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Volume 33 Number 2

November 2009

700 S. Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953

Performance scheduled

MHS to get a Clue by Jas Williams

Clue: The Musical, written by Peter DePietro with music and lyrics by Tom Chiodo, Wayne Barker, and Vinne Martuccci, is the school play scheduled for Nov. 22, 23, and 24. Based on the board game, Clue, where players explore a celebrity mansion while trying to find the killer, the weapon, and the killer’s motive, the play is interactive and the audience gets involved with the performance. Audience members will be able to choose among six suspects, six murder weapons, and six rooms where the homicide could have been committed. With 216 possible endings, no two performances will end the same way.

Jessica Kropp, speech and drama instructor, is the director for the production, and Carrie Randolph is the assistant director. Judy Kropp is the music director, and Paulette Sherrer is the choreographer. Others who are involved with the play include Ruby K. Manis, costumes; Austin Stroud, art; Senia Garcia, props; James McGee, video; Shelby Borst, makeup; and Lief Feil, sound. The cast for the musical includes T.J. Schoeppey as Mr. Boddy, Anne Beckel as Ms. Scarlett, Micheal Sterner as Mr. Green, Rachel Roberts as the detective, Brandon Dow as Professor Plum, Brent

See Clue on page 6

REHEARSING THE OPENING number for the upcoming school play, Clue: The Musical, are Melisa Musick, Brandon Dow, Carrie Randolph, Brent Bell, Hilary Sherrer, Micheal Sterner, and T. J. Schoeppey. Productions dates are set for Nov. 22-24. (photo by Jessica Kropp)

At induction ceremony

NHS welcomes 20 new members by Jocelyn Gray

JUNIOR RACHEL COLLINS lights her candle during the National Honor Society induction ceremony held Oct. 13 in the MHS cafeteria. The NHS chapter welcomed 20 new members. (staff photo)

The National Honor Society inducted 20 new members at a ceremony held Oct. 13 in the MHS cafeteria. New inductees include Michael Berry, Holly Brewer, Lacee Brown, Emily Callahan, Alyvia Castillo, Rachel Collins, Derek Cox, Makenzie Davis, Jocelyn Gray, Leah Lang, Alexis Lawson, Kaitlyn Mitchell, Cheyenne Peerson, Kenna Robinson, Danielle Skinner, Leigha Smith, Claudia Smithart, Myranda Vaughn, Celina Walker, and Jas Williams. New NHS officers have also been announced. They include Brent Bell, president; Kasie Cook, vice president of service; Hilary Sherrer, vice president of sign; Jordan Deramus, vice president of recycling; Victoria Bell, vice president of

special events; and Adam Matejek, vice president of concession stand. Brittany Willard is the reporter, and Amisha Mercado is the secretary. NHS is a nation-wide program that puts emphasis on students who excel in four areas: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. New members are inducted during the first semester of each school year. To be a NHS member, a student must maintain a 3.25 GPA. Members are required to obtain at least 14 hours of community service each semester. In addition, NHS members are expected to set a good example for their fellow students and strive to be role models. The MHS chapter is under the direction of Judy Kropp.

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The Bear Facts - Editorial

November 2009


Pumpkin pie and football and I’m thankful for it all

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It’s just around the corner. Thanksgiving is always such a fun time of the year. Family and friends gather together to eat, play games, and socialize. This is a day that I always look forward to because my siblings don’t even get on my nerves when I’m constantly shoving my grandma’s delicious food into my face. There is nothing better than knowing when I sit down at the table that there is always more food than there is family. If everybody else eats like I do, then they would need two grown men to carry them to the couch after eating their fi ll. A Thanksgiving Day tradition at my house is that (after we eat) we all speak about what we are thankful for in our lives. Traditionally, everyone says that they are thankful for family, for friends, or for a safe place to live. My answer usually consists of the same things, but this year I have something else to add. I am most thankful this year that I don’t have to suffer through another Detroit Lions game. This year (unlike most) there will be three Thanksgiving Day football games, and my day won’t be ruined just because of the Lions’ terrible performance. So, if you are on the couch feeling sick to your stomach this year, it won’t be the fault of the Detroit Lions. More than likely it will be the result of too much of Grandma’s pumpkin pie or whatever delicacies are a favorite at your house. Growing up, we sometimes take for granted those things that we have always known. I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family. When I go off to college, will I still get that pumpkin pie? I don’t know what the future might bring. But I do know that I will enjoy myself this year, and I hope that you do as well.

