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Cover Story

Business Management

By: Claudia Jewett

By: Kate Zabriskie

Long-Distance Leadership: Managing a Remote or Hybrid Workforce the right way

The future of work in developing nations ~ IoT helps global manufacturers break into local markets



Industry News

Safety First By: Noah Rue


How to protect warehouse workers from optimism bias

People News



Warehouse Solutions By: Newcastle Systems, Inc.


Essential steps for setting up your eCommerce warehouse


Feature Story By: Bill Allen

Rethinking Supply Chain Management


Product Showcase




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April 2022

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APRIL 2022



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introducing the SE15-25T CLARK S-SERIES 3-WHEEL ELECTRIC FORKLIFT The SE15-25T is equipped with a SMART Dash, capable of sending real-time alerts, warnings, and analytics to operators so they can stay informed about the operation of the truck. With audible and visual warnings, password protection, and the ability to integrate with optional safety and performance equipment, the SMART Dash on the SE15-25T is just another example of how The Best Just Got Better with the CLARK S-SERIES.



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April 2022 5

Cover Story

The future of work in developing nations ~ IoT helps global manufacturers break into local markets Going local Three quarters of German manufacturers surveyed in Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC)’s Digital Factories 2020 report named regionalization as their main driver for investing in digital factories. The interviewees cited several benefits of Industry 4.0, including better customer proximity and more individualized, flexible production.

Developing nations are integrating more into the world economy, but lack certain advantages, like Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, to compete at a global level. Western, Japanese and South Korean companies may seem impossibly advantaged, but new findings suggest multinationals are actually struggling to adapt to local markets. Here is how big players can learn from local businesses, using the IoT to their advantage. Harvard Business Review reports that multinational companies are finding it difficult to optimize their products, services and culture to local markets. The article says that big players are finding international growth costly and cumbersome, especially in countries where they don’t have staff who are familiar with local cultures and customers or reliable local supply chain partners. Local companies understand the culture, language and compliance issues, of course, which raises the question: is there a better and more cost-effective way for large manufacturers to integrate local businesses and workers into their networks? Let’s look at some steps big manufacturers can take, and why the IoT will prove essential.


April 2022

Material Handling Network


One way large manufacturers can achieve better regionalization, or localization, is by integrating Manufacturing Execution Systems (MESs) into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) infrastructure. Not only can companies plan and control production in real-time, processes can also be digitized and communicated across the entire value chain — including between headquarters and local facilities. One example, also cited in PwC’s report, is the electronics giant Philips that has increasingly integrated robots, 3D printing, big data analytics and digital twin capabilities into its manufacturing site at Drachten, Netherlands. Not only does the site itself employ 2000 workers of 35 different nationalities, with an understanding of the culture and languages of those countries, the plant itself is also within a large network of 16 high-tech manufacturing companies across Northern Europe. According to Philips, the IoT systems facilitate better communication and worker collaboration throughout the network. In addition, they also support better localization of Philip’s products including vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and hair stylers that now have first time right designs for local markets.

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Cover Story continued

Future work By expanding into local markets, manufacturers gain access to a new pool of potential workers with unique skills. However, there are obstacles too, including differences in business culture, operations and languages. While companies like Philips use IoT systems to help their multinational employees network with one another, how can manufacturers guarantee that all workers feel included or brought into the fold? Some answers can be found in the 2021 paper by Masood Rangraz and Lena Pareto published in the International Journal of Lifelong Education, “Workplace work-integrated learning: supporting industry 4.0 transformation for small manufacturing plants by reskilling staff”. Rangraz and Pareto studied a small manufacturing plant transitioning from a manual assembly line to one that operates 24 hours a day with automated robotic systems. Crucially, its shopfloor employees had no experience of

working with robots or automation. Instead, the small manufacturing plant invested in reskilling its workers, giving them new competences to work with IoT systems. Rangraz and Pareto write of how automation is “transforming the duties, work arrangements, distribution of roles and division of labour to accommodate the needs of the automated assembly process.” The study adds: “Although the manual assembly required more human physical labour, the automated assembly process required more human monitoring labour for additional shifts.” In this case, we see how automation can provide learning and working opportunities for employees, both new and existing and low- and high-skilled, or even unskilled. This is where IoT systems with easyto-use human machine interfaces (HMIs) can play a vital role in getting everyone in an organization onboard and directly involved with more accessible data share through customized reports. That includes onboarding staff from local markets and local cultures. Digital transformation We’ve looked at how large global manufacturers can bring local talent into the fold. But what about establishing reliable supply chain partnerships? Tata Steel is setting an example by establishing better networks with suppliers with the IoT and big data.

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April 2022

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Serkan Sarioglu, customer engagement manager for Tata Steel, writes: “There is immense amount of data which could be used for improvements in supply planning, steel manufacturing, steel forming and many other fields. Even relatively simple solutions like material traceability could unlock a wide range of applications from quality management to circular business models.” Sarioglu gives the example of a global manufacturer using feedback from OEMs or suppliers in local markets to fine-tune its supply and products. Tata Steel has turned to blockchain, the IoT, virtual reality (VR), machine learning and more. That includes a recent partnership with World Economic Forum

Cover Story continued

with view to developing a blockchain platform that will address transparency issues in the mining and metal industries. With its capability to store encrypted blocks of data in chains, shared securely and chronologically along a peer-to-peer networks, blockchain could play a vital role in tracking and tracing materials. Sarioglu believes that the system could also help with product localization and even win the reporting of carbon emissions as part of a sustainability strategy. He writes: “It is exciting times to be involved in this digital transformation.” To make this transformation work, however, manufacturers should seek to apply the latest Industry 4.0 technologies. But this needn’t be costly, and an industrial automation parts supplier like EU Automation can help manufacturers embrace datadriven systems as part of a low-cost digital retrofitting

strategy. But, as Rangraz and Pareto write, “The organizations then need to pay equal attention to the change in the competence as they do to the change in the technology.” Fortunately, IoT systems can play a crucial role in bringing local manufacturing facilities and workers into the fold. With the IoT, it can be easier for large manufacturers to optimize their products, services and culture into local markets. About EU Automation: Claudia Jewett is the U.S. Country Manager at EU Automation. They stock and sell new, used, refurbished and obsolete industrial automation spares. Its global network of preferred partner warehouses, and wholly owned distribution centers, enables it to offer a unique service within the automation industry, spanning the entire globe. It provides worldwide express delivery on all products meaning it can supply any part, to any destination, at very short notice. www.euautomation.com/us

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April 2022 9

Safety First

How to protect warehouse workers from optimism bias

Most people have heard the saying, "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst." This is an excellent motto to live by, especially when it comes to safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, many warehouse workers don't always heed this advice, falling victim to what is known as optimism bias. This article will go over what optimism bias is, how it can impact warehouse employees, and strategies employers and managers can deploy to help staff members stay safe at work. What is Optimism Bias? Optimism bias is a cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate the likelihood of positive events happening and underestimate the possibility of adverse events. In other words, people with optimism bias tend to be overly optimistic about the future while expecting bad things to happen less often than they do. The concept of optimism bias isn't new in modernday workplaces. In the 1950s, a notable behavioral scientist named Paul Meehl wrote about how people tend to overestimate their abilities and skills. Nevertheless, this tendency has become increasingly problematic lately due to rising injury rates at work. What causes Optimism Bias in employees? There are a few different reasons employees might exhibit optimism bias in the workplace. One reason is that many people tend to be naturally optimistic, leading them to overestimate their ability to handle difficult situations. Additionally, some workers may become overconfident after completing a task 10

April 2022

Material Handling Network


successfully once or twice and start to believe they're invincible. Optimism bias can also stem from personality traits. For example, extroverts tend to be more optimistic than introverts and are less likely to experience negative emotions like fear or anxiety, which causes them to feel invincible in certain situations. In other words, optimism bias is often a product of innate attributes and learned behaviors at work that make employees take on too much risk without realizing it, resulting in higher injury rates. What are some of the dangers that Optimism Bias presents? Optimism bias often leads warehouse workers to take on unnecessary risks at work. For example, a machine operator may feel overconfident in his ability to handle the equipment and neglect proper training procedures like wearing protective gear or checking for malfunctions before beginning a shift. Another issue with optimism bias is that it can lead employees to take unsafe shortcuts at work, even if they know the risks involved. For example, an employee may know he's not supposed to cut through a particular aisle in the warehouse but decides to do so anyway because he thinks nothing wrong will happen as long as he keeps his eyes open for oncoming forklifts and pedestrians. This kind of thinking can be hazardous and can lead to many injuries, including stress fractures, concussions, the development of varicose veins, burns, dismemberment, and even death. It can be easy for employers to overlook the dangers of optimism bias in their workforce, and it's essential to be aware of this issue and do everything possible to prevent it from happening. In addition, managers themselves can fall victim to optimism bias through their overconfidence regarding the effectiveness of their safety preparations with their workforce. To avoid the dangers of optimism bias at work, employers and managers must educate themselves


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April 2022 11

Safety First continued

about this issue to address it head-on with their workforce. It also helps if employers take a proactive approach by encouraging workers to speak up when something doesn't feel right or seems unsafe before any accidents happen. This will help prevent unnecessary risks from being taken. How can employers improve safety compliance in warehouse settings? Employers can take a few different steps to help improve safety compliance in warehouse settings and protect their workers from the dangers of optimism bias. One step is to provide employees with accurate information about potential hazards they may encounter on the job. This includes giving clear instructions on how to safely complete tasks and training employees on how to respond to dangerous situations. Additionally, employers should create a positive work culture that encourages employees to speak up if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing something at work. This means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting any safety concerns without fear of retribution.

