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Volume 1 Number 1

October 2010

700 S. Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953

Bearcats are PLAYOFF bound! by Mathew Meade

THE MENA BEARCAT offense lines up for a play against the DeQueen Leopards. Mena won the contest 30-7. (photo by Heather Eikenberg)

At induction ceremony

NHS brings in 16 new members by Morgan Fletcher

The Mena Chapter of National Honor Society inducted 16 new members at the annual ceremony held Oct. 12 in the Mena High School cafeteria. New members include 3 seniors: Alex Castro, Josh Lochala, and Rachel Roberts, and 13 juniors: Jamie Thacker, Manda Ham, Dani Lindsey, Addie Bush, Flannery Wilson, Ashlyn Godfrey, Adrienne Rose, Zac Anderle, Kaitlyn Schoeppey, Tiffany Sides, Sasha Zavala, Kristen Manasco, and Britain Morris. NHS officers for the 2010-2011 school year include Cheyenne Peerson, president; Rachel Collins, vice president of service; Myranda Vaughn and Jocelyn Gray, vice presidents of sign; Celina Walker, vice

president of recycling; Makenzie Davis, vice president of special events; and Michael Berry, vice president of concession. This year Danielle Skinner is the reporter and Holly Brewer holds the office of secretary. New members are selected during the first semester each year. The NHS program is an organization that pays special attention to exceptional students. The students must excel in the four NHS-based areas: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. To maintain membership, many requirements must be met. Students must maintain a 3.25 grade point average. Also members are required to contribute at least 14 hours of community service each semester. The MHS chapter of the NHS is under the direction of Judy Kropp.

Boasting a 7-1 record, the Mena Bearcats have secured a berth in the state playoffs for the first time since 2005. The Cats worked hard for this accomplishment and have more to prove. Mena began the season against the DeQueen Leopards on a new turf field. The Bearcats won the first game of a now very successful season. Mena enjoyed home field advantage again the following week as the Centerpoint Knights traveled to Bearcat stadium. Home field advantage came through for Mena as they overpowered Centerpoint 40-0. Week three of the season resulted in Mena’s first road game of the season, which matched the Bearcats against the Mansfield Tigers. Mena traveled up there and conquered the Tigers 14-7. Mena’s record at this point was 3-0. Week four was another road game as the Bearcats traveled to Dover to square off against the Pirates on the night of Dover’s homecoming, but Mena didn’t have any

mercy on them for that, and they came away with a 30-6 win. The Bearcats were now 4-0. Week five was Mena’s homecoming. The Clarksville Panthers traveled to Bearcat Stadium trying to end Mena’s winning streak of 4 games. The Panthers failed in that attempt as Mena walked off the field with the final score of our homecoming game 38-20. That game resulted in homecoming number two Mena won and added another win to the Bearcat’s season making them 5-0. Week six pitted Mena against the Waldron Bulldogs. When the game clock expired in the fourth quarter, Mena came out on top with a score of 40-13. The Waldron game was homecoming number three crashed by Mena. The Sand Lizards of Dardanelle came to Mena for week 7 play but left disappointed after a final score of 35-13, Mena. With a disappointing 28-23 fall to Pottsville Friday night, the Bearcats still feature an impressive 7-1 record going into game 9 against the Subiaco Academy Trojans.

NEW JUNIOR NHS inductees gather for a picture at the induction ceremony. (photo by Felicia Wilson)

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The Bear Facts - Editorial

October 2010

What do high school sports really need? FANS! by Flannery Wilson

In high school sports, the players of the game are important, but the fans are also a very important factor. At Mena High School, we’ve got the fans—but they don’t always show up. For football, everyone normally goes all out with painted faces, decorated shirts, and loud cheering voices. However, at other spectator sports such as volleyball, soccer,

and baseball/softball, no one seems to show up. Last year for the volleyball games, the student section was always packed! This year however, it’s the complete opposite. In the end, fans really do have an infl uence on the outcome of the game! If you cheer your fellow athletes on, they feel like you care about what they’re doing, so they play better. So if we all come out and support our Bearcat and Ladycat sports, we might have even better results.

Mena High cafeteria welcomes new skylights! by Flannery Wilson

Mena High School’s new roof has been under repair since July, with workers installing new circuits, repairing the roof, and preparing for the new school year. Between second and third periods some weeks ago, a small section of the cafeteria roof acquired an unintentional skylight.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Morgan Fletcher; NEWS EDITOR: Kyle Saulsbury; NEWS REPORTERS: Heather Eikenberg, Morgan Fletcher, Haily Guire, Manda Ham, Dani Lindsey, Mat Meade, Justin Sattler, Kyle Saulsbury, Leonna Smith, Flannery Wilson; EDITORIAL COLUMNIST: Flannery Wilson; FEATURE PAGE EDITOR: Kyle Saulsbury; VARSITY SPORTS EDITOR: Mat Meade; SPORTS COLUMNIST: Mat Meade; SPORTS PAGE EDITOR: Mat Meade; CLUB PAGE EDITOR: Dani Lindsey; ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR/COLUMNIST: Haily Guire, Heather Eikenberg; CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER: Justin Sattler; ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Heather Eikenberg, Morgan Fletcher, Haily Guire, Manda Ham, Dani Lindsey, Mat Meade, Kyle Saulsbury, Leonna Smith, Flannery Wilson; ADVERTISING MANAGER:

