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Volume 1 Number 5

April 2013

1200 Dallas Ave, Mena, Arkansas 71953

Bearcats hire new head coach by Zach Atchley

The search is over. The Bearcat football team has a new head coach. Coach Tim Harper was selected out of three final candidates. Recently, he has been coaching at Searcy, AR; he was very successful there. Out of the final candidates, he was the only one with experience in a head coaching position, “which put him over the top,” Coach Kris Clark stated. Harper has also had success coaching for Des Arc, leading the team to the state playoffs many times. He’s been a head coach for 13 years, achieving nine consecutive playoff seasons. His past two seasons have seen his team in the quarterfinals.

“We are very blessed to have coach Harper here in Mena,” Clark continued. “With what we’ve accomplished the past few years, he will come in and take this program to new heights.” Harper has recently joined the Bearcats as they begin spring practice. “[My] plan for the off-season is to instill toughness and an incredible work ethic. We have to out-work everyone we play,” Harper said. He hopes to continue the success the Bearcats have had the last few years and to make the team better than it has been before. Harper came to speak with the team in February to give everyone a chance to get to know him. Both coaches and players are excited about this new addition to the team and are looking forward to working with him.

MENA WELCOMES NEW head coach Tim Harper from Searcy, AR. (photo by Zach Atchley)

MHS hires intern as new English teacher by Tashiana Dancer

MRS. MIZELL, THE new English teacher is a recent graduate of UAFS. (photo by Robert Lane)

There is a new member of the Mena High School family; you might know her as Mrs. Mizell. The recently married intern graduated from Van Cove High School in 2009; she received a full scholarship to the University of Arkansas Fort Smith as a Chancellor Leadership Council member. Mizell started taking classes as a business major, but didn’t like it so she started volunteering at a local high school in Fort Smith. She quoted, “I really fell in love with teaching and school has always been something I have loved since I was just a kid.” The next semester she changed her major to English with Teaching License. She has also interned at Darby Junior High, North Side High school, Union

Christian Academy, and Muldrow High School. Mizell dated her husband for two years and got engaged in November of 2012. Soon after their engagement, he got offered a job opening up a butchery and meat market in... you guessed it, Mena, Arkansas. She decided to complete her final internship at Mena High School. The week before her wedding, she received the best gift she could have asked for. Mena High School offered her a job as high school English teacher and cheer coach. “I want to especially thank the supportive staff here at Mena High School and the amazing juniors I have spent so much time with this semester. I cannot wait to be a part of the Mena High School team!”

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The Bear Facts - Editorials

April 2013

Social Phobia strikes teens around the world by Ivy Powell

Social issues have always been prevalent among teens. Many adolescents have always had problems with healthy interaction with their peers. There is something holding people back, something that is nagging them and causing them to be shy. Some teens even turn to programs in which they pay to go somewhere with a candidate who pledges to be their friend for a day. That is depressing and exceedingly pathetic. Moreover, with enough initiative and confidence, most individuals could just make friends for free. Alas, there are actually records of universities which harbor students that are so bashful and fearful of rejection that they take their lunch into the college’s bathroom stalls and eat it there. Many people are repulsed and downright baffled by this bizarre behavior. You might wonder why they wouldn’t go to the park or another secluded place to eat lunch. Ultimately, it is disturbing that these individuals go to those lengths to avoid their peers and be alone. There must be valid psychological reasons for this. In direct relation to this, there is indeed a type of disorder called Social Phobia. It is a problem which hinders many people because it negatively affects their school life, work, and personal life. Students who have this disorder cannot perform well in the classroom due to their fear of interaction with their peers and their tendency to shy away from class presentations. This problem most plausibly stems from a strict or indifferent childhood or past experiences that were so traumatic and embarrassing that it morphed the person’s psyche. Individuals who have Social Phobia suffer from depression and often turn to substance abuse to assuage their perpetual anxiety. Thankfully, this disorder can be treated. It involves cognitive behavioral therapy and some medication, plus effort made on the patient’s part to be more social and composed in public situations. The culprits for Social Phobia are numerous and sometimes inexplicable. However, with the right methods, it can be overcome.