Finally, managers should regularly monitor employee performance and identify any risky behavior patterns early on so corrective actions can be taken before an accident happens. Implementing these measures will protect employees from optimism bias in warehouse settings. In Summary Creating a safe and healthy work environment is an integral part of any business, especially if you have employees at risk for injury due to their job. Employers can protect workers from the dangers of optimism bias in warehouse settings by providing them with accurate information about potential hazards they may encounter on the job, creating an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting any safety concerns without fear of retribution, and regularly monitoring employee performance so corrective actions can be taken before an accident happens. Noah Rue is a journalist and content writer, fascinated with the intersection between global health, personal wellness, and modern technology. When he isn't searching out his next great writing opportunity, Noah likes to shut off his devices and head to the mountains to disconnect.

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April 2022

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April 2022 13

Warehouse Solutions

Essential steps for setting up your eCommerce warehouse For anyone setting up an eCommerce business, having efficient and effective logistics is critical. An eCommerce warehouse is a vital part of the back end of your operations, which takes in shipments from suppliers, holds inventory, and sends products out to customers. How well you manage this part of your business impacts delivery speeds, customer satisfaction, and return rates, all of which translates to your bottomline results. Additionally, an efficient warehouse affects the amount of space you need to lease, maintain, and insure, as well as the labor you have to employ. Here are the steps you can take to set up an efficient eCommerce warehouse: 1. Determine your eCommerce warehouse space requirements Creating a winning warehouse starts with figuring out your specific needs. A good place to start is by calculating how many cartons and pallets you plan on storing at any given point and then multiplying that by the footprint of those particular items. Even if this figure is huge, don’t be alarmed. Remember, your warehouse space should be figured in terms of cubic feet because you will use vertical space through various shelving systems. That said, don’t forget to take into account the other parts of your operation in addition to inventory space. This includes sufficient space for: • Shipping and receiving • Forward staging • Returns processing • Offices and personnel • Walkways and aisles 2. Create a list of vital warehouse equipment In addition to the bones of your building, you’ll want to choose the right warehouse equipment to suit your particular needs. Most eCommerce 14

April 2022

Material Handling Network


warehouses have similar goals: maximize space, cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase visibility. Here are basic warehouse equipment types you’ll want to consider: • Storage equipment — Storage equipment includes everything from rack systems and mezzanines to small drawers and bins. • Packaging and shipping equipment — This includes anything your workers need to gather, label, and package orders in preparation for shipping. • Materials handling equipment — This is a category that encompasses storage equipment, loading equipment, transport equipment, and positioning equipment. • Inventory management equipment — This equipment includes things like labels, tags, barcodes, printers, and other items needed to manage inventory. Figure out the types of equipment you’ll need in each category and fit them into the layout you created in the first step. 3. Choose the right warehouse automation solutions If you’re creating or upgrading an eCommerce warehouse, you’d be remiss if you didn’t include some automation solutions. Warehouse automation is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and overall results. And it doesn’t necessarily involve a costly “lights out” operation where you have robots doing all the work. For example, many eCommerce warehouses now use RFID tags for products and equipment. These labels affixed to items send real-time data to your business about an item’s location, temperature, expiration date, size, history, and more. Workers can also use wearable devices to automate parts of the picking, packing, storing, and receiving process. When combined with technology like

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April 2022 15

Warehouse Solutions continued

mobile-powered carts, you’ll have a more efficient operation with fewer errors as well as a safer work environment. 4. Choose a Warehouse Management System (WMS) It’s almost unheard of anymore for modern warehouses to operate using clipboards or spreadsheets. If you want the best possible results, there’s no excuse for forgoing a warehouse management system (WMS). This is an online (usually cloud-based) system that manages your overall operations. Its features should include: •Inventory, shipping, and receiving control •Pick and pack workflow management •Key alerts •User-defined reports •Simple API integration •Scalability 5. Optimize your picking paths The next step is to consider the actual paths that products will take through your warehouse. A good WMS will be able to choose the best pick paths for your warehouse, eliminating the guesswork of doing this by hand. Likewise, using mobile-powered carts can reduce or eliminate the need for workers to have to frequently cross paths or backtrack. 6. Integrate your technology solutions When you take the time to design, purchase, and install these various systems, it would be great if they worked together toward your ultimate goal of warehouse efficiency. Make sure you integrate your new WMS with your automation solutions, accounting and ordering systems, shipping and scheduling software, and any other new or existing systems. 7. Establish warehouse guidelines Before you start hiring warehouse staff, sit down and draw up your warehouse procedures and guidelines. This will be a detailed roadmap of your processes as well as rules to keep employees on track and safe. Some things to address include: • Workflow — Much of how items move through your warehouse will depend on your setup. Some, however, are up to interpretation. Make 16

April 2022

Material Handling Network


sure to outline things like how quickly items should be put away and any other areas of uncertainty. • Quality control — Create guidelines for quality control at every stage of your operation. How is accuracy ensured? Are there KPIs that you will be tracking? • Safety — Establish safety procedures that adhere to OSHA and other guidelines and then train employees on them. 8. Train warehouse staff When you hire your warehouse staff, you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time training them. This involves more than handing new hires a manual. Get your workers up to speed on your workflow process, QA guidelines, and safety procedures. Just as important, teach them to use the technology solutions you’ve implemented so that your business gets the most benefits from them. 9. Define warehouse KPIs and set up tracking Just because your warehouse is new, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s perfect. Make sure you define some warehouse metrics (KPIs) to help identify problem areas as well as areas of success. Some common KPIs you may wish to place on your list include: • Order lead time — Total time it takes for order fulfillment, including picking, packing, and shipping. • Inventory turnover — The frequency with which your entire inventory is depleted. • Return rate — The frequency rate of returns, which could indicate quality control issues. • Transportation cost per package — Total cost to move one item or order, which includes the cost of handling equipment, shipping, and labor. 10. Evaluate results and make adjustments When you have KPIs, you should use them. Even your metrics look good one month, things can change quickly in the eCommerce space, and you’ll need to be ready to make adjustments. Monitor your results closely so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Whether your eCommerce business is booming with orders and you need to keep up, or you are in

Warehouse Solutions continued

the planning phase of your first warehouse space, the way you structure and outfit your eCommerce warehouse is vital to your overall success. Use these best practices to set up your eCommerce warehouse space so that your business will run as smoothly as possible and deliver the results you want. Newcastle Systems, Inc. is a provider of workplace mobility solutions that include a range of mobile carts for every workstation need with a unique, integrated power system that enables companies to maximize workplace efficiencies with minimal investment. Newcastle Systems mobility solutions are in place around the world helping reduce footsteps in warehouses, speed up receiving, picking, and shipping operations, improve staffing efficiencies on the retail floor, and provide convenience and ergonomic benefits for employees in manufacturing, education, distribution, military, and government sectors. For more information, visit www.newcastlesys.com or e-mail sales@newcastlesys.com.

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April 2022 17

Feature Story

Rethinking Supply Chain Management The supply chain crisis continues to place enormous strains on business. Global trade has been knocked out of balance. COVID-19 outbreaks continue to plague us all. COVID outbreaks in China closed two of the world's busiest container ports. A marooned ship blocked traffic through the Suez Canal. And more than 100 ships were idled for weeks off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, waiting for trucks to arrive to clear the backlog of containers stacked on shore. The pandemic has caused both dramatic drops in segments of the market and seemingly uncontrolled surges in others. Raw material supply shortages, transportation bottlenecks, finished goods shortages, as well as inventory placement challenges, have adversely affected our markets. These supply chain problems are compounded by labor shortages.

