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Material Handling Network

August 2021


VOL. 40 NO. 8




Cover Story

Feature Story

ROI up, damage down

Golden Opportunity for Peak Period Performance


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10 Safety First Seven Ergonomic Solutions to Improve Material Handling Safety



Industry Insight

Why Does Material Handling Need to Embrace Automation?

Accidents Happen Three Things to Do After a Workplace Accident



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August 2021

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Cover Story

ROI up, damage down

Successful material handling really comes down to a simple premise: moving products from one point to another to customer specifications, on time and damage free. It’s a process with many moving parts, some controllable and others far beyond the control of a material handling operator. One of the biggest elements that material handlers can actually control is supply chain damage. While many warehouse operators assume that damage costs are simply a part of doing business – not every dented box, scratched inventory item and lost product is avoidable – there are many steps that can be taken to greatly reduce this cost of doing business. Investing in proper storage and systems – from automation and containers to pallets and shrink wrapping – can ensure higher profitably and less material damage over time. Proper packaging is important. Damage is not a one-to-one proposition either – studies have shown combing the direct and indirect expense of replacing or issuing a credit for the damaged product can be 17 times greater than the original cost to ship an item. Damage can happen virtually anywhere in the process. Pat Pownall, director of sales for Orion Stretch Wrappers, says that many of his customers have a common pain point. “The pain point that we see is the wait point at the end of the line, when they’re waiting to stretch wrap,” he says. “It’s often damage, or they want to energize thruput, but one of the biggest things we’ve 6

August 2021

Material Handling Network

seen is wanting to replace manual labor because it’s been so difficult to fill positions.” Regardless of the fundamentals of why companies are looking to improve their stretch wrapping operations, it ultimately comes down to better materials protection. “Returned goods are a measurable item,” says Pownall. “What we do is sell theory, and what we can says is that if you switch to 260-degree stretch when wrapping to a pallet, you’re not going to be dealing with damaged goods.” Pownall recommends a line audit to see where pain points may be occurring: product boxing, palletizing, labeling, wrapping, etc. It’s the last point that his company focuses on. “Too many times, we will have companies come to us and say, ‘We do two top wraps, two bottom wraps, an overlap four inches above the load, and we do 60 loads an hour,’ and when we know that wrap pattern will not effectively hold the product weight on the pallet,” he says. Pownall categorizes loads into A, B, and C. An A load is considered a “perfect” load in terms of packing and with the proper wrap, will arrive at its destination intact and without damage. A B load may contain a few items or cartons that change the normal pack pattern. And a C load? Think of a hardware store order for a few bags of top soil, some tools, maybe some plumbing pipes and a rake – all thrown on a single pallet. “It’s really impossible to completely secure a load like that,” he says. He says that an audit can uncover how effective an existing wrapping approach is, both from a damage standpoint and from a waste standpoint. “We can see if it’s the best pattern for your materials, if you’re using the correct amount of shrink wrap and if you possibly have the incorrect amount of pre-stretch, for example,” he says. If any of these elements are off, it could expose your operation to product damage. “Many people are also very concerned with the speed to get products out, and that is a necessary


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a nM

The Superior Turret Advantage


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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Cover Story continued

evil,” he says. “But fundamentally, it’s more about successfully getting product from Point A to Point B. It’s really difficult to say that you’ll always be able to do that 100 percent of the time, but with the proper steps you can really reduce the amount of damage that occurs.” Proactive measures are another way to reduce damage to materials as they move through the warehouse. A comprehensive approach is important; not all damage is immediately obvious, especially for packaged or materials that are sealed in cartons or cardboard. To maximize warehouse space, many are designed to maximize vertical storage, and regardless of how efficient it is, in a faceoff between inventory and gravity, gravity will always win. “Particularly when you think about vertical storage systems and racks, you need to think about how you keep the materials safe overhead,” says Eddie Murphy, president of Space Guard Products. “It’s true for palletized as well as unpalletized materials.” He says there are a number of add-ons that can improve vertical storage, starting with pallet stops. “They provide specific support, especially for unwrapped, palletized materials,” he says. “They will keep the pallet in place.” Another solid idea is netting, which can be made from a variety of materials, from extruded plastic to nylon and metals. “Netting is a great option for heavier or sharper loads, and loads that can become unbalanced, like tires,” he says. Safety is also a contributing factor in deciding how to better protect vertically stored materials. “You always want proper safety measures, both for the materials and your employees – things do happen, and things do fall,” he says, noting that one of their clients recently had a side picker crash into a storage unit, causing 50,000 pounds of materials to crash to the floor.

Murphy says Space Guard Products is always looking for ways to innovate its product lines, and one of those was the introduction of BeastWire in 2016, which utilizes universal posts, panels and simplified hardware. “It has good installation time, and you don’t have to make changes to your existing shelving,” he says. Theft can also comprise the ROI for warehouse operations. While this element doesn’t create product damage, it does result in product loss, which can also hurt your bottom line. Murphy says that all warehouse operators need to keep this on their radar. “There are always internal and external threats to any operation,” he says. “Internally, high-value items – fine wines, electronics, and higher-value inventory, for example – can be fully fenced in or aisle gating systems can be installed that prevent entry and exit from pallet racks.” He says that with the impact of COVID-19, some operations have established will-call or pickup areas for customers, which introduces a new opportunity for individuals to possibly access your warehouse inventory. “In that case, a lot of people are adding a driver control or access-controlled area,” he says. “It’s a caged area that allows entry into the warehouse, but not directly into the area where your inventory is stored.” Proper packaging, wrapping, storage and access can go a long way in reducing damage costs. “In today’s supply chain, damaged goods reduce your ROI,” says “But the good news is that there are many things you can easily do, and even retrofit into your current system, that can help eliminate some of these problems.” Laurie Arendt is an award-winning business writer based in Wisconsin. Her writing regularly appears in national trade publications in a variety of industries. To contact Laurie email

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August 2021

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Safety First

Seven Ergonomic Solutions to Improve Material Handling Safety

Safety should be a top priority for any material handling operation. Overexertion is the most common type of workplace injury, accounting for 31% of all reported incidents. In light of how prevalent these injuries are, material handling ergonomics is an area every warehouse should address. The importance of ergonomics goes beyond safety, too. Fewer injuries means less time away from work,

meaning higher productivity levels. Even if muscle aches and stress don’t result in an injury, soreness can cause employees to work more slowly. Ergonomics preserves employee health and enables higher productivity. These seven solutions can help you improve the ergonomics in your material handling operations, unlocking these benefits. 1. Ergonomics Training One of the best ways to improve safety in any area is through education and training. When workers know how to lift and carry materials safely, they’ll avoid injuries from poor form. Managers should teach and demonstrate proper techniques to all new hires, and periodic refreshers can ensure workers don’t forget them.