Technology is affecting the way we interact by Ivy Powell

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Zach Atchley; ADVERTISING MANAGER: Ivy Powell; SPORTS EDITOR: Zach Atchley; ED-OP REPORTERS: Ivy Powell, Mikayla Rath; FEATURE WRITERS: Tashiana Dancer, Leon Gellings, Kaitlyn Maechler, Tyler Richardson; ART DIRECTOR: Ivy Powell; CARTOONIST: Mikayla Rath; CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER: Zach Atchley; PHOTOGRAPHER: Robert Lane; ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Tyler Richardson; REPORTERS: Zach

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Extensive research points to evidence that technology could be to blame for the increasing amount of socially stifled individuals. To name one medium, video games have always been criticized and nitpicked when it comes to their influence. According to Dimensions of Leisure for Life, “Studies show negative social impacts of some video games. One study tested whether high exposure to video games increased aggression over time. It was found that playing violent video games is a significant risk factor for later physical aggression in both Japan and the United States—for boys and girls.” Apparently, video games have been linked to ill temper, but not necessarily bashfulness. However, games can also contribute to the loss of one’s ability to relate to others and think deeply, thus pointing out their impact on a social level. Television is a heavy culprit as well. Its effects have been investigated so that a correlation between the quality and quantity of viewing and a person’s behavior can be made. The same source states, “Television provides little opportunity for meaningful interaction while watching. Watchers simply sit there and ingest what is presented to them without having to respond or react to another person. Obviously this can have serious effects on people’s social skills because viewers are not practicing how to relate to and deal with other people.” No effort is required on the part of the viewer. It creates a situation that doesn’t even require the most infinitesimal amount of brain activity or bonding for the human being watching the screen. This is certainly valid evidence that television certainly doesn’t help anybody with their people skills, especially those who are too nerve-wrecked to engage in conversation and interaction. Research also implies that daily exposure to technology may be modifying the way we think, especially on a social level. Dr. Gary Small, a scientist at UCLA, has done research that suggests that “all that screen time may weaken the brain circuits involved in face-to-face interactions.” Without seeing the other person they are talking to, people are missing real input, such as facial expressions, tone, and emotional cues. Some people with social anxiety don’t have any explanation as to why they have it, but it seems evident that technology could be the root of their disorder.

April 2013

The Bear Facts - Feature

Tips to aid sleep

FACS students make dresses for orphanages

by Kaitlyn Maechler

Some people have the difficulty of falling asleep, while others have the problem of actually staying asleep. Dr. Katherine Albert, M.D., Ph.D., director of the sleep laboratory at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan and author of Get a Good Night’s Sleep said that it’s a sign that something isn’t working for you. First off, if a bed isn’t comfortable, a person won’t be comfortable enough to sleep. Dr. Albert said that a firm mattress and pillow are best. Make sure the room is conducive to sleep; most people need to have it cold to be able to sleep all night. Others just need a blanket on them. Whatever the need, make sure it’s that way before you climb into bed. Taking a bath before bed, as long as it is relaxing and not overwhelming, can have an effect on the ability to get a good night’s sleep. But it does not need to be energizing; think candlelight and bubbles. Dr. Albert also stated that drinking a glass of warm milk or a cup of herb tea is sometimes helpful. Milk is rich in calcium and l-tryptophan, which help your body prepare for sleep. Having a regular routine such as taking a bath then drinking warm milk will help a body. Everyone should have a time set to go to sleep, perhaps a “bedtime” as some call it. To go along with going to bed at a set time, the same time every day, one should also wake up at a set time or around the same time every day so that the body develops a routine.

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by Robert Lane & Joseph Maddox

The Mena High School Family and Consumer Science classes have constructed over 50 little girl’s dresses for children in orphanages. Mrs. Wilson’s classes were not required to make all these dresses; they are doing it just for the benefit of others in need. Last year they started the project and sent their dresses to an orphanage to clothe the children in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.

ORPHANED CHILDREN WILL have dresses to wear thanks to the skills learned in Mrs. Wilson’s 2nd period class. (photo provided by Mrs. Wilson)

“I feel good knowing that these dresses are going to a good place.” This year the dresses will be sent to an orphanage in need somewhere in Africa. The idea came from a cousin of Mrs. Wilson’s who was going on a mission trip to Hondorus and was taking supplies to orphanages there that were in need of help to support their orphans. One need they had was children’s dresses and the pillow case dress was a perfect project and solution for the orphanages for students to make in class. Kimmi Hanners commented “I feel good knowing that these dresses are going to a good place.” Abbi Goodner said “This is a worthwhile project and I’ve enjoyed helping out.”