On the D-L with RR by Rachel Roberts - editorial columnist

Why cell phones aren’t needed EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Logan McCourtney; NEWS EDITOR: Jocelyn Gray; NEWS REPORTERS: Marissa Beaver, Jordan Johnson, Leigha Smith, J.D. Pack; FEATURE PAGE EDITOR: Jas Williams; FEATURE REPORTERS: Rachel Roberts, Micheal Sterner; VARSITY SPORTS EDITOR: Matt Edwards; SPORTS REPORTERS: Myranda Vaughn, Jarret Thompson; CLUB PAGE EDITOR: Rachel Collins; CLUB REPORTERS: Sabrina Mallett, Myranda Vaughn; PHOTOSHOP EDITORS: Smith Harrison, Leigha Smith; EDITORIAL COLUMNIST: Rachel Roberts; ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST: J.D. Pack; SPORTS COLUMNIST: Jarret Thompson; CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Myranda Vaughn, Smith Harrison; ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Leigha Smith, Marissa Beaver, Jas Williams,Jocelyn Gray, Rachel

Collins, Sabrina Mallett, Rachel Roberts; CHIEF TYPIST: Rachel Collins; ASSISTANT TYPISTS: J.D. Pack, Jarret Thompson; ADVERTISING MANAGER: Micheal Sterner; EXCHANGE EDITOR: Jordan Johnson; CIRCULATION MANAGER: Marissa Beaver; STAFF ARTIST: Myranda Vaughn; LIBRARIAN: Sabrina Mallett; PAGE DESIGN by DTP Students: Chelsi Bates, Weldon Beaty, Jennifer Debnar, Zack Fair, Jake Fedor, Candace Ford, Samantha Gough, Justin Grasman, Van Holman, Matt Horner, Jenya King, Anthony Laxamana, Josh Lochala, Matt Marks, Logan McCourtney, Jordon McDaniel, CJ Mos, Erik Owens, Ricky Pack, Eddie Perrine, Courtney Peters, Lake Philpot, Dustin Pitts, Dakota Rapp, Jerry Roberts, Todd Roberts, Brandon Russell, Lauren Shufelberger, Danielle Skinner, Dylan Strong; ADVISER: Randy Lindsey

The Bear Facts, a publication of Mena High School, is published monthly October through May by MHS journalism students and is printed by the Mena Star. The Bear Facts is a member of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Editorials and letters to the editor refl ect the views of the authors and do not necessarily refl ect those of the staff or school. All letters must be signed, and all published letters will include the author’s name.

Advertising rates are $8 per column inch. For advertising or subscription information, address all correspondence to Bear Facts, Mena High School, 700 Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953.

Yes, I said it. Cell phones are not needed! I’m not talking about just in school, but in general. Cell phones are a complete pain when they are being used 24/7. Oh sure, they are a wonderful thing to have. You can call, text, and search the web pretty much everywhere. But that’s not the point. Cell phones are a distraction…a major distraction. I’m sure that everyone has a friend or two who can’t leave his or her cell phone alone. You know the ones that I’m talking about. They are constantly texting and calling or (my favorite) twittering. Personally, I think that it is just plain rude to text while you are with your friends. It’s almost like saying, “Hey, you guys are nowhere near as important to me as my cell phone is. I can just ignore you while I take care of important business on my cell phone here.” Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just turn off their phones and enjoy each other’s company for a while? Now, I will admit that I’m guilty of doing the same thing sometimes, but I’m getting better. At least my cell phone doesn’t control my life. I can actually leave my phone alone for a few hours and not fl ip out about it. Some people I know would go into withdrawal if they had to be away from their cell phones for more than a minute and a half. Maybe we are becoming entirely too dependent on technology. Maybe it would be a good idea to talk to each other face to face for a change. Maybe we need an organization such as Cell Phone Users Anonymous to help us with our addiction to the things. I’m not saying that cell phones are horrible or anything, but people shouldn’t be nearly so obsessed with them.

