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Volume 33 Number 1

October 2009

700 S. Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953

Mark Shumate

MHS welcomes new principal by Jocelyn Gray

ONE NEW FACE at MHS this year is Principal Mark Shumate, who came to Mena from Midland, Texas. Shumate has replaced Principal Connie Davis, who is now working with the CATS program. (photo by Smith Harrison)

Who’s Who and class officers are chosen in annual election by Myranda Vaughn

The votes are in, and the results have been announced for the 2009-10 Who’s Who and class officers. Senior class officers selected in the election include Brent Bell, president; Brittany Willard, vice president; and Jordan Deramus, secretary. The senior class favorites are A.J. Crowley and Leslyn Graves. Junior class officers include Anne Beckel, president; Holly Brewer, vice president; and Rachel Collins, secretary. Junior class favorites are Josh Marshall and Brewer. Sophomore class officers are Lucas Head, president; Taylor Hale, vice president; and Flannery Wilson, secretary.

Sophomore class favorites are Jack Riley and Alyssa McClesky. The officers for the freshman class include Kimmie Hanners and Nathaniel Martin, co-presidents; April Ganster, vice president; and Kennedy Reeves, secretary. Class favorites are Daryl Castillo and Presley Blaschka. In the Who’s Who voting, Jimmy Cook and Kasie Cook were named most artistic. Most athletic are A.J. Crowley and Whitley Borin. Most school spirited are Zach Roppel and Jordan Deramus. Best personality are Logan McCourtney, Regan Fuget, and Ayla Campbell. Class clowns are Zach Roppel and Melisa Musick. Biggest flirts are Travis McMillan and Shelby Borst. Sweetest See Who’s Who on page 7

Replacing Connie Davis, MHS principal for the past six years, is Mark Shumate, the newest MHS principal. Davis stepped down from the principal position to become the Mena CATS coordinator. Shumate grew up in Arkansas and graduated from Paris High School. “I actually got to play basketball against Coach Tedder,” he said. In 1999, Shumate graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a bachelor ’s degree in music education. In 2007, he got his master’s degree in educational leadership. Shumate lived in Morrilton for five years where he was the band director. He also lived in Midland, Texas, for four years where he was a band director and principal.

After leaving Midland, Shumate moved here to Mena to take over as high school principal. He and his wife Amy have been married for ten years. They have a six-year-old son named Evan, a two-year-old daughter named Emma, and another son, one-year-old Ethan. Principal Shumate says that he likes Mena. He recognized that the students at MHS were very well-behaved when he was first introduced to the student body at the end of last school year. One of his objectives this school year has been to try to bring some life to our hallways by adding some artwork and inspirational quotes as a way of interesting the students. “High School is the beginning of an age of responsibility,” he said. Shumate’s goal as principal is to help prepare MHS students for the responsibilities of the real world.

MR. AND MISS Bearcat for 2009-10, A.J. Crowley and Leslyn Graves, were selected by the student body in Who’s Who elections held in September. (photo by Pat Flanigan)