Manda Ham; CHIEF TYPIST: Dani Lindsey; ASSISTANT TYPISTS: Haily Guire, Flannery Wilson; EXCHANGE EDITOR: Manda Ham; CIRCULATION MANAGERS: Manda Ham, Leonna Smith; STAFF ARTIST: Flannery Wilson; PAGE DESIGN by Desktop Publishing Students: Eric Arce, Alex Atchley, Nicole Bobo, Ethan Campbell, Nick Crawford, Jasper Davis, Aly Decoux, Melody Dedmon, Cassie Gear, Katelyn Graves, Manda Ham, Bradley Howard, Jennifer Howard, Aaron Johnson, Dani Lindsey, Ashley Maechler, Megann Matejek, Jordan Newman, Alexis Null, Megan Richardson, Kyle Saulsbury, Kaitlyn Schoeppey, Phillip Schuller, Leigha Smith, Sammie Talamantez, Cecilia Thulin, Stephanie Vidrine, Daniele Williams, Makala Williams, Marissa Willis, and Flannery Wilson; ADVISER: Lisa Schuller

The Bear Facts, a publication of Mena High School, is published monthly October through May by MHS journalism students and is printed by the Mena Star. The Bear Facts is a member of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Editorials and letters to the editor refl ect the views of the authors and do not necessarily refl ect those of the staff or school. All letters must be signed, and all published letters will include the author’s name.

Advertising rates are $10 per column inch. For advertising or subscription information, address all correspondence to Bear Facts, Mena High School, 700 Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953.

Workers were in the process of replacing the old air vents; something went wrong, and the old vents fell through the ceiling to the cafeteria fl oor. Custodians cleaned up the mess left behind and covered the hole with trash bags. Mr. Torix said of the roof project, “We aren’t sure when it’s going to be complete, but we hope soon.”

MENA HIGH’S FRONT entry and auditorium come to life. (photo by Molly Lindsey)

New high school takes shape by Leonna Smith

Mena’s new high school building project is scheduled to be completed by June, 2011. A millage funding construction of the new school was approved by voters in April 2008, and site work began in June 2008. The construction of the school started in October of that year. The new building is around 160,000 sq. ft., more than doubling the current high school’s area of 65,000 sq. ft. Upon entering through the main doors, the administrative portion of the school is located to the right, and to the left, the counselors’ offi ces and library can be seen.

There are several hallways; the classrooms will be grouped by subject. There are two science labs and three sets of bathrooms. There will be no lockers in the new school; classes will have classroom sets of books. According to Principal Mark Shumate, students will still have five minutes in between classes. The cafeteria, gym, and auditorium will be the last facilities to be completed and are scheduled to be fi nished by the time school begins in August. The auditorium will seat 914 and will have lighting and sound booths. The gym will hold more than 1500. The parking lot will have a capacity of 600 cars. Students and faculty are excited about this new addition to the Mena school system.

October 2010

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The Bear Facts - News

Who’s Who and class officers selected

Neal Shusterman makes MHS debut by Kyle Saulsbury

by Manda Ham

The votes are in! The results have been announced for the 2010-11 Who’s Who and Class Officers. Senior class officers include Rachel Collins, president; Alex Castro, vice president; and Emily Callahan, secretary. The senior class favorites are Jacob Maechler and Holly Brewer. Junior class officers include Lucas Head, president; Ben Graves, vice president; Heather Madison, secretary. Junior class favorites are Ben Graves and Sasha Zavala. Sophomore class officers are Zeke McPherson, president; Chase Vandeest, vice president; Lauryn Madison, secretary. Sophomore class favorites are Daryl Castillo and Presley Blaschka. Freshman class officers include Maddison Liles, president; Hannah Lochala, vice president; and Claire Williamson, secretary. Layton Mohr and Bobby Skinner tie for favorite freshman boy and Maddison Liles is favorite girl. In the Who’s Who voting, Julian Parnell and Danielle Skinner were voted most likely to succeed. Most likely to be remembered are Jacob Maechler and Amanda Fox. Most school spirited are Jacob Maechler and Holly Brewer. Daniel Wood and Brittany Moon are most athletic. Sweetest seniors are Julian Parnell and Akina Sibbett. Most unique style are Justin Sattler and Holly Brewer. Josh Marshall and Jennifer Howard are class clowns. Most likely to be on American Idol are Josh Marshall and Akina Sibbett. Derek Cox and Anne Beckel are most likely to win the Lottery. Most likely to change the world are Lake Philpot and Alyvia Castillo. Jacob Maechler and Holly Brewer were named Mr. and Ms. Bearcat.