November 2009

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The Bear Facts - Entertainment

Jammin’ out with JDizzle by J.D. Pack - Entertainment Columnist

Finally, the end of the fi rst semester is upon us. Halloween has passed, and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Well, okay, maybe the winter break is a little farther off than that. I’m sure that you’re thinking, “What am I going to do during my free time?” I’m assuming that you, like me, are not capable of enjoying this luxury called “free time” often. Well, when free time is available, one way to take one’s mind off of school, work, friends, and home is by listening to music. So, here are a couple of albums to keep you busy during the holidays. Awake is the long-awaited album by the Christian rock band Skillet (yes, I’m glad that you can see that their name also denotes a conventional frying pan). But don’t let their name distract you or prevent you from listening to this music. Their musical style is far from what would be called “church music.” It contains heavily distorted guitars

Movie review

Welcome to Zombieland, U.S.A. Rule number one: In order to effectively survive in Zombieland, one must maintain an active lifestyle. The movie Zombieland is fi lled to abundance with these little rules about how to survive in a zombie-ridden world. Without these rules, people are doomed to being devoured by hordes of the walking dead. Zombieland takes place after the Zombie Apocalypse has occurred. The story is told by the main character who goes by the name of Columbus (Jesse Eisenburg). In Zombieland, names lead to friendships which can lead to pain when your friends get eaten alive. So to prevent

such pain, people are called either by their destinations or by where they are from. Columbus is headed to Columbus, Ohio, and his family when he meets the brutal zombie killer Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). Tallahassee’s goal in Zombieland is just to survive while looking for the world’s greatest creation, Twinkies. Tallahassee picks up Columbus on the highway promising to take him as far as Texarkana. Along the way the two are robbed by sisters Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and Wichita (Emma Stone). They trick the guys into giving up their guns and car. They do this again when Tallahassee catches up to their brokendown car. They decide to band together until they get to the supposed “zombiefree” theme park, Pacifi c Playland. On their journey, the heroes stop in Los Angeles where they stay at the home of Bill Murray, who actually appears in the movie. Zombieland is the must-see movie of the fall. It is the winner of the 2009 Ultimate Scream Award. With comedic twists and rules that appear onscreen, Zombieland will likely replace Dawn of the Dead as the top grossing zombie fi lm in history.

Andrew VanEmmerik-God, family, friends, and Mountain Dew Julian Parnell-my family and friends Michael Cooke-deer meat Damon Newman-the love of my life Ashton Richard-pizza sauce Marissa Willis-I’m thankful for everything my mom does for me! Austin Hurst-I’m thankful for Megan Maye Jacob Maechler-kittens RC Sims-a place to live and food Makenzie Davis-PCDC and their sweet bargains Jeremy Harrison-Myranda and Coach Tedder’s smelly room Chelsea Anderson-chocolate and my best friend Megan Dustin Higby-freedom Chelsey Bodkin-the military Claudia Smithart-passing all my classes Carrie Randolph-my grandpa Brenden Daniels-easy classes and fried chicken Gina Barker-Big B’s awesome hair Mitch Lankford-black coffee…lots of it Van Holman-fl ashlights and batteries Mark Roberts-my awesome hair R.C. Lindsey-pistols, rifl es, shotguns and things that go bang when you pull the trigger.

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What are you most thankful for?


Lunch and Dinner Special

Thanksgiving poll


by Micheal Sterner

with a mixture of classical instruments and tenor voices. “Monster” and “Awake and Alive” are two popular tracks. Their songs are comprised mostly of heavy riffs, electronic effects, and strong vocals that make them matchless in the crowd of mainstream music. Skillet has been on tour promoting their new album, and they stopped in Little Rock on Sept. 9. Students from MHS who attended the concert and everyone else I talked to said that they had a blast. The single album Sound of Madness was released by Shinedown in February of this year. It is a re-release of their track hit from their full album, Sound of Madness, which was released back in 2008. I enjoyed listening to this track, which contained good distorted guitars and a talented singer, Brent Smith, who has a surprisingly good singing voice. Well, that’s about all of the music paraphernalia I have for you now. Until next time, keep it cool; and while you’re waiting for the next best thing to happen at high school, I’ll be here jammin’ out.

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The Bear Facts - H November 2009

Homec 20 Wednesday of Spirit Week was Hippie Day. Ladycats compete with the Bearcats at homecoming pep rally.