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The Bear Facts - Editorials

October 2009

Editorial: Two sides to health-care reform Most people would agree that 2009 has already been a year of great change. Along with the excitement of inaugurating our nation’s first black president, there have been many issues and changes that have followed. Some of these changes are indeed minute, but the significance of many of the changes and the impact on the lives of U.S. citizens are difficult to disregard. One of the biggest concerns of Americans is health-care reform. Many of us are wondering if this is going to help pull us out of an economic rut or will we continue to spin our wheels. Will this reform be beneficial to Arkansans? For many the proposed health care reform does look promising. Household needs are being strained because of high costs, and 27% of middle-income Arkansas families spend more than 10% of their income on health care. A more affordable health-care plan could give citizens the extra money they might need at the end of the month. However, with more Medicaid and Medicare cuts, Arkansas might not be the right recipient for the new changes. Arkansas has the lowest Medicare reimbursement rates in the nation. Despite this negative, the Arkansas Medical Society is in support of many points of the proposed reform. It would seem that American citizens could possibly come out financially hurt. If the reforms are supposed to be financially friendly to taxpayers, then why is more money coming out of U.S. citizen’s pockets? It has been proposed that over the next decade it will take 900 billion dollars to fund these changes. We are being told that once the dust settles people will begin to see the benefits of the changes. Until then, however, citizens will be asked to pay more taxes for something that many people in Washington, D.C. do not support. If this new change is needed, then why is more money being spent than ever before just to advertise the reforms? If this is truly such a great idea, then why are we spending so much money just to drum up support for the plan? As more changes are being made and more ideas are accepted, this bill will likely continue to develop. As concerned citizens, we can only hope that there will somehow be a fairy-tale ending to this whole experiment. As citizens of the greatest nation on earth, we all have our opinions. It is our civic duty to make our opinions known to those who represent us. Like most stories, this one has two sides.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Logan McCourtney; NEWS EDITOR: Jocelyn Gray; NEWS REPORTERS: Marissa Beaver, Jordan Johnson, Leigha Smith, J.D. Pack; FEATURE PAGE EDITOR: Jas Williams; FEATURE REPORTERS: Rachel Roberts, Micheal Sterner; VARSITY SPORTS EDITOR: Matt Edwards; SPORTS REPORTERS: Myranda Vaughn, Jarret Thompson; CLUB PAGE EDITOR: Rachel Collins; CLUB REPORTERS: Sabrina Mallett, Myranda Vaughn; PHOTOSHOP EDITORS: Smith Harrison, Leigha Smith; EDITORIAL COLUMNIST: Rachel Roberts; ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST: J.D. Pack; SPORTS COLUMNIST: Jarret Thompson; CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Myranda Vaughn, Smith Harrison; ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Leigha Smith, Marissa Beaver, Jas Williams,Jocelyn Gray, Rachel

Collins, Sabrina Mallett, Rachel Roberts; CHIEF TYPIST: Rachel Collins; ASSISTANT TYPISTS: J.D. Pack, Jarret Thompson; ADVERTISING MANAGER: Micheal Sterner; EXCHANGE EDITOR: Jordan Johnson; CIRCULATION MANAGER: Marissa Beaver; STAFF ARTIST: Myranda Vaughn; LIBRARIAN: Sabrina Mallett; PAGE DESIGN by DTP Students: Chelsi Bates, Weldon Beaty, Jennifer Debnar, Zack Fair, Jake Fedor, Candace Ford, Samantha Gough, Justin Grasman, Van Holman, Matt Horner, Jenya King, Anthony Laxamana, Josh Lochala, Matt Marks, Logan McCourtney, Jordon McDaniel, CJ Mos, Erik Owens, Ricky Pack, Eddie Perrine, Courtney Peters, Lake Philpot, Dustin Pitts, Dakota Rapp, Jerry Roberts, Todd Roberts, Brandon Russell, Lauren Shufelberger, Danielle Skinner, Dylan Strong; ADVISER: Randy Lindsey

The Bear Facts, a publication of Mena High School, is published monthly October through May by MHS journalism students and is printed by the Mena Star. The Bear Facts is a member of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Editorials and letters to the editor reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the staff or school. All letters must be signed, and all published letters will include the author’s name.

Advertising rates are $8 per column inch. For advertising or subscription information, address all correspondence to Bear Facts, Mena High School, 700 Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953.

On the D-L with RR Flip flops and fingertips…schools and their rules Well, school is back in session! There are just so many new things going on: new teachers, new coaches, and (of course) new rules. My favorite new rule this year has got to be the “no flip flop” rule. Stay away from those flip flops or you might hurt yourself! I’ve had numerous nightmares about them. It was not pretty. If they are as dangerous as some people think they are, flip flops should probably have warning labels on them. “WARNING: Flip flops can be hazardous to your health.” Side effects may include blisters, breakage of the strap due to stepping on them, serious injury, or even death. Are they really that dangerous? Personally, I think that high school students are capable of wearing flip flops properly without sustaining any serious injuries. But apparently one can also catch diseases when the feet are fully exposed to the elements. Just think about wearing those flip flops to the bathroom…all those nasty germs crawling around trying to hitch a ride on someone’s feet. Isn’t that lovely? Now we can see both sides of the dilemma here. My next-favorite rule is the mid-thigh short rule. Okay, this rule I can understand because last year a lot of girls were abusing the finger-tip length guideline. Sorry ladies, but people don’t need to see your booty hanging out. It can get pretty gross. Shorts have always been a problem at school, and girls just keep trying to push their luck. It’s pretty comical to watch a girl scrunch up her shoulder so that her fingers won’t hang lower than the shorts. Maybe instead of hall monitors we could have shorts monitors. Anywho, rules can be good or bad depending on one’s perspective, but if we just try to think positively, they aren’t always bad…well some of them anyway.

