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Bear Facts




Volume 33 Number 6

May 2010

700 S. Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953

Delegates chosen for Boys’/Girls’ State

SELECTED AS DELEGATES to Boys’ and Girls’ State are Rachel Roberts, Jocelyn Gray, Makenzie Davis, Holly Brewer, Joshua Lochala, and Jeremy Harrison. Not pictured are Danielle Skinner and Marissa Beaver. (photo by Micheal Sterner)

In state-wide competition

Delegates for the 2010 Boys’ and Girls’ State have been chosen to attend the week-long camps where the focus is on politics, leadership, and government. The MHS delegates for Boys’ State are Joshua Lochala and Jeremy Harrison. They will be going to the University of Central Arkansas from May 31 through June 4. The delegates for Girls’ State are Rachel Roberts, Jocelyn Gray, Makenzie Davis, Holly Brewer, Danielle Skinner, and Marissa Beaver. They will be going to Harding University. Their dates are also May 31 through June 4. In order to be chosen as a Boys’ or Girls’ State delegate, juniors must first apply for a nomination. The nominees are then interviewed. The American Legion sponsors Boys’ State, and the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors Girls’ State.

The annual Boys’/Girls’ State Banquet was held at the American Legion on April 25. The program gives the delegates an opportunity to learn more about government. Participants hear from various public officials and get to participate in mock elections and run for political offices. Local students are able to attend the yearly program through the generosity of local donors. Sponsors for this year’s delegates include Mena Title, Beasley Wood Funeral Homes, Polk County Bar Association, First National Bank, Walmart Supercenter, Union Bank of Mena, the John Holomseck family, the Lady Ouachitas, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mena Emblem Club, Mena Ford, and Gilberts Hard Rock Drilling.

Bear Facts staff members receive 21 awards from Arkansas Scholastic Press Association Bear Facts staff members received 21 individual awards from the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association in April. The ASPA is made up of schools throughout the state. Receiving “superior” awards were Micheal Sterner for movie review and J.D. Pack for newspaper column. Taking “excellent” awards were Jocelyn Gray for personality profile, Jas Williams for sports feature, Matt Edwards for sports page design, Myranda Vaughn for editorial cartoon, Rachel Collins for sports news story, Jarret Thompson for sports column, Chelsi Bates for centerspread design, and Dakota Rapp for photo essay. Staff members who received “honorable mention” awards were Jordan Johnson for feature story, Chelsi Bates for special section, Jas Williams for multi-cultural feature, Smith Harrison

for sports photograph, Jocelyn Gray for service to school and news photo, Leigh Smith for news story, Logan McCourtney for opinion page design and front page design and editorial, and Myranda Vaughn for feature photograph. The ASPA awards were announced at the annual convention held in Rogers in April. Logan McCourtney is the editor in chief of the 2009-2020 Bear Facts. The newspaper’s page design is done by the MHS desktop publishing classes. Randy Lindsey, Bear Facts adviser, said, “I have always had hard-working staffs, and this year’s group has been a pleasure to work with. I appreciate their dedication and creativity. After last year’s tornado, most of our issues this year had to be printed out of state, but the Mena Star, as always, came through for us and we were able to persevere.”

BEAR FACTS STAFF members show some of the 21 individual awards that the staff received from the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association in April. Pictured with their awards are Jordan Johnson, Myranda Vaughn, Rachel Collins, Leigha Smith, Jocelyn Gray, Matt Edwards, Smith Harrison, Jas Williams, Micheal Sterner, Jarret Thompson, and J.D. Pack. Other staff members who received awards but are not pictured include Chelsi Bates, Logan McCourtney, and Dakota Rapp.