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August 2021

Material Handling Network



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CAT Lift Trucks GC40KS5 8 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875


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2006 TCM FG25T7G Integrity Forklift LLC Lancaster | +1803 389 7165





Material Handling Network

August 2021


Safety First continued

Employees should know to keep all loads as close to their center of gravity as possible. That includes different types of carrying for different load shapes and sizes. Similarly, they should understand how to hold materials and when they should use a team lift. 2. Storage Layout Improvements One aspect of material handling ergonomics that may go overlooked is a facility’s layout. While most solutions may focus on technique and workflow, the right type of storage can significantly reduce potential hazards in lifting. The most common error in storage layout is placing materials too high or too low. If workers have to grab items from the floor, they could easily strain their back. Materials that are too high run the risk of falling or straining employees’ upper bodies. Storing material at waist level, at least for the most frequently handled items, will help avoid unnecessary stress. 3. Breaks and Rotation Many ergonomics guides stress pre-work stretching, but studies have shown that stretching doesn’t meaningfully reduce injuries despite widespread belief to the contrary. What does help is rest and recovery. Giving your employees regular breaks and rotating them to avoid repetition provides the recovery period they need. Material handling injuries typically come from repetitive stress, so reducing repetition lessens the risk of these accidents. Employees should rotate in and out of material handling instead of performing the same tasks all day. This rotation will give them time for their musculoskeletal system to recover and help them stay productive. 4. Material Handling Machinery Some lifts are simply too heavy for workers to perform on their own. For example, beer kegs can weigh upwards of 160 pounds, posing a tremendous risk of injury to any worker who tries to lift them alone. With materials as heavy as this, employees need to let machines do the work. There are two options when it comes to material handling machinery. Employees can use mechanical aids like dollies and exoskeletons, or delegate heavier lifts to automated systems.


August 2021

Material Handling Network

5. Appropriate PPE Machinery isn’t the only type of equipment that can help improve material handling ergonomics. OSHA recommends gloves and steel-toed shoes to prevent injury to employees’ hands and feet. But you can go further. Lumbar support belts can help workers keep their backs straight while lifting. This posture improvement will help avoid common mistakes like lifting with your back instead of your legs. If some workers already have musculoskeletal problems, equipment like knee braces can help prevent further injury. 6. Employee Reporting Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, workers will start to develop a repetitive stress injury. It’s crucial to catch these early so you can address the problem before it becomes worse. The best way to do this is through a self-reporting system. Employees must understand the importance of ergonomics for their health and safety if they’re to report signs of injury. If they know what to look for, they can alert a manager when they see early warning signs. You can then adjust their rotation, provide them with extra PPE, or take other action to prevent a more extensive injury. 7. Workflow Changes An unoptimized workflow can increase the risk of injury for material handlers. Distances in an employee’s path may be too long, shifts may not have enough breaks, and work may be too repetitive. Even temperature can affect worker safety, as cold environments can lessen sensory feedback. Material handlers should never have to move heavy items too far, especially without a dolly or pallet jack. They should also never have to work for too long on the same task at once. When they switch tasks, avoid placing them where they need to use heavy or vibrating tools, which can exacerbate musculoskeletal health risks. Material Handling Ergonomics Improves Safety and Efficiency Improving material handling ergonomics is more than just a health issue. When employees are safe, they’ll be happier, more comfortable, and more productive.

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Warehouse Solutions

Why Does Material Handling Need to Embrace Automation?

The widespread adoption of data-driven technologies, like IoT and machine learning, not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also introduces new and more advanced opportunities for automation. Material handling automation, for example, can vastly improve the logistics and supply chain industry. As the supply chain goes digital, it’s imperative that any parties involved in its maintenance and development sign on for the newer technologies, especially automation. Why? Because the more open the adoption, and the wider it stretches, the bigger the benefits achieved. The most important question, then, is what can automation provide, or more specifically, what can material handling automation do for the greater industry? Better Safety It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about hazardous materials that are unsafe to touch or be around directly or just heavy materials that are not safe to handle with bare hands. There are conditions where material handling is just not ideal. Automation is an excellent way to mitigate manual labor and handling processes, specifically with the help of robotics and automated machinery. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), for example, can hold and transport heavy goods and equipment around a facility, freeing up the hands of workers and keeping them safe from injury. More importantly, it’s not that the robots are designed to replace their human counterparts, but instead work alongside them to aid in dangerous and 14

August 2021

Material Handling Network

difficult tasks. These kinds of robots are called collaborative robots, or cobots, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Pallet trucks and lifts can automatically handle heavy goods or get them down from high places. Smart shelving units can shuffle around and reorganize inventory. Smart picking robots can help find customer orders, inventory items, or even other assets — like equipment and tools. More Effective Operations Faster time to market, through various process improvements, is always something that materials handling and supply chain companies are looking to achieve. The data that comes with smarter and more contextual automation systems can make that happen. Not to mention, the actual hardware offers experience and performance boosts of its own. Production lines were developed during the industrial revolution to speed up manufacturing, supply chain activities, and other operations. Automation has the potential to revolutionize the method again, only with the help of data-driven and robotic-process solutions. Imagine the truck unloading process, for example. Traditionally, manual laborers might move goods off the truck to nearby pallets, onto conveyors, and so on. But with automation, bots can do the work, faster, and more effectively than ever before. They’re also safer and don’t tire or wear down even after repeated use. They can also work under hostile conditions like hot temperatures or with minimal lighting, with little to no effect on performance. Support for automated operations technology is growing. According to a Deloitte survey, 38% of supply chain leaders and material handling companies plan to use robotics and automation to improve operations, while 23% are planning to implement related technologies over the next one to two years. Operations Modeling One of the neat things about automation and data-driven solutions is that they inherently create new opportunities just by being more efficient than