October 2009

The Bear Facts - Features

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New assistant hired

Forga coaches football and soccer by Jas Williams

While Mena High School welcomed a new face to the campus this year, the football and boys’ soccer teams also welcomed a new coach. Coach Cody Forga is the special teams coordinator for the football team as well as a defensive line coach. He will also be an assistant coach for boys’ soccer. Forga graduated from DeQueen High School in 1998. After high school, he attended Arkansas Tech University where he played football from 1998 to 2001. He then transferred to Texas A&M to finish his bachelor’s degree with a major in history and political science and a minor in interdisciplinary studies. Forga

is certified to teach health and physical education. After college, Forga coached at Mountain Home High School, and he then switched to Foreman High School before coming to Mena. He really likes the town that he now calls home. “Out of the three schools where I’ve taught, Mena has the best bunch of kids,” Forga said. He especially enjoys the peaceful atmosphere here. “I’m willing to stay in Mena because it’s a nice peaceful community,” he said. Forga enjoys hunting and fishing when he can find the time for it. He has a goal for each sport that he coaches… to make a state playoff appearance and, ultimately, to win a state championship. As one might expect from a coach who enjoys his job, Forga concluded this interview by saying, “Go Bearcats!”

COACH CODY FORGA comes to MHS from Foreman High School. He is coaching football as well as soccer. (photo by Myranda Vaughn)

Nelson joins faculty as English teacher by Jordan Johnson

“Always be honest,” says Kay Nelson. This is a quote that she tries to live by. Four years ago, Nelson moved to Mena from Pittsburg, Texas. She taught for 26 years in Texas, and she has taught every grade from 5th to second semester college English. Nelson graduated from Texarkana College and received her bachelor’s degree at Tyler State (now University of Texas at Tyler). She then earned her master’s degree at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. In Nelson’s free time, she loves

WITH 26 YEARS of teaching experience, Kay Nelson is the newest member of the English Department. Nelson comes to Mena from Texas. She teaches ninth and eleventh grade English. (photo by Myranda Vaughn)




4545 Hwy 71 South 870-389-6813

303 Hwy 71 North 479-394-2211

118 Hwy 278 East 870-385-2211


Member FDIC

Office: (479) 234-4402



Established 1934

to travel and go fishing. She has four children: Greg, Janet, Coleen, and Linda. Many MHS students know Nelson’s daughter, Linda Willard, who lives in Mena, as well as her granddaughter, Brittany Willard, a senior at MHS. Nelson finished college when her youngest child entered school. Now, she is back to teaching English with both 9th and 11th grade classes. “I am thrilled that the school board was able to hire someone with Mrs. Nelson’s experience,” said Randy Lindsey, another high school English teacher. “She clearly has a lot to offer MHS students, and I believe that she will be a real asset to our department.”

Store Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Saturday

Please don’t drink and drive!

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The Bear Facts - Varsity Sports

October 2009

Cats struggle early in season but show steady improvement by Matt Edwards

Mena vs. Poteau

Mena vs. Booneville

The Bearcats squared off against Booneville in the Hooten’s Kickoff Classic at Van Buren on Sept. 1. Mena was one of six teams selected to play in the Classic. The Bearcats got off to a shaky start as their first kickoff was returned for a touchdown. The offense couldn’t get anything going on the first drive and Mena was forced to punt. The score at the end of the first quarter was 0-14, and things didn’t look good for the Cats. A 37-yard run by quarterback Matt Edwards put Mena in good field position, but the Cats turned the ball over on the next play. Mena managed 62 yards on offense in the first half, but Booneville simply proved to be the dominant team. The Cats lost 7-35. Channing Moore was named player of the game.

Mena vs. Fountain Lake

The Bearcats were on the road again for week two of the season. Mena traveled to Fountain Lake to take on the Cobras, who compiled a 13-0 record last season. The Cats received the opening kickoff and missed an opportunity for big yards on the first drive. Mena was forced to punt. When the Cobras took over on the 44yard line, the Mena defense held strong until the Fountain Lake quarterback took it around the edge for six. In the third quarter, Mena struck back when Jerry Hensley cut back across the field and broke a couple of tackles for a Bearcat touchdown. At the final buzzer the Bearcats were again defeated 13-51. Hensley was named player of the game.