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The Bear Facts - Editorials

March/April 2010


Seniors have reached the end of the journey What a journey it has been, and what a voyage we are about to begin! It seems like yesterday that I walked into the kindergarten with my mom and my dad. In a sense that’s what school has been for us…a long walk. The path hasn’t always been easygoing or straight for that matter, but it has been a great experience. In kindergarten, everything seemed easy, and we had no concerns. We liked where we were. Honestly, who didn’t enjoy naptime? Then our biggest detour in the path was mixing two different play-doughs together. Elementary school brought along some new problems. Who thought climbing across the monkey bars the fastest would be such a big deal? This instance could determine if you eat lunch with the kid who has a pudding pack or the kid who eats paste. Just when we thought that we had arrived at the top of the unusual social chain, we managed to slip back to the bottom. The worst was yet to come. Those people wanted us to learn numbers! We knew at this point that this journey would be long and for many of us, math would never get any easier. It was on to bigger and more important things. It was now time for middle school. On the outside, it looked like something we might enjoy. Sixth grade was the start of social competition. If you could run fast or play sports, that was your ticket to fame. Of course, in middle school everybody is trying to find “the look.” New we have wandered from our nice smooth path to a dirt course. Our most exciting moment was about to arrive. It was time for high school. Four more years and there would be no more lectures, or notes, or math. Freshman year we coasted. Then sophomore year bought geometry and biology. So, here we are two more years left in this trip that we began so many years ago. Then came the toughest part…junior year. So now we are suddenly making our trek up hill. All we have left is senior year. We begin our way back to the path we once knew and finally find our destination. Now our only problem is saying “goodbye.” We thought our biggest dilemma would be chemistry, but even that isn’t as hard as saying goodbye to our friends. We must find a new journey to begin, one that will take us farther than we have ever been. Classmates, let us not say goodbye. Goodbyes are forever. Instead let us leave by saying “until next time.” So long, Class of 2010.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Logan McCourtney; NEWS EDITOR: Jocelyn Gray; NEWS REPORTERS: Marissa Beaver, Jordan Johnson, Leigha Smith, J.D. Pack; FEATURE PAGE EDITOR: Jas Williams; FEATURE REPORTERS: Rachel Roberts, Micheal Sterner; VARSITY SPORTS EDITOR: Matt Edwards; SPORTS REPORTERS: Myranda Vaughn, Jarret Thompson; CLUB PAGE EDITOR: Rachel Collins; CLUB REPORTERS: Sabrina Mallett, Myranda Vaughn; PHOTOSHOP EDITORS: Smith Harrison, Leigha Smith; EDITORIAL COLUMNIST: Rachel Roberts; ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST: J.D. Pack; SPORTS COLUMNIST: Jarret Thompson; CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Myranda Vaughn, Smith Harrison; ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Leigha Smith, Marissa Beaver, Jas Williams,Jocelyn Gray, Rachel

Collins, Sabrina Mallett, Rachel Roberts; CHIEF TYPIST: Rachel Collins; ASSISTANT TYPISTS: J.D. Pack, Jarret Thompson; ADVERTISING MANAGER: Micheal Sterner; EXCHANGE EDITOR: Jordan Johnson; CIRCULATION MANAGER: Marissa Beaver; STAFF ARTIST: Myranda Vaughn; LIBRARIAN: Sabrina Mallett; PAGE DESIGN by DTP Students: Chelsi Bates, Weldon Beaty, Jennifer Debnar, Zack Fair, Jake Fedor, Candace Ford, Samantha Gough, Matt Horner, Jenya King, Anthony Laxamana, Josh Lochala, Logan McCourtney, Jordon McDaniel, CJ Mos, Ricky Pack, Eddie Perrine, Courtney Peters, Lake Philpot, Dustin Pitts, Dakota Rapp, Jerry Roberts, Todd Roberts, Brandon Russell, Lauren Shufelberger, Danielle Skinner; ADVISER: Randy Lindsey

The Bear Facts, a publication of Mena High School, is published monthly October through May by MHS journalism students and is printed by the Mena Star. The Bear Facts is a member of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Editorials and letters to the editor reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the staff or school. All letters must be signed, and all published letters will include the author’s name.

Advertising rates are $8 per column inch. For advertising or subscription information, address all correspondence to Bear Facts, Mena High School, 700 Morrow St., Mena, Arkansas 71953.

On the D-L with RR by Rachel Roberts - editorial columnist

Evolution of high school

Going through high school is like stages of evolution. Your first year as a freshman is scary. Everything seems to be huge when compared to life at the middle school. You have to adjust to a completely new environment, learn where your new classes are, and avoid running into anyone in the hallway. Freshmen have the hardest time adjusting. It is difficult to figure out your place in the school. But most of us eventually got used to the new surroundings. Now, when the ninth grade year is over, the sophomore year begins. Sophomores are a bit more confident and a bit more cocky. They have gotten the gist of the school, so they think they are top dogs since they aren’t any longer at the bottom of the food chain anymore. Sadly, they usually get put in their places by the true upper classmen. Nevertheless, the sophomores can still focus their dominance on the terrified little freshmen. Then junior year slowly comes around. It is the most exhausting and stressful time in high school. Picking the right classes is the key to developing a good impression for colleges. It’s the year when being a senior is so close yet so far away. Juniors are like “wanna-be” seniors, just wishing that they are the ones who will be graduating soon. Now, senior years finally comes around. The class of foxy ladies and studly men have finally reached their ultimate goal, and the seniors really are top dogs. Seniors rule the school with ease. Seniors get all the perks. They don’t have to worry about the annoying lower classes because it is all about them. Now, they are about to leave. Many will be starting new lives at college…where they will become freshmen all over again. The cycle begins all over again. For all the seniors, you will be missed. You were good role models for the rest of us. It will be sad to see you go, but not too sad because there is another class coming up to take your places. Goodbye to the class of 2010. Hello to the seniors of 2011.