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Warehouse Solutions continued

alternate methods. When you have a warehouse or facility that’s optimized for efficiency, there are many new ways to lay out or structure the inside. Limitations that might have existed because of manual laborers are no longer in place. You can stack goods extremely high, for example, with automated devices that can get them down safely and quickly. This opens up the possibility to create entirely new and effective facilities through advanced modeling, or what is effectively a smart design simulation. You can use the technology to create the perfect warehouse by fine-tuning layouts, fixtures, and other elements to allow a much faster workflow. By design, automation is at the heart of this process, and it’s integral to achieving success and creating a truly optimized facility. Improved Quality Controls Material handling automation can facilitate faster operations and processes, but it can also be used to improve existing ones — such as goods inspections and quality control assessments. Imagine, for a moment, a machine learning system designed to pick up on various triggers and patterns to near-instantly pinpoint goods or packaging damage. A fast-moving operation can continue its forward momentum, while the quality control system picks less-than-nominal items out of the lineup. There is precedent for such a thing, as data scientists and machine learning developers are already coming up with the kinds of algorithms needed to make quality control an automated system. Preventive Care Both in conventional material handling and automated material handling, there’s a lot of equipment and machinery involved. That gear requires maintenance, like topping up fluids, replacing belts and components, checking temperatures, and much more. Automation can be used to speed up this care, but also streamline and better organize tasks. IoT sensors, for example, can tell maintenance crews when the equipment needs servicing, well before it breaks down or experiences a failure. Connected devices can also send out mobile alerts and notifications to keep everyone tuned in about what’s happening. Asset tracking is also possible to monitor what’s being used, and where.







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August 2021

Material Handling Network

Warehouse Solutions continued

All of these various preventive care opportunities create an optimized network and a well-oiled machine that sees minor delays, if at all. Automation Is the Key to Optimal Efficiency Modern digital technologies and connected devices — such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) — are making it possible to streamline and automate more tasks than ever before. The result is a highly effective, always-on, and always-ready material handling automation system that’s safer for workers, incredibly fast, and unnaturally precise. That alone leads to many benefits in the supply chain field, such as improved quality control, more and better access to data, faster time to market, preventive care opportunities, and higher customer or client satisfaction with greater output. Any way you cut it, or automate it, the technology is going to play a key role in optimizing industry efficiency going forward. Emily Newton is the Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized Magazine. She has over 3 years covering stories about warehousing, logistics and distribution.

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Accidents Happen

Three Things to Do After a Workplace Accident

No matter how safety-conscious you are, anyone can succumb to a workplace accident. While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, any type of workplace can be scene of an injury or the cause of an illness. Due to this, it’s important to know what action to take if you’re affected by an incident at work. To ensure you’re prepared for all eventualities, take a look at these three things everyone should do after a workplace accident: 1. Report the Incident If you’ve been hurt at work, you’re likely to be contractually obliged to the report the incident to your employer straight away. If possible, this should always be done in writing, so that you’ve got a record of the report. Businesses are required to report workplace fatalities and severe injuries to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) within a certain timeframe, after which an investigation may take place. However, companies may carry out their own investigations following any type of workplace injury. This can help to reduce the risk to other staff and prevent similar incidents occurring. 2. Obtain Medical Treatment Following a workplace accident, it’s important to access any medical treatment you need for your injuries. Although you may not think you’ve been seriously hurt at first, being checked over and obtaining a diagnosis will help to ensure potentially serious injuries aren’t overlooked. Whether you visit your primary care physician or attend the nearest hospital, your medical records should be updated to reflect your injuries, diagnoses 18

August 2021

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and treatment. This ensures there is additional evidence that can be used to confirm how badly you were hurt, if any issues arise at a later date. 3. Seek Legal Advice If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, you may be entitled to compensation of some sort. Employees can often claim workers’ compensation following a workplace accident, for example. This can help to cover the cost of your medical treatment and lost wages, regardless of who was at fault. However, if your employer was negligent, you may be able to take action against them directly. With help from an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney, you can find out what your rights are and decide which type of claim is most appropriate. David R. Heil, PA, routinely helps clients to take legal action after they’ve been injured at work. With more than 35 years’ experience as an Orlando personal injury attorney, he is well-placed to provide the nuanced advice and assistance you need in order to make a successful claim for personal injury compensation. Recovering from a Workplace Injury Workplace injuries vary in severity, from minor cuts and bruises to life-changing paralysis and amputations. As such, the recovery process from a workplace injury varies tremendously. However, it’s important to be guided by your medical team and not feel pressured to rush back to work. Returning to your role too quickly could exacerbate your injuries and lead to further harm, so it’s important to follow the advice of medical professionals. By doing so, you can ensure that your body has enough time to heal following the trauma and increase your chances of making a full recovery.

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DEADLINE: 9/15/21

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Material Handling Network

August 2021


Business Management

Do You Have Meatloaf Syndrome? While people may say it’s just cold feet, or a hesitancy to pull the trigger. But it’s more than just fear of change. The majority of decisions we make are founded on emotion rather than logic. This emotion doesn’t manifest in a single way – it’s a combination of perceptions, context, and biases. And usually more than one bias. Meatloaf Syndrome inhibits people’s ability to get out of a cycle or circumstance which they want to change. Think about how this not only affects you individually but organizations as a whole. People in You’ve likely heard of Meatloaf – the American companies who are offered promotions they don’t singer and actor known for his powerful, widetake. People who aspire to contribute in a more ranging voice and theatrical performances. In meaningful way, but hesitate to take action. People 1993, he released one of his most popular songs, who take on new responsibilities for a period of time, “I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”. and then request to go back to their previous role. While there’s a bit of ongoing discussion about what As leaders, we have the opportunity to identify Meatloaf won’t do for love, the song title actually has Meatloaf Syndrome and help those employees to applications in the ways we think about and manage work through those biases holding them back. change. This includes tools like providing mentors, creating Take a situation where you were considering “small step” career journey paths, driving positive a major change. For example, vying for a major reinforcement, and developing coaching programs promotion or switching to a new career. You make (note that I did not mention training, as we’re talking the decision it’s something you want to do. You think about influencing emotional drivers, not logical about all of the steps needed to get things moving. ones). You talk to friends and colleagues about it. You Because why waste great potential over meatloaf? even prep any needed documentation, research, or coursework to shore up your skills. Andrea Belk Olson is a speaker, author, applied behavioral scientist, and But then, nothing. You don’t pull the trigger. You customer-centricity expert. As the CEO of Pragmadik, she helps organiza“just can’t do that”. tions of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500, and has served as an outside consultant for EY and McKinsey. Andrea is the author of The Why? Meatloaf Syndrome. Customer Mission: Why it’s time to cut the $*&% and get back to the It’s a combination of Loss Aversion Bias (preferring business of understanding customers and No Disruptions: The future for to avoid losses to acquiring equivalent gains), Status mid-market manufacturing. Quo Bias (preferring the current state of affairs), and Worse-than-Average Bias (the belief we are worse than others at difficult tasks or jobs).