Past homecoming queens ride in the homecoming parade.

Photos by: Jas Williams, Smith Harrison, Leigh Smith, Myranda Vaughn, and Micheal Sterner Coach Jeff Weaver speaks at the pep rally.



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co ming co

Page layout by: Chelsi Bates The class competition featured whipped cream.

Junior maid, Holly Brewer Homecoming royalty are presented on the football field.

The Bearcat band performs at the pep rally.

Homecoming November 2009

Page 5

coming 009

r o u rt p o se s fo

Queen Leslyn is escorted by A.J. Crowley and Travis McMillan. Kristen Gray is escorted by Stephen Trammel.

p hot


h rap

r, visits with sister Amber.



Past homecoming queens are shown from another angle. Meg a n Ma y e is es co rt ed b y L o g a n McCourtney and Dustin Higby.

Maid of honor, Sammy Jo, is escorted by Jerry Roberts and Matt Cline.

Spirit Week hippies celebrate with Bearcat spirit.

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The Bear Facts - Clubs

November 2009

FCCLA members are active Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America kicked off the year by participating in the Club Fair and encouraging students to join FCCLA. This year’s theme is “Be a Star in FCCLA.” Principal Mark Shumate was the guest speaker at the September meeting. He instructed students on how to be good leaders. In October, speakers Steve Egger, Aaron Marshall, Kyle Rowland, and Jason Cherry talked about occupations in fi refi ghting and emergency medical services. Helping to assist with cleaning up damage from the April 9 tornado, FCCLA members volunteered to work on the Labor for Your Neighbor Campaign. The leader for this project was FCCLA member Kate Self. FCCLA members also produced a fl oat for the homecoming pep rally.

Store Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Saturday

Their fl oat received the fi rst place award, which was the opportunity to choose the class competition for the next pep rally. Members have been busy this fall selling noise makers and tattoos to promote school spirit during football games. The 2009-10 FCCLA officers include Jordan Deramus, president; Brittany Willard, vice president of public relations; Ayla Campbell, vice president of programs; Hilary Sherrer, treasurer; Kaitlyn Mitchell, secretary; and Amisha Mercado, historian.

Clue-------(continued from page 1)

Bell as Colonel Mustard, Melisa Musick as Mrs. Peacock, and Hilary Sherrer as Mrs. White. Understudies are Todd Roberts and Carrie Randolph. The technical crew includes Ryan Matejek, Senia Garcia, Michael Berry, Shelby Borst, Kasie Cook, Michael Howard, Casey Hobbie, Victoria Boydstun, Addie Bush, Kaylee VanEmmerik, Alyssa Odom, Kristi Wilson, Beverly Bell, Carrie Darr, Sydnii Diffee, Ashlyn Godfrey, and Ashley Maechler. The MHS student body will view the play at the CMA Iron Mountain Facility on the morning of Nov. 24. Admission will be $5.

FRESHMAN FCCLA MEMBER Kate Self and Lori Harrison clean up tornado debris during the Labor for Your Neighbor project. (FCCLA photo)

FFA members take wins at state fair by Leigha Smith

The FFA livestock show team wrapped up their season at the Arkansas State Fair with multiple winners. In the market goat judging, all MHS exhibitors were successful. Charlie Williams won 1st and 7th in her classes with 1st in division. She also received the grand champion award, made the premium sale, and was inducted into the Purple Circle Club. Leigha Smith won 5th in both of her classes and was a premium sale alternate.

Smith also was the grand champion showman, and she also was inducted into the Purple Circle Club. Eddie Yahn and Hunter Gentry received 1st in their classes and qualifi ed for the premium sale. Lucas Head won 3rd and 4th in his market goat classes. In the market lamb judging, Rachel Collins was 1st in her class and division of the Arkansas Bred Show. Collins received 3rd overall. In the regular market show, Collins won 1st in her class and division as well and qualifi ed for the premium sale.