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MR. AND MISS Bearcat for 2010-11, Jacob Maechler and Holly Brewer, were chosen by the student body in the Who’s Who elections. (photo by Flannery Wilson)

Senior High All-Region choir gains honors by Haily Guire

After almost two months of very hard work and practice, the Mena High Choir set off for all region auditions on Saturday, Oct. 9, at Camden High School, in Camden Arkansas. Six hundred fifty-four students auditioned that day, 35 of whom are from Mena High. For promotion to the all-state competition, students must place at least 50th chair. Seventeen of our very own qualified to audition for All-State. Results of the regional auditions are as follows: Austin Stroud, 13th chair, Soprano I, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Sasha Zavala, 23rd chair, Soprano I, Women’s Chorus, Victoria Boydstun, 24 th chair, Soprano I, Women’s Chorus, Kassidy Summit, 12 th chair, Soprano II, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Alyvia Castillo,

36th chair, Soprano II, Women’s Chorus, Michele Zimmerman, 11th chair, Alto I, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Lauren Shufelberger, 12 th chair, Alto I, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Hannah Bell, 18th chair, Alto I, Mixed Choir, Lauryn Madison, 36th chair, Alto I, Women’s Chorus, Sarah Shufelberger, 38th chair, Alto I, Women’s Chorus, Amber Lane, 4 th chair, Alto II, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Anne Beckel, 15th chair, Alto II, Mixed Choir, third alternate for All-State qualification, Brittney Cunningham, 45th chair, Alto II, Women’s Chorus, Lucas Head, 12th chair, Bass I, Mixed Choir, All-State qualified, Smith Harrison, 18th chair, Bass I, Mixed Choir, Zach Fijman, 20th chair, Bass I, Mixed Choir, Ryan Lowery, 21st chair, Bass I, first alternate for Mixed Choir.

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Author Neal Shusterman, writer of popular novels such as Full Tilt, Unwind, and Everlost, made an appearance at the MHS gym on Oct. 4. He skipped the usual chit-chat of where he was from, what he did, where he got his education, and went right into a conversation with the students about topics that ranged from reading and writing to anything they wanted to know. Topics included sources of inspiration, processes of creating works, and methods of overcoming obstacles. When asked about encountering writer’s block, Shusterman said he liked to call it “writer’s cliff.” When writing, he always comes across some chasm separating him from his ending. “So how do you cross it?” he asks. “You build a bridge.” And while this “bridge” may require much time, effort, and even research, Shusterman encourages those who enjoy writing to take the measures necessary to achieve their goals. Shusterman went on to talk about a current project. No, it isn’t another book; he is currently working on producing a movie based on the book Unwind. Shusterman has been writing stories, albeit many unsuccessful, since the 9th grade, and it wasn’t until his book The Shadow Club that he made his first official publication.




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The Bear Facts - Sports

Bearcats boast a new field

Winning legacy

Everywhere we go... by Morgan Fletcher

This year the Mena High School Bearcat football team has begun a new tradition, with hopes of it continuing for many years. A new winning season has sparked a new attitude for Bearcat football. The coaches decided there needs to be something for the 2010-2011 senior footballers to be remembered for after the season ends, while coincidentally intimidating opponents. When the players heard this, they brainstormed ideas, and as they came to a conclusion, they were absolutely psyched about the debut of this new tradition. There was no doubt in their minds that this was going to be a crowd pleaser. Following game #2 with Centerpoint, the boys gathered in the middle of the field as usual to listen to Coach Weaver give his thoughts about the game. Per routine, the team recited the Lord’s Prayer and lined up along the side lines intertwined with the cheerleaders and fans, and sang the alma mater as the band played. After the alma mater, the team sang the ‘Everywhere We Go’ chant from Remember the Titans, and a new tradition was founded. Gauging from the crowd’s reaction, the new addition was a success. The team is expecting this to be a long-living tradition for future Bearcats.

by Kyle Saulsbury

DR. GATHRIGHT EXPLAINS funding and uses for the Bearcat Stadium’s remarkable new turf. (photo by Justin Sattler)

Mena High welcomes Clark and Harrison by Morgan Fletcher

The Bearcat coaching staff and team welcome two very funny, experienced, and much needed new coaches, Kris Clark and Don Harrison. Coach Clark, a returning Bearcat, has contributed to the impressive Bearcat season as defensive back and special teams coach. He graduated from Mena in 1995 then attended the University of Arkansas where he earned his bachelor’s degree. Later he attended Arkansas Tech and obtained his master’s degree in physical education. After graduating he went to work at Russellville, then Newport, and later Bryant. In joining the Cats, he wants to provide as much of his knowledge of football to the

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October 2010

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team, and his goals for the team are to be conference champs on the way to winning state. New wide receiver and offensive coordinator, Coach Don Harrison, is a past Bearcat also. He graduated from Mena High School in 1999 then attended Carl Albert College where he played baseball. He then transferred to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, graduating in 2004 with a degree in physiology. Subsequently, Harrison went to work at Springdale, and soon after he left for Greenwood where he coached for six years. Now he has come back to his alma mater to coach the Mena Bearcats. In his time away from football, Harrison likes to spend time with his wife Amanda and his two sons Don, ‘Treabo’ and Payton, ‘Paypay.’ His goals for the Bearcats are to build a winning tradition and to improve from last year’s record.

