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Third annual Mr. MHS pageant.

MHS head coach positions filled.

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New changes to front parking lot Morgan Brinkman

Coronation of the 2012 MHS Homecoming King and Queen.

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Homecoming Special Edition 2012

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New teachers are welcomed to MHS.

Special thanks to seniors Jessica Heller and Alyssa Leingang for taking pictures!

This new school year has seen some changes. One of the most physical ones is the new parking lot in the front of the school. Principal Mark Andresen said the cause for the new parking lot was a couple different factors. First was the city of Mandans’ request for an improved parking lot. The city felt the unfinished parking lot was not representing Mandan in a positive way. “I’ve heard a lot of positive comments from the community, it looks a lot nicer,” Andresen said. “It’s better than it was, there’s more parking spots than there was, both staff and student wise.” Senior Brittney Mosbrucker agrees. “I like how it’s more organized,” she said. “But it feels smaller.” Although the new parking lot may feel smaller, it is designed that way for a reason, safety. Because of the number of last year’s accidents in front of the school, safety was one of the biggest priorities when designing the new parking lot. “[It’s to try] to eliminate the number of students that would have access because of the exits on Sunset,” said Andresen. “I think it has reduced some of the traffic in front of the school, in general.” In addition, a large turn around point was added for the traveling team

buses to turn around safely. More handicap spots were added, as well as parking for substitute teachers and visitors. English teacher Lisa Quintus parks in the new parking lot every day and says that she is very thankful that the staff has parking. “For many years I didn’t have [a parking spot],” she said. “Hopefully, when the staff has a smoother beginning to their day, they [will be] more positive when dealing with the students.” Some teachers and students agree that the new parking lot is confusing and the single exit is inconvenient. Special Ed paraprofessional Alexis Rasset said, “I like the design. I’m not a fan of one exit for students and teachers to get out.” “We’ll never have enough parking... [But] anytime you can provide a safer environment for kids, it’s a positive change,” Andresen said.

Source: Staff Photo

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Special Edition, 2

Team Get Some takes the trophy Kaitlyn Schelske

Mariah Fredericks

When Kahl took what should have been a kill shot, the ball flew high above After its near cancellation, the anHastings. This continued, repeatedly, until nual Homecoming Dodgeball Tournament Hastings was called for moving out of his kicked off the 2012 Homecoming week on designated spot, giving Kahl and the RedMonday. neck Rebels the envied spot in the third/ Following an announcement during fourth place match. sixth period on Friday saying the Dodge For third place, The Redneck Rebball Tournament would be cancelled if no els squared off against a new team, Picked other teams joined, six more dodgeball Last. Similar to a championship match, the teams formed and signed up. full court was used and it was the best two The Dodgeball Tournament inout of three matches. cluded the following teams: The Babes, After their victory in the first game, Revenge of the Wrecked ‘Ems, Get Some, Picked Last gained confidence and moRedneck Rebels, Dream Team 2013, Avermentum. They managed to hold off the age Joes, and Picked Last. Redneck Rebels and win third place. The traditional all girls team was Despite their hard work just to get into held by The the third/fourth Babes while The place round, the Revenge of the Redneck Rebels Wrecked ‘Ems fell to Picked and Redneck Last. Rebels were the “I feel like VS. returning teams. we worked re Four ally hard and teams played earned our third each other on place spot,” two sides of said senior the gym. Some and member matches lasted of team Picked only a few minLast, Makenzie utes while others Seniors Reid Hastings and Austin Kahl moments before Schmidt, “We their sudden death match. continued relentdefinitely prolessly. gressed throughout the tournament and While Get Some actually won the due to some slacking by the boys on our championship in a showdown with the team, the ladies were forced to step up, Dream Team, the real highlight of the mainly Mariah Fredericks.” night was the game to get into the third The championship game was and fourth place round. another full court, the best two out of That match, between the Redneck three matches between Get Some and Rebels and the Revenge of the Wrecked the Dream Team. Both teams had power‘Ems ended up with a face off with one ful players and quick catchers to make a player from each team. After neither good match up. player could hit the other, referee Derik The first match was won by Get Schaner called for sudden death, a dodge- Some, who lost in the second match to ball showdown. Dream Team. Everything came down to Standing just five feet away from match three and both teams were giving it each other, seniors Austin Kahl and Reid their all. Hastings spun around as the whistle blew After some referee calls and rookie and fired. Kahl deflected the first shot, mistakes, tension was high. In the end, Get leaving Hastings vulnerable. Some won gold after a third match win. Feature Editor