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owners Steve and Angie Graves 394-7766 Dry Cleaning: Laundry starch, shirts and pants, wedding gown cleaning and preservation

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November 2009

The Bear Facts - Varsity Sports

Page 7

Cats win two of the last three by Matt Edwards

Mena vs. Arkadelphia

Homecoming was a night to remember, and the Bearcat vs. Badger showdown came down to the final seconds. The first kickoff of the game was returned for a Badger touchdown. The Mena offense didn’t respond on the first drive, but after a strong showing by the defense, the offense started to roll. The second Cat drive was capped off with a 17-yard touchdown run by the quarterback, Matt Edwards, making the score 7-6. Arkadelphia scored on the next possession, but Mena struck back when Logan McCourtney caught a touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone to tie the game. McCourtney tied the school record of four touchdown receptions in a single game. The score at the half was 21-35. The second half was all about the Bearcats, and they were firing on all cylinders. The defense held strong, and McCourtney kept catching passes. In the fourth quarter, A.J. Crowley caught one for six points, and the Cats opted for a two-point conversion. Big Chief Cole caught a pass and barreled his way in for

two points, tying the score at 44. Arkadelphia went on a long series and scored, but they missed the extra point. With 56 seconds remaining, Mena took over and capitalized when Jarrett Thompson caught the ball at the fifty yard line and took it in to tie the score again with 16 seconds on the clock. Reed Mendoza knocked down the final Badger pass to give Mena a homecoming victory. McCourtney was named player of the game.

Mena vs. Malvern

Coming off the homecoming win, the Bearcats were at home for the second straight week. Against the Malvern Leopards, the Mena offense was ineffective for most of the night. The final score was a 7-23 loss for the Bearcats.

Mena vs. Waldron

The Bearcats headed to Waldron for their final away game of the season. The Bearcats had not lost to the Bulldogs in 20 years, and they were determined to keep the streak going. The Bearcat defense shut Waldron down completely, and the offense was able to capitalize on the Bulldogs’ mistakes. Mena continued their winning streak with a 14-0 victory over Waldron. Jacob Maechler was named player of the game.

Girls compete at state tennis tournament by Jarret Thompson

With the tennis season coming to a close, the tennis team played in the district tournament on Oct. 12 at Arkadelphia. In the quarter-finals, the boys’ doubles team of Randy Peters and Jon Barton were defeated 8-3. Also in the quarter-finals, Andrew Ellison and Garrett Borst were defeated 7-3 in a 7 point tiebreak set. In the girls’ singles, Kaylee VanEmmerik and Leonna Smith were both defeated 8-0. In girls’ doubles, Kasie Cook and Shelby Borst were defeated 8-2. Seniors Hilary Sherrer and Brittany Willard advanced to the championship match and qualified for the state tournament on Oct. 19. On the first day of the state tournament, Sherrer and Willard defeated

both Stuttgart and Highland. They advanced to the finals where they were defeated by Jonesboro Westside. By finishing as the 4A state runners-up, they qualified to compete in the state finals in Little Rock. “They played well and had a good tournament,” said Coach Bobby Tedder. “I consider myself lucky having had the opportunity to coach them.”

“A Cut Above” 203 Hwy 71 N Mena, AR 71953 Phone: 479.243.0123 Fax: 479.243.0700

SEVEN SENIOR LADYCATS and their parents were honored on senior night when the Mena volleyball team played Ashdown on Oct. 15. The seniors include Krystin Gray, Kelbie Reeves, Leslyn Graves, Brittany Willard, Lacy Colbert, Clancy Johnston, and Hilary Sherrer. (staff photo)

Conference champs

Ladycats finish with 26-6 record by Rachel Collins

The Ladycat volleyball team under the leadership of Coach Heather Clark and Coach Jerry Foster finished their 2009 season with a 26-6 record and the titles of co-conference champs and district runners-up. With three consecutive wins against Arkadephia, Booneville, and Ashdown, the Ladycats were on top of their game and ready for the district tournament hosted by the Waldron Bulldogs. Mena defeated Ashdown 3-0 and then moved on to the championship game against Waldron. Although they battled hard, the Ladycats were unable to come out on top. Nevertheless, the Ladycats didn’t let this loss affect their play at the state tournament.

