -Breckon Felch Thank you Mr. Fitterer for making me cry over math for two years, sometimes making me reconsider if I ever knew how to do math at all, but also teaching me to not give up and to work harder than I thought was possible. -Jayme Cepek

Senior Section

All graphics by Liberty Hurley

May 2019


Senior Ads Ceja Schantz

"Follow your passion, stay true yourself, never follow someone else's path, unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that." Love, The Fam

Lexie Yunker

Lexie, words cannot express how proud I am of you. As you hit the end of this journey, it's just the beginning of another. Keep shining bright, sunshine. Love, mom

Kenzie Ulrich

Kenzie, Wishing you all the best as you begin the next exciting chapter of your life! All our love, Mom, Dad, and Ryan

Courier Seniors Farewell, Gentleman!

You’ve been a fun group to have on staff, each offering interesting perspectives, ideas, and jokes. Dante, thanks for helping us get new Courier shirts! Ryan, thanks for the wit. Riley, thanks for the style. Owen, thanks for the cohesion. You have made the paper better for your presence! Best wishes, Mrs. Cahoon

Landen Veil

Do what you love, buddy! We are so proud of the young man you have grown to be. Enjoy life and stay true to yourself. Congratulations, you did it!

Brianna Helbling Brianna, remember to always dream hard, work harder. Where one door closes another will open so never be discouraged. Keep the Faith in your journey and never look back. We are so proud of you and know you will accomplish everything you have worked so hard for! Love, Mom, Dad & Brookelle

Kelly Knoll

Congratulations and God bless you on the next step of your journey! We are so proud of you!

Alex Larson

Alex Michael Larson. We are so proud of you. Walk tall and proud young man. 18 years is just the beginning. May you write many more chapters in your journal of life. We love you to the moon and back. xoxo, momma and poppa

Alexis Radke

Enjoy your graduation and celebrate as you have earned it! Love, Mom, Dad, Breann and Tatum

Lucy Morgan

Congratulations Lucy for your continued success and Mandan’s first Division 1 Hockey Commit! We are so proud of you!!

Amber Daniel Amber you have grown into a fine young lady with a bright future ahead of you. We are so very proud of you and all the accomplishments you have done. Have a great time at University of Moorhead Minnesota (Go Dragons). You are always our Peach. Love, Dad, Mom, Austin and Riley.

Ashlin Schaefbauer

Ashlin, Congrats to a brilliant student and a wonderful daughter! You’ve become a beautiful, smart, talented, charming, and adventurous woman but a part of us will always see you as our little girl. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! Love, Mom and Dad

Claire Graner

Start each day believing in your dreams. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Keep learning, keep trying, and keep venturing on through your dreams and journey! Love, Your Family

TJ Reinhardt We are so Proud of you TJ. Love you, Mom & Dad Lucas Schlosser

We congratulate you on your high school graduation and wish you all the luck and success in college and beyond! Love, Mom and Dad

Nick Gerding

Nick, Congrats! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Nathan & Nolan

Karter Schauer

The future belongs to you. Always follow your dreams. Congratulations! You make us proud! Love you lots, Your Family

Olivia Lacher

We are so proud of how smart, caring and wonderful you are every day - we can not wait to see the places you go! You can do anything. Love, The Family

Brittany Barnhardt Congratulations we are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Bailey, Bradley, and Bellany

Sydney Walters

Congratulation Sydney! We’re so proud of you!! Love you, Mom and Dad

Maysion Mattern

Parker Minh

The journey of your life is not just about the destinations you have reached. Your wisdom, education and personal growth will come from the people you meet, the paths you choose to follow and the lessons you have learned along the way. Remember how much you are loved.... WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Love, Mom, Dad & Regan

Jayme Cepek

Jayme we are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished! You are so special to all of us and we love you so much! Congratulations! Love, Dad, Mom, Jacob & Christian

Maysion, we are so proud of you. You can do anything you set your mind to. We love love you. From the family.

Reese Norton

Congratulations Reese! You are truly a shining star in our family. We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad

Tara Fitzsimmons Congratulations, Tara!! Your future looks bright. Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations Bailey! Mahalo plenty :). Love, Mom and Dad.

Ravijah E.H. Melvin Congratulations to our Senior, Ravijah Ella Hoekstra Melvin! We Love You! -Your Family

Sophie Lind Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good. Congratulations Sophie! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tanner

Olivia Moe

Bailey Gray

Kyla Ritchart

Liv- "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it! If you can dream it, you can become it!" William Arthur Ward. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! We are so excited to see where your hard work will lead you next! Love, Your Family

Kyla you have grown into such a smart and determined young woman. We are excited to see where your future takes you. Your opportunities are endless. Remember the best in life has yet to come! Love, The Family

Josh Clark Congratulations Josh! We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

Erika Strinden Erika, We are so proud of what you've accomplished and can't wait to see what your future holds. Love, Mom, Dad, Brock & Chase

Patrick Lundeen Patrick Lundeen

My sweet son, today is your day, the first of many steps as Patrick, Seems like yesterday when you journey on your you came into my life. You are still Your future is as sweet and kind as youway. have always been! You are loved so much!! filled with amazing possibilities. So chase your dreams, embrace the opportunities. And those times when life throws you curve balls, always remember we will be here always. Love, Mom

Grace Olson

"Courage is an angel which makes the difference between a good life and a great life." - Kate Reed . Have courage and be kind, girlie! We love you and we're so proud of you! Love, Mom, Brian & Jackson

Kaitlin Dixon

Congratulations, Kate! Goodbye, Mandan Braves! Hello, MSU Bobcats! We are proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad

Summer Kuntz

The future belongs to those who believe the beauty of their dreams. Dream big Summer! We Love you so much and are so proud of you. -Dad, Mom & Stetson

Eric Patneaud We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. After graduation, go confidently in the direction of your goals as you are unstoppable with a vision of success and determination. Congratulations Eric. Love, Family


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OTHER: Ayden Jablonski - University of Mary Kennedy Harris - Northern State University Kiana Haug - University of Minnesota Brad Treiber - Dickinson State University Trey Wiest - University of Jamestown Cole Schmidt - University of Jamestown Chris Welk - Wyotech Liv Henderson - St. Cloud Universtiy McKayla Swallow - Dickinson State University Johnny Mindt - University of Minnesota Ashlin Schaefbauer - University of Mary Olivia Kroh - Hillsdale College Lucas Schlosser - University of Mary Alexis Radke - Minot State University Ceja Schantz - Pensacola State College Cortnie Mongeon - University of Mary Owen Tokach - NDSCS Maddie Pringle - YWAM International Missions Program Kali Berg - Finlandia University Rebekah Nottestad - Ranger Community College Kenzie Ulrich - University of Minnesota

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May 2019

UND 39

Profile for MHS Courier

MHS Courier May 2019  

This senior edition of the Courier features a look into summer 2K19 and wills, advice and quotes from the class of 2019.

MHS Courier May 2019  

This senior edition of the Courier features a look into summer 2K19 and wills, advice and quotes from the class of 2019.