Bob Carver and Floyd Clark proposed the plan to lay out a new turf field for Mena High School to replace the worn grass surface, and this plan was carried out last summer. The administrative board of Mena Public Schools employed USI Engineering, Mullen Dozer Works, and Pro-Grass services to tear out the old grass and install the new and more efficient turf. The work took place at night, while the grass and soil were removed and turf was put in its place. It was a long and tedious process, with special designs such as the Bearcat logo and end-zone lettering requiring careful measurements and precision in making the cutouts; it was not simply a matter of laying 100 yards of turf and painting it. The bill? $500,000. Floyd Clark led funding campaigns in which the community donated a total of $275,000 in cash and another $125,000 in pledges to be paid over the next four years. That leaves MHS with an outstanding balance of $100,000, but according to Dr. Diann Gathright, Superintendent of Schools, it is worth the price. “It’s better for the band,” she says, since it will allow for better traction, “…and everyone can practice on it.” Dr. Gathright noted that this was especially useful for soccer games, since there will no longer be bald spots from rain shortages. The field’s initial advantages in the football season have already come into play, as a turf material thicker than grass and rubber filling provide better traction and control on the field. Community support for the Bearcats has been evident, as the morale resulting from a 7-1 season sparks team spirit and all who wish to—family, friends, and fans alike—share victory celebrations down on the field. The school plans to pay off the debt over the next two years, using money that was saved from no longer requiring grass field services; $65,000 will be paid this year, and $35,000 next year. By the end of the ’11-’12 school year, the turf will be paid in full, and Mena schools will enjoy its benefits without the payments coming with it.

Please don’t drink and drive!

October 2010 7-1 Accomplishment

Weaver fever

Football Bearcats dominate

Go blonde or bust

by Mathew Meade

Mena vs. DeQueen

by Morgan Fletcher

The Leopards came to Mena for the season opener and the first full game on turf. The Bearcats didn’t let up and played with intensity the entire game. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was 30-7, Mena. The Leopards had a long ride home with their tails tucked. Senior Bearcat Josh Harper, #78, was named player of the game.

Mena vs. Centerpoint

Coming off the victory against DeQueen, Mena hit the field again to square off against the Centerpoint Knights. From the opening kickoff, the game was ours. An extraordinary event occurred as Mena’s Ty Venable caught the ball on defense and ran for the touchdown. Mena displayed complete domination and took a 40-0 victory. The Knights had some dents in their shining armor after this beating. The player of the game was Bearcat Daniel Wood, #40, a senior.

Mena vs. Mansfield

The first road game of the season matched the Bearcats with the Mansfield Tigers. The Bearcats had some trouble throughout the contest because of Mansfield’s running game, but the Tigers were held to one touchdown, and the Bearcats came away with the victory 147. Home field advantage didn’t come into play in this matchup. Senior Bearcat Reed Mendoza, #19, was named the player of the game.

Mena vs. Dover

The Bearcats hit the road again as they traveled to Dover to play against the Pirates. It was a hard fought game from the opening kickoff until the final buzzer. In the 3rd quarter, game play halted as Mena’s Landon Thacker was down on the field with an injury. His ankle was in question, and it was later found out that he had a spiral fracture and a dislocated ankle. The game resumed play, and Mena continued to outscore and overpower Dover. The final buzzer sounded with a score of 30-6, Bearcats. Senior Bearcat Shane Pinkerton, #60, was named as the player of the game.

Mena vs. Clarksville

Homecoming The stands were packed with students and fans alike as Homecoming 2010 pitted the Bearcats against the Clarksville

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The Bear Facts - Sports

COACH JEFF WEAVER cheeses for the camera after fulfilling his end of the wager. (photo by Morgan Fletcher) Panthers. The game started off as more of a challenge than earlier expected, and by halftime the Bearcats were behind 14-20. The fans never doubted the home team as the Bearcats came back onto the field after a halftime performance by the Mena Bearcat Marching Band. After a talk in the locker room, the Bearcats hit the field and scored 24 unanswered points and ended with a 3820 victory after the final buzzer sounded. The player of the game was Bearcat Justin Grasman, #9, a senior.

Mena vs. Waldron

The Bearcats went on the road again as week 6 was a matchup against the Waldron Bulldogs. The game was Waldron’s Homecoming, but Mena didn’t take any mercy on them. After all of the homecoming festivities Waldron displayed, the football teams hit the field. The Bearcats played hard all game and the score proved that. Waldron had some good plays, but Mena had too many to mention. The game concluded with a score of the Bearcats on top 40-13. Senior Bearcat Daniel Wood, #40, was named player of the game.