In week three of the season, the Cats confronted the Pirates at Poteau where the continually improving Bearcats were defeated 3-31. On the opening kick, A.J. Crowley returned the ball to the 20-yard line where Mena’s offense took over, but they were forced to punt. The Pirate quarterback was then sacked on second down and nine by Robert Cole. Later in the drive, the Pirates scored. Mena held Poteau scoreless in the second half, and Reed Mendoza picked off passes from Poteau’s quarterback two times. Mendoza was named player of the game.

Mena vs. Oak Grove

Mena’s first home game pitted the Cats against the Oak Grove Hornets. Intensity was in the air as the Cats took the opening kickoff and returned it for good yardage. Then the first play was called back for a holding penalty, but that didn’t stop the Cats. After a couple of first downs, the Bearcats attempted a field goal. The attempt was blocked and returned for a touchdown. Mena turned the ball over on an interception, and Oak Grove scored on the next drive making the score 0-14. Mena’s next drive looked promising as the Cats entered the red zone, but they were unable to punch in the TD. Later in the quarter, the Bearcats mounted a good drive that was capped off by a one-yard touchdown run by Edwards. Hensley had a field goal before the intermission. In spite of over 400 yards on offense, Mena lost to the Hornets. Edwards was named player of the game.

QUARTERBACK MATT EDWARDS drops back to throw against Oak Grove at a home game on Sept. 25. Edwards rushed for 184 yards against the Hornets. (staff photo)

Captain Bogey’s corner by Jarret Thompson - sports columnist

It’s all about attitude and effort I believe that the only two things that an athlete can truly control are attitude and effort. Take football for example. During a football game, an athlete has no control over the decisions made by either the coaches or the officials. An athlete also has no control over how the other members of the team play or how good the opposing team is. The only thing they can control is their own attitude and their own effort. If one single athlete has a great attitude, and he or she puts forth his or her best effort, it will most likely affect the entire team. When an athlete sees the person next to him running as hard as he can and giving 100%, it’s likely going to make him want to push himself harder just to show that he can put forth the same effort. Attitude and effort are traits that can be applied not just to football or athletics in general but also to academics. Students’ attitude and effort can make a tremendous difference in their grades. I know that for a lot of people it is difficult to have a good attitude in the classroom, but if they would think about it just a little bit differently, their grades would probably change drastically for the better. Attitude and effort are things that can change our lives. Whether we succeed or fail in life depends on how much effort we are willing to put into what we do. Have a good attitude, and make a good effort in all that you do. It’s the key to success.

Mena Kevin & Rebecca Smallwood 816 S. Mena St. Mena, AR 71953 (479) 394-5000

Billingsley Funeral Homes, Inc. BEASLEY-WOOD / GEYER-QUILLIN 611 Janssen • Mena, AR 71953 (479) 394-1310 (479) 394-2261 Fax (479) 394-2984



October 2009

Ladycats are rockin’ and rollin’ in conference volleyball action by Rachel Collins

The Mena Ladycat volleyball team, crawling to a slow start, began the season with a 3-1 record in conference play. With seven returning seniors including Leslyn Graves, Lacy Colbert, Hilary Sherrer, Brittany Willard, Krystin Gray, Clancy Johnston, and Kelbie Reeves, the Ladycats have plenty of experience and knowledge of the game. With so much potential on the court, the season is looking promising. The Ladycats began with plenty of tough competition. After three consecutive victories over Paris, Lake Hamilton, and Mansfield, the Ladycats were pumped and well-prepared for the Ladycat Classic. SOPHOMORE OMA WILSON, an outside hitter, passes the ball in volleyball action against Fountain Lake. The Ladycats defeated the Cobras at Jim Rackley Gymnasium. (staff photo)

Golf teams wrap up season

(479) 243-9000

At the girls’ District 7AAAA tournament in DeQueen, all four girls played, and they took 4th out of the seven teams. Wilson with 103 and Lawrence with 117 both qualified to go to state at Batesville. “We are a young team,” Coach Sullivan said, “with lots of sophomores, but we got better every day.” “Next year, I would like to see some of those boys going to state along with the girls. I think they have done well this year. It is a building year, and hopefully next year we can grow and get better even more. These guys represented Mena well everywhere they went, and it was my pleasure to coach them this year.”