ORPHANS IN AFRICA will benefit from the talents students learned in Mrs. Wilson’s 6th period class. (photo provided by Mrs. Wilson)


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The Bear Facts - Feature

April 2013

Does food have anything to do with breakouts? by Kaitlyn Maechler

Those who suffer from the skin condition known as acne often wonder if the food they are consuming is contributing to those pesky breakouts that they tend to experience all too often. Studies show that food and diet may have an impact on acne. Acne is a condition that is often considered as being just a skin problem. But in all reality, it is way more than that. Dermatologist Carmina McGee stated that, “Food does not cause acne, but may make it worse.” To avoid such issues, one should eat low-fat milk, yogurt, and other dairy items. Cutting back on high fat proteins is also a good idea. A healthy diet should always be in play. Dr. McGee also said that foods packed with sugars are a definite no. Foods like sodas, cake, cookies, and high fat dairy, like ice cream, should be cut out of the diet to avoid acne flare-ups. Also, take it easy

on saturated fats. Most diets are lacking in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and heavy in sugar. Sugar is highly inflammatory in the body and inflammation is exactly what has to be battled. If one is lacking adequate amounts of Vitamin A, C, or the mineral Zinc, it can be very difficult to bring acne under control. Dr. McGee gave some tips for managing acne from the inside out. Six to nine servings of fruits and vegetables should be ingested daily. Whole grains, nuts, poultry, and lean red meats should also be eaten. Dairy should be limited, and organic is best. Go easy on the sugar and sweets, as everybody knows it just adds fuel to the fire of inflammation. Lastly, de-stress. Stress makes everything worse. These tips along with a few changes to the diet should help most acne sufferers to see an improvement in their skin. It may not completely heal acne, but these suggestions can surely help with the problem.

RILEY PHILPOT AND Dahlyn Thompson were the winners from Mrs. Flanigan’s 1st period IQ tournament. (photo contributed by Mrs. Flanigan)

It makes the world go ‘round by Ivy Powell

B.J SCHULLER PLACED 1st in the financial IQ tournament while Joey Rudowicz placed 2nd. (photo contributed by Mrs. Flanigan).

PO Box 898 303 Hwy 71 North Mena, AR 71953 479-394-2211

Mrs. Flanigan’s Investments and Securities class held a Financial IQ tournament to evaluate the students’ knowledge and skills. The pupils in her first and eighth hour classes put their intelligence to the test. Students participated in a board game which contained criteria based on financial literacy. Actual prize money was awarded to these winners; in each class, the first

place winners walked away with twenty dollars while the second place winners were rewarded with ten. These students have learned to understand how money incorporates into the world, how to earn and manage it, how to invest it, and how to allocate it equally and effectively. For their remarkable comprehension of money, the classes were presented with an impressive bonus—more money. Surely, with the financial expertise they have, they will use their rewards wisely.

PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE 1003 Mena Street Mena, AR 71953 Office: (479) 243-2053 Fax: (479) 243-2056

April 2013

Meditation can benefit anyone by Kerry Davis

Do you meditate? Do you know even know what meditation is? Often, meditation is portrayed as sitting for hours and hours waiting for something to happen. In actuality, meditation is a tool for coordinating and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirits in our lives. Meditation is frequently recommended as a remedy for the ills of modern living such as stress, anxiety, depression, and poor health. It’s a shame that those who meditate are often ridiculed, since meditating regularly is a positive influence on wellbeing and relationships. Those who meditate regularly and conscientiously appear to be serene about things that exasperate us and have plenty of vitality. Meditation reveals self awareness. Meditation connects mind, body and spirit. It is neither spiritual nor metaphysical. You often enter a meditative state under everyday circumstances without knowing it. Self awareness can come from performing simple tasks:

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The Bear Facts - Feature • Engaging in challenging sports-meeting challenges and mental freedom • Nursing a baby--enhances the bonding powers and deepens perception of the life force • Strenuous physical work--develops uncommon mind-body awareness • Washing dishes--familiar tasks that free the mind Meditation benefits everyone. Students need meditation to help memorize information and relax before exams. Office workers can use meditation to prevent preoccupation with detail and help see the big picture. Homemakers can use meditation to relieve feelings of isolation while coping with daily demands. In the early 1990’s, cardiovascular physician Dean Ornish applied a unique program which combined diet, exercise, and a prominent practice of meditation to assist in healing the heart. He reported a dramatic 82% recovered from cardiovascular disease in one year. “To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” -Bruce Lee