Mena vs. Dardanelle

Week 7 brought the Dardanelle Sand Lizards to Bearcat Stadium to square off against the Mena Bearcats. Mena played well throughout the game with many rushing and passing attempts. The Sand Lizards put 13 points on the scoreboard by the time the fourth quarter ended, but that wasn’t enough to contest with Mena’s 35 points. Mena has

secured themselves a spot in the playoffs with their 7-0 record.

Mena vs. Pottsville

Suffering the first loss of the season, the Bearcats must now look for answers. Coach Weaver spoke of the performance and disappointing ending, “We had turnovers, busted players, and they made plays that counted; we didn’t.” The player of the game was Bearcat Tanner Hooper, #25, a junior.

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After the fifth consecutive win for the Mena Bearcats, and the second conference win, Coach Jeff Weaver was glad to pay up as a result of the deal he had made early on with his team. The wager stood if the Bearcats mercy-ruled DeQueen or achieved a 5-0 record, Weaver would dye his hair blonde. The first condition was cut short by one touchdown, but the second provision proved successful. Billie Sanders, a beautician at the local salon, The Look, got the privilege of coloring Weaver’s hair at the field house on Saturday, October 2, with players and fans in attendance to witness the event. For the remainder of the 2010-2011 Bearcat football season, the head coach will be leading the team with a head full of astonishing blonde locks.

Golf Season concludes by Mathew Meade

Mena High School’s golf schedule concluded with a par season. The guys’ team consisted of Brock Harvey, Ethan Campbell, Lucas Head, Derek Cox, and Mathew Meade. The women’s team consisted of Tiffany Sides, April Page, Flannery Wilson, and Ashlyn Godfrey. Campbell, Harvey, Head, and Meade competed in district at Dardanelle at which Harvey qualified for the state tournament. The Creeks in Shiloh served as the host course for the tournament. At state, Harvey finished the round in 21st position. The ladies didn’t compete for state but had a rewarding year. The Bearcats are looking forward to another fantastic season next year.

Page 6

The Bear Facts October 2010- Hom

Homec 201


Royalty makes ready for Homecoming 2010 by Leonna Smith

SOPHOMORE MAID CHEYENNE Anderson is escorted by Nick Ryan and Joseph Matthews.

MHS SUPER STUDENTS show their marvelous school spirit on superhero day.





The Mena High School homecoming court was announced for 2010. Rachel Roberts, Mackenzie Davis, Holly Brewer, Rachel Collins, Sasha Zavala, Taylor Hale, Cheyenne Anderson, Kristen Gray, Hailey Knittig, and Natalie Rose were chosen as this year’s royalty on Sept. 3. At the homecoming ceremony held on Oct. 1, Davis was crowned homecoming queen; Collins received maid of honor. The planning and preparation was both stressful and enjoyable. Gray, Anderson, and Hale traveled to Tahlequah, Oklahoma to shop for dresses. They started their two-and-a-half hour trip at 7:30 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 18. Upon arrival, the girls headed straight for the selection of red and black dresses. The seniors chose to wear white dresses, leaving the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen maids to decide between red or black. After trying every option in the store, they were happy with their choices. On Friday, Oct. 1, the homecoming court left school after attending the pep rally. The girls had less than three hours to prepare before being needed back at the school for pictures at 3:30 p.m. A few of the girls went to The Look Salon for their hair and make-up appointments. Through all the curling irons and hairspray, glitter and jewels, their excitement was growing. They were pressed for time as 3:30 approached. Some girls had to finish their make-up at the school. After arriving at the school, they went to Kristi Wilson’s room to put on their dresses. As the girls saw each other in their dresses the compliments were endless. After all the pictures had been taken; the girls had nothing to do but wait. They occupied their time by doing last touch ups on their hair and make-up. As 6:30 finally arrived, the girls started outside with their escorts. The announcer introduced the homecoming court, followed by this year’s homecoming queen, Davis and maid of honor, Collins. The escorts went back to their team as the girls took their seats. The rest of the night was filled with pictures and congratulations. The excitement of the girls, as well as the crowd, was very intense as they cheered the Bearcats to victory.

SENIOR MAID OF Honor Rachel Collins is escorted by Jeremy Harrison and Reed Mendoza.




GQ UE EN M ake nzi

FRESHMAN MAID HAILEY Knittig is escorted by Justin Drager and Jordon McDaniel.

e D a v is i

mecoming Photos October 2010

Page 7

coming 10

Boosting Bearcat pride

Students show spirit for homecoming by Morgan Fletcher

STUDENTS SHOW SCHOOL spirit for animal day.




n# 9.

BEARCAT FOOTBALL PLAYERS trample the panther at the homecoming pep rally.