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April 2022

Authorized Distributor

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The effect on consumers has been widespread. The general public is now experiencing supply chain disruption as households are having shortages, from the scarcity of PPE and toilet paper in 2020 to empty store shelves during the 2021 holiday shopping season. For businesses, especially manufacturers, the supply chain disruptions have had severe operational and financial consequences. When raw materials and packaging are not available when needed, production is slowed or halted, and sales are lost. At times this means customers are lost as they move on to competitors or find other solutions to overcome their unique shortage issues. Lean Inventory Management Put to the Test The supply chain disruptions have tested the lean manufacturing practices, put in place to minimize “waste” of raw material and lower inventory. The Lean Six Sigma management philosophy urges against excess materials sitting around, taking up space because they are a drain on financial resources and additional inventory requires added resources to manage. Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management programs, exemplified by the Toyota Production System (TPS), require suppliers to support production and shipping schedules between consumer and manufacturer with as little inventory as possible. The goal is to have just enough with zero excess or cushion. The model performs well to reduce costs when the supply chain is stable and predictable - but in this environment, it is the cause of most shortages. Experts in Inventory Management AGE Industries is a provider in the packaging industry in forming true partnerships with its customers. AGE can provide the services levels we do because of the effective communications with its business partners which allows us to carry the correct levels of inventory. AGE has built our entire business around supplying our customers with their packaging needs on a JIT basis through a fantastic

Feature Story continued

group of customer service representatives (CSRs) assisted by an operating system specifically tailored to manage our business. For many of its customers, AGE provides a VendorManaged Inventory (VMI) service where they take on the responsibility for optimizing the inventory held by the distributor, based upon their experience in JIT, Kanban, forecasting, and other supply chain management methods. AGE does have other customers that do not require us to hold inventory. For these customers, we place orders called “run and ship." Even though these customers manage their own inventories, the customer service group communicates the everchanging raw material lead times to ensure our customers get their orders placed with enough time to meet their own internal demand. These methods work extremely well for the mutual benefit of AGE, its vendors, and the customers that we have partnered with for decades. Impact of the Supply Chain Crisis Then came the pandemic. AGE started operations in 1974 and until the pandemic hit, raw material lead time had been roughly 24 hours. Today their lead time fluctuates from two to four weeks on normal material grades and up to 16 weeks for specialty items. Fortunately, the impact of the supply chain disruptions in our business and on our customers was relatively limited, due to our relationship with vendors and the strategies they used to respond to the initial supply chain disruption. Once again, having good people on your team who care, clear communications with your customers, and proper production planning and inventory management is the key. Communication and Visibility First and foremost, our customer service team genuinely cares about our customers. This is the foundation for better communications. AGE teaches its CSR’s how to properly interpret usages to prevent supply issues by not only reviewing the production process, but taking into account raw material availability, usage history, and production backlog. AGE does so in an effort to build a dynamic inventory management system in place of the normal

min/max that most of its competitors use today. Through this process, AGE has been able to maintain constant supply in the current environment. Speed our Manufacturing Throughput To increase throughput, AGE had to adapt to pandemic-related labor shortages and improved automation, moving away from labor-intensive equipment and moving to automated equipment allowing more products to be finished in a single pass. AGE also reorganized the flow between our five production facilities to maximize manufacturing efficiency and to best utilize limited labor resources. This shift is from a previous model that gave priority to being as close as possible to the customer. The result has increased our shipping costs but will pay dividends in the future through long-term relationships built on trust. During the years ahead, AGE looks forward to helping its business partners who rely on its services. AGE has a strong future because of its people and ability to adapt to any market. COVID-19 is a testament to its people, plans, and processes. They also believe that COVID-19 is only the first of many tests to come. If you are not with a supplier that cares about your wellbeing and has the foresight to understand your business as well theirs, then problems will ensue. Bill Allen is the President of AGE Industries, LTD. AGE Industries, Ltd has offered innovative and custom packaging and shipping solutions for private industry and government agencies. AGE designs and manufactures corrugated boxes, fiber tubes for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico in the United States. AGE Box de Mexico, services many international businesses located within the Maquiladora from Juarez to Matamoras. Please feel free to contact us and we will happily come to visit to see how AGE can help.

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April 2022 19

Business Management

Long-Distance Leadership: Managing a Remote or Hybrid Workforce the right way Managing people who work from home is nothing new for many leaders, but getting the mechanics right can be another matter. With a few smart moves, anyone can learn to manage a remote workforce effectively. Move One: Recognize that you may have been thrown into the deep end of the pool without much of preparation. A lot of leaders who are managing remote or hybrid teams didn’t get much warning about their new normal. People were in the office one day and gone the next. Although everybody did the best they could at the time, fast answers and actions don’t always equal good management. If your remote or hybrid team is running like a well-oiled machine, take a hard look at why, and don’t use location as an excuse. Move Two: Stop trying to make remote work function as in-person work does. In much the same way that apples are apples and oranges are oranges, remote work is different from an in-person experience. Accept an embrace the differences. Yes, people working remotely may move laundry from the washer to the dryer in between meetings. Yes, they may answer the doorbell during work hours. No, you’re not going to run into them in the cafeteria. And just because they will answer email at 9:00 pm doesn’t mean that you should accept that behavior as a given. Remote is remote, and onsite is onsite. Think about how you should adjust your style and behaviors to enable people to give you their best in each environment. Move Three: Plan better. Managers without a plan and routines often survive in an onsite environment. There charm, personalities, and quick thinking saves the day. When work goes remote, however, many of those people stumble. Leading at a distance requires deliberate calendaring and regular check-in meetings. 20

April 2022

Material Handling Network


Some people check in at the beginning or end of each day, others meet ever other day, and some schedule virtual lunches. Regardless of the specifics, what’s consistent is a contact pattern. To keep your remote group in the loop, build routines and stick with them. In uncertain times, this is one area where you can nail it simply by having a plan and executing it. Move Four: Be specific about expectations. Strong managers know that clear expectations are an essential element in the equation for getting what they want, and remote work amplifies the requirement. In other words, if you are not clear, don’t be surprised when you are disappointed. Ask yourself a lot of questions. Do you expect people to be available at certain hours? Do you expect them to shut work off at a certain time? Have you told your team what you want in terms of quantity and quality of work? What about milestones and status updates? Move Five: Resist the urge to micromanage. “Even though she says she works best late at night and our work doesn’t slow down if she keeps odd hours, I don’t care. I want her focused from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, just as if she were in the office.” While there are plenty of reasons to zero in on how work is done, ask yourself if you’re too deep in the weeds. For instance, if your direct report has a kid’s soccer game at 3:00 in the afternoon but he started working at 6:00 in the morning, does that schedule shift affect the work in any material way? If not, and you can’t flex, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Most people dislike working for control freaks and will get away from them when the opportunity presents itself. Move Six: Spend more time connecting the dots and explaining why. “Rebecca, you are in a customer-facing role. Because our clients may need to reach you during our core hours, it’s important that you are available to them between 9:00 and 5:00 each day.” A why

Business Management continued

explanation communicates not only the expectation but the reason behind it. When a reason is missing, people draw their own conclusions about why, and sometimes they get it wrong. “Rebecca, we need you to be available between 9:00 and 5:00.” In the second example, Rebecca may conclude that her core hours requirement is due to micromanaging instead of a genuine business need – a false conclusion, but nevertheless the one at which she arrived. Move Seven: Help the team make connections with each other. Good remote managers have strong relationships with their direct reports. Great remote managers do the same, and they help their people connect with each other. In practical terms, this means scheduling watercooler time and deliberate team building.

Move Eight: Ask for feedback. Thanks to technology advances and shifting norms, the remote workplace is constantly evolving. What worked two years ago may not work today, and what’s working now probably won’t be the perfect fit in the future. Periodically take stock and ask your team for feedback. Do you get enough guidance? Do you get too much? Do you feel connected with your coworkers? What can we do to improve? What should we stop doing? If you ask good questions, you’ll learn a lot. Leading at a distance is a skill anyone can develop. What’s your next move? Kate Zabriskie is the president of Business Training Works, Inc., a Maryland-based talent development firm. She and her team provide onsite, virtual, and online soft-skills training courses and workshops to clients in the United States and internationally. For more information, visit www. businesstrainingworks.com.

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April 2022 21

Industry News Daifuku North America, Storage Solutions form Integration Partnership for Automation Solutions Storage Solutions Inc. announces forming a partnership with Daifuku North America in which Storage Solutions has become an official integrator of Daifuku’s full suite of automation solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers in North America. As more companies along the supply chain face rising costs, increased fulfillment expectations, and challenges around labor availability, the demand for automation solutions is growing. This partnership will allow Storage Solutions to feature an expanded solution set to integrate technology designed to alleviate these challenges. www.storage-solutions.com CLARK Material Handling recognizes 2022 Dealer of Excellence Advantage winners CLARK Material Handling Company, a top-ten global manufacturer of forklift trucks and spare parts, proudly announces the winners of the 2022 Dealer of Excellence Advantage award. Having achieved great success in servicing CLARK customers in their geographic areas throughout 2021, these Dealer of Excellence Advantage winners represent the top performing CLARK dealers: • Material Handling Inc., Georgia • Ogden Forklifts, Georgia • Delta Materials Handling, Tennessee • Tri-Lift Industries, North Carolina • Forklifts of Minnesota, Minnesota Additionally, CLARK recognizes Conger Industries of Wisconsin as the CLARK New Dealer of the Year; and, Forklifts of Minnesota this year’s CLARK Dealer of the Year. 22

April 2022

Material Handling Network


In addition to these top dealers, CLARK also recognized an additional 23 Dealers of Excellence winners for their outstanding success and overall customer service in 2021: Ardent Industrial Equipmen B&H Industrial Service Big River Equipment Company Buffalo Lift Trucks Electro Mechanical Services LTD Erie Industrial Trucks Forklifts of Des Moines Holly Material Handling JM Equipment Company Lift Parts Service Lift Truck Sales & Service Material Handling, Inc. Nashville Materials Handling Equipment MS Equipment Sales National Lift of Arkansas National Lift Truck SS Lift Starlift Equipment Company The Lilly Company (Birmingham) The Lilly Company (Knoxville) Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co. (Albany) Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co. (East Syracuse) Tri-Lift Industries (Charlotte) Valley Industrial Trucks www.clarkmhc.com

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ct e n n o C Time to

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April 2022 23

Industry News MHS Lift named Top 10 Dealer with 2021 UniCarriers Premier Club Award MHS Lift, Inc. has received the 2021 UniCarriers Premier Club Award. The UniCarriers Premier Club Award is given annually to the Top 10 UniCarriers dealers throughout the Americas. Recipients of the 2021 UniCarriers Premier Club Award were evaluated based on six categories – new equipment sales, market penetration, aftermarket parts sales, service expertise, overall performance, and professionalism. This is MHS Lift’s third UniCarriers Premier Club Award in three years (2019, 2020, 2021). www.mhslift.com

RELiON Battery announces Aftersales Agreement with Hyster-Yale Group, Inc. RELiON Battery just announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Hyster-Yale Group, Inc. to sell RELiON lithium deep cycle batteries through authorized Hyster® and Yale® dealers. Hyster-Yale Group will offer their dealers RELiON’s innovative InSight Series™ line of lithium batteries. The InSight Series™ was designed and engineered from the ground up by RELiON engineers to meet the power and energy requirements in material handling equipment.