Art Show Winners Acrylic

2 : Alvaron Barron Honorable Mention: R.J. Soliz nd


2 : Blake Brown 3rd: Bonnie Skipper nd

Mixed Media 1st: Ashlyn Fox

Pen and Ink

2 : Shawna Howard 3rd: Cole McMellon Honorable Mention: Josiah Wilder nd

Special Merit Awards Sloan Hicks Ashlyn Fox

Teen use of alcohol creates epidemic by Joseph Maddox

McDonald’s, Starbucks, and WalMart offer classes for college credit by Brandon Colson

As odd as it may sound students can earn college credits that count towards a degree from WalMart, Starbucks, and McDonalds, thanks in part to college-level classes that WalMart offers online. From ethics to inventory management, the classes cover the skills needed to help run a round-the-clock, multi-million dollar retail operation with many employees. A growing number of Fortune 500 companies, like WalMart, do not want to wait for colleges to educate people for positions that need employment now. So WalMart has taken to offering their own classes which in some places do count as college credit. WalMart isn't alone, though. Starbucks workers can take courses called Barista Basics and Barista 101. By taking these classes, workers can earn one and a half

credits towards their college degree. Not all colleges will accept these classes but upwards of 2000 colleges have agreed to allow them to count as credits. McDonald’s also offers classes for college credit; however, these classes are only available to certain employees that plan on making McDonald’s their career. Every year, 5,000 McDonald’s managers and prospective managers spend a week at Hamburger University at its Oak Brook, Illinois, headquarters learning not how to flip hamburgers, but how to sharpen their business and leadership skills. The week-long training at Hamburger University is the climax of months of study online and in-store with McDonald’s trainers. During this time, employees can earn up to 23 credits toward associate or bachelor degrees. Higher-ups can earn as many as 27 credits. That is pretty good for a fast food chain worker.

An epidemic that our society faces is that of increased alcohol consumption by teenagers, and the consequences that come with that intake. When people, especially teens, consume alcohol, their blood alcohol level increases. Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. If someone were to have a BAC of .10, this would mean that one-tenth of the blood in their body is alcohol. The more alcohol a person consumes the more intoxicated and impaired they become. Over time, if alcohol use is frequent, addiction can result. In these cases, alcohol treatment rehab is often needed. Alcohol percentage is determined by the amount of alcohol consumed, the time in which the alcohol was consumed, and body weight. Eating prior to or while drinking may also have temporary affects on BAC, reducing its effects. Typically, men require more alcohol to achieve the same BAC as women. Men require more alcohol to achieve these same effects because they are heavier and have a higher percentage of water per pound in their bodies.

Alcohol addiction is a problem often recognized far too late. However, once its symptoms are recognized, it is important to seek treatment from an alcohol rehabilitation center as soon as possible. There are 6 stages of alcohol impairment. Euphoria, which results in difficulty concentrating, lowered inhibitions, brighter color in the face, and a lack of fine motor skills. During the next stage, people may experience dulled senses, poor coordination, drowsiness, the beginnings of erratic behavior, slow reaction times, and impaired judgment. This stage is known as excitement. Confusion is the next stage, characterized by exaggerated emotions, difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, and pain is dulled. Stupor comes next, causing a loss of the ability to stand or walk, vomiting, unconsciousness, decreased response to stimuli, and apathy. Even high BAC levels can result in coma, unconsciousness, low body temperature, shallow breathing, slow pulse, and even possible death. The last stage of alcohol impairment is death as a result of respiratory arrest

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April 2013 The Bear Facts - P


Sparkle A KOUNTRY KING, BRENT Sockey, Brittney Sockey, Devin Ashley

FROM LEFT TO right: Autumn Birtcher, Ariel Hartin, Maddison Liles, Kaitlyn Maechler

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2013 PromApril Photos


And Shine



SARAH SHUFLEBURGER, BROOKE Pearce, Macey Hubbard, Hadley Dahlem, Jade Ferguson, Allison Austin, Jazmine Whitaker


FROM LEFT TO right: Megan Moon, Kyla Crank, Kennedy Reeves, Corey Moon, Hailey Knittig, Anna Buckley, Natalie Rose, Maegan Kent, Lindsey Thacker, Hannah Lochala, Madison Sherrer, Brittney Fields, Dacota Gray, Autumn Birtcher


FROM LEFT TO right: Allen Jewell, Nathan Brown, Roy Morgan, Kountry King, Brent Sockey, Stephen McAllister, Devin Ashley. Front Row: Stevie Brinlee, Toree Elliot, Shawnna Howard, Cheyenne Fairless, Brittney Sockey, Raegan Weiss


NATALIE ROSE AND Hailey Knittig.