Pinc ny



The golf team, under the leadership of Coach Ty Sullivan, concluded the season with several good showings by individual team members. The girls’ team includes Flannery Wilson, Adrienne Rose, Caitlin Lawrence, and Tiffany Sides. Boys’ team members are Kody Chastain, Brad Basehar, Brock Harvey, Mat Meade, Ethan Campbell, T.J. Bigham, Lucas Head, and Derek Cox. Chastain, Harvey, Meade, and Campbell went to district in Malvern where they placed 6th out of seven teams in the tournament. Harvey and Campbell were very close to qualifying for state.

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The Bear Facts - Sports

Fax (479) 243-9000

Surplus Foods

1604 Hwy 71 South Mena, Arkansas 71953

After defeating the Fountain Lake Cobras, Mena advanced to the semifinals where they lost a tough battle against Siloam Springs. The Panthers went on to become the tournament winners. After the tough loss in the Ladycat Classic, Mena was roaring and ready for a conference game against Waldron. It wasn’t a good night for the Ladycats as they fell 3 games to one against Waldron. Despite this loss, the Ladycats then hosted Arkadelphia at home and took a win in a three-game sweep, 25-17, 25-14, and 25-16. The Ladycats will be competing in the district tournament at Waldron on Nov. 17. They continue to practice hard every day with expectations of coming out on top of the tournament.

Basketball Schedule 2009-2010

Date Nov. 17 Nov. 19 Nov. 24 Dec. 1 Dec. 4 & 5 Dec. 7-12 *Dec. 11 *Dec. 18 Dec. 28-30 *Jan. 5 *Jan. 8 *Jan. 12 *Jan. 15 *Jan. 19 *Jan. 22 *Jan. 26 *Jan. 29 *Feb. 2 *Feb. 5 *Feb. 9 * Feb. 12 Feb. 15,16, 17, 19, 20 * Conference Games

Opponent @Greenwood (Benefit Game) @Booneville Clarksville Roland, OK @ Mena - First National Bank Classic Magnet Cove Tournament Ashdown @Malvern Harrison Tournament Waldron @Oak Grove @DeQueen @Arkadelphia Nashville @Ashdown @Waldron Malvern DeQueen Oak Grove @Nashville Arkadelphia @ Malvern – District Tournament Teams: 1=Varsity Boys              2=Varsity Girls

Time 6:00 5:30 5:00 4:00 TBA TBA 5:00 5:00 TBA 5:30 5:00  5:30 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:30 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 TBA

Teams 1,2 1,2,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2 1,2 1,2,4 1,2,3 1,2 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,4 1,2,4 1,2,4 1,2,3 1,2,4 1,2,4 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2

            3=JV Boys              4=JV Girls

Lunch and Dinner Special 1100 N. Highway 71 Mena, AR 71953 Phone: (479) 243-0822 Fax: (479) 243-0727

Open Sun-Thur 11am - 9pm Fri & Sat 11am - 10pm

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The Bear Facts - Clubs

October 2009

FFA members take top awards in county fair livestock judging by Leigha Smith

Once again, members of the Mena Future Farmers of America took top awards at the Polk County Fair held Sept. 1-5 with FFA members being competitive in judging of all species. Logan McCourtney had the reserve county-bred heifer in the cattle division. Britain Morris won reserve grand champion market steer, and Steven Arnold received the reserve grand countybred heifer. Goat exhibitors who won are Leigha Smith, reserve grand champion and reserve grand county-bred goat; Charlie Williams, grand champion; Lucas Head, 2 nd in class and county-bred grand champion; Hunter Gentry and Eddie

Yahn, 1st in their classes; and Shelby Bartow, 2nd in his class. In the lamb judging, Megan Maye won the grand champion market lamb, and Rachel Collins had the reserve countybred lamb. Benetta Morris received 2nd in her class. Winners in the swine division were Maye, reserve grand market hog; Collins, reserve county-bred hog; and Cheyenne Anderson, Chelsea Anderson, and Megan Cooper all received 1st place in their classes. Mena exhibitors also did quite well in the senior showmanship judging. Smith won the goat showmanship. Maye won in the lamb division, and Chelsea Anderson won in the swine division. SENIOR FFA MEMBER Megan Maye shows her grand champion market lamb at the Polk County Fair in September. Mena FFA members took multiple awards in the livestock judging events. (photo by Smith Harrison)