Cat® Lift Trucks returns as official Lift Truck provider for the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo™ Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas has announced that Cat® Lift Trucks will return as the Official Lift Truck Provider for the 90th anniversary of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™. For 18 consecutive years, Cat Lift Trucks and its local dealer Darr Equipment Co, have played a critical role in the production of the largest livestock exhibit and rodeo in the world. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo attract more than 2.5 million visitors and 30,000 exhibitors over a span of three weeks.

JLG Expands Manufacturing Footprint into Tennessee, Adds Capacity at Three Plants JLG Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce an expansion of its manufacturing footprint into Jefferson City, Tennessee. This new 60,000-sq-ft space, which is being leased from the Oshkosh Defense segment, along with the addition of new lines at the company’s Bedford and McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania-based plants, and its Leon, Mexico manufacturing facility, will support the increased production of boom lifts and scissor lifts, as well as both JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers. “We have been pursuing a number of initiatives to establish a more agile and stable business model to support long-term, sustainable growth,” said Frank Nerenhausen, executive vice president Oshkosh Corporation and president JLG Industries. “The investment in additional manufacturing space and technology-rich manufacturing lines is indicative of our commitment to supporting customer needs in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

www.logisnextamericas.com www.rodeohouston.com www.darrequipment.com

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April 2022

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Direct lift, no chains

Mini-Rigger Special ™

Heavy Machinery Movers Cart 200 Ton Capacity • 20’L x 10’W x 2’H Dual Steering

• 30,000 lb. Capacity • Unmatched Versatility • 96” High x 138” Long x 58” Wide • 96” Wheel Base • Patent Pending

Low profile

8’ - 10” high x 16’ - 7” long x 8’ - 0” wide

Direct lift, no chains


80,000 lb. to 120,000 lb. at 24” L.C.

Bristol Manufacturing 4416 N. State Rd. (M-15) Davison, MI 48423

Phone: 810.658.9510 Fax: 810.653.5749

Contact Rachelle or Ray


Optional telescoping rigging boom solo matic tires


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April 2022 25

People News Lenze Americas welcomes new President and CEO Lenze has recently announced the appointment of President and CEO Tom Mathias to the Lenze Americas executive team. Mathias’ 25 years of experience in the industrial automation industry include roles of increasing responsibility with GE, FANUC, Parker Hannifin, and Omron in Europe, Japan, and the Americas. Most recently, he was president & CEO of Omron Robotics & Safety Technologies. www.lenze.com/en-us

Motion promotes Tart to VP-Southeast Group Motion Industries, Inc has announced the promotion of Jon Tart to Vice President of the Company’s Southeast Group, effective March 1, 2022. Mr. Tart was promoted from his position of Baltimore Division Vice President. Starting with Motion in 1996 as a Customer Service Representative, he transitioned to the Corporate Training program in 1997, then moved to a sales territory in 1998. Since then, Mr. Tart has served as Branch Manager of two branches, Division Sales Manager, Area Vice President of Corporate Accounts for the Northeast and the Southeast, and Baltimore Division Manager. Mr. Tart will report to Kevin Storer, Executive Vice President, Branch Operations www.motion.com Dorner appoints Lindsey Muchka as new Director of Marketing Lindsey Muchka has been appointed the new Director of Marketing for Dorner. In her position with Dorner, Muchka will head up all of the company’s marketing and advertising efforts that support its conveyor 26

April 2022

Material Handling Network


platforms. Prior to joining Dorner, Muchka worked for 11 years at Tailored Label Products, Inc., where her roles included a variety of sales and marketing positions, including most recently as director of marketing. www.dornerconveyors.com Nucor Chief Financial Officer Jim Frias to retire; Steve Laxton to be promoted Nucor Corporation has announced that Jim Frias, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Executive Vice President, plans to retire effective June 11, 2022, and will transition out of the role as of March 6, 2022. Steve Laxton, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning, has been named his successor. Messrs. Frias and Laxton will work together over the next several months to conduct a seamless transition of CFO responsibilities. www.nucor.com Bob Begley joins the JLG® Product Management team JLG Inc., has announced that Bob Begley has joined the company as director of product management for scissor, vertical and low-level access lifts. In this role, Begley is responsible for the company’s multi-generational product plan, as well as driving the direction and implementation of its go-to-market strategies. www.jlg.com

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Largest online market for used forklifts, attachments and work platforms.

2017 Hyster H50FT MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123


2013 CAT Lift Trucks EP8000 Zoom Lifts & Equipment Chester, SC | 704 975-1377

2012 Hyster H80FT 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898

2020 HC (Hangcha) FD40B KMC Equipment Bryan | 9797780097

2014 Yale ERC080 Russell Equipment Twinsburg | (330) 405-8300

2016 Combilift C20000 Miller Equipment Co Garland | 469-366-4227

2018 Jungheinrich EZS 570 NA Russell Equipment Twinsburg | (330) 405-8300



2006 Hyster H100XM Miller Equipment Co Garland | 469-366-4227






2013 Toyota 8FGU25 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

2014 Yale GLP060VX Chicago Industrial Equipment Rockdale | 815 569 6499


2016 CAT Lift Trucks DP70N Russell Equipment Twinsburg | (330) 405-8300


2010 Hyster S155FT Chicago Industrial Equipment Rockdale | 815 569 6499




2021 HC (Hangcha) FD25P KMC Equipment Bryan | 9797780097

CAT Lift Trucks GP30N Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400

2011 CAT Lift Trucks 2C6500 Illinois Lift Equipment Cary |

2014 Skyjack SJ7135 RT Miller Equipment Co Garland | 469-366-4227







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April 2022 27

Industrial Manufacturing planned Industrial Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads 145 New Planned Manufacturing Industrial Projects Identified - February 2022 SalesLeads announced today the February 2022 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 145 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector. INDIANA: Steel company is planning to invest $290 million for an expansion and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN. They are currently seeking approval for the project. TEXAS: Steel pipe mfr. is planning to invest $192 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facility in BAYTOWN, TX. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2023. The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news. Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type

• Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 135 New Projects • Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 70 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity

• New Construction - 37 New Projects • Expansion - 46 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 64 New Projects • Plant Closings - 14 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States) • Texas - 14

• Ohio - 8

• Indiana - 8

• North Carolina - 8

• New York - 8

• Michigan - 7

• South Carolina - 7

• Florida - 6

• Ontario - 6

• California - 5

Largest Planned Project During the month of February, our research team identified 14 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by ArcelorMittal Dofasco, who is planning to invest $1.8 billion for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their manufacturing facility in HAMILTON, ON. They have recently received approval for the project. NORTH CAROLINA: Pharmaceutical company is planning to invest $1 billion for the construction of a 5 building processing and manufacturing complex in CONCORD, NC. They have recently received approval for the project. ARIZONA: Air treatment system mfr. is planning to invest $300 million for the construction of a 1 million sf manufacturing and office facility and currently seeking a site in the MESA, AZ or CHANDLER, AZ area. 28

April 2022

Material Handling Network


TENNESSEE: Tile mfr. is planning to invest $140 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades of their 250,000 sf manufacturing facility in DICKSON, TN. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for late 2023. KENTUCKY: Magnetic products mfr. is planning to invest $95 million for the construction of a 171,000 sf manufacturing facility in LOUISVILLE, KY. They have recently received approval for the project. WEST VIRGINIA: Automotive mfr. is planning to invest $73 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their manufacturing facility in BUFFALO, WV. They have recently received approval for the project. NORTH CAROLINA: Rubber components mfr. is planning to invest $70 million for an expansion of their warehouse and manufacturing facility in KINSTON, NC. They have recently received approval for the project. PENNSYLVANIA: Aluminum products mfr. is planning to invest $46 million for an expansion of their manufacturing and processing facility in LANCASTER, PA. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for Spring 2023. WEST VIRGINIA: Building materials mfr. is planning to invest $40 million for the construction of a 150,000 sf manufacturing facility on John Nash Blvd. in BLUEFIELD, WV. Completion is slated for late 2022. Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America. Our professional research team identifies new construction, expansion, relocation, major renovation, equipment upgrades, and plant closing project opportunities so that our clients can focus sales and marketing resources on the target accounts that have an impending need for their products, services, and indirect materials.