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August 2021

Material Handling Network


EXPAND YOUR NETWORK. EDUCATE YOUR ASSOCIATES. ELEVATE YOUR BOTTOM LINE. MHEDA is the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association. Over 600 companies worldwide utilize MHEDA’s resources to stay competitive and connected. We are committed to serving this essential business community.


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August 2021


Feature Story

Golden Opportunity for Peak Period Performance Raphael explains : “The long Black Friday into Cyber Monday weekend at the end of November, hotly followed by the Holidays, means the pressure is really on for DC operations who will not only have to juggle much higher levels of activity, but also factor in shrinking quality labor availability. “The demand on fulfillment is going to be off the scale, with many retailers no doubt bringing their Black Friday bargains and Holiday deals forward in order to try and relieve the pressure – but the flip side is technologically advanced WMS, like SnapFulfil, The pandemic has changed the way we shop allows warehouse operators to modify their processes forever, with e-commerce convenience here to stay, seamlessly and quickly meet peak challenges without but there’s still time to get onboard for the soincurring additional costs. called ‘Golden Quarter’ – says the Chief Product “Plus, it can be up and running (even remotely) & Delivery Officer of WMS technology innovator, within a matter of weeks to start optimizing SnapFulfil. inventory, space and labor within the facility and Smitha Raphael is convinced that preparations establish slicker picking and packing methodology for the 2021 peak season should start even earlier that is underpinned by highly efficient receiving and this year, because what the previous record breaking putaway activity.” Quarter 4 proved is only forward thinking fulfillment But for every bargain to be bagged, there are also centers that have invested wisely in the software and those that want to be returned – and cloud-based automation necessary to streamline D2C operations SaaS WMS, also offers immense flexibility to handle can thrive under such unprecedented levels of dynamic return operations as required, as well as easy demand. integration with other company systems to facilitate a holistic reverse logistics operation. Available advertising space on Real time data analysis and the associated process improvements ensures that customer satisfaction goals are met, that DC workers are performing at the highest levels of efficiency, plus that you maintain compliance across the entire supply chain. Additionally, the invaluable return data captured Site-Wide Leaderboard can aid everything from future stock planning and 3 banners rotate, 33.3% impressions product management to supplier evaluation and Site-Wide Rectangle customer life cycle management. 2 banners rotate, 50% impressions Digital transformation is fundamental to survival going forward and as a driver of efficiency and accuracy will further streamline how e-commerce Starting as low as $350 organisations operate this coming Holiday season, per month ultimately giving them a tangible competitive edge. Raphael adds: “Inevitable operational complexity means they can increasingly turn to more robust and flexible software systems, such as SnapFulfil, which benefits from remote digital implementation Contact Andra | 309.699.4431 | and easy self-configuration agility for even greater responsiveness, control and savings.” 22

August 2021

Material Handling Network

Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends Each month, we give you a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, state filings may be lower than usual. As our team works diligently against the challenges of COVID-19, our credible and verified data can drive strategic decisions for your business during this trying time. Market Trends, Updated 6/29/21

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

Displays the top five buyers nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

 isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of EDA’s D eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Toyota Motor Mfg Co Georgetown, Ky Class 1 Toyota Class 3 Toyota Class 4 Toyota Class 5 Toyota U S Distilled Prods Co Princeton, Mn Class 1 Linde Choice Usa Beverage Inc Lowell, NC Class 3 Toyota Daye North Amer Inc Charlotte, NC Class 1 Toyota Gardner Glass Prods Inc North Wilkesboro, NC Class 3 Toyota

49 26 18 3 2 26 26 9 9 6 6 2 2

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit 23

August 2021

Material Handling Network

Toyota Inds Commercial Fin Inc....................................101 Wells Fargo Bank...................40 1st Citizens Bank & Trust.........4 T C F Natl Bank.....................4 U S Bank Eqt Fin....................4 B F G Corp.............................2

Austin Bank.............................1 Americana Community Bank..1 Bryn Mawr Eqt Fin Inc...........1 Bank Of The West....................1 Banc Of Amer Lsg & Capital...1

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit

Industry News GEODIS Collaborates with KNAPP to Introduce Highly Automated Order Fulfillment Technology “GEODIS’ investment in KNAPP’s technology demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offering our customers innovative solutions that best meet their needs, address challenges and optimize existing capabilities,” said Kevin Stock, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Solutions at GEODIS in Americas. “Our collaboration with KNAPP will enable us to be agile enough to execute e-Commerce orders on high-velocity items even quicker while delivering excellent customer service to ensure shipments are received as soon as possible.” The project will include a unique combination of multiple KNAPP technologies. Specifically, the site will feature 10 aisles of the OSR Shuttle™ Evo, an all-in-one automatic storage and picking system. The facility will also consist of 20 double Fastbox order sequencing towers, which is a fast storage and buffer tower with an integrated lift system, that will be connected with 40 high-performance Pick-it-Easy work stations. Pick-it-Easy work stations reduce the number of highly repetitive, strenuous tasks while boosting efficiency in order processing and quality of deliveries and services. Finally, the project will include automated shipping carton erectors and height-reducing carton closers to expedite the fulfillment process. East Penn Launches New CareerFocused Facebook Page East Penn Manufacturing Co. is pleased to announce a new Facebook page dedicated to employment opportunities. East Penn Mfg. Careers is an excellent resource to learn about job openings, career fairs, new company information, and upcoming recruitment events. As one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers, East Penn offers countless career opportunities ranging from logistics, manufacturing, mechanics, engineering, R&D, health and safety, environmental, sales, customer service as well as many other fulfilling professions. The company was ranked as one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 19 years and as one of America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes for 3 years. 24

August 2021

Material Handling Network

Diversified Product Development Hosts Grand Opening at New Manufacturing Facility