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April 2013

The Bear Facts - News

Teachers gain national board certification by Brandon Colson

In our school there are many outstanding teachers and counselors. Three of them however have added national board certification to their accomplishments this year. Judy Burnett, Pam Gross, and Paula Cox (who teaches at Holly Harshman Elementary) have worked very hard to achieve national board certification. National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. It complements a state teacher’s license. The mission of the National Board is to advance student learning and achievements by establishing high standards for certifying accomplished teachers. Students at Mena should be proud that there are three teachers with the highest level of certification that a teacher can receive on the faculty here. It shows that our teachers and counselors care about their students.

The process of becoming a nationally certified teacher can take anywhere from 200-400 hours to complete. Candidates are required to have completed at least three full school years of teaching or counseling before beginning the process. Those two statistics alone show their dedication to the students at Mena High School. “This certification helps the public to understand that teaching is a 'calling,' but also a profession,” says Mrs. Gross. The benefits from being a NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher) are mainly to the students and the community. It demonstrates that the professionals that take care of us are truly professionals. Statistics show that students who learn from a NBCT score seven to fifteen percent higher on year-end tests than students that learned from a non-NBCT. So if you see one of these teachers, be sure to thank them for their efforts in helping us to be better students.

ORIENTATION TO TEACHING students deliver food for the backpack meal program. (photo contributed by Mrs. Marshall)

Please visit our local sponsors. Let them know you appreciate their support.

Summer Vacation Fireworks Swimming Fishing No Teachers Spring Football Parties No School Sleeping Better Food Relaxing Late Nights Festivals Bearcats

Hungry kids can’t learn by Tashiana Dancer

For over 35,000 Arkansas school children the Backpack Program is the only thing that stands between them and hunger. The Arkansas Rice program provides school with a new backpack and “kid- friendly” ready-to-eat food to participating schools at no cost to the schools. Through a principal-appointed program coordinator, the food is distributed to students who display educational, physical, or emotional problems at school due to hunger at home. Arkansas Rice Depot also provides food and infant items for pregnant teens, teen moms and their babies to relieve some of the burden these young women face and increase the likelihood that they will finish high school. All children’s hunger needs are not the same. Some students may need food sent home in a backpack each night. Others may

only need food sent home on Friday for the weekend. Lack of education is one of the root causes of being trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. By meeting basic needs of a Backpack Program child, they hope the children will be able to focus on learning and schoolwork, instead of that “empty feeling.” Orientation to Teaching students got involved in this program by completing a unit of study on poverty. Then they learned that Ms. Johnson here at Mena High School was having trouble “filling” her backpacks with food for the students. So it took the students a while and lots of trial and error, but they finally came up a way the raise money for the drive. Also the faculty and staff here were a huge help. They donated money for a week of “wearing jeans.” The Orientation to Teaching class will also continue the help Ms. Johnson until the end of teh school year with the project.

Help save our environment RECYCLE

April 2013

The Bear Facts - News

Mena High School Band gains high marks By: Joseph Maddox

The Mena High School band competed in the region VIII concert band and sightreading assessment on April 5th in Alma. Alma High School is home to one of the best, if not the best, auditoriums for the performing arts. After countless hours of practicing the band traveled to the state of the art auditorium in Alma. While there, the band performed Army of the Nile (march), Loch Lamond, and Overture for Winds. The band also split into smaller groups to compete in the region VIII Solo & Ensemble assessment on March 1 st in Cedarville. Bands competing in both

Contest and Solo & Ensemble are graded on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. Region VIII is the most difficult region to compete in, with the toughest judges and the highest awarded bands in the state. The band scored a one in sight reading; they received a two in overall concert. All solo & ensemble group scores resulted in ones, except freshman solo & ensemble, which received a two. Congratulations to the Mena High School Band, and the Solo & Ensemble groups who participated in these assessments, for scoring high marks and proudly representing Mena High School.

