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Show title: Xbox advert Total duration: 1 minute

Director: Michael Horbacki

Date: 20/3/2013

Camera/ Shot Type/ Camera Action/ Duration

Intro VT – N/A

Fade 3 secs

Shot No.

SHOOTING SCRIPT Script/ Screen Action/ Additional information


There is not a VT at the start of the advert.


Fade to Boy in his room playing Xbox, slow zoom into his face.


It zooms into the television to show what the boy is playing.

Medium shot – 3 secs - slow zoom

Cut to next scene Close shot - 4 secs – zoom

Cut to next shot


I The close up of the boy shows his features and how much he is enjoying the game. It is panning across his face to give more effect.

Close up – 5 secs – panning

Cut to next shot


Father walks into the room and sees his son playing the game, which he isnt happy about, the shot shows both the father and the son to see both reactions.


The next two shots show both of the chracters talking to each other the son getting up and getting out as his father has told him to do his homework, the next shot has the dad by himself looking hapy as he can play his son’s game. It is a wider shot to show alot of the room with both of the characters in it.

Medium two shot – 4 secs – static

The next shots (the next two) is in the same posistion with the same effects.

Dad - “get downstairs and do your homework!” Son - “oh man, why?” Dad -“because i said so!”

Cut to next scene

Shot No.

Camera/ Shot Type/ Camera Action/ Duration


Script/ Screen Action/ Additional information

There is a close of the fathers hands picking up the controller for the xbox with a beam of light on it.

Close shot - 4 secs – zoom

Cut to next shot


Close up – 4 secs – panning

This is a close up of the father playing the game with a happy exprestion on his face to show that he is enjoying it, it is panning to create effect.

Cut to next shot 10

This is static shot the son walking in because he forgot something from the room, he then sees his dad playing his game.


The son starts talking to his dad about why he is playing he game.

medium shot – 4 secs – static Cut to next shot Meduim two shot – 4 secs - static

Son - “sorry dad i just forgot my ... what?” Son – “what are you doing” Dad – “sorry son i couldn’t help myself” Son – “it’s okay, let me join in it’ll be fun”

Cut to next shot


This shot shows both chracters playing the game and both look like they are having fun, fades out.


The screen fades into the words “EVERYONE IS A GAMER”

Two shot – 4 sec – static

Fades into screen The next two shots are both CGI and have only diegetic sounds and looks, there are no actually shots – 7 secs


It then fades into the xbox logo which is all CGI including the sounds.

shooting script  

This is my shooting script for my xbox advert.

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