Distribution and Supply Chain planned Industrial Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads 190 New Planned Distribution and Supply Chain Industrial Projects Identified - February 2022 SSalesLeads announced today the February 2022 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Distribution and Supply Chain industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 190 new projects in the Distribution and Supply Chain sector. Pennsylvania: Port Authority is planning to invest $244 million for an expansion, renovation, and equipment upgrades on their warehouse and storage complex in PHILADELPHIA, PA. They have recently received approval for the project.

The following are selected highlights on new Distribution Center and Warehouse construction news. Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Type • Distribution/Fulfillment Centers - 73 New Projects • Industrial Warehouse - 165 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain- By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 99 New Projects • Expansion - 41 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 48 New Projects • Closing - 8 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Location (Top 5 States) • Pennsylvania - 13 • Michigan - 12 • Georgia - 12 • California - 11 • Florida - 9 Largest Planned Project During the month of February, our research team identified 12 new Distribution and Supply Chain facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Chick-fil-A, who is planning to invest $325 million for the construction of a distribution and processing facility in HUTCHINS, TX. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2023. Top 10 Tracked Distribution and Supply Chain Project Opportunities North Carolina: Industrial paint and coating mfr. is planning to invest $324 million for the expansion of their manufacturing facility in STATESVILLE, NC by 36,000 sf. The project also includes the construction of a 800,000 sf warehouse and distribution center at the site. They have recently received approval for the project.

Virginia: Automotive parts distributor is planning to invest $185 million for the construction of an 800,000 sf warehouse and distribution center in NEW KENT, VA. They have recently received approval for the project. North Carolina: Dietary supplement mfr. is expanding and planning to invest $177 million for the construction of a 230,000 distribution center at 208 Manufacturers Blvd. in MOORESVILLE, NC. The project includes the renovation and equipment upgrades on an existing 215,000 sf processing facility at the site. Vermont: Aerospace company is planning to invest $122 million for the construction of a 344,000 sf warehouse and manufacturing facility at Burlington International Airport in SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Georgia: Global logistics company is planning for the construction of a warehouse and distribution facility in ATLANTA, GA. Completion is slated for late 2022. Pennsylvania: Specialty snack food mfr. is planning to invest $75 million for the expansion of their warehouse and processing facility in BEDFORD, PA by 750,000 sf. Construction is expected to start in Summer 2022. North Carolina: Rubber components mfr. is planning to invest $70 million for an expansion of their warehouse and manufacturing facility in KINSTON, NC. They have recently received approval for the project. South Carolina: Foodservice distributor is planning to invest $66 million for the construction of a 400,000 sf warehouse and distribution center at Alex Lee Blvd. in FLORENCE, SC. They have recently received approval for the project. Virginia: Global shipping company is planning to invest $50 million for the construction of a 198,000 sf distribution center in LEESBURG, VA. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2023. Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America. Our professional research team identifies new construction, expansion, relocation, major renovation, equipment upgrades, and plant closing project opportunities so that our clients can focus sales and marketing resources on the target accounts that have an impending need for their products, services, and indirect materials.

Product Showcase ASSA ABLOY introduces its MD2000 Automated Reefer Door solution ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems announced the unveiling of the industry’s first automatic door for refrigerated trucks and trailers. The revolutionary ASSA ABLOY MD2000 automated reefer door opens with lightning speed, electronically senses the presence of workers and cargo passing through, and quickly closes once the passage is clear. The door will help streamline the food delivery process and ensure a constant temperature and humidity barrier for reefer interiors.

Orion updates features in the Flex LPA Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapping System Orion Packaging Systems, has updated features on its Flex LPA Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapping System. Updated features automatically performing the entire film wrap cycle without the operator dealing with the film tail at the beginning or end of the cycle. The system is engineered for 24/7 operation and features a heavy-duty steel framework and turntable support system, AC motors, and a belt-driven carriage lift. www.OrionPackaging.com

Aptean launches new Cloud-based enterprise Asset Management Solution including CMMS for manufacturers

CLARK launches the new TWLi20 ThreeWheel Electric Lithium-Ion Powered Lift Truck CLARK Material Handling Company announced the launch of the TWLi20 Three Wheel Electric Lithium-Ion forklift truck to the CLARK line of industrial lift trucks. This highly efficient Lithium-Ion forklift provides both new and experienced operators an easy to maneuver and handle lift truck. The narrow profile and tight turning radius make the TWLi20 perfectly suited for a wide range of applications and operations. www.clarkmhc.com


Aptean announced the launch of Aptean EAM, an all-new, cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAM) solution for manufacturing and other businesses that depend on complex equipment to support production. The new offering can scale from functioning as a standalone computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to delivering advanced EAM functionality. www.aptean.com

Access Control Group launches AWARE Collision Avoidance System Chaotic work environments, distracted workers, and equipment zooming through facilities such as distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, or ports can cause collision risks. Scalable Telematics provider Access Control Group is launching a proximity warning system to help companies protect their employees' safety: AWARE, an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) based proximity system that measures the distance between moving objects and alerts both operators and pedestrians of approaching equipment. Additionally, UWB technology allows AWARE to penetrate most obstacles and operate around blind corners. www.theaccessway.com 30

April 2022

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Product Showcase JW Winco’s new Standard Parts Handbook is released JW Winco’s new handbook will support designers and engineers with the largest selection of standard parts. Our handbook has the most comprehensive number of standard parts with over 75,000 items on 2,184 pages. More than 75,000 standard parts can be found in this handbook. You will find our popular sellers as well as brand new products - including toggle clamps, shaft collars, concealed multiplejoint hinges, and hygienically designed components, including ones made of metal detectable plastics or antibacterial materials. www.jwwinco.com

Raymond adds new Automated Transtacker to intralogistics solutions offering The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Raymond® Automated Transtacker to its line of automated warehouse solutions, further expanding the company’s comprehensive intralogistics solutions portfolio. With a very narrow aisle design and dual-mode versatility, the Raymond Automated TRT provides both space- and labor-saving benefits. The Automated TRT’s Order Manager software fully integrates with your warehouse management system www.raymondcorp.com

WIKA Mobile Control provides wireless system solution for QMC Cranes QMC Cranes is offering WIKA Mobile Control’s PRS90 wireless multi-sensor indicator as an option on their 40-series and 50-series boom trucks. All of the 4033R and 5034R boom trucks equipped with the PRS90 are currently being used in the precast concrete industry. Given the harsh working environments that their machines operate in, QMC required a robust wireless system and chose the PRS90 for a variety of reasons. www.wika-mc.com

Trelleborg delivers maximum performance and minimum waste with its new tire solution Trelleborg looks to significantly improve material handling operations with the launch of its latest tire solution for maximum intensity applications, the XP1000. The tire provides customers moving materials around ports, warehouses, and shop floors, with optimum traction and minimal vibration to bring greater comfort, increased safety, lower fuel consumption, and longer tire life for more costeffective and sustainable operations. www.trelleborg.com

Kivnon presents its latest three innovations in mobile robotics Kivnon presents its new three models of autonomous vehicles: the K03 Twister, the K50 Pallet Truck, and the K55 Pallet Stacker, capable of circulating around the environment using magnetic guidance or mapping navigation, based on SLAM technology. The new Forklift mobile robots autonomously transport palletized loads of up 1,000 kg and lift heights of up to 1 meter. The new K50 Pallet Truck and the new K55 Pallet Stacker have the ability to move in both directions of travel and are equipped with lifting forks to transport and handle loads vertically and horizontally. Both products have been specially designed for the optimization of processes and tasks within a warehouse. www.kivnon.com


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April 2022 31


ENGINES ✓ Remanufactured engines ✓ Engines in-stock for same day shipment

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Racking / Shelving Mezzanine Decking Solid Rack Deck



April 2022

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FIND IT. SELL IT. ENJOY IT. forklift-international.com

At Tires International Corp., we offer a variety of solid tires for forklifts, telehandlers, skid steer loaders as well as larger loaders and other construction equipment. If you don’t see the tire you need on our website or need help in making your selection, call us. We’re always ready to help! “We ship our solid tires nationwide!”

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PA Industrial Equipment, Inc. Delivering Quality Since 1977







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April 2022 33

ADVERTISERS’ INDEX American Industrial Transmission, Inc...........15, 34

FMH Material Handling Solutions....................... A1

Mac Rak Inc............................................. Insert 23




Bidger Howes............................................ Insert 5

Forklift-international.com.................................. 27



Bristol Manufacturing........................................ 25

Green Cubes Technology.......................... Insert 19



Clark Material Handling Co.................................. 5

Hader Industries Inc........................................... 13



Superior Engineering............................3, Insert 15

Collision Awareness...................................... Insert

Helmar, Inc.............................................. Insert 24




CombiLift Ltd............................................. Insert 2

Indoff................................................................... 7



Dyna Rack............................................A2, Insert 9

Interthor, Inc........................................................ 9



Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP)......11, 17

Joseph Industries, Inc........................................ 18

West Point Rack, Inc.......................................... A4




Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc...................... Insert 17 www.mezzaninesafetygates.com Phoenix Lighting.................................................. 8 www.phoenixlighting.com

Thombert, Inc..................................................... A3 www.thombert.com Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc..... Insert 11 www.trelleborg.com

The advertisers’ index is an extra service to the advertisers. The publisher does not assume liability for errors.