March/April 2010

The Bear Facts - Senior Farewell

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What will you miss most about Mena H.S.?

J. D. Pack

“I will definitely miss being around my classmates, whom I’ve known for so long. I will also miss all of the ‘huh?’ moments in AP chemistry class, being the next person in line when the cafeteria suddenly runs out of the better meal, and having to console an individual who has been the victim of high school drama.”

Melisa Musick

“What I will most about Mena High is all of my friends. We have grown up together and had many good times along with the bad. The memories we have made together will never fade. They have made a lasting impression on each other’s hearts. We will never grow apart. I love you all.”

Brittany Willard

“I’ll miss spending time with all of my friends. We have had fun over the years: sleepovers, shaving cream fights at Harding, bribing Emperor Lanky (or trying to), creating the yearbook, Ladycat bus rides, tennis, mission trips, and so much more. I will leave Mena High School with a ton of memories.”

John Henderson

“What I will miss most about Mena High School would have to be the people. Anyone who says Mena High School doesn’t have a varied selection of students would be a liar. Yet they all play their parts in creating the personality of Mena High School. That’s what I’ll miss most, I think.”

Mena “A Cut Above”


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Jon Barton

“The things I will miss most about Mena High School are my friends and all of the good memories that we have made. I will also miss all of my teammates in sports as well as my teachers. But the thing I will miss the most is my most awesomeness, bestest coolest friend Chelsea!”

Hilary Sherrer

“I will miss the people at this school and the laughter they have brought to my life. Senior year has been such a blast and the best year of my experience at Mena High School. My friends and classmates are unique, and I’ll remember them forever…or at least until I go insane. Thanks for the memories, MHS, and for making my life interesting.”

Brent Bell

“A few things I’m going to miss about Mena High School are the wonderful cafeteria food that I have enjoyed all these years and the exciting homework assignments given by Mr. Bates every day, but honestly, most of all I will miss all the cool people that are here – even the teachers.”

Lunch and Dinner Special

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203 Hwy 71 N Mena, AR 71953 Phone: 479.243.0123 Fax: 479.243.0700

Lacy Colbert

“The thing I will miss most about Mena High School is my class. We have seen each other’s faces every day for over four years, and after graduation all of that will change. We have become like one big family, and I don’t know how I would have made it through without them. I love you guys! The Decade, always and forever.”

Fax (479) 243-9000

Surplus Foods

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1100 N. Highway 71 Mena, AR 71953 Phone: (479) 243-0822 Fax: (479) 243-0727

Sun-Thur 11am - 9pm Fri & Sat 11am - 10pm

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The Bear Facts - P March/April 2010

Prom A Night o


Prom March/April Photos 2010

m 2010 of Mystery

ge Layout by CJ Mos

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The Bear Facts - Features

March/April 2010

After 33 years

Lindsey makes plans to retire by Jocelyn Gray

This school year will bring to a close the teaching career of English and journalism instructor Randy Lindsey, who has spent over three decades teaching MHS students. After graduating from Nashville High School in 1970, Lindsey enlisted in the United States Army where he served with the First Infantry Division. He then went on to earn a degree from the University of Central Arkansas in 1977. In August of 1977, Lindsey began teaching English and journalism at Mena High School. The current high school building was only one year old at the time. He has spent 33 years in the same building and classroom, and he has taught under five principals and six superintendents. As the adviser for the school newspaper, the Bear Facts, Lindsey and his newspaper staffs have won hundreds of top awards from different press associations including multiple ”superior” awards from

the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association as well as the coveted All-Southern Award from the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. In 1984 Lindsey was named the first ever “Journalism Educator of the Year” by the Arkansas Press Association. The following year, he was named Adviser of the Year by the Arkansas High School Press Association. Lindsey has taught every level of high school English, and he also was an adjunct instructor for several years at RMCC. He has taught well over 4,000 students. Lindsey has two daughters. Toni is a junior at the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith. Dani is a sophomore here at MHS. His wife Molly is a business education teacher at MHS. “Mr. Lindsey is a great teacher, and his class is never boring. I’m sure that many students will miss him very much,” said Myranda Vaughn, a current Bear Facts staff member.