The new facility is 60,000 square feet, which is more than 10 percent larger than the company’s previous building. Diversified also invested in multiple equipment upgrades to increase its capabilities, such as doubling its jib crane capacity and adding a 10-ton bridge crane. Diversified currently employs 52 people, including engineers, designers, sales and support staff. “Everyone is excited about our new state-of-the-art facility,” said Ray Fritel, president of Diversified. “Our company has grown steadily over the years, with plans to grow even more, and the new headquarters will help us better achieve our goals.” Diversified’s LineWise division designs, engineers and manufactures a full line of utility products, including line lifters, insulated work platforms, phase lifters, transmission temporary conductor supports and more. LiftWise is the material handling division, offering a wide range of products for material handling in assembly, welding and equipment servicing, as well as other various lifting solutions. DesignWise is a division of Diversified that offers a breadth of services to clients including exploring new markets and products; redesigning or modernizing existing products; improving ergonomics; increasing maintenance efficiency; and making products faster and more profitable. Finally, RailWise is the company’s newest brand, which encompasses a growing line of products for the hirail market.

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Industry News Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe strengthens business model through partnership with DLL Ulf Berg, Vice President Dealer Sales at MLE comments: “MLE aims to be a leading provider of innovative logistics and material handling solutions, and this agreement with a partner like DLL brings us closer to that goal and will strengthen the position of MLE in the European market. With DLL we have the right financial match for us and our distribution network to keep developing our business with customized financial tools for each market.“ The flexible and innovative financial solutions available for all MLE products allow customers to be in control of their specific business and capital requirements. This approach permits efficient and effective operating costs that meet a customer’s business goals, and it enables them to be as competitive in their market as possible with the newest materials handling technology. “We are preparing the launch of very exciting new products and the cooperation with DLL will ensure that gradually, we make these forklifts available for demos in each market in Europe, adds Ulf Berg.” “We recognize the expertise and experience that DLL can offer to us and our partners. DLL can help us reaching out to new customers, new segments, and new markets with their extensive product portfolio. And knowing that DLL has been working with our partners for some years in key countries gives us the assurance that we have the perfect financial party at our side.”

“Hy-Tek’s acquisition of BP Controls broadens our offerings as the predominant player in material handling. With BP Controls’ software solutions, Hy-Tek delivers a full pallet of products and services to the material handling and integrated systems (IS) industry. Committed to growth through acquisitions, Hy-Tek always is looking for best-of-breed companies to join our team,” said Grooms. “We’re excited to be part of Hy-Tek,” said BP Controls President Bill Klemanowicz. “We are dedicated to working hand-in-glove with Hy-Tek to resolve challenging material handling problems with cost-effective, customized solutions based on a well-established, time-tested software platform that delivers quick ROI.”

Growth Across All Manufacturing Facilities, Hannibal Sees Opportunity for More Success Hannibal Industries, one of the largest steel pallet rack manufacturers in the U.S., announced today that its Houston location set a facility record in May, by shipping more than 22 million pounds of steel rack products in a single month. With the global growth in eCommerce and the need for large and robust warehouse space continuing to climb, Hannibal Industries has increased its customer base, created new jobs across its locations and invested in manufacturing processes that keep safety and efficiency in mind. The record, set by Hannibal’s Houston facility, was a key factor in an unprecedented company-wide Hy-Tek Holdings Acquires BP Controls record with both locations combining to exceed 40 and Nogol Electric million pounds of racking material in a single month. Hy-Tek Holdings (“Hy-Tek”), a portfolio “Hannibal has remained focused during a time company of Dunes Point Capital, LP (“DPC”), when the supply chain has experienced unforeseen has acquired BP Controls Inc. and Nogol Electric challenges over the last few years, including the LLC (collectively “BP Controls”). Hy-Tek is a need for specialty warehouse environments like cold material handling automation integrator serving storage, and demand has outgrown the industry’s clients in diverse end-markets and applications, ability to build space fast enough,” said Steve Rogers, including ecommerce, third-party logistics, and parcel. BP Controls designs, engineers, and integrates executive vice president at Hannibal Industries. “As a result, Hannibal has continued to expand controls systems and warehouse control software for its expertise in growth areas, increased production warehouse automation applications. Together, the and created opportunity to ship record amounts of companies operate as Hy-Tek Material Handling, pallet rack that will help meet the demand as trends LLC. The acquisition was announced by Hy-Tek continue to push toward eCommerce.” Holdings CEO Sam Grooms.

Material Handling Network

August 2021


Industry News Volvo Penta acquires majority stake in marine battery systems pioneer ZEM AS “As a part of the Volvo Group’s great electromobility initiatives, Volvo Penta has a solid technology foundation to leverage. Marine electromobility, however, has a unique set of requirements,” explains Peter Granqvist, Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Penta. “There are very specific considerations of utmost importance around the installation environment, safety, the use case itself

as well as the current lack of charging infrastructure”. These are challenging issues that require innovative problem-solving and experience. In addition, marine regulations differ from those on-road. “We believe that bringing different perspectives and experiences together is key when it comes to developing, and progressing, within the field of marine electromobility,” he continues. “The ambition of this fantastic acquisition is to take another step forward in our electromobility development, thanks to the specialized marine competence and offer that ZEM has today.”

People News Caster Concepts Appoints Andrew Dobbins as VP of Manufacturing Dobbins has been involved with Caster Concepts since its inception more than 30 years ago when he was taught how to sweep the factory floor by Richard Dobbins, his grandfather and founder of the company. Andrew Dobbins, 43, has spent the past five years as general manager of Caster Concepts, providing the energy and leadership for many operational initiatives. “Our greatest success over the past five years has been our 100 percent on-time initiative,” Dobbins said. “Though we have struggled during the pandemic due to labor shortages and logistic challenges, we are on our way to matching and exceeding our 2019 performance of 99 percent–plus on-time delivery.” Caster Concepts President William H. Dobbins says the appointment comes at an exciting time for the company and the industry. “There are many challenges and opportunities in manufacturing, and I am sure that Andrew will provide the leadership needed to keep Caster Concepts in a continuous improvement-and-growth mindset,” said William H. Dobbins.