Mena High School’s 2010 spirit week bustled with far more participating than in previous years. Many students professed their Bearcat pride and showed off their creativity by dressing for all days of the week. The designated days for the week were hero vs. villain, animal, character day, elderly, and red and black day. Imaginative and colorful costumes abounded, from Jamie Thacker dressed up as Landon Thacker for hero vs. villain day to April Ganster very impressively dressed up as the “mad-hatter” from the movie Alice in Wonderland. Many other students dressed as unique characters from the same movie. Red and black day was the day the majority of students particpated with almost all of the student body wearing some form of the school colors. The 2010 spirit week was very well put together (props to Julie Gordon, adviser, and the Bearcat cheerleaders). This year will be hard to top.



ar sh H o J y is e s c o rt e d b

p er

8 #7




JUNIOR MAID SASHA Zavala is escorted Jarret Thompson and Damon Newman.

Photos by Morgan Fletcher, Manda Ham, and Mat Meade. Layout by Dani Lindsey, Manda Ham, and Flannery Wilson. DANI LINDSEY MARCHES with the Bearcat band.

FELINES POSE FOR a purrrfect picture on spirit week.

FLANNERY AND ALEXA represent MHS at the homecoming parade.

The Bear Facts - Sports

Page 8 Ladycats volleyball controls courts by Mathew Meade

The Ladycats are having a very successful season under the direction of Coach Heather Clark. Their record now stands at 18 wins and 10 losses. The biggest victory of the season has come to Waldron. Early losses have come against Alma, Benton, Shiloh Christian, Waldron, and Ft. Lake. The list of wins is too long to write out as Mena has 11 of them. Saturday, Oct. 14 resulted in the Ladycats winning the district tournament held at Ashdown, Arkansas. Mena is ranked 16 th out of every 4-4A volleyball team in the state of Arkansas. The Ladycats are looking forward to a successful season and a spot in the State tournament on Oct. 26, 2010. Good luck Ladycats!!

Ladycat Volleyball 2010 Schedule Date





Ft. Lake










Lake Hamilton





Alma/Van Buren















Shiloh Christian




















Ft. Lake





























MENA HIGH SCHOOL cheerleaders ‘Cheer for the Cure’ on Friday, Oct. 15, 2010, displaying pink shirts during the pep rally and the game against Dardanelle. The entire month of October is breast cancer awareness month. (photo by Mat Meade)

Bearcat Basketball 2010 Schedule

THE LADYCAT VOLLEYBALL team displays Bearcat pride after winning the district tournament at Ashdown. (photo by Felicia Wilson)

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October 2010

OBU Tournament



Nov. 16

@ Nashville



Nov. 18

@ DeQueen



Nov. 20




Nov. 23




Nov. 30




Dec. 3 & 4

Mena-First National Bank Classic



Dec. 6-11

Magnet Cove Tournamet



*Dec 7




*Dec. 17




Dec. 20-22

Danville Tournament



*Jan. 4

@ Clarksville



*Jan. 7

@ Pottsville



*Jan. 11




*Jan. 14




*Jan. 18

@ Waldron



*Jan. 21

@ Dover



*Jan. 25

@ Subiaco



*Jan. 28




Jan. 29




*Feb. 1

@ Booneville



*Feb. 4

@ Dardanelle



*Feb. 8




*Feb. 11




Feb. 14-19

@ Subiaco – District Tournament



* Conference Games

1—Varsity Boys • 2—Varsity Girls • 3—JV Boys • 4—JV Girls • 5—Jr Boys • 6—Jr Girls

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October 2010

The Bear Facts - News

Page 9

New schedule adopted for MHS students by Heather Eikenberg

MENA HIGH SCHOOL FBLA attends the fall conference in Fort Smith. (photo by Molly Lindsey)

FBLA attends conference by Dani Lindsey

Members of the Mena High School Future Business Leaders of America traveled to Fort Smith, Arkansas for the 2010-2011 Fall Conference on Wednesday, Oct. 6. Thirty-three MHS FBLA members attended, supervised by adviser Molly Lindsey. The guest speaker at this year ’s conference was Natalie White, winner of Survivor Samoa. White spoke on breaking

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out of one’s shell and adventuring to new things. She said she couldn’t imagine how hard the show would actually be, and that it was the hardest thing she has done. Also that day, FBLA members and advisers attended workshops facilitated by fellow students and sponsors. Mena chapter FBLA students, Danielle Skinner, Holly Brewer, and Jordan Fuchsberger, presented a workshop about becoming a leader. In this workshop, students participated in a game of Ships and Sailors, which taught students how to take lead. FBLA member Julian Schreurs said, “The FBLA conference in Fort Smith was very fun and exciting.” Being an exchange student from Germany, this was Julian’s fi rst FBLA conference.