Sports Editor

MHS Courier


Special Editon, 3

Zachmeier and Singer crowned

Kaytlyn Fleck

King Chad Zachmeier has been involved in Cross Between the JV and Country, Track, Science Club, Varsity volleyball game on Student Council, and Skills. Tuesday, Oct. 18, homecomIn Zachmeier’s spare time, ing royalty was announced he said he likes to run. When for the 2012-13 school year. asked about his future plans Chad Zachmeier he replied, “Probably college. was crowned Homecoming I’m looking at NDSU or BSC.” King and Madison Singer Queen Madison was crowned Homecoming Singer has been involved with Queen. Art Club, FBLA, Playmakers, Queen candidates Student Congress, Kachinas, were Lexi Goldade, Courtney and Speech. In her free time, Goetz, Madison Singer, Mari- King Chad Zachmeier she enjoys acting and speakah Fredericks, and Chelsey and Queen Madison ing. When asked about her fuGangl. ture plans she replied, “I plan Singer. King candidates were on staying here for a year at Brady Skytland, Chad Zachmeier, Carter BSC then moving to NDSU. I’m going into Tomac, Nathan Schmidt, and Alex Spilman. Theater Arts.” News Editor


Volleyball team puts up a fight Mariah Fredericks

but players like seniors Jaelyn Russell and Sydney Sneed stopped them cold giving Mandan hitters some extra chances. When Mandan went up against the Those chances were put to good number one ranked Dickinson, they were use when senior Lexi Goldade rallied kill in for a tough match. Dickinson is currentafter kill, ending the night with 14 total. ly undefeated with power hitters to spare. As Mandan fought During the first set, back they pulled ahead the Midgets came out strong to lead 20-18. Dickinson winning 25-13 giving the was determined to end the Braves a wakeup call. The battle. The pressure was second set the Braves proved great as junior Sara Aune that they could keep up. served for the game point, The first 10 points 24-23. were neck and neck with the Dickinson returned Braves responding to a tough though taking the serve at first match. However, after 24-24, needing to win by some technical mistakes and two. The back and forth miscommunication, Dickinlasted until Dickinson put it son pulled ahead to secure a away at the 28th point winsolid lead in the set. ning the set 28-26 and the The third set started Senior Shelby Gustafson game 3-0. out similar to the past two “We have improved sets with a close beginning, serving the ball to Dickinson. immensely on our defenbut this time something was sive play but there is still a ton of room for different. Although many observers left improvement,” commented senior Steph and Dickinson had a significant lead, the Harr. Braves suddenly sparked. The Braves, however struggling, Instead of Dickinson pulling away, showed that they could contend with the the Braves kept answering and fighting first seed. back. Dickinson dished out some big hits Sports Editor