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Congratulations! Kyle Roberts 4 – 4A All District 4A All State Braxton Lance 4 – 4A Honorable Mention All District

Choir performs at state Robert Lane

On Wednesday, April 10, Mena Spotlight Singers went to UCA in Conway for a state choral performance assessment. The Spotlight Singers are directed by Ferroll "Tammy" Taylor. She and the Spotlight Singers have been working hard to prepare for this event and Taylor has great

faith in her singers. All the singers have worked hard at practice to learn every song. The Spotlight Singers are Stephanie Vidrine, Kassidy Summit, Christa Super, Amanda Wiggins, Jordan Reuter, Brittany Presson, Sloan Hicks, Emily O’Rear, Carly Gear, Kameron Posey, Kimmi Hanners, Lauryn Madison, and Chelsea Laxamana.

SPOTLIGHT SINGERS EARNED a chance to compete at the state level based on their performance at choral performance assessment this spring. (picture by Robert Lane)

CAPS scheduling is May 13th from 12pm – 7pm

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The Bear Facts - Sports

Louisville takes the crownafter three weeks by Leon Gellings

It’s over. Three weeks of madness have come to an end in a thrilling final, with Louisville defeating Michigan. After playing an outstanding tournament, the team from Kentucky took on the Michigan Wolverines in the last game of a surprising tournament. While Louisville came across with the number one defense in the country, Michigan had the best offense in America. In the first half, Michigan showed why. By the middle of the first half, the Wolverines conquered a 12-point lead and looked like they could break through the Cardinals’ defense as often and as spectacularly as they wanted to. But within minutes, the game was flipped around and Louisville took over.

By the time the buzzer ended the first 20 minutes, Michigan’s lead had melted to a close 38-37. In the second half, the number one of the Big East Conference showed all their strengths on both ends of the court. The Wolverines were not able to make their points anymore, and their opponent scored on almost every drive they brought down the court. Without any doubt as to their ability, the Cardinals took the championship with a superior second half, which led to the final score, 82-76. In a certain way, this game mirrored the whole tournament: Few games were decided early, and surprises weren’t rare. In round 32, America’s No. 1 seed Gonzaga had to give up their hopes for the championship as they were defeated by Wichita State.

Just this team was the biggest surprise of the tournament. Starting the tournament as the No. 9 seed in the West, the team from Kansas eventually advanced to the Final Four, where they were eliminated in a close game by the later champions. Although Wichita led the game most of the time, Louisville could turn the game around (7268) and conquer the first spot in the final. In the second game of the evening, No. 4 Michigan (Big Ten) battled No. 4 Syracuse. After 40 thrilling minutes, Michigan took the win (61-56) and the spot in the big final. March Madness brought 3 eventful weeks into the living rooms of America and had surprising turnouts. The next season in college basketball will begin in early November.

Conference season for soccer finally arrives by Leon Gellings

On Thursday, March 28th, the conference season for the Mena soccer teams finally arrived. While the Bearcats had already played against Pulaski Robinson (3-1), the Ladycats had their very first game to compete in. On this day, Arkansas Baptist High School came for an unsuccessful visit. As the Ladycats started their game with fast combinations and nice goals, their opponent was already torn down at halftime. The scoreboard read 5-0 for the home team. After the break, the Ladycats returned strongly and increased the score to 7-0, which was also the final score. In one of her best games, Olivia Schwertfeger scored a season-high with four goals. Soon after the Ladycats’ game ended, the boys’ team earned their second conference

win. In the first three minutes, the Bearcats scored twice (Marcio Giosuelli and Stefan Ward). After the game slowed down, neither of the teams was able to score. Even though the teams were unable to score, the Bearcats pressured the opponents’ goal. After the halftime break, Arkansas Baptist increased their offensive efforts. After approximately 10 minutes, Kyle Roberts made the score 3-0. This was also the final score. On Tuesday, April 2 nd , the next conference game for the Mena Soccer teams occurred. This game required them to travel two hours to Malvern to play the Leopards. As usual, the Ladycats challenged their opponents first. They came out with a convincing 4-0 win, which made the team conference record 2-0. In the pouring rain, the Bearcats took on their opponent. In the first minutes,

both teams played a solid defense. After a mistake made by a Malvern defender, Kalen Hastey was able to score the first goal of the game. Although both teams seemed evenly matched and had good competition, the Bearcats were always one step faster than their opponent. Before halftime, Mena made the score 2-0. From the start of the second half, the Leopards pressured offensively and reduced Mena’s lead by one. But right after the goal for the 1-2 happened, the Bearcats took over and scored four goals to make the final result 6-1. Kalen Hastey was the most successful scorer as he put four goals of his own on the scoreboard. After 3 successful Conference games, the Bearcats have five left to win to be allowed to proceed to the state tournament.