American Industrial Transmission Inc. 800-588-7515 sales@aittransmission.com www.aittransmission.com 34

April 2022

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Let pedestrians and operators know if someone is just around the corner with our New LOOK-OUT ™

• Avoid Forklift Accidents • Alert Workers & Pedestrians • Warehouse, Yard and Office Applications • Reduce Liabilities • Increase Up Time

Alert Employees of Dangerous Collisions BEFORE They Occur! LOOK-OUT™

Currently, we have 42 standard package offerings, ranging from one-way to fourway intersections. These units can be mounted to racks, walls, or ceiling hung for the large units. Additionally, our new DUAL USE series consists of units that can be used INDOORS and OUTDOORS. Our units are Essential for Traffic Control.

Our LOOK OUT™ product line offers a versatile line of safety sensors that will alert workers and pedestrians if a forklift or other moving object is approaching just around the corner. Our sensors are great for any traffic area and are quickly becoming a standard for warehouse traffic control. Avoid accidents and potential liabilities to your facility. We have LOOK OUT™ products for just about every safety application for your warehouse, yard, or office needs. Additionally, if you need a custom solution, we will work with you to assure that your safety needs are met to complete satisfaction.

Protect your employees, visitors, and guests from dangerous collisions with forklifts or heavy equipment while walking through your facility. Safety and caution should be an automatic response to your implemented systems. We offer both interior and exterior sensors on our systems that can be mounted anywhere. They help control traffic concerns and communicate that someone is approaching from a spot that may not be otherwise visible.

When the sensors detect motion in blind spots around a corner or a door way, it begins to flash a warning to the pedestrian or operator who is approaching that intersection. Additionally, sensors will signal the lights on either side of the unit to flash as to indicate someone is approaching the same intersection. Thus, everyone approaching that intersection is informed of movement and will know to proceed with caution. The sensors may be adjusted to specific angles and lengths that will meet the needs of your facility. Signals are sent via bright flashing red LED lights on each visible side of the units.


AVOID DEADLY AND COSTLY FORKLIFT COLLISIONS As workers juggle more projects and deadlines with shorter time constraints, safety can become jeopardized. As this happens, so do accidents. 40% of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift. Many of these accidents and fatalities can be avoided by warning pedestrians and forklift operators of approaching danger. Our LOOK OUT™ sensor alert warning system allows for quick and easy recognition of possible hazardous situations. Why take chances of liabilities when you can avoid accidents and protect your most valuable assets: your employees!




Sensor detects up to 35 feet away,24 hours a day

Shown: Hall Door Monitor Basic

Blind spots, corners, and dangerous intersections can cause series accidents. Wouldn’t it be great if someone was always there to alert you of oncoming traffic? Despite Safety Supervisors efforts, they cannot always be there to prevent collisions. Thankfully, our units are there to scan traffic areas and alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • The Look Out units cover 2, 3, and 4-way intersections. • The Hall Door and Overhead Door units cover hallways and overhead doors. • The Basics detect on one side and alert on the other. • The Dual Use series of units can be used for interior/exterior applications. Examples of these units are shown below. LOOK OUT 4

70’ 130’ 200’


50’ Standard




The ‘FIT’ Height Awareness Sensors TRAFFIC


The Fit height Awareness Sensors alert truck drivers of overhead obstacles that may be in the line of an elevated mast. When the sensor beams are broken, the ‘FIT’ lights and audible alarm continuously alert the driver of potential danger.




SensorInterior SensorExterior


Double Alert

Exterior Double Box DOOR TRAFFIC

• Choose from 70’, 130’, and 200’ options for distance between sensors. • Sensors and selectable audible can be used for interior or exterior applications. • Great for protecting overhead sprinklers, heaters, lights, and storage; ceiling fans; loading dock awnings and industrial canopies; overhead bridge cranes; interior doorways; and parking garages. MADE in the U.S.A.


Interior Double Box

Toll FREE: 888-324-1920



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combilift.com 2 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

Amanda 7.625 x 9.875.indd 1

April 202203/03/2021


Very First Material Handling Network - January 1982



Welcome to Material Handling Network’s 40th year in publishing! I’m Kip Krady. Over the last several months the Material Handling Network staff has been reading the Network archives and commenting on the many changes throughout our 40-years, the people and innovations that have formed our world of material handling the way it is today. I think we could have written hundreds of more pages to this supplement. As you continue to read forward, I hope you enjoy some of our history that we have found interesting and possibly bring back some memories.

Material Handling Network’s Timeline January 1982 -

Original First issue The launch of Material Handling Wholesale Network located in East Peoria, IL hit the mail boxes of 7,300 new subscribers. The free monthly publication offered dealers, wholesaler and manufacturer an ideal advertising marketplace for new and used equipment. Some of the original advertisers in the first edition were Patterson Lift Truck, Dataquest, Little Giant, Crest Manufacturing, Char-Nor Enterprises, Intrupa, Anderson Industrial Parts Corp., and SCR Parts-a division of Flight Systems. The first issue was 16 pages printed on newsprint as a broadsheet publication. Michaeleen Hawkins and Nola were the account executives from the start.

January 1985 From 1982 – 1985 the MHW Network was rebranded to Network – “For the Material Handling Industry”. The advertisers in each issue grew to over 130 and pages 4 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

increased to over 60 pages. In the January 1985 issue promoted ProMat 85 located in Chicago, IL sponsored by Material Handling Institute Show and Forum (now MHI) located in Pittsburgh, PA. Advertisers in this issue include SMH, Equipment Company of Los Angeles, Container Bins, Inc., Hawthorne Lift Systems, Warfield Electric, Clarklift of Arkansas, Attachment Network Inc., Stallion Tire Company, Grindstaff Engines, LiftRite, United Network Wholesale, Arrow Forklift Parts, Voss Lift Parts, and Interthor to name a few advertisers.

May 1986 The Material Handling Institute, Inc. (MHI) conducted a six-month study that was part of the planning process for LOGISTEX 86 to be held on May 6-8 in St. Louis, MO. The finding included all kinds of information which was presented during the show. Many of the findings told MHI the show should focus on productivity improvements like better information flow, improvements in space or cube utilization to reduce inventory, deregulation in the trucking industry, public warehousing and vendor markings of goods for retail shelves as told by MHI’s Director of Marketing William Clayburg. April 2022


We specialize in writing press releases, ghost blogs and case studies; in addition to providing social media management and marketing consultation for material handling equipment manufacturers. +44 (0)1403 26416 mark@bridgerhowes.com

Happy 40th Anniversary Material Handling Network! #BridgerHowes

bridgerhowes.com Limited



As seen in Material Handling Network July 1986

March 1990 Dubuque-based Woodward Communications, Inc. acquires Material Handling Network on March 27, 1990.

January 1991 The masthead changed to more of an international look to show the global view of material handling. In addition to the front cover changes Mike Hawkins, General Manager of Network announced their offices were expanding plus Network was getting a new phone system to better serve its customers.

March 1991 As seen in Material Handling Network August 1986 Health - Letting go of leanness

October 1987 Andra Stephens was hired as a Material Handling Network Creative Designer. Andra Stephens

October 1988 In this issue the byline on the front cover changed from “For the Material Handling Industry” to “For International Material Handling”. Joseph Industries celebrated its first year as an Employee-Owned Company on October 1, 1987. The ownership changed from a family-owned business to a 100% employeeowned business. 6 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

Tony Martin joins the staff as an Account Executive on March 13, 1991 Network General Manager Michaeleen Hawkins announced that this issue had over 165 advertisers with many more in the classified advertisers. The issue was 124 pages. The issue also announced the 1st North American Material Handling Show & Forum that was taking place in Detroit, Michigan March 30 – April 2. This eventually called the NA Show which is now MODEX that is held in Atlanta, Ga. The show was sponsored by MHIA (Material Handling Industry of America which is now MHI.) Tony Martin

January 1992 Nancy Gudat joins Material Handling Network as an Account Executive.

January 1994 Andra Stephens transitions into an Account Executive role at Material Handling Network.

April 2022

As seen in Material Handling Network - October 1986



January 1996 In this issue the name of the publication changed from Network to Material Handling Network with a new larger look on the front cover. The front cover pages upgraded from a newsprint cover to a brighter heavier stock of cover paper. This made the issues go through the USPS sorters better so readers didn’t get a ripped publication when it appeared on their desk. The mailing label began stating Material Handling Network is a division of Woodward Communications, Inc., based in Dubuque, IA which still owns this publication.

July 1996 Material Handling Network debuts the bi-annual Network Directory of Material Handling. This is a staple in the industry which appears in the July and January issues of Network.

January 1998 Material Handling Network debuted its new website www.MHnetwork.com

April 1998

April 1999 Michaeleen Hawkins, General Manager leaves Material Handling Network. Heidi Landes joins Material Handling Network as a Graphic Artist.

June 1999 Tony Martin retires from Material Handling Network on June 31, 1999.

March 2000 Robert “Bob” Behrens replaces Michaeleen Hawkins as General Manager of Material Handling Network.

April 2000 MHN starts a new column to let readers know about how they can benefit in doing more business online with their website. The new column is called “Web Watch”. Katie Cain joins the Material Handling Network staff as a Graphic Artist.

June 2000 MHN issue celebrates a 156-page issue. Many thanks to our loyal advertisers; many have been with Network since the beginning.