MHS Courier


Special Edition, 4

Lundstrom wins title of 2012-2013 Mr. MHS Kaytlyn Fleck

News Editor

Opposite Gender Day

On Monday, Sept. 10, nine of Mandan High School’s most prized men competed for the title of Mr.MHS in the second annual Mr. MHS Pageant put on by Student Council. The pageant featured senior Levi Schlosser as Mr. Sweet and Spicy, junior Curt Zachmeier as Mr.Hot Dog, senior Chad Zachmeier as Mr. Ron Burgundy, senior Klynton Lundstrom as Mr. Scrumptulicious, junior Matt Poppe as Mr.Classy, junior Ben Wanner as Mr. Sunshine, junior Kristian Stenslie as Mr. K-Dog, junior Jerry Carlson as Mr. Swagger, and senior Clay Heidecker as Mr. Joe Dirt, along with seniors Destiny Kindsvogel and Carter Tomac as emcees and this year’s Homecoming queen candidates as judges. The contestants started off the pageant by telling a little about themselves. The men were then given a chance to impress the ladies with their sleek physiques in the Beachwear Competition. Most of the contestants wore swim trunks, aside from Schlosser who wore a hula skirt and coconut bra and Lundstrom who donned a bikini top. Next came the talent competition where they showed off their skills in singing, dancing, and other unique talents. To start off the talent competition, Stenslie got the crowd going with a mandolin and vocal solo to “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Wanner taught the audience different ways to demolish

From left to right: The contestants of Mr.MHS, Mr Ron Burgundy, Mr Sweet and Spicy, Mr.Joe Dirt, Mr Scrumptulicious, Mr. Swag, Mr. Hot Dog, Mr K- Dog, Mr Sunshine, and Mr. Classy show the judges their evening gowns. sunglasses. Curt Zachmeier and Carlson did a duet to the hit “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. Poppe did a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle on his throat harp and even gave a birthday shout-out. Schlosser did a solo on his ukelele. Lundstrom showed off his dancing skills to the tune of “Sexy and I Know It” by the band LMFAO. Chad Zachmeier and Heidecker concluded the talent portion with a duet to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rich. The contestants had a chance to show the judges their feminine side in the evening gown portion of the pageant. All of the them wore dresses. Finally, they all had one last chance to prove to the judges why they should be Mr. MHS by being asked a series of ques-

tions. Lundstrom stole every girl’s heart with his answer to what his idea of a perfect date was,“We would take a walk along the beach, stare at the moonlight, and have her fall asleep in my arms.” In the end, Lundstrom took the title of Mr. MHS with Curt Zachmeier as a runner-up. From the start, Lundstrom had predicted that he would win. “I can tell the future so I knew I was going to win,” said Lundstrom. The other contestants were, of course, disappointed about the loss, but it was Mr. Sunshine who was looking on the sunny side. “I try to look on the bright side of life. I know I’m beautiful and I don’t need awards to prove it,” Wanner said.

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Powder Puff breaks records Mariah Fredericks

throwing a 17 yard pass to junior receiver MaKayla Kohler, making it the longest Morgan Brinkman completed pass in Powder Puff history. Design & Photo Editor Two plays later, however, senior Makenzie Schmidt made the first inter This year’s annual Powder Puff ception ever. Seehafer’s 69 yard touchfootball game raised 946 dollars for the down run broke the record for longest Bismarck Cancer Center and was one run held previously by MHS alumni Madi for the record books. In its third year, a record was broken twice, a new team was Klatt. Fredericks broke the record yet crowned champions and new elements of again in the fourth quarter with a 78 yard run for a touchdown. the game were incorporated. The Senior After the two defense held strong year victory streak with tackles by by the class of nearly every defen2012 girls, the class seman. The Juniors of 2013 Seniors had a strong defenclaimed the trophy sive line that very with a 23-0 win over rarely let anything the Juniors. through the middle, The Seniors forcing the Seniors came out strong and to make outside precise, executing runs. running plays that The Powder got them five yards Junior Nicole Bruce runs with the ball in Puff Football game away from the end attempt to score. was something to zone on the first look forward to this past week and the possession. Senior Mariah Fredericks turnout was an all time high. One new scored the first touchdown of the game addition to the tradition was an all-male followed by a two-point conversion made cheerleading squad, which consisted of by senior Ashley Seehafer. seniors. The squad executed cheers and With the ball in the Juniors’ hands stunts such as throwing David Payne into for their first offensive possession, the the air, nearly dropping him on his head. Seniors defense held back the running The halftime routine was well done and attempts. However, junior quarterback left the observers laughing and cheering. Darien Geiger came up with a huge play Sports Editor

The class of 2013 champions of the 2012 annual Powder Puff football game.

