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Samples of My Proactive Technology/Entrepreneurial/Start-up/Venture Capital NATIONAL Media Placements: Black Enterprise Show Me the Money: Unusual places to find small business funding

BusinessWeek E-Waste: The Dirty Secret of Recycling Electronics: Lax rules and weak enforcement allow scrap companies to profit by sending junked computers, printers, and TVs overseas New Rage at Work: Used, Revamped IT Gear: With credit tight in a rough economy, businesses are offloading equipment while bargain hunters are picking up retooled hardware on the cheap Used Hardware Deals Microsoft: Reused PCs Need Windows, To: The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program is designed to make it easier for companies to install Windows on PCs they fix up and resell Free $$$ for entrepreneurs: These 6 businesses landed grants to launch and expand. Here's how. Free cash for your business: Small business grants are rare, but they do exist. Here's how to find them. Small businesses that are actually hiring!

The Economist Venture Capital in Ohio: Taking the long view: Cash-strapped Ohio votes on an investment in its future Roundup of Business Incubators: These 10 organizations can give your startup a leg up.

Forbes Entrepreneurs: States That Truly Bet On Small Business Angel Investors, What, Why & How: Part 1Â Angel Investors, Part Two: Show Me The Money Angel Investors, Part Three: Keeping the Deal Sweet Best Cities For Women In Business Eight Tech Trends for 2008 Don’t Split Hairs over Shared Internet: It's common for small businesses sharing an office building to share their Internet access as well. But how do you avoid complications -- such as data breaches and responsibility for keeping up payments? How to Cut Costs With Green IT: A look at how virtualization, power management, and other green technologies can help you save money

Los Angeles Times FCC launching $4-billion program to narrow digital divide: The FCC aims to make high-speed Internet access and computers more affordable for more than 25 million mainly low-income Americans.,0,7709028.story

New York Times The New Rules of Angel Investing A Program to Certify Electronic Waste RecyclingRivals an Industry-U.S. Plan How to Choose an Incubator

Popular Mechanics The Ever-Changing Landscape of E-Waste Recycling

Smart Money Want to Skip Windows 7? 6 Ways to Boost Your PC

USA Today USA's trashed TVs, computer monitors can make toxic mess Old TVs cause new problems Electronics recycling gets new oversight New program makes sure e-waste is recycled right

Wall Street Journal Filling in the Gaps: Local chambers of commerce are helping small businesses stay abreast of the latest technologies High-Tech Start-Ups Put Down Roots in New Soil: Cities Like Kalamazoo Dangle Incentives as Silicon Valley and Other Old Hot Spots See Pullback in Venture Loans Angel Groups See Membership Gains As Investors Flock Together How I‌. Dreamed Big in Ohio Six Industries Poised to Grow mallbusiness

You, Too, May Be a Winner! Looking to jump-start your business? You might try entering a contest. IGHTBottomSBHeadLines Making Adjustable Beds Less Stodgy to Shoppers: Remote-Controlled Bases Tailored for TV, Reading, iPods— Even Stretching

Washington Post FCC plans cheap Internet service and computers to connect poor Americans

Samples of My Proactive Technology/Entrepreneurial/Start-up/Venture Capital TRADE Media Placements: Computerworld Insight From Boot-strappers: What corporate IT professionals can learn from start-ups Used IT gear: Good stuff cheap -- just not always: Sure it saves money, but sometimes used equipment is just ... old myName=Hardware&taxonomyId=12 Pulling the plug on old hardware: Life-cycle management explained: Planning ahead for the end of equipment life can help keep the IT department's bottom line looking good. plained Tech recycling: Big IT shops get serious about asset disposal: Getting rid of old tech equipment now takes as much forethought as purchasing it in the first place did. Here's how corporations are coping.

eWeek How to Maintain Business Continuity in Your Evolving Data Center Green IT: Apple, HP, Dell, Others: Every Day Is Earth Day Dell, HP and IBM Are Among 9 Meeting IDC Green Certification Donation: The Most Strategic Disposition Option for IT Assets

Network World Survey: Security policies neglect off-network devices : Most companies don't have policies in place to protect corporate data on electronic devices that leave the confines of the network, Ponemon Institute study finds. HP expands the PC trash-to-cash market The Four Rs of sustainable IT: refurbish, reuse, recycle, ROI Outlook 2010: Does it have to be shiny and new? Recycle your computer electronics responsibly

InfoWorld Six tips for safely choosing an IT asset disposal partner: Picking the right company to help retire your IT gear could not only save you some cash and headaches, it could protect you from a regulatory nightmare,2&source=fssr Turning green into green: One man finds a way to get rid of old computers responsibly and pocket a little cash for his company To upgrade or to replace?It's often greener and cheaper to upgrade computer components than to buy a whole new system, but even then, not all things are what they seem 7 easy ways to cut IT costs you may have overlooked: These methods don't require a big investment or a lot of time to try,2 Aramark cuts print waste with better devices, software: 2009 Green 15: Efficient, networked multifunction devices help company save on paper and ink 4 tasks you fear to outsource but should try To save money, reconsider these ripe outsourcing opportunities you may have never (or were afraid to) put on the table,3 7 green technologies poised for success: Forrester picks seven green IT 1.0 offerings that will flourish -- and one whose future is less bright,4 5 reasons IT pros should be paranoid: Secret data leaks, data centers on the brink -- and your career hanging in the balance,0

Samples of My National/Trade Tech/Entrepreneurial Media Placements  

Samples of my proactive media relations efforts

Samples of My National/Trade Tech/Entrepreneurial Media Placements  

Samples of my proactive media relations efforts