Bell is guest speaker for FBLA by Rachel Roberts

Nate Bell, a self-employed businessman, poultry farmer, and reserve deputy sheriff, was the guest speaker at the September meeting of the Future Business Leaders of America. Bell is a candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives. Bell discussed the importance of a college degree and offered advice to FBLA members about how to become successful in life. SPEAKING TO FBLA members at their September monthly meeting is Nate Bell, a local businessman and poultry farmer. Bell is a candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives. (photo by Rachel Roberts)

Mena COSMETOLOGY COLLEGE Mention this ad and get $2 off haircolor

901 Mena St. • Mena, AR 71953 479-394-7272 fax 479-394-5858

602 DeQueen Street • PO Box 110 Mena, Arkansas 71953

Billy Lea, Manager

Phone (479)394-1963 • Fax (479)394-1995

“When you get to college, work, don’t party,” he advised. He also spoke about establishing a business. “To have a successful business, you need to plan ahead.” Bell hopes to continue his service to the community by representing District 22 as a Republican in the Arkansas Legislature. He contracts and builds Kodiak steel homes all around in surrounding states. He has lived in Mena for many years with his wife Phyllis and his two daughters, Victoria and Hannah.

Artists win at county fair by Sabrina Mallett

MHS art students took 19 awards at the Polk County Fair in September. Two students earned three awards. Shae Nichols won three 1st place awards for colored pencil art and graphite art as well as a 1st place in pencil portrait. K.C. Hansen won 1st place in animal batik and printmaking as well as a 2nd place for graphite abstract. Nathan Crawford had two wins with a 1st place for acrylic portrait and 1st for abstract. Jerry Hensley won 1st place for

portrait batik and also “best of section.” Caitlin Lawrence and Anthony Laxamana won 2 nd and 3 rd place respectively in prisma color. Addie Bush took 3rd for batik. Chance Strother received 1st place in still life. Montana McAdams won 2nd place in painting, and Austin Stroud also took 2nd in pencil animal portrait. Sheila Johnson, MHS art teacher, said, “We didn’t have a lot of people enter since it was the beginning of the school year, but everyone that did enter won an award.”

October 2009

The Bear Facts - News

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Eagle Express pays visit to MHS by J.D. Pack

Karlene Hooker’s sophomore biology class got a unique opportunity to visit with Texas A & M University (Texarkana) representatives on Sept. 16; however, the class didn’t have to travel to the new facility that the university is building to see what they have to offer. University representatives came to Mena High School via a portable building called the Eagle Express. Once aboard the Express, the students learned about

the opportunities offered at Texas A & M. After the presentation, the students were treated with video games, Direct TV, and karaoke. The Eagle Express housed several Apple computers, Playstations, and Wiis. Tonya Thacker, the ninth and tenth grade counselor, was there with the students. “It was a great day. I had a blast,” Thacker said. Sophomore Devyn Purcell said, “I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life.”

SHOWING THEIR APPRECIATION for getting a break from regular classes are sophomores who visited the Eagle Express from Texas A & M in Texarkana. (photo by Tonya Thacker)

Student Council officers are elected by Marissa Beaver

MENA STAR EDITOR Andy Philpot was a guest speaker in Randy Lindsey’s journalism class in September. Philpot, a MHS graduate and former Bear Facts staff member, spoke to journalism students about good work ethics and their futures. (staff photo)


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Student Council officers and class representatives were selected by the student body in elections held in September. The new Student Council president is Regan Fuget. Other officers include Brittany Willard, vice president; Leslyn Graves, secretary; Makenzie Davis, treasurer; Holly Brewer, reporter; Cody Standifer, parliamentarian; and Lacie Land, historian/webmaster. The senior class representatives are Carrie Baker, Kasie Cook, A.J. Crowley, Randy Peters, and Cameron Wagner. Junior class representatives are Anne Beckel, Rachel Collins, Reed Mendoza, Kaitlyn Mitchell, and Rachel Roberts. Representatives for the sophomore class are Brenden Daniels, Ben Graves, Britain Morris, Tiffany Sides, and Flannery Wilson. Representatives for the freshman

“A Cut Above” 203 Hwy 71 N Mena, AR 71953 Phone: 479.243.0123 Fax: 479.243.0700

class are T.J. Bigham, David Edwards, Taylor Key, Casey Mallett, and Kayla Stone. “This year ’s Student Council campaign was by far the most spirited yet,” said sponsor Tamelia Ryan. “The students created very original and often humorous campaign posters to post throughout the school. Over 100 students signed up to run for office. I look forward to working with this outstanding group this year.”