Special Edition, 5

Morgan Brinkman

Design & Photo Editor Mariah Fredericks

All photos were either taken by the Staff or Jessica Heller

Sports Editor

After a week of Homecoming festivities, the Friday night lights shined on the main event: the homecoming football game. The stands were packed with students and parents cheering for the Braves to beat the Coyotes. The Braves shut out Williston, showing that the football team still has grit. Many big names have gone and a new head coach has been added, but with a dedicated summer, the Braves are back in action. The boys were ready to play when game time rolled around at 6:30 p.m. The offense struggled at first but defense made some big plays. One of the first big plays was made by sophomore Connor Leingang, sending the crowd into an uproar in the first quarter when he picked off Williston’s pass and returned it for a 35 yard touchdown. The defense continued to dominate with a huge hit by senior Tyler Sadowsky causing a fumble which senior Nathan Schmidt recovered. Schmidt ran the ball back 40 yards into the end zone for the Braves second touchdown. Williston committed six turnovers during the game, losing four fumbles as well as throwing two interceptions, the sec-

ond picked off by senior Daniel Peterson. The defensive pressure caused Williston to throw the ball away many times. The Braves tallied up several sacks by players such as seniors David White and Tyler Sadowsky. The offensive touchdown of the game came in the fourth quarter when junior Matt Ziemann ran to the end zone. Junior Ross Effortz completed four passes during the game. Overall, the Homecoming game was a success.The Braves secured their first West Region win and showed their strength in defense.

Braves rebuilding The Braves look different than before however, and for good reason. After many changes, the football team has maintained their identity. After losing last year’s dominant senior class and obtaining a new head coach, some were unsure how the 2012 season would go. Big names like Coyle, Janz, Watson, Westby, etc. were all leaders in the league and on the team; however, they were all seniors. On top of a loss of a huge senior class, Pat O’Brien, head coach for 15 years,

stepped down after winning coach of the year leaving uncertainties. When ambitious coach Todd Sheldon stepped up to take the open position, those uncertanties were confronted. Sheldon was exactly the sort of man the team needed; enthusiastic, hardworking and up for a challenge. He also has an extensive background in football including experience at the University of Mary. Coach Sheldon is not only looking out for his own players, but student athletes in general. After being named head coach of the Braves football team, Sheldon set up a strength program open to all athletes. He is not only interested in bettering his own team but the athletic body as a whole. “My goal is to see all athletic teams performing at a high level and supporting one another on the field, court, ice, course, and track,” explained Sheldon. Along with that goal, he aims to have the best blocking and tackling team in the state. Many expectations are placed on this year’s senior class. “This is a group of athletes who have committed themselves to being the best they can in a variety of sports,” Sheldon continued. He summed it up perfectly; the

senior players have played with the best in the bad times as well as the good. This year they don’t intend to hold back, the time spent in the weight room, on the field, and in the classroom watching film should pay off. The seniors are leading in the way they have been lead before, with pure determination. One dedicated senior is Tyler Sadowsky, a returning first team All-State player. Playing as outside linebacker, Sadowsky consistently makes big tackles such as the fumble causing hit in the Homecoming game. When asked about the commitment of the team, Sadowsky replied, “We all wake up at 6:30 a.m. three times a week to work out and watch game film so I think we are pretty dedicated.” He admits that there is a different feel this year being seniors. So far the Braves hold a record of 1-2 in the West Region Division. Their next game will be an away game against Red River. The hole left by last year’s class and their coach may be wide, but the seniors, Sheldon, and an army of hard workers are rising up to fill it. After an exciting Homecoming game, the boys are ready to take on the city, the region and soon, the state.

Show Your Spirit MHS!