PRESENTING THE AWARD for Outstanding Journalism Student to Bear Facts news editor Jocelyn Gray is Randy Lindsey, who has taught English and journalism at Mena High School for the past 33 years. Lindsey will be retiring at the end of the school year, and one of the things that he will miss most is the close relationships he has had with his newspaper staffs over the years. (photo by Smith Harrison)

Polish exchange student

Apollo is concluding her visit to USA by Rachel Collins

Every year students move in and out from different local schools. New faces always arouse curiosity and excitement. This year one particular student has brought not only excitement but a whole new culture to Mena High School. Her name is Iga Alise Apollo. Apollo was raised in Gdansk, Poland by her parents, Anne and Jarostaw. She has two younger siblings, Uaja, who is 15, and Szymon, who is 13. Back in Poland, Apollo spends most of her time horseback riding, sailing, cycling, camping, and playing music. So, why did she come to the USA?

POLISH EXCHANGE STUDENT Iga Alise Apollo has been visiting MHS from Gdansk since January. Although she is anxious to return to her home country, she is sad about leaving Mena. (photo by Myranda Vaughn)

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BEASLEY-WOOD / GEYER-QUILLIN 611 Janssen • Mena, AR 71953 (479) 394-1310 (479) 394-2261 Fax (479) 394-2984

“I never thought I would leave Poland, the country I love. Then, though, the opportunity was given and I had always been curious to see what America looked like. Now I have a problem of deciding where I want to spend my life,” she said. Though Apollo is thoroughly enjoying her stay here in Mena, she does miss some of the comforts of her high school in Poland. Things in particular that she misses are concerts and horseback riding. At home, she would participate in as many as four concerts each month. “I was missing the concerts and horses and was a little homesick at first. Now, though, it’s almost over and I don’t want to leave!” she said.

March/April 2010

The Bear Facts - Varsity Sports

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Mena hosts district track meet by Matt Edwards

The Mena Bearcat track team hosted the 7-4A track meet on April 22. The track team has performed well all season, and their performance at this meet was no exception. Senior Randy Peters had a magnificent showing with a 6 foot 2 inch effort in the high jump. He qualified to jump at the state track meet on May 1. Other team members had impressive performances. Colton Stanley, Jeff Tidwell,

Weldon Beaty, and Jordan McDaniel took 4th place in the 3200 meter relay. The 400 meter relay team of Austin Warren, Joseph Matthews, and Matt Edwards came in 5th. Tidwell took 7th in both the 1600 and 3200 meter runs. Freshman Bradley Crawford took 7th in the 200, and Beaty, a junior, took 8th in the 800. Reed Mendoza took 8th place in the 100. Eli Davis took 6th in the 300 meter hurdles. The Bearcat team, under the leadership of Coaches James White and Brad Harris, took a 5th place overall.

Cheer squad is announced for 2010-11

by Micheal Sterner

Cheerleader tryouts for next school year were held on Friday, April 9. New members of the MHS senior high cheer squad include the following freshmen: Lauryn Madison, Brittney Duvak, and Chelsea Laxamana. The new sophomores who were selected are Sasha Zavala and Megann Matejek. Heather

Madison is the new mascot. New juniors are Makenzie Davis, Jocelyn Gray, Maggie O’Neill, and Katelyn Graves. Cheerleaders who will be returning to the squad next year include Ashlyn Godfrey, Adrienne Rose, Alexa Craig, Amber Lane, Flannery Wilson, and Celina Walker. Walker and Davis will be next year’s co-captains.

JUNIOR JASPER DAVIS flies through the air in the triple jump at the Bearcat Relays held April 29 at Bearcat Stadium. Mena took 5th place in the meet. (photo by Myranda Vaughn)

Cats conclude baseball season

by Jarret Thompson

The last four games for the Bearcat baseball team left a bittersweet taste as the Cats pulled in two wins but suffered two losses.

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The first of the four games was against Horatio on April 20, and the Bearcats came out with a hard fought 4-2 win. The second of the four games was against the Bearcats’ long-time rival DeQueen on April 23. The Cats suffered a 4-8 loss, but it wasn’t an easy victory for the Leopards. The third game of the final four ws the first round of a tournament where the Bearcats played against Pulaski Oak Grove on April 28. The Cats took their first-round game with a commanding 17-3 win. The last game of the 2010 season for the Bearcats was against DeQueen again, and the Cats suffered a painful 13-3 loss to end the season. This loss prevented the Bearcats from going on to play in the regional tournament.