Who’s Who-------

(continued from page 1) seniors include Randy Peters and Shelby Borst. Most likely to succeed are Brent Bell and Victoria Bell. Most likely to be remembered are Shane Venters and Leslyn Graves. Most likely to invent something are James McGee and Hilary Sherrer. Most handsome is Cody Howard, and most beautiful is Katie Fox. Most likely to be the next top model are Cody Howard and Megan Maye. Most likely to be a superhero are Zach Goodner and Lacy Colbert. Most likely to rule the world are Shane Venters and Hilary Sherrer. Most likely to be a rock star are Zach Orr and Melisa Musick. Chosen as the 2009-2010 Mr. and Miss Bearcat are A.J. Crowley and Leslyn Graves. The seniors chose for their class motto “The class you’ll never forget; we’re the decade, too legit to quit!”

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The Bear Facts - News

October 2009

October Birthdays by Sabrina Mallett

SENIORS: Kasie Cook (1) Olivia Cunningham (1) Tommy Thorpe (2) Samuel Dollarhide (4) Joel Miller (6) Sammy Jo Billingsley (7) Zach Goodner (11) Carrie Baker (15) Blake Thompson (15) Alexia Rivera (17) Amisha Mercado (22) Brent Bell (25) Ayla Campbell (29) Heath Zanzeberg (30) JUNIORS: Channing Moore (1) Jacob Maechler (2) Ian Devries (5) Jordan Fuchsberger (8) Samantha Grahn (9) Marissa Beaver (12) Charles Dobrzenski (13) Jarrod Ryan (14) Ethan Campbell (17) Tanner Kesterson (17) Holly Brewer (20) Todd Ellis (22) Charissa Henderson (25) Nick Ryan (27) Eric Arce (29) Shae Nichols (29) SOPHOMORES: Alec Emry (2) Heather Madison (2) Manda Ham (4) Tyler Horner (6) Justin Kincaid (7) Becky Cannon (8) Kristen Trulock (12) Brittanie Willis (14) Charles Odena (18) Kyle Gibson (19) Matt Meade (19) Anthony Scarbrough (22) Kaylee Van Emmerik (25) Daniel Arceneau (26) Cody Edwards (26) Dani Lindsey (26) FRESHMAN: Timothy Freeman (1) Elijah Davis (3) Arian Martin (4) Charles Ford (10) Cristina Rodriguez (12) Lake Ashley (18) David Edwards (19) Lane Pounds (19) Michael Tanner (26) Robert Westfall (27) Patrick Trulock (29)

Bell named as National Merit semifinalist by Micheal Sterner

Nationwide approximately 16,000 high school seniors were named as semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program on Sept. 16. Brent Bell from Mena was the only student from Polk County and one of only 148 students in Arkansas to receive this honor. Around 1.5 million high school juniors from 22,000 schools across the

nation applied for this program. Only the seniors with the highest scores on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test are eligible. To become a finalist, a semifinalist must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by the principal, and earn SAT scores that confirm the student’s earlier performance on the qualifying test. About 90% of the semifinalists will become finalists, and about half of the finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the title of Merit Scholar.

A LARGE GROUP of MHS students attended the See You At the Pole gathering on Sept. 23. The student-led event is held annually across the nation. Students gather each September at their school’s flagpole to pray for the school, students, teachers, and government. (staff photo)

Maye wins Miss Polk County title by Smith Harrison

Megan Maye won the coveted title of Miss Polk County at the annual pageant held Sept. 19 at the CMA Iron Mountain Facility. Maye, a senior Ladycat basketball player, also placed highest in the pageant’s interview category.


1103 Hwy. 71 North • Mena, AR 71953 Bus: (479) 394-2214




Washburn’s Home Furnishings 1020 Mena St. Mena, Arkansas 71953 Toll Free 1-888-394-4332 Mena 479-394-4332 Fax: 479-394-4836

••••••••••••••• 400 G CRESTWOOD CIRCLE MENA, ARKANSAS 71953 (479) 394-7979 Fax (479) 394-7667

Senior Kasie Cook was the first runner-up in the pageant. Second runnerup was Holly Brewer, a junior, and third runner-up was Danielle Moore, a senior. The Miss Congeniality Award went to Makenzie Davis. Overall 11 of the 12 contestants in the pageant were MHS students.


Mena High School Bear Facts for October, 2009, a student publication

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