MHS Courier

Back To School

Special Edition, 8

MHS Courier

Back To School MHS head coach positions filled

Jessica Runge Kachinas

1. What are your hopes for the season? To have the team give 110% at every competition or performance and to make it to finals at the state dance championship. 2. What is your mission as a coach? To motivate and push the team but to teach these young ladies to push themselves & strive to be the best they can be not only in dance but in life. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? Positive communication, set challenging goals, celebrate individual & team performance and believe in my dancers.

Special Edition, 9

Todd Sheldon

Anna Neubauer

1. What are your hopes for the season? My biggest goal for the season is to give players the opportunity to get better as athletes, students and citizens.

1. What are your hopes for the season? To finish top 4 in the West Region and lead the team to state. 2. What is your mission as a coach? To instill a love for the game of volleyball and getting them to reach their ultimate potential while having fun. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? I try to keep things simple and focus on little accomplishments either throughout practice or games.


2. What is your mission as a coach? My mission as a coach is to give athletes the same or better opportunities that I was afforded due to my associations with the game. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? I yell! Kidding, athletes who play to win don’t require any motivation.

Varsity Volleyball

Megan Hanson

Tyler Gerhardt Dan Girard

Girls’ Cross Country

1. What are your hopes for the season? To continue transferring our work ethic in cross country to our academics. 2. What is your mission as a coach? To help my athletes attain success and understand the value of hard work. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? By teaching them the value of hard work and overcoming personal barriers.

Boys’ Soccer

1. What are your hopes for the season? To keep progressing our talents over the course of the season. 2. What is your mission as a coach? To enhance the young student athlete into a fine citizen for our community. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? In conversation with the team, I remind them of their responsibilities individually and as a group.

Sophomore Volleyball

1. What are your hopes for the season? To continue to improve every match so that come tournament time, we are one of the top teams in the region. 2. What is your mission as a coach? Helping the athletes to keep working hard and improving themselves as players and as a team. 3. How do you motivate your athletes? My girls do a great job of keeping themselves motivated and really pushing themselves to work hard as a team.

Special Edition, 10 Back To School MHS welcomes foreign exchange students

MHS Courier

Lucio Guiliano

Luisa Reis 1. Where are you from? Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

1. Where are you from? Naples, Italy 2. What do you think about Mandan? It’s a nice place. 3. What kinds of things do you plan on doing while you’re here? Soccer. Kat Schmidt


2. What do you think about Mandan? I like it. Compared to my city, Mandan’s small. Very small. 3. What kinds of things do you plan on doing while you’re here? No idea.

Jacob Lammel

1. Where are you from? Vienna, Austria 2. What do you think about Mandan? Pretty small.You have very different restaurants.You have good food to eat. 3. What kinds of things do you plan on doing while you’re here? I went to a horse show in Iowa a couple weeks ago with my host family. It was weird...

Gymnastics back in action

Based on appearances, Mandan High School gymnastics looked dormant for the last couple of years because of its low numbers, but a comeback is now in the works. In the 2007-2008 school year, the program was collapsed and MHS no longer sponsored the gymnastics program. This last spring, they petitioned to the school board and extracurricular committee and regained their support. Amanda Lantz, Dakota Star Gymnastics’ Program Director and Team Head Coach is getting the program back on its feet. With 12 girls planning to compete this year, the girls are giving it their best effort. When senior Christine Hersch was asked why there was such a dramatic increase in participants, she replied, “Some of us previous gymnasts have been working at the gym and we thought it would be fun to get back into it and start a high school team.” Members of the Mandan Braves Varsity Gymnastics team include: seventh graders Morgan Anderson and Rachel Marschner, eighth grader Abby Patrick,

Senior Christine Hersch making a successful dismount off the beam. freshman Kierra French, sophomores Nicole Miller, Marissa Koppy, Mckenzie Swallow, Kaytlyn Bowers and Sara Wolt, and seniors Kati Kruckenberg, Christine Hersch, and Hannah Tibke. All of which plan to compete in this upcoming season. “A lot of us are getting back into gymnastics after being out for a few years, but I think it’ll be a pretty good season,” explained Hersch. “We’re all excited for it!”