In the first round of the tourney, strong performances by seniors Lacy Colbert, Leslyn Graves, Clancy Johnston, Brittany Willard, Hilary Sherrer, and Kelbie Reeves allowed the Ladycats to prevail over Clinton, 3-0. After another tough fight, Mena fell to Valley View, 1-3. Several Ladycats were cited for their outstanding play during the season. Colbert and Brittany Moon were both selected for the all-state team, and Colbert was chosen for the all-state tournament team. Sherrer, Willard, Johnston, and Myranda Vaughn were named all-district. Reeves, Graves, and Kaitlyn Mitchell along with sophomore Hannah Knittig were selected as all-conference honorable mention.


Full line of program cars Serving you since 1970

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The Bear Facts - News

November 2009

November Birthdays by Sabrina Mallett

Seniors: John “Skippy” Henderson (1) Skylar Myers (5) Brandon Dow (14) Danielle O’Leary (16) Haley Wheeler (17) Carrie Darr (18) Alexis Lawson (18) Jerry Roberts (23) Leslyn Graves (24) Sydnii Diffee (25) Juniors: Reed Mendoza (2) Jacob Fedor (4) Michelle Barron (8) Cheyenne Peerson (8) Anne Beckel (9) Kenna Robinson (11) Kaitlyn Mitchell (13) Aaron Miller (16) Haily Guire (19) Dustin Grey (24) Michael Dandikar (25) Sophomores: Mariah Henderson (1) Leonna Smith (3) Cameron Quest (5) Nick Crawford (8) Amber Perrine (12) Ricky Pack (14) Taylor Hale (15) Heather Peterson (16) Jeffrey Tidwell (16) Jeffrey Dunlop (19) Dereck Staggs (19) Sarah Cook (24) Timothy Stout (27) Freshmen: Kayla Stone (1) Victoria Rollins (4) Tyler Williams (6) Bradley Crawford (8) Presley Blaschka (10) Michael Zimmerman (15) Taylor Key (24) Shawna Drew (26) Jared Whitaker (28)

Rachel’s Challenge

Students attend outreach program by Jordan Johnson

The entire MHS student body and faculty were bussed to the Iron Mountain CMA facility on Oct. 28 to hear an inspirational program entitled Rachel’s Challenge, a nation-wide school outreach program for the prevention of teen violence. Rachel Joy Scott was the fi rst victim of the Columbine High School Massacre, which claimed the lives of 12 students and one teacher. The two perpetrators, both Columbine students, also committed

suicide. It was one of the deadliest school shootings in United States History. Rachel Scott’s acts of kindness and compassion coupled with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America. Shortly before her death, Scott wrote an essay for school that included the following: “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” An aspiring writer, Scott was also active as a youth leader at Orchard Road Christian Center. She was known for her friendliness toward others and her compassionate nature. Scott has been the subject of several books in addition to being the inspiration for Rachel’s Challenge.


BEARCAT CHORUS MEMBERS were selected for the Southwest All-Region Honors Choir in October. The chorus is under the direction of Ferroll (Tammy) Taylor. (photo by Smith Harrison)

Singers are named to all-region choirs by Sabrina Mallett

MHS had 29 musicians among the 516 who tried out for the Southwest Region All-Region Honors Choir on Oct. 10 at Camden-Fairview High School. After the auditions, 17 from MHS had earned positions in the honors choir with four others in alternate positions. Seven students ranked in the top 13 choirs for their voice parts, which qualifi es them for all-state auditions. Austin Stroud made 39 th chair in Soprano I. Those who made Soprano II positions include Alyvia Castillo, 23rd chair; Akina Sibbett, 26th chair; Sasha Zavala, 33rd chair; Heather Peterson, 40th chair; and Heather Eikenberg, alternate. In the Alto division were Hannah Bell, 11th chair; Lauryn Madison, 13th chair; Jordon Reuter, 41st chair; Devyn Purcell, 43rd chair; and Kammi Hanners, alternate. In the Alto II division were Melisa Musick, 5 th chair; Anne Beckel, 7 th

chair; Amber Lane, 15th chair; Charissa H e n d e r s o n , 1 9 th c h a i r ; M i c h e l e Zimmerman, 20 th chair; and Heather Madison, alternate. For Bass I Erik Owens made 10th chair, and Lucas Head made 13th chair. Ryan Lowery is a Bass I alternate. For Bass II Bin Miller made 10th chair. Those who qualifi ed to audition for all-state include Bell, Madison, Musick, Beckel, Owens, Head, and Miller. Lane is a all-state alternate.

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