National Bike Month is coming up in May. Get out and do something healthy: ride a bike. -It’s good for your heart. –It can increase your lifespan. -It is good for your coordination skills. –It improves mental health -It has been known to strengthen the immune system and fight against certain types of cancer

April 2013 Congratulations to the 2013-2014 MHS Cheerleaders Lauren Henry Kendall Crutchfield Leea Carver Ashlyn Fox McKenna Law Bailey Bunch Dahlyn Thompson Jami Miller Talyssa Fretz Taryn Milham

Cheer tryouts were a success by Kaitlyn Maechler

Mena High School cheerleading tryout practices were held the week of April 8-11 from 6:00-7:30. The mock tryouts were Wednesday, April 10. Actual tryouts were Thursday, April 11, beginning at 6:30 pm. The girls found out if they made the team after all tryouts had been completed. Mrs. Mizell, the eleventh grade English student teacher this year, who will also be teaching here as an English teacher, is starting as the cheer coach next year, . The 2013-2014 Cheerleading squad includes Lauren Henry who will be the Senior Captain, Dahlyn Thompson, Talyssa Fretz, Taryn Milham, Kendall Crutchfield, Leea Carver, Ashlyn Fox, McKenna Law, Bailey Bunch, and Jami Miller who will all be juniors next year. They are all excited for what next school year brings for them.

April 2013

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The Bear Facts - Sports

Bearcats and Ladycats sign to colleges by Zach Atchley

Colleges are always looking for new talent to add to their athletic teams. They send recruiters to high schools around the state trying to find the best athletes. Recently, Mena has received a few visits from these college recruiters and apparently they like what they’ve seen. Three of our athletes are looking forward to a longer athletic career, and more are sure to follow. Malachi McGee signed on to Arkansas Tech University’s football team. He was awarded a full scholarship to attend Tech in the fall. McGee plans to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

Softball player Kate Self signed to Williams Baptist College on February 4th. She received a partial scholarship to attend WBC, where she will be majoring in education. TJ Bigham signed to Harrison College to play baseball. He received no scholarships, but that won’t stop him. He told us, “It’s what I love to do, is play baseball, so that’s what I want to do.” He is currently unsure what he wants to major in. These three athletes have a rare opportunity. Few high school athletes are able to continue their careers farther than high school. Only the best are able to go on. These three will surely carry on Bearcat and Ladycat tradition and pride as they go on to college.

TJ BIGHAM, KATE Self, and Malachi McGee (right to left) have signed on to colleges for sports (photo by Zach Atchley)

Bearcat baseball posts 3-8 in conference by Zach Atchley

The Bearcat baseball season is already five weeks and eleven games in. Only weeks are left until the district tournament in Waldron. Out of the eleven games they’ve played, the Bearcats have won three games and lost eight. With eight more games to play before the district tournament, the Bearcats will be trying their hardest to make a good showing. Most recently, on the 28th of March, the Bearcats played at home against Smithville. The team walked off the field with the final score being 16-5, Smithville. Despite

their losses, Coach Rose stated that he feels that “we can muddy the water in the 4-4A Conference, and make a run at the [conference championship]”. With this kind of determination, the Bearcats carry on to their next game. The district tournament will be held April 26th, 27th, and 29th at Waldron. The next week holds the regional tournament. May 10th and 11th will see the state tournament and a week later, the state finals. When asked if he thought the team could make it, Coach Rose said, “Anything is possible if you can get out of regional.”

CHRIS GORDON CATCHES against the DeQueen Leopards. (photo courtesy of Julie Gordon)

Coming up in sports: Soccer vs. Arkadelphia on 5/3; Softball and Baseball Regional Tournament on 5/3 – 5/6; MHS Sport and Senior Recognition Event on 5/6; Softball State Tournament on 5/9 – 5/11; Baseball State Tournament on 5/10 – 5/11; Spring Football Practice on 5/13 – 5/16 and 5/20 – 5/23; Softball and Baseball State Finals on 5/17 – 5/18

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April 2013

The Bear Facts - Entertainment

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is hard hitting by Tyler Richardson