August 2021

Material Handling Network

AIT Worldwide Logistics welcomes Joe Kontuly to lead truckload division From Summit’s headquarters in downtown Chicago, Kontuly oversees a nationwide staff of more than 50 subject matter experts who manage over 28,000 truckloads per year for almost every industry including robust support for customers in the automotive, consumer retail, food logistics, hightech and industrial sectors. Summit teammates fulfill a critical role in AIT’s North American network by providing LTL and truckload services that integrate seamlessly with the company’s end-to-end supply chain solutions. Kontuly will report to AIT’s Vice President Strategic Accounts, Mike Rothacher. “On behalf of the entire organization, I am delighted to welcome Joe to the team,” said Rothacher. “Based on his successful, sustained tenure in logistics, I’m confident he’ll build on Summit’s accomplishments and work closely with the leadership team to grow the truckload division to the next level.” Kontuly said, “I’m very excited to lead this world-class division of AIT. Summit has a history of success, and I believe my vast industry knowledge and experience will drive additional growth characterized by continued customer and carrier satisfaction. AIT’s and Summit’s core values also align with my own and that’s a winning combination.”

Largest online market for used forklifts, attachments and work platforms.

Clark C25C Jefferds Corporation St. Albans | +1 304-422-6491

2013 Hyster E50XN Lift One Charlotte | 704 587-1040

2006 Hyster H50FT Ultimate Lift Service Pomona | 909-821-2141

2013 Combilift C8000 1 Source Material Handling Irwindale, CA | 818 838-1688





2003 Combilift C10000 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898

2014 Hyster S50FT Somerset Equipment Sales Batavia | 708 921-0751

CAT Lift Trucks DP135 1 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875

TCM FGC25 1 Source Material Handling Irwindale, CA | 818 838-1688

2015 Aisle Master AM44S The Forklift Pro Pineville, NC | 704 716-3636

2010 TCM FHG30 Lift Line Machinery Ltd Welland | +1 905-788-0971

2017 Combilift C6000ET The Forklift Pro Pineville, NC | 704 716-3636







2021 CAT Lift Trucks GP25N5-LE Cromer Material Handling Oakland, CA | 510 534-6566



2011 Bendi B40-48IC-180D Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

2021 Linde HT30T Cromer Material Handling Oakland, CA | 510 534-6566

2016 Hyster S50FT Lift One Charlotte | 704 587-1040

2013 CAT Lift Trucks EP8000 Zoom Lifts & Equipment Chester, SC | 704 975-1377







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August 2021


People News ProMach Names Tom McDaniel as President of Pharma Business Unit “We’re fortunate to have a leader of Tom’s caliber and experience step in as President of our Pharma Business Unit,” said Mark Anderson, ProMach President and CEO. “Since Tom has been a part of ProMach he has helped us navigate through a global pandemic, helped us onboard a new acquisition, and helped us strengthen our Pharma team with several key additions. Tom has had the opportunity to work under Michel Lapierre’s mentorship these last sixteen months, and we deeply appreciate Michel’s leadership, dedicated service, and significant contributions he made while he was President of our Pharma Business Unit. Michel and I started our journey together in 2016 with the acquisition of NJM and through Michel’s vision we were able to both create and successfully grow the ProMach Pharma Business Unit. I know Michel will serve us well in his new role and I am fortunate to have a strong continuity in leadership within the Pharma Business Unit as well as one of the best management teams in the pharmaceutical industry right here in ProMach.”

Dr Jörn Fontius, new managing director of BEUMER Maschinenfabrik In 2013, Jörn Fontius joined BEUMER Maschinenfabrik and was in charge of the topics of Corporate Strategy. Afterwards, he was head of the global Supply Chain Management. At the end of 2019 he moved to BEUMER Corporation in Arlington, Texas, the North American group company of BEUMER Group, where he was President Airport Division for North America until April 2021. Before joining the system provider in 2013, he was a member of the management board of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL). Dr Jörn Fontius graduated in business administration and completed his doctorate in logistics during his professional career. He brings a wealth of experience to his new position. “I am looking forward to the upcoming challenges,” he says.

Werner Dettenthaler appointed Regional Manager Land Transport Germany Werner Dettenthaler (54) will New award recognizes Prevention take over as Regional Manager through Design Germany in the Land Transport area at Gebrüder Weiss from July 1, Longtime occupational safety 2021. “Werner Dettenthaler is an and health expert Fred A. Manuele expert in the transport and logistics received the inaugural Prevention business who, by joining us, will help in efforts to through Design (PtD) Award implement our growth targets in Germany with for his outstanding foresight, his outstanding industry know-how,” says Jürgen wisdom, tireless effort and major Bauer, member of the Gebrüder Weiss Management accomplishments in preventing harm to workers by Board. He succeeds the long-time Gebrüder Weiss helping organizations avoid and prevent hazards. Manager Anton Hagg, who passed away last year. The new PtD award recognizes individuals, teams, businesses or other organizations that have improved Native to the German region of Franconia, he brings worker safety and health by designing-out hazards or to the position more than 30 years of professional experience in leading positions with well-known contributing to the body of knowledge that enables transport companies. Most recently, Werner PtD solutions. The annual award is presented by Dettenthaler worked in the management of an the National Institute for Occupational Safety and internationally active group. Health (NIOSH), the American Society of Safety Gebrüder Weiss has a well-developed network of Professionals (ASSP) and the National Safety Council own land transport locations in southern Germany (NSC). – from Esslingen, Aldingen, Lindau, Memmingen, Nuremberg to Passau. 28

August 2021

Material Handling Network

Robot | Animation The benefits of no-code robotics The no-code revolution consists of a series of tools that have been created to democratize access to technology that was formerly inaccessible to most industrial plants. Its aim is to simplify complicated processes, like programming, to allow more people to use robotics and address some of the challenges of manufacturing. One of the most concerning is the increased cost of equipment and advanced technologies required for digitalisation. The other pressing challenge is the skills gap between the required know-how for programming, integrating and operating the machines and the capabilities operators possess. According to a study by Deloitte, this will lead to an estimated 2.4 million positions left unfilled between 2018 and 2028 in the manufacturing sector. Training employees is a costly and time-consuming task, and it can also be useless due to ever growing automation of facilities. Waiting for programming and debugging phases is also a long, complex process. Instead of investing time and resources on training employees on difficult programming languages that will become obsolete after a few years, companies can benefit from acquiring no-code robots. Not only are they easier to operate, but also more cost efficient and flexible too.

of the robotics innovation,” said Fady Saad, cofounder & vice president of strategic partnerships, MassRobotics. “P&G offers inroads and intelligence to help our startups bring new thinking to automation and AI for manufacturing. We believe this mutual exploration of technology can benefit the entire automation category.” “We’re excited to be a member of this critical ecosystem to collaborate on the direction and offerings of MassRobotics’ residents and partners,” said Jay Joyner, director of robotics and automation, P&G. “This will help us as we identify breakthrough innovation with robotics and automation technologies more quickly.”