Competition this year is one thing they are going to play by ear. Their first meet is on Dec. 1, in Dickinson. The areas in which they can compete in are Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. Their final competition, state, will be held Feb. 22-23, 2013 in Valley City. “We expect more meets next year considering that we will be attending this year’s state meet.” Gymnastics in Mandan hasn’t had very high numbers, but Lantz is determined to keep the program running. “When I competed [in highschool], my biggest team was seven and when I graduated, there were only four of us,” explained Lantz. When asked how she will keep the numbers up she replied, “Generally, high school gymnastics teams rely on the up and coming club gymnasts to fill their rosters.The Braves gymnasts are currently considered ‘recreational gymnasts’ in their off-season which allows DSG to promote it to our younger girls.” Being successful role-models for the younger girls, according to Lantz, is something that will help maintain the numbers.

MHS Courier

Back To School New teachers around MHS

Special Edition, 11

Hannah Schlosser

Op-Ed Editor

This 2012-2013 school year, Mandan High School introduces five new teachers. We asked them a few questions to help the student body get to know them better.

Ms. Hanson Social Studies What is your favorite artist/band? Some of my favorites are Daughtry, Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum, Ron Pope, and Michael Jackson. Any embarrassing moments? I once stopped traffic on one of the roads around campus because I fell in the middle of the street. I am sure that the drivers of both cars had a good laugh at my expense. If you could be any animal, what would you be? I would really love to be a swan. But I definitely enjoy being a human instead.

Mr. Baumann

Band Director What is your favorite artist/band? Mostly Jazz/Some classic rock. Dave Matthew’s Band. Any embarrassing moments? Hmm, nothing comes to mind. I must have blocked them all out. If you could be any animal, what would you be? A bear just because of my occasional outside voice.

Mr. Mellmer

Welding Instructor

Mrs. Jacobsen

Special Education What is your favorite artist/band? I have many favorites: The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band, Jake Owen. Any embarrassing moments? Not sure I can think of an embarrass ing moments. I don’t get too embarrassed. If you could be any animal, what would you be? I’d have to say a cat because I have always liked cats.

Mr. Fry

Business/ Marketing Ed. What is your favorite artist/band? Whatever is on the radio...usually ESPN. Any embarrassing moments? A typical day is an adventure. If you could be any animal, what would you be? A black or chocolate lab. So I could still go duck and pheasant hunting.

What is your favorite artist/band? Too broad- there are some artists that have one awesome song like Carly Rae Jepson’s- Call Me Maybe.....and ACDC who has tons of awesome tunes. Any embarrassing moments? When I taught in Minnesota, in my first day of teaching, I thought it was my lunch hour. 15 minutes into my lunch, my princ pal came up to me and told me I had 20 students waiting for class to begin. Whoops! If you could be any animal, what would you be? In North Dakota, ANYTHING but a pheasant or a deer. Anywhere else, I would be a moose.

Kat Schmidt


What was your favorite dress up day and why? “The day when I decided to wear ALL blue and no one told me our color was green. :( ” Freshm a Zach Ec n kroth

In three ways, how would you describe your excitement at the game? “I get rowdy, times three.”

handler Junior C n Bondeso

How did you show your school spirit this Homecoming Week? What was your favorite part about the homecoming football game? “Winning the game!”

a Tels r o i Sen Haff

“Dressing up and having a good time.”


omo Kind re Brody svog el

What was your favorite dress up day and why?

In three ways, how would you describe your excitement at the game? “Amazing. Worth losing my voice. Very enjoyable.”

en ayd J r io Jun Barth Soph

omo re Mille Nicole r

“Nerd Day! For the first time everyone looked so smart!”

MHS Courier Homecoming 2012