November 2002

Roxie Cain joins Material Handling Network as the Office Coordinator/Circulation.

January 1999

Material Handling Network publishes its 250th edition.

March 2003

The masthead of this In this edition Material Handling Network issue changed it look introduces “The Parts Market Place of MHN”. from its larger Material April 2004 Handling Network to the publications initials In this issue, MHN introduces “MHN’s boldly displayed as Industry Link. A resource for readers to find MHN. products and services by category.

February 1999 The impact of the new OSHA regulations. 8 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

August 2004 As Material Handling Network celebrates 22 years in publishing, the masthead changes April 2022

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bringing back the full title name from the abbreviated MHN logo.

Publisher of WoodwardBizMedia takes on the dayto-day activities at Network.

In this issue a new column began as Michael Creamer started “Creamer’s Corner” that focused on the world of sweeper/scrubbers.

August 2006 Mitzi Mitzelfelt joins Material Handling Network as production lead.

October 2006 Material Handling Network debuts its first digital magazine to its readers.

January 2009

March 2011 Material Handling Network exhibits at ProMat 2011 in Chicago, IL for the first time.

December 2011 This month we congratulated two more industry leaders on their retirements. Material Handling Industry’s John Nofsinger and William (Bill) Montwieler. John marked 45 years with MHI and Bill served 28 years with the Industrial Truck Association.

January 2012

Material Handling Network debuts a new column called “Tech Talk” written by John Gelsimino Jr. from All Industrial Engine Service, Inc. This issue also began the “Safety Corner” with articles written by Jeff Ord from Forklift Safety Training Services.

April 2009

IDE 10 t 20emen NASuppl


Starting with this issue, Material Handling Network debuts glossy cover pages in the front and back of the publication that replaces a hi-brite cover stock used for the last 20 years. An Employee-Owned Specialty Publications International, Inc. Magazine


March 2010


George Prest is MHI’s new CEO. Material Handling Network exhibits George Prest at the first MODEX 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Network was also a media sponsor for the 2012 Georgia Logistics Summit held during the same time as MODEX.

March 2010 Material Handling Network publishes the last cover story and supplement devoted to Material Handling Industry’s (MHI) NA 2010 Show in Cleveland, OH. The show was replaced with MODEX Show in March 2012 in Atlanta,GA. Prsrt Std US Postage PAID Wholesaler

Your business solution center

ATTN.: Postmaster: This is dated material. Please rush!

June 2010


June 2012 The Dealers’ Source For Portable Racks™

Change Service Requested

P.O. Box 725 •Dubuque, IA 52004-0725

Bob Behrens, General of Material STOCKManager PROGRAM AVAILABLE Handling Network retires after 30 years with Woodward Communications, Inc., on June 30th. 10 of those years with 800–939–DYNA the Material (3962) Handling Network publication. Karen Ruden, the Group Stack and Store Your Product with Dyna Racks!

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''' ( " ) # # ( "

10 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc., MHI and MHEDA in introducing the Howard Bernstein Material Handling Industrial Distribution Scholarship. This 501(c) 3 taxed exempt foundation accepts donations to fund April 2022


Material Handling Network on Your 40th Anniversary! PS1000. Increase your efficiency Boost your results. THE MOST INNOVATIVE PRESS ON TIRE, INCLUDING THE TRELLEBORG PIT STOP LINE TO ENHANCE TIRE LIFE AND SAFETY.

ProHD: specialized compound for higher load carrying capacity.

ProTex: unique non marking compound featuring electrically conducting properties.

Electrically conducting: specialized compound designed for flammable and explosive environments.

Non marking: designed to keep floors clean from tire marks.


TP_0611_TB_PS1000_Half_Page_US.indd 1

06/01/2022 13:56

r o f ing


ll o R on


! s r a e ye


r o m 0+


scholarships for students throughout the United States who are enrolled and majoring in an industrial distribution program or a comparable engineering curriculum at a pre-qualified institution. To donate contact Donna Varner at MHI. Her email is DVarner@mhi.org. The industry lost an industry leader in 2012. Daniel (Dan) R. Reilly died at 85 after a long illness. He was a past executive vice-president of the Material Handling Equipment Association (MHEDA) for 25 years. During Dan’s tenure he launched and edited the MHEDA Magazine, precursor to the MHEDA Journal. In 1993 Dan was awarded MHEDA’s prestigious Distinguished Service Award.

Atlanta, GA. Network is also a media sponsor of the Georgia Logistics Summit going at the same time.

April 2014 Mitzi Mitzelfelt leaves Material Handling Network. In this issue a new health column makes it debut called Health Nudge written by TVH’s Bonnie Steer.

May 2014 Material Handling Network debuts a new digest size which is the current size of the magazine.

August 2012 This issue celebrates the “Dog Days of Summer” which displays the pets in the Material Handling Industry.

TVH celebrates 45 years as one of the most respected names in the industry.

January 2013 Material Handling Network exhibits at ProMat 2013 in Chicago. Co-founder and president of American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) Jock Menzies died unexpectedly on August 16. After witnessing the breakdown of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina he organized an effort and engaged supply-chain professionals and trade associations to come together to form ALAN.

November 2014 Drones are introduced to warehousing and a new concept of drones delivering packages was being talked about in material handling.

December 2014 Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) enters into a definitive agreement to acquire Tailift Company, LTD which manufactures forklifts in Taiwan and China. Advertiser’s Index/Table of Contents 52

Industry Link 38

Classifieds 40

Product Preview 50


December 2013


View Network Magazine Online:


www.mhnetwork.com Ph 800.447.6901 Fx 309.698.0801 mhnetwork@wcinet.com


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Nancy Gudat retires after 21 years with Material Handling Network.


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12 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

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Material Handling Network exhibits at the MODEX 2014 in

217 Loren St. Washington, IL 61571

A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.

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January 2015 Linde Material Handling North America announced on November 14th that the new corporate name will change to KION North America Corporation, effective on January 1st.

April 2022


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Raymond celebrates their 75th anniversary with two inventions that revolutionized the material handling industry: the hydraulic hand pallet truck and the double-faced wooden pallet.

March 2015 In this issue, Material Handling Network received a major publication reduction due to changes in the U.S. Postal system distribution requirements. The larger size of Network was always a unique branding statement that made it stand out. Starting with this issue and remaining today it is the digest version that readers have become to love. The cover glossy stock is also heavier so it stands up to the mailing distribution until Network hits your desk. Crown Equipment Corporation completes construction of their new office building at its global headquarters in New Bremen, Ohio. HOLT CAT announced that its president and CEO Allyn L. Archer decides to retire on December 31, 2014 after a distinguished 43-year career with the company.

April 2015 Established over 10 years ago, West Point Rack is a fast-growing company with a competitive price and a very service oriented management team. Combilift announces $45 million new manufacturing facility over the next two-years in Monaghan, Ireland which will create 200 additional jobs. 14 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

FSIP (Flight Systems Industrial Products) introduces the new Xtender battery regenerator to the industry. Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler introduce a joint venture in a new buy and sell equipment website www.MHconX.com.

June 2015 Forklift Simulator was named Best New Innovation from MHI at ProMat’s 70th anniversary celebration.

July 2015 Industry icon Howard Bernstein passes away at the th age of 92 on May 18 . He spent 75 years in the material handling industry building his business, Atlas Companies, in Chicago, Illinois. Most importantly he built friendships with everyone he met. He also spearheaded the Howard Bernstein Scholarship Fund contributing his own money to fund it. Howard was proactive in getting Universities and Colleges Howard Bernstein to begin courses in distribution. At this time only five Universities in the country taught this curriculum. This program is still going strong and is promoted through MHI and MHEDA.

October 2015 On August 29th, Harry Gretz from Transamerican Equipment with locations in North and South Carolina died at 73. A Harry Gretz 30-year industry veteran and selfmade man who grew his business into a nationally known forklift sales and rental company. April 2022


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800-359-3052 15

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Company LTD jointly acquires 100% of UniCarriers Corporation. Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing enters into an exclusive agreement with Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU) to manufacture pneumatic tire forklifts under a private label agreement.

December 2015 Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Inc. (TIEM) marked a manufacturing milestone with the productions and sale of its 500,000-forklift built at the company manufacturing facility. To mark the occasion Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta president Lee Smith presented the lift truck to customer RockTenn, the second largest paper company in the world. It also coincided with their 25th year in making Toyota forklifts made in the USA.

January 2016 In this issue, Material Handling Network updated the look of the logo with a tag line. “The Material Handling Industry knows, Network Works.”

February 2016 Industry leader Gary Walter Bennicoff passes away at 72. He started as a forklift technician and worked his way up to executive Gary Walter level positions. He also secured Bennicoff the Nissan’s Lifetime Achievement Service Excellence Pinnacle award. Many said Gary was the “best there was.”

April 2016 MHconX introduces a new SMS Service to its reader. This service lets the reader text a unique code of a piece of equipment and in return gives a description of the details of a certain piece of equipment. Hyster-Yale announce agreement to acquire indirect control of Bolzoni S.pA.

May 2016


16 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

May 2016



Material Handling Network introduces a special supplement and enewsletter for June Safety Month called “Safety Matters”.

June 14th is National Forklift Safety is celebrating it all month long.