Kevin & Rebecca Smallwood 816 S. Mena St. Mena, AR 71953 (479) 394-5000

MENA FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 501 Ninth Street, Mena, Arkansas 479-394-3051 Visit our website at

602 DeQueen Street • PO Box 110 Mena, Arkansas 71953

Billy Lea, Manager

Serving Mena for 98 years

Phone (479)394-1963 • Fax (479)394-1995

and proud supporter of MHS

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The Bear Facts - News

March/April 2010

Relay for Life is a big success by Marissa Beaver

The Relay for Life in Polk County was held on April 23-24. The relay began at 6 p.m. and lasted until the following morning. Cancer survivors and fighters, students, parents,and grandparents all came together with the dream and the hope of ending what has been impacting many lives…cancer. All of the people involved in the fund-raising project were

SECOND SEMESTER WINNERS of the Stock Market Game are Todd Roberts and Bin Miller who made up a team from Pat Flanigan’s Accounting I class. The Stock Market Game is a national economic education program of the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. It involved students in managing an imaginary $100,000 portfolio over a 10-week semester program.

Senior wills and dedications by Myranda Vaughn

Randy Peters: my basketball skills to Julian Parnell and Jeremy Harrison Olivia Cunningham: my soccer skills and best wishes to the 2011 soccer team Lacie Land: my yearbook creativity to Josh Marshall and good luck to the 2011 soccer team Chelsi Bates: the love of Red Sox Nation to Mr. Bates and Jared Whitaker T.J. Schoeppy: my emperor’s power and leadership ability to the new empress Krystal Andrew VanEmmerik: my guitar hero skills to Jeremy Harrison and my awesome and better hair to Josh Lochala Megan Maye: my complete awesomeness and undeniable strength to Austin Hurst, and my mad rap skills to Lacie Keener Logan McCourtney: my common sense to Jacob Maechler Cordell Roberts: my cover 2 skills to Reed the Rocket Mendoza A.J. Crowley: my crazy stealth abilities to Daniel Wood and Jarret Thompson Krystin Gray: my smile to Madi Ralls Whitley Borin: my softball skills to Oma Wilson! I love you Oma! J.D. Pack: my rock-solid guitar skills to Ricy Pack, my car to Natalia Sadowski, and my special powers to the class of 2010! Jordan Deramus: my superior intelligence to Jordan McDaniel Carrie Baker: my top locker to the kid who has been below me the last 2 years Brittany Williard: my princess backpack to Casey Mallett and all my love to the LadyCats Matt Edwards: my man power to Jarret Thompson and Taylor Lunsford John Henderson: my shoes to Jared Williams Arab: my Arabian chin beard to Big B Michael Sterner: my massive alphabetical powers to next years library aides, my amazing acting abilities to Sabrina Mallett, and my manliness to Casey Mallet

able to raise a total of $48,000 for the American Cancer Society. The Mena High School team raised $766.21. The National Honor Society raised $154.25. FCCLA raised $206. Mena Middle School raised $333.17. The school teams together raised a total of $1459.63. “I’m extremely proud of our group of students, and I appreciate all of the support and assistance I have received from all of you. Thanks!” said Julia Gordon, Relay for Life coordinator.

Artists take awards at local show by Jordan Johnson

MHS art students joined students from five other area schools at the Mena Art Gallery for their annual High School Art Show. The show officially opened on April 14. In the painting category, Kaylee VanEmmerik took 1st place, and K.C. Hansen received 2nd. Honorable mention went to Latrisha Metcalf. In photography and computer

generated art, Austin Stroud placed 2nd. In the graphics category, Jerry Hensley placed 2nd, and Stephanie Vidrina placed 3rd. For 3D and crafts, Vidrina and Rachel Hinson took 3rd. In mixed media, VanEmmerik placed 1 st with Zach Roppel getting 3rd. Maggie O’Neill got honorable mention. The special merit awards went to Kate Self, Kayla Stone, Kristin Trulock, and Devin Broyles.

FFA teams take state wins by Leigha Smith

The Mena chapter of the Future Farmers of America competed at one of their state contests in Fayetteville on April 15-16. Competing in this contest were the ag mechanics, ag communications, electricity, and food science teams. Ag mechanics received 10th place. Team members are Dustin Gray, John Henderson, Bradley Bush, and Blake Loyd. The electricity team placed 3rd.

Team members are Dustin Higby, Jared Williams, Derek Cox, and Michael Berry. The ag communications team placed 2nd. Team members are Britain Morris, Justin Wiseman, Cheyenne Anderson, Taylor Hale, and Lucas Head. The food science team received 3rd place. Team members are Carrie Randolph, Rachel Collins, Leigha Smith, and Keegan Tatch. FFA adviser Mike Collins said, “I felt like all our teams were extremely competitive. All teams placed in the top 10 which is a great accomplishment.”

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