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What To Do Over Break Leo Martinez finds ways to beat the boredom over spring break BY LEO MAR TINEZ fashion editor

1. Go out to brunch with some close friends. Brunch is always a good time to catch up with everyone and make sure everyone is feeling positive.

2. Go to a concert! Whether it’s with a group or just yourself, seeing one of your favorite artist is ever a bad idea.

3. Travel to a place you’ve never been before. The place your going to does not have to be somewhere that is far away, it can be to another state or somewhere more local like Portland.

4. Remodel your room. Organizing is never a bad idea and changing up your room will stop you from getting bored with the same décor.

5. Start working on that summer body. If you are looking to get in shape so you feel more confident, why not start now? No school means that you have so much free time to take more care of your health.

6. Movie marathons are never a bad idea. Pull up Mean Girls on Netflix or the entire Harry Potter series on DVD, whatever it is just surround yourself with people that you know you’ll have a good time with.

7. Take a mental health day. Even though physical health is important, we sometimes don’t give enough attention to our mental health. Take a day to relax and do things that you like.



Tommy Douglass and Joe Gullo seek out the help of Seniors Amy Gilliat and Ben Pollak to sample Third Street’s “Morning Thunder”

BY TOMMY DOUGLASS and JOE GULLO managing editors Hear ye, hear ye and welcome to the final event of the Breakfast Club regular season, that is... senior week! This month we had the privilege and honor of being joined by Amy Gilliat and Benjamin Pollak for a nice plate of grub at a fine local eatery capping off what has been a magnificent culinary adventure with the classes of McMinnville High School. Despite the seniors being last but not least, Ben and Amy elected to go with the marvelous “Morning Thunder” for a quick Valentine’s Day Breakfast and it did not disappoint. Right off the bat, our socks were knocked off by the outstanding service this small Third Street cafe had to offer. A warm, welcoming staff situated in a cute and cozy building nestled in the heart of downtown McMinnville proved to be the best possible vibe to start off our morning. The food came quickly, the servers were friendly, and most importantly the check was split easily making for a relaxing experience. The decor inside the restaurant was amazing, giving off the Portland hippie feel; however, there was a framed spider on the wall that gave Amy a grave scare as she chowed down her eggs. All in all, the service was as good as it gets, earning a perfect 10 from all of the Breakfast Clubbers. Luckily for us McMinvillians, the food at Morning Thunder is almost as good as the service. Amy ordered a classic breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast. Ben went with the traditional biscuits and gravy dish that is so common amongst our Breakfast Club members. Joe gobbled down some chicken-fried steak and potatoes, while Tommy played it safe with pancakes and eggs which can only be described as immaculate. The food was delicious and the scores reflected that, earning Morning Thunder an impressive 8.5 cumulative food score. Tommy, the harsher critic of the two founding members, absolutely loved his pancakes and gave them a 9.5. While Morning Thunder dominated the taste and service categories, value was lowest scorer. While this doesn’t necessarily fall under the value category, the menu at Morning Thunder was not as diverse as our other breakfast adventures. It boasts an enormous combined menu but the lunch options were off limits, so it lost a lot of its mass. Tommy and Amy both gave it a score of a 6.5 while Ben and Joe were a little bit more generous with a 7.5. Still a 7 in the Value category gave Morning Thunder 25.5/30 points which is the highest score in Breakfast Club history! Overall, this was a wonderful breakfast and Ben and Amy were two great companions for the meal.

8. Catch up on your homework. We all have work to do that we haven’t done yet, maybe a small project or an entire essay, that needs to get done. So do it.

9. Find some good music. You don’t need to head down to your local record shop and pick up some vinyl; you can just curate a playlist on Apple Music. Nothing is better than finding a great new song and adding it to your favorite Spotify playlist.

10. Be active! Catching up on your sleep is great but try and get out there into the world. Go out and surf on the beach, skateboard to a friend’s house, or just go take some good selfies for Instagram in your backyard.

The Bruin MARCH 21, 2018


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McMinnville High School, The Bruin, Issue #4, 2018  

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McMinnville High School, The Bruin, Issue #4, 2018  

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