G.I. Joe: Retalaition hit the theaters March 28. It is the second installment of the G.I. Joe series. This movie, directed by Jon M. Chu, brings together a great ensemble including Dwayne Johnson, Jonathan Pryce, Channing Tatum, Walton Goggins, and Bruce Willis. The G.I. Joe squad is framed for crimes against the country, and the team is terminated by the President. The G.I. Joe squad is no longer fighting against the Cobra and have to deal with the evil within the government. G.I. Joe ran a budget of $135,000,000 and on the opening weekend it grossed $41,200,000. Currently, it has grossed $51,707,000. The original release date was June 29, 2012, and Paramount held a theatrical

trailer during the Super Bowl for this film's release, but in May 2012 Paramount delayed the films release in order to add the 3D effects. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is an excellent film written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and produced by Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film runs one hundred and ten minutes and is rated PG-13. The filming locations are in New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Francisville, Louisiana. This film was banned in Pakistan due to the opening of the film which depicts Pakistan negatively. On April 1, 2013 it was reported that there will be a third installment of the G.I. Joe series, although Paramount has not confirmed this yet. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is truly a hard hitting action film.

Oblivion lands in theaters by Tyler Richardson

“60 years ago, Earth was attacked. We won the war, but they destroyed half the planet. Everyone’s been evacuated. Nothing human remains. We’re here for drone repair. We’re the “mop-up crew”.” This is a quote from Jack Harper, portrayed by Tom Cruise in the new movie Oblivion which was released on April 19. Oblivion, set in the year 2073, is the story of a veteran drone repair man who is sent to Earth to evacuate the remaining human resources after a major war between humans and alien life forms called Scavs. Once Jack makes it to Earth he finds the remains of a crashed spacecraft containing things that change his outlook on the war.

Oblivion was written by Joseph Kosinski, Karl Gajdusek, and Michael Arndt. It is based on a comic book series written by Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson. Oblivion has an estimated budget of $120,000,000 and is directed by Joseph Kosinski. Co-stars to Cruise are Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, and Olga Kurylenko. The graphic novel written by Joseph Kosinski is going to be released to coincide with the film. The idea for Oblivion started as an 8 page treatment script written by Joseph Kosinski. Oblivion was filmed using the new Sony CineAlta F65 camera. This film was initially scheduled to release on July 10, but since the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park is on July 19 they moved the release back.

Birthday Bunch Seniors Dusti Rhoads (5), April Castro (7), Jacob Tucker (10), Howard Blume’ (11), April Page (11), Kristen Shewmake (11), Ayla Powell (12), April Ganster (20), Cheyenne Moore (22), Susan Bissell (23), Christopher Gordon (25), Devin Gage (26), Ryan Lowery (26), Kennedy Reeves (26), Nathaniel Hinson (27)

Juniors Layton Mohr (2), Madison Peppers (8), Jacqueline Caswell (12), Connor Purvis (12), Destiny Hansen (19), Karl Vann (22), Trevor Hale (23), Kyle Crank (24), Marcio Giosuelli (26)

Sophomores Argus Floyd (3), Sydney Dillion (6), Tara Kelley (8), Natasha Dulinsky (9), Matthew Pitchford (11), Morgan Ahsley (17), Alyssa Castillo (17), Sage Kesterson (18), Colton Vereyken (18), Matthew Owen (20), Justin Castor (21), Kole Birtcher (22), Garrett Smith (22), Victoria Rudman (23), Shane Atchley (25)

Freshmen Taylor Medlin (2), Albert Ingram (3), James Walker (7), Kyle Williams (8), Daryan Torix (13), Heath Schnell (15), Jordan Strickland (20), Macy Brotherton (21), Madelyn Brotherton (21), Michaelia Cunningham (24), Kelli Lacefield (25), Xena Wilcox (25), Beth Coogan (26), Marcus Gentry (29), Lacey Howard (30)

Iron Man is back in action by Robert Lane

Tony Stark is back in the movie Iron Man 3. Robert Downey Jr. reprises the title role, with Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), Paul Bettany (Jarvis), Don Cheadle (James Phodes/ War Machine) heading up the cast. Additionally, Stan Lee is rumored to play as Stan the Man; Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin) and Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian) also grace the screen. I n t h e m o v i e , To n y h a s developed a way to get his suit to attach to him without touching

anything at all just by using his mind. If you have seen some of the trailers for Iron Man 3 you could see that Tony’s house and Ironman suit are destroyed in an explosion. When Tony Stark’s world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called The Mandarin, Stark starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Iron Man 3 is showing in theaters May 3, 2013. The running time is rumored to be over two hours long. This installation of the series is set to out beat all the other Iron Man movies put together.

Congratulations 2013 Graduates! Best wishes and good luck in the future from the Bear Facts.


Mena High School Bear Facts for April, 2013, a student publication

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