SAFETY MATTERS Weekly Newsletter ■ Product listing with photo $99 per issue ■ Leaderboard Banner $125 per issue ■ 20% discount if committing to 4 weekly issues ■ Newsletter is emailed to 8,000 weekly subscribers on Monday of each week (4 Mondays in June)

■ Weekly SAFETY MATTERS Newsletter deadlines are the Thursday before each Monday

SAFETY MATTERS Special Packages

Full page package


(save $408)

1/2 page package

July 2016

Day and Material Handling Network

Highlight the safe use of forklifts and the importance of operator training by participating in Network’s special section – SAFETY MATTERS. This section will focus on special articles, products and services that promote the importance of forklift safety.

■ Advertisement in Network magazine ■ Advertisement in Network digital edition ■ Logo sponsorship of our SAFETY MATTERS weekly newsletter (4 weeks available)

■ Color enhanced listing in the Material Handling Network bi-Annual Directory

■ Deadline is May 15, 2016


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1/4 page package

Konecranes acquires Terex’s Material Handling and Port Solutions business. $539

(save $289)

Network works SAFELY!

Andra Stephens – 309.699.4431 or mhnetwork@wcinet.com Tim Koehler – 563.588.3856 or tkoehler@woodwardbizmedia.com

August 2016 AUGUST 16

KION Group LIBRARY IS acquires Dematic and EXPANDING Honeywell acquires Intelligrated.

www.mhnetwork.com • Phone: 800.447.6901 • Fax: 309.698.0801• mhnetwork@wcinet.com

the TVHU


Explore newly added industry related topics and enhance your knowledge from the convenience of your home or dealership.

toll free (800) 255-4109 • www.tvh.com


ATTN.: Postmaster: This is dated material. Please rush!

A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.


The Dealers’ Source For Portable Racks

Change Service Requested

217 Loren St. Washington, IL 61571

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. announced that its wholly-owned operating subsidiary NACCO Material Handling Group, Inc. Hyster and Yale brands will market globally under the corporate name Hyster-Yale Group, Inc.

Material Handling Network

Custom designs are our specialty!

Stock Program Available on some sizes & designs

Pallet Frames

Stack Racks

Nestable Racks

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April 2022

Happy 40th Material Handling Network It’s Our 40th Too!

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. Making Your Customer’s Facility Safer Since 1982 Pallet drop safety gates to fit any application Ensure your customer’s pallet drop areas are keeping employees protected. Our safety gates come in a variety of standard designs and we can create custom engineered solutions when needed. All our safety gates meet OSHA fall protection codes and ANSI standards. We offer partner discounts, contact us to learn more.





December 2016 Attend The Inaugural Midwest Material Handling Huddle Conference June 7, 2017 In Rolling Meadows, Il. More details at www.MHhuddle.com

Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler announce an industry conference called MH Huddle to bring industry leaders together to network and share a day of learning in Chicago June 6th and 7th. The conference was canceled and was turned into two one-hour webinars. Michelle Stappert joins Material Handling Network as an Account Executive.

January 2017 Clark Material Handling Company celebrates 100 years. In May the company welcomes up to 50 people to celebrate this major milestone in Clark’s history of manufacturing. Clark printed a 16-page supplement in Material Handling Wholesaler in the September 2017 issue.

and built gold-painted forklift was unveiled at the milestone celebration on August 30th.

February 2018 Hyster-Yale acquires controlling interest in Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Company LTD.

March 2018 KION Group and EP Equipment mark a strategic partnership. Caterpillar moves its headquarters to Deerfield, Illinois from Peoria, Illinois. 300 people work at the new headquarters.

May 2018 FSIP (Flight Systems Industrial Products) celebrates 50 years. FSIP have been strong supporters of Material Handling Network. They CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR are one of our original advertisers. Thank you for your trust.

20TH ANNIVERSARY! Congratulations on 38,000 Combilifts worldwide, and the launch of your new

products2018 and opening of the new manufacturing facility in Monaghan, Ireland! June

September 2017

Professional Grade Racking— Professional Results. Competitive Quotes P Quick Rack shipped on time P Quality P Support before, during, and after the sale p p p

Material Handling Network debuts a new annual staple to its supplement lineup, “Warehouse Solutions”.

November 2017

Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU) celebrates their 50th anniversary of selling its first Toyota forklift in the United States to a grape farmer in Fresno, California. This forklift is displayed at their Columbus, Ohio location. To mark the golden anniversary, a custom-designed, engineered


Combilift opens its new manufacturing facility in Monaghan, Ireland at a cost of 50 million Euros. The facility is 500,000 square feet and will allow Combilift to double its production. In 2018 there was a total of 38,000 Combilift’s worldwide. 38


June 2018

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E-mail: sales@unirak.com

18 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

September 2018 Michelle Stappert leaves Material Handling Network.

April 2022

LITHIUM SAFEFLEX BATTERIES MAXIMIZE MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT EFFICIENCY AND UPTIME With 35 years of experience, Green Cubes Technology has the knowledge to seamlessly integrate the latest power technology into your material handling fleet and facility. To learn more visit greencubestech.com/mhn



January 2019 MHconX and ForkliftInternational. com aka “Forklift” Hubert Muhldorfer Christoph Schmidt combined sites under one website. The website management CEO and Owner Hubert Muhldorfer and COO Christoph Schmidt launched the ForkliftInternational site in 1998 and the website began its own presence in the United States in 2017. By combining the MHconX website with Forklift produced overnight advantages such as tripling the traffic and offered many new sales tools for forklift dealers to sell and buy material handling equipment. MHconX was a combined project of Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler. Wiggins Lift family patriarch Hattie America Wiggins died. She led the company for 63 years.

Bill Bastian

Bill Bastian Sr. retires after Hatti Wiggins 63 years in the industry. At the age of 88 his final day at Bastian Solutions was December 31, 2018.

MHI announces the formation of a new Robotics Industry Group. Dirk von Holt is named its new president at TVH effective January 1, 2019. He replaces Pat McLaughlin. Dirk von Holt

May 2019 MHI’s ProMat 2019 is the largest event in MHI history with 49,178 registrations and a 11% attendance jump from ProMat 2017.

June 2019 Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler announce a oneday conference to take place in Rosemont, Illinois on September 19th. This conference includes a full day of networking and face-to-face learning for top and middle dealer management.

January 2020

March 2019 The race between Lead Acid and Lithium batteries takes the industry by storm. Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU) and Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) announce plans to integrate into a single business unit by January 2020.

20 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

Toyota Industries North America acquires Hoist Liftruck effective February 8th.

Karen Ruden

On January 31, 2020, Karen Ruden resigns her position as WoodwardBizMedia Group Publisher. Dean Millius assumes her duties effective February 1, 2020.

February 2020 Dean Millius takes on the daily duties as General Manager/ Group Publisher role of Material Handling Network. Dean Millius

A global pandemic hits the world and changes the way we live and do business. The world is introduced to COVID-19.

April 2022

As seen in Material Handling Network - October 1988



April 2020 For the first time the MHEDA Convention and Exhibitor Showcase is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MHEDA Convention and Exhibitor Showcase returns in-person to Austin, Texas.

October 2021 On October 4, 2021 Kip Krady begins his position as the new Account Executive at Material Handling Network.

September 2020 In this issue Material Handling Network contains a couple of changes. A new logo and tag line that lets its readers know that Network now covers warehouse efficiencies and automation strategies. As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, so do many changes in material handling making automation the hottest category in material handling. The Network focus in its monthly editorial gives dealers, distributors and warehouse leaders the knowledge they need to know to thrive in this next phase of material handling. The monthly columns include Safety First, Warehouse Solutions and Business Management.

December 2020 George Prest writes his final update as CEO of MHI. John Paxton replaces Prest as the new CEO of MHI.

April 2021

Kip Krady

This month Network debuts two industry sales reports to monitor new warehouses or facilities throughout the United States called “SalesLeads”. There are two reports which are the Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution/Supply Chain planned industrial project reports.

January 2022 www.MHNetwork.com


Material Handling Network celebrates it’s 40th year in publishing and the 40th issue of Network’s Directory of Material Handling.

The cover story this month responds to the Forklift shortage that everyone is talking about due to EPA standards, a supply chain crisis, worker shortage and a new COVID-19 variant.

March 2022 George Prest

MHI’s ProMat Show turns to a digital experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The experience gave viewers a chance to learn during online conferences and virtual booths with hundreds of vendors.

August 2021 On August 20, 2021 Andra Stephens leaves Material Handling Network as Account Executive. She worked for the publication for 33 years.

22 Material Handling Network 40th Supplement

It’s the return of the in-person trade show MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, GA on March 28-31.

April 2022 The MHEDA Convention and Exhibitor Showcase returns to Orlando, Fla. This issue celebrates the 40th anniversary of publishing Material Handling Network with a special anniversary supplement.

April 2022


Mac Rak is the number one manufacturer of pallet rack repair kits in the USA. All products are exclusively manufactured at our facility in Missouri. In addition, our extensive dealer network allows us to serve customers across the entire USA from coast to coast. All products are manufactured to exceed the highest industry standards. Stamped engineering approval available. Mac Rak products are backed by the best impact warranty in the industry.


We provide a complete solution from inspecting your site to component design, manufacturing, and installation.



are both celebrating 40 years in business!

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April 2022