Mena High School students were welcomed to the new school year with a new class schedule. An activity period has been added between periods four and fi ve during which club meetings, pep rallies, presentations by guest speakers, and other special activities may be held. In addition, the new schedule allows for eight periods instead of seven, making the time spent in class slightly less than last year. An extra minute has been added to the time for passing between classes, which helps with the many transitions. Principal Mark Shumate said there was a great need for the schedule change. Shumate said, “The biggest reason is for remediation. I wanted to do remediation a whole period because I didn’t want to have

students’ electives taken away from them. I wanted to extend ninth and tenth graders’ English and limit the activities to once a week because it was chaotic before. This new schedule helps with conferences and staff meetings. It is also a unique schedule because freshmen and sophomores have shorter periods. It gives juniors an extra elective for agricultural mechanics and business. For seniors it gives them five periods before lunch, and it gives them time to go to their college classes. It gives them that opportunity to have an extra class for requirements to graduate. We went to fi ve minutes for students to get a drink and use the restroom, so they will have plenty time to make it to their class.” Although the schedule is different from last year, and an extra period puts greater demand on students, it is a successful schedule for students at Mena High.

Brewer wins coveted title by Dani Lindsey

Mena High School senior Holly Brewer, age 17, daughter of Marvin and Lisa Brewer, was crowned the 2010-11 Miss Polk County at the annual pageant held on Sept. 25 at Christian Motorcyclists Association Iron Mountain Facility. Taylor Davis, daughter of Rick and Kim Davis of Mena, was crowned Little Miss Polk County. Ashlyn Godfrey, a junior at MHS, was the fi rst runner-up in the pageant, and Alyvia Castillo, a senior, was the second runner-up. The title of Miss Congeniality, which is decided by the

contestants themselves, was awarded to Tiffany Sides, 16 year old junior at MHS. The seven contestants vying for the title of Miss Polk County included Leslie McCourtney, Danielle Skinner, Emily Callahan, Ashlyn Godfrey, Tiffany Sides, Alyvia Castillo, and Holly Brewer. Contestants in the Miss Polk County pageant are judged in casual wear, formal wear, and a personal interview with judges. The personal interview was held Saturday afternoon preceding the pageant. The annual pageant is sponsored by the Lady Ouachitas.

Melissa Moore


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ALYVIA CASTILLO, 2ND runner-up; Ashlyn Godfrey, 1st runner-up; and Holly Brewer, Miss Polk County, represent MHS well at the annual Miss Polk County pageant. (photo by Dani Lindsey)

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The Bear Facts - News

October 2010

Proclamation signed by mayor

Theater Arts students shine

by Dani Lindsey

by Justin Sattler

Jessica Kropp’s Theater Arts II class performed a series of monologues and dialogues in honor of our founding fathers on Constitution Day, Sept. 17th. Actors and their characters were Anne Beckel: Francis Wright; Kayla Bird: Thomas Jefferson; Senia Garcia: Edmund Randolph; Samantha Grahn: Oliver Ellsworth; Smith Harrison: William Few, Reporter, Grandchild; Lydia Rhodes: Abigail Adams, Grandchild; Justin Sattler: Aaron Burr; Krystal Saulsbury: Ann Thomson Gary; Kyle Saulsbury: Alexander Hamilton; and Michael Berry, Master of Ceremony. The skits were all created and written by the actors themselves. Kropp, very satisfi ed with the students’ performances and hard work, says, “I’m really proud of my Theatre Arts II students for creating and performing these presentations on Constitution Day creators. I thought they made the material come alive through monologues, dialogues and a phenomenal Constitution Day reader’s theatre rap! I was also impressed by the attention of Ms. Hendrix’s and Mr. Lyle’s classes. Everything was wonderful and stellar!” When asked which part they liked best, the actors commented: Kyle enjoyed, “the gunfi ght/ constitution rap (wiki-wiki-we-the-people).” “Working with Kayla,” was Lydia’s response. “Being on stage,” was Anne’s favorite. Senia liked, “being a grandpa, and Lydia and Smith being grandchildren.” Smith enjoyed, “helping those in history class learn about not-so-well-known people in history” “Watching all my friends do a wonderful job onstage!” was Samantha’s pick. Kayla enjoyed, “performing our own skit for our peers, costumes, and working with Lydia.” “How I put emotion into my monologue,” was Krystal’s favorite. Justin commented, “I got to shoot Kyle a trillion billion times and do the matrix thingamajig.” Michael said, “the great response I got from everyone about my rap.” As it seemed to all of the Theatre Arts II students, the history students that watched the presentations all enjoyed them.

George McKee, mayor of Mena, signed a city-wide proclamation declaring that each Friday during the school year, citizens of Mena show their school spirit and support by wearing the Mena Bearcat school colors of red and black. The MHS senior cheerleaders, along with Dr. Diann Gathright, superintendent of schools and Principal Mark Shumate traveled to City Hall for the document to be signed on Friday, Sept. 24.

THEATER ARTS II students bring history to life. (photo by Haily Guire)

Spanish class says thank you by Justin Sattler

The period fi ve Spanish III class signed and decorated an oversized card for the workers on our roof to say thank for all of the work being done in mid-September. The idea originated with the students themselves on the day an air conditioner fell through the roof in the cafeteria area. Without hesitation, Emily McCoy, Mena High School Spanish instructor, agreed and assigned groups to each write SHELTER INSURANCE COMPANIES

205 North Morrow Mena, Ar 71953-0867 Bus: (479) 394-1181 Res: (479) 394-0820

Telissa Montgomery AGENT

a phrase, entirely in Spanish, to show their appreciation. During fi fth period the next day, all of the students in the class presented the card to the workers. McCoy later commented, “I was so excited to participate in this activity. I really thought that it made their day, and I wish I’d have thought of that myself so all of my other classes could have participated. Instead, the idea came from the students, themselves.” When asked about the event, the students were all excited.