MHS launches dedicated robotics division “We’re a team of problem solvers, inventors and innovators with the expertise to engineer automated solutions for realworld logistics challenges by working closely and cooperatively with our customers. This agile approach accelerates the pace of development and gets us quickly from the lab into a live operational environment, where the real development continues,” says Dean Terrell, senior vice president, research and development, MHS. “We leverage MHS’s collective material handling knowledge as an experienced fullservice provider, so our customers can be confident that our robotics solutions will integrate seamlessly, MassRobotics Announces Partnership just like our more traditional automated systems.” with Procter & Gamble MHS Robotics develops its own advanced MassRobotics announced it has launched a technologies such as computer vision, machine new partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G) learning, simulations, 3D cameras and end-of-arm to collaboratively explore technologies around tooling, and also engages with a range of robotics automation and manufacturing-related applications. suppliers and the Louisville Automation and Robotics Institute to rapidly engineer and deploy its The goal of the partnership is to develop ideas turnkey robotic solutions. The company currently to improve productivity, drive increased value offers several pick-and-place robotic products, each for consumers, accelerate agility from more automation, and allow more flexibility in meeting the designed to fit seamlessly into existing workflows, manufacturing deadlines of customers. MassRobotics’ including order fulfillment, in distribution centers. MHS Robotics also offers autonomous mobile robot overall community will help P&G remain on the cutting-edge of the robotics and automation industry solutions with modifications like detachable carts, robotic arms and conveyor supplements to handle and more closely collaborate with existing P&G specific requirements like large and irregularly shaped robotics partners in Massachusetts. items. “It’s always thrilling to see MassRobotics’ partners and residents work together to explore the edge

Material Handling Network

August 2021


Product Showcase IDEC’s Safety Commander Merges Industrial-Grade Safety with HMI Tablets

Variation on Company’s First Product Expands

IDEC Corporation has developed the HT3P Safety Commander to address a growing need for users who want to incorporate modern tablets into their industrial automation systems, but also need to include hardwired emergency stop (e-stop) and enabled functionality. The Safety Commander makes it easy to hold a tablet securely in an industrial setting, for applications like machinery, robotics, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), and production lines.

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new V-Master crane model that lifts 2000 pounds up to 12 ft high. While this version won’t fit in the trunk of your car like the original, it can be disassembled for storage or transportation. The new VM-2000 crane is ideal for shop maintenance or assembly or it can be taken out in the field for work in customer’s facilities or remote work areas. It’s small foot print and simplistic design belies its tremendous capability for increased lift height and capacity. It is mobile and portable and can be used any time any place.

Rite-Hite Introduces Raptor Dock for Loading Docks and Raptor Pro

Yale Introduces Cushion Tire Lift Truck with Factory Integrated Lithium-ion Power

Made from ¼” SBR the Raptor doors offer enhanced durability in tough and harsh environments and boast some of the industry’s fastest cycle times in both loading dock and in-plant applications. “Rubber doors are becoming more common across many different industries, especially those in unforgiving fields,” said Jon Schumacher, Rite-Hite Doors marketing director. “The Raptor series offers the durability and environmental control of rubber doors with unique RiteHite calling cards, such as high cycle speeds and safety.”

Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces the launch of its new ERC050060VGL series, a 5,000 to 6,000-pound capacity cushion tire lift truck designed to bring warehouse operations the benefits of factory integrated lithium-ion power, including improved productivity, ergonomics and zero emissions. The truck combines the company’s ¬operator-centric approach with the advantages of lithium-ion technology to maximize comfort, convenience and performance.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Group Introduces New Cat® 3,000 – 7,000 lb. Hydrostatic Internal Combustion Forklift Series The new Cat lift truck series is designed for a wide variety of industries and heavy-duty applications, such as building materials, lumber and manufacturing. At the heart of the lift truck is an advanced hydrostatic drive train that circulates hydraulic fluid to power wheels – allowing for smoother acceleration, directional change and increased uptime. The Cat hydrostatic IC forklift series is built to perform in heavy-duty operations that demand long hours of usage, frequent and efficient directional changes, and constant stop-and-go maneuverability. “At Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas group, we’re committed to developing advanced forklift and technology solutions for our customers, and I’m excited to introduce our latest advancement – the first Cat hydrostatic IC lift truck series,” said John Sneddon, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing at Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas 30

August 2021

Material Handling Network

Product Showcase Eaton Helps Commercial, Industrial and OEM Customers Achieve New Level of Safety

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of the PowerXL™ DM1 micro variable frequency drive (VFD). Designed for commercial, industrial and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, the Eaton engineered drive is designed to simplify design, integration and operation, improve safety and support reliable operations. Eaton’s new VFD offers the most value in its class through onboard Ethernet-based communications, IoT, webserver, Bluetooth, safe torque off, SIL2, and more.

Brass Knuckle® SmartShell™ Is The Safety Glove That Does It All The winning formula for SmartShell BKCR4499 gloves starts with a machine knit, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with ANSI cut level A5 protection on the palms. Its strength-to-weight ratio is 8 to 15 times higher than steel. Next, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) padding is sonically welded to the back of the glove for protection from contusions, smash injuries, object strikes, pinch-point injuries to the tips of each finger, and other impact hazards.

Orion’s New RTC Rotary Tower Automatic Provides a Compact and Expandable Automatic Wrapping Solution

CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering Announces App for Operators to Access Data Remotely

Orion’s Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper with Conveyance is the ideal solution for easy integration with 18” pass-height conveyors due to its compact size, affordability, and the option to expand with additional conveyance. The RTC is fully automatic and attaches the stretch film at the cycle start, cutting it at the end. The forklift operator simply places the pallet-load on the infeed conveyor and pulls a lanyard switch while moving away to collect the next load.

CIRCORSmart is also an invaluable tool for keeping track of CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering products and their maintenance schedules. CIRCORSmart allows operators to track maintenance on each product, take detailed notes and store them, and attach photos and important files for future use. The ability to keep track of product maintenance information at all times contributes to reduced downtime for technology.

Green Cubes Technology Announces MultiVoltage Lithium SAFEFlex Batteries Applicable to the Material Handling market, Green Cubes Technology’s MultiVoltage battery completes a full charge in less than one hour and is offered in 24/48V, 36/72V and 48/96V combinations. Green Cubes has deployed over 200 MultiVoltage batteries across these three different voltage combinations. It is common for high use and high capacity batteries, such as a large 48V battery, to be charged with two cables to increase the charge current. The MultiVoltage battery utilizes single connector 4/0 cabling in a charge port configuration, which delivers cost efficiencies and minimizes the chance of cable damage over traditional fast charging with dual cables. In addition, due to the lower insertion and extraction forces of the single connector equipment, operators appreciate the MultiVoltage systems over their dual cable counterparts. “The ability to opportunity charge is a key feature of Li-ion batteries’ value proposition for material handling equipment,” said Anthony Cooper, General Manager of Green Cubes’ Motive Group. “MultiVoltage SAFEFlex batteries accommodate an even faster charging time which widens the performance gap between Li-ion and Lead Acid Batteries. Our class 2, 36V products, have been extremely popular for Reach Trucks because they are very highly utilized and recognize the benefits.”

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DACS inc.

Punch Deck ® & Punch Deck Plus®

Open Area Rack Deck

FlueKeeper ®

Keeps Flue Spaces Open

Fire and Heat Barriers

Racking / Shelving Mezzanine Decking Solid Rack Deck




ENGINES ✓ Remanufactured engines


✓ Engines in-stock for same day shipment ✓ Quality assured workmanship from people who know the business!

Toll Free 877-303-LIFT • 440-943-9546 • FAX 440-943-9547 281-579-8882


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FORKLIFTS Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklifts

At Tires International Corp., we offer a variety of solid tires for forklifts, telehandlers, skid steer loaders as well as larger loaders and other construction equipment. If you don’t see the tire you need on our website or need help in making your selection, call us. We’re always ready to help! “We ship our solid tires nationwide!” • 80V Full AC System • Proportional Valve

• Fingertip Joystick • Lead-Acid/Li-ION

• ZAPI Controller • Lift up to 12.4M


(800) 818-1139





Over 800 Forklifts available! We’re not brokers, we own all our inventory ◆



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CONTACT: ROY BRAMM 610/369-9778 215 S. Washington St. Boyertown, PA 19512

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Let pedestrians and operators know if someone is just around the corner with our New LOOK-OUT ™

• Avoid Forklift Accidents • Alert Workers & Pedestrians • Warehouse, Yard and Office Applications • Reduce Liabilities • Increase Up Time

Alert Employees of Dangerous Collisions BEFORE They Occur! LOOK-OUT™

Currently, we have 42 standard package offerings, ranging from one-way to fourway intersections. These units can be mounted to racks, walls, or ceiling hung for the large units. Additionally, our new DUAL USE series consists of units that can be used INDOORS and OUTDOORS. Our units are Essential for Traffic Control.

Our LOOK OUT™ product line offers a versatile line of safety sensors that will alert workers and pedestrians if a forklift or other moving object is approaching just around the corner. Our sensors are great for any traffic area and are quickly becoming a standard for warehouse traffic control. Avoid accidents and potential liabilities to your facility. We have LOOK OUT™ products for just about every safety application for your warehouse, yard, or office needs. Additionally, if you need a custom solution, we will work with you to assure that your safety needs are met to complete satisfaction.

Protect your employees, visitors, and guests from dangerous collisions with forklifts or heavy equipment while walking through your facility. Safety and caution should be an automatic response to your implemented systems. We offer both interior and exterior sensors on our systems that can be mounted anywhere. They help control traffic concerns and communicate that someone is approaching from a spot that may not be otherwise visible.

When the sensors detect motion in blind spots around a corner or a door way, it begins to flash a warning to the pedestrian or operator who is approaching that intersection. Additionally, sensors will signal the lights on either side of the unit to flash as to indicate someone is approaching the same intersection. Thus, everyone approaching that intersection is informed of movement and will know to proceed with caution. The sensors may be adjusted to specific angles and lengths that will meet the needs of your facility. Signals are sent via bright flashing red LED lights on each visible side of the units.


AVOID DEADLY AND COSTLY FORKLIFT COLLISIONS As workers juggle more projects and deadlines with shorter time constraints, safety can become jeopardized. As this happens, so do accidents. 40% of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift. Many of these accidents and fatalities can be avoided by warning pedestrians and forklift operators of approaching danger. Our LOOK OUT™ sensor alert warning system allows for quick and easy recognition of possible hazardous situations. Why take chances of liabilities when you can avoid accidents and protect your most valuable assets: your employees!




Sensor detects up to 35 feet away,24 hours a day

Shown: Hall Door Monitor Basic

Blind spots, corners, and dangerous intersections can cause series accidents. Wouldn’t it be great if someone was always there to alert you of oncoming traffic? Despite Safety Supervisors efforts, they cannot always be there to prevent collisions. Thankfully, our units are there to scan traffic areas and alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • The Look Out units cover 2, 3, and 4-way intersections. • The Hall Door and Overhead Door units cover hallways and overhead doors. • The Basics detect on one side and alert on the other. • The Dual Use series of units can be used for interior/exterior applications. Examples of these units are shown below. LOOK OUT 4

70’ 130’ 200’


50’ Standard




The ‘FIT’ Height Awareness Sensors TRAFFIC


The Fit height Awareness Sensors alert truck drivers of overhead obstacles that may be in the line of an elevated mast. When the sensor beams are broken, the ‘FIT’ lights and audible alarm continuously alert the driver of potential danger.




SensorInterior SensorExterior


Double Alert

Exterior Double Box DOOR TRAFFIC

• Choose from 70’, 130’, and 200’ options for distance between sensors. • Sensors and selectable audible can be used for interior or exterior applications. • Great for protecting overhead sprinklers, heaters, lights, and storage; ceiling fans; loading dock awnings and industrial canopies; overhead bridge cranes; interior doorways; and parking garages. MADE in the U.S.A.


Interior Double Box

Toll FREE: 888-324-1920

LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD DEALERS Over 160,000 Forklifts produced in 2019. All HELI Production Facilities are ISO9001, ISO1, 4001 and CE Certified

Call Today!

5165 Vasquez Blvd. • Denver, CO 80216 888-639-HELI • 303-453-8973 A3


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