Seniors need to answer the call by Justin Sattler

The seniors of Mena High School were called to a meeting in Sept. to discuss financial issues with Principal Mark Shumate. Many items were discussed, and it was decided that the seniors need to do a lot more to help raise money for activities such as Afterprom and the winter dance. If anyone, senior or underclassmen, has any ideas on fundraising, or would like to help with raising money, he or she can e-mail Mr. Shumate. His e-mail address can be found at the Mena High School home page:


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October 2010

The Bear Facts - News

Page 11

M*A*S*H selected for MHS’s yearly stage production by Justin Sattler

Mena High School’s annual school play was announced on Sept. 27, 2010 by Jessica Kropp, Mena High School’s Theatre Arts Director. This year’s production, M*A*S*H, will be held at the Christian Motorcyclists Association building on Nov. 21 at 2:30 p.m. and again on Nov. 22 at 7:00 p.m., for the public. The high school production will be on Nov. 23. The cost for attendance for the play for students and adults will be fi ve dollars. The assistant director of the play was also announced as Krystal Saulsbury, a senior, and the stage manager was announced as Senia Garcia, a junior. Makeup will be done by Alyssa McCleskey, and Kayla Bird and Cassidy Summit will be assisting Judy Kropp with costumes and props. Artistic director is Dalynne Randolph. Mr. Bryan Maye and the agricultural department will be helping with the set construction. Jordan Fuchsberger and Kaitlyn Schoeppey will also be involved with the stage crew. Auditions were held on Sept. 21 and 23 in the Mena High School library. The cast was selected and members are Lucas Head as General Hammond and Father Mulchahy; Aaron Armstrong as Pvt. Boone and Radar; Smith Harrison as Lt.

Colonel Blake; Chris Penny as Sergeant Devine; Kalen Hastey as Spearchucker; Kyle Saulsbury as Captain Burns; Michael Berry as Captain Walt; Jasper Davis as Captain John (Trapper); Nathan Haines as Captain John Black (Ugly); Josh Lochala as Hawkeye; Jacob Maechler as Duke and Pvt. Lopez; Zeke McPherson as Ho-Jon; Anne Beckel as Captain Bridget; Emily Callahan as Lt. Janice Fury; Krystal Saulsbury as Ruth; Emily Ferguson as Lt. Louise Kimble; Allison Austin as Mitzi and Korean Woman #1; Devyn Purcell as Fritzi and Korean Woman #2; Ashlyn Godfrey as Agnes; Charlie Williams as Nancy Philips and Randazzle; Lydia Rhodes as Margaret Houlihan; and Kimmi Hanners as Goldfarb, Mercy, Connie, Korean Woman #3. “I am very excited about presenting M*A*S*H because so many people know and love this franchise,” commented Kropp. “I discovered this show much later in life, and the themes that were fl eshed out in the show are still relevant today. I know this cast is going to work hard to make this production the best yet!” Judy Kropp, Mena High School Media Specialist later commented, “I am so thrilled; it was my favorite TV show of all time, and the cast is absolutely amazing! I’m doing the costumes and the props and have been doing research; it’s been so fun learning about all of it.”

MENA HIGH SCHOOL students rehearse lines for the upcoming Mena High School production of MASH. (photo by Justin Sattler)

Theater Arts students enjoy Evita by Heather Eikenberg

Drama teacher Jessica Kropp and her theater art students attended the play Evita at the Repertory Theater in Little Rock. The OUACHITA EQUINE CLINIC, INC.


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Go Bearcats and Ladycats!

play is based on the true story of Eva Perón, the wife of Argentine President Juan Perón. The play is set in Argentina, and in this play the actors portrayed how many obstacles that Eva had to face to become famous and what she did to get there. After the play, the theater arts students stayed to meet the cast of Evita. The students asked the cast some questions pertaining to acting skills and production of the play. The actors gave them good advice and told them some funny stories that happened during the play rehearsals. Kropp and her students will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

line Cafe y k S

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Breakfast served all day!

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October 2010

The Bear Facts - Entertainment

Brandon Atkinson 10-04 Dakota Allen 10-08 Race Grubb-Hobson 10-08 Tyler Waite 10-10 Zachary Atchley 10-12 Courtney Morris 10-17

Autumn Birtcher 10-26 Andrew Schoeppey 10-27 Hannah Lochala 10-30 Stephen Mcallister 10-30 Bryan Ernest 10-31 Lauren Henry 10-31

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Mena High School Bear Facts for October, 2010, a student publication


Mena High School Bear Facts for October, 2010, a student publication